Monday, June 26, 2017

Death threats? What death threats?

Just reading over on the CJ Urinal on Kevin's blog the unhinged ranting of one of many goofy mentally challenged godless left wing commenters. That stuff would be funny if it wasn't so scary.

Obama got thousands of death threats he sez. I know it's true because I read it on some left wing website.

The TEA party was causing all the violence he sez. Which is truly a complete lie. There has never been a case of violence associated with the TEA party. They did what political action groups are supposed to do. The held peaceful rallies. They educated people. They supported the candidates they chose and worked to defeat the candidates they didn't approve of. And they caused a massive change in the politics of this country. But violence? Nope. None. Never. And the few times somebody got some picture of a rally with some nut holding a racist sign, it was soon discovered the godless left had a group dedicated to attending TEA party rallies and holding up racist signs to make it look like they represented the TEA party. Typical left wing stuff.

And of course it's the fault of FOX news. When these guys have exhausted the whole arsenal of horse manure they have they always pull FOX news out of their ass and try that one.

But the reality is these people are in complete melt down. President Donald Trump has so thoroughly blown their minds they have gone insane. They no longer have the power to reason, or think rationally. We see it every day.

Rush Limbaugh always says you can tell the level of fear the left has of someone by how extreme their response to them is. And their response to President Donald Trump is right up there with their response to Abraham Lincoln. Virtually at the level of civil war. They are scared to death this President has ended their reign of terror and their days of destroying America are done. 

Pretty much everything this digger guy says is a lie. It's a bunch of lies the left has told for years now, and they have always believed repeating lies makes them true. But they are still lies.

The crazy thing is these people just don't get it. All this stuff they are doing has cost them over 1,100 elections in the past six years, including the House, Senate and the Presidency. But they just keep doing it. And then we hear about how the polls show this or that. The same polls that said Donald Trump could never win the nomination. Then said Hillary would win in a cake walk. So no, I don't really care what the polls say.

So our delusional enemies of America on the left now are imagining if they just keep doing what has gotten them here they will win the House and Senate back and impeach President Trump. Sorry, but these people are crazy at a level that warrants institutionalizing.

So we know President Trump owns these people. He has them dancing like chickens on a hot plate. And he's not stopping. Roll on Mr. President. Make them crazy. We'll watch as their heads explode.


  1. Yup that dickhead Digger sure can spread the shit after eating it.

  2. Hi Safe, great blog. Sadly, there are several people who just like Digger out there that regardless of what anyone says, they'll argue to the bitter end.

    It's almost like an alternate reality - as things unfold from bad to worse in how the Liberal Left just can't accept they lost. What the Liberal Left has done is make themselves enemies of the state (so to speak)'s worse than just down right spooky - it's become a freakin' nightmare with not knowing what's going to come next....(i.e. will there be more shootings? will there be more assaults? will there be more vandalism? etc.).

  3. Oh how I wished I could get past the moderators with this reply comment to Curtis Martell's latest load of crap he just posted.....


  4. Rikki don't sweat that one...didn't take him long at all to open his trenchcoat and expose himself as a troll...

  5. Thanks cats - hugs.

    Yes, he's a piece of liberal lunatic work isn't he?

  6. They're crawling out of the woodwork over there one by one now..
    🚽 thank God for plumbers...🚽

  7. Just breaking: SCOTUS has upheld at least part of the temporary ban...those from the list will be allowed in as long as they have a "bona fide relationship with an American citizen or entity"...Half a loaf is better than none...
    But be prepared for more hissies...

    1. Cats.... (smiles & hugs) you beat me to the punch on this one...

      This is a partial victory for President Trump though, it won't be a total victory until the US Supreme court until they make the unanimous decision to all agree that this travel ban is legal and constitutional on all points.

    2. Not for long Rikki πŸ˜‚ I really need to get off the blogs and get some things done around here....

  8. I see another win for Trump from the courts today, Muslim Ban is okay,

  9. Lol...Rush is reporting that the prop media is going totally nutz over the decision. Likely the 🚽 will too, before the day is out...

