Thursday, April 7, 2016

Free For All Friday....

I felt better about the conservative revolution a month ago than I do now.  I'm afraid the GOP establishment is going to muck things up and hand the presidency to Hillary.   I will feel just like the young girl in the race when she fell flat on her face, but I will be just like her and pull myself up. I Will Not Give Up!

Have at it....


  1. No doubt about it Heather Dorniden is one tough and determined lady...

  2. Good morning Kevin and all you bunker people, you all have a safe day.

    Good job KTT early my man, Don't know what the day would be like with out you and Kevin giving us a way to speak to all the liberal brain dead assholes. Now to check out the film. Later

  3. Good morning. Nunya here.


    Yeah, Kev...i said at the start, when they got into all the attacks against each other, that they ALL should just shut the fuck up about all that, focus on issues, QUIT giving the Dems ammo, and QUIT pissing off the conservative voters with all that nonsense.

    Realizing for decades now that both parties are pretty much just two sides of the same old battered and tarnished wouldn't suprise me if the establishment Republicans sabotaged things, now that it appears it could be one of two people they hate and goes against them...just out of spite, and to keep the status quo.. EVEN if it means letting a person even MORE unqualified than Obama (which would have seemed impossible)...a pathological liar...a proven dismal failure at EVERYTHING...that nasty, dishonest, disgusting, annoying, fire-breathing wench,

    Said it before..will keep saying it.

    Washington D.C. needs to be Roto-Rooted, and ALL that crap clogging up the system needs to be flushed into the sewer, where it belongs.

    The main difference between average conservatives and average liberals is...conservatives know this. Liberals haven't a clue, and think it's just fine to let them all keep ruining us. (Or...they actually WANT them to continue to ruin us...which is actually worse).

    Anyway, now that I've managed to go into my 'Safe Space' last night, and got some sleep...after suffering a 'traumatic racist incident'...I am about ready to go to work to EARN money to support myself...y'know...since I don't make NEARLY as much as a door-to-door peddler! I'm sure my hard-earned tax dollars will make it to a few of those black kids that I can't adopt, who just want some FINE fried chicken (according to the young black door-to-door (supposed)-peddler, anyway...who suggested as much. Story on OBF at the Urinal).

    Y'all have a good day!

  4. Nunya here, again. OOOPS!

    Should have been "Yeah, KTT" the beginning...about the Conservative Revolution doubts. Today's YOUR day to host...huh?!

  5. Thanks Nunya, you made my day both here and at the Urinal, stay well!

  6. I'm not sure you can blame the Establishment for losing to Hillary. They're not the ones wanting to nominate Donald Trump.

    You have to look at this election in historical context. It is VERY difficult for a party to win 3 presidential elections in a row. In recent history, like my lifetime, it has been done exactly once, in 1988. For more context, it didn't happen in 1960, 1968, 1974, 2000 and 2008. And 3 of those 5 years had good economies. So the basic idea is that if you nominate a generic Republican, you stand a very good chance of winning. There were lots of "generic Republicans" early in the nominating process.

    And the polls still show the closest thing to "generic Republican" beating the hell out of the Harridan - Kasich (favored by at least two members of 235). Cruz, who still sort of fits the description, is within the margin of error.

    Guess who that leaves out? And don't blame me (or people similar to me). I didn't insist on insulting people, begin a nationally televised debate with a reference to my Johnson, nor did I insist on calling an opponent "Lyin'." The current state of matters rests on the shoulders of this one man.

    Yes, he pisses of Dems. That's nice, but isn't the price to be paid just a little bit high? Indeed, it may be fun to give "the bird" to the Establishment now, but if that finger magically becomes that of "Proctologist Hillary" in November you know where it's going next, don't you?

    And look, I'm not telling anyone to vote for anyone else. I'm a historian and insist on viewing a larger perspective.

    You can use your viewpoint to "send 'em a message" or to send 'em a President. Your choice.

  7. Capt that's right it is our choice, but like I always say who ever gets the call gets my vote, I am not voting for any asshole Dem, And I even would hold my nose for that whining Kasich. But what ever, we all only have one vote so what difference does it make. They are not elected by popular vote numbers. Oh what makes you a Historian?

  8. Must be a newcomer, welcome, I think.

    1. To late Constantine V Cotsorradis, would have like your comment maybe. Have a nice day.

    2. Sorry. I am new to this. Been following the blog but went to edit and deleted it. Guess you can't edit here.

    3. Posted that this campaign is a mess and I do blame the establishment. I disagree with Kenneth but he knows his stuff.

  9. A Masters Degree and a couple of theses.

    And the Kansas caucus is over. And of course I'll vote for any Republican this time. Hillary is a little nastier customer than the current pres.

    And how is Kasich whining? The Donald does seem to whine quite a bit though, no? Anytime someone jabs him (and it happens a lot) he whines. Perhaps someone needs to explain to him that a lot of things in life aren't fair. And you have to admit that he and his friend the Harridan (they do seem to have seen a lot of each other over the years) always complain that they're not treated "fairly."

  10. Don't worry we all have that problem when we first come here, yup the edit would be nice, and disagreeing with the Capt is nothing new to many of us but he is a up standing guy. Knows a lot and says a lot. He will have your back if you need him. He drinks the beer named after him,,, Arrogant Bastard Beer, that is a real named beer. Good Grief.

