Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Has the war begun?

I'm sure by now most of you have heard about the shooting in Virginia. Republican House Whip Scalise was shot in an attack during a practice baseball game this morning.

Not a lot of details, but I'm going ahead and make the call. I'm saying it was likely a member of the radical godless left, probably a member of this seditious group that calls themselves antifa, which is truly ironic since they represent fascism at its purest form.

You can't have this daily call for violence from the left and repeated and supported by the democrat media without this happening. Constant claims of being the "resistance" like they believe they are living in occupied France in WWII. Demonstrations that virtually without fail turn to violence against anybody who supports our President. Constant calls for action from the radical godless left. Vile hatred pouring out like excrement from these people. An entire fake news network, CNN, dedicated to bringing down the duly elected President of the United States.

Pathetic comedians in desperate cries for attention holding up the bloody severed head of our President with her fellow godless left wing radicals heaping support on her for her "bravery".

Plays in Central Park in New York where mobs of seditious hate filled leftists stand and cheer at the simulation of the assassination of our President.

No President has been this hated by the opposition since Abraham Lincoln, whose election caused seven states to secede from the Union and go to war with the rest. And that ended with Abraham Lincoln being murdered by a Confederate sympathizer.

This cannot continue. I don't know where we go next, but this likely is the beginning. Is this the first of many more to come? These people have been openly making the claim that they are buying weapons. And they don't even try to hide their hatred for our President and all of us who support him. I suspect this is going to happen more often. There are many deranged mentally ill people out there who listen to these calls to action from the hateful left and respond. But then, the left knows this. And they are capitalizing on it.

CNN, Black lies terrorist groups and the entire democrat party have blood on their hands now. Hope they know what they're doing. Starting a shooting war with the people with all the guns who also know how to use them isn't not a smart idea. But then, whoever said these people were smart?


  1. Has the war begun, hell when did it end lol, On the shooting way to early for me to say, but I am sure that the Republicans were the targets. But we will know by the end of the day who and why.

  2. I was thinking the same thing, some deranged Trump hater..... well at least the shooter is in custody..... guaranteed he ain't gonna get a 'get out of jail free' on this one.

    They ruled out terrorism already , so the only thing left is a deranged leftist idiot.

  3. Excellent thoughts Safe.

    Spot on as usual...

  4. And of course the godless left wing is taking to Twitter to announce how happy this makes them and what a wonderful thing this is. These people are sick.

    This will get much worse. These people are beyond seditionists. We are in a Civil War. And we aren't separated by lines that allow one side to withdraw from the union like they did last time. They are mingled among us. Everywhere we go. Violence prone people who hate our country, our President and every single one of us who voted for him or support him.

    I have no idea how this can end. Lincoln took America to war rather than surrender to the democrat party and allow slavery to be the law of the land. He had multiple opportunities before and during the war to stop the war by agreeing to the terms of the rebellious democrat secessionist slaver owners. He refused. It cost 700,000 lives and cost him his life.

    WT Sherman and US Grant understood how that rebellion would end. Sherman marched across Georgia and the Shenandoah Valley burning everything in his path. When Sherman encountered a sniper firing on his troops he evacuated the town and burnt it to the ground.

    The only way to stop war is to make the prospect of continuing the war unbearable. Maybe some version of that needs to be considered. That's another discussion.

    Time for another alien and sedition act? Lincoln suspended habeas corpus and filled the dungeons with people who were acting against America. These people are worse than the ones in 1861 and they brought us a civil war.

  5. They've released the name of the shooter....James T. Hodgkinson.....

  6. Here's what the Washington Post has on James T. Hodgkinson:

    The article says that Hodgkinson is a Bernie supporter.

  7. I been telling people for months that the demon-ocrates are leading us yet again into a civil war- just like the last time. If this is a surprise to anyone, they are brain dead! Between the hollywood freaks, snowflakes, politicians and all their hearings, corrupt FBI leaders leaking information........ what else would one expect. There is a constant stream of BS flowing and people are going to react.