  10. They'll all go crazy. This was the inevitable outcome. It was completely legal from the start. The left goes and finds some fellow godless left wing judge to issue an unconstitutional and illegal ruling and then they crow about it until the Supreme Court finally rules in accordance with the law.

    And three of the Justices said they would have let it stand verbatim.

    And more good news, it looks like another Justice is going to retire. Imagine what's coming if President Trump gets to appoint another Justice. The left will go crazier, if that's even possible.

    I have to say, I'm enjoying this more than I thought I would.

  11. I don't see a legitimate legal controversy. Trump is merely doing what Clinton, Bush and Obama did before him. Saying that his campaign rhetoric makes a difference is disingenuous. The Dems got their hands slapped and I suppose they will go crazy. But at least now they can't point to a 9th Circuit opinion as being the legal answer.

    Besides, the "really big shew" for the day is if Kennedy retires. So watch the birdie and keep your eye on the ball. The rest of the news will be a distraction if that turns out to be true. That may be the whole ball of wax.

    1. Ditto that, Captain! Am keeping tabs on it...

  12. Here’s the latest of the freakin’ nightmare from the Liberal Left…

    Rob ‘Meathead’ Reiner (co-star to the ‘70’s show All in the Family where his nick name was ‘Meathead’) has declared war to save what he calls democracy.

    and the bullshit continues in a downward spiraling motion as the Democratic Party marches on in their political suicide.

  13. Hell froze over......

    Yep.... CJ posted the story about the US Supreme Court ruling in President Trump's favor....

  14. By the time SCOTUS gets around to hearing arguments they may end up saying "nope"...because the 90 days will likely be how slick is that? πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜€

  15. Fusion GPS...on payroll of as-yet-unnamed dem Clinton crony.
    2012: this outfit hired by dems to go after Romney.
    2015: went after pro-life activists on behalf of Planned PartsHood
    2016: shopping around with that dossier...McCain of course ended up with that and eventually gave it to the FBI.
    Sept 2016: GPS Fusion cofounder and partner Peter Fritsch gave at least $1000 to the Hillary victory fund and Hillary for America according to the fed election commission. Wife also gave.
    Mexico connections:
    Fritsch used to be a Journal bureau chief, Mexico City and his wife worked for Grupo Dina, a NAFTA beneficiary...Trump, we know, doesn't like NAFTA.
    Senate investigators asking for records of communications between Fusion, the FBI, DOJ Lynch and McCabe (said to be the agent who negotiated with Steele of dossier fame). So far neither Fusion nor the FBI have turned over any documents. No shock, that...had the shillary gotten elected they wouldn't have all these problems.
    Sources: zero hedge piece by " the real fly" and ny post reporter Paul Sperry doing report as well according to the zero hedge piece.

  16. One

    Obama destroyed health care and the rino fix is little better imho.

    After years of watching it being destroyed while rinos sat around with their thumbs up their butts instead of having the balls to fight back, I am thoroughly disgusted to the point of letting the whole damned thing collapse and hang the consequences.
    Way back when, doctors dealt directly with their patients and people managed. Over the years, along came employer-based health plans, big insurance, big insurance lobbyists, big government....and here we are!
    Insurers started burying doctors and other care providers in paperwork. Lawsuits for malpractice. Medicaid. More paperwork. Costs went up. Patients and their doctors had to seek approval for treatment plans through insurers before treatment. And on and on.
    At risk of getting an avalanche of shoes thrown at me, let it collapse and start the hell OVER!!!

