Thursday, March 30, 2017

Evelyn Farkas Friday...

Before we get started today I'd like to wish our good friend and fellow patriot Rikkitikkitavi a belated Happy Birthday.

I think she turned 29 yesterday.

Now let's get started with the news of the day.

Or should I say the "non-news" of the day according to the Trump Hating media.

I know most of you guys have already heard the story about Evelyn Farkas running her mouth on MSNBC the other day about her involvement in spying on the Trump campaign.

Check out the following video and listen to Rush explain it as only he can.

I posted the same video over on that other website for two distinct reasons.

(1) To piss the left-wing loons off.

(2) Since the Trump hating media they tune into refuses to even cover it it's the only way they'll ever know about it.

Kind of a public service if you will.

Anyway, I gotta get going.

You guys have a glorious day.

Stay safe and be well...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Thank you Kevin (I'm 29 and holding 'wink wink'). Actually I'm 56.

    Y'all are awesome - thank you - and you know me.... I iz a hugger.... so I'm hugging everyone -

    1. Happee b day Rikki!! Wee wud ofer summa are delectable witefish too ya but stafs sez no...ppl perfurr kake over kitty foods...

    2. well meow-zerz cats... (smiles) lol

      is ok - me gotsta lose weights (doctor sez) anyhow...


    3. Better follow doctor orders!!! Enjoy your day and...purrs!

  2. Hi Kevin,

    I have been lurking - always - but not commenting in a while...

    I am wondering if you are interested in expanding your blog into a subsection and covering Topeka news. The Urinal does no journalism and barely does local news.

    For example, the water park that was built at 21st and Urish: the Urinal stated that the delay was due to inclement weather. It was supposed to open in May on Memorial Day but didn't open until close to Labor Day, the city and me as a taxpayer losing out on all of that revenue. The rain in May might have cost them 3 weeks or so delay, but not months. And there was no journalism and no reporting from the Urinal to explain the 3 months delay. As you know, the Urinal has a skeleton crew of people that can barely do the job of regurgitating what is fed to them.

    Anyway, just an idea. I would volunteer as a Topeka reporter.
    Hello to everybody,
    Roger Ramjet

  3. Interesting proposal, Roger.

    Drop me an email at and let's talk about it...

  4. Roving reporter Roger Ramjet? COOL!

    Attack dogs on Brownback story.

    Positive not one of them knows any details about the issue.

    Getting nasty over there on the "Get Real Fake News" site! "Civil"?


    "Brownback is such an evil. worthless POS."

    If any of us would have posted "piece of shit", we'd have been banned. But...OK for liberals.


    "It is unfortunate Brownback's parents did not avail themselves of Planned Parenthood services."

    Wishing death on a conservative is fine, to the "Get Real Fake News" staff.


    "Busy packing his bags for Rome, Sammy the Snake turns and gives the old third finger salute to the State of Kansas."

    Anything is allowed in "Get Real Fake News" if it's bashing conservatives.

    Those people are idiots...but THESE knuckleheads just out-idioted them. The first one is overjoyed at the Planned Murderhood video guys getting charged:

    "Michael LoBurgio"

    "I see your planned parenthood video hero just got charged with 15 felonies"

    "Anti-choice activists behind Planned Parenthood videos charged with 15 felonies"

    "The dynamic duo behind the inflammatory “undercover” Planned Parenthood videos has been charged with 15 felonies in the state of California. David Robert Daleiden and Sandra Merritt pretended to be from a bioresearch company in order to meet with and illegally record conversations with Planned Parenthood employees."

    "Their edited videos made it seem as though PP officials were planning to sell “aborted human fetal tissue and body parts left for scientific research” at clinics; the gory details launched a witch hunt in more conservative states that were already eager to curtail Planned Parenthood and/or abortion access"

    First, what they did wasn't illegal. Second, if they convict them, a precedent is set that NO "undercover video", even just captured-at-the-moment video, can EVER be used by ANYONE!

    YouTube must purge! Those "Dateline pedophile-sting" videos? Gone. Somebody spread all over the internet doing something stupid...whatever? Better get permission to post, first...or YOU will be charged!
    No more "Undecover Boss"! (Not that anyone with any intelligence believed that schlock was real, anyway.)

    Bottom line, LowBurgerIQ...Planned Murederhood was selling murdered baby parts. They admitted it. Former employees admitted it ON RECORD! Moron.

    Here's our old buddy, Ashhole, stumbling over a bad analogy:

    "Ash McGonigal"

    "Complaining that Medicaid expansion doesn't "defund Planned Parenthood" is like complaining that flood relief doesn't defund levee maintenance."

    WHAT the HELL does THAT mean?!! Hahaaaa!

