Sunday, June 18, 2017

Doing exactly what a dad is supposed to do...

First of all I hope all you dads had a good day today.

And speaking of dads, I ran across a little video last night on Facebook of a dad who gets it.

I can't help but believe that if more dads had their kids backs this country wouldn't be in the mess we're in today.

Christopher Wireck I salute you...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Exactly. Yet another example of the leftist total infiltration into public schools to get to the kids, at younger and younger ages, turn them away from Christianity and Judaism, and indoctrinate them into anything else, or atheism.

    Past time to stop this crap.

  2. I think the only reason the left are pimping islam at the level they do is because they know we don't like it. Otherwise they would realize these people hate them way more than they do us.

    If they had to live under the satanic Islam religion they'd be getting tossed off buildings and getting their hands and heads chopped off on a regular basis.

    That and they're chickenshit cowards afraid to call these satanic seventh century monsters what they are. Godless Satan worshiping apostate heathens.

  3. Another terrorist attack in London. Pedestrians run over. These people are a little thick headed, no? No wonder we whipped their ass with a bunch of farmers with squirrel guns.

  4. And the shit just keeps coming...

    1. And Trump isn't going any where he is kicking ass, and the liberal are in a fucking panic, poor stupid sons of bitches.

  5. "Forum on truthfulness to be hosted by the Topeka Capital-Journal on Tuesday"

    "Ahrens said while there may be heated rhetoric that is currently dominating the national political landscape with accusations of fake news, readers of the Capital-Journal can be assured the newspaper’s reporters are doing their due diligence to get and report the facts."

    HahaHAAAAhaHAAAA!!! Ohhhh....HAHAHAAAAA!!!!! WOOOOOO!! Oh...jeeez...uh...hahaHAAAA!!!!!!!! Oh man...STOP IT! Oh...oh...I...uh...hahaHAAAAAAAA!!!!

    “We need to be able to have a discerning ear and a discerning eye of truth in reporting,” he said, “and what reliable, vetted, researched content really looks like.”

    "Sherman Smith, managing news editor for the Capital-Journal, said while national media reporters may use anonymous sources in their stories, only in rare instances would Capital-Journal cite unnamed sources in a story."

    Oh...jeeez...they're killing me with that! GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!! AAAAHHHHHH-HA-HAAAA!!!!!!

    No...but they're more than happy to RUN those stories from OTHER sources...which make them JUST AS GUILTY!!!

    Yiminy...they almost sound serious with that! Wasn't April Fool's Day a few months back?!


  6. And, here's the Urinal's long-winded push for doubling the "no-experience, no-skills, no-extra-effort-to-advance" minimum wage, which is not meant to be "a career":

    "Rental costs outpace wages in Topeka, Kansas"

    They get nearly to the end, before offering the only solution that liberals think there is:

    "Instead, McClure said the issue nationally, and in Kansas, is low wages."

    “The units are priced reasonably. We have too many households who cannot afford to enter the housing market because of their very low incomes,” he said “The answer is not to build more units; the answer is to raise the incomes.”

    "A discussion about the state’s minimum wage is “long overdue,” Topeka Democrat Sen. Laura Kelly said. In the meantime local, state and federal housing programs need to better coordinate."

    Yep...."Get real"....straight from the "honest Capital-Journal".

    Since, say, a raise to $15/hr for NO extra effort or schooling seems "fair", and is about a 109% increase...i think it would be fair if WE all, who put in the time, effort and money to not have to work a minimum wage job, ALSO got a 109% increase...y' keep things in proper perspective? Otherwise, it's effectively LOWERING our pay, in comparison, and when the costs of everything are going to spike. (Which will put those no-skilled-no-education $15/hr minimum wage earners right back where they started.)

    How is THAT "fair"?

  7. "Letter: Kansas economy rebounding"

    Here's a retired teacher railing about Brownback, KPERS, etc.

    OK...I'll play.

