Monday, May 22, 2017

Yes Tom, we're on the verge of losing our country...

Quote of the day:

"It's an attack on our very very way of life. If this coup attempt by the democrats and the Trump hating media is successful we'll have lost this country forever." -- Yours truly on that other website

"LOLOLOL. HYPERBOLIC MUCH!! Really Kev? An attack on our very way of life?? Lose our country forever?? Seriously!?? How ridiculous!!!" -- Tom Digger 05/19/17 

Tom, you and your trained monkey, Alan Lunn are perfect examples of what's wrong with this country today.

Neither one of you have the balls to look past your hatred of everything republican to see the damage being done to this country on behalf of your beloved democrat party.

Every time the media and democrat party leaders successfully push a lie to divide us we come closer to losing this country.

The lie that Michael Brown was trying to surrender when he got his ass killed comes to mind.

That lie led to Ferguson, Missouri being burned to the ground.

Remember that, Tom?

I do.

Every time a conservative speaker is denied the right to speak in public we come closer to losing our country.

Every time a political opponent's rally is canceled through the use of intimidation, threats, and violence we come closer to losing our country.

Every time the media and your beloved democrat leaders push the lie that Trump colluded with Russia in order to win the election we come closer to losing our country.

And if they're successful they'll have set the standard in how to destroy a political opponent from this day forward.

And once that's accomplished there'll be no turning back and at that point we'll have lost this country forever and end up like any other Socialist country.

Just for the fun of it let's take a quick look at what's currently taking place in Venezuela.

See the difference between what's happening there and what's happening right here at home?

Of course you don't. 

That's because there isn't any difference.

If President Trump isn't successful in beating back these non-stop attacks this will be our future.

And he can't do it alone.

I ask each and every person reading these words today to stand with me as I stand with President Donald Trump as we drive these America-hating (democrat and Trump hating republicans alike) bastards back under the rocks they crawled out from under in the first place...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Count me in - also I contacted Sen. Roberts, Senator Moran, and Representative Jenkins urging them to stop the Democrats in their attempt to derail President Trump.....

  2. The sad thing is, the democrat voting masses are so saturated with hate that they are blinded to everything going on around them.

    1. Roger here. I can't seem to get it to present me as that.

  3. Okay ladies close your eyes and block your ears, Hey Tom Digger FUCK YOU you asshole mental case. Puke!... Just saying. That asshole is about to get me signing back on over there.

    1. it safe to open our eyes and unplug our hears?

      p.s. I don't blame you for how you feel about tom.

    2. Rikki, Lol you are good to go!

  4. Right on the money, Kevin. The left has gone full sedition.

    America hasn't had this kind of rebellion since the Civil War.

    Same as then, we have states that are rejecting federal law, openly declaring they will not enforce or support federal law. Same as the Confederacy.

    Same as then we have the rebellion openly committing acts of violence against those who disagree with them.

    Same as then we have states openly talking about seceding from the Union.

    Same as then we have a huge segment of the population who irrationally hates the President of the United States and refuses to accept his legitimacy, his authority and his position as President of the United States. Remember, these zealots who went to war against their country, resulting in 100,000 lives lost also murdered Abraham Lincoln out of hatred and blind rage.

    This isn't the "loyal opposition". This isn't political differences. This isn't people who want to see their government follow a different path and would use the principles laid out by the constitution to achieve it.

    This is a coup d'Γ©tat. This is a violent and unlawful revolt against the standing government of the United States. Aided and assisted by the majority of the media, the universities and the mobs who form demanding the overthrow of the government.

    These people, and I count those idiots over on the urinal among them are dangerous enemies of America. There are ways as defined by our Founders and our laws to protest your government. There are ways to change your government. We did that. After obama got elected and we saw the left was going to make every effort to destroy our country, we went to work. We educated people. We rallied. We protested (in the legal fashion). We lobbied. We donated money. We promoted our candidates. And we won. It took eight years, but we won.

    And the godless left cannot accept that America rejected their horrible ideas and voted them systematically out of office. And they are doing what all fascists do. They are turning to violence and sedition to accomplish what they could not accomplish legally.

    This is war. And our country is most certainly at stake. And we won't give it up without a fight.

    1. Posted that SAFE on face book is getting a lot of praised. Thanks for letting me do that.

  5. Noteworthy: the Seth Rich story exploding online saying he has firsthand knowledge...most are claiming "conspiracy theory" again. Zero hedge gives some detail on dem reactions as "panicking"...and takes no position. Which is mine at the moment.
    But worth following nonetheless especially in light of the Assange thing. Also Flynn refusing subpoena and taking 5th...
    All of this stuff has one common thread: the dnc, Podesta and Russians colluding with Trump to "steal the election".

    Popcorn optional.

  6. Just the search term Seth Rich brings up all manner of big league websites in addition to obscure ones.

  7. President Trump is moving in the right direction. Over a trillion in cuts in his new budget to freebies for democrat voters. Welfare, food stamps, Medicaid. Basically handouts to lazy democrat voters.