  11. Sarge for a minute I was thinking St Pauli Girl - glad you said the beer.

    New guy - welcome. You won't be alone disagreeing with the Captain as we refer to him.

  12. Well Capt they all whine I guess I should have added that, Kasich just gets under my skin like Obama just something there I don't trust, yup, can't pin it down just yet, Hey but you will be the first to know when I do. :)

    1. Kasich is arrogant denies realty and reminds me of a weasel.

      The people have rejected him but he stays in because he knows how to play the GOP establishment game and can game the nomination.

      I will vote for Libertarian candidate before I vote for Kasich.

  13. KTT, that's getting close to what I may be thinking, Oh Iam not to sure we here are not going Libertarian after this election, getting sick over both party assholes, excuse my French.

  14. Welcome aboard CC.

    Have a look around, make yourself at home don't take anything you see or hear around here too personal.

    For the most part we have a pretty good bunch of very stubborn and grouchy old men and we all have a opinion about everything.

    Now for the Captain.

    He's our resident moderate but we all love him like an uncle.

    You know, that uncle your parents took you to see when you were a kid. The one locked up for his own good. And the one no one really talks about.

    Yep. That uncle.

    Just kidding. The Captain is a good man and I'm proud to call him my friend...

  15. But the good news is that we also have several members of the next generation coming in to take our place as soon as us old geezers start losing our minds.

    Hammer, Truthteller, and Nunya to the rescue...

  16. Well, KTT, I invite you to do that in any case. I myself voted for Gary Johnson (former governor of New Mexico) last time. Now he really DOES reflect a lot of my attitudes - non-intervention (friendly with Russian and NOT letting a certain small middle-eastern state determine our foreign policy); pro-choice, understanding that freedom of religion entails freedom of conscience for all, and that free enterprise doesn't mean the government gets to pick winners. In fact, about the only thing Johnson and I disagree about is that he is for gay marriage, I think it should be left to the individual state.

    You can ask Kevin, last election I was a veritable dynamo of Johnson FaceBook postings. The only reason I won't pledge to support him now is that the Harridan looms.

  17. Capt There you go again talking abut johnson, we heard enough at the the debates on that situation..

  18. Lol... He ain't lying.

    See what I mean about "that uncle?"

  19. Oh, and never ever underestimate our lady friends.

    Don't ever take their good manners as a sign of weakness.

    They'll go toe to toe with anyone.

    Keep your eyes open for Sara, Philly, Rikki, Texas Rose, Preacherswife, maybe even Preacherskid and you'll see what I mean...

  20. Kevin,

    I'm going to complain to the mods... you didn't mention the contribution us ladies post... (just kidding here - I know you appreciate Texas Rose, Sara Socks, PW, and uh... me) smiles.


  21. Trump is starting to remind me of buttstash. He's trolling both parties. He's saying things just to get the angry people angrier whether it makes sense or not. Just like buttstash. He doesn't seem to have any actual opinions or policies, he just keeps saying things that get people angry and talking about him.

    I'm just not going to support the idea of running a troll for President just to piss off the ungodly liberals. Good as that might feel, it will lose us the election and give us the Hillbeast for our next President. If you thought obama was bad, you ain't seen nuthin.

    Trump wasn't just born this election. All this anger didn't just start when Trump jumped in there. This has been brewing a long time. When the Repubs ran old crusty John McCain and he lost to obama because he was too weak to fight back. Then along comes Romney, who was a decent guy but who surrendered the fight when he had the upper hand and let obama and the left wing media steal the election. When he let that phony journalist Candy Crowley get away with that bullshit at the debate, that was the end.

    Then we give the Repubs the House and Senate and what do they do? They fund obamacare, planned parenthood and give him the authority to negotiate the deal to give his mullah friends in Iran a nuke.

    Remember, this wasn't some underhanded sneaky deal on Obama's part. The Senate let him do it. They surrendered their constitutional duty to approve it as a treaty, which it was. Then they all whined and pretended to be upset over him doing exactly what anyone with a brain knew he would do. And now look where we are.

    So this anger at these establishment types has been building for a long time.

    Remember, Cruz came from the TEA party. That's who got him there. And that was based on righteous anger at obama and the left. So despite their lies that the TEA party is dead and buried, everyone seems to forget they did exactly what they planned. They drove the party back to the right and they have a candidate running for President. They just faded out of the front like they should have done. But the work they did is still having an impact. And that's what has the old establishment types worried. We disliked them about as much as we did the left.

    So this anger wasn't born six months ago. It was born in 2008 when the ungodly left elected a Marxist president. Trump's just taking advantage of it.

  22. oops... didn't see what you posted about us ladies.... p.s. I didn't have my glasses on... I committed an "oops"....

    I'm goofy, what can I say..? (smiles).


  23. Yup the Ladies that come by here are the Bestist!!! Ya I know that,s not a word to those college educated living in their parents basement with no job.

  24. And hey, look, Cruz and Kasich are about as conservative as they come. They sure aren't the candy-dates I wanted last fall (think Graham and Paul), but they are rock-ribbed conservatives who have some idea how government works.

    And between the Scylla of Trump and the Charybdis of the Harridan, steering the ship with one of these two just makes good common sense. Both can win in November and would undo a lot of recent damage to boot.

    Or what the hell, you can just flip people off.

