Thursday, September 15, 2016


I know it doesn't make a lot of sense for an old geezer like me to be such a huge Kid Rock fan.

He's foul mouthed.

He's arrogant.

And he's cocky.

But he's a conservative and he's proud to be an American.

And that my friends is good enough for me.

Check out today's video and at the 53 second mark you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

And sorry ladies, remember when I mentioned he's foul mouthed?


Anyway, it's your day.

Have at it...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Hey, I get to lead this party off! I will admit I like kid rock also. Always have liked Big and Rich also.

  2. Good morning, Deplorables!

    Over at the Urinal, they are celebrating a racist who has made career of creating comics based on nothing but the politics of divisiveness and race, and he is celebrating creating comics based on lies and misquoting Trump....which he claims is easy.

    Well, I'm sure it IS easy for a racist hater and evil leftist to create hateful propaganda comics based on pure lies, misquotes and racism. The liberals are proud, and I am quite sure Batshit would "celebrate" the asshole...if he wasn't booted!

  3. Good morning everyone! Well it looks like some new people will be joining us soon and that is a good thing more ladies the better Lol I got things to do today but hope to be in and out, Think I will kick the hell out of this rainy weather, but my yard guy did get all the yards ccut yesterday afternoon.

  4. Weather is looking good for tomorrow. I'm bringing a pot of baked beans, sounds like there's a couple others bringing stuff and with Sarge providing the bulk of it as he so generously does sounds like we might have a feast on our hands.

    Sarge, I got to truckhenge late and didn't really get to eat so I'm making up for it this time.

    Nunya, are you bringing your guitar? Rikki is and I was contemplating bringing my ukulele. I'm so out of shape on the guitar I'd embarrass myself, which I would do only slightly less with the ukulele. But Rikki wants some accompaniment on Ghost Riders which I could probably hack my way through.

  5. OP here.
    OK. I guess that I have been out of the loop. What is this about Bat shit being booted??!!! I knew I hadn't seen the A-hole for a few days on the urinal, so I was wondering but what exactly is the scoop? Are they doing this as a last Ha Rah type thing or what? Just wondering! Hope to see you all tomorrow!

  6. Safe, you better bring your ukulele (smiles)..... if you don't, I'll make you sing the parts of the songs (just kidding here with ya). Please do remember your ukulele though.

    ~hugs, Rikki

  7. OP,
    How's grandbaby pinhead? (smiles)....

    yep, batty and starman both got the boot! definitely cause for celebration.... we should raise a mugs worth of coffee in celebration...

  8. Safe, Nunya..... found a clip on youtube for Ghost Riders.... hope this helps.

  9. p.s. I iz lookin' forward to tomorrow!!! Wishing tomorrow wuz already here....

    ~hugs Rikki

  10. Boy, things got heated with Obama and this picture, huh? I feel like his reaction treats us like we are stupid. As if we didn't know all along....

    Well, if the hat fits...

  11. "hand wringing, political bedwetting" and the "tsunami of uneasiness"

    Absolutely love it.

    Trump 2016!

  12. Well, what's wrong with dressing in your native garb? When he visits home he dresses in the clothing of his homeland. I respect that.

  13. And like the godless left I too have faith in the American voter. They will not elect a lying godless corrupt America hating democrat who opposes everything that has made America great.

    Thanks Hammer. Couple good links there my friend.

  14. Anybody else looking forward to Saturday? I just spent a week with my two year old grandson who is the most charming creature on this earth. (I have pictures, don't be afraid to ask LOL) and I'm still looking forward to seeing all my America's Blog friends.

  15. Here's one that really pisses me off...

    And Cj hasn't even posted anything about it...

  16. That's because CJ is a bunch of godless commie left wing hillary loving America hating miscreants who are nothing but democrat operatives with a byline.

  17. Hammer what you doing hanging around here? You're supposed to be watching high school football which is where I wish I was.

  18. Didn't go tonight. Busy day tommorow, and trying to prep for Sunday range time. Probably next week for sure.
    Gotta have my range bag ready and no time to prep tommorow or tommorow night, I'm going to a party! That way I can just pull stuff from the safe and go.
    See ya there friend...

  19. 9 stops and 4 towns to go.

    I'll see you guys tonight...

  20. Howdy - looks like it'll just be me coming to the party - hubby n' I have stuff to get done then he will be heading into work. So... I'll be there between 3:30 and 4:00 this afternoon.....

