Friday, June 9, 2017

Free For All Friday...

Well guys, the Trump haters big day has come and gone.

The Trump hating media hyped yesterday's Comey hearing as a once in a lifetime event that was sure to bring down the man they all love to hate, President Donald J. Trump.

Their brainwashed followers have waited for days on end to witness history in the making.

And what'd they get for their unquestioning devotion and loyalty?

They had their fragile little hearts broken and safe spaces destroyed.

Let's see now, what exactly did we learn today?

We found out why Comey never took the subject of classified leaks seriously.

He admitted being a leaker himself.

We learned Loretta Lynch pressured Comey not to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton.

We learned Trump was right when he Tweeted that Comey told him he wasn't a target of any investigation.

We learned that CNN and ABC both issued corrections to "Fake News" stories after Comey's statements ran counter to what they had reported.

We learned that Comey himself debunked a New York Times story.

We learned that 'Thrill up his leg' Chris Matthews admitted the whole 'Collusion' theory fell apart today as a result of Comey's statements.

A quick look at CNN and MSNBC following the big event taught us they'll simply go from "Collusion" to "Obstruction of Justice."

But in the meantime whether they like it or not Donald Trump is still The President of The United States and there's not a damned thing they can do about it.

Suck it up, Bitches...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Yup this is a great day for President Trump and America, now the lib's can go suck on a turnip!

  2. Good Morning, almond flavored creamer in my Folgers.....

    Comey needs to be indicted - charged - thrown into the pokey.

    The whole damned lot of the Trump haters owe President Trump a huge apology - the focus needs to turn back on Hillary and Bill and Loretta Lynch - and there's probably a long list of Trump haters behind the scenes.... it's like a snake - Hillary, Bill, Loretta Lynch are only the head of the snake.

    President Trump himself feels vindicated and rightly so.

  3. Not so fast, folks! I agree with Seymour!

    The fact that they couldn't prove the Trump/Russia connection is further proof that it most likely DID happen!

    And, you know what else? Trump orchestrated that first meeting with Comey as a trap! YES! Trump accepted the spur-of-the-moment invitation FROM COMEY to speak privately, and the Comey walked right into that web!

    And...and...y'know what?! An unnamed source has PROVEN that there was a tape!! Yeeeesss...there was! Hillary's people found a video of proof, and Hillary called Lucinda, personally, to ask her to share this SHOCKING VIDEO! Little could anyone have imagined that they would have been using 1960's "taping" technology in the White House, but Trump likely found Nixon's old recorder in the attic, and used it with Comey! Following is a SHOCKING video of one of Trump's agents engaging in an act of "destroying evidence"! We KNOW it was THE Trump/Comey tape, because the Washington Post says it came from a n unnamed Columbia professor, who says he got it from an undisclosed source, who got it from a cousin of a friend who had an uncle who got it from an unnamed reporter at CNN who got it from the ex-wife's boyfriend of a New York Times columnist who got it from an unnamed source at the White House, who was alerted to its existence from a 23 year old linguist in some deep state department, who found out about it from a reporter at the Washington Post! SO...there is NO DOUBT about its authenticity!!

    Here is the bombshell video that will finally take Trump down!

  4. P.S. I sent that to a buddy, who apparently edited it a little, and posted it on HIS FB page, to protect my anonymity. An old bandmate, y'all have met him. You know who it is! πŸ˜‰

  5. Unbelievable that after all that yesterday, they are" collusion, no obstruction, Trump wasn't under investigation...but...we KNOW FOR A FACT that he is tied to Russia...SOMEHOW!"

    Those people have absolutely zero integrity. All this SHOULD make it crystal-clear just exactly who the "Fake News" are, and in a "socially-just" world, ALL of them would find themselves jobless, and prevented from ever working in "news", again.

    But, sadly...too many people love watching the obvious lies and deception of those clowns, because they are deceptive, immoral, unscrupulous and without ethics or integrity, themselves.

