Thursday, June 22, 2017

A little something to think about...

Our good friend and fellow patriot Sara Socks posted this photo on my Facebook page earlier today and it got me to thinking.

That's exactly what the left is trying to do to this country as we speak.

In fact they're following to example of The Taliban to the letter.

This is exactly the kind of crap today's brain dead masses blindly support and some of are too stupid to even know it.

God help us...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Bunch of ass holes, commie bastards, You should put that Paul Harvey one also, he nailed ways back in the 50s.

  2. Sad...many of us have ancestry who fought on both sides; mine did. A lot of those soldiers were young boys and those monuments represented them. Thry were ordered to take up arms and a lot of them came from families who owned no slaves.
    History is good, bad and sometimes ugly but it also reminds us of what we have overcome as a nation.
    Abraham Lincoln was a Republican...I suspect that's what bothers them more than anything else...even more galling is that democrats from the south were the drivers of "separate but equal" and Jim Crow laws.

  3. Curtis Martell is rather an interesting read...did a little back-and-forth with him on the wednesday blog. Claims not to be a radical leftist of the Digger variety..just a dem. I guess we'll find out huh? Verbal fencing can bring things to light sometimes.

  4. Yep, the left has managed to split every group, and subgroup...and subgroup of those...up, to pit each against all others. While they promise each support, each fails to receive anything substantial from them. That's because what they are doing is impossible.

    They have everyone all riled up and pissed off about real or perceived injustices from the far past. They won't allow deeper study of issues to be taught in the liberal-confiscated schools.

    If the truth was widely known (and understood and believed) about slavery, and about just how many blacks, themselves, were involved in a lot of it, it could have a devastating effect on the Dems constant narrative of blaming present-day whites, only, of slavery, and even wanting "reparations"....from people of whom we, or any of our ancestors EVER had any involvement in slavery?

    They won't teach them that, though slavery was a disturbing blemish on our past, the 330,000 slaves brought directly to the U.S. pales in comparison to the 4 MILLION sent to Brazil, and the rest of the 12 MILLION to other Central and South American countries, and the Carribean. And, ours lasted a much shorter length of time.

    They won't mention the fact that many of our ancestors were the reason slavery was abolished. Blacks had no real say in ending it, beyond their protests and understandable pleas. it was whites, exclusively, who put an end to that barbaric practice. So, why are ALL whites guilty?

    The Dems' extensive history of pure racism must not be taught, lest it reveal who the Dems really are, and always have been. So, let's "rewrite history", and wipe out the facts. it's too difficult to absorb what happened, to actually have our children actively "think" and "learn", and maybe to avoid things happening again. Much easier to tell them WHAT to think, than HOW to think. And, doing that requires less knowledge of things past, and so, the past must be destroyed.

    Very, very dangerous things liberals, our schools and media are doing, these days.

  5. Correction:

    "...or any of our ancestors NEVER had any involvement..."

  6. (Leaving this one "cuss-free")

    Ash and the gang are going gangbusters over there on this one.

    I am sure that not a single one of them personally know a single thing about that bill, and that a total sum of "0" have bothered to read it.

    I haven't read it, either. Yet.

    But, there they go, spouting their ignorant talking points.

    What I have heard, though, is that this is still 90-95% Obamacare, with just a few minor tweaks.

    And, if Obamacare isn't repealed 100% wholesale, and REPLACED, with absolutely no language exactly the same in both, then it is not "repeal and replace". It's "modify and leave in place".

    But, I don't know for sure. I haven't read it, and nobody has had time to fully explain it. So, I'm not going to go off on ignorant rants about "certainties" of which I have no verifiable facts or knowledge.

    We'll leave that to the angry, foaming-at-the-mouth liberals. That's all they know how to do.

    They could have not changed one single word, except change the title of that disastrous, failed monstrocity from "ACA" to "AHCA", or something...and the liberals would STILL rant and rave, and want to burn everything down.

    That's just the kind of people they are.

  7. That's exactly the kind of people they are...

  8. And cats and Rikki, watch yourself with the new guy over on that other website.

    He reminds me a lot of one of our local trolls.

    Starts off reasonable enough but the longer he talks the more he shows his true colors....

    1. Thanks Kevin, I'll be careful. You're right.

  9. He did crack me up yesterday though by going on about how biased my blogs are.

    I've never claimed not to be biased...

