Wednesday, March 8, 2017

There's a war going on

There's a war going on around us. It's being waged by the godless left against the United States of America. It may appear to be directed at President Donald Trump, but it's being waged against you and me and our families and friends.

This war is being fought to undermine everything we believe in. Our right to elect a President of our choosing. Our right to keep and bear arms. Our right to make and enforce laws to protect our country and it's citizens. Our right to practice our faith as we believe. Our right to lead our lives without an oppressive government listening to our phone calls and spying on us in our homes.

And most important, our right to live free from oppression by our government. The founders of this country fought a revolution against their government who they believed was oppressive and governed them in a tyrannical fashion. They left us with a government structured to prevent those excesses in the future, which they knew would come because they knew human nature was to grow government and increase power and control over the governed.

We are living in a time where there are forces at work who believe our government should control our markets, our religion, our families and our lives. And they believe any means necessary are justified to achieve that goal. We have seen them take over our schools, our media and implant themselves deep in the bowels of our government.

We are seeing them rise now, using tactics long honed and practiced. They are funded by billionaires like the former Nazi supporter George Soros. The fact that someone who supported the Nazis is also supporting the godless left is more than a coincidence. It demonstrates he sees them as useful to his cause.

All we are seeing today is the product of a long festering, smoldering ever growing cancer on our civil society. It's roots go deep into Marxism, Communism and Fascism.

Someone once said Fascism would come to America wrapped in the American flag. I say it is coming wrapped in the cover of social justice warriors and university professors and left wing news media and riots and protests. People who claim to be "Anti-fascists" who are the definition of fascism. Who are too uneducated and ignorant to even know what they believe is what they claim to oppose.

So what do we do? We keep fighting. We support our President. We support those in congress who support him, and we replace those who don't. We keep blogging and commenting. We keep the revolution alive, because it is far from over. We only won a battle, but we activated a network of Anti-American activists who seek to destroy our country. One like has never been seen in America.

Come 2018 we primary those Republicans who went weak in the knees. Who supported this anarchy. Who like George Soros aided and abetted those who would destroy us. We donate to the right causes. We vote. Just like we did this last year.

We will do what we have to. We have come too far. If we surrender now, and let these people back in control they will finish what they tried to do the last eight years. And our lives will never be the same.

#Make America Great Again


  1. BOOM!!!
    US Companies added 298,000 new jobs in February, beating expectations by 100,000.

    Two months in office and President Trump is making America great again.

    You know how we win this war? That's how. When this country starts booming again and the jobs come and people have money in their pockets again all this social justice warfare crap will get them less than nothing.

    I remember well when this happened during the Ronald Reagan years. America was coming off the doldrums of a miserable recession caused by the same democrats who caused the last one. And all the grumbling and all the lies and all the democrat bullcrap meant nothing when America started growing again. It was all forgotten.

    Looks like those days may be coming back. Hard to sell Americans on how miserable they are when they have jobs and money. Sorry lefties. Bad for you.

  2. BOOM!!!!

    The lefties went full Marxist and attacked Ivanka Trump, boycotts and stores dropping her line. Typical left wing Marxist tactic.

    Ivanka Trump brand sales increased 346 percent from January to February. Record sales and the best performing weeks in the history of the brand.

    Doesn't appear to be working very well for the left, does it?

    #Loving Every Minute Of It

  3. Nothing works for the Lib"s let them boycott doesn't work and nether do they! Just a bunch of leeches.

  4. And where did those jobs come from?

    66,000 construction jobs were added which our good friend Hammertime can vouch for.

    And 32,000 came from manufacturing, which the "GODLESS" left said was impossible.

    Those jobs are gone and will never come back, they've claimed for years now.

    The "GODLESS" left's answer?

    Raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour, because that's the best we can do.

    I think not...

  5. And these fools either dont realize or dont give a damn that obamadontcare was a huge job killer...all that part time crap was due to that. Personally I think the minders did it on purpose in order to promote that cradle-to-grave authoritarian state they are so fond of...and their clueless minions are still trying to make it so.
    Great blog Safe!!