  25. Cruz Capt I can agree on but but but Kasich ??? Now you part with a few of those btl of beer I might just start agreeing more on the other. :)

  26. Bring on the weekend! ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪

    Probably not going to have a lot of time to visit here or on facebook this weekend y'all... so I'll just send my well wishes for y'all to have a good weekend now - will connect back up with y'all probably by Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Hugs, Rikki

  27. I've made it known that I'm a Cruz guy since the beginning. He's anti establishment, no amnesty, and won't touch our rights in regards to firearms or most other individual freedoms.
    Trump well, he is what he is. He appears anti establishment and strikes fear to those on the left. He gets points from me for his demeanor and attitude. Although it may be sorta "unpresidential", it's extremely refreshing for a younger guy who sees every other politician go to Washington making promises, and then drop his trousers to bend over and take the liberal phallus where they like to put it. He is shock and awe, and I will vote for him if I have to.
    Now, Kasich is trying to squeeze blood from a rock. He has no support, and if it wasn't for the potential of a convention would not be in this race. His on tape interactions with law enforcement, and lack of vitriol and emotion as to the issues I care about is deflating. He lingers in the background, only to scoop up the sloppy seconds that shouldn't be made available except by crooked rules that were set in place to screw a better candidate in the last election. And rules that could change again, by the way. I'm not sure I can vote for him, and I do not like the proposition of him being the candidate with lack of support from the common folk.

    As a side note, I'm still foolish in optimism. I still believe there is time for something to happen to get Cruz and Trump to align. And that, you friends would bring at least 12 years of dominance to somewhat curb the flow of liberal leprosy I have witnessed this last administration.
    Just a young boy's perspective....

  28. Hammer, I would love to see a Cruz Trump ticket, it would be a sure win, the question is not who is on 1st but who is on top.

  29. I would like to see that happen. But I really dont know. I would like to see them at least back one another when it comes time. I also want to see Carson in there. But as much as I hate to say it. It will take a act of God or a miracle. Only way they can come out on top is if Hillary goes POOF. Which I will believe when it happens. I hope ole Capt is right. I would like to see him drinking that beer till the sun comes up. And I think we could find enough to feed him all night.

  30. Good morning fellow Bunker dwellers.

    And yes, that includes you ever present shadow lurkers who are just too afraid to say anything.


    And 197 page views...

  31. And Rikki, there's no way I could forget about the contributions our lady friends have made to this little blog of ours...

    1. good morning :)

      Kevin, yesterday's post "oops... didn't see what you posted about us ladies.... p.s. I didn't have my glasses on... I committed an "oops"....

      I'm goofy, what can I say..? (smiles)."


  32. Good morning.

    Nunya here.

    Well...I guess it's forbidden over at the Urinal for a white person to report anything about an actual, true racist experience against the white person.

    It IS, though, perfectly OK for liberals to take BLM-'manufactured-racist' incidents (that weren't racist at all) and run with them 'til the cows come home.

    Yep...looks like the sick, twisted mods over there are hell-bent on imposing their ideology into everything...even if it takes removing posts that did come close to violating even one of their arbitrary rules.

    I'm sure it was Batshit flagging it, and Auntie Em was all-too-glad to remove it.

    Noticing the lack of liberal participation over there on OBF....even 'flagging''s obvious (because we aren't as stupid as they are) that they have probably decided to try to run the same play we just did on them. No comments, no flags, just 'report abuse'.

    Sorry, morons. That won't phase us. Can't even come up with something more original? We are liberal idiots, and programmed to do nothing but 'take'...even being stupid enough to think that stealing the idea will bother us.

    It doesn't.'s clear that we got to YOU!


    You said "Only way they can come out on top is if Hillary goes POOF." a just world, she'd soon be wearing an orange jumpsuit (that would actually be an improvement over the fashion-disaster crap she wears now). CLEARLY evil, worthless, dishonest, abusive-of-authority, failure-prone and unqualified as she is...she still (through the graces of the Godless left and the wimpy right) has power, and will probably bribe, threaten, extort or whatever else she has to do...her way out of all of her "high crimes and misdemeanors".

    As far as it coming down to a "Cruz-Trump".."Trump-Cruz" ticket? Better go with Cruz-Trump. Cruz is the least "least-liked" one between the two.

    May be better, though, for either to choose a more-establishment type, just to draw back in some of the moderates who can't stand BOTH Cruz AND Trump.

  33. Correction...(Nunya here)

    "...even if it takes removing posts that did "NOT" come close to violating..."

  34. Correction #2...(Nunya again...restless night...still kinda bleary-eyed)

    "...lack of liberal participation over there on OBF....even 'flagging'"...."flagging" should have been "thumbs-downs".

  35. Of course it was Batshit, Nunya.

    But who cares?

    We all saw your post. We all read it.

    Once again his bringing up the rear strategy had zero impact on anything.

    Well, except to stroke his delicate feelings while he stroked himself...

  36. Nunya here...

    Hey Kev. I don't really "care" that the usual post-removal goes on over there.

    It doesn't really bother me that they were removed.

    But, I will still post something that points out the usual, double-standard, intolerant, liberal-crybaby-whining bias of the left, and the mods, over at the Urinal.

    If for nothing else...then just to up the comments on you guys' blogs! Just to PISS THEM OFF!


    Gotta get! Busy day ahead. Have a good one!

  37. Nunya, posted a comment on the Stupid and Kookie Roberts column. We'll see how long it stays up. I did some name calling, but then their whole column was name calling of Trump supporters wasn't it.

