Friday, March 17, 2017

Stay focused Friday...

Quote of the day:

"Great seeing a President fight FOR America... instead of trashing us... give 'em hell President Trump..." -- Nunya

Always remember this.

Since the day this country was founded there's never been such a blatant attempt to destroy an American president.

And regardless of what the forces of evil have thrown his way Donald Trump has beat them each and every time.

Not only has he beat them back but after each attack he comes out stronger.

And how's that even possible?

It's because he has the full support of the American people and the American regardless of what they American hating leftists want we're not going anywhere.

Regardless of where he goes the only thing limiting the crowd size is the size of the arena.

The America people see the same thing Nunya spoke of.

We know he has our back.

And we damn sure have his.

When those bastards attack President Trump they're not just attacking him.

They're attacking all of us.

Other's have tried taking on the American people only to regret it later.

But then you guys already know that.

Stay safe and be well, my friends...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Love the irony of your "Fake News" blog being run over at a "Fake News" website, the Urinal!! Wonder if they have ANY clue they are right in the crosshairs of that blog?😂

    It'll give Digger-In-Deeper something to go all apoplectic about...which is ALWAYS entertaining!😂

  2. Ignatius has an article over there about hacking and vulnerabilities. All this push to "save " absolutely EVERYTHING to "the Cloud" should be worrisome. Windows computers of late even attempt to make the default storage your very own "One Drive"...(for convenient access across all your devices, of course!) Each time Windows does a major update, it turns the damned thing back on, even though you have disabled it! Hey...MICROSOFT...I have my own backup and private file drives, "conveniently DISCONNECTED from anything at all times except the short time they are in use....when I conveniently also have my internet disconnected...just as a little more safety!"

    "OH....your data will be SAFE with us!" won't. YOU, Mr. Cloud Drive, can be easily hacked. The data transmission to get the info to and from you is vulnerable to being tapped."

    Gotta wonder why they are all so eager to move us away from from our own safe, disconnected backup storage, and into just tossing absolutely EVERYTHING into "The Cloud". I can foresee a day when hard drives and personal storage like flash drives are no longer. "It's for security purposes. If you don't have a device that can easily install, or download data, then it's less risk to the owner of that data. Additionally, if it is only transferred from "our secured" servers, we can track who did it".'ll be to have access to absolutely everything you do electronically. EVERYTHING.

    Rush-Temples of Syrinx (from 2112 album):

    "The massive grey walls of the Temples rise from the heart of every Federation city.I have always been awed by them, to think that every single facet of every life is regulated and directed from within! Our books, our music, our work and play are all looked after by the benevolent wisdom of the priests..."

  3. Article on the mass killing, and "Free Shane Mays".

    His mother says he "was kidnapped during the weekend by the killers, but was arrested when he reported the killings to police".


    Kidnapped. Taken to watch the murders.

    "OK, Shane. We're done. You can go now, dude!"

    Mmmm.....not quite sure what to make of that....😨


    Here's some common sense that I've argued several times:

    "Stegall also raised questions about a Kansas statute, Alexa’s Law, that enables the state to prosecute individuals for capital murder in the death of a fetus. His inquiry drew a line between holding someone criminally liable for killing a fetus and granting someone the right to participate in an abortion."

    “How can we convict somebody of murder of an entity that has no inalienable rights, has no right to life? How can that be consistent? How can the state do that?” Stegall said."

    BOOM! How can it be legally-termed "only a fetus" for purposes of abortion, but considered a human to charge a murderer that kills it? At what early in its development...can some sick, vile monster kill the developing baby, and not be charged with its death?

    Liberals' definition would determine that it could be murdered at ANY time, until the baby is slapped across the bottom and breathes on his or her own, I suppose?

    The mother who WANTS the baby, though (and all moral people of good conscience) would say at ANY time during the pregnancy, no matter how early...would the baby be considered a "human", with its ACTUAL unalienable right to life.

