Friday, September 2, 2016

One Hell of a Friday...

Quote of the day:

"Pike vs. Bat  Bat. Pike owns you today. Now go slither back under your porch."

Parforthecourse  8/31/16 over on that other website

Obviously today's Friday and it's your day to pick the topic. But I have a little something I'd like to run by you guys first.

There's been some talk about a second "Summit" this year.

Due to the time it takes Sarge and I to put on our little gathering out at Truckhenge together and my ever changing schedule having a second one out there probably ain't gonna happen.

How about this though.

How about we get together at my place on Saturday September, 17th around 6:00 pm (ish)

We can burn a few burgers.

Drink a few beers.

Listen to a little music.

And tell a few jokes.

And it'd be a good excuse for me to fire up the fire pit which I've done very little of this year.

There's just one catch.

My little dog "Rosie" turns one year old on the 14th and I've been telling my wife and kids that I'm going to throw her a huge birthday party and reminding them that they're all coming whether they like it or not.

Of course they all think I'm crazy.

Other than bringing your beverage of choice I'd like for everyone to bring a simple little Birthday card saying something like "Happy Birthday Rosie" on it.

If anyone's interested let me know and I'll email you my address and phone number.

Ought to be a good time.


Kevin McGinty


  1. Hey Kev....I'd like to consider that (schedule permitting). You have my info.

    (BTW...where would one find a critter card?!)

  2. Lol... Just a simple blank piece of paper will be good enough...

  3. Hell 6 pm that's two hours before my bedtime Good Grief:)

  4. Are you going to need a partner on this? if so don't buy any burgers I got 48 steak burgers coming in this wednesday and I have enough Hot Dogs in the freezer to feed an Army, I have no Buns however let me know and I can be over earlier to help out if you need me. Have you thought about parking? And I an't bring no card for a dog. Hear Me!!!

  5. The liberal Urinal displays it bias in full force:

    Aside from the fact that they delight in denouncing Republicans and conservatives in general, they never miss an oppotunity to slip in a little mind-fuck to brainwash readers (pre-programmed brainless idiot liberals), too.

    Vat is de meanink of ziss?:

    "A key point for Republican candidates, who were presented the poll results by Senate leadership before a fundraiser this week in Topeka, was that a mere 46 percent of those surveyed said they vote for the Republican nominee in their Senate district and 42 percent would side with the Democratic nominee if the election occurred as the poll was conducted Aug. 22-23."

    See it? It's right there.

    "....a mere 46 percent of those surveyed said they vote for the Republican nominee in their Senate district and 42 percent would side with the Democratic nominee..."

    A "MERE" 46 percent would vote Republican. And, 42 percent who would vote for a Democrat isn't "mere" at all. Why...THAT'S "astounding!"...I guess?


    If they had written it without their well-established liberal bias, using the same first part of the sentence, then it might have been written more like this:

    "....a mere 46 percent of those surveyed said they vote for the Republican nominee in their Senate district and AN EVEN MORE MERE 42 percent would side with the Democratic nominee..."

    How obviously freakin' biased and slanted can they think they can get away with?

    (Well...with dumbass liberals reading, of whom they know are mindless dishonest as they want, I suppose.)

  6. And Nunya, you're right.
    They never miss an opportunity to bash republicans.

    It's just what they do.

  7. And of course I'll need a partner, Sarge. Duh!

    Don't worry about the buns.

    I know a guy.

    And don't worry about the birthday card either. You can Happy Birthday for us.

    Here's the deal with the dog.

    The only reason I even know the 14th is her birthday is because the vet reminded me the last time I had her in front her latest round of shots.

    Ever since then I've been asked my wife and kids if they're coming over for her birthday party.

    There's been lots of eye rolling and comments like, "you old fool nobody has a birthday party for a stupid damned dog "

    I told my wife, that's a hell of a way to treat her little daughter.

    Last weekend while we were at Misty's I asked her if she was coming over for her little sister's birthday party. She said something like, oh dad, you're not having a party for that stupid dog and quit calling her my little sister.

    Anyway, the gathering is for us.

    The birthday thing is just to get a reaction out of my wife and kids.

    And Sarge, plan on relaxing this time around. Travis has agreed to do the cooking...

  8. I Like Travis he is the man and is a good cooker !!!, hehehehe Okay then you can count on me for what I said and anything else I can help with. Just let me know.

  9. I'm in. You've got my info.

    And you can get dog birthday cards at Dillons and really anywhere they sell birthday cards. Dogs are very popular on birthday cards these days. I am a dog lover so I always pick up a dog birthday card for various family members since my whole family is dog crazy.

