Sunday, March 26, 2017

Insanity runs deep with this crowd...

I noticed you guys talking about the left's beloved "Earth Day" celebration and thought this would be a good time to talk about the left's favorite Global Warming con man.

Al Gore.

In preparation for his upcoming new money making doom and gloom, end of the world film, "An Inconvenient Sequel" out there making the rounds with even more ridiculous claims that no one will ever press him on.

It doesn't make a bit of difference to his loyal and devoted followers that none of his predictions have ever come true.

Much like the Fake News the left loves so much, Al feeds them exactly what they so desperately want to hear.

This time he's blaming Global Warming on the Syrian civil war as well as the Brexit vote.

And his brain dead and border line insane followers?

They'll eat it up all over again.

Check out today's video and see for yourself the insanity he's pushing this time around.

I'm not sure which is worse.

Al making these claims with a straight face.

Or the idiots that believe him...

Kevin McGinty


  1. NunyaMarch 26, 2017 at 5:51 AM
    Commie lying Urinal proudly runs "AP FACT CHECK", making up fake news about President Trump. "There were no "wiretaps"", they say...twisting themselves into a triple-pretzel twist to focus on the literal iteration of the word "wiretap", when the entire world KNOWS there was "surveillance" and ILLEGAL felonious, treasonous leaks!

    Then, just a lot of other nit-picky nonsense, mainly attacking the semantics as opposed to "reporting the facts".

    How pathetically low the media has dug themselves.

    As Tim Martin commented, "I don't recall many AP 'fact checks' published by CJ on previous administrations...CJ seems to publish them quite frequently now."

    What's most amusing is that the Urinal or the AP apparently thinks anyone believes anything they print! Hell...even the looniest, most-hateful commie-liberal KNOWS they are all lies (but like the lies printed to bolster their own pathetic lies and justify their own ignorance and "everything-ist" hateful prejudices and anti-American biases).



  2. Sargejr JimMarch 26, 2017 at 6:05 AM
    POOF that s On OBF!! Minor changes of course.

  3. Reply

    NunyaMarch 26, 2017 at 6:28 AM
    Also, at the pathetic "once-proud, but now-disgraceful" little commie-propaganda rag, more on "Inclusion".

    First story they ran was very careful to dance around the obvious racial and gender biases (racist and sexist against, particularly, white males), and this one s full-bore what we knew the last onewas about, but throws THIS little gem in, in an attempt to claim they are not, while completely-surrounded in the story by what they are!

    Another message Smiley and local diversity and inclusion officials are shouting loud and clear: Diversity is about more than race and gender.

    “Our assumption is if you walk into a room full of white men, there is still diversity,” she said. “There may not be a lot of racial diversity, and there may not be a lot of gender diversity, but there is ethnic diversity— Irish-Americans, French-Americans, Russian-Americans, Italian-Americans. You have different ages, you have people who are veterans and nonveterans, and with different abilities and disabilities. You have individuals who are from different family statuses — have family, divorced, some may be single.”

    "The list of ways humans are different from one another is long."

    “There is a lot of diversity that doesn’t get talked about when we limit our definition of diversity to race or gender,” Smiley said."

    And then, they get back to what they opened with, for the rest of the article...racist, sexist dehumanizing and gleeful statistics about the declining population percentage of whites and males...and particularly...white males!!

    "De la Isla talked about her work to create a more diverse workplace through reaching out to girls and ethnic minorities and educating them about seeking out STEM fields that might lead them to someday work for Westar." about reaching out to ALL kids, and not "profiling" them, based on race or she just did?!

    And THIS?!

    "A book group tackles such books as “Waking Up White,” and Topeka Unified School District 501 superintendent Tiffany Anderson came to speak, along with former Mayor Joan Wagnon, about triumphs and obstacles in male-dominated fields, Walker said."

    Well, "official "White Guilt" bible", seeking to 'educate' all those backwoods, racist rednecks just'a "clingin' to their guns and religion" by some loony-leftist 'racial-justice warrior'!

