Friday, March 24, 2017

Nancy Pelosi is a scum bag

Oh wait. Not another scum bag. There are so many of them. But there are so many democrats. They're like flies at a picnic. Buzzing around landing on all the poop they can find, then landing on your potato salad. That's a democrat.

I have a feeling we are about to have a SHTF moment when the Trump folks release the info they are sitting on about obama spying on President Trump. I have a feeling there's some real dirt here. Some real go to jail and spend the rest of your pitiful life in disgrace stuff. Some STFU and go away stuff. Sure hope so.

So it's Friday. Here's the great Tony Rice with one of his best. You guitar players out there will appreciate this one.

Happy Friday!


  1. She nothing but a old buzzard eating nothing but road kill and the road kill is all the Liberals she and reid threw under the bus, and Trump is about ready to put the cage over them. Stay tuned.

  2. It appears the democrats are going to go full on stupid and filibuster Gorsuch.

    I say fire back with all the artillery. Kill the filibuster. Not just for nominations, but everything. The democrats will howl and scream. The media will howl and scream. Ignore them. Don't respond. Don't apologize. Don't explain. Don't equivocate.

    Let them howl and scream until they give up. Just move forward. Pass tax cuts. Cut the government. Screw the whole lot of them. We don't care what they think at this point. And it doesn't matter what they think. They think they still have the power to make demands. They have nothing. No power. No majorities. Nothing. Nobody has to care.

    I say go for it. We'll see if America wants it's country back or not. If not, then we tried. If we do this halfheartedly and let the democrats have a seat at the table they'll take credit for everything good that happens and blame Republicans for everything bad that happens. If you shut them out we get all the credit, and they get all the blame.

    If you don't believe these ideas President Trump is putting forth are real and substantive and will change America, then get out of the way. If you do believe, then get behind them and watch America become great again.

    #Making America Great Again By Crushing Liberals Under Our Feet


  3. 56 minutes ago
    Raymond Wolf
    I think it is easy to see with idiots like Tom and Ash and Alan spewing the libTARD Kool-Aid why the country has become so screwed up. They wouldn't recognize a Semi about to splatter them on the pavement and make pancakes until they are a pancake. Oops, to late.

    Just wanted to save this most excellent comment from that other website before it disappears.

    I can already feel the butthurt the delicate little flowers are feeling...

  4. Kevin, the godless left wing nuts are out in force today over on your other blog. Good grief, the stupid is so thick you could cut it with a knife over there.

  5. After an insanely busy day yesterday...I was wrong about schmucky yucky chucky...that assclown is saying "filibuster" after all. My take on that? Pathetic attempt to deflect in order to divert attention away from the Nunes revelations.
    Well, chucky boy, if that is the case it aint workin'.
    Nanners' botox doesnt seem to be working so well any more either. Saggy old face is sagging right along with the rest of her.

  6. It is friday too in the dc swamp...expect just about anything.

  7. Asto Kpers....tell em to get a 401k like we the people do. That caper has been ripping taxpayers for too damned long. Pun intended.

  8. Rikki I wonder if old Roberts would want to put his man parts through a similar procedure?

  9. Oh I'm sure that voters will remember Pat Roberts at the next election...... as in 'hasta la vista'....

    1. Rikki, I don't think most voters decide on a few bad comments now and then, hard for them to keep up on how the words just keep changing. And most voter can't remember week to week.

    2. Hi Sarge (((hugs)))

      may be true in some situations, but this one about the mammograms.....I have a hunch (i.e. woman's intuition) that lots of women will not forget this one. However there may be some who will probably forget. (smiles).

      Another thing that won't be forgotten is how Congress let the President and all of the American people down with lack of support to repeal and replace Obamacare.

  10. Well...ryancare bit the dust...the prez is laying the fail entirely on dems plus the impending explosion of obamadont care. Which they definitely deserve.
    But. Here comes the skeptic in me so beware...singing the praises of Ryan and co is political speechifying. And doing some internet searching provided past evidence of Trump prosetylizing on a single-payer system. Sprinkled among the usual dem propaganda sites were some conservatives as well. Red state, free republic and a Steven Crowder tweet.
    So whats next? I guess we'll see...
    Gohmert on fox discussing his no vote.