  6. Not that you needed it, but I'll speak up and vouch for your comment Kevin.
    It's the busiest I've seen it since guess when?


    Imagine that.

  7. Told you he could vouch for it...

  8. Laff of the day...just reported on radio news: one Linwood Kaine, son of Tim who was the shillary's vp comrade got his dumb ass arrested for rioting in minnesota...
    But not to worry...Daddy supports him and will post his bail.

  9. Cats, I saw that. Apparently he was rioting and set off fireworks inside the capital building.

    So these are the people the godless democrats wanted to put in the white house. This is the future of that party.

    As opposed to the Trump offspring, all successful business people in their own right, wealthy and charitable people, patriotic Americans working and raising families.

    Not shooting off fireworks inside the capital building while rioting.

    Pretty good picture of just what I was pointing out, isn't it?

  10. Yup sure is...and this intl womens day nonsense is founded in st petersburg, russia this date 1917...women protesting working conditions in textile mills over there. The un thought this up to honor those women. Rush educated me today...
    Betcha all these women both real and imagined have never lifted a finger or donated a dollar to seriously help any struggling women in bad neighborhoods anywhere...
    All they do is carry stupid signs, clog up the streets and piss people off.
    To quote Clyde on ground zero last night, this is nothing but a liberal progressive fetish...ask one of them if they have ever actually gone into an impoverished inner city area and helped out. If you get an answer at all it will likely be "no".

  11. Also...apparently Linwood didnt care whether or not his fireworks injured anyone...all about "the cause", you know.

  12. Excellent blog! Liberal heads are about to explode! Digger's head spinning like Linda Blair! Life's good!😂


    Folks, looks like their beloved Hillary has re-emerged and placing herself on a pearly white pedestal. We know different and we have facts to back up what we know about Hillary.

    According to Hillary from this article,"I've had my ups and downs. In the last months, I've done my share of sleeping. A little soul searching and reflecting." .....Hillary continues "this is not the outcome we wanted or we worked so hard for, I'm sorry that we did not win this election."

    We all know why Hillary lost the election - us deplorables gathered together by the multitudes and spoke out in one voice to stop the liberal insanity and voted for the best candidate.....Donald Trump.

    And get a load of this the article it says that Chelsea is quoted as saying that Hillary described the president's immigration policy as 'disturbing' and suggested that the Republican health care plan is 'not moral.'

    We all know that Hillary isn't the role model for integrity nor honesty - let alone being trust worthy.

  14. If the DNC is responsible for articulating and promoting the Democratic platform and coordinating organizational activity.....then where does it endorse blatant fraudulent actions such as devouring it's own? (i.e. the well known fact of the DNC deliberately sabotaging / derailing the Bernie Sanders campaign to ensure a Clinton nomination). Where does that endorse cheating? Where does that endorse fraudulent fundraising activity?

    Sorry Libs but the DNC should change their name from Democratic National Committee to Dishonest National Committee.....

  15. We all know that rotten apples dont fall far from the tree.

  16. Good Grief you guys are on top of everything.

  17. Just got through reading some of the lib comments over on CBS news on that "Hillary re-emerging" article.... their sickness runs deep.... deep, deep, deep....

    REDTEXOMA: Mrs. Clinton has much to offer – not so much as a candidate but as in intellectual with experience in governace.

    @: She gets my approval, She spent her entire life climbing the Government ladder, fighting the entire way. She is civil, regal, and fair. I ask you what the current president has done to earn his position? He identified with the dregs of our society who lack culture, intelligence, and dignity. It turns out there were more of them in key voting states. The majority of Americans must now suffer for 4 years.

    KUMIJO: And Trump is hopeless.. Your side would rather be ruined by Trump than helped by a black and a woman.

    And their stupidity continues….