    I get card from my dogs for birthday and fathers day and such. I always suspected my wife had something to do with it, but you never know. They're pretty smart dogs.

    And I'm sure Petsmart has cards for dog birthdays.

    But it sounds like a great idea. Something simple. A blog summit/birthday party. What more can you ask for?

    Nothing. The answer to that is nothing.

  10. SSAH, Well you you just pick up a card for that asshole dog Batshit for me will ya? :):)

  11. And Nunya, I dropped my subscription to the urinal after they showed how much they hate conservatives. They have always tried to tank Governor Brownback. That's why so many people buy into the whole he's a massive failure idea.

    In fact he has been a terrific conservative Governor. We have legal constitutional conceal carry. He has stood as pro second amendment every step of the way. He is staunchly pro life. He has supported and signed legislation. He has defied the out of control liberals on the Kansas Supreme Court when they tried to take over the legislature's role in school funding. He tried to reverse the downward spiral of the Kansas economy that he inherited from Sebelius. If we had a president who wasn't intentionally crushing the national economy much of what Brownback tried to do would have worked.

    I may be one of the few people left who doesn't buy the media and the left wing demonization of the Governor.

    If we had elected that moronic godless left wing democrat do you think we would have constitutional carry? How high would our taxes be to fund the teachers unions and bloated bunch of bureaucrats in the school system. And would any pro life bill ever have not been vetoed like Sebilious did? And every pro second amendment bill? And every bill that promoted any kind of conservative values? Remember how many bills Sebilious vetoed?

    So no, I don't bash Brownback for trying to do something to fix the problems the democrats did. And if the legislature had the balls to cut government spending like it needs to be cut it would have worked.

  12. Sarge, the only thing battshit gets is a good beating until he crawls back under the porch where he belongs.

  13. Good Grief! I take that as a No. :):)

  14. Excellent. Looks like we're having a party. I heard from Hammer last night and he'll be there.

    I'll send out a few emails tonight when I get home.

    In the mea, Sarge can you try contacting Preacherskid and Kalask?

  15. And just so you guys know. This isn't something I'll be talking about over on that other website and it's not open to just anybody...

  16. I can get PK by Mail but not Kalask, but I will ask her to contact me with out saying what it is about. Hell you already putting me to work, Gees!!!

  17. Oh I see. You wanted to be one of those silent partners...

  18. Ya right with a big mouth like mine, I want to be silenced, good grief, hahahah Lol

    You must think I am retired and sit around all day drinking Beer, Well I got news for you pal, ...You are right!!

  19. I guess it is what old people need, is to feel like they are needed. Than Bitch about it!! Trust me I never wanted to get old, but I didn't want to die young either, so I bitch about everything. Oh by the way ask your wine drinking little girl if she has a cork screw, and does she want white or red wine? But is she can't make up her mind like most ladies I can bring both for her. And that is High priority on my list.

  20. Hey, if you live close enough to me I can walk there and then I can have a few beers. I don't think I can talk my wife into picking me up again. Plus I don't want to leave before the party's over.

  21. Or if I knew what the hell an uber was I'd take one of those.

  22. SSAH, Hell man I will call you a cab and pay for it, If you are close to 29th and Gage you are in good shape, Hell I live a mile away from his front door, I may just walk home, not good for me to drive after dark. Damn we are both in the dark I don't know what a utter is either, I mean uber. hahahahah

  23. I will try to be there if my schedule cooperates.

    Hammer, took your advice, picked up a Savage model 11 trophy hunter in 308. Less than 400 bucks with a Nikon scope after all the rebates and discounts. Liked other rifles a little better, but couldn't justify the extra cost. Now I have money for ammo. :)

  24. I will try to be there if my schedule cooperates.

    Hammer, took your advice, picked up a Savage model 11 trophy hunter in 308. Less than 400 bucks with a Nikon scope after all the rebates and discounts. Liked other rifles a little better, but couldn't justify the extra cost. Now I have money for ammo. :)

  25. Work on that schedule, PHenry. We'd all like to see you...

  26. I apologize for not getting to the emails last night.

    Should be back to town fairly early today and I'll work on it tonight...

  27. PHenry
    You can't go wrong with the decision you made. And as far as ammo is concerned, I understand. My flavor is 168gr BTHP. But, I don't go through them like a guy does with AR/AK. Btw, I broke down and bought an Arsenal Bulgarian milled lower AK. A ton-o-fun and man is Russian surplus cheap(for now).
    Enjoy the new rifle my friend.