    Simply can't have BOTH. If abortion at any time is going to be considered legal and as "a right" (which it most certainly is NOT), then anyone who kills a baby in the womb, no matter how early OR late, can be chargeed for killing that child, but only charged against crimes to the mother.

    C'mon, libs. Explain it, since you are "the compassionate" ones?

    Is the developing child, or is he or she not...a human?

    "But...but...uh...YOU'RE A SEXIST RACIST MISOGYNISTIC FASCIST NAZI!!!", would likely be their stock answer.

    MAN...those liberals are just plain, pure, hypocritical evil!

    I'd say, let's put it to a compromise vote.

    IF we allow you to decide it's "only a fetus", with no rights until birth, then YOU must publicly inform the public that it is the determination of the Democrats that any laws for the protection of that developing baby in the womb will be stricken, and any future injury or death to "only a fetus" is allowable and not prosecutable beyond the injuries to the mother, herself. "The reason we Democrats are doing this is to remove the conflict in law, and to allow abortion at ANY time, up until birth."

    Go ahead, libs. Put that out there! I dare ya!

  5. Correction paragraph 8:

    " matter how early OR late, can NOT be charged for killing that child..."

  6. Good job Nunya. You get it.
    The vulnerability of the Internet and cloud storage is the pathway data takes. Vault 7 should prove that to everyone.
    Everything is gathered by the government. Do they actually sift through it? Who knows. But they gather like harvest time.
    In truth, it really doesn't bother me. The actual data harvest, I mean. What bothers me is that we are losing the cyber war because uncle Sam refuses to use tactics internationally and focuses on the home front.
    That should speak volumes...

    Happy St Patrick's Day all!!!!

  7. To further drive hoe a point, if the U.S. Supreme Court ever determined that even late-term is legal and "a right", they would HAVE to simultaneously decide that no law can exist to protect the fetus in the womb. In fact, since Roe v. Wade IS now "law", then ANY law that may exist CANNOT NOW charge any person with a "fetal injury or death" UNTIL the third trimester, since Roe v. Wade decided that is the cut-off point of a developing baby's "human rights".

    So...all you thugs out there...feel free to murder the "fetus"...just be sure to do it BEFORE the third trimester.

    Well...until if it's decided that it's perfectly legal to kill "the thing" right up until birth...and then, feel free to wail away. You won't be charged with anything more than what you did to the mother. How COULD you be? The 'fetus' isn't a human, and has NO rights.


  8. I have never heard a women when she found out she was PG, say oh goodie I am having a BLOB! Good Grief, stop killing the children.

  9. Interesting that the godless left seditious nonstop never ending protestations of the duly elected President of the United States has so permeated our society that now people are out carrying protest signs to get suspected criminals out of jail. Because, you know, he's a good kid.

    This is a new one. Maybe people aren't aware that when there is a triple homicide, for you liberals that means three people were murdered in cold blood, (I know the whole murder concept is very confusing to you liberals what with believing it's OK to kill unborn babies and all)the law enforcement people involved do as thorough an investigation as quickly as they can so they can make arrests. Three people being murdered gives them a pretty good idea there is a murderer or murderers on the loose and the public is in danger. So they evaluate the situation and take action. This is called protecting the public. And yes, it's what they do, and do to the best of their ability.

    So if this young fellow got arrested, there is a pretty good suspicion he had some connection. They don't arrest people just for fun. They arrest people because there was a triple homicide. And if someone is suspected of involvement they need to be detained until it gets sorted out. Otherwise the public remains in danger and the suspect becomes a flight risk.

    So if this young fellow is completely innocent he will be released in good time. He obviously has some involvement, he claims to have seen the whole thing.

    And no, he won't be released because you are demonstrating and carrying signs and trying to win public sympathy. It doesn't work that way. And it damn well shouldn't.