    Cut off the government feeding trough, some of these people would have to go get jobs and wouldn't have so much time to riot and protest and write nasty lies on Kevin's blog. Maybe if they had to work for a living instead of just waiting on the gubment check, they might appreciate what the rest of us do.

    Cut em off. Let em starve. No sympathy for the devil from me.

  8. That's exactly right.

    I'm sick and tired of hearing that illegals do the work American's won't do.


    Cut off their damned welfare and they'll do it...

  9. Hell, if we're lucky, cut them off ALL public funding (which is reserved for citizens), and maybe they'll leave.

    Looks like a terrorist attack on children and teens at a concert in Manchester. About 20 dead, dozens injured. EVIL MFA to do that.

    Hey...about all that "open door Muslim" policy?

    Wonder if they're starting to reconsider all that, now?

    1. I am so damn tired of all the idiots wanting more Muslim here in our country and with no vetting our country is so screwed up because of the Liberals and asshole gutless politicians that get voted in by assholes airheads Libs..Oh I know we have a few also.

  10. Good morning all you lovely people, up and at it.

  11. Good morning right back at ya, Sarge...

  12. Zach and I are getting all the loose ends tighten today for the summit, hope the weather holds for us to get thru the day Saturday.

  13. Looks like the seditious liberals, yesterday, held off on their daily "throw BS out to make "breaking news" right before evening Fake News newscasts to deflect attention and cast suspicion". Guess they thought maybe the Manchester bombing would overshadow their own bombs, and decided to delay anything. Wanna make sure "anti-Trump" is the lead story!!

    Depending on if the British bombing news starts getting dull by 4 pm, they will decide whether to toss out more anonymous, unproven accusations today...or...just wait until tomorrow. I'm sure they're sitting on SOME lie.

    Btw...Theresa May has previously vehemently supported all that "Muslim refugee" crap, and the importation of likely Islamic terrorists to plan and recruit. Now she says they need to figure out what happened and why?

    Not too bright, are ya there, Ms. May?😠

  14. That would be a good Sam Kinnison bit:

    "Theresa May doesn't understand how such a horrible thing could happen, a terrorist targeting a concert full of kids. Lemme make it simple for you, Ms. May.......YOU'RE LETTING TERRORISTS WALTZ IN...AND THEY WANNA MURDER ALL OF YOU!!!!😠"

    "Do I need to draw a picture in crayon for you, Ms. May?"

  15. Lol, Nunya that's what it will take draw that picture, the idiots just don't understand, they want to kill us all, and Hell we are letting them with people like Ms. May and a whole shit load of others idiots.

  16. But if we're just nice to them they'll quit killing us...

  17. I think if we dropped a couple more of those MOABs over there right about now, and everytime they pull another one of these attacks we drop a couple more they will either get the message, or preferably all be dead and pulverized.

    They would sure as hell be looking to the sky a lot.

    Bet those desert dwelling rat eating subhuman animals would be a little slower to call for terrorists to act in the civilized world if they knew hell was going to reign down on them from the sky every time they do. Or, as far as that goes, if we even think they did it.

    #Dead Terrorists Don't Bomb Nothing

  18. From the great Jack Dunphy writing for PJ Media. Here's how you should approach every story you read in a newspaper these days.

    "The story you are about to read was written and edited by people who a) voted for Hillary Clinton, b) think Donald Trump is a menace, and c) are appalled that 63 million of their fellow citizens – all those ignorant rustics out there in the howling wilderness between Beverly Hills and the Hudson River – could have so abased themselves as to choose Mr. Trump over Mrs. Clinton. Furthermore, these same reporters and editors go about their daily lives with no contact with anyone who might have a different opinion, and if they were to encounter one by accident they would run shrieking from the room. Every one of these people hope to be their own era’s Bob Woodward or Carl Bernstein and be remembered as the journalist who saved America and the world from Donald Trump. And finally, these aspiring Woodwards and Bernsteins have ready access to what seems to be an endless supply of aspiring Deep Throats, anonymous “administration sources” equally desirous of seeing President Trump impeached, jailed, or otherwise rendered impotent."

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  20. Alright Sara!! Taking up "POOF" duty!!πŸ‘

  21. No problem glad to help out. Any time some one has something they see or would like to go POOF just give me a shout out. They hate me over there just as much as they hate you all. So I like to help keep them in the flush over there at the CJ urinal.

  22. Kevin don't forget I need a time for tomorrow afternoon, I need it early so I can load up, don't want a 15 min notice, Hear Me.!!