  38. Bunch of chickenshit cowards over there. You would think the ungodly leftists that are running the urinal would know pissing you guys off is not smart. You pull your blogs and that blog section dies.

    But that's just how stupid liberals are. Ideology over reality. These are seriously stupid people.

  39. Seems rather strange that not one thumb downer has showed up or left one post at the urinal. Now how would something like that happen? How would all of these so called libs know not to post or leave a post? Even Batt Shit is MIA. Some thing smells like batt shit on a 110* day. Just something to wonder about.

    1. Just a thought. But I think they are making an attempt at not appearing. Don't give them a thought. They will show back up, buttstache especially. Just lurking, as usual.

      By the way skip, just acquired an EAA witness elite stock II 10mm. Best shooting pistol in any caliber I own. Also the most handsome looking. One of these days, have to chat with ya about it. Not sure I'm going to the show next weekend, but maybe at the summit.

    2. Oh man that's going to be nice. Let me know how it turns out. That is almost like my 38 super. Mine being blue. And I have a 45 top for it also. I will be going to the show on sunday morning. Any one else going ?

  40. Here's the link to the Tommy Sotomayor video I posted about at cj.

    Always find it interesting hearing from a black man about blacks killing each other. I'm sure some of you may have seen it. But if you haven't, check it out.

    And FYI, I think the vegetable trees got bit in the freeze last night. Sure hope it doesn't damage the liberal crop. And similarly it appears frozen over at cj......

  41. Well I am don doing taxes for today, God I hate doing, I only have my son's State tax to do tomorrow, That will wrap up ours my Grandsons and my son,s HOOOya.

    Then back to kicking some Liberals asses. If Hammer left any to be kick! :)

  42. Hey baitfish Jimmie. Doing a lot of trolling on the urinal aren't you? What happened buttstash won't give you permission to come over here and start that shit up?

    We know he's the head troll and the rest of you just follow his commands like good little Trotskyites. Maybe if you ask real nice and give him a little something extra if you know what I mean he'll let you pay us a visit.

    But then we'll just kick the shit out of you like we did last time you tried. So that's probably not much fun. Ask buttstash what a good hard pimp slapping feels like. He gets them regularly.

  43. SSAH I think jjimmy is a little butt sore from battshit, besides , I think that lady Philly dumped his ass for a real man.

  44. Well Philly wasn't baitboys preferred sex anyway. And after Philly kick buttstash's ass all over the place he probably ordered baitboy to stay away from her. Battstash don't like sharing his favorite buttboy with no female.

  45. Hey folks...Nunya here. Their 'game' over there....ain't got game.

    They are already caving. "Yellow Pearl Necklace' either didn't get the message...or he's just being the usual "Yellow Pearl Necklace". No diff..just a fuckin' pathetic liberal brainwashed idiot.

    And jjgiimegimeestarfishtunasmellingidiot just wouldn't know any better....even if a Marine Corp. Staff Sargeant SCREAMED the orders right in his face. IDIOCY has no downward limits.

    And liberals are proving that, everyday.


    Fuck you...racist, intolerant, hypocritical libersl "other place".........(and even THAT is too mild for you ...)

  46. Yup Nunya that was pretty mild for them, I know you have done better, but you don't want them to have a break down.

  47. Dang, Truthteller, you sure do have a way of attracting the shadow drellers.


    412 page views.

    Good morning to those of you hiding in the shadows.

    Be sure and feel free to screen capture anything and everything you need, mark it down in your notebook, file it in whatever folder you feel is appropriate, and after you've done all that, don't forget to kiss my ass...

  48. Want to look but afraid to get to close LOL. They are afraid Sara is here with a virtual longneck to rap across their nose.

    Darn Kevin, remember last year how Battlestache begged you to protect him from her? I offered to hold his hand and walk him to a safe space if he came to the summit but he was too fearful of what Sara would do to him.

  49. Buttstasher is afraid of girl cooties. Which is really odd considering what he does with his mouth, both where he puts it and what he puts in it.

  50. Hell yes I remember.

    I even told him he could hang with my 8-year-old grand daughter if he felt threatened.

    And that wasn't good enough for him either.

    I guess when you go through life running your mouth the way he does it kinda makes sense to be afraid...

  51. Well, I see Bernie the commie is backing off his claim the Hillbeast is unqualified to be President, which is completely true. He is equally unqualified but that's a different matter.

    Suddenly he's singing the Hillbeast's praises.

    I'm guessing he got a midnight visit from one of the Hillbeast's "campaign workers". Or he found a horse's head in his bed. Being between the Clinton's and something they want is a bad place to be. They have a long string of corpses behind them.

    Bernie the commie forgets sometimes he is only a token candidate. He gets confused and thinks he is actually running for President. He is pretty old and addle brained. Probably too much LSD with his commie friends back in the sixties.