    Then I warn people about everything being on the internet and access via the internet, wouldn't take much to bring it all down and I am sure many are listening and manipulating data now. All this hacking electrical grids etc is easy to fix. Go back to what we use to do, private networks and take this important stuff off the internet shared by the world! I spent 36 years IT field, most with system software. Then almost 100% laugh at the possibility of EMP. Any of this stuff could be just around the corner, this world is getting crazier every day and no one is steering us away from repeating history, our own and many other great civilizations long gone.

  8. I'm going to be quite bold, I'm going to come straight out and call James T. Hodgkinson a DOMESTIC TERRORIST.....

    All of these deranged leftist idiots are all responsible for the actions of this needless and horrific attack.

  9. James T. Hodgkinson has died..... according to the news.

  10. It is all Obama's fault, he divided this Country big time.

  11. They will be all over this for GUN CONTROL again. They wont wait till after the funeral. They will be starting their gun control,gun show loop, crap again Just watch. But remember that it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.


  13. That link doesn't work at the moment. They don't need more gun control, if those guys had guns, they wouldn't have to wait for 3 minutes for police to get there. Then how long did the police wait until they stopped talking and said shoot him?

  14. Time for team Trump to grab the reins from those idiots, do mass firings, and start going after seditionist deep staters, leakers, Democrats and outside groups. The war was already started by Obama and his team. And Hillary and Bernie.

  15. he had two pages on FB Both are now history. No doubt all the people on his friends list are now either very nervous or are getting knocks on their doors from you know who.
    Here is a recap of some of his FB page

  16. For the Record: Bernie supporters have killed or injured 8 people nationwide during June.

  17. Well, nobody ever said turning a country communist was easy. Communism and Socialism have killed hundreds of millions of people over the last century. I'm sure the Bernie the commie supporters figure it's worth killing few more. The end justifies the means for these people.

  18. Well the jackass perverted governor of Virginia already blames not enough gun control in an area that has more gun control than anyplace in the U.S.A. What an idiot, his brain pan is empty! Next they will start blaming Trump for the shooting.

  19. Pardon my blunt language here (for those who know me).....

    This f'n shit needs to stop!!!.....

    I just tuned back into CBS news and what do I see????!!!!

    The headline to this reads: "Republican receives threat after shooting, warning "one down, 216 to go...""

    Read the article.... it's very disturbing....

    Also read where Rep. Scalise is in critical condition.... and Mr. Mika also.

  20. Remember when the chips are down you get more chips.

  21. Hell,if that's the best they got I like the odds.
    Bring it on.
    They know not what they do.
    Reality will suck......for them.

  22. Gun control nuts wasted not a millisecond to crawl out from under their rocks.

    I have a law proposal that should make everyone happy, and help keep guns out of the hands of insane people.

    "Registered Democrats, and any person not registered to vote, shall be forbidden from purchasing, selling, owning or possessing a firearm of any type, under penalty of law."

    That should help some.

  23. How about not allowing the legal ownership of any weapons to "gentlemen democrats" who pull their daughters hair, punch women in the face, and are involved in a third separate assault? Even tweeted what could be construed as a threat to president Trump....???

    Hell, he never even served much time.
    In fact, if this dude would of been selling dope and in the pen he would of been a poster child for an Obama commutation...

    The lefts insanity will only come home to roost for them. Going to be harder and harder to justify hateful and violent rhetoric going forward. They fail to realize what pawns they really are.

    Not one bit different from the sand trudging jihadis that only wish for the same result.

    Not one bit....

    And as always, what comes around goes around.

    1. You got that right Hammer, I may pass that on sometime. :)

  24. Remember when Loretta Lynch called for "BLOOD IN THE STREETS?"

    I do...