    1. I can buy that!! collapse is better than what we have now.

  17. As I live and breathe...he may delete the post but Digger admits to being white read it here first...

    1. Cats He proved he is just a liberal asshole, we now have a record of that.

  18. Cats he can't delete it if it is here. Hahahhaha

    NO, I am not a Muslim. I'm also NOT a racist. I'm also NOT a immigrant. I'm not HISPANIC. I'm also NOT gay. I'm white privileged college educated Veteran who worked his rear end off for 45 years to made a good amount of money to earn my retirement. I'm just sick of hypocrites and whiners who blame others for their problems. I'm sick of racists like Trump who had daddy's who gave them all their money and set them up in life. He's a con man and anyone with a triple digit IQ can see it from a mile away! I hate that he STIFFED hard workers like ME after they did the job that was agreed by both sides. I'm sick of far right cons who live in some alternate universe where they get this MISinformation from FOX and then say every other REAL news network is biased when the only one that is really fake and biased is the one they watch! I'm sick of hypocrites who make excuses for the racist birthers who called Obama a Muslim and claimed he wasn't a 'real' American and or citizen' when they meant he couldn't be president because he was black! I'm sick of the hypocrites who now whine about LEFT extremists violence but seem to ignore the YEARS of far right extremists violence we've seen that killed abortion doctors, killed gays, killed Muslims and killed blacks. And THAT IS A SERIOUS ANSWER!

    1. Sarge I had to go back and read it again just to make sure I read it right lol...glad you put it here . so far he hasnt yanked it but now it doesnt matter...
      Still waiting to see if he will of cultural appropriation because I happen to love collards, tacos and chinese food.
      That man is lost.

  19. SCOTUS went 9 zip on that decision...even the libs went along. Gotta be driving their party nutz...

  20. Tom's losing his friggin mind.

    Well, what little there is left of it...

  21. He can't lose what he never had.

  22. I think I'll take one more shot at him over there then call it a night...

  23. Digger.
    It's perfect.
    It's perfectly sane to dig holes to get out of one.
    I encourage the behavior.
    Seeing the crazy go crazy?
    Probably so.

    Keep at them over at the urinal folks.
    Be well.

    1. You too, Hammer...nothing like waiting on laundry to dry and having a couple of laffs here...the urinal. 🚽 is in the...terlit...

  24. By the way, California may have bitten off more they could chew with battle with Monsanto over glyphosate.

    And CNN realizes collusion hoax......

    Lynch could be fall woman, or key to the fall of Clinton empire. I'd hate to be looking over my shoulder or question the food served to me like Lynch will. The Clinton play so nice, ya know...

    Many interesting stories today.

    And let Kennedy retire and and Ginsburg croak.
    Put some real pressure on the communist hordes.

    Individual over the

  25. Good evening all, don't get much time on the blogs lately. Still get them read though, like watching the melt downs on the cj. Rural preacher

  26. Good evening all, don't get much time on the blogs lately. Still get them read though, like watching the melt downs on the cj. Rural preacher

  27. Always good to hear from you RP.

    And now that the tables are beginning to turn on the democrats I suspect the meltdowns will only get worse...

  28. I really hate it when I spend 15-20 minutes carefully crafting a comment exposing the idiotic hypocrisy of libtards...and the browser crashes on my last sentence, losing it all!��

  29. OK...let's try again...aaarrrghhh! ("Poof-ready" to that letter comments, in case anyone wishes).

    "Letter: Civil discourse must return to political arena"

    Here, our old nemesis Bob Cook calls for "civil discourse", before ending with a hypocritical "blame-the-Republicans" message. I's like they are on the ropes, they know they are getting hammered, and NOW they want us to "fight fair"?


    Ol' Bob starts out his first 3 paragraphs reasonably enough. "Oh...he seems to be quite reasonable for a change, in this letter".

    Then, Bob reverts to his deeply-ingrained liberal tendencies, and goes on his hypocritical "blame the Republicans" nonsense, while overlooking that everything he wants to blame on them, the Dems did a million times worse.

    Let's start with Congress, as he did:

    "Certain practices in the U.S. House and Senate effectively deny the playing field to the minority party. This is not what our forefathers envisioned."