  6. To hear the godless left tell it they think they won the day. Not sure what they heard that supports any of their crackpot crazy claims, but I'm sure tom digger and ass mcassigal will be all over the urinal explaining how that whole charade was the end of President Trump's term. Impeachment is the only path left.

    But the reality is this won't stop them. This won't even slow them down. They already have a game plan. The talking points are going out already. Just watch for all the left wing bobble heads to start spouting the exact same talking points, virtually word for word. They were just waiting on their orders so they knew what to say.

    It will never stop. Never. These people are exactly like the Islamic terrorists we are fighting. They are fighting for Satan, and they don't have any kind of moral center. They consider everything they do to be done in the service of their master so it's justified no matter how evil or how many lies they tell.

    This war with Satan doesn't end until the final battle when he is bound along with all these people who are serving him and sent back to the pit of hell. And the bible tells us it will get a lot worse before it gets better. And I'm talking great tribulation worse. But in the end, I'm talking new heaven on earth better, so hang tough.

    They may be fighting but they are on the losing side. We win in the end.

  7. Yup. Just went over to the urinal and read Kevin's new blog. ass mcassigan is already blathering on about how it's the end for President Trump. They got him just where the want him. New talking points have been issued, now being repeated. Throw that trained seal a fish somebody. He earned it plus if you do he'll clap his flippers and honk a horn for you.

    So how come they never talk about how obama knew the Russians were meddling in our elections way before the election. Hell, anybody that even remotely pays attention knew that. But because obama thought the hill beast would win he didn't do a thing. He kept it in his pocket so the demoncrats could use it like a six shooter if the worst happened. And that's exactly what they are doing.

    I'm calling bullshit on the whole godless left wing radical movement.

  8. I would have just loved to see Battlestache's look when he learned that this whole 'Russian interference' thing is nothing more that FAKE NEWS.... hee hee

  9. Ashhole over there even listing all the things Comey admitted to as "that's not what he said"!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Man...that boy has some SEVERE comprehension issues!

    Hey Ash, I heard Trump say the Earth is round!

    Ash: "Well...he...he's WRONG!"πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜…

  10. That's the last resort of the empty mind of the godless left. Somebody says something that proves they are lying:

    "That's not what he said!!! Whaaaa....:

    But then we hear them repeat things they claim President Trump said that he actually never said. Never uttered the words. Never said anything even close. Never said anything you could interpret as what they say. But they will repeat ad infinitum "He said it!!! An unidentified undisclosed invisible source heard it. Well, heard it from somebody who heard it from somebody who heard it. But it's a fact and proves everything we ever thought!!!"

    I think they hear things that aren't said as long as they wish somebody said them, and when they hear something they wish they hadn't heard, well, that's just not what they said.

    The liberal mind is a very difficult thing to comprehend. It seems as though rational thought can find no perch when it travels through those dark cavernous spaces.

  11. Yegads...that Jennifer Rubin creature of the Fake News Washington Compost thinks she has it all figured out, over there.

    The key to the entire thing...the thing that "connects the collusion case with the obstruction case" is...TADA!! Mike Flynn!

    After the hound hounds Trump with all kinds of name-calling and suppositions pulled out of nowhere...she (I think it's a she...hard to tell from the pic) claims that it's why Trump defended him so strongly, and tried to protect him.

    Ladies and gentlemen!! The winner of this year's Putziler Prize, for advancing even more a thoroughly-debunked and PROVEN-WRONG "collusion-obstruction" story...Ms. (or Mr...hard to tell) JENNIFER RUBIN SANDWICH!!

    I dunno, man. Maybe she just hasn't seen any news the past couple days? It IS hard to keep current when you've sequestered yourself away from society and reality, as you furiously pound away at the keyboard in your futile attempt to get attention from writing weak, idiotic fictional crap...that misses the boat by a couple days!πŸ˜‚

  12. These people crack me up.

    Regardless of reality they just keep pounding away.

    The problem is that the haters continue to believe everything that out out there.

    Just look at the crap Ashhole spews on about.

    It's desperation I suppose...