    Frank Kent takes the prize!

    "Frank Kent"

    "Of course Chuck Weber, 85 district in Wichita, would oppose this bill, especially because of Planned Parenthood. He would know all about the murder of children, considering he was the executive producer of the horror film "Children of the Corn"! But he wanted to take away the rights of women, and make sure Planned Parenthood (PP) was defunded, even though Conservative Repubs have been lying about fetal tissue sale, federal money being used to fund abortions (which is illegal for them to use under federal law), and saying that because PP provides abortion, and it is killing fetuses, they are bad. But old Chucky and Brownbacky doesn't care for the kids after they are born, so that is why they want this bill, and PP gone!"

    In a typical, angry, whining liberal screech: "It's illegal to use funds...BLAH, BLAH!!!"

    HEY, GENIUS! Tell us dumb hicks how they keep "each federal dollar separate from other dollars, so they don't get used for abortion"!

    It's IMPOSSIBLE, but, you being a liberal, we understand you have no concept of financial issues, or common sense!

  5. About Farkas.

    She had an "OOOPS!!!" revelation, and has decided to now try to lie her way out of the truth she revealed!!!

    Rather than write anything here, Hannity covered it pretty well last night. It's so OBVIOUS! Poor girl looks like she's about to fall apart at the seams in her most recent "lie and walk-it-back" appearances!

    It's first up on this link:

    Haul'er in! Hammer her mercilessly! Make her give up the secrets she just exposed! Maybe even offer her a deal, but don't let her off completely! She could use a little prison time, along with all the ones she can bring down (if the Clinton or Obama cartels don't kill her, first!) If I was her...I'd be begging for protective custody!!!

  6. I wonder if President Trump knew all this was about to hit the fan, when he mentioned a few weeks ago "just wait..."?

    Could be they already have the goods on the players involved, and are going to unfold the wrapper, one flap at a time, to expose the chocolatey-goodness inside!

    To Farkas "We already know. You can help yourself, or hurt yourself. Testify, or full charges, full sentence."

  7. New word for "betrayal through stupidity".


    "You Farkas us over, you be swimmin' wit' da fishes...capiche?!"๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. I'll subscribe to McGinty & Ramjet's local news. My only caveat is that local news here is like the La Brea Tar Pits. You might be a saber-tooth cat, dire wolf, mammoth or whatever, but once the tar gets ahold of you, you're just another schmo critter stuck in the quagmire. One thing is for certain though, the local paper doesn't seem up to this stuff. Does anyone remember the "Pictorial Times" that Burt Carlyle used to edit?

    And we do have a professional journalist amongst us. Kevin Groenhagen writes as well for his publication as he used to for cjonline. And Safe & Nunya are justly renowned for their expository expertise.

    This could have possibilities.

  9. Ohhh yes!!! Such a small world...when I was a kid one of my great aunts helped get that paper out every week. Worked in its print shop on n kansas avenue. She had utmost respect for Burt and his work, stayed there to the end long hours and all at times.
    I dont think t-town has had an investigative reporter of his caliber since. Sorely needed...

  10. Cats, what we haven't had is local media that isn't so into boosterism that they ignore A LOT of screwy things that go on here. I guess they're okay for l@@king into National Guard shenanigans or discovering dirt on politicians they don't like. But the way they cover for the local elite would make sensitive stomachs ill.

    Yeah, I'd like to see the Pictorial Times back.

    1. Not only that but they are among the worst examples of shoddy one-sided reporters? Ive seen. High school kids passing nasty notes in class about kids they dont like.

  11. Farkas and that mouth of hers...the tip of a very big deep state iceberg...not just dems either. Remember a lot of big name rinos did not want Trump either. Walsh was a Priebus crony.
    Also why did breitbart editor Matthew Boyle censor former (now) breitbart investigator Lee Stranahan and demand he not ask Spicer that question the other day re hacking? Read his piece titled simply Lee Stranahan "anti left". Long column detailing full text of both eo's on travel suspend and at the very end of his piece he comments that Trump may be placing trust in people who dont deserve it.
    Likely a lot of truth to that...

  12. Also of interest...was scratching around in the box again, Bannon and the Robert Mercer connections...Mercer family are ny billionaire cabal and he is said to be a software wizard among other stuff. Anyway. Came across a long piece in the New Yorker about this bunch, Bannon and a number of other names...seems this Mercer was big money behind Cruz but one of his daughters got bent over his debate style. This daughter is a political bomb thrower type and Cruz is not.
    So Cruz leaves...Mercers board the Trump train and Steve Bannon ever the opportunist managed to get a couple of million out of them for his breitbart...
    Rather sleazy bunch, these...more interested in political power than anything else.
    Worth checking out...insight into these political elite fat cats and how they play.