  11. I think what Roberts stuck his foot in his mouth about was an important issue...he just had a brainfart. I certainly don't need my insurance to have coverage for women's issues, and the same for women. He's a politician. They all say stupid stuff. I say stupid stuff. But...having said that, he has been there too long, and he needs to be replaced...with a CONSERVATIVE.

  12. They needed to not pass that trainwreck. Repeal means REPEAL, and back the frickin' government out as much as possible. Obamacare needs to have a ceremonial televised burning in a bonfire on the White House lawn! PROMISED!! OR, I...for one...will kick the Republicans to the curb, and never vote for one again.

  13. All those politicians in DC are bought and paid for, they didn't try very hard to get rid of obamacare. Something that should have been simple, allow people to buy insurance across state lines! Somebody for some reason must be getting paid off to keep that out! Talk of a phase 1 or 2, well who in their right mind would believe any of that BS? Those people in DC don't have any guts, whining ass punks! Need to go back to carrying guns and calling jackasses out on front lawn for a dual. Judges are legislating, leaders need to just tell the judges to go x themselves and pull out the military. Trump is better than Smellary, but not doing well. I am afraid 2 years from now things will shift and Demons will be back!

    Then on Gorsuch, GO NUCLEAR!!!!! Don't screw around, get him confirmed and help overturn judges. No they will screw around, gutless jackasses.

    Then the FBI management seems crooked as well as some of the other 3 letter agencies. Too bad, I feel the front line employees for those organizations, for the most part, are good. Put they have to work for and report to politicians with political priorities.

    Example of all the illegals killing and raping, that is because of our leaders, they are responsible!

    Then Kansas Supreme Court, said an illegal who lied and gave false document, wasn't qualified, gets workmen comp for hurt back while on that job!

    We are screwed!

  14. Just reported on fox...Bannon's breitbart calling on Ryan to "step aside"??
    I am by no stretch a fan of Paul Ryan; I think he's Boner lite but that smacks of political infighting for the sure.

  15. Dont we all just love how do all these dems get on their high horses and start talking integrity and all things patriotic when they get caught lying and doing all things illegal?

    Screw the lot of them.

  16. You can always tell what the democrats are up to by what they are accusing the Republicans of.

  17. This David smith mook over on the urinal sure smells like a faux doc that used to sling the old bullcrap, amiright? Straight to the supply side lies.

  18. That's exactly what I was thinking...

    Ol' Blue just couldn't stay away...

  19. It's official...

    It is now against the law to criticize Islam in Canada.

  20. I thought David Smith sounded like some piece of shit that we knew. I couldn't quite put my boot on it.

  21. Y'know...the libs try to make hay of the "infighting" of the Republicans. To me, that shows the system is working as it should. It's a GOOD thing they debate, and try to work out stuff better.

    Unlike the Dems, who just all goosestep to the same dictator(s).

    More "American", when stuff gets hashed out. And Ryan's RINOs should know better than to try to pull "pass it...and then we'll (fill in the blank)" crap. Apparently, they must not have gotten the message, either!

  22. Well...ain't THIS 'special'?!!!

    "Undocumented immigrant entitled to worker’s compensation, Kansas Supreme Court finds"

    No! The ILLEGAL immigrant used false ID to get the job at the taxpayer-funded school! She SHOULD be in JAIL and then deported...not sucking off the taxpayers for NOW doing absolutely NOTHING!!!

    And, get this moron's comment:

    C Berry...

    "The school district paid into the unemployment fund as with any other employee. Notwithstanding her undocumented status, the law doesn't deprive her of its benefits and protections."

    "Besides, unemployment compensation is paid in by the employer for the benefit of the employee; it is not an entitlement program--the money does not belong to the government."

    HEY! dumbass!

    Her "employer" was a PUBLIC SCHOOL, you idiot!! She was living off taxpayer funding, ILLEGALLY, while she was there, and now they want to let her continue for doing...NOTHING?!

