Thursday, September 8, 2016

Too Sick To Serve...

My views regarding Hillary Clinton are well documented to say the least.

And to say I think unfit to serve as President of The United States would be an understatement.

Personally I don't think she's as much of a committed American hating leftist as the current squatter in the White House is.

But she's close.

More than anything I think she's a power hungry, crooked liar.

Just the thought of her appointing the next Supreme Court Justice should scare the hell of everyone.

If that happens we can kiss the 1st and 2nd amendments goodbye.

The millions of illegals pouring into our country would soon become instant citizens and will be voting in our elections.

That's just a fact.

And even though I've never been all the big on conspiracy theories which I've kind of thought the hoopla concerning her health has been it's getting harder to ignore it all the time.

It's gotten so bad that even some within the mainstream media are starting to raise questions about whether or not she's healthy enough to serve as commander in chief.

And that's gotten the attention of the jack-booted thugs of the Clinton Campaign who are suddenly trying to silence any and all mention of her coughing fits.

I don't wish bad health on anyone but it's becoming more obvious by the day that this bitch is sick and couldn't possibly withstand the pressures of being the leader of the free world.

Check out today's video and let me know what you think.


Kevin McGinty


  1. Who am I to against those facts my friend, I will add that I am positive she is a traitor to this country and only cares about herself and her kid oh and the money..

  2. I think Bubba passed her a dose of what killed Al Capone.

  3. Looks like that little nancy-boy liberal reporter at the Urinal, Jonathon Whoreman, got the message from the Clinton Murder, Inc. mob, and wrote a completely sideways slanted puff-piece about the Shrill in K.C. (where she yet AGAIN exhibited her racist tendencies and disingenousnous towards blacks by yet AGAIn "adopting" a persona to fit the audience...simultaneously completely insulting Christians by claiming she has Christians values, which ic obvious she doesn't).

    Not content with having his head up the Shrill's fat, unhealthy ass...(wonder if it's uncormfortable up there for Whoreman when she goes on one of her frequent five minute coughing fits...God's way of making her choke on her lies?)...he manages to completely bash Trump, too. Any doubt about Light-Loafers Whoreman's allegiences...just look up the twit's tweets...all Shrill-boosting.

    Then Psycho Lucy is the first one on there boasting about what a fine job the Urinal did in presenting that story. Which, to sane people, is proof-positive that the story is crap.

  4.'s a little something factual about that "enthusiastic crowd" who turned out in droves at the Baptist convention (but pretty much flipped her the bird when she took the stage to disrespect them and Christians, and to (naturally) lie):

    WOW!!! Quite a contrast to what wussy Whoreman reported, huh?!

    I'd point that out over there, if I was still participating....(if for nothing else, just to rile up Loosey and Batshit!)

  5. Another clue that Batshit and Twyhole are one and the same, and the Urinal is allowing Twyhole to do his best to bury interesting, relevant blogs with trivial, idiotic, factually-wrong bullshit:

    "Celebate good times...COME ON!!! (it's a celebration)"

    Hmmm...who else is fond of that word?

  6. Celebrate?

    Interesting indeed. I hadn't thought of that...

  7. And that is why we count on Nunya!!

  8. When batty posted that pic of Trump..... it confirms what I've been thinking all along, batty is a drunkard who is infatuated with Donald Trump......

  9. If you do a Google search, that picture is owned by NBC and not copyrighted by cj. I'm gonna see how they play this one out. I know a guy who has an arsenal of memes and pictures. If cj opens this door, I think that guy just might come barging in....
    What fun it would be.
    And I can create emails and avatars all day.
    It's time for the trenches folks. Less than sixty days, and this is when foot soldiers earn their money.
    I hope the left enjoys being triggered.

  10. Twyher is clueless, but it could be Bat being intentionally clueless. Clueless and trite. A parody of a therapy blog.

  11. T&C flagged that post and asked for clarification as to exactly what the policy was on posting pics as in are we allowed or not and under what terms.