    No, it isn't. And, it has certainly been completely ignored by the left, especially during the 8 years of the criminal Obama regime, pushing garbage through, and a whole lot of illegal acts, as will soon be proven. Besides, we're not sure what the Dems are complaining about. Seems a whole lot of Republican RINOs lied about Obamacare to get into office or stay in, and they're on track to let that fiasco of "tweak and leave-in-place" Obamacare continue to destroy our system. Except, now...the Republicans will be blamed for the catastrophic crash it will cause.

    "In the future, new presidents should be offered instruction between election and inauguration, to include the separation of power between the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of government."

    Obama and his henchmen didn't understand any of that in his entire 8 years. I'm sure Trump has more of a grasp on it all, than Obama, the Dems or the 'jusge-shopped' liberal lower courts do. I suppose we should get used to having the Supreme Court teach that to them for every issue Team Trump tries to deal with, huh?

    "He or she needs to clearly understand the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution and its very specific prohibitions."

    Bob, I doubt you even knew what that was before CNN and MSNBC threw it at the wall in their evermore desperate attempts to obstruct and take Trump down. You'll soon learn, Bob, that with Trump and that clause, there's no "there, there". Wouldn't have been able to say the same about Hillary, though. She's covered in muck from the swamp, like the Creature from the Black Lagoon, that she is. of course, if she had been elected, you, Bob...and the leftist media, will never had learned a new word, huh?

    "And if he has never been in government before, he should be given a crash course in what a president can and cannot do."

    Obama never l;earned that in his entire 8 years. I'm sure Trump has a much better grasp on that, also.

    "Voter registration rules and gerrymandering are devices to make it difficult for certain voters to cast a ballot. This should be against the law with rare exceptions."

    Lemme get this straight. "voter registration rules make it difficult for certain voters to vote?" Well...YEAH! They are supposed to! People who are NOT entitled to vote shouldn't be allowed to! They need to be MUCH tighter! What, wanna let just ANYONE vote? (Of course you do.)

    Gerrymandering? Against the law, except in certain cases? Like...those occasions where it benefits Democrats, of course.

    Good grief!

  30. More locally-written "Fake News", straight from the socialist editors of the TCJ:

    "Editorial: Disregarding the needs of rural Kansans"

    "Finally, there’s the uncertainty surrounding Medicaid. The American Health Care Act would cut Medicaid by as much as $834 billion — a reduction that would be disproportionately harmful to rural hospitals that rely on Medicaid payments."

    Blatant lie. As always, when a liberal says "cuts", it's actually "a small reduction of a huge increase". Plus, the bill, as it currently stands, actually greatly expands that particular welfare program for many years to come, before the "reductions in huge increases" happen.

    Lies. Blatant lies. Fake News.

    Typical. (They're just trying to be as irrelevant as CNN, going for ratings, I guess.)

  31. Well, if you're in the media biz these days you pick your market to go after and then go after it. CNN, MSLSD and the others picked the godless left and are catering to them. The CJ Urinal picked the godless left and that's who they're going for.

    All you do then is do what the rest do. Print lies, innuendos, misleading slanted stories and then wait for the clicks (or subscriptions) which I doubt are coming.

    It stopped being journalism years ago. Now it's feed the animals raw meat and hope they reward you by buying a subscription.

    It's a calculated gamble. Are there more of them, the godless left who will slavishly follow whatever you feed them and pay you for it? Or are them more of us who cancel our subscriptions and will not pay a penny to your democrat operative former newspaper?

    Talk radio proved years ago which model works. Are there even any left wing radio talk shows left? Can't think of any. But Rush, Hannity, Savage, Levin are all filthy rich from their success. FOX news gets more viewers than all the rest combined. At least they did, until they decided to muddy their brand.

    So the old CJ Urinal, the paper of note for the City of Topeka decided to go for the godless left wing market and shut out the rest of us. Will it work? Doubt it. You don't insult regularly half of your readership and count on them to subscribe to your fish wrap.

    It's the new media, folks. And it sucks.

  32. Indeed it does.

    And speaking of the media. CNN producer caught on hidden camera saying the whole Trump/Russia story is bullshit.

    Story on Breitbart...

