Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The end of an era

So the CJ Urinal is going to flush the blog section. (See what I did there?) Well, that shouldn't be a surprise, I think that was coming eventually.

Remember right before the election they shut down our voices by blowing up the comments section? They did the phony facebook thing so they could shut down our voices until after the election. And I think Kevin hit it in his comments on the last blog. The left wing media is melting down. CNN was exposed as the democrat operatives they are, and the world saw what a bunch of lying devious hate filled seditionists we always knew they were. And the rest are following close behind. We have a President who isn't afraid to call them out and it's having an effect.

Add to that the democrat party is now under investigation for various crimes against the state. Bernie the Commie, Loretta Lynch and several others are now under either FBI or congressional investigation. Lynch faces up to five years in prison for her conspiring with the Clinton campaign to cover up Hillary's crimes.

So the Urinal is in full protection mode. I contend the only reason they are shutting down the blogs is to shut Kevin up. He calls the left out weekly and has hundreds of comments supporting him. CJ knows how many clicks he gets, how many people read his blogs and they decided to shut it down.

That's what totalitarians do, and the left are full fledged totalitarians. We see it every day over and over.

So anyway. Raise a toast to our good friend Kevin McGinty. He led the fight over there for many years. He was a true resistance fighter, fighting behind enemy lines and reeking havoc on them daily. He never compromised and never surrendered. He never backed down an inch. This was always inevitable but it's a sad day none the less. The death of the last little flicker of freedom in what used to be the newspaper of our fair city.

Thanks for the many years of great blogs and even better fights Kevin. I enjoyed it when I was commenting and when I was kicked off. It was the first thing I read every day, followed by this page. I'm proud to be able to share this space and throw around my thoughts for whatever they are worth.

And I really do invite our left wing friends, though they be enemies of America, to come on over here and comment. It's easy. Just register. No names needed. But they won't, because they are all cowards as are all left wingers. Which is why they love the oppressive power of government so much. It's just their nature. They won't come here because they aren't protected by mommy CJ Urinal and they might just get their little feelings hurt.

So we'll carry on the fight right here on America's Blog. Besides, anybody who is anybody is already here.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Death threats? What death threats?

Just reading over on the CJ Urinal on Kevin's blog the unhinged ranting of one of many goofy mentally challenged godless left wing commenters. That stuff would be funny if it wasn't so scary.

Obama got thousands of death threats he sez. I know it's true because I read it on some left wing website.

The TEA party was causing all the violence he sez. Which is truly a complete lie. There has never been a case of violence associated with the TEA party. They did what political action groups are supposed to do. The held peaceful rallies. They educated people. They supported the candidates they chose and worked to defeat the candidates they didn't approve of. And they caused a massive change in the politics of this country. But violence? Nope. None. Never. And the few times somebody got some picture of a rally with some nut holding a racist sign, it was soon discovered the godless left had a group dedicated to attending TEA party rallies and holding up racist signs to make it look like they represented the TEA party. Typical left wing stuff.

And of course it's the fault of FOX news. When these guys have exhausted the whole arsenal of horse manure they have they always pull FOX news out of their ass and try that one.

But the reality is these people are in complete melt down. President Donald Trump has so thoroughly blown their minds they have gone insane. They no longer have the power to reason, or think rationally. We see it every day.

Rush Limbaugh always says you can tell the level of fear the left has of someone by how extreme their response to them is. And their response to President Donald Trump is right up there with their response to Abraham Lincoln. Virtually at the level of civil war. They are scared to death this President has ended their reign of terror and their days of destroying America are done. 

Pretty much everything this digger guy says is a lie. It's a bunch of lies the left has told for years now, and they have always believed repeating lies makes them true. But they are still lies.

The crazy thing is these people just don't get it. All this stuff they are doing has cost them over 1,100 elections in the past six years, including the House, Senate and the Presidency. But they just keep doing it. And then we hear about how the polls show this or that. The same polls that said Donald Trump could never win the nomination. Then said Hillary would win in a cake walk. So no, I don't really care what the polls say.