    1. It's looking pretty good for my attendance at Rosie's birthday. Looking forward to it.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I swear I have the dumbest smart phone ever created. And since I'm posting this, I'll add that if our ass hole doctor shows back up over at the urinal I'm gonna press him about homosexuals. Since he doesn't like the "closeted" kind, maybe he will confirm that Milo is a class act. Before he got banned, he was the single most entertaining personality on Twitter.
      And he keeps it up, I'm gonna compare him to the doctor in Cannonball Run. Even post some YouTube clips for him.
      I'm telling ya, he's asking for it....

  28. Tearsandchalk got a post pulled from Contras blog apparently for referring to sexual perversion regarding Michael Sam. But blew job can say that shit with no repercussions.

    What bullshit that is. Fuck a bunch of godless left wing assholes.

  29. I don't know if my buddy tears is booted at this point. Are his posts still there? When those chickenshits boot you you don't know. Your posts still show up on your feed but nobody else sees them.

    1. T&C is up and running, my friend. He's doing a super job over at the urinal.
      Might even be a better poster than you safe. Have to certainly get you two together. Could be interesting....

  30. Marshal Winston.
    I do not like him for his "minion comment" a while back. I haven't forgot he crossed the line with me. I'm not vindictive, but I just don't forget.

    But, the dude posted the single funniest comment this weekend so far on justitia's blog. Calling Keri out. Not sure Marshall understands Keri's background, but calling her out on blog views was absolutely hilarious. Kudos to him. Balls he has.
    Excellent job Marshall.

  31. Hammertime what do you mean you don't forget?? Shit am I still on your shitlist?? Good Grief! :):)

  32. SSAH, T&C is still hanging in there or was at 11;20 last night. He can be a real ass kicker at times.

  33. Hammertime just so you know the feeling isn't mutual. I like you because you're a good guy and on the right side of the issues.

    On the minion comment - don't know what you're talking about. Can you link it? Just 1 link?


    Just kidding cause as I recall Kevin deleted it.

  34. Marsh as I recall I did a job on you that day also lol now, I at the time didn't relate to Marsh as Marshall Winston I think you we very new at that time or maybe I had a overdose of cool ones. But it is no big deal now, You don't a great job on CJ keep it up.

  35. That was meant to be doing a great job, damn maybe it is time for a cool one.

  36. Sarge, here is the thing. Posting is hard to convey actual tone and sometimes what is meant to funny is taken as offensive.

    And sometimes, because we're not girly men, when we feel like someone punched us we punch back. But I appreciate the guy that can punch and who can take it and move on. You fit that bill.

    Don't know about you but I've been in real fistfights and ended up being friends with the guy later.

    Thought my minion comment was appropriate at the time so I won't apologize for it, but I can move on. And heck, life would be boring if everyone liked me.

  37. Fistfights, lol Did we go to the same school?? Ya moving on has never been a big deal for me, unless it it is a personal attack on my family...Then I am like a elephant and never forget. Meet ya at one of the summits.

  38. BTW I say what I want over at CJ because they have no power over me. I don't care if they ban me because I'm prepared.

  39. And so are we.

    That my friend is exactly why this little Underground Bunker was created in the first place...

  40. to expand on my "I'm happy" is because I've been through a roller coaster of turmoil (not home life - that's ok) but I can't go into detail other than it is with some friends at church. All I can say is that healing is taking place and it will take time but things are appearing positive. Plus another reason for me to be happy is Summit II. Really hoping hubby n' me can come....


  41. Rikki---happiness isn't always a given, so I'm glad you got some. Roll with it girl, roll with it...

    And to everybody else----
    Preparedness, what's that?

  42. Something to have you listen to through out the evening... yes I iz feelin' onry.... hee hee....

    How many of you remember the Pink Panther theme.... the sneaky playing the saxophone makes at the intro.... well, you can put one word through that whole song.... repeated over and over....

    'delete' 'delete' 'delete' 'delete' 'delete''delete'

  43. Got a bit of good news yesterday.

    I heard back from Rural Preacher and it just so happens that he'll be in Kansas City on the 17th and is planning to stop by for our little get together...

  44. Still waiting to hear from Sara, Captain Howdy, and EDH.

    I'd like to meet Pike Bishop.

    But since I'm forbidden to speak of The Bunker over on that other website maybe one of you guys can bring it up over there...

  45. Well what do you know? No sooner do I ask a favor and that guy, Never straight up asks Pike to get in touch with one of us.

