Monday, June 12, 2017

So the Brownback reign of terror is over, right?

After all, haven't we heard for the last couple of years that Governor Brownback destroyed the state of Kansas with his "tax cuts for the wealthy"? That he personally created a financial crisis by cutting taxes? That his "failed experiment in trickle down economics" was a miserable failure?

Isn't that why everybody ran the conservative Republicans who supported it out of office and elected a bunch of tax and spend democrats and moderate Republicans (same thing)?

Well, as our friend Nunya has pointed out very well on the last blog, all is not as it seems, now is it?

They fixed the budget alright. With a $1,000,000,000 (billion) dollar tax increase. Taxes on individuals go up. Taxes on poor people go up. Taxes on small businesses go up. Taxes on pretty much everybody and everything go up. That fixed it for sure. The nightmare is over.

Now I'll make a prediction. About the first quarter of next year, when people start figuring their taxes, and they discover that they are paying way more to the state, and people who previously paid nothing under the Brownback tax cuts have to pony up, all those same people who hated the Governor and his tax cuts will be screaming bloody murder. They will have short memories, these people. They got what they demanded and surprise! Now the bill is coming.

See, the tax cuts were a great idea. Take less of my money. Take less of your money. Take less money from small business. It promotes economic growth. It always has. It always will. But along with that, the state needed to make cuts. The out of control bloated giant pit of government pork needed trimming. And there is more than enough trimming to go around. But that never happened. Instead the fix is raise taxes. Don't spend a nickel less. Spend more. Just raise taxes, problem solved.

When Governor Brownback took office, people forget we were living through the obama recovery. 1% GDP growth. High unemployment, despite the phony numbers they created to promote the lie otherwise. Fed policy that was so horrible it was serving to continue the damage from the recession, not heal it. Everything was working to keep our economy flat and unemployment and welfare high. It's the democrat way. Under anything resembling a normal economy, Kansas would have grown like it should have.

And people don't seem to remember, in the last two years of democrat governors, Sebilious and what's his name, obama gave Kansas $500 million out of his phony stimulus bill to cover our shortfalls. That was by design and payback to Sebilious who we remember went on to HHS and helped destroy our healthcare insurance. So when Governor Brownback took office, he had that same shortfall. He fixed it as best he could, and then pushed through a tax cut to try to stimulate growth to grow us out of it. But they failed to cut spending, and the economy, by design of obama failed to grow.

So obama claimed one more victim. Sam Brownback, a decent man, a true conservative, friend to the second amendment and unborn children was vilified and demonized and now we are right back where we started. Except worse. Less money in our pockets, more in the pockets of "moderate" republicans and democrats to spend. And spend it they will.

I predict even with this giant tax increase at budget time next year we will still be short hundreds of millions and they will be demanding tax increases again. Hopefully the people will have learned something by then, but I seriously doubt it.


  1. Good morning SSAH I seriously doubt it also, it takes forever for people to pull their heads out now days.

  2. Let's not forget, also...they aren't raising them from this point forward. They are retroactive back to January!!

    How will that work? Our paychecks will take a double-decline in state tax to make up for the first 6 months?

    Or, just the normal decline (in spiked tax deduction)...and we all better damn well better start saving more than our pennies...better start saving lots of dollars. Because...ka-CHING....YOU get no kind of tax refund next spring! YOU write THEM a check!!!😠

    Better take it easy for Christmas, folks. You'll likely need that money, soon after!

  3. it doesn't seem fair about the retro part- isn't that already taxing $$ that has already been taxed?

  4. Well, they get away with this because the actual income tax isn't calculated until you file your taxes next year.

    They are withholding taxes now, based on the current tax rate and your income on each paycheck. That withholding is based on current rates. I don't know how they will do it, I honestly figure I'm getting screwed any way the handle it.

    They might just increase withholding effective July 1 for the rest of the year, in which case you will be underwitheld and will owe more out of pocket which will probably affect the average person's refund. They might increase withholding more to account for underwitholding the first six months of the year, in which case you might not owe extra.

    But the tax rate only get's applied after Jan 1 when taxes get figured. Whatever the tax rate is then, that's what you owe.

    But Governor Brownback was the bad guy through all this, remember? He's the guy they all love to hate. Our wonderful benevolent legislature just fixed it for us. All that terrible damage he did just goes away. And it only costs us another billion dollars.

