Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Democrat lawlessness is tearing this country apart...

Federal Law: Harboring Undocumented Immigrants

"Any person who, knowing that an alien remains in the U.S. in violation of law, conceals, harbors or shields that person from detection... shall be fined under title 18, imprisoned not more than 10 years."
                                      8 U.S. code, section 1324

Because the audience in this blog is made up of actual adults instead of brain dead, America-hating left-wing extremists I'm confident you've all heard about the warning shot Jeff Sessions fired the other day regarding the Anti-American Sanctuary Cities.

But just to refresh your memory check out the following video to hear it in his own words.

Pretty simple and straight forward.

Well, it is for normal people.

Not so much for today's lawless democrats.

One democrat mayor and state legislator after another are lining up to defy federal immigration laws.

They've all vowed and have chosen to put the interests of criminal illegal aliens above the safety and well being of the American citizens they're supposed to be representing.

This is a perfect example of how far the once proud and honorable Democrat Party has fallen ever since they allowed themselves to be taken over by some of the most extreme left-wing extremists this country has ever seen.

They've vowed to fight the Trump administration in court to keep the federal funds coming regardless of their flagrant violation of federal immigration laws.

Playing hard ball, they call it.

That's fine.

Don't get me wrong here.

Withholding federal funds is a good start but it doesn't go far enough.

I suggest we take the advice of Massachusetts Sheriff Thomas Hodgson who testified before Congress the other day and issue Federal Arrest Warrants for the leaders of  City, County, and State elected officials working to become a sanctuary for criminal illegal aliens.

So, you bastards still want to play hardball?

I guess we'll see...

Kevin McGinty


  1. NunyaMarch 29, 2017 at 4:40 AM
    Thanks, Urinal, for starting my day with a good belly laugh!

    Big ol' black banner over there that says....(get this!)....

    "GET REAL, TOPEKA. Support our


    Capital-Journal and "journalism" should only be used in the same sentence when describing what "real journalism" AIN'T!!

    I guess they are just trying to figure out little ways to become relevant again, and try to fool people into thinking they have even one sliver of credibility, honesty, ethics or journalistic integrity...which, they don't.

    This is a clear admittance from them that they know their reputation has gone into the toilet, and is (rightfully) be viewed as a "Fake News" source.

    With their traffic declining by the week, their print circulation best...(and probably also dropping)...they seem to be resorting to cynical little ploys to try to convince (fool) people into believing they are trustworthy (which, they are not).

    Looks like they are getting desperate, over there.

    I'd be happy to toss those unholy liberals a rope...with an anchor attached!!! πŸ˜‚

  2. NunyaMarch 29, 2017 at 4:53 AM
    Just out of curiosity, I clicked on the banner. It goes to their membership access.

    "The Topeka Capital-Journal has more than a dozen news and half a dozen sports journalists producing original, watchdog reporting daily."

    WATCHDOG?! Wrong description. Let me fix that...

    "Liberal lapdog reporting..."

    Yeah...that's more accurate!

    Oh...and as a bonus for getting to that get a GINORMOUS "GET REAL."

    When you are desperate....GO BIGLY!!!!☺πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚


  3. Still Safe at HomeMarch 29, 2017 at 7:48 AM
    Boy, old maingate is on a roll over on the urinal. I love it when he repeats the talking points like a trained seal and the uses UPPER CASE randomly as if that somehow makes his point more forcefully. Maybe he should learn formatting and he could use BOLD TEXT like the grownups do. What a moron that guy is. That's stupid on a level you rarely see.

    Anyway, heard Rahm the ballerina Emanual talking about the sanctuary city deal on the radio. The new liberal talking point is to conflate legal immigration with illegal aliens. They just go on and on about how immigrants are welcome and what they contribute and how great immigration is but refuse to address the fact that the issue isn't about legal immigration but illegal aliens.

    Legal immigrants don't need sanctuary cities. Naturalized citizens don't fear deportation. It's a total straw man argument but that's the typical godless left wing approach to every argument.

    I mean, the First Lady of the United States is a naturalized citizen, a legal immigrant.

    Just another stupid argument from the godless left. But if that's all you got.....all together now....that's what you go with.