    Have I read the book? Hell, no. Why would I wilfully ingest poison?! All anyone needs to know are the "kudos" from other people who can't let go of basing everything on skin color or gender, and are mad as hell about anything everything, and MUST blame SOMEBODY. Check out the 'reviews" from this 'white-guilt-ridden' little snowflake:

    The very FACT that these people are even basing all this on skin color and gender, and continue to pound the differences, and point the finger of blame entirely at whites and blatantly racist and sexist, in itself.

    That's what liberal hypocrites thrive on, though. Pure hypocrisy.

  4. Sargejr JimMarch 26, 2017 at 6:48 AM
    POOF it goes minimal changes. LOL


  5. NunyaMarch 26, 2017 at 7:13 AM
    Wish I could draw a little comic strip about this.

    The setting: Job fair. Recruitment booths set up. Big words on banners 'Celebrating Diversity at Agentilus Manufacturing Corp!'

    Black kid talking to a recruiter. Recruiter: "Well, what was your GPA?". Kid: "1.8, but I missed a lot of school." Recruiter: "Why did you miss so much?" Kid: "School ain't cool, bra! I had grants to pay for it all, and they put me in at the expense of someone else, but I just didn't like it much. It was hard!." Recruiter: "Well, it doesn't matter! You fit the criteria! Fill out this application!"

    Next up, chewing-gum girl. Recruiter: "What was your GPA in school?" Girl: " was, like...1.6...but I had, you know...a LOT of pass/fail classes that I barely passed, so the GPA doesn' really MEAN nuthin'! But I BUSY with Women's Marches and protests't even know why I was protesting! Hee-he-he-hee! What is it your, anyway?!"
    Recruiter: "Well, it doesn't matter, and you DO fit our criteria! Fill out this application."

    Hard-working, but really poor, white farm boy up next. Recruiter: "What was your GPA?" Farm boy: "4.18. I wanted it higher, but just didn't have enough time, what with the farm to tend, and helping feed my family...especially since my father died a few years ago. I finished a double-major in Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, and I know your comapny uses both. I have repaired hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and mechanical equipment on our farm since I was young, and I really would like to be a valuable asset to your company."

    Recruiter: "Well...that's impressive. BUT, I'm afraid you don't QUITE fit our "diversity criteria", and your successes have come only from your inherent "privilege". Thank you for your interest, and, just between you and me...may I suggest the fast-food hiring booths over there?"

    "Inclusion", indeed. "Diversity". Really?



  6. Sargejr JimMarch 26, 2017 at 7:30 AM
    Poof it went Nunya don't know how long it or I will Last, but it was to funny to waste.

  7. catsncatsMarch 26, 2017 at 9:11 AM
    Priceless absolutely priceless, Nunya!
    Reading your posts on recruiting it read like one of those Watters world segments when he visits some of these college campuses.

    These loonytoons sound downright silly. No wonder that paper is not fit even for birdcage liner. How anybody can read such drivel and take these people seriously is beyond me.


  8. catsncatsMarch 26, 2017 at 11:13 AM
    Anyone seen Trump's latest tweet? It can be found by using that phrase as your search term if not listening to fox news just now. He says that the freedom caucus is responsible for funding planned parenthood and obamacare because of no votes on bill...
    Anyone recall 2013 and Cruz filibuster when only Rand Paul and a handful of others stood with him?
    Just another day in the swamp...


  9. NunyaMarch 26, 2017 at 2:05 PM SHOULDN'T have passed. It wasn't a "REPEAL and REPLACE"! THAT is what we were promised, and that's what it should be. Period.

    And, why is everyone acting like there was only that shot at it? Is there some kind of "Barney Fife Rule" in Congress where they only get one bullet to fire off?!

    Find a reasonable "Replacement" (that gets government OUT) then "Repeal and Replace" the damned they promised!

    Do they REALLY need to have pictures drawn to explain what those two words mean?

    Sheesh...these are the knuckleheads trying to tell us what's best?!😨


  10. Ash's insanity runs deep over at the other place doesn't it....

  11. I have not found a lib with half a brain yet. As for Gore that asshole can burn in hell where it is warm.

  12. Bartimus right up there with him.... just livin' up to their libtardiness...

  13. And they do their best to come across as the smartest people in the room by parroting the talking points they've memorized...