    Someone please respond to this so that I know that y'all will know that I'll be there this afternoon - but I be by myself.

    Thanks~ Rikki

  21. That's gonna be a little early, Rikki.

    I'm not sure I'll even be home till around 4:00.

    5:00 ish would probably be better...

  22. 5:00 ish it is (smiles) I'm so very much looking forward to this. Already been outside this morning..... it's really pretty out this morning. See you around 5:00 ish.


  23. Lol... See you then.

    Oh, just heard from Kalaks. She already had plans for tonight but will stop by for a little while...

  24. It'll probably be closer to 6:00 for me. Mrs Safe is coming and she has an event at church until 5.

  25. Still haven't heard from Captain Howdy yet...

  26. I will be there at 4 on the dot! Hear Me! Unless you say different. Of course. And the Capt said he has plans but would stop by earlier but He may know now what time you get home and may change up on that, don't know for sure.

  27. Well I am making a run out to the reservation to take care of some business that should kill about a hour.

    1. OP don't worry I got your Bowl set ready to go, just have to wipe the dust off of them, had them soooo long now, don't forget to bring money for storage fee"s over do. Lol

  28. Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I need to bring any chairs???????

  29. As it stands right now I have about 14 chairs. I might not be a bad idea to bring a couple...

  30. Got it covered I am bringing 4 more.

  31. We're bringing a couple of chairs with us. Anything else?


  32. Replies
    1. Okay. I'm really looking forward to this.

  33. Damn! I figured out how to get my name on here all by myself! I'm more shocked than anyone.

  34. Pk, Good job, it took me days, But I have a excuse I am old, I stand by that excuse.

  35. At least I can use my cell phone. I even text. I swore I'd never text, but then I tried it once and haven't been able to quit. It must be a tool of the devil. 😉

  36. Lol not from this devil, I don't even have a cell phone tried it once, Heck I couldn't even figure out how to just make a phone call.

  37. just got back from grocery run, getting ready to head up to hubby's mom's place for a few, take hubby to work come back home for a short spell then head over (smiles)

  38. Hello to all the Deplorable bunker occupants. Hope you all have a GREAT time tonite. Wish we could be there. But withDan being scared of his shadow at night and me having that big gig going on in town we just cant fit it in. So we will try for the next one unless we can have a cabin fever party some time?
    So I see that the pukes at CJ are going to want to make every one start using their God Given names.We all know if they had pulled their panties up and acted like real women and men they wouldn't have to be in the situation.
    So my ? is seeing as how I was given the ole out the door up yours but I do have a FB account will I get back in? maybe Kevin could find out for me. So later on folks. Keep your powder dey and hold the fort till we meet again.

  39. Thank you all for a blessed evening tonight. Great to see so many folks. Wished I could have got together with Nunya and Safe, but it got too dark for me to read sheet music for the guitar. Nunya and I are planning on playing guitar next May at the summit, hoping for Safe to bring his ukulele then also.

    Sara, wished you could have been there - will meet you on the next go around though.

    Thanks Sarge for helping carry my stuff to the car.
    Well, it's off to go pick up hubby from his work.

    Hugs to y'all....


  40. oops.... made it sound like Nunya and Safe weren't there - they were.... us getting together for music is what I meant. It got too dark to read the music.

    ok, now I'm outta here.. Leaving to pick up my handsome hubby.


  41. What a wonderful evening! I am so glad to finally meet all of you. Thanks, Kevin and all of your family, for providing a place to get together. Thank you to all who brought food and all of the great cooks. It was all so good. Sarge, thank you for the flashlight and seeing us to the car. I don't want to forget the birthday girl for providing entertainment. We had a great time. I'm looking forward to getting together in May.

  42. Well you all are work makes this work, to night was just great Kevin and Linda did a great job, and their family are the BESTEST!! They make a party really pleasant. Nothing like being around young people with such good manner and class,Trust me they got it from their mother, sorry Kevin. Kevin Thanks for walking me out to my truck, :):)

    1. That was supposed to be you all are the ones that makes all this work, Damn I only had one Beer I think!!

  43. after I picked up hubby, we called to check on his mom - she wasn't doing well... we went over she said she thought she had a stroke. Took her to hosp. they are keeping her and checking her for stroke. will be heading back to be there when she has her MRI here in about 4 hours. just got home and it's almost 4 a.m.

    will keep y'all in the know.

    signing off for a little while for a little bit of shut eye before we head back to the hosp.