  52. Ok I heard my name mentioned. So Hello to all the bunker members and on the urinal CJ. And a very big hello to ALL the Shit Heads that like to come by from that POS stink hole C J .
    And as for that fag Batt Ass aka Mr Wednesday Nite Gay Guy Stick it up your own rear. I really do wish he would come by and see me or even contact me on FB. And that goes for ALL the CJ faggots. Come on bye. Just let me know ahead of time when your coming by. I want to make sure to have extra adult bevrage's on hand and I will be sell tickets with all the monet going to one of our favorite charity's.
    I have heard that ole Batt Ass has peed his pants on more than one occasion when he hear or thought I was going to be near him. I have heard that his car smells like pee so bad that when he puts the window down you will smell him in the next car over. I sure would like to see him sitting in his car shaking when some gal pulls up next to him on a big Harley. Cant you just see the fear and smell in him?
    Other than that we all have been hanging in and waiting for the summit again. I see gimmie some has a girl friend. That should be interesting. I don't know if I should wonder about that or just don' even picture him and some gal together.
    Looks like the old white guys are all having kittens over Trump and Cruz. I sure would like to see them get together and really screw them. I cant stand that shank slut Hillary. She reminds me of some of C J mods. I just hope she goes down but ole Obamma is going to prop her back up and cover up for her. I dont know why. He screwed her and Billy in that last election. He got over them good.
    So hope you all are healthy, wealthy and just plain doing great. Till next time. Keep your powder dry and as the ole Sarger says Be Prepared.

  53. Well Sara, You must be a artist you paint a good picture of it in that comment. You are becoming prepared.

  54. Am I not understanding this? MSNBC is putting the POTUS down? Check this out .MSNBC Panel: Obama’s Defense of Hillary’s Email ‘Campaigning for Hillary,’ ‘Rigged’ Investigation, Like He’s Her Comms Director

    1. Obama's apology for what Hillaryous did, declaring it was not intentional is a mea culpa of his own for allowing her to violate security rules for the proper handling of classified intelligence in their shared communications via her non-secure home brew email server domain and non-secure Blackberry phone. Obama knows he is complicit as much as Hillaryous for putting National Security at risk. So he wants the investigation to stop now with Comey and Lynch dismissing any determinations of illegalities against Hillaryous, or ultimately, himself.
      • Reply•Share ›

  55. Bryan Adams says he's not playing in Mississippi. He's boycotting them because they passed the law requiring boys to use the boys room and stay the hell out of the girls room.

    Darn. The Moose lodge had him booked for a gig on Saturday opening for a local country band. So now they have to find another no name has been who's hard up enough to play for a hundred bucks and free beer.

    Wonder which bathroom he intended to use?

  56. And we just keep sinking further and further into the abyss...

  57. I saw a dead head sticker on a Cadillac, said never look back. Don't ever look back....

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. I think I understand what Henley meant about those hippies. Adams may not exactly be one of those, but ever focusing on progressive change is the goal. Push, push, and Push......
    We need the same resolve.
    Remain, remain, and remain....
    Or die.

  60. Stopping by to say hello.

    I liked the line about the horses head in the bed. However, I don't think it is too far from the truth. The Hill is one evil woman. She reminds me of Linda Blair in The Exorcist. The look she gives when someone crosses her is enough to scare the devil.

  61. Good morning.

    Nunya here.

    A few days to recuperate from too much backstrain work.

    Yard work Saturday, and then helped new neighbors move in some heavy stuff Sunday. (Couldn't just sit by and watch the lady struggling down the moving truck ramp with that stuff!)

    If I was a lesser man (or a good-for-nothing, greedy, lazy liberal) I'd claim disability, right about now! yesterday kept me moving around to help work out the kinks....and not so bad now.

    I'll bet Mississippi is just DEVASTATED that Adams won't play there. It probably cuts like a knife to ALL those 36 people who were anxious to see him!

    Hey, Bry...may as well skip Kansas, too! (Like anyone would notice...)

    Not much to comment about over at the Urinal. Some nut who says to be selfish, and vote for Bernie...not even worth my time arguing with that idiot. Too far down the rabbit hole to even try.

    Anyways...time for a steaming hot shower, some Icy-Hot on the ol' back...and off to be a productive member of society (so the non-productive, greedy, lazy, selfish, idiotic Obama/Bernie/Hillary voters may enjoy the fruits of my labor).

    Have a good day!

  62. Oh...and Rose? (Nunya again)...

    Linda Blair in the Exorcist looked like an angelic little flower-girl compared to Shrillary...who truly IS evil-incarnate.....

    When Blair had the devil talking through was like a soothing meditation voice compared to the Shrill! (MAN...I can't stand to look or listen to that lying, annoying wench!)


  63. Poor old Bryan Adams. He's boycotting places where if the truth be told he probably never had any bookings anyway. These old has beens trying to live on their past booking bar gigs and food courts in the mall.

    They try to be relevant again somehow, desperate to get any attention they can. So they jump in the political fray, usually completely uninformed about what the issue is but they know they'll get some publicity and everybody out there will say "Hey, I thought he was dead".

    So he joins in along with a bunch of other has beens like Bruce Springsteen. Hey, I thought he was dead? And they fight for the right for sex perverts to go into the bathroom with your daughter. Because the feelings of some mentally ill person who thinks he is another sex is way more important than your daughter's safety.

    Kind of like the whole ungodly left wing premise that we care more about how Iran feels than the safety of the world.

    These people are sick and dangerous. They will destroy our society if we stand back and let them. I think my friend Hammer just made that point. They push, push, push. We need to follow the advice of barack hussein obama. Punch back twice as hard. They bring a knife, we bring a gun.

    Some sex pervert is confused about which gender he is and goes into the bathroom with little girls, I have no sympathy if he get's his wish and some angry father fixes his problem for him right there. A peckerless sex pervert is a happy sex pervert, right?

