Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday blues again

Here we go. Another week in the process of Making America Great Again.

So, how about this health insurance bill the Republicans thought up? There's a great idea. Let's take obamacare, the promise of repeal of which won us the House, Senate and White House, and let's just repaint it and claim we repealed it.

Is this what we wanted? Here we go. Instead of just subsidizing all the democrat voters healthcare insurance, we'll give them refundable tax credits. That's a whole lot better, isn't it? We'll keep everything else and call it by a different name and then say we fixed it.

I don't know about you, but I wanted this thing repealed. It was never about healthcare insurance. It was always a Marxist redistribution vehicle to make those of us who work and pay taxes pay for health insurance for those who don't. Not just the small group of people who are unable to work due to disability or other causes beyond their control. But millions and millions of democrat voters who think it is their "right" to have healthcare insurance and make me pay for it.

There's a blog over on the Urinal all about how wonderful big government is. How they should provide lots and lots of stuff for everybody. Because compassion.

Fred Smertz already pointed to her that America is $20,000,000,000,000 in debt. And we are spending every penny that comes into the treasury plus a trillion or so more every year.

Healthcare insurance is not a right. Free college is not a right. A house, a car and a flat screen TV is not a right. Welfare and food stamps are not a right.

So is it cold blooded to say repeal this nightmare of Marxist intervention into our lives and return to the free market system we had? I don't care. Do it anyway.

You want insurance? Get a damn job. Can't get a damn job? Well, why not?

Here's a hard reality. If you are poor, and you are not physically or mentally disabled then you are poor because of your own life decisions. Sorry if that seem harsh, but it's true.

Most of us have been around enough to understand that. We've all known some of these types. Hell, most of us have one or two in the family. Don't work. Sponge off the rest of us. Draw food stamps, welfare, any kind of assistance they can get. Spend most of their time trying to get some more.

Never have money for the essentials but plenty of money for booze, smokes and drugs. Go to their house. You'll find a big ole flat screen probably with a nice sound system. Cable. Air conditioning. Open the refrigerator. Plenty of beer. Frozen foods. Not much else.

Now don't get me wrong. I have all those things too. But I worked and paid for them myself. As old Merle Haggard once said, "I ain't never been on welfare and that's one place I won't be cause I'll be workin". That's the workin man's blues my friends.

So do we need obamacare or some Republican version of it? Hell no we don't. We need to do something about this $20 trillion in debt before it does something to us. Which it will.

We knew when they passed obamacare it would get so deep into the system it would be hard to get rid of. It's like a cancer. It grows and grows until you can't cut it out or burn it out. And the longer you let it grow, the worse it gets.

Well, let's kill it now and deal with the fallout before it kills us.


  1. I agree safe!!Trump needs to start kicking some republicans asses, get rid of OC and get it back into the public sector. I for one do not want another run government social program.

  2. And start eliminating all the damned duplicates. Why the hell are we obligated to have both wic and food stamps? And meals on wheels...nonexistent in rural areas and a lot of small word, are all those elderly folks in those areas dead of starvation? Private donations, local groups and churches could lend a hand with it.
    Maybe...just maybe...working people would have more time and money to pitch in with local efforts to help people who are truly in need if the progressives would get their greedy mitts out of their pockets.
    Churches in my area have well-stocked food pantries and when they knock on doors we donate. I have lived out here for well over 20 years and it has been this way. People, not government, looking out for each other

  3. What did I tell you a year ago? The President has few real convictions and is mostly taking the path of least resistance vis-à-vis governing. Campaigning was different, but the man said I don't know how many times "we're not going to have people dying in the streets," but what he would come up with would be "wonderful" and "include more people than Obamacare."

    Barack is doubtless on some Hawaiian golf course laughing his bass off.

  4. Ken what do you see differently? I can't see Obama laughing I think he is crying about all the crap he put on us is going Poof, right in front of his shifting eye.

  5. James, take another look at what Safe just wrote. Some of my college friends (on FaceBook) who are "progressive" as hell were gloating this weekend about how Trump and Ryan are giving permanency to the idea of the government subsidizing health insurance.

    1. Well I am pissed about that if you read my 1st comment, BUT it hasn't happen yet, still a lot of room for change. But some good is better than no good!

  6. The left won on the healthcare issue. We predicted they would a long time ago. Now it's a given that the government is going to supply healthcare insurance to everybody. The only question is how it's going to happen.