    So let the law do it's job. This may get you in the CJ Urinal and on the pathetic stuff that passes for news on the local TV channels, but it will have no effect other than that.

    The law enforcement folks have information you have no access to. They know things you don't know. You are presuming all kinds of things and making all kinds of claims with virtually no idea of what happened. Trust me, the Police have good cause to keep your little snowflake in jail. If he's innocent he will have some good stories to tell his buddies while they're doing bong hits in a few days. If he's not, well, then there are consequences.

    You lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

    Numbering murderous drug dealers among your friends is never a good idea.

    1. Poof it went, but it took 5 edits, But I gotter done.

  10. On triple murders...cant add to whats posted here; wonder if they found that car? There was a reason it went missing...who made that happen?
    As to Mays, well,Safe said it best.

  11. Think spring finally made it...looks like another nice day on tap.

    Happy St Pats all!

    1. Some old saying about seeing a snake? Any way i was doing some yard work[?] and I seen a snake slimming along. Now this was a real one not the two legged type that we have been seeing all last fall and winter. So maybe spring has sprung and St Patty has driven the snakes out. Like Trump is driving the snakes out of DC

  12. Bet the city is wishing they had the St Patty parade today (on St Patty's day) instead of Saturday when it snowed and was freezing.

    Don't know what that was all about.

  13. Wonder if this black State Attorney Aramis Ayala from Florida would seek the death penalty if the guy was white? They have a video of this guy shooting a police officer, they don't even need a trial. Another sign of liberals and their thought pattern.

    Same with what mention above, you can be charged with two murders if you kill an unborn child and mother. Yet a mother to be can kill the child and all is AOK with the legal system.

  14. It's the creed of the left on full and unfettered display these down bottom up inside out. Any outrage is ok as long as they can divide people and create chaos with it...all the while, they proclaim themselves "for the people."

    Meanwhile Trump and Spicer are sending their media spokesidiots into frenzied spasms of craziness via tweets, statements and press conferences...listening to Rush reporting on this stuff makes housework pure pleasure...

  15. Clarification..."for the people unless they are still in the womb..."

  16. Once in awhile I listen to Michael Savage..tuned to him today and found out from fill-in host that Savage, 74 and his 10-year old dog were assaulted by some loonytoon leftist radical outside a restaurant the other night...he wasnt seriously hurt and is pressing charges.
    Who hates who?

  17. Checked out the blogs on the a laugh out of the peace sign's lamentations about pbs. Mayhap she should do a bit of research on big bird and friends...tons of licensing agreements for toys, clothing and who knows what else. That bunch has been raking in millions for years and years off those characters. Let them fund themselves instead of filching our tax dollars.

  18. Whats with that peace sign crap anyhow? All that means to me is that the lady is stuck in a time warp...with Fonda, Ayers, the panthers, the sds, Tom Hayden, Charlie Manson, the sla, weatherman, riots, bombings, trashing and condemning soldiers returning from Viet Nam...and too damn many other bad memories too numerous to list here.
    I find their use of it deplorable especially because they perverted its meaning in the days of the ancients by their behaviors and allegiances.

  19. More liberal tears coming...
    Just breaking on fox: Donna Brazile confesses to leaking those debate questions to the Shillary campaign...something she says she will forever regret...
    Boo hoo hoo.

    1. Yup Cats what does that say about the lying Hillary for excepting them?

  20. That the lot of them are as phony as those $3 bills that were floating around when willie was prez...
    Ive got some of those...

  21. Karma. Like a tsunami. Karma will wash over the godless liberals. Frontal, smaller waves, at first. Then....the TIDAL WAVE that destroys their entire evil empire. It's starting. Grab a beer. Pop some popcorn. Sit back and watch them deny the curl of the 1000' foot wave right above them. But...don't sit back and do NOTHING! KEEP reporting the TRUTH about why they are about to be wiped out...and make damned sure YOUR employees (Congress and Trump) KNOW you know why, and that THEY had better work for their bosses...or in Trump's own words..."You're fired"!