  64. I never thought I'd see the day when States had to pass laws requiring people to use the appropriate bathroom.

    And if anyone had tried to tell me that anyone anywhere would object to it I'd have told them they were crazy.

    But here we are...

  65. Agreed - it's almost like America is in an alternate reality.


  66. Did you ever imagine that people that advocate killing unborn babies right up to the minute of birth would be labeled as the moderates? And that those of us who believe unborn children should not be killed were the radicals?

    That people who believe our founding document is the rule of law and should be followed would be labeled extremist and people who just want anarchy would be labeled moderates?

    Or that if you think sex perverts should not be allowed to marry and we should not be forced to believe any other way would be called hate speech and you could be hounded out of your job or your business for believing that?

    Did you ever think a black lives terrorist group that calls for the murder of police officers could back down a candidate for President of the United States and force them to agree with their hateful terrorist platform of murdering police officers? What do you think Ronald Reagan would have had to say to these terrorists?

    Did you ever imagine America would have a president who actually dislikes his country and works openly to destroy it, endanger our safety and leave us helpless in the face of hordes of anti-American immigrants who are pouring into our country like cockroaches?

    Did you ever imagine a time when an openly admitted Socialist/Communist would be running for President and getting huge amounts of support? Or that the other candidate of that party would actually be under investigation by the FBI for corruption and security breaches and be a pathological liar? And that the sitting president would be covering up and stonewalling the investigation?

    Did you ever imagine any of this insanity we are living through? Suppression of freedom of speech. Persecution of Christians by their own government. Persecution of conservatives by their own government. And half of America supports it and wants more of it.

    In less than thirty years we went from a prosperous, proud, patriotic secure people with a President who loved his country as much as we did to this.

    I sure didn't see this coming.

  67. Makes sense don't you think?

    In a rural program for farmers, a female TV reporter, seeking the main cause of Mad Cow disease, arranged for an interview with a farmer who might have some theories on the matter.

    This TRUE interview went as follows:

    The lady reporter: I am here to collect information on the possible sources of Mad Cow Disease. Can you offer any reason for this disease?

    The Farmer stared at the reporter and said? Did you know that a bull mounts a cow only once a year?

    Reporter: (obviously embarrassed): Well, sir, that's a new piece of information but what's the relation between this phenomenon and Mad Cow disease?

    Farmer: Miss, did you know that we milk a cow twice a day?

    Reporter: Sir, this is really valuable information, but what about getting to the point?

    Farmer: I am getting to the point, Miss. Just imagine, if I was playing with your tits twice a day .... and only screwing you once a year, wouldn't you get mad?

    THE TV INTERVIEW WAS NEVER AIRED ... Now don't we learn something every day?

  68. When I first heard about mad cow disease I thought they were talking about Hillary Clinton.

  69. If the cops had a good reason to believe your boy knew something about a muslim terror about to happen but wouldn't tell would it be okay to waterboard him until he talked?

  70. Waterboard? You do what you have to to protect the people in this country and out side this country. Or would you rather beheadings, rapeing and burning, how say you asshole.

  71. And nameless puke who the hell is your boy? Battshit.

    1. Your own child, I mean. Could be your daughter

  72. If you haven't the fucking guts to ID yourself get the fucking hell out of here, punk!

  73. Since there is zero possibility that my child would be involved in any terrorist activity, I say yes. Waterboard them all. If your child is involved in terrorist activity then my answer stays the same.

    They weren't just grabbing random people off the street and waterboarding them. These were enemy combatants captured in the act.

    This whole waterboard as torture thing is just another invention of the godless left to try to paint America as the bad guys in the world. The left uses every lie they can conceive to try to make the greatest nation on this earth look like the problem behind all this.

    I say waterboard them. I say pull out their fingernails. Make them listen to Bryan Adams. I don't care in the least. I'm sick of the godless left trying to portray the terrorists as the poor victims of American aggression. We were the victims. And the godless left is setting us up to be destroyed by these people.

    Maybe we need to waterboard a few of these godless liberals to get their heads straight.

    1. Not "involved in any terrorist activity," the police believe your son knows something but your son won't talk because he thinks the police are wrong.

    2. instead of being a cowardly piece of gutless shit....why don't you name yourself?!! unless you're too much of a gutless cowardly piece of shit too ashamed to say who you are....

  74. SSAH, I was going to say that but I was in between Beers and didn't think the asshole was worth the time. :)

  75. Good Afternoon everyone. In the quiet of my afternoon, I thought I'd check in to see how everyone is. Sarge, save me a beer and add some V8 in it for me (smiles).


  76. Rikki, I almost think I would part with my last beer for you and I don't run out of v8 anymore. :):)

  77. giggles (smile). Thanks sarge


  78. How about we kill two birds with one stone and force the terrorist suspects to room up with the transgender objects of P.C. affection? Too ruthless, you say? Okay, let the suspect have a minute with the trans one without being bound, then shackle him again?

    Well, well, Sarge, it seems you've made a new friend!!! Why don't you invite him to Truckhenge? I'm sure you'd find LOTS to talk about.

  79. Ken: I always invite people, they don't have the guts to except, I guess this year we will have make due with stationary targets again.

    1. Did you say they always accept your invitation?

  80. Well Mister Anony Mouse (hereinafter referred to as "Mousy") it is 21 MAY 16. Everybody who's anybody is going to be there. Shall we make reservations for you there, Mousy?