    He also threw in a challenge as to whether anybody else knew how to post pictures.

    Since T&C has been doing the bold font thing which he thought he was the only one who could he's been pissed.

    When I get back from vacation I'm going to send Kevin the instructions to spead to anybody who wants them. I say we flood him with it.

    But it's pretty obvious he's got deep connections on the urinal at this point. Maybe they all go to the same gay bar on Friday for margaritas.

  12. I say we have a contest to see who can post the ugliest pic of Hillary.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Ugliest hillary pic? Now who's gonna judge that? It's so objective.

    Like judging the best steaming pile of dog shit. Best in volume? Nastiest smell?

    Actually it would be exactly like that come to think of it.

  15. Hammer, I'm out in CA fixing to sit tonight out by the pool and drink a bunch of IPAs with my son in law. He's a big IPA guy and there's some great varieties here I've never seen back home.

    Wish you were here. You would enjoy it. Complete opposites on politics but good beer and family just makes that irrelevant, amiright?

  16. Most excellent, safe. Poolside with the fam and IPA's? I'm jealous...
    But just remember, to get that kind of selection you must place yourself in the belly of the beast. Ground zero for the SJW knighthood, in CA.
    Just don't come back with some mental disorder from Berkeley.
    And if you drew a huge Trump2016 in Chalk somewhere highly visible, I'll by ya a twelve pack of what ever IPA we got around here. Deal? Must take a picture for evidence, has to be a public venue(street, sidewalk, parking lot etc...) That's the challenge from hammer. Lol...

    Most of all, travel safe. Enjoy the time with that g-baby. Gotta be a nice change from FaceTime. See ya soon.
    Hope you brought some chalk....

  17. Oh, and don't be afraid to jot down some brewery names. You know I love to learn about good beers...

  18. It's frustrating. There's a liquor store right by the house that has every beer you can imagine cold. Stuff I didn't know existed. Love it.

  19. Well, apparently no comments are allowed on the urinal wondering about the twitchy character or questioning the moderators allowing him to post virtually the same blog on multiple sights. Or questioning the moderators at all.

    I bet they're all sitting around some gay bar having a big laugh. The mods, buttboy and twitchy who I suspect are the same person.

    I swear they don't even pretend anymore. They are just full on up buttboy's ass.

  20. SSAH...."Complete opposites on politics but good beer and family just makes that irrelevant, amiright?"

    They put stuff in the water...AND they beam inaudible, but perceptible, propaganda through high frequency radio waves...AND they pepper all media with subliminal messges (which are quite obvious to outsiders) in California that turn people into blithering idiot liberals, intent on voting for societal-suicide candidates and taxing the shit of themselves to pay for people who refuse to earn.

    My advice? Don't drink the water, and line your Chiefs cap with tin foil, buddy! Don't want YOU coming back a complete idiot like Buttstache, Loosey, St. Jackoff or those others!

  21. The two-headed monster of Steve and Cokehead Roberts (without a 1/4 of a brain between them) is over there yapping about how evil Trump is for wanting to protect America from Syrian refugee terrorists (which has already been proven that they will try), and praising the Shrill's 'humanitarian platform" of opening the floodgates to thousands more unvetted people who want to blow up you and yours, and destroy us.

    Typical. Liberals have absolutely no compassion for Americans.

  22. So who is going to try and post a picture at the urinal? Looks like a trap set up by batt shit and the pukes at cj.

  23. I agree with IWNGU over on open blog friday, Batshit took a shit on Sherman Smith's face, I remember when MWN aka batshit whinned and cried to get booted and did for doing what he did over there. Maybe Smith will see it and boot his ass again.

  24. I think it's a trap. I think buttboy's homo moderator friends are leaving it up and he figures one of us will post a pic, he'll flag and we're gone. Don't bite on it. He's taunting us to try to get somebody to bite. He's way too anxious.

    Just assume anything buttboy does is with evil intentions. He's a spawn of Satan sent to harass Gods people, us.