  10. about clueless (this one "poof-ready", just in case):

    "And since Trump was sworn in as president, he appears to have spent more mental energy on his feuds with the press than on any other subject. It’s not yet clear to me that Trump actually has the discipline to pursue the sweeping changes to libel law he floated on the campaign trail. But the increasingly corrosive attitudes toward the media that became a hallmark of his campaign are doing damage enough."

    Dear Ms. Rosenberg,

    "The press" (mainstream media, these days), used to have a code of ethics to follow. They were supposed to have "journalistic integrity", be objective, and adhere to the truth.

    Sadly, they have abandoned any pretense of any of those qualities, and have proudly outed themselves as partisan hacks of the left. They don't even really deny it, anymore.

    Lie after lie, misinformation, disinformation, fact cherry-picking to steer a narrative...those are everyday traits of the New American Media. Easily disproven, day after day. They throw stuff out there to see what sticks, regardless of any truths.

    And, they rarely-ever seriously retract, correct or (especially) admit their lies.

    If YOUR profession wasn't so dishonest and untrustworthy, this story would never have been written, at least in how you conflated one case into indicting Trump (which is a ridiculous comparison, anyway).

    If YOUR profession had any "journalistic integrity" or "ethics" left, and if they actually reported the truth, instead of just being a massive smear-machine against Trump and all conservatives, then trump would not utter one single word about the press.

    The "corrosive attitudes" and "damage" are being done by the media, themselves. You are all are committing "industry-suicide".

    Yet, you persist in persisting. Just like in this ridiculous story, that would never have been thought of if the media had any integrity.

    Really, what you have done is participate in the very reason why NOBODY trusts the media, anymore.

    Congratulations. You've just added another of the "thousand cuts".

  11. You biased bastard, good Grief how could you? :)

    1. Trust me Sarge, it gets easier every day...

    2. And I think that Curtis may be that prick Batshit or maybe JJ, I didn't get a chance to comment with him, hell I didn't even get to use my 99 cents up this time.

    3. kind of wonder if he's yellow pearl?

    4. That is a thought now that you mentioned it. I do know he has been around Kevin's blogs before, that's a Gimmie no pun intend.

  12. And now POS Hollywood actor Johnny Depp makes a "joke" about assassinating our President. Ha ha, just kidding. Hey, he's a rich Hollywood actor so he can say whatever he wants, right? The Secret Service ought to perp walk that POS off whatever movie he's getting overpaid to act in and interrogate him for about a week. Maybe he'll get the joke.

    So he says some nonsense about the "last time an actor assassinated the President". The lack of self awareness from the godless left is startling.

    When Abraham Lincoln was elected, the hatred and anger from the democrat party caused seven states to succeed from the Union over him being elected. Talk about refusing to accept an election. And then they went to war with the Union that took an estimated 700 thousand lives.

    Remind anybody of what we have today?

    The hatred and vitriol for the Republican party was terrible. The democrats called them the "Radical Republicans" and the "Black Republicans" because they opposed slavery. That was considered radical by the democrats. They were known to crack heads with walking sticks in congress. They were a violent, seditious party who would have destroyed the Union before they would yield to the will of the people.

    Remind anybody of what we have today?

    And after Lincoln won the war, even though his single focus was to reunite the Union, forgiving the confederacy for their sedition and rebellion, they still murdered him. Their hatred for him burned so deep they could not move on until they killed him. And they ended up with Andrew Johnson as President, who hated the confederacy and wanted to punish them for their war against the country. So their act of vengeance might have made them feel better, but it brought them a much less forgiving President who made them pay more than Lincoln would have. Hatred drove them to lose all reason and act against their best interest.

    Remind anybody of what we have today?

    So the left makes jokes about murdering our President. "It's free speech they cry". "We can say anything we want they say". First amendment they say". But not for you and me. Oh no. We need to shut up because everything we say is hate speech.

    We propose a constitutional government. We support religious freedom, to believe what you wish. We support keeping our country safe from terrorists. We support free markets and working for a living. We support smaller and less government, just like the people who founded this country supported. And we support the right for unborn children to live, and we reject that sexual perversion is normal and acceptable.

    And that is hate speech and should not be allowed according to the godless left.

