Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Well Vent, It's Been a Year Now...

Quote of the day: "My how time flies, seems like just yesterday I was at the hellspital,,,,,,,, AGAIN! Because I was.
They almost gave me another blood transfusion but my numbers improved so I got outta there by the skin of my teeth. I do like the cafeteria though.  Sonofbettysventilator  40/17/2015

Those were the words of our good friend, Vent in his last and final blog.

The really sad part was the very beginning where he spoke of how time flies.

Of course he was right. It does indeed fly by.

But I'm sure he didn't realize when he posted that blog it'd be his last and final one or that his time on this earth had almost run it's course and within 48 hours he'd be dead.

It was a year ago yesterday that Sarge emailed me explaining that Vent had passed away and asked me to let you guys know.

The news hit me like a ton of bricks and it was one of the hardest blogs I'd ever written but it was one that I had no choice but to write.

Vent's no different than the rest of us though.

Each and every one of us will eventually run out or time.

To me and my way of thinking the key is to use whatever time you have wisely.

And I believe our good friend did just that.


I still hear from Vent's dad from time to time and he wanted me to let you guys know that even though they still miss him dearly his wife and kids are doing okay.

He says he's misses the political debates he and Vent used to have and can't help but wonder who he'd be backing for president this time around.

And I can't remember whether or not I ever mentioned it before but back in the 70's Vent's dad had his own band and was a pretty big deal in the night club and bar scene all over South Florida.

In his last email Vent's dad talked about his old band and how they got back together after 40 years and had a little reunion at a night club called "The Hut."

Check out the following video. His dad is the one singing and playing the keyboard.

And if you have a little time to spare today let the video keep on running and it'll take you to a long list of singles they put out in their heyday.

Pretty good stuff.


One thing I know for certain is that life isn't fair.

And time moves on with or without every single one of us.

But as far as today goes, I'm going to celebrate whatever time we all have together...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Yup Kevin I sure do miss him. Rip Vent. You live on in many of our hearts.

  2. Here's a story Vent would have loved.

    They are replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with Harriet Tubman.

    They are replacing the founder of the Democratic party with a gun toting Republican.

    Gotta love that. This one's for Vent. He would have appreciated the irony.

    1. I wonder when Obamma will be put on the three dollar bill.

  3. A very nice blog. Well done.
    I just wish that people like gimmie would just leave their smart ass remarks out. Its a shame we have to have scum like him making the blog into some PC shit. So gimmie sum jjimmie star [that you are not] Why dont you come out to the summit and prove to us all how big a man you aren't. You are nothing but a pond sucking scum bag faggot. Got It?

  4. Vent is very much missed - but the memories will never leave.

    Family sometimes isn't always blood related - nope - it's those who choose to be a part of our lives. Memories made, laughter shared....

    Of the things left behind, it is the memories that ride the journey with us beyond this life.

    God's love and peace be with everyone - and hugs too.


  5. Don't anybody ever say I didn't do you a favor, Part 1:

    DATE LINE November , 1963. Thanksgiving. I was 4 years old when I lived in the Bell Haven neighborhood of southwest Topeka. Thats just north of Foster-likens and straight west of Holliday Square Shopping center. Just before the year they began clearing the land for White Lakes Mall which only contained a stand alone Krogers Grocery store at the time. Shoppers City was another prominent place to shop. My parents and I were on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner at my Grandparents house in Pauline. As we approached 29th and Topeka blvd, my dad made a sharp left into the main entrance of Holliday Square. There in the middle of the parking lot was the biggest Christmas tree I have ever seen! It towered over the empty parking lot, it's multi-colored lights and bright star shown in majestic glory! All the stores in the shopping center, including Peacock dry cleaners and the Standard gas station were ablaze in lights as were every tree and light poll. A great moment of KID EUPHORIA!