    I'm assuming the teacher has some mathematical abilities, and some kind of critical-thinking skills?

    Let's start with "retired after 32 years". I dunno...maybe she DID start late to teaching, and had to work into their late 60's, like most of the rest of us? let's say...retired at 67? She would have started at 35.

    So, I don't know about that particular teacher, but most start straight out of college (basically, to plan on spending their entire lives "in school", and insulated from the real world).

    Let's call that age 25, started teaching. Retired after 32 years. That's 57. Yes, many, many do get to retire very early.

    So, they have spent their entire career being paid from private-sector taxpayer money. That's OK...that's what was agreed on. But, since they couldn't possibly have paid more...say...state tax back in than the state taxpayer money paid to them for salary and benefits, then from a purely mathematical standpoint, they have never actually contributed even a penny in as state taxes, to have the effect of "net-positive tax revenue".

    Sure, they may have even bought things, had some taxes deducted from pay, etc., to go back to the state as taxes...but the money they used to pay even those were originally generated by "net-positive private-sector" taxpayers. If she averaged, say $50,000/yr, and paid, say, 10% in deductions, property taxes, sales taxes, etc., to the state, then, as far as ONLY the numbers show, she didn't "pay the state" anything. She is still a $40,000 financial liability, on the books.

    (Yes, I know the pay is spread among local, state and federal, etc., but this is just an 'easy-math' thing, and still applies, no matter the amount).

    And, now, she will live off the taxpayers, in part, the rest of her life in retirementon which many state employees retire early. That could be another 30, 40 years, if they retire at 55, or so.

    So, unlike the rest of us who have to take risks in the markets, and SS, KPERS takes the SAME RISKS of 59% of their funding in the same "markets" as we may, but if they take a loss (like they did in '08, which helped cause some of this mess), it doesn't matter. It must be paid back.

    Getting it back to where it is supposed to be can be done a few ways. Once is to have the state employee contribute more, but they don't really like funding their own retirement with more deductions from their paychecks, much (even though the money actually just comes from the net-positive private-sector taxpayers in the first place.)

    They can continue the shell game they always do, with the budget.

    Another tactic government likes is to draw in plenty of "new blood", a short-term scheme to get more of the new ones to contribute to the fund, to make it appear to rise. (This is the Ponzi scheme aspect). They'll ignore the fact that they are greatly diminisihing the general fund over THERE, for a small fix over HERE.

    In the end, what always happens, is taxes get raised to cover it.

    And, ONLY the private-sector taxpayers get squeezed, more and more.

    Meanwhile, the entire careers AND retirements...and everything they have done or owned, of those state workers have been fully-funded by the private-sector, while the state workers enjoy all the same infrastructure and other state government amenities, while never having had contributed a single penny of "net-positive" taxes.

    Of course this lady wants KPERS fully-funded. Not like she has had to ever really pay for it, if she's ONLY been a teacher all her life.

    You'd think a teacher would be able to realize a simple concept, using simple math, and leaving all the emotional/personally-affecting aspects out of it?

  8. Btw...she also goes off into that "adequate and EQUITABLE school funding" thing, of which I have already shown does NOT exist in the Kansas Constitution. "Equitable" refers to ONLY "higher education", and not to K-12 public schools.

    You'd think a teacher, or any of the others arguing that as "in the Kansas Constitution" might actually try reading the Constitution, before advancing that argument?

    I suppose what they are hoping is the general public is too lazy to find out for themselves, and will swallow that lie?

  9. The urinal is a washed up pathetic excuse for a former newspaper. They are dedicated democrat operatives with bylines. If you assume that every time you read a story on that fishwrap you will be correct.

    They are full on left wing. Everything they do is slanted left. They hate Governor Brownback and did everything they could to get the Conservatives driven out of the Kansas Legislature. And what did we get for all that? A $1.2 billion dollar tax increase. Thanks, Topeka Capital Urinal.