  14. If ever a return to REASON, ETHICS, PRINCIPLE and SANITY is needed it is now.
    Aljazeera gore is lost, still trying to find his chakras and now here he is, wondering around in Moochelle's syrian food desert and blaming WEATHER PATTERNS for creating refugees!!!

    Add in the big-government rinos trying to ram their own version of the utopian leviathan down on us and what do we have left?
    Tired and worn down patriots across this country, with a handful of congress people still trying to fight on our behalf to hold onto founding principles while taking their share of slings and arrows from the controllers on the repub side of the aisle.
    That is what we have now.

  15. As to Trump I really do not get why he tweeted as he did. The man is not stupid. That said, however, he doesnt really get the swampland political gaming going on here...havent thought it all through yet but I have to wonder if his Achilles heel is flattery by politicians and the players surrounding him.
    Designing beautiful buildings in the private sector is not quite the same as trying to clean out that public sector dc sewage...
    And taking a tweet swing at the few who still seem to place principle above politics bothers me greatly. The rino faction is now touting tax reform as the way forward now and he seems to be falling into that line...
    So...who is really leading who here? Ryan, McConnel and company? Would appear so...

  16. Should be easy to repeal, they are just too worried about offending freeloaders, lobbyist or losing their power. These folks in congress would rather slowly destroy this country than possibly giving up the perks and power.

    Seems to me just void the whole bill that passed and any regulations attached. Then look at any part that might have been good and let that be the start of a new bill, add in tort reform and buying insurance across state lines. I think it is odd that a kid is living at home at 25, but doesn't really bother me that they can add that kid to a policy, will just cost them. I don't think you should be able to wait until you are sick to buy insurance and don't think you should be forced into buying insurance. So if people take that gamble, they may lose, that is not good, but all families have to make decisions- not government. Drug companies are just screwing us good. Drugs that have been generic for 35 plus years, were costing me less than $2.00 a month, now with insurance around $67.00 a month. Actually, sometimes I can use a Goodrx coupon, claim no insurance and get it cheaper than co-pay insurance. It is a long explanation why, but there is another layer in the drug market, called PBM (pharmacy Benefit Managers) look it up, they are screwing us good, they make tier decisions, price decisions and formulary decisions. I am rambling, sorry.

  17. Dont apologize...
    Hell, congress is supposed to be the legislative branch. They could draft a good bill if they wished but they are copping out again, to cronyism and power retention. Some of them, like Paul, himself a doctor, have great proposals and have had. Problems on the repub side have been Boner-Turtlehead and now Paulie-Turtlehead. Big money k street boys (Boner is now one) and Priebus-Rove and the rnc bagmen in both branches.
    As to Trump I honestly dont think he realizes just how deep those octopus tentacles are sunk in over there.

  18. In my own situation I am stuck with crappy medicare, with money legally extorted every week for damn near 50 years. Although I havent used it, have no prescriptions and so on and paid fot my own teeth and glasses I do worry about the fact that it has been raided for years by deadbeats on medicaid thanks to...politicians...
    But it is a risk I live with and at least I can still run my mouth and hope for better one day.

  19. thing I have found that helps with my arthritis-ridden body is turmeric. Cheap, one capsule a day and knots in my fingers have shrank considerably. Can be found in the natural supplement aisle at walmart etc. All it is is a spice, used for medicinal use as well as a seasoning in India for centuries.
    Not a cure-all but really has made a difference.

  20. Priebus talking about "reaching across the aisle" to "moderate democrats"...
    What? What's a moderate democrat? The radical left ran them out a long time back.
    And the word "loyalty" is getting thrown about now.
    Loyalty? Loyalty to who? Certainly not to we the people. Most of us wanted no part of that bill as it was crafted.

    1. Rep Por r-texas...leaving the caucus, he says...
      Sounds to me as though the rinos are doing to the conservative wing what the radical left did to the blue dogs of old; run them all out, in favor of "working with the democrats"...