  4. NunyaMarch 29, 2017 at 7:57 AM
    If you watch liberals "debating" a conservative, their tactic is to suck all the oxygen out of the room. They don't answer questions, but just keep spewing memorized programmed talking points and talking over the other guy. It's their mission to spew as much crap as possible in the time allotted, loudly and angrily, and to try to shut the other guy out. It's because they can't argue truths. See it all the time, especially with Carlson. Diggie just following the playbook. What a moron. 😊


  5. Replies

    catsncatsMarch 29, 2017 at 9:07 AM
    Nunya I found that butt-ugly black-death banner of theirs after reading your post and after I posted a comment on the Mike Hall editorial about the
    I doubt the urinal crowd will appreciate it...


  6. RikkiMarch 29, 2017 at 8:14 AM

    What class act Hillary is (sarcasm intended). So, she says she's ready to be back in the 'public'.... lol .... I'll just bet that because she lost the election, her financial supporters pulled out and she's flat broke so she has to be back in the public to get money for 'appearing' in public....


  7. catsncatsMarch 29, 2017 at 8:25 AM
    lol..Ive been wondering the same thing. Poor shillary...broke and hoo.


    1. well, Hillary can't really rely on Bill.... and maybe the sale of Chelsea's books aren't netting enough... (lol)

  8. How cool is this!!!
    Here we go again...unleashing the hounds of hell and opening the maingate...
    We gonna have some fun wit' dis...

  9. hee hee (just had a thought that struck de funny bones)....

    Yep the Demsare breaking the law in regards to harboring the illegal aliens but where to put these law breaking dems.....

    lemme see...

    is there a pen big enough to place them all? there'd have to be a new pen built for the dems.

    1. them "constitution re-education camps..." but dont know if even that would work. Just keep them fed and hydrated but no koolaid.

    2. What?! No koolaid?! Oh heavens to mergatroids, oh agoneeee aaaaa-goooon-eeeeee....what ever will they do without koolaid? (snicker snicker snicker)..

  10. Sounds like a good way to fully utilize GITMO'S full potential...

  11. Take away all the perks and feed them beans...they have a thing about bean feeds during campaign season...

  12. Oh nooooo!!!!!
    Rush is reporting that the shillary has "come out" in san francisco and is...wearing a black leather jacket!!!

    Hillary in black leather...

  13. If you have not read the lame cherry blogspot before, check out the cherrystone files report posted today...megadots connecting and complete with sources we will all recognize. The face in the photo is one Toomas Hendrik Ilves, social dem prez of Estonia and friend of the Clinton and Obama regimes.
    Long article but worth a look as a number of u s liberal names make up the dots...
    Discussed is the russian hack meme.

  14. Also see the site's report published 16 hours ago about "Barack Obama changed..."
    Hat tip to Rush

  15. In Bill Clinton's cell, it needs to be done up in pics of Monica.... in Hillary's cell, it needs to be done up in pics of President Trump saying "Tell Clinton that we're coming and I'm bringing the deplorables with me".... In Nancy Pelosi's cell....can't think of anything....someone will have to make a suggestion... For Bernie Sanders....his cell needs to be done up with him as a puppet with Obama controlling his for the protestors (their cells should be done up in Hillary lost posters)....

    1. no wait, change of dΓ©cor for Bill.... instead of pics of Monica have his cell done up with pics of Hillary (Hillary lying to congress, lying to the people, calling Trump supporters deplorable, and the gold star photo of Donald Trump winning the election).

    2. For Piglosi...
      Pictures of botox ads and wine bottles.

      Neither of which she could have in jail...

  16. but then to.... we could buy a lot of duct tape.....after all it's the fixall for most everything... (lol)

  17. Replies
    1. Cool. Glad they had the humility and grace to bring him back.

  18. Lol... I just saw the same thing...

  19. Now I am supposed to subscribe in order to read editorials other than community blogs...
    What a joke. They posted another one 22 min ago about spotting fake news. Sinking fast but they refuse to grab onto a life raft because it aint no yacht...

  20. Hillary's cell should be a pit in a dungeon, at the gates of Hell. She'll be close to her own "lord" there.

  21. Cats....they're experts in fake news!!😁

  22. Anyone in law enforcement or government who doesn't want to follow the law should have only two choices. Resign immediately. Or, a prison term. Whichever is fine with me.

  23. See...I called that first thing!! "GET REAL."? REALLY?!!

    Fake news Urinal asks who we can trust?