  23. T- (minus) 3 days, 22 hours, 27 minutes and 52 seconds until Summit, fun, great food, awesome people.

    1. You got that right Rikki. :):)

    2. I likes it when I iz right..... lol

  24. I'll have a better idea about what time when I talk to my son later today

  25. He doesn't know it yet but he's dragging the camper out there...

    1. I just need to follow someone, hell I might have a hard time finding your house, but i do have my seeing eye Grandson to keep me on the road. hehehe We will start Loading here at 0:800 hours. I just need a refresher drive, it is hell to be 98 years old. :)

  26. left at the fork in the road....yes the fork is stainless steel....then right at the rock of many names.....(lol).... up the steep hill and down the steep hill.... come to the big winding road until you come to the big "X" on the sign that sez you iz here (smiles).

    sorry Sarge.... I had to be silly. (smiles)

    Looking forward to Saturday.

  27. Those idiots at Notre Dame who walked out on Pence? Other college troublemakers? Would be nice to have a publicized cross-referenced database of those pukes for companies to search, so they'd know not to hire the seditious, hateful, anti-capitalist assholes, huh?

    (They could work in a criminal outfit, Hillary's.)

  28. Delicate little flowers said they walked out because Pence made them feel unsafe...

  29. Apparently, while real news was happening the other day (Manchester), a few real news organizations covered the horrific event, while the Fake News ones (CNN, PMSNBC) kept regurgitating their phony Trump/Russia crap.

    It's doubtful any of liberals had any idea what was going on....just as I assume most of them completely missed Trump's historic Saudi speech (but are experts at what the media tells them to parrot!)

  30. More "rip us off more" tax crap over there.

    And some numbskull, Dick Heckler, over there asking "whaaaaaaa....WHY do Republicans want to defund education?! Whaaaaaaaa!!!!"

    Hey, Dick....why doesn't "education" start acting responsibly? If you believe that old claptrap that "IT'S FOR THE CHI-HIL-DRENNNN!!! WHAAAAA!", then you are truly a Dick, and deserve to be Heckled.

    Posting a Huff-n-Puff article...sheesh!

    Hey, Dick....maybe they can quit WASTING our money by not "spending down last year's budget" on CRAP, just to justify asking the same or more in next year's? ALL government does that, and it needs to stop.

    Maybe they can lighten up on massive over-administration? That would work very well.

    Maybe we should tie any budget to a true accountability, and force them to quit wasting money!

    "Education" spending has spiked in the past 30-40 years, FAR outpacing any other, and what to we have to show for it? Flatlined "achievement".

    Yeah, Dick....let's just keep dumping more and more money into THAT old non-running, rusted-out wreck!

    BTW...WHY are we letting them use OUR tax dollars to fund both sides of these lawsuits to keep raising our taxes?!😠

  31. So here was CNN, the Commie News Network after the Manchester terrorist loser bombing.

    "In todays lead stories there was some kind of boom in England somewhere....but our leading story....Another unnamed anonymous source has come forward and said he heard somebody talking about a memo that may have been written definitively linking Donald Trump to the Presidential campaign which we know for a fact Russia hacked. So we now have that "smoking gun" we've been searching so desperately for. This could be the information that finally brings this administration down. Here's about twenty minutes more on that breaking important story!!!!!

  32. Looks like the end of FOX news is looming at hand. First they fire O'Reilly, who was no real conservative but still grilled the libs, then Roger Ailes, who made FOX what it is. They are hiring liberals right and left to dilute the message and the rumor is they are gunning for Hannity now.

    FOX has dropped in rating from first by a mile to third. Rupert Murdoch is turning the operation over to his sons, who are a couple of flaming liberal idiots.

    Obviously one of the last holdouts for real news and information is on the ropes. The takeover of the media will be pretty much complete with this one. Media Matters and Nazi collaborator George Soros are winning this one.

    I suggest everybody turn to alternate sources these days. I'm going to take a real look at Mark Levin's new internet TV show. If I can stream it to my TV I may just invest in it. I'll pay for true conservative TV if I have to. I won't be surprised if Hannity turns up there.

  33. I find it amusing to hear the Russians have said what they hoped to accomplish by mucking around in our elections (which they have done for years) was to cause people to doubt the legitimacy of the American electoral process and create turmoil around the elections.

    They were never really successful at it, but now the godless democrat party has done for them exactly what they wanted to accomplish, and in spades.

    The Russians must be sitting watching the democrats destroy our electoral system and marveling at how the democrats are doing everything they hoped to do. They must be simply amazed not only at the lengths the democrats are going to, but how successful they are at achieving it. This is the very definition of the term the old Soviets used, Useful Idiots.

    But the left has always carried the water for the Soviets. From the Frankfurt School importing communists after the war, to the hippies protesting the Viet Nam war and openly supporting the Soviet communists. The democrat party merged with the American Communist party years ago. They have always been communist sympathizers.

    For crying out loud, they almost ran an old New York Street Communist for President. Bernie the commie Sanders honeymooned in Russia. He's a full fledged communist hiding behind the socialist label. Marx always saw socialism as a rest stop on the road to communism.

    Nothing new under the sun. But it's never been quite so open and accepted as now. Scary stuff.