  13. And then, right next to THAT nonsense...utter ridiculousness from "the editorial staff" of the Urinal.

    "Editorial: Forgetting the value of ‘truthfulness’
    Faith in the media is collapsing, and this can have terrible consequences for our democracy"

    OH MY!!! The Urinal is hand-wringing about "Fake News"?! They start off with THIS:

    "The City of Character Word of the Month for June is “truthfulness,” and it’s sponsored by The Topeka Capital-Journal."

    ("City of Character Word of the Month? WHAT THE...???!)

    If they are sponsoring 'truthfulness'...WHY DON'T THEY PRACTICE IT?!

    And, apparently they haven't been seen any REAL news the past couple days, either:

    "...we have a president who routinely accuses our most prominent media outlets of peddling “fake news,” a special prosecutor is investigating the Trump administration for its possible ties to Russia and the country is bitterly divided over these issues."

    Well, now...can't talk about this...without CONTINUING THE FAKE NEWS RUSSIA-TRUMP CRAP that has just been blown, can we?

    "...the spread of hyper-partisanship will continue to give political websites, newspapers and other outlets incentives to skew information and publish increasingly ideological material. Just look at the enormous proliferation of fake news stories in 2016..."

    Yeah, which the Urinal proudly ran a LOT of!

    "Our country has to start valuing truthfulness again, but this will require more than constant refutations of inaccuracies and outright lies. We need to teach students how to discern between authentic journalism and the unscrupulous clickbait published by sites like Infowars and Occupy Democrats." (And, the Topeka Capital-Journal).

    "We need to stop avoiding different perspectives and demonizing our political opponents."


    "We need to start holding politicians accountable for their dishonesty."

    BUT...ONLY those who aren't far-left, anti-American, anti-Constitutional, liberal socialist/communist/fascist nutcases, (nearly all Democrats) these days. THEY don't need to be do they?

    Talk about nonsense propaganda. If they weren't as much a part of the problem as NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, etc...they might be taken a bit more seriously writing this. As it is...

    VERY FEW TRUST YOU, Topeka Capital-Journal! (And, the ones who do are clueless idiots.)

  14. Forgot to add this in:

    "...we have a president who routinely accuses our most prominent media outlets of peddling “fake news,”

    Ummm...Comey just PROVED that! And, the very fact that the "Russia-Trump collusion-obstruction" nonsense based entirely on supposed-leaked material from unknown sources (that THEY can't even find again) PUSHED by those "prominent media outlets" who HATE Trump means...

    Trump was/is exactly right!

    And, when he (rightly) points the finger at CNN, Washington Post, Ny times, MSNBC, etc., it's pointing right at the Topeka Capital-Journal, also, who run with this stuff like a dog with a new chew toy!

    "Prominent" has zero relationship to "honest", "ethical", or "intergrity". these days.

    CJ knows that, personally.

  15. This may need to be a "multi-post". Part 1.

    From the Urinal: "Kansas Legislature expected to end 113-day session Saturday with passage of appropriations bill"

    "Appropriations bill" closest definition:

    verb: appropriate; 3rd person present: appropriates; past tense: appropriated; past participle: appropriated; gerund or present participle: appropriating

    1.take (something) for one's own use, typically without the owner's permission.

    Actually, that fits EXACTLY, as the Kansas Legislature sets out to "appropriate" more of OUR money!

    Now, then...what's in THIS story? Let's keep it simple, a one issue thing, here.

    "The school-finance legislation, which has yet to be signed by Gov. Sam Brownback, expands state investment in K-12 schools by $194 million in the fiscal year starting July 1. The state would add $100 million to the formula in the second year. The allocations will be subject to scrutiny by the Kansas Supreme Court."

    That last sentence...see it?

    THERE'S the problem!

    "Courts" are not there to DECIDE BUDGETARY POLICY! They are not there to LEGISLATE!

    Spending, budgets, fiscal policy...all that belong SPECIFICALLY to the Legislature! Statewide LawMAKING is specifically and ONLY the job of the State Legislature.

    On to part 2....