  18. And these clowns carry on about russia while celebrating a holiday whose founding came from russia...
    Rather reminds me of their earth day nonsense whose creator killed his girlfriend and hid her body in a closet...
    The shill searching her soul, huh? Guess she forgot she sold it decades ago...if she ever had one in the first place.
    Old broad best be hanging onto her ill-gotten gains...that foundation is defunct now and no cronies left for influence peddling...

  19. That's hilarious...and disturbing...all at once, Rikki! The "dregs of society"?! Yep, all us worthless educated WORKING people. (NOT as dignified as...say...the Dems' welfare voters, or as cultured as...say...the completely immoral Hollywood hypocrites...or as intelligent as...say...well...just listen to any liberal!😂)

    Yep...all us "dregs". The military people, law enforcement, factory and warehouse workers...even a lot of union workers like coal miners! All us low-life working people. Of COURSE we're not as "intelligent" as the career-college people, who insulate themselves from reality!! DUH!!

    And as far as that bitch Hitlery being "regal, fair and CIVIL?!" WTF drug is THAT person on...and NO....I definitely don't want any of THAT braincell killing stuff!

    Good grief. Hard to believe there are that many Batshits and Diggers out there! 😂

  20. yep Nunya, after I gagged on those lib comments... I couldn't help but laugh a little too.

    Especially with the "It turns out there were more of them in key voting states" statement.... maybe it's their way of acknowledging their own demise? who knows?

  21. Evil like Smellary just seem to prosper while we support them via the many ways they find to tax us. Happens at all levels of government, right down to stupid topeka! Now I read where evil brownback is going to get a job with the rapist/crooks of the united nations. Smellary's daughter does nothing and gets millions, then you got the worthless welfare freeloaders that are in about the fourth generation of families that never work. I don't mind helping people that need a hand or someone that really can't work due to health. I don't like helping those that use welfare as a livelihood or support crooked millionaire politicians who hand out contracts to family/friends.

  22. Golly! Wasn't sure what to expect when I left work. I thought maybe the entire town would be shut down, what with all the women taking off work to celebrate a movement organized by female domestic terrorists. Odd that all the hard-working, responsible women showed up where I work. I see Pelosi, though, walked out on her job to celebrate the dubious anti-American-organized event. (Actually...that's a good thing, anytime that ghoul is nowhere near legislation!😂) Anyway...went to 3 places after work...and by golly...there was women folk just'a a workin' and contributing to society!😃 Didn't see anything different! Here, I am "celebrating all those good, honest, hard-working American ladies who were out today working side-by-side with their equals (us men), proving they are greatly deserving of the respect they have earned!"😊 (The whiny protesters earned the disdain they deserve.) WE ARE PROUD OF THE EQUALITY WE HAVE WITH ALL HARD-WORKING, GOOD, HONEST ALL-AMERICAN WOMEN WHO SHOWED THEIR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, (and proved that they are not easily led by morons.) We love you, ladies...and thank YOU!!😊

  23. Nunya you have a great deal of class, glad you could get that in, with all the shit that is going on. :)

  24. Oh now, now, now..... where would the work force be without all of us great women? (smiles) - after all who'd make the coffee in the morning and make sure you men folk aren't late to the meetings that are on your calendar? (snicker snicker)

    As for Pelosi......she needs to retire and go far, far, far away.
    (ha ha)

  25. Actually, Pelosi needs to go to a Galaxy that is far, far, far away.... sorry couldn't resist - lol

  26. Ya don't suppose that Pelosi would be willing to take on some lib passengers on her "trek through the stars to the nearest galaxy several light years away" would she?


  27. One warrant becomes fisa and one not...this just broke on Hannity courtesy Sara Carter, reporter for circa. If not mistaken I think she is the same reporter who did an expose a few years back on just how porous that southern border is...
    Re evidence to date of any collusion with russians by the Trump admin...
    That swamp smells a bit worse by the day...