    The sight chased away a nagging concern of mine and that was "How will Santa get into our house since we didn't have a chimmney?" That was the daily topic in my neighborhood. We kids would stare up at the roofs of our cookie cutter houses and debate whether Santa could cram himself and that big sack of toys down the 5 inch furnace pipe pipe poking up from our roofs. We would almost come to blows when anyone of us suggested that Santa just let himself in through the front door... "He's has a key Ya know! " well "It's just too easy" I thought... Even then at 4 years old I knew things had to be more Difficult than practical!

  6. Don't anybody ever say I didn't do you a favor, Part 2:

    My Mother and I would make our weekly trip to Dibble's Grocery store. As we stood in line at the check-out (which in those days sounded like a casino with the clunking sounds of those old cash registers,) I would pass up the gumball machines and the coin operated horsy ride and head for the front window looking out over the parking lot,

    AND there it was, That wonderful Christmas tree watching over the sea of cars.. Every chance , I would ask my parents to drive around that tree,,,, Well Christmas was over, all I wanted was an etch-a-scketch, the prelude of todays i-pads, and I was relieved that Santa managed to cram himself down the furnace pipe, through the furnace, and into the house. 1964 is BORN! And again, my mother and I make our weekly trek to Dibble's. Again I head for the front window to gaze out at the tree BUT WHAT"S THIS?? Someone had Chopped all it's branches OFF! It's Just a big Tree trunk out there! "OH NO!" as we left, I begged my parent's to drive to the tree to inspect the Horror that awaited.

    As we approched the remains of the great tree,, I saw it wasn't a real tree at ALL, but a utility poll with a pile of dead branches and CHAINS at the base of it. I was stumped! On the way home my dissappointment turned to intrigue, wondering about the Genius that pulled off such a spectacular illusion.

    Soon the winter gave way to Spring and Summer. The heat would rise up off of Holliday Square's parking lot and Square dance with the car exaust. The Utility pole that was once a Christmas tree stood in the middle of it all only to display metal spikes driven in it's side to form a ladder and a single spike at the top that held the star. Soon enough the cool breezes of October filled the air. Time to pick a pumpkin and of course, Dibble's had a fine selection. Again at the check-out, embracing my small pumpkin, I stole a glance toward the parking lot and was shocked to see my familiar landmark was GONE!

    My Mother in her usual rush shuffled the groceries and I to the car, all the while I was straining to see over the cars thinking I had somehow overlooked the 25 foot relic... AT LAST I could see a clearing though the cars,, a clear view to the spot it once stood. It was gone alright. Nothing but a cement mixer and a big pile of sand! "Well,, so much for Christmas" I thought to myself as I sat there in the car clutching my pumpkin.

  7. Don't anybody ever say I didn't do you a favor, Part 3:

    Soon after, Thanksgiving arrived. I believe this time we went to my Aunt and Uncle's in Missouri. Coming home, My Father drove though Downtown Topeka. The Christmas light's were on but there were no spectacular Christmas trees there. As we reached 29th and Topeka, I could see Holliday Square basking in it's aura of light and there,, in that spot in the parking lot stood a new tree , a LIVE CHRISTMAS TREE in a square white planter. As we drove towards it , my heart jumped for joy-- Christmas was coming! Although it wasn't as tall as the TREE OF CHAINS, it was there, in that sacred spot just the same, and for years to come. I returned To Topeka for the first time in 1996 since moving to Florida. I went home with my Oldest son who had listen to all my storys of Growing up in Topeka. He had to of course see the Christmas tree at Holliday Square ,, but what he saw was a Ghost town and no tree at all. And there in the middle of the parking lot was an asphalt patch in that familir square shape of the white planter that held the live Charlie Brown Christmas tree that eventualy grew as tall as the Great Tree of CHAINS...................

    Stephen Dibble later told me that his Father Ivan who owned Dibble's Grocery store was the one who planted the Live pine tree . "He was alway's proud of his decorations at Holliday Square."' he said,,.. He also told me that the "TREE OF CHAINS" was the Idea of Bob Cook, manager of Ed Marling's appliance store .