    But the same people are going to pay for it who are paying for it now, one way or the other. And the same people are going to get it free or nearly free who get it now.

    Once you get an freebie that big wired into the system, you will never get rid of it no matter how bad it is.

    There are still a lot of issues that are important, mostly the economy that I still hold a lot of hope for. Tax cuts, regulation repeal. Creating a business friendly climate that will bring real economic growth. And President Trump is strong on those.

    I never really held much hope they would repeal obamacare. I hoped there would be balls enough for it, but realistically very unlikely. The media has played a huge role in this.

    You just can't start giving the average democrat voter free stuff then take it away. Just generates too much fear in a climate of fear and sedition that borders on insanity.

    I think they probably are laughing about this one. They knew if they got this sucker in place, and got it deep enough it would always be there.

    The irony is the majority of people on obamacare are on Medicaid. The rest only bought plans because obama made sure their plans got cancelled and left them with nothing so they had to sign up.

    And the fact remains that the "free" plans people have are pretty worthless. Try finding a doctor who takes Medicaid. They all still go to the ER because hospitals have to take it. And the people who have obamacare plans even though they are virtually free to most of them find when they try to use them there are limited doctors available and their deductables are seven and eight thousand bucks. So it pays virtually nothing.

    That's the crazy part. These people are fighting to keep something that is pretty much worthless to them. But it's free. So there's that.

  7. But Sarge is right about a lot of this. A hell of a lot of obama's Marxist agenda is going or gone. Immigration. Higher taxes. Sex perverts in the bathrooms. Regulations strangling businesses. The whole global warming hoax is shut down. The EPA is getting the life choked out of it. Education reform. The wall will be built. A Conservative on the Supreme Court.

    Lot's more. They got one thing. obamacare. That's it. If that's all we lose, we still win 90% of the war. I'll take that and be pretty happy with it.

    So that's all they have to laugh about. Everything else is driving them crazy watching it all get slowly unraveled and taken apart.

  8. And the assault on our second amendment is over. Some left wing court activists still pulling some shenanigans, but that whole movement to strip us of our constitutional rights is done.

    1. I wish it were over Safe.... there's some crazy local yayhoos who still don't like the mention of God / Christianity mentioned in public.

      Mikey Weinstein and Pedro Irigonegaray are going after the speaker who was at the Prayer Breakfast.... Weinstein and Irigonegaray are a miserable pair..... aren't they?!

      This may piss off the crazy yayhoos who don't like to hear about God / Christianity.....but every opportunity there is I for one of many will happily share what I know about God and Christianity.

      If they want a glimpse of what Heaven will be.....just think of the Parable of the Prodigal Son.... after the prodigal son came to his senses, confessed and repented to God in prayer - he went home to his father and asked for his forgiveness.... what did the father do? When he saw his son in the distance, he ran to him - hugged him and kissed him, gave him clothing and shoes.... looking beyond the surface of the parable looking more intently...... you will see that it is how it will be for us - how God loves us

    2. and also the father gave his son a ring and threw a celebration feast.... there's so much that those whose minds are closed and their eyes blind....they don't see God for who He really is - all they see is tainted twisted views of those who pervert the very meaning.

    3. Rikki keep in mind that these people are hopelessly outnumbered. They just pitch their hissies on occasion, get published in the local urinal and then disappear for awhile.
      God and His Son have plenty of us in His corner.

    4. Amen Cats.... (((hugs)))

  9. Am going to include rinos along with democrats who are scamming on the health care...big pharma, big insurance. big both major parties.
    As far as Im concerned let the whole damned mess collapse and take the irs with it. That's their tax collection vehicle of choice.
    Same old crap different day.

  10. Article on that genetic testing bill on the wibw news website...

  11. Things every patriotic household should have: a Bible, a copy of the Federalist and a copy of the Black Book of Communism...basics for everything we need to know and understand about liberty and tyranny.

  12. Well I am sticking with Trump all the way to get this country moving on the right path, won't be easy.

  13. They were put in there to gut Obamacare COMPLETELY! Shouldn't be even one sentence in new bill that is same as Obamacare. Get government out of our health care, and our pockets!!! Time the freeloaders got their wakeup call!!