    They hate President Trump and all of us. You see it in the blogs. They let the left wing turd pushers say anything they want any time they want, the nastier the better but they censor our folks.

    I dropped my subscription years ago. I can't read it now because of the paywall but every now and then I pick up a copy that somebody left laying around. It's pretty obvious.

    Newspapers are dying fast. When they did the paywall you knew they were desperate.

    The only reason they leave Kevin's blog is it's the only one anybody reads. The rest of them are pretty crappy. His gets a high volume of reads and comments and views. But you know they hate him and probably would boot him in a second but the people in charge know he is making them money.

    But they are a pack of left wing losers, not fit to wipe President Donald Trump's ass.

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  11. This is what Scott Pelley just said:

    So, "to some degree," Steve Scalise's near death and his continued hospitalization are his, his party's, and Donald Trump's fault.

    Also a similar statement from some women on MSNBC.

    Be ready when it hits the fan!

  12. Yea this poor excuse of flesh:

    1. Divemaster, they will be asshole's until they die. They have zero morals.

  13. Levin, worth checking out.

    1. I read a book of Levin's years ago, Men In Black, good read and things are worse now.

  14. Good morning you ornery old fucker...

  15. The Urinal proudly runs with more fear-mongering, race-baiting "fake news". Sheldon, here, compares what he has no idea is in the AHCA to "Separate But Equal" racism. Not surprising. Typical leftist tactic.

    "Sheldon Weisgrau: Separate is not equal in education or health care"

    So, Sheldo and Ash have absolutely NO idea what's in it. The Dems, with that awful Obamacare, had to "Pass this bill, so we can see what's in it". And, Sheldon and Ash apparently know exactly what's in THIS bill, before it's even made?!

    Those liberals have some strange abilities.

    Ash: "The Senate is not listening to the people."

    No, Ash. No they're not. Rumor has it that about 90+ % of that Obamacare monstrocity may remain in this new bill.

    That is NOT "Repeal and replace", which is one of the main reasons the PEOPLE voted Trump in.

    This is "Fake News", because CJ ran with it, and NONE of the claims made can be substantiated, and THEY KNOW IT! THEY don't know what's in the Senate bill! But, they know a lot of people will believe any malarkey they print, which is obviously their main Alinskyite goal.


  16. "Defense chief ‘shocked’ by poor state of US combat readiness"

    Well, 8 years of Obama doing everything he could to weaken us sure didn't help matters.

  17. Well, after shooting down that Syrian jet the other day he'd better pull his head ou of his ass and get ready...

  18. "Study to highlight downtown parking issues, solutions"

    "Challenges facing the city regarding parking in downtown Topeka will be assessed by a national consultant hired to take a comprehensive look at needs now and in the future."

    Lemme a lot of taxpayer money to yet-another consulting firm to study the obvious. GOT IT! Makes perfect nonsense to me!

    "McCarter said revenue for the parking fund in 2016 was $2.8 million; expenses were $3.1 million."

    That's odd. You mean...when you have all that equipment to mainstain, and ticketers hired to run around all day in their little vehicles...and nobody goes down there...they lost money?!

    Maybe we could get a 4th-grade consulting group to explain THAT!

    Good grief.

  19. Here go the commie tax-and-spender "Editorial Board" over there, again.

    "Although we acknowledge that the budget isn’t a comprehensive “structural fix,” it’s a drastic improvement over previous efforts to fund the government with woefully insufficient tax revenue and a much heavier reliance on short-term transfers."

    Nowhere in this propaganda do they acknowledge the fact that it is NOT "insufficient tax revenue" causing all this. It is largely because of "too much spending". It is also because of another factor that they mention, which is KPERS.

    A "structural fix" would phase out KPERS, and our "employees" would endure the same kinds of retirement account risks that we all have to deal with. Theirs is "guaranteed", and the taxpayers keep funding them in retirement...for NOT working. Ours is not "guaranteed". And, OUR company doesn't keep paying us to NOT work.