  28. Us code 12333 sec 23c is the code altered by obama last oct in order to allow nsc to share intel with 16 other agencies...this info courtesy former nsc agent Bill Binney...backed by Lt Col Tony Shaffer also former agent...both say that they have had a rough time getting reporters to investigate this crap...Hannity directed them to Carter.
    The plot stinkens...they claim politicized plants with these agencies were advised to make it look like russians did the dnc hack on Podesta, which they are capable of doing and that Clintons were in on it. Setting up this continuing game plan of blaming Trump and russians for her loss...getting Bernie out of the way was a cakewalk. Obama although claiming disdain for the shill, probably figured she was the best bet for his legacy bullcrap (last sentence just mho...).

  29. Diabolical dots?
    Assange releases vault 7 of year zero.
    Info includes creation of malware for global spying by rogue agents but they lose control of their malware.
    They are unable to retrieve it and close the holes they created.
    They have the ability to hack cars and trucks to cause them to accelerate and crash.
    In 2013 reporter Michael Hastings loses his life in a fiery crash in los angeles.
    That reporter said to have uncovered this rogue op...ready to expose it.
    Also said to drive like a normal person...

    You decide. Clyde 's discussion tonight is yet Assange's info is not wrong whether we like him or not...and I dont...

    But parts is parts...

  30. And this is what Trump is up against.

    Pray for him and pray for America...

  31. Over at Commie Central, Washington Compost Leftist Propaganda Writer, Ignatius, appears to be a few weeks behind in anything going on:

    "If you were writing a pitch for a Hollywood series about the roiling investigation of the Trump campaign’s possible dealings with Russian operatives, you might describe it as “Billions” meets “The Americans.”

    Hmmm...I wonder if he means Soros' "Billions" against real Americans like us? Looks like he's just ill-informed about current affairs.

    "Trump has denied having business contacts with Russian oligarchs (he tweeted: “NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA,”), a claim that’s contradicted by the public record. When the allegations continued, he counter-attacked — first accusing the intelligence agencies of leaking information in the style of “Nazi Germany” and then alleging that President Obama had wiretapped his offices at Trump Tower. Both charges were false, but useful distractions."

    WHOAAA, Ignatius! Not so fast! Better start paying attention!

    "Trump’s defiance has put his presidency on a collision course with Congress and the FBI. Some supporters claim he’s facing a secret coup from an intelligence and foreign policy establishment that comprises a despotic “deep state.” But really, Trump is confronting the orderly process we call the “rule of law.”


    Ignatius needs to stop binge-watching fictional espionage TV shows (as he is constantly referring to in"story"..) and start gathering the info that is flying all over the place that is clearly going to torpedo the"story"...that the just wrote. And, that the Topeka Capital-Journal so proudly published, for whatever reason.

    Talk about "Fake News". There ya go!

    1. Poof over to the other one, don't now how long it will last. Oh and I just changed the 1st line. the commie part. :)

  32. On Kev's Lynch blog over at the pisspot:

    There can be no doubt that Loretta Lynch was clearly sending a message to the brainwashed masses of the left to go out and cause enough trouble to cause violence, bloodshed and even death. And, many will do so. The Lynch Mob, and the rest of the seditious shadow government coordinating from the "Obama-Jarrett Seditious Planning Compound" have absolutely no concern for the safety or lives of those of whom they are issuing "marching orders". If many of their 'foot soldiers' must be sacrificed by causing real Americans to have to defend ourselves and our property, then it's just 'collateral damage' to their anti-American cause.

    "By any means necessary".

    Hope President Trump is keeping an eye on those leftist domestic-terrorist organizations.


    The loss of the Payless distribution center was a blow to Topeka, and this isn't helping.

    But, it was pretty much inevitable.

    When your entire line consists of cheap, shoddy "one-size-fits-none" Taiwanese-made, fall-apart-at-the-seams junk, and enough people have learned to not spend their hard-earned (or even taxpayer-kifed) dollars on inferior product, then things are bound to go bad.

    I doubt even President Trump can save this business.

    Now...if the liberals start REALLY bashing Payless...THAT may raise sales...just like at Chik-Filet, Hobby Lobby and Ivanka's clothing line!

    Liberals...saving jobs by the thousands! (By protesting them and trying to shut them down! Ha-HAAAaaaa!)