So our delusional enemies of America on the left now are imagining if they just keep doing what has gotten them here they will win the House and Senate back and impeach President Trump. Sorry, but these people are crazy at a level that warrants institutionalizing.

So we know President Trump owns these people. He has them dancing like chickens on a hot plate. And he's not stopping. Roll on Mr. President. Make them crazy. We'll watch as their heads explode.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

A little something to think about...

Our good friend and fellow patriot Sara Socks posted this photo on my Facebook page earlier today and it got me to thinking.

That's exactly what the left is trying to do to this country as we speak.

In fact they're following to example of The Taliban to the letter.

This is exactly the kind of crap today's brain dead masses blindly support and some of are too stupid to even know it.

God help us...

Kevin McGinty

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Democrats just keep on losing...

So, what exactly do the anarchist loving leftists have to show for their efforts?

What exactly has their never-ending campaign of lies, deceit, hate and violence accomplished?

Not a damn thing.

Up until yesterday, the special election in Georgia was a "referendum on Donald Trump's popularity."

And that's the exact same thing they claimed about every one of this year's special elections in Montana, South Carolina, as well as the one we had right here in Kansas.

In each case they claimed it was their chance to prove to the American people just how unpopular President Trump has become after a year of non-stop attempts to destroy him.

As predicted, the talking heads of the Trump hating media are all going on today about how these races have all been close, so even though they've lost every single one of them, in their weird, twisted version of reality, it's still a victory.

That's about as useful as Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote.

Be sure to pick up your participation trophy on the way out the door.

Those of us on the winning side of history have been telling you America-hating misfits on the left that you're seriously over playing their hand.

But will you listen?

Will you hate mongers ever come up with a message worth listening to?

Oh, hell no.

You'll keep on trying to destroy President Trump with all this phony Russian bullshit.

You'll keep droning on with the ginned up and completely fake "Obstruction of Justice" crap you're currently all excited about.

You'll keep on pretending the violence and destruction being forced on this nation on your behalf doesn't exist.

And you'll just keep on losing.

How about it, Asshat, you still gloating?

Yeah, I didn't think so...


Kevin McGinty

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Doing exactly what a dad is supposed to do...

First of all I hope all you dads had a good day today.

And speaking of dads, I ran across a little video last night on Facebook of a dad who gets it.

I can't help but believe that if more dads had their kids backs this country wouldn't be in the mess we're in today.

Christopher Wireck I salute you...

Kevin McGinty

Friday, June 16, 2017

So whose winning this fight, exactly?

If you were to just listen to the left wing apparchiks over on the urinal, or the democrat operatives that run most of the mainstream media, you would think the godless left is in control and President Trump is on the ropes ready to fall. Is that true? Can the party that lost over 1,100 seats in the past six years be the controlling power? The party that lost the House, the Senate and the Presidency? Can they really be calling the shots?

Not only no, but HELL NO! Of course you have to listen pretty carefully to hear it, but President Trump is doing much of what he said he would do.

Unemployment is dropping. Not just phony numbers based on phony data from the phony democrat party, but it is going down, and people are returning to work. Jobs are coming back to America. Companies are making commitments to expand and hire. By the hundreds of thousands.

The stock market is going great guns. I've made more money since President Trump got elected than I did all last year. By a lot. And of course that follows the democrat promise that if Donald Trump was elected the markets would collapse and maybe never recover.

We are seeing a President putting forward a budget that cuts spending on the gravy train that the democrats have used to buy votes forever, and pushing money into where it should go. Military and infrastructure spending.

We have a Conservative judge appointed to the Supreme Court.

We have enemies knowing they better not screw with us like they could under the Marxist obama.

We have a renewed pride in America, at least from the half or more of citizens who love this country and are patriots. And we are seeing the godless left exposed for what they are and always have been. Violent, hate filled seditious traitors who would destroy this country if given the chance.