  22. Excellent essay on Cicero and his philosophies at the is a short piece but says much about this man, the sorry state of education and the role his writings played in the drafting of our founding documents.

    Beware the Ides of March...that time of the year is here.

  23. Good morning folks! Supposed to be a nice weekend. better get out and enjoy it. Supposed to start raining next week, but we need the rain badly.

    I was looking through the traffic feed visitors list and saw that someone from Vietnam visited in the last 26 hours or so. Interesting!

  24. I'm trying to think of any way ol' Digger could possibly be any more backwards, inside-out, upside-down, fiction-is-truth contrary to common sense...but it's unimaginable!

    Kinda like trying to find where infinity ends!😂

  25. Or like trying to put an egg back in it's broken shell.

    Some things you just can't fix...

  26. And top of the morning, EFH.

    I think our visitor from Vietnam must have heard about our daily doses of Nunyaism and had to try it out for themselves...

  27. We could start a Go Fund Me thing in Digger's honor! For every stupid thing he posts, everyone pledge a penny. We then use the proceeds to get America out of debt. Wouldn't take any time at all!!! We could call it the "Digger Us Out Of Debt" fund!😂

    1. Lol.. What the hell would I do with out Digger? Good Grief!

  28. That other website's boring as it is.

    Just imagine how boring it'd be without him constantly making a fool of himself...

    1. Thats my point that fool keeps my heart beating...

  29. Lol...that old classic "God's little acre" comes to mind. Revive that movie and give Digger the part of that foolish old man who keeps digging holes all over his yard and trying to find that gold!!

  30. Re the viet nam reader...interesting. Hopefully a lover of unfettered free speech designed to preserve the things that matter...and Kevin we have you to thank!

    1. Whats with this Viet Nam reader, and where was it listed ????Iam behind times but that is not unusual.

  31. "Its not evil or childish to be dependent on government for our livelihood"...???
    That quote is courtesy the rlynph blog in the urinal.
    Good grief! Damn near enough to make me give up my anonymity and privacy, get on facebook and start posting over there again!!!

    1. You just had to say that didnt ya? Im thinkin about it...:))

  32. EFH's post above mentioned seeing it on a feed...

  33. Lol... You've got nothing to thank me for.

    Safe and I could throw stuff out there all day long but it takes all of us to keep this thing going...

  34. Since I am not on here much, I don't know who this digger is and haven't seen him on CJ, but I am on CJ even less. Trying to stay off computer as there is no reason to give the government anymore on me than they already collect. Not that I do anything wrong, but they have power to do and twist anything they want, will unless it is Smellary. Anyway, can someone tell me who is digger and what name does he use on CJ. I guess his post here get deleted before I see them.

    1. Just go to Open blog Friday Kevins blog, you will see him there or smell him what ever works for you.

  35. You know it is really sad when you can't trust or look up to government, it wasn't that way when I was younger, say 50s.

  36. Digger?

    He goes by Tom Digger over on that other website.

    He was known as Maingate before the purge though.

    And as far as I know he's never posted here...

  37. Sorry Kevin I am watching Tombstone again, I know Linda won't let you, but I am sure you know the script, Lol

  38. RIP Chuck Berry. No "innocent angel", for sure, but a huge musical influence on musicians of all kinds. Besides...what would Marty McFly had played on that stage if he hadn't known about Chuck? A rippin' Perry Como tune?!😂

  39. Matt, the Johnson, in his weekly Trump-trashing just spewing his deep-seated hatred over at the Pravda-Urinal. Y'know...for a fella who is apparently a few rungs up there, as "Opinion Editor", he's not much of a writer. A bit amateurish, actually. Not to mention, juvenile in his inability to present information without his vileness and hatred spewing off the screen or page, like projectile vomit. Not a very clever one, at all. Boring, actually.