    "We just keep telling the truth and trusting our readers", they quipped. What is SNL skit??!

    We already KNOW they run pure garbage....especially AP crap, and MOST especially, Matt, the Johnson!

    And "trust our readers"?! Trust WHAT readers?! They ran off MANY if their readers who posted things against their ideology!!! Everyone knows about last year's biased bullshit purges, and the ridiculous Facebook crap! How the hell is that "trusting our readers"?!

    That stupid "Get Real" is garbage, and everyone knows it. Grasping at straws, they are. I knew what that was the very second I saw it. And, I DID actually break out laughing!!

    They just proved it with that stupid "Fake News" story, explaining the "Get Real" nonsense.

    Way to go, Urinal. Proved me right!! Ain't fooling anyone!!!


  24. I would dearly love to be wealthy enough to buy that rag out, buy all those yokels a greyhound bus ticket out of town and turn it into a paper really meant for all viewpoints on blogs no matter how screwy. Freedom of speech.

  25. And old Ash is doing his talking points as usual..downright boring really. Wonder what he'd do if a bunch of ms13 members moved in next to him?

  26. Looks like some clown-looking trotting out the entire old false facts on the "Get Unreal" fake news site, over there.

    Micah Kubic says immigration isn't a local law enforcement issue, and I'm sure all the Kubic's Rubes over there will eat that whole.

    Hey...y' robbery is a federal crime, Ass Kube. What say we leave local law enforcement ENTIRELY out of it. Not their responsibility. In fact...ANYTHING that can have federal charges brought...HANDS OFF, local police!! Don't even respond. Wait for the feds.. right?

    Besides just being a silly-ass argument in every way, Kubic Pube...who could ever take anyone seriously who wears a clown bow-tie and looks like he's just dying to meet ol' MFA at the bar Friday afternoon??!!

  27. Then, over at the "Get Real Fake News Here" site, some obscure "reporter and anchor" named Albert R. Hunt says Trump blames everyone but himself for the non-passing of Ryan RINOCare. (And, thank God they didn't pass that "non-repeal and leave-in-place" farce!)

    We're so sorry, Uncle Albert, we're so sorry if we caused you any pain...NOT!πŸ˜‚

    Hey, Al...always the possibility that The Donald REALLY didn't want it passed as it was, anyway....but is just doing his usual tweet-baiting to rile up idiots in the media? Y'know, 'cause the more the media is sure they have zero'ed in on something juicy, the more they come out with dried-up carrion, with no "there" there!!!πŸ˜‚

    No surprise, then, that the anti-Trump media-whore Hunter will miss his target by a mile.

    And, certainly, no surprise that the "Get Real Fake News" Urinal seems it fit to print!πŸ˜‚

  28. Evelyn Farkas. Admitted the Obama administration did massive "wiretapping" (covert intel on citizens, specifically Trump campaign), and tried to spread as much raw data to as many people as possible. All made possible, of course, by Obama's order just before stepping down from his treasonous 8 year reign of terror against America.

    Look her up. Wonder how high we can go to charge these traitors? All the way to the top would be ideal...and just!

  29. Heard that yesterday.

    I thought for sure it would be front page headlines first thing this morning.


  30. I see ol' Stephen Mott (the hoople) is over there trying to get the government to falsify official documents, again, and the godless libs at the Urinal are all too happy to promote this farce.

    Mott. You are NOT a female. You are a male who had surgery and took hormones. You can't change your DNA, nor can you change official documents.

    By admitting you are trans, you are stating that you KNOW you changed from male to female, therefore, you must admit that the birth certificate stating the fact that you were born a male cannot be changed. If you attempt to claim it's wrong, then you are stating that you have been a female at birth, are not trans at all, and therefore, your entire trans crusade is a farce!

    Which is it?

  31. "I want my birth certificate changed from male, to female."

    "Were you born a female?"

    "I believe so...yes."

    "Did you have sex reassignment surgery and take hormones?"


    "Why did you do that, if you were born female?"

    "Because, I was trapped in a male body!!"

    "So you admit you were, logically, biologically male at birth? Otherwise, there would be no need for "reassignment", right?"

    "But...I was born my mind!!"

    "But...nobody knew that because you were obviously male on the outside, right? And, they entered the actual biological information, which was "male"...right?"

