Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Today I’m going to talk about a good friend of mine, but first I think we should all take a minute or two to think of Kelsey Smith, maybe say a little prayer for her family. They’re going through an unimaginable hell because of some damn freak. There will be those who believe he can be rehabilitated. In my mind, if they can prove without a doubt, the man they have in custody is the one who killed this poor girl. Then he deserves the “Death Penalty.” And I’ll just leave it at that.
I wanted to tell you about an experience I had a couple weeks ago. Thomas Lessman and his family put on an Anti-Phelps concert at their place. I spent about two hours just sitting there out in the open listening to the music and looking around this place called the “Lessman Farm.”
I’ve known Thomas for about a year now I guess. My first contact with him was on Steve Forman’s “Wake Up Call Blog.” We had some pretty good on-line debates. I’m sure Thomas will disagree, but I won them all. Hey, it’s my story. Google him, find his web-site and you’ll find he considers himself a “Citizen-Advocate-Activist.” When I first met him he was running for House of Representatives in the 53rd District on the “Libertarian Party” Ticket. I once asked him why he didn’t just switch parties so he could have a better chance at winning. Now that I’ve gotten to know him and the more I’ve learned about the Libertarian Party, I know why. He’s not willing to compromise his beliefs. It’s safe to say he’s one of the most stubborn people I’ve ever known.
One thing the Libertarian Party’s big on is personal property rights. On this issue the Lessman Family walks the walk. Yeah, Thomas is stubborn but he comes by it honestly. I had the privilege of meeting his dad, Ron Lessman. He’s gotta be one of the coolest “old guys” I’ve ever met. But I’m willing to bet there are a few former and present County Officials who don’t think so.
Welcome to the Lessman Farm, home of “Truckhenge.” I don’t know the details but it seems like there was a battle between Ron and the County about him picking up some old trucks and assorted equipment around his property. Ron had trouble understanding why the County thought they had any say about what he did on his property. Property that has been in the Lessman family for 130 years. Property that sits at the end of a dead end road. But in the end he complied. Well, sort of. This compliance was and remains to this day an act of defiance. He picked it up alright. He lined both sides of the road entering his property with those alleged trucks. Half buried them sticking straight up in the air. Painted them white and painted defiant slogans on them. One states that “Freedum Isn’t Lost!” I guess there was an issue of beer bottles. Yep, he picked them up too. He built “Beer Bottle City” out of them. There are several metal and bottle sculptures. He made a few sings saying things like “Warning, Man With Ideas!” Another one says “Zoned To Speak Your mind!” He built his house in a Quonset Hut with all recycled materials. This has to be the coolest house around. Yeah, Ron complied alright. I think he won the battle and in the end he also won the war. How cool is that? This old guy wants to thank the Lessman family for welcoming my family into your home. You’re good people.
You can reach this old guy at: kevinmcginty@sbcglobal.net

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  1. Maybe that's YOUR side of the story Kevin, but personally I think I won any debates you and I had. That's why you agree with me by default now... lol ;-)

    Seriously though, the respect is mutual, and thank you for writing this article. My dad has done a lot of work to make the farm a great place to relax and have fun! We hope to host more concerts eventually; currently looking into the idea. Anyone interested should call Thomas Lessman at 785-230-4546.

    The website for Truckhenge is:

    Also Kevin, thanks for the kind words about me. I only do what I feel is the right thing to do. If that means talking about issues on Jim Cates' Show, or organizing a rallies in defense of our rights, then I do what I feel is necessary.

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