  25. Geez...those gomers over there are so clueless that they can't POSSIBLY CONCEIVE the idea that the non-stop vitriol and hatred for Trump from the left even exists!!!


    It's "The easy availability of guns!!!"

    The GUNS were brainwashed and pissed-off by gulping, non-stop, caustic liberal Kool-aid that is OBVIOUSLY designed to fuel anger and incite violence!

    The GUNS were Bernie-Babies, marched out to that ballpark, asked if those were Republicans...and their triggers just operated themselves!!

    It's the GUNS' fault! Quit blaming the brainwashed liberal nutjob, and QUIT blaming the violent, hateful anti-Trump politicians, Hollywood and mainstream media who do NOTHING but spew vile bile, foment hate and call for destruction and the death of anyone opposing them...every second of the day and night!!

    It's ONLY the GUNS...and that's all the fault of conservatives. (Who the left openly and often express their deepest hopes and wishes will be murdered by guns.) far-left Trump-hating anarchists. ALL this violence is on you. Scalise's blood is on every member of Congress actively trying to take Trump down. It's on Griffin, Maher and the rest of the Hollywood hypocrites. It's on Obama and his henchmen, and the Clinton criminal organization.

    It's on those who support/defend/make excuses for violence from the left in the streets and at colleges. It's on the colleges.

    Y'all own all this. Undeniable. Accept it. Actually, I suspect y'all DO accept it, and are proud of it.

    It's what you have been advocating for.😠

  26. Of course they're proud of it.

    But they lack the guts to admit it...

  27. I intentionally watched some of the coverage on CNN and MSNBC yesterday.

    Not a single one of them could come up with a motive.

    When a republican congressman suggested the media played a role they acted like they couldn't believe what he was saying...

    1. I hope non of the liberal bullshit rubbed off on you Gees.

  28. Funny thing. When something like this happens, the left immediately starts screeching about gun control. Every single time.

    They say Constitution? What constitution? You constitutional rights mean nothing because GUNS!!!

    But when the President tries to just slow down temporarily the flood of refugees flowing into our country from countries that are controlled by radical Islamic terrorists the left starts jumping up and down, arms akimbo, spit flying from their mouths. That's unconstitutional!!! That's just not who we are!!!

    So they want to actually suspend the constitution to take away a right that has been held by the Supreme Court to be an absolute right. One that is the second one listed in the Bill of Rights as given to us by God, not the government.

    But they find something constitutional that absolutely isn't because it fits their narrative and is destructive to our country.

    These people are dangerous. More dangerous than some nut shooting up a ball game. He's just a product of their hatred for America. He's just their hatred for America come fruition. The real danger is they create this, they advance it, they exploit it and they cause it. Then stand back and pretend to be filled with sympathy for the victims. And the reality is Nancy Pelosi and her ilk might as well have pulled the trigger themselves. They made this happen.

  29. And it turns out this shooter belonged to a Facebook group called Terminate Republicans. Now I don't follow Facebook a lot, but from what I understand they will censor conservative thought in a heartbeat. Or something they perceive as anti-muslim, even if it's anti-terrorist.

    But they let a group like that stand. Terminate Republicans. And one of it's loyal members tried to do just that.

    Crazy times we're living in friends.

  30. Just thinking....The godless left justifies this flood of hatred and violence against President Trump and the Republicans because after all, Trump is literally Hitler and the Republican party is literally the Nazi party.

    So if that were actually true, what do you suppose the response would have been to a shooting like this, targeted at the party. And what would the response be to the constant unending barrage of calls to revolt against our government.

    What did the actual Hitler do to dissenters? And to people who shot at his people? Trust me. He didn't take it lightly. And they didn't do it again. Nor did their friends. Or their families. Because they rapidly assumed room temperature through very painful and dreadful methods.

    Like I say, just thinking out loud.