      Anyone think that bodes well for the people?

  21. Wsj piece today by Siobhan Hughes...Priebus signaling to conservative wing that they intend to work with dems if they don't fall into line and be party apparatchiks...
    Now I know why that Stones song about getting what you need not what you want , played at his rallies bothered me.

    I offer you this: by the Who...wont get fooled again.

  22. Further:
    Drudge headline running now
    Conservative Review, click on "freedom caucus " headline...those of us who love satire will appreciate Horowitz for that.
    And...if you dare...the lame cherry blogspot. Among the radically insane rantings on occasion nuggets of truth can be found complete with any lunks needed, to verify.

  23. Cats, it's so good having you back...

  24. Thanks, Kevin...this is tough, seeing what we are seeing and hearing today. I feel as though I am channeling my Jamestown ancestors. This is not what they crossed the ocean for in that rickety old ship they came over in and my son certainly did not risk his life in deployments to war zones for this.

  25. Gore back, and the Goregoyles are all lining up to line his pockets again! Global warming...I mean...umm...CLIMATE CHANGE...led to the Syrian crisis? Good grief. Those people have been living in a freakin' desert for thousands of years!

    Well, I think ol' Gore the Bore just ran across a 30-year-old video of a comedian one day, and thought..."HEYYyyyyy...I can use THAT as another bonehead excuse to lie about all this, and make more millions! Lord knows I need the money to fund all my energy-hog mansions, and limos to and from airports to constantly jet all over the world preaching to people to do as I say...not as I do!"

    The guy is unbelievable. (Literally.)

    (Warning: video contains a bit of profanity)

  26. Opinion piece about "restoring KU and K-State funding", over at the Urinal..

    "On Thursday, the Senate Ways and Means Committee voted 11-2 to advance a bill that would reduce the 5.1 percent cut on KU and K-State to 4 percent in fiscal year 2018 and 3 percent in FY 2019. This measure would reverse the inequitable cuts made last year and realign funding for our two largest research institutions with other schools in the state. It would return $1.5 million to KU and $1.12 million to K-State — money both universities will be able to put directly toward classroom resources and student programs."

    Check out that last sentence.

    If you think THAT will happen, you'll also likely be stupid enough to believe anything Al Gore puts in a movie!!!

  27. Mornin' Sarge! Nice, soggy spring day! Needs the rain.

    You remember that Kinison bit? First thing I thought of when seeing ol' Al was up to his old tricks again.

    Those people just NOW realized their in "A F~$^IN DESERT"???!!!

    How much DRIER did their sand and rocks get, than over the past few thousand years?! LOL!!!


  28. "Climate change" is not what caused the Syrian thing. Lack of freedom and really bad politics caused 100% of it. Politics more like what the liberals want to move us towards.

    Gore is an idiot.

  29. I see the "Big-Government" socialists at the Urinal are running a trifecta of "Trump's budget impacts blah, blah, blah" today.

    OH, the horrors of having no tower, but only instrument landings at Billard and Forbes!

    Lemme see, well...they don't do it 24 hours a day, ANYWAY! When do they NOT do it? At night, of course! Y'know...when th pilot is LESS likely to be able to see, but has to rely on runway lights, anyway?

    Yaeh...those THOUSANDS of daily flights in and out of those two airports...a SEVERE IMPACT if they don't have the tower operating in the they don't have them operating at night?

    No? Not "thousands" of flights? More like...a hand full?

    Oh...well, then...hmmm.

    SORRY, but things are going to HAVE to be cut! Y'know...because we DON'T HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY FOR IT ALL, and no amount of taxing more will produce it!!

    There's a foreign concept for those big-gov, tax-and-spend those ones at the Urinal.

  30. Global warming is the single biggest hoax ever pulled on the world. Al Gore has become extremely wealthy from it. It is projected he will be the first global warming hoax billionaire.

    The perpetrators of this hoax use voodoo science supported by people who are paid to reach predetermined conclusions. They use statistical data from extremely short periods of time and project that data over centuries. They deny any science that proves their theories incorrect, and they are theories.