    They talk openly about murdering our President. They riot and burn and destroy. They silence any opinion they disagree with. They censor blogs on third rate newspapers. And that's called free speech and they don't even get the irony in the whole situation.

    But then, liberalism is a mental illness, so I guess that's just what you get with them.

  13. You nailed it again, my friend...

  14. So who else thinks it would be poetic justice if Johnny Depp ends up in a barn that's on fire surrounded by Federal troops who shoot him through the spine then drag his paralyzed ass out to die laying on the ground?

    Since he's such a big John Wilkes Booth fan. Who was a democrat just like him, by the way.

  15. Oh and Sarge, that email was just wrong...

  16. Here's a comprehensive list of everything that I have enjoyed watching Johnny Deppshit in:

  17. Hey that's my list!! Good Grief.

  18. That goofy TOM DIGGER sure does like to use UPPER CASE a lot. I guess he thinks it ADDS some kind of validation to what he says. It actually makes him look STUPID.

    He wants the names of the violent extremists from the godless democrat party? Well, just start with the crazy Bernie Bro shooter in Virginia and work backwards. Doesn't take much to figure that out. But the, this is TOM DIGGER we're working with here. So don't EXPECT much in the intellectual department if you catch my drift. Which is, I'm saying he's an idiot.

  19. His head's gonna explode tomorrow...

  20. A bunch of the Dems really are beginning to become unhinged. You can see it nationally, you can see it here. Johnny Depp is no sharper than Diggy. They've so convinced themselves that the President is evil that they're baffled to learn that the rest of the country doesn't agree with them. This could cause them to spin even more out of control.

    And who thinks that the Virginia shooter would have acted if he hadn't gotten constant prompting from the "entertainment" crew? Likely he'd have just been another Diggy, stewing away in the comfort of his living room.

    And they're still doing it. For supposedly being so astute, they're certainly obteuse. Tone-deaf. Sort of like their beloved Harridan.

    As for the outhouse, you'll notice I only show up occasionally; usually when I want to deal with Boz (whose attitude is getting worse) or Barty, who can figure things out once in a while. McTesticle and Diggy are lost causes. Batty doesn't even write anymore, but he certainly likes to censor things still. That would have bothered me a year ago. But the forum as a whole isn't relevant anymore, so I post here.

    I still like how Kevin goads them, though. They do respond so predictably, don't they?

  21. Here's an interesting story about Loretta Lynch....

    All I can say it's about time she gets investigated.... being that they're looking at Loretta Lynch, it won't be long after this that they're going to be looking at Hillary and Bill again too.... hoping that ultimately they end up looking at Obama himself!

  22. I don't know what time this was posted but it needs to go viral.... makes me think that there's more like minded Democrats like Phil Montag......the ousted Democrat who said he wished Rep. Scalise had died.....

    Read the article....this is not just serious, folks this is DAMNED SERIOUS!

  23. Someone please post that on Cj, since I can nolonger do that.

    1. correction to that, I guess it cleared moderation.

  24. Dam if I ain't ready for another Summit, Good Grief. And a good morning to you all.

  25. Sarge just itchin' for more burgers, beer and bullshitting! Looks to be a nice day out, today. May have to go out in garage and start sorting out boxes to clear crap out, since it won't be an oven out there! (Yes...boxes still stacked from moving in two years ago! STUFF GOTTA GO! Need the room.)

  26. Look what they are trying to do over there:

    Look at this deceiving headline:

    "Kansas manufacturing health gets a B grade, but pension issues bring in an F"

    "WELL!!! Those evil corporate manufacturers are screwing over their pensioners!!! That's ALL IN NEED TO SEE!!! Those damned greedy 1%ers!!! BERNIE FOR PRESIDENT!!!"

    What? But...wait a minute. They are not talking about the the pensions of the manufacturers' employees? Who the hell gives "pensions" anymore, anyway? Except, of course, "government". Businesses phased them out when they found out the union-forced Ponzi-schemes were bankrupting them, forcing them to keep paying big money for people NOT to work. Like "government" still does.

    But...isn't that what the big, bold headline is meant to convey? The entire story in one sentence, for all the millisecond-attention-span liberals to see and go all unhinged over...before they even know what anything is?

    Of course that's what it's meant to do.

