Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Chuck Shumer is a scumbag

Is he the worst scumbag in the democrat party? Hard to make that call. That's like asking which cancer is the worst. The one you have is the worst. And Shumer is the guy we have right now, like a cancer eating America from the inside.

Is he worse than Dingy Harry Reid? Hard call there too. Both scumbag spit licking lying mud wallowing anti American godless heathens. He just stepped up and filled the roll of head scumbag in the Senate when Reid left.

Listening to him caterwaul during these confirmation hearings is enough to make me want to vomit. What a lying piece of crap he is.

Judge Gorsuch is a fine man, a respected jurist and more than qualified for the Supreme Court. But the godless democrats are scraping in the dirt, making things up and trying to outsmart him only to find themselves about a half a wit short in a battle of wits.

How would you rule on this case? How would you rule on that case? What's your opinion on pending cases that you will have to rule on? Give us your ruling without hearing the case because that's the democrat way. Pure unadulterated nonsense. Ask stupid, truly stupid questions that no respectable jurist would answer, then start whining and screeching that he's "withholding answers".

I swear. These people have no idea why they lost the Presidential election. Or the House. Or the Senate. Or some 1,100 or more seats across this country over the last several years. They are beyond clueless.

This is why. This behavior is why. America is sick of this. Not the godless democrats, they love it. But apparently the rest of us outnumber them because they keep losing elections and more seats every year. So these idiots figure just do more of the same, only on steroids and you'll win them all back.

But anyway. Chuck Shumer. Scumbag. Dirtball. Worthless subhuman Satan worshiping waste of oxygen. Can I get an Amen brothers and sisters?


  1. You are right on all those scumbags. Amen!

  2. Great big patriotic Amen coming your way...

  3. Amen to that! Shameful the way these fools treated him.

  4. Read Nunya's post on "inclusive diversity"...these people must sit around all day in their safe spaces and trans bathrooms desperate to invent some new phrase and group to try to promote their insane ideology.
    Pick that phrase apart and it is as divisive as the idiot who thought of it.
    Their elders are, of course, the Schumers and Maxines of the world among others...

  5. They want so badly to Bork him and it just ain't happenin'. As for Schumer, you neglected to mention his relative, Amy, current leader in the "Least Funny Stand-Up Comedy" competition. Did you catch Franken's clumsy attempts to trip Gorsuch up? Good god, the man isn't even a lawyer and he's a Dem "star" on the Judiciary committee.

  6. And Topeka is a sanctuary city within a sanctuary county...
    I will probably hear the liberal screams and rants way out here when Trump pulls their funding...cant wait and hope they follow up on that plan.

  7. Yeah, but Topeka isn't really committed to it, the way a bunch of the others are. Instead of howling, the Topeka City Commission will just start obeying the law, tail betwixt legs. Cat's did you catch Al FrankenSwine's act yesterday?

    1. Yup but not enough of it to recall exact...given that he is such a dolt I doubt I missed much lol

  8. The only reason Al Franken is in congress is voter fraud. The democrat party found a box full of votes they "forgot to count that coincidentally were all for Franken. Just enough to put him over the top. Nothing suspicious there.

    He's a dope alright. But it is funny when a second rate failed comedian goes up against a brilliant legal scholar like Judge Gorsuch and tries to outsmart him.

    Reminds me of when old battshit and the other godless liberals used to try to go up against Captain Howdy over on the Urinal. Never ended well for them, either.

  9. The only thing you can really say for Batty is that he was more on the ball than the likes of Minnow, Trashley, and Diggy. Unfortunately, he was a hater. Minnow could be ok in his own silly way. Trashley and Diggy are contemptable.

    Only Dem who could hold his own in conversation was Boz, and I got tired of his "preaching to the unwashed" schtick.

    I like how FrankenSwine and Whitehouse come off as sanctimonious idiots. But Dems like that. So they're playing to THEIR base.

  10. Broke on Rush earlier...Nunes while reading reports discovered surveillance WAS going on during transition...courtesy fisa...

    Watch dems go into more meltdowns.