    Somebody needs to invite that Nevergiveup guy to the party, too...

  46. Kevin , I love parties, I don't see any reason not to come, if that was a invite by you?

    Iwillnevergiveup... Sep 5th 2016

  47. Lol... Let's do it then. I think you have my address...

  48. I do have it, and I will shoot you an email asking for a few more details tonight or tomorrow, and thanks for the invite.

    Iwillnevergiveup Sep 5 2016

  49. I haven't gotten an email. Does that mean I'm not invited? Cause my buddy tearsandchalk says if I don't go he's not going either.

  50. Hmm, that's weird. I sent you my address a couple of days ago.

    I'll check to see what I did to screw it up...

  51. All is well. I'll be there and so will tearsandchalk.

  52. It's all coming together. And Safe, you drink as many beers as you want. I'll see to it you get home if need be...

  53. I heard someone say there'd be all the beer anyone wants to drink.

    Well, as long as you brought enough...

  54. And thanks Marshall.
    I was hoping someone would bring up the "boring" blog crap Keri threw out there.

  55. Lol you can bet I won't run dry.

    oh and I did send you mail. Say is that Alan Lunn brain dead or what?

  56. Got your email, Sarge.

    That'll be more than enough.

    Have I ever told you how much I appreciate everything you do?

    As far as what time I'll let you know as we get closer. It all depends on what time I get back to town.

    And Alan?

    He's a fucking idiot...

  57. Oh yeah, that stump.

    There probably won't be any balloons on it.

    It's one of those projects that I was supposed to have taken care o by now so I try my best not to draw attention to it...

  58. Good Morning Y'all - getting ready for my 2nd mugs worth of coffee.... I'm looking forward to the summit and will bring my guitar ♫♪

  59. Lol, hahahaha Okay on both than for me, now you know that stump is going to be the first thing I bring up to linda, I will say Linda is that a deer stump out front? Do you see many deer? That should be enough to get my ass kicked.

    Oh and no thanks needed but you always do. It is nice to be apart of room 235 family.

  60. Go ahead and bring it up. It'll crack her up...

  61. And Sarge, if you still have all those cd's you were talking about you might bring them along, too.

    As far as the music goes this time around all it's gonna be is the radio I keep in the garage.

    But that's alright...

  62. Now I must return to my chores in the back yard.

    My wife said I could have as many friends over as I wanted just so long as all her stupid flower beds and such are properly weeded.

    Her part has always been to decide where she wants them.

    My part has always been the actual work of making it happen.

    Oh, my aching back...

  63. CD"s Check. I am on it a good variety.

  64. gonna need someone to assist me on Ghost Riders in the Sky.... I only know the melody line.... who wants to help me out?

  65. awe.... c'mon.... don't be shy now.... who wants to help me out?

    (smiles) having issues with my computer in getting this particular post to publish.... bear with me.... somehow wants to publish me as anonymous....


  66. Well, all of T&Cs post got pulled. Apparently the fake Internet doc doesn't like being called out. It's name calling.

    What a chicken shit worthless piece of shit.

    I think we all forget the urinal is run by godless left wingers. Good to be reminded from time to time.

    Looks like that dipstick can come around and insult everybody there but can't take it when it comes back.

    I'm going back to ignoring that predictable piece of shit.

  67. Yup SSAH iwillnevergiveup got two pulled one on blue and the other on Alann the dickhead Lunn. They come to kevin's blog started their shit and we get ours pulled, assholes.

  68. Your posts "Blue you sound very desperate," "WOW she is on a roll" and "Alan" have been removed for attacking other users and being off topic of the blog.

    Public blogging, commenting, and other interactive features of the site are provided as a public service to promote constructive conversation in the community. We'd like to encourage you to continue as a member within the framework of the user agreement -- which you approved by creating your account -- and within the spirit of our community goals.

    Please consider our rules of civility:

    Emily DeShazer

  69. sorry that tearsandchalk is going through the bs..... and sorry that Iwillnevergiveup is going through the same thing- hold your ground and never stop being who you folks are...

    ~hugs Rikki

  70. Ah, don't let their bullshit bother you.

    I knew as soon as I saw you guys talking about comments being pulled that Batshit had returned...

  71. Marsh made a comment about Keri having 3 comments but didn't use her name, I Replied WOW she is on a roll, and cj removed mine, neither I or marsh used her name. Getting picky when tubby is on duty.

    Iwillnevergiveup 6 sep 2016

  72. I'll send a card. Maybe I'll show up. Still dealing with my husbands hip. I may just drive to Topeka on my own. That is only if he feels more comfortable walking while I am not home.