    So, we save up what we invest and risk, then get taxed when we use it. And, if theirs takes a hit, like that big one we ALL did in 2008, WE take the hit, personally for ours, but WE also are forced to make up their losses.

    For how much longer can we afford to use taxpayer money to fund the entire lives of government workers? Many, of whom work only 25-30 years, retire early, and live another 20...30...40 more years?

    I don't think we have enough private-sector taxpayers to pay for all that, PLUS all the other things of which government spends.

  20. Downtown parking problem. That's worth spending a buttload of money on fixing, right? NOT!

    Here's what I think. Our city government, for the most part quite a group of fools and dimwits in my opinion, have tried for years to fix the "downtown problem". Once more, they built a bunch of fancy little displays and fountains and cut up the street and so on. They think the people don't come downtown because there aren't enough little displays and fountains. Wrong. The people don't come downtown because there is nothing downtown. What exactly are you going to do? Be realistic about it.

    These fools look at Mass St in Lawrence and imaging all this crap they built will turn downtown Topeka into Mass St. Nope. Lipstick on a pig.

    Lots of big developer money downtown, mostly in the hands of a couple of heavily politically connected people. And they make a lot of money. But downtown is dead. It will always be dead. It's rotting and needs to be buried. It's long past saving. There is no value to us the taxpayers in reviving this ghetto so a couple of developers can make a bunch of money.

    So, parking? Maybe it's your two hour limit. Not two hours in one spot, two hours total. You stay downtown more than two hours and you get a ticket. Feed the meter? Still two hour limit. Move your car? Still two hour limit. Tickets for everybody. That really encourages people to come and shop, doesn't it?

    Go down to the Plaza in KC. Park free. Shop all day. Park in a garage. Free. That's how it's done. And you can shop all day, there's plenty to do there. Eat, shop, drink, whatever.

    Topeka? Unless you have some kind of government business, I don't know how you could spend more than a few minutes doing any kind of shopping. Not much there.

    The only thing worth saving is the Jayhawk Theatre. And they pour money down the sewers by the millions while that place is the real treasure downtown. Restore that, have events regularly and people will come.

    Parking problem? Of course they have a parking problem. The city is run by incompetent people tied to big money developers that run the whole show.

    It took these fools three years to pave the streets and sidewalks and build a couple of fountains. Three years. And it already looks like crap. They built the Empire State Building in a little over a year. But it took these incompetents three years to redo a four block stretch.

    And now we have panhandlers, crazy people standing on the corner screaming at passersby and a bunch of empty buildings that look like downtown Detroit. And they just can't figure out why they have a parking problem. It's just a mystery.


    The title to the Washington Time’s article reads: New study supports Trump: 5.7 million noncitizens may have cast illegal votes.

    Question – a very valid question : Could it be said that President Obama fraudulently took the White House in 2008?

    Seems to me that Obama should be investigated for voter fraud.

    And likewise, Hillary Clinton should be investigated for voter fraud also.

    I realize that the saying with the Statue of Liberty reads: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”…..and I realize that America is a land made up of immigrants……but……all the immigrants of the past went through the legal channels to become American Citizens. Not so today, multitudes of illegal immigrants have filtrated American cities and are so defiant in regard to going through the legal channels to become US Citizens.

    Within what the link above has on illegal immigration per wiki, it has a link to a report that was published by in February 2017. You’ll find these links in a picture inset of the United States map showing Sanctuary Cities.

    Though illegal immigrants flourish quite well in America….it is California, New Mexico, and Colorado who predominantly went for Hillary in the 2017 Presidential Election are the three states where illegal immigrants flourish the most compared to the remainder of the Continental United States.

    Personally, I find this to be heartbreaking because at different times in my life I’ve lived in California, Colorado, and visited New Mexico countless times. These states hold such unique beauty and I have many cherished memories – California for its sunshine and sandy beaches, Colorado for its mountainous beauty, and New Mexico – a place so dear to my heart.