  5. Another thing to remember about all this is taxes on small businesses and small corporations are going up. When taxes on a small business go up, they have only two ways to recover it. Raise prices, which affects competitiveness, or lay off employees. Increase prices means we pay for it, laid off employees we pay for also. Either way we pay the whole bill.

    Business and corporations don't pay taxes. Tax increases just pass to us through cost of goods.

    Ever wonder why guys like Warren Buffet crow about wanting higher taxes on corporations? Seems like it would hurt them, doesn't it? Well, those guys and the big companies are large enough to absorb some extra taxes due to the payoff of smaller marginal companies (their competitors) folding up under the weight of more taxes.

    The big guys use the government to crush their competition. Pretty simple.

  6. Dumbasses oughta be careful what they wish for.

    But now just watch, the dems will now use this tax increase against the republicans come campaign season.

    Shit never ends with these bastards...

  7. Not sure how they'll convince people the Dems' tax hike was a good thing...let's keep it up...after people get their sticker shock surprise next January-to-April.

    "I OWE them?! I ALWAYS get a refund!! I don't have the money right now to send THEM a check!! What the hell happened?!"

    Donkeys and Rinos happened. I think it's safe to say that a large percentage of the population will be ignorant of the fact that this is retroactive, so they are already behind 6 months in the withholding from their paychecks.

    I hope it doesn't become widespread knowledge, except to folks who oppose this ridiculous overspending and legalized theft.

    I'd like to see a shitload if libs screaming and crying about their taxes next spring, because they are too stupid to realize what has happened.

  8. The Urinal is getting more and more difficult to view, every day. The socialist/commie/fascist far-left liberal bias is so thick over there.

    Thicker than Hillary's brainless 100%-concrete head. Thicker than the feces pooing out Democrats' mouths. Thicker than the mountain of ACTUAL, CONFIRMED evidence of top-to-bottom Democrat lawlessness, unconstitutionality, illegal domestic spying on American citizens, illegal leaks and unmasking, illegal collusions and obstructions between current/former government employees and the media and "big money" foreign and domestic, illegal mishandling of data on unapproved servers, outright proven lies, gun-running, using IRS and government agencies to "go after" opposition, and treasonous, seditious acts.

    All thick as shit in the administration of THE most-devious and dishonest, lying, anti-American, anti-Constitutional president this country has ever had to endure...His Highness...Imam Barack Insane-Hussein Obama.

    I'm wondering if Trump should just put 100% of his energy into identifying ALL the players, getting rid of the Deep State ones still in there, connecting all the dots, and start a 1000-year flood of indictments against all of them...including Obama, Hillary, Lynch, Jarrett, Pelosi, Schumer...the list is long.

    If the ENTIRE Democrat party is under investigation for all this criminal activity...and news against them is being FORCED out every single day...wonder what kind of effect that would have in November '18?

    I think they could tie a helluva lot of this stuff together!

  9. Well Nunya I would just say you said it all AND That's a Wrap! Stay cool folks.

  10. Levin made a good point that I already thought about. If all this "Russian election interference" happened BEFORE Trump was even elected, on Obama's watch, with Lynch, Comey, Brennan, Jeh Johnson, John Kerry, Susan Rice...all those Obama loyalist, anti-Trumpers in full command.


    Because. They thought Hillary would be elected, and none of this would be revealed.

  11. Just ruminating a little here, but....

    The godless left is still mumbling and stumbling about claiming President Trump "obstructed justice" by telling the democrat operative Comey he "hoped" he could close the investigation on General Flynn.

    Now as President, he has the absolute authority to just close the investigation. To pardon General Flynn of all crimes. To say "that's the end of that".

    So somehow in the twisted minds of the godless left, his saying he hoped Comey would do what he himself has the absolute authority to do with the stroke of a pen is "obstruction".

    This just proves this whole massive lie filled campaign by the godless left has nothing to do with perceived right or wrong, or any kind of legal issues.

    It's a campaign to destroy our elected government because they can't accept the fact America has rejected their pseudo communist based ideology.

    It reminds me of a jilted boyfriend who was a real asshole so he got dumped but now harasses his ex endlessly making her miserable in the hope that will drive her back to him. Clear signs of mental illness. And applies to the godless left just as well. Liberalism is a mental illness. Just go read the idiot meanderings from the lefties on Kevin's urinal blog if you doubt that. Scary crazy, those people are.