    Turns out, they are trying to directly-link manufacturing (and "industry") health, to KPERS. Government is NOT an "industry". It is a non-profit entity (though, it always wants all of our profit to run everything in our lives).

    Turns out, Brownback's tax policy has actually helped "industry" at least stay afloat, if not thrive in some areas.

    "We’ve had the 10 best years in our corporate history, 2016 and back.”

    "The company’s policy is to reinvest 50 percent of its after-tax profits, Bailey said. The recent tax increase will affect that reinvestment."

    “We reinvested many millions of dollars,” he said. “Not all of that was directly attributable to the tax climate, but the amount that we invested because of the favorable tax environment was significant.”

    "The company added an average of about 10 jobs per year during that 10-year period, Bailey said. He worries that the current state environment will change what his company has to do to be successful."

    And, here is the actual problem, that Bailey pointed out:

    “From a business perspective and a personal perspective, I think Kansas seems to have a spending problem that we are unwilling to address,” he said."


    But, hey...if you can write a headline to put corporate America in the worst possible light, a leftist Fake News organization will find a way.

    1. KPERS...capers...pun intended. Pensions public and private=bye bye Illinois...

  27. I left that one "clean" case anyone thinks it is poof-worthy, just to piss off the Urinal commies!

  28. My, my...given all that has gone on just since thursday where do I begin??

    Senators opposed: Cruz, Lee, Johnson, Paul and dem Manchin...he seems much more like a Lieberman type than the rest of that accursed party.
    May be more info about the bill on their websites but haven't had time to check. Do know that one concern is portability and trying somehow to involve private insurers again but info is scant. Then yesterday who shows up in a clip ripping this version? Gruber himself...these clowns have zero integrity, absolutely zero. No shame whatever.

    1. Heard today...sen Heller on board...5 repubs now.

  29. As to Lincoln: Frederic Douglass, black man, was a lifelong friend of his. They debated heatedly over how to get rid of it (Douglass more understandably emotional) but it did not destroy their friendship.
    Then we have Bass Reeves, first black US marshall. If you broke the law he came after you. Race played no part and a lot of people loved him for his moral character. After dem-instigated Jim Crow however, he couldn't get so much as a meal and a hotel room in a lot of places unless the business was black owned. Damn few of those...
    One of the most egregious of all is the story of "Black Wall Street" in Tulsa back during the KKK heyday. Long story short, guy got framed by the klan and crooked law enforcement, tension got so bad that the goons went into that part of town and torched it to the ground. A lot of blacks had managed to build a strong community and many were business people who became wealthy via hard work. Sadly they never recovered.
    But dems don't want these things known...

  30. Re our friend's latest posts...sounds like a female mckenna...
    Staf tinks its a troll...pppffftttt! Dat dont smel liks are witefishes...🐺)

  31. Or....dare I say it? Yes I shall...


    1. Well I said that myself except I said Batshit! :)

  32. Talk about trying to cover up a mess in the dc litter box....first I'll list sources...

    Lame cherry was my starting point. In verifying I was led to 13 june 2017 "James Comey sued by intelligence contractor Dennis Montgomery Over...."

    Then: piece has a ton of info and two civil cases :
    17-cv-01074 "assigned as telated to prior case Klayman et al v Obama et al 13-cv-00851...

    Zero hedge 22 march 17...and beaucoups other sites.

    Involves Dennis Montgomery, whistleblower. Klayman is founder of both judicial watch and fr÷dom watch usa.

    This is about 47 classified files exposing massive deep state spying, election tampering, a massive network of contractors with names we know, Snowden, vault 7 of wikileaks and only God knows what else. Also Nunes' work...
    Just a massive operation going back to 2008 at least.
    No damned wonder these dems are freaking out.

  33. Correction: Montgomery had 47 hard drives and has been given partial immunity.

    Am so glad Sessions stays quiet about investigations doubt he's aware of all this and Lynch may want to have some depends handy if she testifies.

  34. Just wait till Nunya reads todays Paper, Lol he will blow his top!!!

  35. "Topeka Capital-Journal wins KC Press Club’s Newspaper of the Year award"

    And, like all good far-left, socialist/communist anti-American, anti-Constitutional, Antifa (anti-first-amendment) fascist Fake News organizations, they use this occasion to attack true Americans:

    “We are proud to stand with our peers across the state, producing great journalism and demonstrating our relevance in flagrant defiance of fake news and those misguided few who wish to silence, control or marginalize us,” managing editor Sherman Smith said Saturday."