  22. Thanks for passing that along, Rikki.

    It might cause a few heads to explode over on that other website tomorrow...

  23. Thanks Kevin (big smile)...... I can bring the popcorn

  24. You want to know what's wrong with this country?

    Here you go.

    The family of Michael Brown, the thug who was shot (justifiably) while trying to disarm a Police Officer is suing the city of Ferguson, former Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson and former police Officer Darren Wilson over him suffering the consequences of his criminal act.

    And at this point they are expected to get a settlement of $3 million. For him being killed while trying to kill a Police Officer.

    A Grand Jury exonerated the officer. Even the racist Eric Holder sent his team of political activists down there to try to find something they could exploit and they couldn't.

    So the thug gets killed while trying to kill a Police Officer and his family, a collection of criminals and drug addicts is going to get $3 million because....well, I don't know why. He deserved what he got. Officer Wilson should get the $3 million. obama and the godless left ruined his life for doing exactly what he was trained to do in an entirely appropriate and justifiable manner. Instead this pack of criminals gets the loot.

    So that's what's wrong with America. That our legal system would allow this to happen. Criminals getting rewarded for crime, to the tune of millions.

    Whoever said crime doesn't pay sure was wrong,

    The country should sue the family for all the damage they caused.

  25. Good point Safe. Here's another thing that's wrong with our country.....politician's who incite violence...

    Holy crapola! Bernie first condemns violence now he’s saying that unprecedented actions by his supporters must be taken to stop Republicans from passing a heal care bill in the Senate!!

    Bernie and Elizabeth Warren are calling for unorthodox actions to halt Republican efforts to replace Obamacare…

    From the article:

    “You have been speaking the language of revolution for many years,” Mr. Tapper asked, the Free Beacon reported. “Are you concerned that some individuals are able to take your rhetoric as a literal call to arms?”
    “I think this is a moment where the American people have got to stand up, fight back to a Congress which is out of touch with where working families are,” Mr. Sanders replied. “But it goes without saying that violence is not part of that process.”

    Nothing like Bernie talking out of both sides of his mouth!

  26. health....not heal.... but I think y'all know what I meant anyhow.

  27. I seen on Fox web site that Hillary and her staff may lose security clearance. Does anyone find it strange that when you are no longer working for the government, you and your old staff still have security clearance? Maybe this means they have the clearance, but not access to the data?? I know my old job which took KBI clearance and FBI background check, your security access card and everything else was removed- no more access. That is the way it should be.

  28. Yeah, she should have been blocked access to ANYTHING the second she was no longer our employee. ESPECIALLY, since she broke all kinds of national security laws!! The only government "badge" she should have is one clipped to her orange jumpsuit in a federal pen!!

  29. Be peachy if Handell wins in Georgia. Isn't it weird that her Democrat opponent can't even vote in the election he's in?!!! WTH is THAT?!

    1. If someone hears if she won post it, just encase I fall asleep.


    Handel Wins! just saw this on CBS News online website.

    Time: 9:36 pm
    This comment posted by the One and Only Rikki (coffee will be ready at sunrise).

    Hugs y'all!

  31. 10:00 pm.....

    This happy Rikki is calling it a night. Y'all have a blessed evening and super day tomorrow.


    Ok, I'm 10-7.

  32. Kevin if you are home today I may drop by to leave that tall propane tank for your trailer, If you are not home I will put it in front of your garage. Not sure yet but it will be this week. Hell that might be better to use it for your big Daddy Grill. heheh

  33. HaHA! If Ossoff B'Gosh had won, the Dems would be yelling LOUDLY about how this is such a tremendous backlash of ALL AMERICA against Trump!

    Now, it'll probably be "Oh...this didn't really mean all that much. it was JUST a small special election. And besides...the racists came out in too great of numbers to keep Ossoff from winning. The entire country STILL HATES TRUMP!"