    As to minnow I used to love messing with my cats do with their favorite toys. What became of him?

  11. Funny you'd ask, cats.

    He's had the honor of being the one and only person to get himself banned from this little Underground Bunker of ours.

    He's tried emailing me from time to time but after realizing I didn't even bother reading them he gave that up too.

    1. Yah no shock that...he had that tendency to let his crocodile mouth overrun his canary butt...

    2. Remember how Gimme became "Minnow," cause he wasn't keepin' sized. He wasn't very profound, but at least he didn't spend his time trying to get us banned.

  12. Cats, that story is developing. I never had any doubt obama had his minions spying on President Trump. Of course he did. That's what he did. He spent more time spying on his political opponents than he did the enemies of America.

    The democrats have invented a new level of proof needed to prove illegal spying by obama. They've been repeating all this time there was no FISA court involvement so that proved it didn't happen.

    I guess based on that standard the Watergate burglary never happened because there was no search warrant issued so that means they never did it, right?

    But as this information gets confirmed that whole lying diversion is going in the toilet. This thing is ugly. Really ugly.

  13. Come on Safe. Hey let's have an audition. For the part, you have to say that you're really surprised by this information. Offended and shocked, even. If you do it convincingly, you're in a league with Bogart.

  14. Term : was done with Flynn. Leakers betcha.

  15. Wonder if fox will reinstate the judge? Were I Napolitano I would tell them to go pound sand.

  16. I wondered how CNN was covering this story and wasn't the least bit disappointed.

    Still zeroing in on the word "wiretapping" and calling it an orchestrated effort for some kind of political cover for the president.

  17. unrelated folks:

    Trump communications may have ended up in “incidental collection,” says intel chair

    House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes revealed Wednesday that it’s possible that President Trump’s personal communications might have been picked up by the intelligence community through “incidental collection.”

    If I read this right, this article points to Trump telling the truth on the wiretapping.... "incidental collection" my foot.... I would like to see more truth come out. If I didn't read this correctly, I'm sure y'all will let me know.

  18. Oh wow Kevin, you and I were on the same page, posted same time.....

  19. Things don't look so good for Rep. Devin Nunes of California - being that last week he denied wiretapping.

  20. wow I guess I'm behind the times, the rest of you already posted this latest development on "incidental collection"....

  21. oh to be a 'fly on the wall' as more wiretapping truth filtrates it's way through the avenues of the media....

  22. Wow, I guess I really know how to clear a room huh?

  23. Rikki lol...staf hadza feeds us!!!!

    1. come to think of it.... I iz kinda hungries myself


  24. Synchronicity goin on all over this place with the time stamps...shoulda bought a lottery play when I was in ttown earlier...oh well..

  25. No, I just had to clear the house of grandkids.

    That's the best part about being a grand parent.

    Play with and spoil them till their parents show up and the rest of the day is all mine...

    1. Kevin, uncles can do that too. Take my word for it. (Maybe Hammer, too, he knows some of my nephews.)

    2. can't wait for my first grandbaby to be born.... got lots of hugs stored up for him!

  26. about the "incidental collection"..... you can count on a "politically correct" explanation for it and Obama still gets away with it.

  27. My grandson turns 6 in time flies!!and already getting in trouble in kinder...doin his own thing and ignoring the teacher. Sent to the principal's office, my daughter in law was (to quote my son) pissed. Had to laugh at that; son recalls what it was like to get caught doing stupid stuff and having to deal with mom...

  28. Did y'all ever hear about 'diet cookies'?

    When you break a cookie in half, all the calories leaks out...

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    What can I say, it's late in the day and my brain fried.... everything seems that's silly seems funny at this point.

  29. OH and about minnow I kind of miss the asshole, he had as many handles as I had, so he can't be all bad. He improvise adapted but he just couldn't over come.

    1. maybe he finally saw the light and just can't make himself get online to admit he was w-r-o-n-g.....

    2. the same can be said for batty.... maybe one can hope he finally saw the multiple erroneous theologies of his so called calculated long winded posts full of crapola.