  73. Hammer HAMMERS Illucid Lucy on the Urinal:

    Lucy in the Sky is so confused (as usual), she can't understand Hammer's entirely-reasonable response to her completely idiotic (as usual) post!

    Good for a belly laugh! Good job, Hammer!!! Hell...I might even have to buy you a beer at Kev's for all your good work! (As well as a bunch of others of you. Maybe they'll have good ol' longneck Weidemann's on!)

  74. Kevin ,Kalaks tried the bunker but needs some help , I told her to email you so watch for it, she said she entered her email address on the bunker but didn't know what to do pass that. I told her if she doesn't reach you I will give her my email address.


  75. Kevin, Outstanding, my friend, I hope she can make it, always wanted to meet her.


  76. She asked for it, Nunya. She asked for it...

  77. Hammer, lucyfer is a crazy probably senile old lady. I had to quit reading her blog cause then next thing you know I'm commenting and that's just one big liberal circle jerk.

  78. I understand. But, I have picked her off a couple of times just in the general comment sections. Somebody just happened to catch it. I refuse to even click on her blog as well. Why would I even subject myself to that, right???

    Btw, not sure you traveled west or not, but I certainly hope you didnt catch some disease from Berkeley and brought it back. But knowing you, you probably doled out a little cure rather than get infected. Anyways, I hope you had a good trip.

  79. Kevin, I will need an address where to send the card. If you don't want to post the address here just message me. Miss Rosie will thank you.

  80. Just a couple of quick things then I gotta hit the road.

    I heard from our OpinionatedPinhead friend last night and he'll be there.

    And Sarge, he wanted me to let you know he appreciates the way you've protected his bowls with your life and he'll take them off your hands on the 17th.

    Also heard from Dresser Dan and unfortunately he already has plans with that crazy sister (Sara) that night.

    Still waiting to hear from EFH, Captain Howdy, Brenda Weir, Kalaks, Zorak, and Contra...

  81. And Rose, I'll message you my contact information when I get home this afternoon.

    Quick question though.

    Do you have Snapchat on your phone?

    I thought it'd be a good way for you to say hi to everybody and to put a face to the names of all these fine people...

  82. A quick programming note.

    My partner in crime, Safe, is heading out to visit his daughter in California today and since this is his week to host the Bunker you're all stuck with me.

    I ain't much but I'm all you got.

    Alright then, it's 3:00 time to rock.

    You guys stay safe and be well...

  83. SSAH, stay safe and enjoy your family time.

  84. If you're able to entertain guests earlier in the afternoon I can come. The evening, however, is that of the Holliday Junior High reunion. And you know how us Oakland folk are. Still, I can be there before it is supposed to kick off. So much happens on weekends in the late summer / early fall that I get stretched. For instance, 23 - 24 SEP is the Concordia Class of 76 reunion (I was invited back in April), 01 OCT is Glasco Fun Day (I've gone to this annually since I got back in country), 15 OCT is CCCC homecoming (essentially an all years alumni event). I like shoehorning as much into my weekends as possible, hence I rarely do internet then.

  85. Capt, speaking for Kevin without his permission, I will be there earlier to help set things up with him and Travis, so I bet he won't mind you having a beer with me lol, I don't know when yet he will be off on that day, so I am just guessing.

  86. Oh one more thing I know I have to be there earlier than the stated start time, got to adapt and improvise and overcome last min stuff. Like early arrivals. But it is His party and I'll cry if I want to.

  87. Ah, there's TWO of us, Sarge!! We'll make HIM cry if WE want to!! Of course, I'd love to have a few and BS with you guys that afternoon!!! I just have to be sober enough to get to Perry afterward. A nice thing with Truckhenges is that they're set up so early in advance that I can move things around them. (Also early summer has way fewer events to compete.) I still have to find some time this autumn to go to some Ottawa U. games. It wasn't my favorite local school in the past, but then again I never had a nephew playing for them before, either.

  88. Ken, Well fit it in if you can I won't be drinking much myself, I want to help where needed. Ya I hear ya, somethings you just can't pass up, Like me at my age I want to enjoy room 235 friends as much as I can, that is my reason for begging Kevin to let me in cause I hear music in there. Lol

  89. Lol... You guys just show up whenever you feel like it

    A wise man once told me something about improvising, adapting, and overcoming.

  90. Kevin sent you an email, Preacher's Kid and her hubby will be there.

  91. You done good Sarge.

    I appreciate your help....