    So, they bring in "a ringer", who lied with every sentence that he was fiscally-responsible and "shared their values", financed by the worst of the worst of the anti-American Socialist/Commie/Fascists from all over the world, spending a record amount of money...and he STILL lost!

    I can't even understand why they allowed him to run. I guess liberals just love having immigrants from other places running things, huh?

    Yep...they were polling, and panting and ranting about how they were SO SURE they had this one wrapped up...and it was all because of Trump! Watch in amusement as they all start doing their whirling-dervish dances trying to spin their way out of it.

    Normally, I have empathy and some pity for severely mentally-ill people, but I find I can't muster-up a bit of either for today's liberals.

  34. Love those numbskulls over on Kev's Urinal blog!

    I just found an actual picture of a climatologist using her equipment:

    It's probably at LEAST as accurate as any and all of which the governments are funding. It it least has the possibilities of "the unknown" that it can consider.

    "Computer modelling" can consider ONLY the data that has been input. To get a true database of factual data of the past, they would have to input every temp and weather condition of every hour of every day everywhere on Earth for the past, every solar activity, every volcanic eruption, every meteor crash, forestation/deforestation, every dinosaur emission, EVERYTHING from the past.

    And, that STILL wouldn't be able to tell them what will happen in the future.

    To do that, they would need to input every POSSIBLE scenario of any naturally-occuring disturbance, every reduction/increase of any possible human and animal activity, every possible variable of solar activity at any minute of any day in the future, every possible EVERYTHING!

    Well...there will ALWAYS be something nobody EVER expected. ALWAYS. There will ALWAYS be something from the past that they overlooked or just got wrong.

    And, it would take forever to even try to compile all that data, and even if THAT was possible, it would take forever to run "simulations", and what they would end up with using every past bit of data, and every bit of possible variables of the future?

    They would end up with EVERY scenario, which means which they would end up with ZERO definitive confirmable certain proof that any one thing, or even a narrow range of anything, is going to happen.

    All the supercomputers on the planet, linked together, sharing all the data and all the projected "possibilities" that anyone and everyone can even think of...will NEVER spit out a definitive "the science is settled" answer.

    So, why are we trying to cripple our economy, and wasting billions of dollars a year on this "crystal ball climate change" nonsense? Especially, when it's always proving itself wrong...and always will?

  35. Oh, good grief!

    "Capital-Journal panel discusses newspaper operations during truthfulness talk"

    "Content that appears on the Opinion page of the print newspaper is generated independently."

    And, here we see Matt Johnson contradict himself in one short sentence:

    “We still approach issues objectively, even if it doesn’t seem entirely impartial,” Johnson said.

    How can you be "objective", if you aren't "entirely impartial"?! That doesn't even make any sense! (Except, coming from a totally-non-objective, totally-partisan hack like him, it's "understandable" that he would utter something so inane.)

    'One participant asked whether The Associated Press is considered reliable."

    "Smith said the AP has “impeccable standards,” but also encouraged media consumers to scrutinize all of the information they encounter."

    WELL...they have "impeccable standards"...(but, really can't trust ANY of them...)!

    No, what he is saying is that the AP DOES have "impeccable standards", but don't believe that they adhere to any of them. Which should be obvious to anyone.

    “I think it’s great that people are becoming more skeptical of news, and I think I would encourage everybody to bring that scrutiny to whatever information you’re getting,” he said, “because I think that if you scrutinize all of your information the same way that you scrutinize the news in the newspaper, I think you’ll find that we rise above the rest.”

    So...they are the turd that floats to the top, I guess?

    "Quickly acknowledging mistakes also is a mark of a credible news organization, she noted. Accountability includes issuing corrections of any errors, she said."

    Yep, bury the corrections in small print under the obits.