    3. Lol...poor minnow...never figgered out that big fish will eat him...

    4. I'll bet he was only a mere snack to the big fish.... ha ha ha

  30. Obama is a sneaky, snoopin', stalker!!!! ten to one Obama will go unscathed regarding all this wiretapping.

    Would really love to see the Clintons tied up to this wiretapping crapola!

  31. Names of people in high places...scratching around in the political litter box, I dug up 3...
    1. Jamie to Ivanka and Jared. Clintonista.
    2. Gina Powell, Bush rino
    3. Katie Walsh, Bush rino and Priebus confidante

    All of these women currently circle in upclose orbit in the oval office hierarchy...
    One thing about wiki: you get the scoop on the political histories of people.

    Just a fyi post...and yes the tinfoil hat is on...

    1. Hell, in the age of mistrust my hat is never off.

    2. Yep...there are advantages...

  32. Cats, I think when this is all done the Left will finally understand what goes around comes around. And that goes for both sides.

  33. So after catching up to the presser with the current NSA admin, I think I understand what's going a little better.

    Trump and his contacts have been under investigation and surveillance the whole time, most likely since Bush.
    At no time did they have any dirt, or they would of used it.
    So, because they didn't have any dirt they simply unmasked the the names that should of been redacted in the report, particularly those names who are American citizens. Who may or may not have been issued by a FISA warrant.
    Pretty dirty tactic by leftovers in the DOJ from the Obama administration.

    So of course the Russia - Trump thing is a ruse, like we have known all along, because they have no dirt since 2006.

    We continue to have no information that Russia was hacking poll booths, and casting votes magically for anyone directly addressed by former NSA chief under Obama.

    And judging by the questions the media fielded at the presser, they still want Trumps head. And they simply won't get it.

    But, somebody's head will roll for unmasking(removing the redacted boxes) on those intelligence reports. It was malicious. In my opinion this will could all point to Comey, who was conviently not asked the proper questions at his last congressional hearing. Convenient? Yes for RINO's.

    So that's my silly little take. And I know it's far from over. Let's all remember to be patient. Similar to the left who incrementally destroys we must build back piece by piece. And it's only been two months. The deep state must be rooted out.

    And before I go I must close with this...

    Fuck you Shia LaDoof.
    HWNDU boys are coming.
    And you can't stop it....

  34. Excellent analysis, Hammer.

    If there's one lesson we could learn from the Godless heathen, it's patience.

    And your closing statement was spot on.

    You can but not for long...

  35. Agreed...and rinos bear scrutiny too. They did not cozy up to Trump until it was obvious he would win. Then here they all came...up out of the swamp.

    And I aint so sure they would not try dirty tricks of their own to impeach and install Pence as prez...
    Flynn lying to Pence and getting away with it for a time

    Dry run, mayhap?

  36. Tonight the word is that Trump will suffer badly if Ryancare fails. Cruz, said to have a "save=rework" if it gets to senate...but the damned rinos have done their share of backstabbing on him as well. And Ryan is a crapweasel.

  37. Surveillance...listening to conversations of ambassadors etc, names to be blacked out (masked) on any written copies...but obama operatives allegedly unmasked names and circulated info. This is a crime and people must be held accountable.

  38. Doughboy calls congressman Brat "stupid" for holding out on bill because of premium increase risk...obvious as hell to me that that old rino sob didnt want any freedom caucus conservative changes to it. After all...his golden haired son Ryan authored it. Screw him and that ball of dough he rode in on.
    Tonight he had a quarter instead of his whiteboard coz he's a bettin man.
    Worthless pos.

  39. Health care disaster of Obamacare 2? Since it doesn't really change what the libs wanted most, and what we wanted least...wonder if the libs are going to punk the RINOS in the vote, and vote it in tomorrow...despite their public objection...just because the conservatives still hate everything about it...since it's just a rejiggered Obamacare? Then what? We stuck with it? We start the Republicans' heads rollin'? Hmmmmm....