    And so the story is told...of the RISE AND FALL OF THE HOLLIDAY SQUARE CHRISTMAS TREE!

  8. ...and here he is when he was four:

  9. Well alright. I guess a story about a Christmas tree was some kind of a favor. Was there something about that particular story that was supposed to invoke some kind of sappy affinity with an anony mouse lurker who remains unidentified?

    Anony mouse posters frankly always make me suspicious. Since we have one who is particularly nasty usually right after pretending to be particularly friendly.

  10. Battshit fuck you and get out of here you asshole prick! I am doing you a favor. By not taking you out you worthless piece of shit.

  11. SSAH that was battshit he saves all that stuff, that is not the first time he did just what he did above. Scum of the earth he is, asshole can't even leave the dead alone, Fuck Battlestache.

  12. And Capt Howdy no that was not learnedhand that was MWN.

    1. I remember when I first started visiting CJ online there was a story about how Kansas was supposed to be using their cut of the Lottery money. In what I later learned was classic Vent he posted "Kansas was supposed to use the money for gooder skools."

  13. Lol Papadew, I think I remember that myself, that was the classic way he did things. And it is nice to see you out here again, hope all is well with you and yours.

  14. Never new the guy. Have read many of his posts of old. A unique person he must of been.
    What a wonderful tribute to hear so many speak so highly.

    1. Hammertime, When you talk or meet any of us out here, you are getting a little of Vent, He left a little of himself in us all, Unique he was, lost way too early.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Anyone else get the email from cj to reactivate, or resubscribe by 4-26-16? Apparently their format or system is changing...
    Just wondering...

  17. Hammertime, Yes just got it.

    As part of our ongoing endeavor to provide the best possible service for our subscribers, we are launching a new platform for our digital products called "Syncronex". This will require a one-time reactivation for all customers who currently have a digital-access account to read articles on, utilize apps for all mobile devices, and/or access our E-edition.

    The transition to our new platform will take place on Tuesday, April 26th, 2016, at which point all current account holders must reactivate to access our digital products. You can complete the reactivation process prior to this date by visiting and entering the email address on your account. We will then send you an activation code and further instructions.

    We value your business and apologize for any inconvenience this transition may cause. We thank you for your patience. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care Team at (785) 295-1133, or via email at

    Thank you!

    The Topeka Capital-Journal
    Customer Care Team

  18. Yeah I got the same email.

    I'm going to go ahead and give it a try ans will let you know how it goes...

  19. Before I do though I'd like to explain how Vent's passing led to the first ever Room 235 BBQ and Beer Summit.

    Truth be told, Hammer, none of had ever met Vent.

    Or anyone else as far as that goes.

    We all knew other through the blogs but for the most part none of had ever actually met in person.

    When Vent died one of my biggest regrets was that I never even got to shake his hand or look him in the eye and tell him how much I appreciated his friendship.

    I kinda made myself a promise to do what I could to make sure that didn't happen again.

    I had what I thought would be the perfect place in mind and between Sarge, my wife and kids, and what little I was able to do we were able to pull off the first one.

    And hopefully this year's will be even bigger and better.

    If things work out as scheduled I should be back home sometime next week so I'll be able to work out some of the details in person rather than over the phone.

    I'll let you guys know more as soon as I have everything nailed down...

  20. Kevin good deal you make a good point man,LOL

  21. Kevin, great mention of SOBV. It takes a great person to never lose their cool amongst the commie-socialists at the Urinal; I could never do it.

    Speaking of the Urinal, it's quite amusing that BatShit and the other commie-socialists are lauding the replacement on the $20 bill; I agree with them that replacing the founder of the Democratic Party (Andrew Jackson) with a gun-toting Republican (Harriet Tubman) is a good thing :-)

    Roger Ramjet

  22. Just did the reactivation thing.

    It was pretty easy even for an old guy like myself...

  23. Thanks Roger...

    And the idiots celebrating over there crack me up.

    They're celebrating and they don't even understand what they're celebrating...