  14. Whiskey...
    On the feed banner on fox news just now: Eric Trump wanting permission from ag dept and H2-a visa program to hire 29 foreign workers to pick grapes in Trump winery vineyards...
    Has unemployment dropped so much that he has to do this?
    Buy american hire foreign???

  15. Aawww dang it! I fergot these are jobs amurrikins jes' wont do!!!

  16. Lots of high tech jobs being given to foreigners coming into the U.S.A. They use to do the work for us from their home country, but it was getting difficult to communicate.

    Family members in Phoenix work for Honeywell doing programming for airplanes auto pilots, and other government guidance systems. They make lots of bucks, but lots of work has been sent oversea. Then you have to come in all hours of night to communicate and just difficult to get full understanding of this high tech over long distance communications. So now the foreigners are being bought over and actually taking Americans jobs at less pay.

    So just think you have these people programming what will be burned into a chip to fly your 787 and other aircraft upgrades. The Americans are still suppose to do final checks, but stuff happens and think any secrets get stolen?

  17. I am not happy with what is going on, or actually not going on with obamacare. Not happy about immigration from terrorist countries. Cabinet not filled nor the supreme court position.

  18. Only the naive among us would say no...would be easy, as well, for some terrorist to masquerade as a low-wage grape picker and get in here to do harm .
    San bernadino as example of holes in visa programs...
    Nothing is ever 100 per cent but that visa setup needs a complete rework.

  19. Dem foot dragging on cabinet which is least some movement on Gorsuch today.

  20. As to "wiretap"...Comey sez nothin' so far but investigation that's that.

    Hot toddy making me sleepy...
    Sleep well, all. Purrs...

  21. So you guys gonna sleep all day or what?

  22. Just read about this. Fox pulls Andrew Napolitano from air after Trump report. I always like this guy. Thought he had a pretty good idea as to what was going on in the swamp. I am starting to get this feeling about FOX Maybe just Maybe FOX isn't who I think it is. And now the judge gets the boot. Sure does make a person stop and rethink whats being feed to us. And I don't doubt a bit that Obamma had some one or country helping him against Trump. Sure is a lot of hush hush stuff floating around.

    1. Ever the skeptic, I dont think they are either...sad about the judge. I liked him too and still much we dont know about that investigation...otherwise why is it still being looked into? Sessions allowed it to go forward, as an ethical ag would do.
      Wouldnt count on seeing Levin on there much either...his take is the same.
      Too much political agenda...

  23. Today's Urinal socialist propaganda story in Lifestyle section, the "Norway is happiest" story.

    And, why are they so happy, you may ask?

    "What makes Norway and other northern European countries top the list...sense of community and BROAD SOCIAL WELFARE SUPPORT...!"

    "It's well-functioning institutions!", explained a Norwegian comedian! "The schools, health care, police, all the bureaucracy...trickles down...makes us happy!"

    Population of Norway, about 5 million. There are more than 8 million in New York City, alone. Population of U.S.? About 320 million.

    Size of Norway? About 149,000 square miles. The U.S.? About 3,794,100 square miles....or about 25 times larger.

    Norway unemployment, about 5%. 250,000 people. U.S. about 4.7%. About 15 million...and that's just the bogus reported number, AND doesn't include permanent non-workers. The actual "labor force" is only about 50%.

    That's a hell of a lot more people, over a hell of a lot more area,with a hell of a lot more infrastructure, with only about 1/2 of us contributing suggest that "Using Norway's Socialist system should work here!"


  24. What the....?!! WHY is it "newsworthy" that the idiot Woody Harrelson gave up smoking pot?!! Doesn't make him much less of a far-left Hollywood-hypocrite idiot!

    Good grief....

  25. Interesting that when Comey says they are investigating the phony Russian "hacking" of the election the left immediately spins it to read there is an FBI investigation of President Trump's "criminal" involvement with the Russians during the election. I've heard that one about a hundred times now.

    There's been no evidence. No facts that lead to that conclusion. Nothing but a bunch of repeated godless left wing rhetoric. But it's a big scary "criminal" investigation.

    When hillary was actually being investigated for actual criminal activity of which there was a mound of evidence all you heard from the left was "nothing to see here". "Partisan political witchhunt". "Nothing illegal". Blah blah blah.

    Same shit, different day.

    But since the FBI is required to report this stuff to the President and congress, and Comey says they report to the president quarterly, and this has been going on since July, then obama knew this was going on for months. And congress knew nothing until yesterday.