    The 'government'...which IS 'the taxpayers'...WAS her employer, numbnutz!

    But, are right about one thing.

    "The money does not belong to the government".

    Every cent of ANY 'government money' belongs ONLY to the legal citizens...who pay taxes.

    Where do these people come from?! Sheesh!

    Way past time, also, to oust a bunch of 'judges'!

    1. Yup I read that this morning and it has me pissed off to the max, good grief is this country insane or what.

  23. Yep, Sarge. Sorry I didn't word that in an easily-edited manner, to toss over there...LOL!

    She breaks the law to SCAM the taxpayers, gets hurt while ILLEGALLY SCAMMING the taxpayers...and now the taxpayers reward her for the rest of her life by paying her to do NOTHING?! NO!

    Now that she's known...time to bring her in on criminal charges. She can recuperate a bit in jail, where she belongs, before she gets deported to where she came from...where she belongs. And, the criminal conviction SHOULD stop the payments!

    1. Oh I got it over there Nunya, not much editing either you point got across.

    2. POOF that also went as the rest of the story Nunya, hahaha

  24. isee the usual suspects are over there on the blog completely ignoring all reality! Ha-HAAA! (Hard to believe one particular post still stands...;) Someone shine that Batshit light into the sky...there's some immature tattletale censoring needs done! LOL!!!

  25. Swamplands not just in dc but across the country...
    Quoting the late Lady Thatcher: sooner or later they will run out of other people's money.

  26. Wet, chilly and gray this morning but the rain was badly needed and the high fire danger out here has lessened considerably.
    Had a conversation yesterday with one of the ladies at my bank...we were talking about the sad demise of small towns across the state and economics in general. She said wrstern kansas was worse than around here; local businesses gone, all that remains maybe a bank and a post office.
    We both decided that despite the long drives to buy groceries or anything else for that matter were worth it in the end because we feel safer and more in control of our lives.
    Any criminal elements who show up around here generally dont stay long. People know each other and reliance on yer neighbor in times of trouble is there if needed. Self reliance is a quik shops to run down to if you run out of milk...
    On the downside medical issues are a concern but we live with that risk.
    If the crap does hit the fan one of these days (I think it will), living in some city will probably become a total nightmare. Every deadbeat and helpless snowflake will be out in the streets, as will the gangs and criminal elements in general.
    Out here the bad ones would get shot and nobody would think twice.
    Out here any snowflakes would be ordered off the property and told to go melt somewhere else.

  27. What is wrong!.. The person had fake ID, wasn't legal, wasn't qualified- then gets rewarded! I really don't like judges, jackasses with lifetime appointments who lost touch with reality.

    Then the jackass legislators are talking about giving the court 22% raises, just because they whine and said they were underpaid. I don't like any elected government official either! They don't take those job to try and make things better, they take it to gain power and get paid off by lobbyist.

  28. Next time those judges show up on a ballot to be recalled and removed I hope voters will get rid of them. Ditto legislators not party specific.

    Things worsen every election for taxpayers. Everybody else plays for free.

  29. I voted against all those morons except Stegall. These idiots got shut down a couple times now by SCOTUS. Once when they tried to let the murderous animals the Carr brothers off the hook.

    Kansas needs to take this school funding issue to the SCOTUS. It's unconstitutional.

  30. I voted against all of them, I admit I don't know any specific detail about any individual. I voted against them because I do not believe in lifetime appointments.

    I get irritated at folks that think and vote on whatever the party they are affiliate with says. People need to think for themselves.

  31. on Carr: given the depravity and horror in those killings I dont know how on earth any judge no matter how drunk on koolaid could ever rule as they did. Proved once again the godlessness of liberal progressives. The only thing they give a damn about is their political agenda even when innocent people are murdered.
    That "not me so why should I care" philosophy of theirs gone totally insane.