    Love & hugs~ Rikki

  44. Rikki wishing her the best and got a prayer for her also.

  45. Prayer from me, too, Rikki.

    Was glad to see some old faces (well...not "old" as in "old"..but..."familiar" old), and some new ones last night. Thanks, Kev, for the get-together. I'll retrieve the tater salad bowl at your convenience...if it's convenient for me (all this OT at work!)

    It's are all supposed to be deplorable human beings...but...I just couldn't find a speck of "deplorable" in any of ya!!! Kinda seems the deplorable comments of a deplorable unhealthy subhuman-being candidate for a deplorable party of deplorable everything-ist whiny, lying, lazy liberals were way off target...and...well...just deplorable, huh? I it really possible the Shrill can't be trusted? EGADS!!!! (Well...that IS what makes her SOOO attractive to deplorable mindless liberals, I guess!)

  46. Here's some more liberal illogic, from over at that dying rag, the Urinal (whose health status continues to worsen more quickly than even the Shrill's). Thinking Outside the Lines, (or TOTL, an in TOTL moron) has this to say about the kid who drew a bb gun on cops, and got killed. (Oh...and just gotta love the headline conjured up by 3rd-rate journalists..."Police shoot and kill 13-year-old Ohio boy with BB gun". Police killed the kid with a BB gun?! DAMN!!!)

    Here's what TOTL has to say:

    "Whatever happened to shoot to stop them, not kill them? Why is it police don't shoot to disarm instead of pump multiple rounds into someone?"

    I guess TOTL has just seen too many movies where someone shoots the gun right out of the hands of someone else. Happens all the time!

    Anyway, Tom replied with common sense about "Nope...gotta take the perp down, if he draws his gun. You don't give him even a second chance." That's why you DO NOT draw a weapon on police! It is ENTIRELY the perp,s fault.

    To which TOTL replies:

    "Then to hell with the consequences? Shoot first, face charges later?"

    Hey, TOTL....shoot first, LIVE to face the consequences later...dumbass.

    OH...and Good Morning Bat, (MFA)! Shoulda joined us last night, buddy! You might not have been "the last man standing" though! How's things over at the rag you run, there, ol' buddy?!

  47. I am glad Kevin has your bowl, and that was very good potato salad, matter of fact everything was great Nice weather great people, the baked Beans were super, Nice way to spend a lovely saturday night. I thought rosie was a dog, turned out she was a little pig, the way she wolf down that cake you would have thought she was a Great Dane. Good Grief.

  48. Thanks, Sarge.

    I see Keri has posted a blog over there, with "0" input from herself, but all that "Defender of Truth and Journalistic Integrity", Dan Rather bloviating about..."journalistic integrity", and Trump's not quite-civil if he has been comatose this past eight years with Imam Obama, the Shrill, liberals in general, BLM, etc., etc....

    Maybe Keri just doesn't know that Dan Rather is a lying, disgraced, washed-up has-been of an anti-American commie reporter?

    Yeah...that must be it. She just doesn't know anything. Liberals are like that.

  49. Nunya I will check that out later, I don't want t get sick this early in the morning.

  50. Rosie is a pig? Well...I guess that's why they named her that, after O'Donnell?

    And, thanks for the bugers and stuff, Sarge! Just wish LooseScrew, Starfish and Buttmunch could have been there, to watch them choke on a burger, like they always choke on their insane reasoning! (Of course, Batshit would probably have MUCH preferred to gag on a big sausage!)

    How ya doin' MFA? Now that you've managed to drive off all the customers...and absolutely nobody else can tolerate's things at the bar you've taken over, buddy? You da "Last Man Standing"?

  51. Rikki, prayers for all of you. Please keep us informed as you are able. Hugs for you.

  52. Keep us posted on your husband's mom, Rikki...

  53. Good morning Buzzard breath;) Hhaha

  54. Kevin It is going to be in the High to mid 80's all week.And sunny.

  55. I'd like to thank each and every one of you guys for stopping by last night.

    It was so nice seeing you guys again and finally getting to meet PK and her husband Steve.

    It was especially nice meeting RP aka Dennis for the first time.

    Hopefully next year he can bring along his deplorable wife, PW.

    I'd like to thank you guys for going along with the whole "Happy Birthday Rosie" thing.

    My kids are now absolutely convinced I'm 100% out of my mind insane.

    Mission accomplished.