  24. But then they celebrate men waltzing right in on our daughters while they're in the bathroom so you can't expect much from them in the first place...

  25. Well Kevin was the reactivation any problem???? Good Grief got to pry information out of some people. Hello...

  26. No problems at all even for an old guy like me.

  27. Well if you did it I am sure I can. :0

  28. Kevin how long did it take to get the code sent to you??

  29. Nunya here.

    Vent had a way of writing something witty and funny, and still getting his point across.

    Vent is missed by most everyone.

    Good tribute to him, Kev. RIP, Vent.

    About Tubman?

    Tubman quotes that make liberals' skin crawl:

    "I said to de Lord, 'I'm goin' to hold steady on to you, an' I know you'll see me through.'"

    Oh NO! She was...(GASP)..RELIGIOUS?!

    "I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other."

    Oh NOOO! She belived in LIBERTY?!! THAT ain't Democrat-Socialist values!!!!

    "Most of those coming from the mainland are very destitute, almost naked. I am trying to find places for those able to work, and provide for them as best I can, so as to lighten the burden on the Government as much as possible, while at the same time they learn to respect themselves by earning their own living."

    EEEEEKKK!!!! "Lighten the burden on the GOVERENMENT?!" "Learn to respect themselves by earning their own living"?!!! My GOD!!! That is against EVERY Democrat-Socialist principle!

    "I think there's many a slaveholder'll get to Heaven. They don't know better. They acts up to the light they have."

    Uhhh...FORGIVENESS?! Are you KIDDING ME?! NO! Democrat-Socialists NEVER forgive! They'd lose all their "blame-somebody in the distant past" ammo!

    "Never wound a snake; kill it."

    Hmmm...well..THAT ain't the liberals we know these days! Hell...Obama would NEVER consider actually "killing" the snake of..say...ISIS!!! Why...the Democrat-Socialists would REVOLT! That would be just like he invaded their safe spaces, hidden away from all reality...and it's THEIR GUY doing what needs to be done that the delicate little wimpified pansies can't stomach?

    That Tubman woman sure sounds like she was a great, moral American!

    I wonder if the Democrat-Socialists will hold a dirty, drug-plagued, violence and destruction prone, pooing on cop cars rally to BURN THOSE BILLS...that have a depiction of someone who is diametrically-opposed to everything of which they believe?

  30. Well nunya, I see the money move is just all about taking a little more History away from america and to make us look a little more like a 3rd world country, ( Monopoly Money) Good grief!

  31. Actually I think it's fine, the money change. If it wasn't for Andrew Jackson, we wouldn't have a democrat party. He was the guy to blame.

    And it was the democrats who fought the civil war to keep slavery. The Republicans fought to abolish slavery. Harriet Tubman was more of a Republican than a democrat. Since she couldn't vote she was officially neither but as Nunya has already pointed out....

    She opposed slavery and fought it.

    She opposed people being dependent on the government and tried to help them gain the self respect that comes from work.

    She believed in freedom, and opposed tyranny.

    She believed in saving the smallest of children, and that children had a right to live.

    She carried a gun, and was prepared to use it in the fight for freedom.

    All Republican principles. All directly opposite of democrat principles.

    I don't think Andrew Jackson was a bad guy. I don't blame him for the monstrosity that the democrat party has become. I blame the Frankfurt School and a bunch of German socialist/communists who came here after being run out of Germany and infiltrated our schools to teach our children destructive ideas and teach them to be godless left wing democrats.

    I don't blame Hubert Humphrey or JFK for the horrors of the democrat party. They were probably the last of the true liberals. Patriots, loved America, freedom and believed in freedom of speech. They would be Republicans today, horrified as we are at the cancer on America the democrat party has become.

    So welcome Harriet. The godless left being pretty dimwitted and very poorly educated in American history thought this would be a slap in the face of conservatives and that we would give them a platform to point out falsely how racist and narrow minded we are.

    Jokes on them. It only demonstrated how ignorant of the facts they are. They do the work for us folks. All we have to do is point it out.