  32. Nonononononono......just now on fox Pence blamed dems (as well he should) and "a handful of republicans" for the demise of ryancare...his exact words, spoken by him on national television in west wanted rinocare? Lumping conservatives in with dems?
    Just what the hell is this? Just pitched the freedom caucus under the bus as far as I am concerned.
    Better pay damn close attention to what they say.
    Words mean things and I thought Pence was conservative...he's been claiming to be.

  33. And...Nunes cancels public hearing on the spying private I guess.
    Rep Adam Schiffhead among others whining as usual about being left out of the loop...I venture to say Nunes has his reasons and is willing to take the heat.
    Comey appears schizoid.

  34. Shithead is being left out of the loop for a reason.

    And Comey, he needs to go...

  35. Comey Needed to go when he Laid down on Hillary. Oh the thought of that!

  36. They're going secret to make shiffty and the dems scream bloody murder. My gut tells me they got something really good and they're letting those morons set themselves up. Then they drop the bomb.

    Revenge is a dish served best shoved up a democrat's ass.

  37. found it interesting too that old pics of liar Susan Rice of benghazi fame were appearing here and there a few times...hope they drag her sorry backside down too.

  38. Earth hour tonite!!!
    Turn on every light ya got and piss off liberals!!!

    1. They can take their earth hour and shove it it up their ass.

  39. I'm turning on every light in the house and outside the house. And plugging in a few extras as well.

  40. Think any whiny ass K.U. liberals will go dark at 8:30PM? Got to tell you, never heard of earth hour until reading here, then had to look it up. What a stupid idea, bet some wealthy jackass with a private jet thought up the idea. Hell Westar will claim they have to raise rates because of earth hour.

  41. Oh I bet my K.U. buddies are crying. Guess I will have to buy them some beer.

  42. Commie lying Urinal proudly runs "AP FACT CHECK", making up fake news about President Trump. "There were no "wiretaps"", they say...twisting themselves into a triple-pretzel twist to focus on the literal iteration of the word "wiretap", when the entire world KNOWS there was "surveillance" and ILLEGAL felonious, treasonous leaks!

    Then, just a lot of other nit-picky nonsense, mainly attacking the semantics as opposed to "reporting the facts".

    How pathetically low the media has dug themselves.

    As Tim Martin commented, "I don't recall many AP 'fact checks' published by CJ on previous administrations...CJ seems to publish them quite frequently now."

    What's most amusing is that the Urinal or the AP apparently thinks anyone believes anything they print! Hell...even the looniest, most-hateful commie-liberal KNOWS they are all lies (but like the lies printed to bolster their own pathetic lies and justify their own ignorance and "everything-ist" hateful prejudices and anti-American biases).

    1. POOF that s On OBF!! Minor changes of course.

  43. Also, at the pathetic "once-proud, but now-disgraceful" little commie-propaganda rag, more on "Inclusion".

    First story they ran was very careful to dance around the obvious racial and gender biases (racist and sexist against, particularly, white males), and this one s full-bore what we knew the last onewas about, but throws THIS little gem in, in an attempt to claim they are not, while completely-surrounded in the story by what they are!

    Another message Smiley and local diversity and inclusion officials are shouting loud and clear: Diversity is about more than race and gender.

    “Our assumption is if you walk into a room full of white men, there is still diversity,” she said. “There may not be a lot of racial diversity, and there may not be a lot of gender diversity, but there is ethnic diversity— Irish-Americans, French-Americans, Russian-Americans, Italian-Americans. You have different ages, you have people who are veterans and nonveterans, and with different abilities and disabilities. You have individuals who are from different family statuses — have family, divorced, some may be single.”

    "The list of ways humans are different from one another is long."

    “There is a lot of diversity that doesn’t get talked about when we limit our definition of diversity to race or gender,” Smiley said."

    And then, they get back to what they opened with, for the rest of the article...racist, sexist dehumanizing and gleeful statistics about the declining population percentage of whites and males...and particularly...white males!!

    "De la Isla talked about her work to create a more diverse workplace through reaching out to girls and ethnic minorities and educating them about seeking out STEM fields that might lead them to someday work for Westar." about reaching out to ALL kids, and not "profiling" them, based on race or she just did?!