    I'm sitting here cracking up as I'm writing this and listening to "pig farts" in the background.

    Life is good...

  56. Was enjoyable for sure, been a long time being that close to such a marvelous group of people. even if we are deplorable. I wouldn't change them for anything.

  57. OP here!
    Kevin, Ilene says that is not the pig "passing gas", that is an "oink"! Whatever! It sure sounds like a fart to me! We are glad Rosie likes her new little toy! She is such a little cutie! And very stylish, I might add! The ladies want to know who her designer is!
    So glad Nunya's bowl has not been left for Sarge to be responsible for! Although he does a great job of "Bowl Management", I am afraid that it just stresses him out too much. Thanks for taking on that added job Kevin!

    Most of a big Thanks! to you Kevin, of course your better half (Amazing Linda!), your great kids and their spouses, and of course Sarge for all of the work he also put in on the party! You are all a bunch of absolutely deplorable fantastic people! The party was fantastic!

    Now time to get settled in to see if the Chiefs can once again make our hearts stop a few times before they beat the Texans! Have a great day and great seeing all of you last night!

  58. Op, I might add other then thinking safety did you notice I got to hold hands with all the ladies??? Am I smooth or what:):):) And didn't even get beat up!! Hahahah You two are wonderful people.

  59. Enough party talk Kevin. Get your butt in gear and post a new blog. Keri has two boring blogs going. I need a real blog to read even if I can't post. It is fun though to watch Keri get called out for celebrating a racist.

    Sounds like you all had a great time. Maybe I can make the next one.

  60. Lol... It's funny you'd mention those boring blogs, Marsh...

  61. I am glad to hear you all had a great time at the party! And I am also glad you all made it home safe and sound. Did Rosie really eat the cake? Hope to see you all next year!

  62. Texas Rose she wolf it down like a animal, That is the truth I couldn't believe it and I was sitting 3 feet away kalaks Made it from scratch.

  63. It was great to put faces to names last night. We WILL be there in May. Have already told my associate pastor that he will need to cover a Sunday in May.

  64. Hi Everyone, thanks and bunches of hugs for all of your prayers and well wishes regarding hubby's Mom.

    All the tests they did on her show nothing wrong in regard to stroke, so she did not have a stroke. Answer to prayers! Where two or more are gathered in God's name, He is among us. There's a hearty AMEN there y'all.

    They did put her on BP meds as her BP was high. She's feeling a lot better, eating great, and very active again.

    Heads up to all of you with elderly parents - keep the eyes in the back of your head open and alert to "occupational therapists".... when they quiz your elderly parent extensively - they're looking to find reasons to place your elderly parent in a facility - and sugar coat with "oh it's just for physical rehab" so they can go back home.

    Pardon my bluntness on this..... but that is bullshit.

    There is an alternative to that. It's called following up with your Primary Care Physician and get physical therapy set up with Rebound.

    I say all that because one of the nurses (a very nice gray haired man), shared with hubby n' me what the "occupational therapists" want us to do. This is what we told him and he'll relay it.

    We said, "these young people don't know how to take care of older people, they just want to shuffle them into a nursing home. Mom is not neglected, we're just 10 minutes away. Yes she still drives, but it is only little hops to the grocery store and the dog groomer for her little dog, the medical appointments we take her. Mom is stubbornly independent, born and raised on a farm - she's always been the "do-er, active, etc." Mom is happiest when she's outside with her flowers and the earth boxes where she has her tomatoes, etc. She did give up her garden for the earth boxes so it's not as strenuous on her. With all the tests showing everything is ok, that she did not have a stroke, then we want her discharged first thing in the morning tomorrow morning and we are taking her home to Her home."

    Hubby's Mom and me, we hit it off wonderfully from the get go. After hubby n' me were first married, he kept talking about how his mom would make apple pancakes. Well, I thought I'd surprise hubby and I got some apples, peeled them, cored them, and carefully grated them and added them to pancake batter. Had a spread of food to go with the pancakes - he comes to the table, picks up a pancake, and said - "this isn't how Mom does apple pancakes." Well long story made short - I told him that if he wanted apple pancakes the way his mom did it, then he could just go back home! I called Mom, she gently laughed, she said she had a similar thing with his dad - but it wasn't over pancakes, it was over bread crust of all things. After they were newly wed, one day for lunch she made him a sandwich. Hubby's dad just sat there looking at the Mom asked what was wrong. His dad replied,"Mom always cut the crust off." To that hubby's mom said in reply "well crust is good for you eat it or go hungry!" Hubby's dad ate bread with the crust on from that day forward and didn't complain. Mom and I have been friends from the get go.