  32. SSAH, that wasn't my point of who is on the money hell I could care less as long as it spends, I care about who and how it is coming about and why now in the asshole last ten months.

  33. Sarge I hear you. And now he is pushing to speed up changing all the currency before he leaves.

    Probably wants to put Marx, Mao and Stalin on the rest of the bills. Or Farakkan. Or more likely his own picture.

  34. Probably want to change all the currency to In Allah we trust as well.

  35. SSAH nothing will surprise me with that asshole.

  36. Ir all about him and his black legacy. He could care less. He just want some more of his Muslim Black Power left behind. Its all about his black ass and not another thing. Sorry but it has not one damn thing to do with this being a great person. If any one thinks this is what it is you are in for a very rude awaking. This is just his start. Wait, there is more to come.

  37. More of a man than you, at least he has a handle, not a punk prick like you asshole.

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  39. Handjob you should know you had all those kids in the closet.

  40. Skippy and that is why he doesn't know what the fuck he is talking about, I am glad CaptHowdy isn't like that faggot Handjob always hanging around school play grounds.

  41. Skippy you ever notice Handjob never denies he is Maggot. Not only that he is a punk and always has been, But he sure runs his lips the question is where has those lips been.

  42. Yup faggot, and as he said it was chump change, and it was, Now go back to screwing your mother again.

  43. And Handjob get over yourself, Everyone out here knows my name so you using it isn't a big deal, and most of not all knows the whole story not just the little tiny bit you think you know, hahahahahahhahah

  44. Yep, you KNOW it's HandJob. Bat has a clue when to leggo of something. Not ol' HandJob.

    But come on HandJob, I demand to be entertained, too!! So tell some "Remf jokes!!"

    Let the fun begin!!

  45. So this guy hangs out on bus stops? Seems pretty kinky and spooky.

  46. HandJob hows your mother? You should be able to answer that, isn't that why they call you a Motherfucker? Punk how low can you get pervert.

  47. What exactly do you want, Handjob?

  48. Are you lonely and looking for attention?

  49. Or are you just being a dick for no particular reason?

  50. Kevin he wants me so bad he drools, but he just can't muster up the ball to try it. He is just a lonely old man that could never make friends.

  51. Can't make friends?

    He sounds like the perfect match for Batshit...

  52. Think about it.

    They could compare notes, capture whatever screen turns them on, file their work together.

    And they could do it all while choking each other's chickens.

    Sounds like a match straight out of hell to me...

  53. So handy. Rumor has it you were a lawyer until you got disbarred for robbing an old persons trust fund. That true? You did a couple years and that's why you're such an angry bitter old man that spends his time trolling nice folks and harassing them?

    That's what I heard from a very reliable source.

    So I think you're on pretty shaky ground making all these accusations about our friend Sarge. I think a disgraced ex con should probably not be throwing stones. You know, glass house and all that.

    Maybe when you get your restitution paid and ask God to forgive you then you won't be such an angry hate filled old grumbler and you won't feel compelled to try to make others suffer as much as you do.

    Guilt will do that. I'm sure somewhere in that shriveled up raisin you call a heart you feel bad for robbing that poor old fellow who foolishly trusted you.

    You can tell us. Confession is good for the soul. I promise we won't judge you. We're all friends here.

  54. Well, at least now it makes sense...

  55. What he was in the pen? Know wonder he is Butt sore.

    1. What he was in the pen? No wonder he is Butt sore.

  56. Sarge, guys like him don't do too well in prison. But he might have enjoyed it. I have my suspicions.

  57. I'm sorry Handjob, were you saying something?

  58. Good Grief I must have been dreaming I thought old man Handjob was out here today.

  59. I don't know, Sarge... All I saw was a poof of smoke...

  60. Well no big lost if he went up in smoke, hell he was all burnt out anyhow.

  61. I guess he must be one real looser. If C J hates him more than us. Funny though, to watch him go POOF every place he goes. Pretty bad when you cant even get on C J blogs. LOL