    Comeys a sneaky little shit if you ask me. I don't trust him for a second.

  26. Remember how much the loons hated Comey just before the election?

    Now they just love the guy...

  27. First they hated him for investigating the criminal hillary clinton. Then when he said no charges despite brazen criminal activity they loved him. The when he said further investigations when they found emails on the child molester's laptop they hated him again. Then when he said never mind they loved him again. Then when the hillary lost the election they hated him again as one of the dozen or so reasons to blame losing the election on.

    Now they love him because he's doing a kabuki theater investigation of something that never happened, even though they all admit nothing happened. And when he finally announces he found nothing and case closed, they will hate him again.

    Lotta hating and liking going on there. A little schizophrenic if you ask me.

    As for me, I never really trusted the little weasel. I think he plays both sides against the middle.

  28. My one-word summary: Agendas.
    Watch what comes down the pike, who says what, who gets canned etc.
    Both parties and ugly fights ahead re congress, deficits etc.

  29. Heard on Beck earlier: piece about a large robotic space drone floating around called "Boeing 37B"...apparently the minders have had a version or two of this craft up there for a couple of years now. For what purpose? Not known to we the rabble...completely unmanned...said to look like some sort of telecom device.

  30. Boeing x37-b...developed from and
    Original purpose was to perform maintenance on satellites (strange.its unmanned). Use now classified; darpa.


  31. But all is not quite lost...schmucky chucky schumer is still making an ass of himself and living up to that donkey image they love so much...going after Gorsuch even got him into trouble with others in his party of...donkeys...

  32. Didn't know Fox dumped the judge, that is sad, Fox going over to the evil side?

  33. Watching Gorsuch put ole leakey pants down. Leakwy is no match for Gorsuch. This guy is one real person. Should be what this country needs at the S C. How Trump found him I dont know but some one done a good job picking him.
    As for the FBI chief. I do believe he is trying to ride the fence. And no one brought up the fact that Obamma knew that the FBI was investigating Trump. There were a lot of other things not brought up also.
    And the FBI said that who ever was spying done it so sloppy that they followed them. Now if the USA has the tech to cover their spying up to show that it was not them, why would the Russians be so sloppy and leave a trail? Obamm knew what the FBI was doing. Makes me wonder if all that spying wasnt done to make it look like Trump was being used by the Russians . Good way to trash Trump Make him look like he was in with them.

  34. Rush commentary: yesterday Comey said fbi began investigating last july when the fake dossier story broke. Brits deny any spy roles, Clapper and co. Say nothing him or hate him, Comey obligated to investigate. The lynch mob in doj when this started and Rush cited some report that pointed out that 97 percent of obama doj donated to the shillary campaign...

  35. As to that fake dossier and its contents...whoever thought that thing up reached a new low in sleazy creative writing. Would love to know who wrote that...

  36. And lest we was the bitter old crank John McCain who passed that thing to the fbi at that time.

  37. Good Grief! Only said this so I don't have to scroll so much. Doesn't make me a bad person.

  38. Listened to Gorsuch hearings today. That man has the patience of Job. Dem after dem tried every way possible to trip the man up without success and old Whitehouse was the worst. Fools kept bringing up the hobby lobby case and a case involving a trucker vs his employer to try to show him in bed with corporations but they failed. Whitehouse went after him on those tv ads begging donations to get him confirmed...despicable attempts to try to paint him as a crony of whoever is running that drive...Gorsuch had no idea who was running that gig. And of course this idiot tried the Koch bros talking point on that.
    If the doodoo digger gets hold of that he'll be on another tangent about the Kochs..
    But the judge held up and by the end today the dems all looked like the south end of their donkey headed north.

  39. The Godless democrats really ought to save their grandstanding for Trump's next Supreme Court b ok nominee.

    So far they're coming across as the bitter losers they truly are....

  40. "b ok?" where the hell did that come from?
    Stupid Smart Phone anyway...

  41. If they go all out and filibuster this thing all they're gonna do is force the republicans to follow their lead and invoke Harry Reid's nuclear option.

    Trump could easily have one or two more picks and if you think the dems are pissed off now you ain't seen nothing yet...

  42. Feinstein is truly a moron. "Living document"? To be changed by judges? Feinstein....F-you. Go away. Out of our country would be more than welcome, since you hate us so much.