    And THIS?!

    "A book group tackles such books as “Waking Up White,” and Topeka Unified School District 501 superintendent Tiffany Anderson came to speak, along with former Mayor Joan Wagnon, about triumphs and obstacles in male-dominated fields, Walker said."

    Well, "official "White Guilt" bible", seeking to 'educate' all those backwoods, racist rednecks just'a "clingin' to their guns and religion" by some loony-leftist 'racial-justice warrior'!

    Have I read the book? Hell, no. Why would I wilfully ingest poison?! All anyone needs to know are the "kudos" from other people who can't let go of basing everything on skin color or gender, and are mad as hell about anything everything, and MUST blame SOMEBODY. Check out the 'reviews" from this 'white-guilt-ridden' little snowflake:

    The very FACT that these people are even basing all this on skin color and gender, and continue to pound the differences, and point the finger of blame entirely at whites and blatantly racist and sexist, in itself.

    That's what liberal hypocrites thrive on, though. Pure hypocrisy.

  44. Wish I could draw a little comic strip about this.

    The setting: Job fair. Recruitment booths set up. Big words on banners 'Celebrating Diversity at Agentilus Manufacturing Corp!'

    Black kid talking to a recruiter. Recruiter: "Well, what was your GPA?". Kid: "1.8, but I missed a lot of school." Recruiter: "Why did you miss so much?" Kid: "School ain't cool, bra! I had grants to pay for it all, and they put me in at the expense of someone else, but I just didn't like it much. It was hard!." Recruiter: "Well, it doesn't matter! You fit the criteria! Fill out this application!"

    Next up, chewing-gum girl. Recruiter: "What was your GPA in school?" Girl: " was, like...1.6...but I had, you know...a LOT of pass/fail classes that I barely passed, so the GPA doesn' really MEAN nuthin'! But I BUSY with Women's Marches and protests't even know why I was protesting! Hee-he-he-hee! What is it your, anyway?!"
    Recruiter: "Well, it doesn't matter, and you DO fit our criteria! Fill out this application."

    Hard-working, but really poor, white farm boy up next. Recruiter: "What was your GPA?" Farm boy: "4.18. I wanted it higher, but just didn't have enough time, what with the farm to tend, and helping feed my family...especially since my father died a few years ago. I finished a double-major in Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, and I know your comapny uses both. I have repaired hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and mechanical equipment on our farm since I was young, and I really would like to be a valuable asset to your company."

    Recruiter: "Well...that's impressive. BUT, I'm afraid you don't QUITE fit our "diversity criteria", and your successes have come only from your inherent "privilege". Thank you for your interest, and, just between you and me...may I suggest the fast-food hiring booths over there?"

    "Inclusion", indeed. "Diversity". Really?

    1. Poof it went Nunya don't know how long it or I will Last, but it was to funny to waste.

  45. Priceless absolutely priceless, Nunya!
    Reading your posts on recruiting it read like one of those Watters world segments when he visits some of these college campuses.

    These loonytoons sound downright silly. No wonder that paper is not fit even for birdcage liner. How anybody can read such drivel and take these people seriously is beyond me.

  46. Anyone seen Trump's latest tweet? It can be found by using that phrase as your search term if not listening to fox news just now. He says that the freedom caucus is responsible for funding planned parenthood and obamacare because of no votes on bill...
    Anyone recall 2013 and Cruz filibuster when only Rand Paul and a handful of others stood with him?
    Just another day in the swamp...

  47. SHOULDN'T have passed. It wasn't a "REPEAL and REPLACE"! THAT is what we were promised, and that's what it should be. Period.

    And, why is everyone acting like there was only that shot at it? Is there some kind of "Barney Fife Rule" in Congress where they only get one bullet to fire off?!

    Find a reasonable "Replacement" (that gets government OUT) then "Repeal and Replace" the damned they promised!

    Do they REALLY need to have pictures drawn to explain what those two words mean?

    Sheesh...these are the knuckleheads trying to tell us what's best?!😨