  33. Another tactic they've been using forever is to hide behind the Constitution every time they start whining about something..."this isn't what the founders together for our democracy....yadayadayada". Every time I hear them start up with that I want to throw something at the radio but I dont want to break my radio...
    Try to destroy the paperwork then try to hide behind it???

  34. Hahahahoooohaaahhaaaahaaaa!!
    Finally! Those of us who have long known about all the fake news out there, Project Veritas caught the CNN producer on a hot mike, telling theor reporters to keep on pushing that Russia story even though he knew it was "bullshit"...3 of their journalists fired.
    Wouldn't it be cool if the FCC stepped in and yanked their license?
    And...Michael Savage just reported that the producer Bonefiel just got fired.
    The next to go should be their big kahuna Zucker.

  35. Also wonder if Keri, on the 🚽, thinks about that, given her undying support and adulation of our wonderful freedom of the press which must not ever be infringed upon because they are the people's watchdog?

    This is a circus well worth watching...

  36. Correction...Bonifeld not fired yet...this from O'Keefe of Veritas who says he will be dropping another vid tomorrow on CNN...

  37. This just might be the one that puts Tom over the edge...

    1. Over the edge, hell he is hanging over by holding on to Ash jock, Tom is one everyone needs to keep a eye on that one, Hell if he ever came to a summit I would never turn my back on him.

    2. Got that right! Those rants of his are downright crazy at times. Control freak stuff.

  38. trying something different for dinner..... bacon wrapped hamburger meatloaf..... will let you know how it turns out because currently it's an experiment for me.... hee hee.....

    I heard that bacon gives the meatloaf a smokey flavor. Got some jumbo baker russets in the oven too baking....

    1. You have never had a bacon burger before?

    2. I've had bacon cheeseburgers, but never tried bacon meatloaf.... (smiles). btw, my house has the aroma of bacon filtrating through.... smells yummy

    3. Yup bacon works with meatloaf...was taught to make it way back when and 2 strips of bacon on top of loaf was mandatory. I still do that...

  39. Keven what the Hell happen over there, the assholes got you., fucking pricks.

  40. They got us all this time.

    I got an email from Eric Smith informing me they were discontinuing the Community Blogs effective immediately...

    1. What??? Any reason given for that crap?

  41. That sucks Kevin.... but it doesn't surprise me about Cj leftist liberal decision.... they just don't want the truth on their rag....


  42. Well we all knew CJ suck"s, they must have wanted to prove it. Poor Tom what is that nut case going to do now.

  43. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if they just cancel out public commenting all together.....

    1. Me neither...but then some of those letters aren't worth bothering with and the editorials with rare exception are nothing but leftist progressive trash...

  44. Jerks. Given the attention yours gets with such a large following they'll hear about it I"m sure.

  45. Well, I guess I won't have any reason to visit that sight ever again.

    Guess I called it earlier, didn't I? They've picked their side and Kevin was just too much truth for them.

    If the truth be told I suspect they killed the blogs to get rid of Kevin. Nobody read any of the others except Contra's blog.

    Wonder if any of those lefty morons will grow balls and come over here and start that shit? Nah, who am I kidding. They would never do that. Cowards one and all. When they don't have CJ urinal protecting them they're a bunch of whimpering worthless chickenshits. They would never tangle with us.

    Guess we win. They got shut down there as well. But we're still kicking ass right here.

    1. I thought the same thing, Safe...they cannot stand vigorous debate and Kevin's blogs allowed for very heated ones at times. Hell, we founded a country that way and those fools just can't deal.

  46. You won't see any of the leftist liberal idiots over here, they won't have a safe place to hide over here.... and since we have some leftist libs lurking around...... reading our comments here....

    I have this for you.... President Trump - say the name, because you'll be seeing him in office for a long time.....

    oh yeah..... one more thing you leftist idiots....


  47. oh, the bacon wrapped meatloaf came out just fine..... quite dandy.

    1. I did chicken livers those things! Cheap meal and add a salad or sliced tomatoes and homemade french fries and...feast!