  16. Part 2...

    Kansas Constitution; Bill of Rights:

    "§ 2. Political power; privileges. All political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and are instituted for their equal protection and benefit. No special privileges or immunities shall ever be granted by the legislature, which may not be altered, revoked or repealed by the same body; and this power shall be exercised by no other tribunal or agency."

    Including "courts".

    Article 2: Legislative:

    "§ 24: Appropriations. No money shall be drawn from the treasury except in pursuance of a specific appropriation made by law."

    "Courts" don't "make laws", therefore, they can't order fiscal policy.

    Article 3: Judicial: Contains no mention of judicial power to legislate, or to decide budgetary policy.

    Article 6: Education;

    "§ 6: Finance.
    (a) The legislature may levy a permanent tax for the use and benefit of state institutions of higher education and apportion among and appropriate the same to the several institutions, which levy, apportionment and appropriation shall continue until changed by statute. Further appropriation and other provision for finance of institutions of higher education may be made by the legislature.
    (b) The legislature shall make suitable provision for finance of the educational interests of the state. No tuition shall be charged for attendance at any public school to pupils required by law to attend such school, except such fees or supplemental charges as may be authorized by law. The legislature may authorize the state board of regents to establish tuition, fees and charges at institutions under its supervision."

    No mention of "courts".

    "§ 7: Savings clause.
    (a) All laws in force at the time of the adoption of this amendment and consistent therewith shall remain in full force and effect until amended or repealed by the legislature. All laws inconsistent with this amendment, unless sooner repealed or amended to conform with this amendment, shall remain in full force and effect until July 1, 1969.
    (b) Notwithstanding any other provision of the constitution to the contrary, no state superintendent of public instruction or county superintendent of public instruction shall be elected after January 1, 1967.
    (c) The state perpetual school fund or any part thereof may be managed and invested as provided by law or all or any part thereof may be appropriated, both as to principal and income, to the support of the public schools supervised by the state board of education."

    No, this does NOT give the board of education legislative or budgetary power. Still, no "courts".

    Here's something interesting:

    Article 11: Finance and Taxation:

    "§ 5: Object of tax. No tax shall be levied except in pursuance of a law, which shall distinctly state the object of the same; to which object only such tax shall be applied."

    Really? Are they doing just that?

    I dunno. I read the entire thing, and I couldn't find ANYTHING that gave the courts, or any judge, the power to decide "legislation", or to decide "finance policy".

  17. Not too bad right now. Nice out. But where is every one?

  18. Well, folks...looks like we will be getting ripped-off even more every paycheck to pay for State government greed, stupidity, waste, inefficiency, incompetence and insanity.

    While we have no choice but to spend wisely, live within our means, and also suffer the consequences of bad decisions we might make...the State of Kansas, and any of its many agencies and departments (many of which are obsolete, duplicitous, or just plain not the responsibility of the state government) remain free to squander our wealth, spend-down to cry for more, and have absolutely no incentive to use OUR money wisely and responsibly.

    In fact, they have MORE incentive to just keep wasting our money. It's not like they will "go out of business", or "lose their home"...if they keep doing what they do.

    Quite the contrary. They spend it all, and even MORE, then whine about needing more. And, they get more.

    They just have to steal it from us. And, they do it "legally".

    I wonder if "accountability" will ever be DEMANDED from "our employees", or if we will just keep letting them bend their bosses (the private-sector taxpaying citizen who actually pays the taxes) over?

  19. Batman died.😒

    Wonder how Batshit is holding up?


  20. Here's some good news. The tax increase hits the low income people. Lowered the threshold where they start paying.

    So maybe the "I don't pay taxes but you need to pay more" crowd will not be so enthusiastic about this whole thing.

    When tax time comes next year look for a new song from those songbirds.

  21. That IS good news!!!



  22. Dig Digger digging deeper!!πŸ˜‚

    "Comey said Trump IS "under investigation!" What's "under investigation" is only disproving all the avalanche of lies and insinuations of the big, fat lying liars of the left!πŸ˜‚

  23. Remember, Mr. Diggity...liberals don't believe in the Constitution, the rule of law, and "innocent until proven guilty" IF they are attacking conservatives.