  81. Well Mousy I also see you can't read, what part of they don't have the guts to accept didn't you asshole understand?

  82. Skippey , I think that also but sometimes it is hell always being right. That is why I don't spend much time on the shithead.

  83. Now fellas. So far our anonymous visitor is being civil. I'm willing to engage him as long as he does that. He might be trolling us, he might not.

    I've found the CJ trolls can't help themselves. They always revert to full troll behavior, usually pretty quick. So let's let our new friend play in the sandbox for a while and see what happens. Kevin can make him disappear easily enough if need be.

  84. So Mr anonymous. To answer your question. I don't have a son. But my daughter was taught, like me to respect the Police. If they want to talk to you I don't care if you think they should or they are right. Talk to them.

    If I had ever fallen so far that they thought they had to water board me that would have been the least of my worries. Water boarding would have been nothing compared to what my Pop would have done when I got home.

    I suspect this is intended to suggest the CIA was just picking people at random and water boarding them which is complete bullshit.

    I smell an agenda developing here. We shall see.

  85. SSAH, with all do respect fuck that son of a bitch. Now how much more civil can I be?

  86. I'm just glad one of those shadow dwellers finally worked up the nerve to actually say something.

    771 page views...

  87. Well I put them down as a scumbag moving target. It takes no nerve to post as a blank piece of shit.

  88. Well if they ? were for real it would have come back and answered safe's reply. But it didnt so it was just some pond scum floating by. Pond scum smells a lot like dead minnow shad.

  89. Nunya here...

    Waterboarding would be too civil to try to extract info.

    An endless series of Shrillary pictures and videos and her grating voice blasting......non-stop, day after THAT would break anyone!

    "NOOOO...PLEASE!!! NO MORE!!! I'll tell you what I know! Just please make her STOP!!!!"

    When you have to deal with terrorists...there ARE no "Safe Spaces" the one under the rock that Mousey crawled out from....(maybe that anti-American terrorist-sympathizer is in a college dorm, somewhere? That would make perfect sense....since they are overflowing with clueless, liberal-brainwashed know-nothings who have no realization about how the world actually works.)

  90. Somebody needs to be Held Accountable... Yeah right!!!

    When stupid people multiply ?

    This is what happens when stupid multiplies...

    This video will take only a minute to watch but you'll think about it all day.

    This was a feature story on NEWSCHANNEL 8, WFLA, Tampa, FL!

    The quote "someone has to be held accountable for my 15 children" says it all.

  91. Kevin- email


  92. It's called Shockley's theory. William Shockley was a nobel prize winner in 1956 for helping invent the transistor. In later years he caught a lot of flack when he stated his theory of degenerative genetic evolution, known as Shockley's theory.

    His theory was that the least capable, in fact the lowest order of the gene pool were reproducing the most. Thus increasing the spread of genes of people like in Sarge's video. This was increasing the numbers of their kind in proportion to the rest of the population.

    This was race based, of course, and now the left disavows everything he said and calls it hate speech and all the usual ungodly left wing blather.

    However, Shockley was from the same group of eugenics followers as Margaret Sanger, who also believed black people to be genetically inferior. She however believed in killing their unborn babies and created planned parenthood, which is sacred to the ungodly left.

    Seems like a paradox, doesn't it? Shockley said it and the ungodly left vilified him. Sanger said it, but added that the solution was to kill them before they spread and the left worships her like the pagan god worshipers they are.

    These progressives are a funny bunch. Racist to the core, but quick to accuse others falsely of racism.

    Conservatives are apparently racist for believing the answer to poverty is to create economic growth and jobs so people can lift themselves out of poverty. This is called racist.

    Progressives, or as I call them godless left wingers, believe the answer to poverty is to keep people in poverty and make those who do work and earn a living pay to support them because they are trained to vote democrat. Oh, and kill as many of them before they are born. This is called compassion.

    Confusing, isn't it?

  93. So our little anony-mouse friend just slipped quietly away into the night, didn't he?

    I love it when the left comes around trying to set traps for us only to be outthought and outmaneuvered and ends up in a trap of their own making.

    Can't blame them for trying. They just lose everytime. Keep trying little left wing mice. We'll just keep knocking them out of the park.

  94. SSAH, I see NEVER posted that on OBF, good one.

  95. So Bruce Springsteen and a bunch of other ungodly lefties are refusing to play in North Carolina because of the bathroom law.

    Why do they get to refuse service based on their personal beliefs? Somebody needs to sue them for discrimination. No refusal of service based on personal beliefs allowed per the ungodly left.

  96. Sarge, that went up over there unedited. Bet it doesn't last long. I got booted of just for saying unholy left. That says ungodly left, which is equally true.

    I bet the flags are flying already.

  97. No safe he changed it to unfaithful!! hope he got it done before battshit took a snap shot of it, hahahahah

  98. As you surely know, the Boston Globe has printed a fake front page depicting what will happen if Trump is elected President.
    For the sake of balance, a fake Hillary front page is in order, and I’m stepping into the breach

    President Hillary: ‘Guess what? I’m Dick Cheney on badder steroids’;

    President Hillary assures nation she’ll find a new war ‘right away, better than Libya’;

    Hillary: ‘I love the smell of Benghazi in the morning’;

    President Rodham Clinton admits she and Bill had long death list—states, ‘What difference, at this point, does it make?’