    I wrote and told them that if they didn't COMPLETELY destroy Obamacare, and get rid of what they KNOW they got voted in to remove...then I'm done with them. If they are going to take us into Socialism and too much government, may as well get rid of them and go all-in for Dems. At least they are open in their intentions to destroy our Constitution and country.

  40. Here's where the RINO can really screw us.

    Not trying to detract from the argument of ryancare being a dumpster fire, because it is.
    I voted for this president almost solely on SCOTUS.
    Congressmen can really screw this up in a backroom deal.
    Much like Ryancare.
    Only, the SCOTUS is a much more important issue, imo.

    But, I'm just a guy...

    1. If the rinos make a deal I can only think of Tina turner's line from mad Max when it comes to the next vacancy.

      "Break the deal, face the wheel... "

      Screw the donkeys, and push the man through. Then nuke the next one through...
      That's how you step on throats, and crush your opponent.
      That's how you win.
      That's how you make it great again....

  41. I think Gorsuch will make it in spite of dems...even the worst rino wont risk what the fallout would be from that. Nuke option or not I think they have the votes.

  42. But then again what do I know? I am just a crazy old cat lady...

  43. Editorial from the Pravda-Urinal:

    "Editorial: Trying to make government the enemy"
    "Sen. Ty Masterson wants you to think every tax increase is an illegitimate encroachment"

    It is!

    "And after the Senate failed to override Gov. Sam Brownback’s veto, Masterson said the Legislature had a responsibility to make cuts before considering a tax increase: “We should not be raising taxes on hard-working Kansans when we have not even looked at the other side of the ledger.”

    “It is irresponsible to go back to the people of Kansas for more of their hard-earned money, money they need to balance their own budgets and feed their families, when government has not yet done the work of reducing its own spending.” This is the same rhetoric Brownback used when he vetoed House Bill 2178, calling it a “punitive tax increase on working Kansans” and an “assault on the pocketbooks of the middle class.”

    "Here’s what Masterson refuses to acknowledge: While no one likes paying higher taxes, budget reductions are often extremely harmful to his “neighbors and friends” in Kansas."

    Responding to the editorial defenses:

    "When the state slashes university funding, thousands of students are forced to pay higher tuition and absorb more debt."

    It should read "When the state slashes INCREASES to a slightly smaller large increase..."

    Regarding "higher tuition"...better look at the root of THAT, as there is no reason schools should keep spiking costs WAY higher than inflation would dictate!

    "When dozens of KDOT projects are delayed, construction companies lose work and the quality of our infrastructure is put at risk. "

    Quit raiding one budget to cover another. Simple. Fix the problem with the ever-increasing graft and corruption of the problem projects and departments (which is all of them).

    "If lawmakers had voted to cut K-12 funding with just three and a half months left in the fiscal year, districts would have struggled to cope with the last-minute change and Kansas would be in an even weaker position to address the Supreme Court’s Gannon ruling."

    I've mentioned the conflict-of-interest of taxpayers paying teachers to give money to unions/lawyers so the "activist judges" can sue the taxpayers to keep paying higher and higher taxes to continue out-of-control school spending.

    "From delayed KPERS payments..."

    A biggie! Time to phase out, then scrap KPERS. While the taxpayers are on the hook to take our chances in our retirement accounts, KPERS, which has over 50% dependance on the markets takes NO chances. They take a hit like the rest of us, we take our losses, but they take NO losses. They are guaranteed, and the taxpayers pick up the tab, meaning we taxpayers take the losses for ourselves AND them! Time to phase them to a 401k, or something. We can't keep funding people to NOT work, especially when many retire early, in their 50's and live 40 or more years on the taxpayer dime.

    "Yet lawmakers like Masterson still insist that any attempt to restore sensible income taxes in Kansas is an intolerable example of government overreach."

    Restoring "sensible income taxes" would require cutting too-much bloated government, nuking a lot of programs of which the state isn't really supposed to be responsible for, DEMANDING accuntability and efficiency from every employee, and getting people off the lifetime dole of KPERS, amongst other things.