Illegal immigration. Way down. The borders are closed for business. We don't even have a wall, but the illegals know the days of catching a ride to Phoenix from an Immigration officer are over. And deportations happening. The gangs are being broken up and sent back to the hell holes they created.

Our President is trying his best to keep us safe, but the liberal courts are blocking him at every opportunity. Not his fault. This lays purely on the shoulders of the godless left. And the blood is on their hands when something happens.

So don't despair. We'll fight on. Not since Abraham Lincoln was elected have we seen the democrat party show their true colors like this. And that led to a civil war. Which they lost. And they will lose this one too.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Has the war begun?

I'm sure by now most of you have heard about the shooting in Virginia. Republican House Whip Scalise was shot in an attack during a practice baseball game this morning.

Not a lot of details, but I'm going ahead and make the call. I'm saying it was likely a member of the radical godless left, probably a member of this seditious group that calls themselves antifa, which is truly ironic since they represent fascism at its purest form.

You can't have this daily call for violence from the left and repeated and supported by the democrat media without this happening. Constant claims of being the "resistance" like they believe they are living in occupied France in WWII. Demonstrations that virtually without fail turn to violence against anybody who supports our President. Constant calls for action from the radical godless left. Vile hatred pouring out like excrement from these people. An entire fake news network, CNN, dedicated to bringing down the duly elected President of the United States.

Pathetic comedians in desperate cries for attention holding up the bloody severed head of our President with her fellow godless left wing radicals heaping support on her for her "bravery".

Plays in Central Park in New York where mobs of seditious hate filled leftists stand and cheer at the simulation of the assassination of our President.

No President has been this hated by the opposition since Abraham Lincoln, whose election caused seven states to secede from the Union and go to war with the rest. And that ended with Abraham Lincoln being murdered by a Confederate sympathizer.

This cannot continue. I don't know where we go next, but this likely is the beginning. Is this the first of many more to come? These people have been openly making the claim that they are buying weapons. And they don't even try to hide their hatred for our President and all of us who support him. I suspect this is going to happen more often. There are many deranged mentally ill people out there who listen to these calls to action from the hateful left and respond. But then, the left knows this. And they are capitalizing on it.

CNN, Black lies terrorist groups and the entire democrat party have blood on their hands now. Hope they know what they're doing. Starting a shooting war with the people with all the guns who also know how to use them isn't not a smart idea. But then, whoever said these people were smart?

Monday, June 12, 2017

So the Brownback reign of terror is over, right?

After all, haven't we heard for the last couple of years that Governor Brownback destroyed the state of Kansas with his "tax cuts for the wealthy"? That he personally created a financial crisis by cutting taxes? That his "failed experiment in trickle down economics" was a miserable failure?

Isn't that why everybody ran the conservative Republicans who supported it out of office and elected a bunch of tax and spend democrats and moderate Republicans (same thing)?

Well, as our friend Nunya has pointed out very well on the last blog, all is not as it seems, now is it?

They fixed the budget alright. With a $1,000,000,000 (billion) dollar tax increase. Taxes on individuals go up. Taxes on poor people go up. Taxes on small businesses go up. Taxes on pretty much everybody and everything go up. That fixed it for sure. The nightmare is over.

Now I'll make a prediction. About the first quarter of next year, when people start figuring their taxes, and they discover that they are paying way more to the state, and people who previously paid nothing under the Brownback tax cuts have to pony up, all those same people who hated the Governor and his tax cuts will be screaming bloody murder. They will have short memories, these people. They got what they demanded and surprise! Now the bill is coming.

See, the tax cuts were a great idea. Take less of my money. Take less of your money. Take less money from small business. It promotes economic growth. It always has. It always will. But along with that, the state needed to make cuts. The out of control bloated giant pit of government pork needed trimming. And there is more than enough trimming to go around. But that never happened. Instead the fix is raise taxes. Don't spend a nickel less. Spend more. Just raise taxes, problem solved.