  48. Dwindc aka blue....whats he gonna do
    When he cant rag on you..
    Or the rest of us for that matter...
    He'd have to come over here to joust with the Captain...

  49. And to the cj...
    You can take the blogs away but
    READ THIS!!!🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽

  50. That bunch of crybaby commie losers just can't help doing crap to keep destroying their shrinking, sinking little propaganda rag, can they?!πŸ˜‚

    They are exactly like the rest of the fascist liberals in this country. Want no debate or other viewpoints, and just like the wheels are starting to come off the bus for the lying, demonic Dems whose idiotic dishonest antics are starting to boomerang on them, that shitpot little paper is doing it to themselves.

    And, I guarantee you that the main brainless idiot behind it all is that pansy-boy, Little Matty, the Johnson.

    Screw'em. It wouldn't surprise me if they didn't last more than a year or two longer, anyway. And, I'd raise a toast to the demise of those deplorable assholes.🍺😊

  51. Got that right...looked at their latest editorial offering and it was all about the need for journalistic integrity and "community" and "democracy". Wanted to comment ...oh how I wanted to comment...but the box didn't appear. Tells me subscribers only. Read but don't touch unless you pay, I guess...that won't last long. Hell the Burlingame paper is bigger than the urinal nowadays. Once a week for a dollar and not much in it either but it serves a tiny area. Mostly local stuff but it's worth a buck.

  52. In his email Eric encouraged me to contact Matt Johnson about writing a guest column.

    I think not...

  53. Don't blame you there...on that stupid editorial the box came up when I tried again and I commented...about how they saw fit to run such an efitorial while doing away with the blogs. Hard to be tactful but I reminded them about our founding and the role of Publius as opposed to modern journalism.
    Sanctimonious assholes.

  54. Guest column!! What the hell is that? If they want you and some of your guest, they need to part with some big bucks.

  55. Sounds like a sop offering to me...likely they would demand that they approve before running it. Old Ash and Lunn are having a field day on not one but two editorials on journalism and the press over there...I scratched 'em good...probably won't be able to much longer lol.

  56. That's exactly what it'd be.

    They'd treat it like they do with letters to the editor.

    They'd edit it then decide whether or not to publish it and because Matt Johnson, a known Trump hater would be doing the editing...

    Well, you know...

  57. If I were you Kevin, I'd reply to Eric with a great big G.T.H. or F.You..... email and just totally unload on him.

  58. Just my summation of things, they got tired of the lefties whining to the mods and since it would be like singling you and your blogs out, they decided to axe the whole community blog thing.

  59. "At the Topeka Capital-Journal, we strive to maintain high standards of "civil discourse", and must not allow opinions or debate from anyone not aligned with our philosophical beliefs and goals, which are Socialist in nature, and cannot be allowed to dilute our far-left Communist/Fascist propaganda. Therefore, "Community Blogs" will be suspended indefinitely, as we work to contain, and change the narrative with Fake News, the great damage that our fellow Democrats have brought upon themselves. Thank you for understanding."

    There...that should perfectly explain it. πŸ˜‚

  60. It's funny how this all came about just when things are starting to turn around.

    CNN has been outed as the liars they are.

    The connection between Lynch and the Hillary campaign has been established.

    The Supreme Court upheld most of Trump's travel ban.

    Dems lost their 4th special election in a row.

    These are all stories they absolutely will not cover and now, well, now they don't have to worry about anyone else talking about them either...

  61. Don't worry all those asshole will show up here to read what is really going on in the world, Hell Tom will have the DTee's not being able to shout and whine to us.

  62. When the shit really starts to hit the fan, and all those criminal Dems start getting heat, the Urinal has two choices.

    Report the truth.

    Ignore the truth.

    If they continue to ignore it, and people start wondering why they aren't reporting actual relevant news that they stumble across elswhere, then more and more people will realize they are what they are. A Fake News outlet, with an agenda.

    Keep tying your own nooses, Urinal staff. About time to take some neck measurements on yourselves.