    The earth warms and cools. It has since God created it. Artic ice melts and refreezes. Any given year does not foretell the future.

    None of the predictions made by the extremist radicals on the left have come true. Only by extrapolating misleading data and twisting into false projections do they arrive at the crazy conclusions they do.

    Global warming was invented by the radical left to attempt to further the Marxist agenda of control of world economies and to destabilize successful prosperous industrialized nations. It is a tool used to transfer wealth and to reverse progress.

    Why so many people believe this nonsense only shows the power of the radical left to sell untruths with the aid of a radical left media and an uninformed, poorly educated general public. Poorly educated because the radical left has been in charge of our educational system for fifty years or more and has used it as an indoctrination tool.

    Thankfully we have a President now who does not support the global warming myth and will begin the process of reversing the damage done by the radical left through their regulatory bureaucracy.

    So let them weep and screech and continue to spread their lies. We no longer care. Time to put away this nonsense and get back to the job of.....

    #Making America Great Again Through Liberal Tears

    1. POOF!! Thanks for helping me out with that. Lol

  31. Good morning y'all. Looks like batty's trying to sneak back in with a new login at the other site..... Bill Butler.

    1. Bill the Butler, hummmm if that is him the name fits.

    2. Billy Jo Bob Butler.... (sorry couldn't resist)....
      snicker snicker snicker (ha ha)


    Read up on this article about global warming myths / facts. it's an interesting read.

    As time marches on, one thing remains constant - change happens and cannot be stopped.

    All this hullabaloo about the stuff Al Gore is trying to peddle is mish mash. The libtardians will believe anything Al says.

  33. I see CJ is all over South Carolina for not wanting perverts in bathrooms. Seems PayPal pulled out of SC because of the law, glad I dumped them.

  34. North Carolina, sure wish I could edit.

  35. It's Monday Divemaster (smiles).

  36. What's wonderful about these blogs here at Rm 235 is that it talks of how things truly are..... then you have the libtardians who would rather believe the 'fake news' crapola that Al Gore, Obama, the Clintons, Dems in general, peddle.... i.e. these libtardians choose to believe the crapola but swear it's truth beyond a shadow of doubt. They're so blinded by their own stupidity and insanity that they'll never see straight.

  37. Check out thatnew poster over at the will recognize Im sure..
    Helpin out the cause incognito...;)

  38. Idiots over there may be bright enough to figure me out...yes. Cats have 9 lives

    1. I wouldn't bet on it, cats.

      They're really not into trying to figure things out.

      Puking up memorized talking points is more their thing...

    2. Yah they make no effort at reason or anything remotely related to common sense. Amazing to see, really. And clueless as to how their rants actually look in print.

  39. Jeff Sessions warning the sanctuaries more money unless they stop with that nonsense...

  40. At you do a repeal bill...rep Mo Brooks conservative and freedom caucus member cut through all the bullcrap today by drawing up a 2-page repeal bill that gets rid of obamadontcare and makes a simple request to restore things to where they were prior to this mess. Priceless.very short but effective read.

  41. The problem is that it makes sense.

    No way can we allow something like that stand...

  42. Well...looks like 13 states (including Kansas) are pushing to let President Trump's "legal and Constitutional and in his power" travel ban stand, despite the decisions of anti-Constitutional courts. And, naturally, Ashhole is over there spinning in backwards circles!!😂

  43. Apparently, Trump has tweeted that they SHOULD be investigating Clinton/Russia, and not him...which is obviously true. They should also be investigating Imam Obama's seditious, treasonous involvement in all these leaks, starting with the obvious...his order to just let intel fly around everywhere, naming names and all...including to foreign agencies, violating American citizens' Constitutional rights.

    Obama deserves at LEAST a life sentence, if they can make the case.

  44. Shiffhead and co including the Grahamnasty team of mclame and graham are now giving rep. Nunes hell because he went to the prez with his info...dems doing their usual crap but I have thoughts on what those two old rinos have to hide.