    I still propose a "National Journalistics Standards" by our federal government. Entirely voluntary to join, and if you maintain a score, you may proudly display a logo, but the current "truthfulness score" must accompany it.

    Anyone who does not wish to join and be monitored? Well, everyone will know not to trust them. Drop below a score level, you lose your 'credibility', and must re-earn it.

    Additionally, ALL "corrections/retractions" MUST appear front page, bold, above the fold for several days, including Sunday. if televised/video media, must run a continuous "crawl" for a period of time, with the top "news story" the 'correction", and many short ones during commercials.

    Time to get media back to "journalistic integrity".

  36. Hey y'all, I've combed different newspaper stories across the continental US....

    Just love the newspapers and media in their description of last night’s triumphant win for Karen Handel.
    LA Times: “ Democrats came up short Tuesday night in their costly bid to wrest control of a longtime GOP congressional seat in the suburbs north of Atlanta, losing a race the party had hoped would showcase deep Republican vulnerability in the Trump era.”
    Las Vegas Sun: “After Georgia, Republicans celebrating, Democrats searching”
    “Republicans immediately crowed over winning a seat Democrats spent at least $30 million trying to flip. "Democrats from coast to coast threw everything they had at this race, and Karen would not be defeated," House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a statement.”
    The Washington Times: “The high hopes Democrats had of striking a political blow to President Trump in the battle for Georgia’s open congressional seat were shattered Tuesday.”
    The Chicago Sun-Times: “A special thanks to the president of the United States of America,” she said late Tuesday night as her supporters chanted, “Trump! Trump! Trump!”
    It was Handel’s most public embrace of the man whose tenuous standing in this well-educated, suburban enclave made a previously safe Republican district close to begin with.”
    From the Denver Post: “President Donald Trump’s hopes of steadying his presidency and his agenda on Capitol Hill were given a lift Tuesday when a Republican won a special congressional election in the Atlanta suburbs.”

    And some diehard leftist newspaper headlines:
    Chicago Tribune: “Analysis: Democrats may have lost the battle in Georgia. But they haven't lost the war.”
    Kansas City Star: “Republican Karen Handel declared victory in Georgia's 6th Congressional District with a promise that she'll work to gain the confidence of voters who backed her Democratic opponent. But Handel's thank you to President Donald Trump in the same speech Tuesday night is unlikely to comfort backers of the Democrat who came to symbolize anti-Trump resistance.
    Miami Herald: “Democrats, reeling from Georgia loss, face 2018 reality check”
    “Congressman John Lewis, before the votes were counted Tuesday, called Jon Ossoff’s candidacy “not just a campaign” but a “movement.”
    Lewis and the rest of the Democratic Party were reminded a few hours later that movements can still lose elections.”
    “This is not the outcome many of us were hoping for,” Ossoff told supporters during his concession speech. “But this the beginning of something much bigger than us.”
    Dallas News: “Special elections show Democrats need more than anti-Trump message to win in 2018” “It doesn’t matter how many times you toss Donald Trump’s name in the mix, or how intense the resistance is to the controversial president’s policies. Trying to win on other party’s turf is usually a losing proposition.”

  37. old tom is having a meltdown over at the other website..... won't be long before he goes into a conniption fit..... again. lol

  38. I hope the godless left and it's minions like old tom keep up exactly what they are doing. They don't seem to have figured out that's what has cost them over 1,100 elections in the past six years. And the House, Senate and Presidency. And this endless seditious phony "resistance" bullshit is not working for them.

    But I hope they keep it up. It's costing them every last scrap of power they ever hoped to have. And it just keeps getting worse. And they're too stupid to figure it out.

    Liberalism is a mental illness. I should feel sorry for them, but they are trying to destroy my country, so no.

  39. Yeah, Ossoff and Lewis are part of a movement. A bowel movement. As usual, ol' Safe hit it on the head - I hope they still don't figure this out. Some of the more intelligent Dems might, say Barty, but Diggy and his ilk ... .