    I've rambled on enough - wanted to send this update.
    Love and hugs to everyone ~ Rikki

  65. "When I joined the military it was illegal to be homosexual, then it became optional, and now it's legal. I'm getting out before the Democrats make it mandatory."

    Sgt Harry Berres, USMC Best Military Quote;

  66. I'd like to thank every one of you for making the time to stop by last night.

    My wife and I had a blast.

    The only thing that could have made it better is if Captain Howdy, Preacherswife, and Texas Rose had been able to make it.

    I contacted Ron Lessman this morning about next year's Summit sometime in May.

    He just laughed and said, well you damn sure better be here...

  67. It's a little after 2 a.m. and I'm wide awake. Got that junk about the occupational therapist stuff going through my thoughts....

    So, since I'm awake, I checked on Kevin's new blog at Cj. ChucknDave posted crapola and I flagged it - hoping the post gets removed.

    I'm suspecting that ChucknDave is one of Batty's troll accounts -

    he's trying his best to personal attack, bait, etc.

    I'll be awake for a little while longer - hoping to get a little more rest before we go back to the hosp to pick up hubby's Mom.

    I know I have a Mom (in Heaven), hubby's Mom is "my other Mom"..... she's been a friend, and also a Mom to me too. It pisses me off that those young people who are occupational therapists what to shuffle Mom into a facility - Mom's old, yes, but it's because she's lived a long time..... Hubby has durable power of attorney - he can insist they discharge Mom so we can take her home.

    You folks - all of you - are a blessing - thank you.

  68. The most recent bombings and stabbings? What's the Urinal do?

    Why...of course! They don't report on the ATTACKS! Might look bad for Imam O., and the Democrat party, for allowing more and more terrorist attacks in the country....and more and more possible terrorists! They run an endorsement for the Shrill! And, even at sinks from the main page, quickly.

    NOOooo..."'s what we do. Let's make Hillary look she is being confident, knowledgeable, strong and reasonable. Then, towards the end, let's blast Trump, and make it look like he was talking out his ass, like he spoke without knowing a thing! Y'all in?!!!" actual story about the attacks. Just a Shrillary puff-piece.

    "A spokeswoman for Trump did not respond to an email asking whether Trump was briefed about the incident before taking the stage."

    "Clinton was briefed on the incidents Saturday shortly after her speech at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation dinner in Washington. At the time, she stressed that it was important to support first responders and “to let this investigation unfold.”

    See what they did there?

    "Let this investigation unfold"...after the story starts with:

    "Hillary Clinton on Sunday condemned what she described as “apparent terrorist attacks” in Minnesota, New Jersey and New York."

    Mmm...which is it? She was on top of things and was sure they were "apparent terrorist attacks"...or she should have not said that while they "Let this investigation unfold"? Blatant hypocrisy in one single leftist story?


    BTW, nice of the Shrill to speak at a "racial rally", where the concerns of only one group (and not the entire citizenry) are the only agenda. I guess when you are dividing the country, and pitting each group against all others to promise things of which you can't possibly deliver to gain support ($$$$$$$$) IS wisest to split them all up, so your list of lies and deceit is much smaller, at one time...huh?

  69. Well...I guess I have to admit I was wrong about no stories on those. Had to dig even further in, but they did post a couple.

    I'm sure they didn't want to even run them, but felt obligated to at least put them up...but made sure they a lot of other pure crap to throw in behind them to get them buried much, much faster. More important stuff, like Kings of Swing, Kobach bashing, pro-union that.


  70. Well sounds like the party went well. Wish I could have made it. Had to work.....again.

    So what's the deal with CJ and facebook? When does that start? Just curious. Took me a while to get back over here to the bunker. I guess I will keep posting at CJ until they wont let me anymiore. Try to start posting here more now too.

  71. Rikki, you and hubby stand your ground. If you need to, get an attorney involved. Some of the health care people you run into aren't doing what is in the patient's best interests. Most of the time they get it right. Sometimes they don't understand the situation for any number of reasons. Other times I think some have an incentive to do a particular thing and they push to make it happen. If it doesn't make sense or your gut feeling tells you it's not right, don't do it. Don't get pushed into something you don't want. Don't give in for any reason.