  45. This aint good...anyone heard about riots in russia on sunday? Protesting corruption in the Putin regime and supported by op candidate Alexei Navalny. A few thousand protesters mostly teenagers . Navalny was hustled away and an american journalist (unnamed)was arrested and charged with participating in an unsanctioned protest. Uk telegraph and wapo have reports.

  46. I don't understand how the Kansas legislature approved expanding medicaid which is estimated to cost another 81 million dollars, we just dig the hole deeper. They won't override brownback, yet charge more and rob KDOT, KPERS and sell of property. Note that is state general fund dollars, so in tax payer dollars it will be much more. Most people haven't a clue about federal match and state general fund! I would bet that 81 million is about 10 - 20 percent of the total cost.

  47. Fear of voter backlash, cloakroom deals with leftists...or a combination of the two. Copying the fed level pols.
    Now the average leftist voters will get all mad and aim their rage and tears at the gov.
    Related...Rush talking about a "freeloader"(sponger, parasite) tax being up for consideration in russia? Thinking it was russia...any able bodied person unemployed for 6 months or longer would either have to find some kind of work no matter how menial or pay a parasite tax.
    Was cleaning my kitchen floor when I heard took that drudgery away forthwith. We should do that!


    What a horrible way to treat our First Lady!! She said from the get go that she would move to the White House after Barron Trump completes this school term….. what don’t these idiots get about that?!

    Now they’ve started a petition to force our First Lady to move into the White House – honestly….. some folks have a wild hair….and some got their entire head too deeply lodged!!

    They just need to let our First Lady be….

    1. Maybe we should bill THEM for moochelle's mother living there, all of those pricey vacations with hundreds tagging along, use ofboth jets on occasion and all of those designer clothes etc that she wore...

    2. This is ridiculous.... Melania Trump said from the get go that her moving into the White House would be delayed so as not to disrupt Barron's current school term.....

      Some people who start needless trouble like this - ought to be charged for being a public nuisance.... or something!

  49. This is interesting, I had not heard about this FBI involvement.

    An FBI undercover agent encouraged a terrorist to “tear up Texas” before the 2015 Garland, Texas shooting, and was at the crime scene and failed to stop or engage the perpetrators.

    This was revealed in an investigation by CBS’s “60 Minutes” that aired Sunday. The Garland shooting left two terrorists, Elliot Simpson and Nadir Soofi, dead. They attempted to attack an event featuring cartoons of the Muslim prophet Mohammed, but were stopped by local police.

    The attorney for Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem, who was sentenced for helping the two terrorists carry out the attack, revealed information on “60 Minutes” from the government which showed the FBI’s close proximity to the attack.

    “After the trial we found out that they had had an undercover agent who had been texting with Simpson, less than three weeks before the attack, [writing] to him ‘Tear up Texas,'” attorney Dan Maynard said.

    Simpson responded, “bro, you don’t have to say that…” The terrorist added, “you know what happened in Paris… so that goes without saying. No need to be direct.”

    The FBI argued that the “Tear up Texas” message was not incitement.

    An affidavit filed in another case said that the agent also “traveled to Garland, Texas, and was present… at the event.”

  50. Wow. That was the Pam Geller event if memory serves..the radical islamists were all upset that their prophet was made into a cartoon. Really similar to the Charlie Hebdo thing in paris. But yes, odd as hell how that played out.

  51. Seems to me, if story correct, FBI should have stopped or at least helped the security guard and police officer who engaged in a firefight with the terrorists. FBI guy right there 30 seconds before the gunfire starts taking pictures and knows what is going to happen!

    I don't know what this country/world is coming to, cities don't enforce federal immigration laws- government does nothing. States pass drugs laws legalizing marijuana that break federal laws- government does nothing. State (Kansas) pass law you can make a silencers that stay in Kansas- federal government comes in and tosses the guys in jail for making and selling silencers. Pick and choose law enforcement.

    Then all the hateful liberals and judges, we will see nothing but court battles for 4 years. Then Schumer goes crazy on a women in a restaurant that voted for Trump.