    T&C flagged that and requested clarification as to whether it's acceptable or not. No response. It's a trap.

  25. Of course it is.

    And it's not even Christmas yet...

  26. I flagged it also as soon as he posted it, and asked if this allowed for everyone, got no answer, yup you are right, I got a new way to piss the dick head off, I copy his post and change it around he says white i change it to black, I know I was pissing him off yesterday.


  27. Yep battle dick, I used the word "cuck" over a cj didn't I.
    Pretty fucking innovative isn't?
    And if I didn't already know you are a feminine man lover, I'd say you were a "cuckold" yourself. But I'm not sure your even that degree of a man.
    Hope you are enjoying "muh oppression" with the rest of your dindu counterparts.
    Because this goy loves his privilege! Mmmmmm-hmmmmmmm!


    Hey y'all..... you best give this a read.... just published late this evening on the other site. I know some of you don't do the facebook thingie - this could pose an unforeseen issue.


  29. Rikki...I saw that. Remember my little story anout MFA running off all the regulars at the bar, because he fucked everything up so badly?

    Remember my predictions that they are going to soon do everything they can to run off conservative bloggers over at that shit rag?

    Looks like at least Lyin' Loosey will be gone, that's at least one crappy, lying leftist blog removed.

    Wonder if that will be the end of Batshit, too? (Even though he's on there praising the decision)?

    "Facebook" postings? Screw that! I nuked that pathetic thing a few years ago. if I DID want to post...I couldn't.

    I guess i could alway create a fake-name Facebook account, and go from there.That's pretty easy.

    This is prtetty much just the commies running running the Urinal censoring and shutting down conservative voices. Period.

    Here's to hoping Topeka's embarrassingly tiny (and ever-shrinking in size and content) liberal-leftist-commie propaganda birdcage liner sinks like rock to the fiery pits of Hell, where it...and all those Buttstash lovers...belongs.

  30. You know Bat has a fake FB account.

    Funny to see Lucy all panicky at the thought of people knowing who she is.

  31. Someone should post this over there, while there is still time:

    "This is eerily reminiscient of a story I was once heard about a guy named Mr. Friday Afternoon, (MFA for short) walking into a bar, running off all the regulars with his P.C. crap, and running the bar out of business."

    ("Mr. Friday Afternoon" reference optional...unless you are planning to get off there, anyway...possibly.)

  32. Number one goal over there, and I don't think anyone has any doubt about this.

    "Through any means necessary, we MUST STIFLE McGinty supporters!", the King of blog hits over there (no offense to the other fine conservative blogger friends over there who also do a great job, but...Kev is the King, and consistently generates hundreds of comments).

    Anyone doubt that?

    Buttstash must have pulled an all-nighter full-load train over there. I bet both ends are blood-torn raw, by now.

  33. It's starting to look like setting up this little Underground Bunker in case things went bad over there wasn't such a bad idea after all...

  34. agreed Kevin - thanks for the Bunker. I'm looking forward to the summit - will bring my guitar - looking forward to playing Christmas tunes and if anyone wants to help out with Ghost Riders in the Sky.... that would be cool too.

    Well, CJ can't just boot us for stuff we're not guilty of so it looks like they've found a way around the whole booting thing by this new policy of theirs.

  35. Well when everyone shows up here and has a hard time, working this out, just post anonymous, but always put your handle at the end . Until you can figure this out, like me I had a rough go of it at first. But I overcame! Plus I lean to the stupids anyhow.