    Then, that "sensible income tax" could be greatly lowered, and STILL provide for infrastructure, and a safety net for those who fall on hard times, and a net for those who are TRULY disabled.

    "Next time Masterson tries to convince you that he’s a champion for Kansas workers and families, just remember how much damage his ideology has done to this state."


    Next time TCJ tries to convince you they're a champion for Kansas workers and families, just remember how much damage their socilaist, big-government ideology has done to this state.

  44. Speaking of KPERS, one of the problems that they won't admit is that much of their problem came from the same '08 tanking of the market that the rest of us suffered...but THEY can soak the taxpayers to make up the difference.

    Another thing you won't hear is that since, their investments have been steadily recovering, but it IS a truism that it takes MUCH more % to recover from a loss, than the % lost.

    Still, I suspect when they scream for more money, they aren't factoring in the investment gains, but only using "employee contributions" (which derive from taxpayers in the first place, through the employees' pay), and the direct taxpayer dollars they are always demanding more of.

    Here's a chart. Is that steady growth since '09 being factored into the overall argument, or are they hoping nobody notices, and are recovering nicely on the backside, but continue to demand more?

    Have they been gaming taxpayers all along?

    And, lastly...WHY should WE take the hit when THEIR account tanks, as well as take the same hit when OURS does? They are guaranteed the money...however it can be kited over into the account.

    ARE those gains being considered? I really don't know. That's why I am asking. If not...WHY not?

  45. BTW, it's apparently 59% of their fund in the market.

    With healthy returns like those...WHY are they in trouble?

  46. Also from the Urinal:

    "Kansas House Democrat makes impassioned plea not to withhold KPERS funding"

    "Kansas has about $8.5 billion in unfunded retirement liability — the gap between the pension system’s resources and the retirement benefits promised to public employees."

    Looking at the chart, from about Jan. '09 until Dec. '16, the Investment fund went from about $8-9 billion up to about $18 billion...a $9 or $10 billion increase.

    Yet...they still claim poverty? Seems that could have evened things out a LOT!

  47. So Dave Chappelle has a new comedy special. I didn't see it, but I've always thought the guy was pretty funny.

    The snowflake PC left is going ballistic now. He's making jokes about sacred subjects. Sex perverts. Bill Cosby. They say he's not funny. He's offensive.

    These people have become the new Puritans. Remember the old days when liberals thought it was just crazy to be offended by comedians? Guys like Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Sam Kinnison made their whole act saying things that offended the typical middle class establishment person. And the left loved every minute of it.

    Now they have become so uptight and easily offended that they launch a firestorm when a comedian says something funny. How things have changed.

    But then, Communism has always been a cold humorless business. Taking peoples money and starving them to death just isn't that funny. And these people are nothing less than Marxists.

    Now they are demanding everybody think the way they do and even only be allowed to thing things are funny if they approve.

    Who raised this generation of humorless cold hearted hate filled robots who just march around looking for things to be mad about? Oh that's right. We did. Sorry.

    1. But these same people think Al Franken is hilarious when he does his comedic impression of a United States Senator. I have to admit it does make me laugh pretty hard too. Like a United States Senator could ever be that ignorant.

    2. I didn't raise one of those lazysob just for the record>>

    3. Me neither Sarge. Guess it was all those other people. Somebody sure did.

  48. Remember the liberal boycott of North Carolina because they didn't want sexual perverts going in the girls bathrooms? They were going to destroy!!! North Carolina's economy with their powerful liberal boycott super powers.

    Well, this just in via Instapundit:

    "Tourism has thrived: Hotel occupancy, room rates and demand for rooms set records in 2016, according to the year-end hotel lodging report issued last week by VisitNC, part of the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina.

    Meanwhile, North Carolina ranked fourth in the nation for attracting and expanding businesses with the arrival of 289 major projects, and seventh in projects per capita — the same as in 2015, according to Site Selection magazine, which released its 2016 rankings in the March edition.

    North Carolina finished first for drawing corporate facilities in the eight-state South Atlantic region, said Site Selection, which uses figures tracked by the Conway Projects Database.