    "Misguided few", Sherm? How's those readership/circulation numbers, lately?!

    I count about 16 "awards". WOW!!! That's IMPRESSIVE! Looks like nearly everyone got a "participation trophy" yesterday! (A little linament on those arms will help soothe all those aches from patting your ownselves on the back!)

    Did any of them stand up and do a Sally Field? “I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!”

    I'd put these monumental achievements right up there with Al Gore and Barack Obama winning those Nobel Prizes! No dubious accomplishment (or NO accomplishment, in Obama's case) too insignificant to consider for a meaningless prize from a meaningless group of like-minded circle-jerkers.

    I'm just surprised that those liberals even allowed any kind of "competitive recognition". That's more of a "capitalistic" ideal, where people who work harder and smarter benefit. And, we all know how the left absolutely ABHORS that!

    I hope they have some therapy dogs and coloring books for those at CJ who didn't win an award, and will need to seek solace in their safe spaces.

    Giving out prizes and awards for doing a job? Well...that's just mean-spirited, and something those violent, hateful reprobates on the right would do!


  36. "Letter: Demagoguery or impotence"

    Here we go, again. Idiots who are unable to to process one molecule of "common sense" for even one trillasecond:

    "In a column published on June 18, Kris Kobach claims there may be as many as 18,000 non-citizens on the Kansas voter rolls."

    "Let’s ignore the fact that this number has been widely debunked. Let’s assume, as Kobach does, that the number is true. Why is it, then, that Kobach’s office only identified six non-citizens who attempted to vote in Kansas in recent years?"

    Hey, Mathis...the obvious, easy, common-sense answer is...TADA!

    "Because it's so easy to get away with, and difficult to catch, since the Dems object to any kind of verification process in their treasonous attempts to gain illegal Democrat votes!"

    See? That's not so hard, now is it?

    (Never mind. You're a liberal. ANY actual cognitive "thinking" is like trying to lift a mountain with a toothpick, for you all. Carry on with your preprogrammed leftist talking points there, Mathis.)

  37. Well,'s edition should get'em all spittin' and sputterin' and spinnin' and spewin' and furiously-pounding their keyboards!

    I had thought about trying to create a video documenting all the hate and violence, destruction and race-baiting, burning and looting, and pure-hateful, divisive and often, extremely-vulgar, language from leftist politicians from Obama on down, irrelevant "celebrities" and all a timeline, starting in 2007 with Obama's earliest utterances and threats (fundamentally transform).

    Insert actual video footage, and pictures and quotes, etc.

    "A Decade of Hate".

    Then, I thought about the sheer volume of material that I would have to seek out and edit in, and do it in chronological order, to show the progression. It's A LOT of material there! Could probably be a three-hour video with no more than, mostly, 5-second clips, with a few necessarily longer!

    A LOT!!!

  38. Lol... Spitting and sputtering is what they do.

    And Nunya, if you ever do get that video up and running be sure to let me know...

  39. Hey Sarge, give me a call if you get a chance...

    1. When do you want that call? I can do it now or at the time you want.

  40. Lol... I just found it a few minutes ago. Thanks Sarge...

    1. Welcome, now I hope that stops you from talking bad about me, hehehe Enjoy your weekend, and give my best to all your family. Oh I see another Mcginty, posted on your other blog, wonder if he is any relation? :):):)

  41. Lol... Yeah that's my little brother...

  42. Saw that!

    And of course the Digger is in top form.../sarc...😒

    1. Digger is being his normal insane bull shitter. Or just showing his liberal asshole self.

  43. I used to think maybe ol' Tom was just putting on a show over on that other website.

    I mean, nobody could be that blind, right?


    Just look him up on Facebook and you'll see the exact same blind devotion to the democrat party as you see on cj.


    1. Yes. It is. Most people just are not that fixated on a political agenda and he's been that way for some time. Just based on what I see in the blogs he's just too wound up in it.

  44. I would like to put a size 12 boot right up Diggers Liberal ass. Yup I would love doing it. Than make the punk lick my boot clean.

  45. Say do you think that punk piece of shit Digger comes over here to read this blog, wait maybe not that low life prick can't read. Right Digger? hahahahha