    But...can't expect much from a failing 4th-rate little tabloid that keeps committing fiscal suicide with its obvious far-left bent, and policies that keep alienating readers so much that they steadily decline into nothingness.

    My prediction? MAYBE...another year...tops...before they're gone.

  40. This aint good...
    Had Handel on last night and toward the end of the program he said somrthing about that health care bill and genetic testing...
    Employers who set up voluntary wellness programs will require employees to indergo genetic screening.
    So...this morning I got online and among the liberal crap I found a Forbes piece pointing that out and a fox piece dated 11 march talking about it.
    Considering those telomere and dna ads touting this as a good thing and that long-held practice of incrementalism and getting people to go along with such crap via deception...
    Animal Farm, anyone?
    I can get why the rinos with their big pharma cronies would go for this.
    As to dems they are against anything good, bad or otherwise if the other side backs it.
    As to Trump, why does he back this?
    HR 1313 said to deal with that part of it.
    We need to get this passed asap, right?

  41. Compulsive DNA tests will never happen as long as the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights exists. That is the single MOST invasion of privacy that could ever happen.

    1. How long have the dems been doing end runs around that, via activist judges and court precedents? Damned rinos just aint that good at pulling off dem bullshit...

  42. Question with boldness, even the very existence of God...for if there be a God...
    If ever that famous quote applies it applies today.
    All the attention on wiretapping; meanwhile the minders continue crafting who knows what in the cloakrooms.
    If people want to undergo such tests for whatever reason it should be their right to do so. But, dammit, dont be trying to force people into that, threatening with fines for noncompliance!! How long before even getting a job would depend on how one tests?

    This is the beginning of a dangerous path if this goes through and start kissing what is left of your 4th amendment rights goodbye.
    I will be blunt: I have been trying to support Trump even though I dont trust the man...but if he is on board with this, no way.

  43. Debates on this are upcoming and we all need to pay as much attention as we can to what comes out...not just ti fox news. While definitely more truthful than the rest, they've got their own gallery of rah-rah boys and girls on set.

  44. Yup sarge...cant stand that poser.

    Search term HR 1313 takes you straight to that bill and a plethora of sites with related commentary.

    Re info collection: "collection of information about manifested disease or disorder of a family member shall not be considered an unlawful acquision of genetic information with respect to another family member as part of a workplace wellness program...."

    And so on. Appears that one of their selling pitches is 50% off premiums...

    The legalese will make yer eyes bleed but that collection stuff above should ring some alarm bells.

  46. Ol Shep is the fox response to the blitzed Wolf of cnn fame...imho.

  47. Ol' Shep is the fox response to the blitzed Wolf at cnn...imho.

  48. Replies
    1. Well at least you can blame it on the fone, I have no excuses, I don't have anything except a keyboard. :(

  49. That excuse can work too! I cant blame cats any more since I no longer use a laptop. Which btw I miss...maybe one day I will get another one.

  50. What a beautiful day it's been.

    It all started with a quick trip for a burger.

    Ended up at Academy.

    Bought Linda a new.22 she's had her eyes on.

    Bought her 400 rounds of ammo, 400 more shotgun shells, and 6 more boxes of clay pigeons.

    Summit is coming up fast...

  51. Summit! I hear Scoop Doggy Doo is fond of pointing guns. Maybe you should invite him!!😂 You really should invite ol' Digger, too! Just don't point a finger at him. He'll run off to his safe space just'a screamin' and cryin' about having an assault weapon pointed at him...because...y'know...EVERYTHING they're frightened of is an "assault weapon"!😂

  52. Bingo!

    Project "dragnet"

    1. And nobody can simply tell me it ended before he ran for president.

  53. Hammer, thanks for sharing that -this is troubling - and for the so called "officials" continually denying Obama did this is an outrage.

    Hoping this brings Obama down and Hillary & Bill Clinton with him.

    P.S. looking forward to the summit hoping hubby n' me can be there.