  13. Bad enough to have the left wing loons on yer butt...but old rinos too? Now rep Mo Brooks is added to their hit list...
    Why? Ethics over politics.

  14. Just on radio news blurb: Trump supporting Flynn immunity request for testimony.

  15. Pink elephant memories...pictorial made me remember this one. On north end of the same block was an ancient dive bar by that name. Old white stucco bldg with a big pink elephant painted on its side. Was with my aunt one day and she had to stop into her place of work for some reason...just a dumb little kid, I saw that elephant and I must have thought they sold toys or something so I asked her if we could go in. She told me no, we didn't need to go in there because it was a "beer joint".
    Typical drunk hangout for north topeka drunks in the days of old...along with the Muehlbach and a host of them in what is now the noto district.
    Beer joints were not her thing...she was my favorite aunt and after all these years I still miss her dearly.

  16. What??? Just hearing Rush on the Flynn immunity story...both senate and house investigation committees saying Flynn hasnt requested any immunity even though the networks are running the story and Trump tweeted support earlier.
    Whats in the swampwater out there?
    As for me Im outta here...all this strangeness is keeping me from doing what needs done!

  17. That's a term I haven't heard in eons: "beer joint." I remember when the Princess Theater played foreign films. I went with my dad to several cowboy movies in Spanish and even saw "The Seven Samurai" with him and he told me some of the cut-lines weren't accurate - the real Japanese was apparently more "salty."

    I was just talking with a guy just yesterday about NOTO. He agreed with me that chi-chi shops and the like aren't the real North Topeka. Perhaps they NEED a few "beer joints," although I doubt if anyone misses the Princess.

    1. Lol..dime movies on saturday matinees...saw "cyclops" and "20000 leagues under the sea" among others.
      When I got older I spent a little time in beer joints myself..


    “Hillary Clinton warns Trump’s budget would be a “grave mistatke” for the U.S.”

    Looks like dear Hillary, who was speaking at Georgetown’s University’s Institute for Women, Peace & Security just is looking for media attention! Oh Look!! It’s Hillary!! Gee I wonder how much she charged just to get up there to feed political division in her rant against President Trump?!

  19. Hillary is a washed up has been Presidential wannabe.

  20. I still know people who think "beer" and "joint" go together!๐Ÿ˜‚

    Hillary is just desperate for attention...poor little deplorable witch!!

  21. I wanted to use a "b", but settled for the "w". Both accurate.๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Lol...and too many beers and joints will turn ya into a gumby for sure.

    2. Why not use both.

      She's a "bwitch" for sure...

  22. at the american spectator: Farbutt tells Jeffery Lord that her confession video was selectively edited"but doesnt say by who.
    Russians? Trump operatives?
    MSLSD may have a problem with her...or not...they are all cut from the same bolt of cloth.

  23. I don't know, I kind of like NOTO. Those bars were all gun and knife clubs anyway.

    But then we just set up a booth today at the Owls Nest. We're hoping to sell the furniture I make and lots of other stuff. Repurposed, chalk painted etc.

    So I can't knock NOTO.

    And I never go to beer joints anymore anyway. Too old and too scared of DUIs. I just stay home.

  24. Best wishes with your sales...from what I hear, that district gets pretty busy on nice weather.
    No beer joints for me either unless one or both of my sons take me out for a nice evening at a restaurant that serves alcohol.

  25. I think this is kind of amusing:

    "ะ˜ะณะพั€ัŒ ะฅะพั„ะตั€ะตั€"

    "For some reason one of C-J's staffer's (a Smith Eric, he refers to himself as) does NOT approve of my name I use here when commenting. He has notified me twice asking me to change my name. He does NOT seem to understand that he is trying to impose double standards on myself, and possibly others. I refuse to change my name just because he 'wishes' for me to."

    That good ol' "Facebook verification" thing, huh?

    Not to mention the constant spammers hawking financial advice!

    Way to go, Urinal! You really found your solution, there, huh?!

    (And managed to run off most of your traffic!!! Hahaaaa!!!)

  26. Oh...that was under the staff editorial bitching about public radio losing its funding...'Support local idependent' blah, blah..

    Anyway, North Topeka dives. Used to play in band down there...and it WAS bad! Twilighter, Chug-a-Lug...yeah...plenty of brawls back then. Real crapholes.

    Still...would rather have been in one of those, then Mr. Friday Afternoon's "meat market"....LOL!!!

  27. MFA's meat market...

    I think just threw up a little bit in my mouth...

  28. Heads-up headline in yesterday's washington free beacon about Trump admin plans to bring one Jibril Rajoub, head of fatah terrorist faction in palestine.also a convicted terrorist.