  52. Remember the other day that Sen. Pat Roberts got in trouble for his snarky mammogram remark? Remember I sent him a polite but direct message to him about it? I got a reply... to briefly describe his reply, he thanked me for contacting his office and he deeply regrets making such a remark, assured me he would work hard to improve the health care system.

  53. Getting plain crazy out those hearings went from "closed" to "canceled" and they are still after Nunes.
    And he will not reveal his source nor should he. Whatever he's got on whoever he's got it on must be pretty bad stuff...Comey's fbi would have been in charge at the garland thing and Geller was labeled an islamophobe and "bomb thrower" for her outspokenness about radical islamic terrorism. And Obama's administration had a lot of brotherhood boys in the halls of dc, those iftar dinners after ramadan every year and who knows what else.

  54. Who lit the fire this time? The digger is on another of his tirades...
    Or...better yet...who opened the main gate? I swear thats him. ;D

  55. Thanks, Urinal, for starting my day with a good belly laugh!

    Big ol' black banner over there that says....(get this!)....

    "GET REAL, TOPEKA. Support our


    Capital-Journal and "journalism" should only be used in the same sentence when describing what "real journalism" AIN'T!!

    I guess they are just trying to figure out little ways to become relevant again, and try to fool people into thinking they have even one sliver of credibility, honesty, ethics or journalistic integrity...which, they don't.

    This is a clear admittance from them that they know their reputation has gone into the toilet, and is (rightfully) be viewed as a "Fake News" source.

    With their traffic declining by the week, their print circulation best...(and probably also dropping)...they seem to be resorting to cynical little ploys to try to convince (fool) people into believing they are trustworthy (which, they are not).

    Looks like they are getting desperate, over there.

    I'd be happy to toss those unholy liberals a rope...with an anchor attached!!! 😂

  56. Just out of curiosity, I clicked on the banner. It goes to their membership access.

    "The Topeka Capital-Journal has more than a dozen news and half a dozen sports journalists producing original, watchdog reporting daily."

    WATCHDOG?! Wrong description. Let me fix that...

    "Liberal lapdog reporting..."

    Yeah...that's more accurate!

    Oh...and as a bonus for getting to that get a GINORMOUS "GET REAL."

    When you are desperate....GO BIGLY!!!!☺😊😀😁😂

  57. Boy, old maingate is on a roll over on the urinal. I love it when he repeats the talking points like a trained seal and the uses UPPER CASE randomly as if that somehow makes his point more forcefully. Maybe he should learn formatting and he could use BOLD TEXT like the grownups do. What a moron that guy is. That's stupid on a level you rarely see.

    Anyway, heard Rahm the ballerina Emanual talking about the sanctuary city deal on the radio. The new liberal talking point is to conflate legal immigration with illegal aliens. They just go on and on about how immigrants are welcome and what they contribute and how great immigration is but refuse to address the fact that the issue isn't about legal immigration but illegal aliens.

    Legal immigrants don't need sanctuary cities. Naturalized citizens don't fear deportation. It's a total straw man argument but that's the typical godless left wing approach to every argument.

    I mean, the First Lady of the United States is a naturalized citizen, a legal immigrant.

    Just another stupid argument from the godless left. But if that's all you got.....all together now....that's what you go with.

  58. If you watch liberals "debating" a conservative, their tactic is to suck all the oxygen out of the room. They don't answer questions, but just keep spewing memorized programmed talking points and talking over the other guy. It's their mission to spew as much crap as possible in the time allotted, loudly and angrily, and to try to shut the other guy out. It's because they can't argue truths. See it all the time, especially with Carlson. Diggie just following the playbook. What a moron. 😊

    1. Nunya I found that butt-ugly black-death banner of theirs after reading your post and after I posted a comment on the Mike Hall editorial about the
      I doubt the urinal crowd will appreciate it...


    What class act Hillary is (sarcasm intended). So, she says she's ready to be back in the 'public'.... lol .... I'll just bet that because she lost the election, her financial supporters pulled out and she's flat broke so she has to be back in the public to get money for 'appearing' in public....

  60. lol..Ive been wondering the same thing. Poor shillary...broke and hoo.