  31. Diggy's having a good time over at the outhouse, typing in caps and howling that conservatives bear 100% of the blame for the current political climate. Hell, he's almost to blaming it on Kevin personally. And you know what's really nutty? He's more reasonable than [Tr)Ash McTesticle. And Boz just tries to deflect as much as he can - bringing in Topeka's declining population to the conversation. Dems really are poor conversationalists. No wonder they've no gatherings of their own.

  32. I am fascinated that they are blaming the act of a paranoid schizophrenic Jared Loughner, who was obviously quite insane on the campaign ad of Sarah Palin. They've repeated that for years. And they're dragging that dead horse back out now to thrash it some more.

    So they can easily, without the least bit of self awareness blame Sarah Palin for a shooting. Her campaign ad caused it. No question about it.

    But this guy in Virginia, who was a Bernie Bro, who belonged to a Facebook group called Terminate The Republicans goes and shoots up a baseball game. Kevin duly makes the case that the ongoing violence of the left certainly played a role if not direct causation, and they go into full blown mental lockdown. No connection whatsoever. In fact, it's Trump's fault. It's the Republicans fault. It's Kevin's fault!

    Kind of like if you didn't provoke your husband so much, he wouldn't be forced to beat the shit out you lady.

  33. Yeah...might be a good idea to keep an eye on Digger. Dude blew a screw, and his head seems about to explode!😲

  34. Tom hasn't shown back up in a while.... over at the other site.... but barty decided to show up.

  35. These people over @ the Urinal are just how this shooter started out. The more BS they read and are fed by others and the media,and the Holly Wood types the more radicalized they become. They start using bold print to suggest they are screaming and mad. These people are prime examples of a new breed of domestic terrorist. They need to be watched very closely by the law enforcement. The saying if you see or hear something say something should be apply by CJ

  36. That Ash guy sounds like someone without a brain.

    1. Yup Divemaster you got that right, Good Grief I just heard Nancy pukie blaming Fox News for this shooting, so much for trying to get along, only took one day for the bitch to start her shit.

  37. Pelosi can't help it. It's ingrained hatred. It's also her obvious dementia, as she rails against Bush...(Trump)...Bush....(do you mean Trump)...yes........Bush.

  38. She's the perfect example of what's wrong with this country...

  39. Almost hard to make fun of those assholes, after this crap. more kidding around. No more trying to make them see even a glimmer of reality and common sense. No more compromise. Gloves are off. Time to say it straight, and forcefully. Enough of their bullshit instigating all this.

  40. "African-American business owners in Topeka recognized during banquet Thursday"

    That sounds a little, um, "exclusionary".

    "African-Americans face such challenges as a disproportionate unemployment rate and disproportionate amount of city procurement contracts going to non-black businesses, said Lazone Grays, president and CEO of IBSA."

    "Disproportionate unemployment" can be much attributed to the "generational welfare state" enacted by Democrats of long ago, enticing people into NOT working...AND...the failing public schools still being pushed hard by Democrats, so that gripe is hereby null and void.

    Disproportionate amount of city procurement contracts? I wonder if they realize there are (or should be) more factors involved in spending taxpayer dollars than "race". Quality, costs, feasibility, well-researched and well-presented business plan, ability to insure, clear understanding of the numerous 10-foot piles of oppressive-regulations and other city/county/state/federal government paperwork...a LOT of things. I mean...other than "race". The taxpayers should be confident that the money is going to go to someone who has a clear strategy, a well-thought-out business plan, a laser-focus, the knowledge and appropriate experience to pull it off, and presents a vision of something that is likely to succeed. And, that includes ANY start-up, by ANYone, of ANY race.

    Here's more:

    "He hopes a county-wide sales tax will help address some of the barriers facing the black community. Revenue from the tax is earmarked for economic development initiatives, with 10 percent dedicated to supporting disadvantaged groups."

    “I hope that we can look at the city’s procurement and say black businesses get $10 million rather than $365,000."