When Governor Brownback took office, people forget we were living through the obama recovery. 1% GDP growth. High unemployment, despite the phony numbers they created to promote the lie otherwise. Fed policy that was so horrible it was serving to continue the damage from the recession, not heal it. Everything was working to keep our economy flat and unemployment and welfare high. It's the democrat way. Under anything resembling a normal economy, Kansas would have grown like it should have.

And people don't seem to remember, in the last two years of democrat governors, Sebilious and what's his name, obama gave Kansas $500 million out of his phony stimulus bill to cover our shortfalls. That was by design and payback to Sebilious who we remember went on to HHS and helped destroy our healthcare insurance. So when Governor Brownback took office, he had that same shortfall. He fixed it as best he could, and then pushed through a tax cut to try to stimulate growth to grow us out of it. But they failed to cut spending, and the economy, by design of obama failed to grow.

So obama claimed one more victim. Sam Brownback, a decent man, a true conservative, friend to the second amendment and unborn children was vilified and demonized and now we are right back where we started. Except worse. Less money in our pockets, more in the pockets of "moderate" republicans and democrats to spend. And spend it they will.

I predict even with this giant tax increase at budget time next year we will still be short hundreds of millions and they will be demanding tax increases again. Hopefully the people will have learned something by then, but I seriously doubt it.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Free For All Friday...

Well guys, the Trump haters big day has come and gone.

The Trump hating media hyped yesterday's Comey hearing as a once in a lifetime event that was sure to bring down the man they all love to hate, President Donald J. Trump.

Their brainwashed followers have waited for days on end to witness history in the making.

And what'd they get for their unquestioning devotion and loyalty?

They had their fragile little hearts broken and safe spaces destroyed.

Let's see now, what exactly did we learn today?

We found out why Comey never took the subject of classified leaks seriously.

He admitted being a leaker himself.

We learned Loretta Lynch pressured Comey not to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton.

We learned Trump was right when he Tweeted that Comey told him he wasn't a target of any investigation.

We learned that CNN and ABC both issued corrections to "Fake News" stories after Comey's statements ran counter to what they had reported.

We learned that Comey himself debunked a New York Times story.

We learned that 'Thrill up his leg' Chris Matthews admitted the whole 'Collusion' theory fell apart today as a result of Comey's statements.

A quick look at CNN and MSNBC following the big event taught us they'll simply go from "Collusion" to "Obstruction of Justice."

But in the meantime whether they like it or not Donald Trump is still The President of The United States and there's not a damned thing they can do about it.

Suck it up, Bitches...

Kevin McGinty

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Social Justice Warrior Reality Winner Meets Reality...

According to some of the things I've been reading this morning there are now some 4 million people out there with top security clearances who have access to some of the nation's most closely guarded classified information.


That's part of the problem Trump's facing today.

Add that to today's lawless, anything goes as long as it hurts the Trump administration mentality and you have chaos.

By now I'm sure you're all aware of the arrest of Social Justice Warrior, 25-year-old Reality Winner for stealing classified government information and passing it along to a far-left media outlet "The Intercept."

She was an employee of an intelligence contractor.

She had the highest of security clearances.

She had access to anything she wanted.

And according to her social media accounts she was a self admitted Trump Hater.

According to the charges against her she (the little bitch) downloaded a classified document, printed it off on a government printer, removed the printed document from the building, then mailed it to the media.

The printing it off is what did her in.

Like all SWJ's she was convinced she was just a little bit smarter than the average person but she (the little bitch) wasn't smart enough to realize that by using the the very document she printed off they were able to identify the exact printer she used.

In a matter of minutes they were able to determine everyone that had used it on the day in question.


Now her mom's crying foul.

My little baby'd never do something like that.

She's a great person.

She served in the military with distinction.

She loves puppies.

Blah, blah, blah.

"I fear they're going to make an example out of her."

Sorry mom, I feel for you and all, but that's exactly what needs to happen.

It's the only way to get the message out there that if you leak classified information your ass is going to prison for a very long time...

Kevin McGinty

Sunday, June 4, 2017