    "I want that changed NOW!!!"

    "I'm sorry, but we can't falsify official government-issued documents, without committing a crime."

    Sorry if the truth hurts.

  32. "science deniers" with things like gender and abortion...but 100% in with false manipulated data like "man-made global warming". πŸ˜‚ No wonder they're so pissed-off all the time!!!

  33. I had a dog one time that liked to eat cat food. That didn't make him a cat.

    When you are born you have a distinct genetic map that determines who you are. That map is unchangeable. That map is easily read. If that map says you are a male, you are a male. That map was given to you by God.

    No amount of disfigurement surgery or drug taking is going to change that map. If for some reason a coroner has to determine your sex after death, he will read that map. Not what you think, not what disfigurements you have done to yourself. It gives a definitive and final answer.

    Our society is far into collapse at this point, thanks to the work of the godless left working on behalf of Satan. This is just one of many examples.

    Instead of treating this as the mental illness it is, believing you are something you are not, we "celebrate!" it. Our society has degenerated to this point by the relentless and never resting work of the godless left.

    God warned us this would happen. Read your bible. It will get worse. Much worse. But the good news is it will get much much better in the end for those who have chosen the path of God and not the path of Satan. These people who are doing Satan's work for him will have a terrible surprise waiting them one day. And it will be too late.

    God said this about these people:

    "6 “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. 7 Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble! Such things must come, but woe to the person through whom they come!" Matthew 18;6,7

  34. Amen to that. The two people who worked so hard to expose the planned parts racket are now facing prison. This, after the tape recording of these ghouls discussing the need to dismember babies in the womb so that the workers in their clinics wont freak out...a baby born intact will csuse them to realize that it really is a baby...
    These people are downright hideous.

  35. Sorry to have to bring this one up but Trump is out tweeting again this morning and beating up on the freedom caucus again. What the hell does that accomplish? And ryancare only cut off parts hood funding for one damned year.

  36. The leftists are godless but I am beginning to see too damned many of these republicans as the sanhedrin.

  37. As to Farkas I heard that last night...checked the drudge banner a couple of times but not there unless it appeared after I went to bed.

  38. Just checked the cherrystone post up with links to Farkas' recent newsweek articles about Trump and the hack asst sec of defense her assignment was russia/eurasia circa 2007. This is deep state and goes back years. Mclame connect also named in todays post as are Soros and a number of others. I clicked on newsweek link and took me to one of her posts there.

  39. Bannon "the new american", 3 days ago, he talked about his dislike for dems and repubs who prefer "Austrian economics"...
    Whats that, we ask?
    It is limited, constitutional government. Self reliance. Being unfettered by big overreach. Keeping govt out of our lives as much as possible.
    This opportunistic fraud is advising Trump.

  40. Good Grief! I see Hillary wearing all black leather now, she looked like a down and out has been Hooker. Wonder what street corner she will be on in DC?

  41. I would say the red light district but I suspect that even the crack whores and their pimps would chase her off...

  42. I think she is trying to be a biker chic,but she wouldn't even make a good biker bitch. Or maybe she heard that ole Battshit was looking for a biker bitch to bring to the summit with him. The invite goes double for him and her. Hope my brother doesnt find out that Hillary went over to the dark side. He doesnt do good with those biker type old heifers. Too much of my Bud light and he will think shes a real biker chic. And it more than likely wansnt even real leather.More like Pig Skin would be her style.

  43. When in business, often times you make deals with adversaries to get things done.
    I love the tactic, and I business its a wise way to make money and establish a partnership where competition wouldn't suit either party. I have seen this many, many times and used to great length.

    I do not like this approach in politics. Individual rights and liberties are not commodities or bottom lines to be fattened or slimmed.
    I think we could very well see some of these very tactics being used in the near future. I feel it's bothersome and dangerous.

    In my humble and often times rambling opinion, I beleive this is the fault of the RINO. Selling out the true ideals, for the sake of money and power brokering. It has shattered the right wing.
    And when it can't fight together on anything, WE never win. And not just in regards to the shitty Healthcare law that didn't pass either. Anything.
    As much as I hate to say it, at least the godless hordes band together. And using that tactic have weathered individual liberties at length.
    And it pisses me off....

  44. Pisses me off, too.

    But a lot of things piss me off nowadays...