    And in November, both Forbes and Site Selection magazine ranked North Carolina the No. 2 state for business climate.

    Also unscathed was the state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate, which registered at 5.3 percent in January 2016 and 5.3 percent in January 2017, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics."

    Guess they showed North Carolina what's what. Just like the did Ivanka Trump. And Chik Fil A.

    Some marketing company needs to develop a strategy to figure out how to get liberals outraged at your company and have a big well publicized national boycott. It seems to help the bottom line of whoever is getting boycotted a whole lot.

  49. Well I see that we now have gotten Info that Trump Tower was under the eyes of commie Liberals in our Government! Now who would have thought?

  50. You may not like KPERS, but they made a deal and need to stick with it. They take a chunk of the pay, employees get no say. They (the state)are suppose to contribute yearly, yet they have only once contributed the promised amount. However, they are borrowing and have borrowed just by the fact they don't contribute.

    Kansas forces you into KPERS, they need to live up to the promises.

  51. Looks like the new Trumpcare isn't going to be anything to brag about? They are going to stick it to older people who already have had increases of 200 percent via obama. Prior to obamacare, wife paid $300 a month insurance premiums. Now in 2017 we downgraded to a high deductible policy and it is still $742 a month. Wife never gets sick, she never gets sick, never go to doctor, hope she stays that way, we will most likely never use the $2200 deductible. Well she does go once a year for the annual checkup.

    Government is screwed up at all levels and so are all those FBI, CIA NSA................

  52. The HWNDU flag is down! The HWNDU flag is down!
    The chans have won again!
    You cannot stop them!
    Get cucked Shia!!!!!!


    PS for those who find this cryptic, I apologize. But you are either in the know or not. But I owe it to the Internet to spread and post. It's my obligation.


    you can google and find how this has gone viral!

    I went to Sen. Pat Roberts' webpage, sent a message to him.... This is what I sent him!

    I am glad that you promptly apologized for your unprofessional comment regarding mammograms.

    For many women, cancer is a threat and if there's a preventive measure to catch it early enough then I'm all for it.

    Frankly woman looks forward to having mammograms for they are greatly uncomfortable - but you being a man have no clue what women endure.

    This is one super blunder Roberts made.... I hope it dogs him until he's out of office!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I whole heartedly agree Rikki.

    2. 10 to one, his office is getting an overload of "how dare you" messages..... also I'll bet he knows he's getting the "look" from millions of women about now.... ya know that "look" that turns your lunch into indigestion....

  54. By golly, it's on drudge once again.

    Can't wait for season five. It would be a pleasure to contribute if it ever made it nearby.


  55. Nope all I can say is.. BY the BOOK, By the BOOM!

  56. Has anyone heard from Texas Rose? It's been a while since I've seen her on here.

    TR, if you're reading - hoping things are going good for you and I'm sending hugs to you. ~Rikki

  57. I hear from her on Facebook quite often, Rikki.

    As far as I know she's doing just fine...

  58. Cool Kevin. Thanks. For Lent, I gave up facebook.... got a post on my page there that I'll be back after Easter Sunday.

  59. I think President Trump may have a lot of info about what's really going on, and is just throwing out teasers here and there. He did say something about "just wait...a LOT more info in the next few weeks", a week or two ago, and could be just letting them continue to build the case to definitely ensnare the treasonous Obama operatives, and maybe even see how high up they can start indicting? It would be GLORIOUSLY satisfying to see a bunch of high-level liberals indicted AND convicted for felonies, and possibly even treason!

    Can you imagine the level of vitriolic hate spewing from the lying left and media if that happens?! It would be enormously entertaining watching them try to squiggle out of their straitjackets!!πŸ˜‚

  60. Lol... And enormously entertaining is an understatement...

  61. I'm sitting here listening to the insane Al Gore babble on about how Climate Change was what led to the chaos in the Middle East.

    But the real insanity comes from the brain dead loons that believe his crap...

  62. I just heard that no sense. Wonder if he, or Batshit, would take first prize in consistently wrong and stupid?!πŸ˜‰