    President Clinton takes off the gloves: ‘the cocaine flowed like water at the Mena airport, so what?’

    Hillary installs Huma as First Lady;

    Hillary turns Dept. of Agriculture over to Monsanto—‘it’s simpler’;

    Hillary: ‘Why are Globalist trade treaties a problem? Turns out I’m really good at putting Americans out of work’;

    Hillary admits she knew Bill was abusing women for decades; ‘it didn’t seem to bother him’;

    Hillary shocker: ‘Bill gave US weapons tech to China for campaign donations, and you’re worried anyone in the world could read my emails?’

    Hillary’s solution to feeling the little people’s pain: half an aspirin;

    President Rodham Clinton private phone call: ‘They think they know what a monster is? Guess what? Wait’ll they get a load of me. Women? Who gives a XXXX about women?’

    President Clinton admits she’s a witch, says that’s what America needs right now;

    President Clinton ponders a ceiling on immigration at 180 million; says suffering and pain for ordinary Americans will improve their resiliency;

    Hillary says if women want to use her as a symbol, it’s fine with her, there’s a sucker born every minute.

    And so forth and so on.

    It’s only fair.

    Have a nice day, have a nice Presidency

  99. For all you Walking Dead fans

  100. A bit off the subject, but I'm getting tired of therapy blogs forcing weighty ones into the cellar at cj. Boring as minor league baseball, people who make a difference and whatever cause de jour someone has; they are like watching a Frasier-Ali fight compared to bicycling in Topeka.

    I'm about to write a parody blog on bicycling with the sort of cyclists in my neighborhood - suspended drivers, homeless shelter dwellers, eccentrics and all.

    Ever notice how NO ONE ever responds to those bike blogs?

  101. I have a bike I like to ride once in a while. But have no interest in conversing with anybody about it except the guy at the bike shop when I buy something for it. And I really really really don't care to read blogs about it.

    I like to get on my bike and pedal around sometimes. That's about it. I guess if people want to blog and discuss it, more power to them. It just bores me to tears.

    I will however read Ken's biking blog for sure. That one sounds interesting.

    Now if somebody wants to talk about woodworking and building furniture, I'm in for as long as it goes. That's important stuff to discuss.

  102. So where are all the Social Justice Warriors demanding Bruce Springsteen provide service to someone even if he had different deeply held convictions. Don't principles apply to everyone?

    If the baker has to bake a cake for sex perverts even though he holds deep convictions that they are immoral and their behavior is destructive to society and his religion prohibits him from participating in that type of behavior, then what's different?

    These SJWs are all ranting that this is just like Jim Crow. If you have a service for sale, you have to sell it to anyone who wants to buy it regardless of any deeply held convictions you might have.

    So if old Bruce can refuse service to North Carolina because they pass a law that says boys have to use the boys room, then what's next?

    Can he refuse Kansas because we let blacks use the same restroom as whites? Or can he refuse Nebraska because they allow Christians and Jews to marry each other? Is there no end to where this can go?

    And don't make the case this is an artistic question. Bruce Springsteen hasn't been an artist for years. He's just an old hack musician peddling his wares wherever someone will pay him to come and do a medley of his hit.

    The photographer and the cake baker are artists. And that doesn't carry any water with the sex pervert militant crowd.

    So I expect to see Buttstash and all the other SJWs railing against Bruce and the haters who are refusing service over disagreement on philosophy. What do you think? Think it will happen?

  103. Safe, don't you think it's somewhat pathetic the way these fossils try to regain the spotlight with tantrums supporting their trite P.C. views?

    Brucie hasn't been "The Boss" for decades now. I didn't care for his flag-waving schtick back in the 80s. He simply proves that whatever thoughts he has, they're unlikely to be very deep. Of course, few of these "artists" have ever been accused of profound thought, but Brucie seems remarkably shallow, even by their standards.

  104. I see cj pulled Preacherswife's comment asking Batshit if he was going to demand Bruce Springsteen be sued into bankruptcy the way he did over the bakers and florists.

    Evidently it's against the rules to ask His Highness a legitimate question.

    1. And they wonder why people call them names. They are what they are and they live in a pond of scum. With their buddies being racist, fags.

    2. What is really strange is that CJ and all their little punks like to back each other up as they are some kind of special gods in their utopia world. But they will never poke their little puke heads out and show who they are. That is really strange. On here we have several people that have their ID 's out but not one of C J's little whore's will come out from under their shelter, the Urnial known as CJ. Oh I know they are like Lucy. They talk the talk but they dont do the walk because the are SCARED of Sara Socks. LOL

  105. Well Kevin anyone that is anyone must have read PW comment or at least the early risers did. :):)

  106. It's getting ridiculous.

    But hey, my hat's off to my Truthtelling friend to another successful edition of The Underground Bunker.


    And a whopping 970 page views.

    But it's time to move on.

    New blog has just been posted...

  107. On The Regressive Left
    Lawrence Murray.

    Now, by now I understand many may consider this radical, and a little to alt-right. But this piece sort of intellectually sorts out what is going on.
    I think it's pertinent. The hateful left pushing the right base to "fash".

    I was going to post it all, full length. But I'm limited to 4000 characters. Imagine that.
    Hope you guys are doing well.
    Tools on, heads up, and vigilantly continue to resist.
    Later peeps....

    1. DAM IT. Posted a little tardy, new blog up.
      Swing and a miss...