  36. This is home. Period.
    Remember, those that require identification aren't after transparency. They want your information. Today, your information isn't just tied to you. It's tied to everyone you are related to. My personal well being has nothing to do with it, I'm good with me.
    But, as we move forward a Facebook account can't necessarily be verified if as a subscriber they have your email and ID already. That specific Facebook account can be followed by many people that would do you harm. No physically, but financially, employment, even as a consumer etc...
    My politics are my politics and I prefer to keep them related to myself. Not my wife, brothers, father, mother, or children. Facebook is now being required for employment as well as background checks, and credit checks. So to think it simply ends somewhere is foolish. Moving forward it will get worse. Only worse.
    For those not paying attention, they are already ghosting posts by conservatives and conservative sights on Facebook. That should tell you everything. If you are the least bit conservative you are a TARGET. Not physically, but in all the passive aggressive ways the left is trying to control people. Remaining anonymous is the only way to combat this. To disassociate the person from the information. That's what should matter.
    What you folks post means more to me than who you are. You are all good people, but I'm after your posts as information and could care less as to who you are outside of it. I would accept you no matter what, because of your postings. That's where we are connected. I respect each and everyone of you.
    Many of you who know me have seen my posts evolve. Some may view me as troll, most I'm sure do not. Just know there is a reason for why they have evolved. It's in resistance to the whordes of lefties trolling us. And it's simply printed word combat. That's all. I posted edgy at times, for a reason. Those that know me would certainly agree I'm not that way in the inside and real life. And I will continue to be who I need to be to push back. We all do.

    My only regret, is breaking a promise I made to Kevin. I always said I would support him at Cj. No matter what. It's looking like I most likely will fail on that promise. For that, I am sorry. There's only two things you got in this world. Your word and your balls. Not living up to that ain't cool, but the situation certainly dictated my action. But, you never know. Us kids get crafty and may adapt, improvise, and overcome just to stick it to them. Right now it isn't likely. But....

    I hope you understand my long winded diatribe and it makes sense. And understand why hammer will be retiring his weapon over at Cj.

    See ya right here folks. I'll be around, and for the record I'll be a little more considerate of my word use here moving forward. It seems this place may get some new people and I would hate to be disrespectful to the ladies with vulgar words. They should be comfortable here as well.

    Enjoy the new day!

  37. I, too, am leaving Cj over this - I posted my last comment last night on that article about name usage -

    it is enough for me to know that batty has now been exposed for what he is.... a sick minded stalker, and other descriptive words that describe him best.... none of which honorable.


  38. batty, you lost big time when you did what you did - now everyone knows it.

  39. as for Cj, hasta la vista!

  40. What the hell there was NO dribble in that, great job, and it is just how I feel, I got on Facebook when it first came out, got out of it a few weeks later, and at that time it was a son of a bitch to do so. You are right on target, good shooting my friend.

  41. hey batty - we all know that you'll be popping in over here like you have always done - sneakily lurking like the sick minded stalker that you truly are - dude you really need to seek professional help.

  42. Hammertime my comment was to you, I left off your name sorry, but am sure you know.

  43. Hammer, I support your reason for leaving Cj also.

  44. Hammertime, I also know the language must change, besides it hurts my ears, and really puts me out of character. I Want to be Me!! :)

  45. No need to apologize, Hammer. I fully understand.

  46. Kevin any plans for bad weather?

  47. OP here.
    I am personally not ashamed of my opinions, not ashamed to associate them with my name, and would not be afraid to post on the Urinal using my name, but we all know what Hammer and others have said is true. The Libs will use any tool available to destroy us and would not hesitate to attack both us and our families if they know our names. I also now work for the State, although part-time, and even if my bosses agreed with me on a subject, they could get very uneasy if someone up the line says something. I will certainly keep commenting on your CJ Blog Kevin, even with my real name, but will have to tone down the controversial stuff, I suppose! Anyway, by trying to shut us up, they will also shut up a lot of Libs who, I believe would be embarrassed to have their name associated with their beliefs. Guess we will see what happens! Thanks Kevin, for your foresight on starting this private blog! Have a great day!

  48. Actually OP, I started this thing because I was convinced that sooner or later cj would show me the door.

    I didn't expect things to turn out this way at all.

    In any case I just posted a new blog over on that other website.

    It didn't turn out exactly as I intended when I started it but in the spirit of toning things down and the fact that this really is a sad day...

    Well, you know...

  49. Well, I'm still posting over there until they kill my account. In going to keep putting up the link to here. If they pull it I'll just keep posting until they pull me. Sounds like the end anyway.

