Thursday, September 1, 2016

Trump is turning the corner...

Quote of the day:

"Screw you Hillary."   Me  9/01/16

Just like he upstaged vacationing Barack Hussein Obama who just couldn't be bothered, by visiting Louisiana after their devastating floods a few weeks ago, Donald J, Trump made "Crooked Hillary" look like the small, petty person she is by accepting the Mexican's invitation to have a talk yesterday afternoon.

Even before he left the media were slobbering all over themselves in hopes of some kind of self-inflicted wound they could all pounce on.

Didn't happen.

Just like we've come to expect, Donald Trump took control of the situation and handled it like a "Boss."

Like it or not you left wing loons out there had better get used to the idea of calling Donald Trump, Mr. President.


Kevin McGinty


  1. Yep...home run. His Arizona speech was two home runs in one day!

    What was the Shrill doing? Who knows. Who cares. One thing she DOESN'T want to do is face issues...THAT'S transparently obvious. Stupid, evil bitch.

    I see that turd Twyher is still floating around in the Urinal, trying to do all he can to sink relevant, interesting blogs that people actually read. No link provided here (no sense anyone reading it...I did the boring work for you), but here are a few excerpts of the "expert's" work, and a few observations. If I was still posting over there, I might even have had to post this...just so it'll make him feel good about getting at least ONE reply! Check out this shit...from the arbiter of all things "competent" and "detail-oriented" in business:

    "The thrill of startup life can be immediately stopped with the realization that the startup you are working far is going under or making massive staff cuts."

    Working "far"?

    "Startups that fail tend to wing it in certain areas as there business plan and budget..."

    As "there" business plan....?

    Just one section, out of the entire thing, where Twyher just can't find that damned comma key:

    "The successful startups were extremely detail oriented when it came to training as well as having staff that is qualified for each position. The budget is important in startups but it is important to do things in the correct manner as it can keep a company from being liable. For example a failing startup enlists someone who knows how to use QuickBooks as their accountant then gets audited. The company has then put the employee as well as the company at risk just because"...blah, blah, blah.

    "The money is take to rebrand is large so the funds that investors or banks have loaned the company...

    The money "is" take to rebrand?

    "Failing startups tend to try to over hire..."

    Wonder if he means "overhire", over there? (Or is that, "overthere"?)

    "This can be a huge drain on cash flow as new employee take training to be profitable."

    I dunno...several ways to fix that mess. Not even gonna try.

    "Pay attention to detail if you work at a startup as yours could be failing right in front of your eyes."

    You mean...details like using proper pronunciation and word usage when you fancy yourself the expert of "detail-oriented business practices", and write error-filled blogs nobody reads?

    Why would anyone take your incompetent advice, Twy?

  2. Before I start, this is to Papadew, 2 truckhenges a year might be a little hard on Kevin and me, speaking just for myself though, funding is no problem it is the damn labor that gets me hahahah Man I hate saying that part!! lol

  3. Trump knock it out of the Park last night, Hillary better stock up her Depends!!

  4. Truckhenge II might not be that hard to do.

    What do you guys think about have a little get together at my place sometime in the next two or three weeks?

    1. I'm in for Truck Henge II. Just waiting on further details as to when / where, etc. (smiles).

  5. I'd be there except next weekend. Going to CA next weekend. Otherwise I'm in.

    And it just doesn't have to be a big deal. We're there for the conversation and seeing friends in my opinion. We don't need food and all the amenities. Not that everybody doesn't love all that, they do. But it's just too damn much work.

    Truckhenge is a great event but I would love seeing folks more often just on a casual get together.

    Hell, when everybody gets there we can throw in a few bucks and order pizzas or something.

    I'd love it.

    Except if any trolls show up we can't tie them to concrete blocks and throw them in Lessman's catfish pond. So we'll have to adapt, improvise and overcome.

  6. But that doesn't mean I don't think Truckhenge is a great event and we don't need that. But once a year for the big one is plenty.

  7. That could work for me, but I would be more than happy to furnish Steak Burgers and hotdogs Matter fact I have a good stock on hand right now. But we would need some buns?? Oh and I have plenty of Miller's beer hahahahah

  8. Yeah Sarge I thought about all the work you guys go to right after I posted the mid-October suggestion and felt pretty selfish. However an October event might draw some of the dims. They could come in costume and never have to show their face. Lucy could just wear her pointy hat and ride her broom and not have much money tied up in her costume and Ol' BS could come as pre-gastric bypass Al Sharpton and not spend a dime.

  9. Papadew, Lol but your idea may be just what we need, another get together will be good for us all, I will follow Kevin's lead, and if we can do it I can get these damn bowls back to OP, I have been guarding them with my life. lol

  10. Or better yet- how about a victory gathering on November 8 at someplace like Buffalo Wild Wings, with lots of televisions to watch the HAG really go down under hostile fire this time!!

  11. Now that sounds like a good idea...