  43. Yup she actually said that...hearings picked up again later and that idiot obamabot senator from hawaii grilled the hell out of that poor man trying, I think to get him upset. Question after question about Trump comments, the travel restrictions, banning people etc. He kept his cool...
    As to nuke options I think they will save that...could be another seat up for grabs before long and the dems will likely save what little ammo they have in their pea shooters for next appt.

  44. He got in a slam-dunk though on Plessy v Ferguson...said that case was single biggest stain on scotus and that doctrine was around way longer than it should have been. That came up during quizzing about Brown v Board of all things...also quizzing on japanese ww2 internment. He gave no quarter on any of those things and I think they knew better than to push issues dems created in the first place.

  45. Fyi...list of sanctuaries can be found at center for immigration studies term sanctuary cities list 2017 takes you there. Kansas shows 5 counties one of which is shawnee...

  46. You all going to sleep all day! Good Grief!

  47. Yeesh...WHY do people need to start "gropus" to study the freakin' obvious?

    "Topeka’s 'Included' group to focus on diversity, inclusion in region"

    "The organization uses five key pillars: CEO commitment, diverse people, internal policy, community outreach and diverse suppliers. More than 100 people are signed up for an upcoming workshop on unconscious bias, and Reid said it isn’t unusual to have 60 people attending monthly meetings."

    Blah, blah, blah.

    Here's the simple conclusion they must all arrive at:

    1) Work to make the area a good place to have companies that pay well, and employ lots of people.

    2) In hiring, 'inclusion' should be the best, most-qualified people who apply, and if it's a 'diverse' bunch, great. If it isn't, then ask why your favorite "pet group" that you wish to force in despite NOT being as qualified as others isn't as qualified...but don't damage the companies by forcing them to hire substandard workers to fill...say..."quotas", etc., just simply in the name on "inclusive diversity"!

    You want YOUR "pet group" more prevalent in all this "inclusivness" mumbo-jumbo (who are you trying to don't get to dance around what this obviously is... anti-white/ anti-male/anti-heterosexual/anti-Christian whatever) biased discriminatory movement? Work to convince them to be more responsible for their own lives, to work harder to learn and to get ahead and to be as qualified, and to realize trying to bring others down to their level does NOT raise anyone up.

    "INCLUDED"..."diversity". Yeah...right.

    Bottom line should ALWAYS be "best, most-qualified person for the job".


    No 'participation trophies' in the real world.

  48. This looks like it might be worth checking out:

    1. Nunya that is some really good pork. My ex-Daughter in law's family owns it Lovella Bartlett and Tom Bartlett. Bacon is super!

  49. This cracks me up (not the fire, but the comment, like I've seen dozens of times...IF it's still there):

    "chris yernel"

    "Want to learn how to trade effectively? Google Superior Trading System."

    Yep, REALLY got a handle on controlling those who post...right?! Never saw those before, with the old system.

    Y'know...the system that got LOTS of traffic? As opposed to this 'new, improved Facebook system", that has left you high and dry, and destroyed your blogs WHILE attracting SPAM!@!!?

    Yeah...that one.


    Anyhoo...I saw that black smoke, and wondered what it was.

  50. I just thought of something. I've been browsing over at the Urinal, looking for stuff to make fun of because of its leftist pure-hypocrisy and stupidity, and copying a link to here, sometimes.

    I have decided that IF I can find, say, an AP article they ran, or a syndicated columnist, or a local news story on another help keep traffic down to their site, IF I can find it elsewhere, I can always just post a link to an alternate site with the same article, and say "Here's some more commie crap (or a news story) the Urinal ran, also ran at THIS OTHER site".

    Of course, probably can't find Matt, the Johnson's, weekly trump-bashing, commie crap anywhere else, so i can still comment on it, but no more links to that shitty Urinal.

    No need to help shore up their sinking numbers, huh?

    They have proven unworthy of existence.

    Kinda like "the Batshit of newspapers".

  51. Naturally, the godless commies at the Urinal runs an article from the godless commies at AP trying their worst to indict Trump through Manafort, of whom Trump dismissed at the first whiff of trouble. Maxipad Waters screaming for impeachment.

    See y'all on New Blog Up!😊

  52. Hell, that crazy loon was screaming for his impeachment before he was even sworn in.