    So, let's look at the demographics:

    Racial Distribution
    White, 85.5%
    Black or African American, 8.6%
    Asian, 1.3%
    American Indian, 1.2%
    2 or more races, 2.5%
    Not Reporting, 3.6%

    Seems like there is a HUGE disparity between "$365,000", and "$10 million"!

    Sounds like they want 27 TIMES more taxpayer money to give to 8.6% of the population? Well, then, which groups suffer the 27 TIMES less loss of funding? Seems like it would have to EVERY other group...but, especially, of course...the 85.5% of whites?

    The preposterousness of that statement sounds like it could have come straight out of Maxine Waters' hateful blabber-mouth. "We don't just want MORE! We want it all..AND MORE!" Statements like that really do project a negative image, and that statement, alone, is not likely to convince others that they are a benevolent group. They really shouldn't say thing like that. They just nuked their entire goal, with astute readers who are able to comprehend.

    So, is that what they mean by reallocating the "disprortionate amount", because, it's certain that not ALL OTHER groups are going to also get 27 TIMES more taxpayer funding. So, if they get their 27 TIMES more funding for 8.6% of the population, and it's "redistributed" from all the others, it seems like that, in itself, creates an even greater and entirely-damaging "disproportion", favoring one group over all others, to the great detriment of all others.

    Actually, it seems, well..."racist", being based on race, alone.

    Why do liberals just have to keep being so racist?

    How about we give EVERYONE an "equal" chance, based on their qualifications, their feasibility, and all other "equally-considered" factors?

    It just seems liberals, who keep yelling and destroying property and inciting violence in the name of "fairness and equality" will NEVER accept "equality", and "fairness"...doesn't it?

  41. "Gov. Sam Brownback signs K-12 funding bill, vetoes lottery reform"

    Correction to headline:

    "Gov. Sam Brownback caves to taxpayer-funded teachers' unions using taxpayer money to hire lawyers at taxpayer expense for both prosecution and defense, and to 'judgeshop' taxpayer-funded liberal judges who will agree to force taxpayers to pay more taxes to fund K-12, giving taxpayer-supported teachers more chances to give unions more taxpayer money to mount continual lawsuits using taxpayer money to hire liberal lawyers to 'judgeshop' taxpayer-supported liberal judges, with taxpayers effectively paying (in a vicious downward spiral) for both the prosection and defense of school-funding, in which the taxpayer-funded liberal judges are certain to force the taxpayers to keep this clear conflict-of-interest going in perpetuum."

    There. That's more honest of a headline.

    All to keep propping up failing schools.

  42.'s something by the Marxist editors of the Urinal:

    "Editorial: Strange and stubborn rhetoric"

    "When the Senate passed a different tax package at the end of May (House Bill 2067, which failed in its chamber of origin), Sen. Dennis Pyle, R-Hiawatha, held a $100 bill in the air and said, “This is my property.” To amplify the dramatic effect, he crumpled the bill and tossed it on the desk in front of him — a gesture that was supposed to demonstrate how Kansans’ property rights were being crushed. It’s one thing to argue that a tax bill is too onerous or to anticipate harmful economic effects (which is what plenty of Pyle’s fellow conservatives did), but it’s something rather different to insist that the government is stealing its citizens’ property."

    Well? He's right! It IS our property, and the irresponsible government IS stealing it!

    "When a state senator accuses lawmakers of petty theft, he isn’t just failing to make a productive contribution to the debate — he’s actively undermining the norms of civil discourse in the Legislature."

    No...he's pointing out that the "lwamakers" are NOT the bosses. The taxpaying citizens are! And, they ARE stealing!

    "As if comparing lawmakers to thieves and slaveholders wasn’t enough, Pyle decided to describe them as Marxists as well: “How much is enough? Maybe we ought to filibuster this thing. You want to read a little Marx. Maybe that’s what you do, read it by the fireplace.”

    I suspect many already have. The Democrats know it by heart, and base their entire agenda on it.