    Whose bright idea was this?

    Meeting said to discuss resolution to conflict over there with Israel but report goes on to say that there is a lot of opposition from Israelis and palestinians who have suffered from the terrorist agenda...
    Adam Kredo piece, and the beacon has a solid rep for honest reporting.

    They are also running a piece today on old Soros with his new "emergent" fund. Umbrella for 3 major grassroots of snowflake rabble rousing and includes the blm bunch. Plans for action: organizing poverty inner city areas, minorities and illegals...same old playbook, new names and an offshoot of Tides, former home of Van Jones.

  29. On Rajoub: do these wizards of "smart" still not understand the concept of "dhimmi" in sharia??? Fooling the infidel by lying, smiling, making false promises is fine...allah will be proud of you.

  30. On Flynn...immunity off again.
    While I understand Sessions' decision to recuse himself from russia mess, part of me wishes he hadnt. With his integrity and long experience I am beginning to think that dems and rinos fearful of being caught naked are going to end up turning this into a hot pile of crapweasel...crap.

  31. On Flynn...immunity off again.
    While I understand Sessions' decision to recuse himself from russia mess, part of me wishes he hadnt. With his integrity and long experience I am beginning to think that dems and rinos fearful of being caught naked are going to end up turning this into a hot pile of crapweasel...crap.

  32. Misc...
    Mods got me earlier today lol

    Seems some homeless crackhead started that overpass fire; he and two others arrested

    Today's conservative review has several good articles plus a really funny pic of the turtlehead today. Rinos catching megahell over there today on account of their shenanigans.

  33. Looks like some crazy judge has determined that anarchists have a right to disrupt peaceful gatherings, such as a Trump rally, and the person hosting the event has no right to order the disruptors removed.

    "Two women and a man say they were shoved and punched by audience members at Trump’s command. Much of it was captured on video and widely broadcast during the campaign, showing Trump pointing at the protesters and repeating “get them out.”

    First of all, President Trump was likely signalling to event security to "get them out", and OBVIOUSLY did not intend for any supporters to do it.

    Secondly, they were allowed in, in the first place. not presceened and bussed in, weeding out ANY at a liberal rally.

    Now, then...they'd better be VERY CAREFUL about that "rhetoric causing violence" stuff that the libs over at the Urinal are drooling over.

    If they manage to charge President Trump with this, there are HUNDREDS of documented recordings of leftwing nutballs and politicians doing it. Including Obama, Hillary, and pretty much all the top lowlifes in the Democrat party, that have resulted in violence and full-blown riots.

    They set that precedent, I say dig up the videos, and let's get busy charging them.

    If President Trump is "responsible" for that minor incident, just think of all the leftists we can charge for the increase in violent behavior and riots that have occurred this past 8 years. It'll pretty much wipe out the Democrat leadership, altogether.

  34. Of course the urinal would cover that, while denying the reality of the soros approach of paid rioters and rabble rousers.
    As to agitators getting into rallies, all they have to do is "fake it" and get past the gates.
    The urinal would also deny that these losers are brought in and paid. Hell, many of them dont bother to vote and I doubt if they could read and understand one.
    The post they censored on me was a short synopsis of dem party history going back to 1830s...names and incidents of historic importance included. They didnt like that...

  35. What I do see is this...with Sessions and good appointments in place in the law enforcement sector, a lot of this crap will get cleaned up.
    I would also tell the prez to listen to the freedom caucus instead of bashing them. Yesterday I did a lot of comment reading on websites and people are beginning to rethink their votes and support of him...saying they got fooled, sellout to the rino establishment etc. Sad but true...and a muddy yard is only good for playing on the internet.
    Would also advise him that if his popularity drops and starts to tank badly, those old political hacks will worry much more about losing their powerful donors, committees and seats than about you, me and the sad state of the country.
    Reagan stood against those old poots when the situation called for the time they hated him. Now they "love" the man. Am glad I am old enough to remember that.

  36. Evidently our old friend, Truthteller is a "beautiful butterfly."

    Weird, huh?

  37. ;)
    My edited suggestions for history subjects to study did not get least not yet...
    Probably make 'em rant a little more but at least Im trying to make an effort...

  38. ;)
    My edited suggestions for history subjects to study did not get least not yet...
    Probably make 'em rant a little more but at least Im trying to make an effort...

  39. Making an effort is all we can do.

    The rest is up to them.

    Oh, and greetings from beautiful downtown Drexell Missouri...

  40. I have a friend in Drexell. Never been there. Anyway....yes...Trump needs to realize the Freedom Caucus...(the Tea Party)...IS the ONLY reason he is in there, and the RINOs need to realize who saved their asses and got them everything. "We made you....we can take you out!"