    I won't post with my name. I don't been some godless left winger figuring out where I work and causing me issues. I'm like Hammer. My private life is mine. And Kev can tell you stories about what these people will try to do.

    So this blog is full time home.

    Hope I get to stay on as a blog contributor as things change. I enjoy blogging and the war is full on.

    I'm sure it's no coincidence the urinal killed the conservative voices two months before the election.

    God bless America and God bless freedom of speech which lives as it was meant to right here.

  50. And not to get all theological here, but the bible explains in the end time everybody will have the mark of the beast or you can't do anything. Everybody has always thought that would be an actual mark or a chip or something.

    Seems like more and more of everything we do is tied to Facebook. They track your activity. They turn on your microphone and listen. Same with your camera.

    Mark of the beast? Or 1984? Scary. And now they want to track your opinions.

    Hammer gets it. Be careful out there.

  51. SSAH, I stand with you until I go poof on cj I am going to speak as I please. And I will cut no lack on batshit, you can bet on that. His ass is grass and we are the lawn mower.

  52. I just fired up the lawnmower. I bet I get booted muy pronto.

  53. Might as well go out kicking a homo's ass, right?

  54. I think CJ just hurt themselves big time. I don't know how things work, but I listened to a conversation at church on this topic. One person said something about a website makes money when someone on their site clicks on an ad. If people are leaving, fewer will be clicking, less revenue.

    I agree that internet subscriptions are way over priced. All they need to recover is what it costs to research/investigate, write, edit and post an article. No paper, ink, pressmen, circulation staff, delivery people. Yet an internet subscription is as much as receiving a physical paper.

    Thank you, Kevin, for a good place to gather.

    I, too, saw that Lucy has her panties in a knot. And she's just as condescending about the Facebook thing as anything else. Speaking of condescending, I think battle has his panties in a knot as well. He won't be able to make his cowardly sissy attempts to put us in our places and get us booted. He sure thinks he's king sh** at CJ. And there sure hasn't been much of a paper the last few years.

    Anyway, I think I have this figured out so I can post here.

    The revolution is in full force.


  55. Batt Shit Head has already said who his name will be on F B. He will set up a fake account and C J pukes will approve it. He and some of his closet buddies will be on using fake names and fake F B accounts that will be approved by none other than some of the biggest pukes at CJ.

  56. Pk and Skippy Nice to see ya both here Skippy has been but PK this is great, they will never beat this group of people.

    OH it is nice to see my avatar over on cj no matter how temporary.

  57. Skippey, you're right. Batstuff is the first in line to get around the system. He's like a lot criminals who learn the system and then scam it. Fortunately in the criminal system most judges have heard it all and aren't taken in. I don't see that with CJ staff. It's obvious who starts the crap, yet he gets away with what he claims others are doing. He is the biggest offender of the rules. And if he finds another's comment offensive (could be as innocuous as "I prefer a hamburger over Italian food", which would be racist), he gets their comment removed if not booting the "offender".

    I can't see him keeping his identity under wraps. IF he posts under his real name, he will expose himself. I expect him to use a fake name and continue what he's been doing. He's scum, but very proud of it.


  58. Well I cant read the comments on the CJ article about making people use FB. But I would guess that they will loose all the normal posters. Whether or not they are for or against what ever the blog is about they will bail out Its one way to get rid of us but at the same time they will loose the normal everyday poster. All that will be left will be the one that CJ wants on there bloggs. They [CJ] will make sure that people like Batt Shit get on. He will have a fake FB account [which he no doubt already has] We already know what his first name is. Want to guess what his last name is? There is no way he will ever put his ID out there.

  59. So far there have been 107 comments on that article and with the exception of 4 or 5 people every single one of them say there's no way they'll use their real name.

    Just about every left-wing loon you've ever heard of is running toward the door.

    Our old buddy, Battshit (sorry PK but old habits are hard to break) is gonna be one lonely troll over there...