  12. (Part 1 of 2)

    Well...THIS seems a bit..."racist", and I'll tell you why:

    From the Urinal:

    "Ethnic studies program introduced to state education board"

    "After unsuccessfully trying for the past two years to pass legislation that would require Kansas schools to adopt an ethnic studies curriculum, Rep. John Alcala said he realized forming a partnership with Kansas State Board of Education would be essential if the curriculum ever becomes a reality."

    “We’re on board with that,” the Topeka Democrat said Tuesday after addressing state board members. “We’re not trying to shove anything down nobody’s throat.”

    Of course not...sure.

    " “develop curriculum guides, lesson plans and assessment tools” that are targeted to their (the teachers') specialty, such as science, math or language arts, for example."

    "The curriculum can be tailored, she said, to a district such as Garden City that has a growing Somali population or a Kansas City district with increasing numbers of people from Burma."

    “The curriculum is designed to co-exist, never stand alone,” Winn told board members. “This will be different in different districts.”

    “Every child needs to be mirrored,” she said. “It’s the way a child develops self-esteem. We are all Americans."

    And, here comes the big reveal:

    "It’s not just Anglo Americans that built the United States, and children need to know that.”

    Well, now...not just an "ethnics studies", but looking more like an "anti-white studies", by that statement.

    This is the kind of thing our taxpayer-funded teachers pass our tax money to unions to pass to lawyers to sue ourselves to pay more tax dollars.

    Will they teach REAL "ethnic studies" about their countries?

    Will they teach Mexican children about the brutal Spaniards who who raped and pillaged their way through central America and the southwest U.S., stealing land and wiping out native populations in the conquests?

    How about the sordid history of Brazilians, who may be descended from those savage Portugese who plundered them? The Brazilians who impoted 12 TIMES more slaves (4 million), for a MUCH longer period, then the U.S. did (330,000) during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade years? The rest of the 12 million, for a MUCH longer period, went to other Carribean and Central/South American countries.

  13. (Part 2 of 2)

    What about teaching black children about the shameful involvement of other blacks, in Africa who helped round up and sell the slaves to Europeans (the Portugese were HUGE customers)? The "free blacks" here, who enslaved many on the plantation, as servants, and even prostitutes? Will they teach them the REAL histories?

    Will any black children learn of Anthony Johnson? He was a plantation owner who sued the government, and was instrumental in ushering in the "legal slavery" era of the U.S. Before that, they were "indentured servants", but Mr. Johnson wanted to keep them for as long as he wished. To "own" them. So, he filed a lawsuit, won, and the slave trade took off in earnest. Oh...and Mr. Anthony Johnson? He was a black man.

    Now then, "It’s not just Anglo Americans that built the United States, and children need to know that.”

    So...the "growing Somali population in Garden City", and "increasing numbers of people from Burma in K.C."? THEY had as much to do with building America, as those evil old white men? Seems to be what they just said, by using THEIR statements.

    Y'know...instead of wasting our dwindling tax dollars on this nonsense, the educators (propagandists) should just tell their students that there is a LOT MORE information about their heritage on the internet, and direct them there. Of course, MOST of the kids may find things that are not so glorious about their own ancestors, instead of the the sugar-coated pap that they are likely to get to from the liberal mesmerizers, in their attempt to diminish all that is "of white European heritage" to bring whites down to lift others up. I'm not really sure they ever HAVE taught REAL history in public schools. And, that is a HUGE part of the problem, and is always dividing everyone, and fomenting envy and hatred. Which, of course, is what the left wants.

    If EVERYONE understood that their own heritage is not so unblemished, maybe we could have better tolerance and understanding?

    "It’s not just Anglo Americans that built the United States, and children need to know that.”

    Crap like THAT statement is EXACTLY the problem, and that statement is what made it so obvious what their goals are.

    It is a racist statement, period.

  14. I see the two-headed 1/2-brained monster, Steve/Cokehead Roberts, is over there bashing Trump's attempts to keep us safe from citing bullshit...and advocating for unfettered murderous Islamic terrorism in our country.

    Wonder what they'd write if either of them, or their families or friends, fell victim to "just a refugee" who turned out to be a mass-murdering terrorist?

    Do you suppose they'll be bashing Trump, still, and screaming "LET'EM ALL IN!!!"?😠