  34. Is there some thing wrong with Kevin's blog on cj, it looks that way no thumbs up or down is the blog closed?

    1. Never mind it is back up and working.

  35. Maybe Giggity-giggity-Digger and Ashhole were both simultaneously furiously clicking the thumbs down, and locked it up?😂

  36. Maybe Nunya but it would have been on your comment. Lol

  37. Uh oh, Jack's over at that other website speaking of forbidden things.

    Pay attention here, Batshit.

    Nobody cares.


  38. Now...looking for a cia mole and Flynn accused of pay-for-play to the tune of half a million with Erdogan during far no denials...just surprise and disappointment...
    As for me I have no opinion yet.
    Reported on fox today.

  39. Also probably several moles imho...given 8 years of the emperor and his courtiers comprised of the iranian shadow woman, the Lynch and her mob and assorted brotherhood goons throughout...

  40. Really?


  41. Sho looks like the real thing to me....lolololol!!!!!
    So how does THAT finally come to the light of day after all these years?
    Gonna research malik a little...

  42. Let the arguments begin. Real or faux.
    My take? Push everything that would ever deligitimze him.


    This is war.

  43. This is what the left will fight with.

    But I have a simpler solution.
    Let's chop off his fight foot with a hatchet. Then compare the prints...

    Then stick the foot up his communist asshole...

    See, that's easy.
    And they call me a radical....

  44. Wapo article among a bunch of others...they dont get along. Malik a naturalized american citizen and works as an accountant around the beltway. Apparently he wanted to start a charity foundation in kenya using their name but the emperor Barack told him to shut it down...this in 2013. Malik is also a repub and backs Trump. No shock that..most in that profession lean repu blican...I lean toward believing the man myself. Document has stamps and names and looks verifiable.
    Wonder if the good and benevolent emperor will sic Jarrett on him?

  45. Oh my I sure hope Battshit got a screen shot of that. Maybe even get Battshits foot too. i have read a bunch on that birth certif. Even to the point that the hospital in where he was suppose to be born wasnt even called that when he was born. No doubt he used it to get in to school and get free money. Free loading African.

  46. Given that he was groomed and coddled by Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers and other assorted elites in the chitown machine, I am sure that getting free college was part of it.

  47. And then there is still that other brother in kenya...probably still living in his hut...

  48. Speaking of son used to go over there on passes years ago, talked about how friendly they were to soldiers. I have some beautiful carved totems that he sent me...but that was over twenty years ago and things have gone downhill a lot since then. Sad when I think about it. Damn terrorists have taken over just about everything.

  49. Didnt he have a aunt here in the US?

  50. Yes I think she lives around Boston area but not sure. Lots of relatives in kenya which would lend more validity to that birth certificate.

  51. Used search term "obama aunt" and got the scoop on her from wiki...long story short: came here from kenya for political asylum but expired, she stayed. Friendly judge gave her a waiver and somehow she was given citizen status...Barack connections probably. Lived in public housing, Boston area. Ended up dying in a care home a few years ago.
    Now I remember...her legal status and the public housing thing became a big campaign issue in 08 but her nephew won anyhow...

  52. To me it's clear as day.

    The Russians did it...

  53. I gotta stay up longer, missing all the good stuff.

  54. Good morning, fellow freedom fighters! got mail! Not enough time left to make fun of Urinal nonsense before work. All I had time for was compiling a possible scenario regarding Imam Obama's birth certificate, complete with info regarding "proper paperwork" that needs to exist IF he was actually born in Kenya, that would have assured his citizenship status, despite him being born there since his mother was a citizen. Much too long to print here, and can't post to the peepot. I suspect Friday edition will be up here, soon, anyway 😊 I will probably be amongst the final posts on this thread!😂 Anyway...time for work! Have a good day!

  55. Yah dang it. Ol' Stanley Ann just had to be born here didnt she? Still funny though...and even better is that the anointed one denies his privileged whiteness and apparently is not all that happy about his kenyan half either...