    Throw lies and crap out, see if anything sticks, and demand "GUILTY! Until proven innocent!"

    Stop pretending otherwise, Digger. Or...maybe you are just ignorant of any reality? πŸ˜‚

  24. WTF?!

    "Two U.S. presidents helped sentence a Topeka ‘kingpin’ to a life term, but Obama commuted it"

    In the first place...only ONE PERSON is responsible for the career criminal, Lavelle Henderson, going to prison...and that's himself!

    "On April 23, 2014, President Barack Obama launched a clemency initiative for non-violent inmates sentenced under outdated drug laws."

    We're supposed to believe that in the entire time of his criminal enterprise, that nothing he did, none of the drugs he moved...through the entire chain of distribution..from manufacture to user...NO violence occurred with ANY of it?

    I'm betting somewhere along the line...MANY times...there was violence. Maybe even murder. That would make him as guilty as the person(s) who committed the other crimes, linked to each batch.

    I wrote a paper in college about that. The liberal "professor" and the rest of the class was aghast, when I pointed that out. I even wrote that they should start doing a chemical analysis on any drugs confiscated from any bust, and putting it in a nationwide database.

    Since each batch is chemically unique in its manufacture, if they could filter out the "cut" and analyze the pure drug in each gram, kilo, whatever....then they could track the distribution throughout the country. if they could then prove that a violent crime, like murder, was committed during distribution of that batch, say, in L.A., and it's a chemical match to the gram you bought in Topeka...then you are guilty of conspiracy of a lot of crimes, including that murder. Including "distribution". And whatever other crimes committed that had any link to that batch.

    Without the involvement of every person moving the stuff, THOSE crimes would not have happened. Right down to the user.

    That crack you are smoking? That meth you are snorting? That heroin you are shooting? How many people got injured or killed, or had other crimes you could poison yourself? If YOU weren't using, NONE of that would happen.

    YOU are guilty of being involved in EVERY CRIME COMMITTED since that crap left the lab.

    Nobody considers that, do they? I certainly didn't back when I was young and stupid.

    If nobody ate fast food hamburgers, McDonald's and Burger King wouldn't sell would they?

    Idiots at Urinal, trying to go all "Oh..the poor guy just had a rough childhood, turned to crime, got unjust treatment from Republican presidents, and the greatest and kindest president EVER, Obama, showed him mercy! ALL HAIL IMAM OBAMA!!!

    "While only Henderson is fully responsible for the crimes he has committed, penalties for those crimes were enhanced over two decades by presidents and policymakers. Then the nation’s only black president reversed course."

    "Now, yet another president is leaving his mark on federal drug sentencing laws. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in a rollback of Obama-era reforms, has instructed federal prosecutors to seek the strongest possible charges and sentences for low-level drug crimes."

    Oh...back to actually FIGHTING CRIME?!!! Instead of ENDORSING IT?!! How INHUMANE!!!

    I'm betting this guy has plenty of "non-violent" blood on HIS hands! But, hey...what the hell...let the "kingpin" go.

  25. Ignorant people abound, around here:

    A comment from some dmwit twit:

    Deborah Plummer (and who could be dumber?!)

    "Until the Republicans really start caring / start taxing the wealthy and their corporations at a realistic level ...i.e 91% for the wealthiest / 50% corporations (Pres Eisenhower's era) .. they should never leave the Capitol .. and they shouldn't get paid, either ."

    HOW do these freaks function at the even the LOWEST levels of societal interaction?!

    They're like the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow all rolled up in one! I'm starting to think maybe we DO need to re-open some insane asylums! Some HUGE ones!

  26. "Kansas’ economic outlook shifting with reversal of Brownback tax policy - State’s experiment provides lesson for country, expert says"

    Yeah, it does provide lessons.

    What we have learned is that government can spend freely and irrseposnsibly, courts can usurp the power of legislatures to force taxpayers to pay for both sides of suing themselves to force more taxes, government can waste as much as it wants...

    ...TAXPAYING Kansas citizens' economic outlook is shifting, and for the worse!