Sunday, April 9, 2017

About those left-wing talking points the leftists memorize...

Quote of the day:

"Debunked means that only people who are willing to believe LIES and insane conspiracy theories still buy it."--- Tom Digger on that other website the other day

Looks like Tom and I have finally found something we can agree on.

You almost have to feel sorry for people like Tom.

Some of the crap he spews is so over the top you almost have to think he's putting us on.

He's not and the sad part is that there are millions more just like him out there.

They're perfectly willing to to watch, read, and listen to anything the so-called mainstream media puts out there regardless of how insane it is as long as it feeds their hatred.

A perfect example presented itself the other night on MSNBC.

I could easily describe the insanity they're throwing out there, but it'd be better if you just watched it for yourself.

I don't know what can be done but in my humble opinion these people should be considered enemies of the state and should be treated as such...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Exactly, Kev.

    And, here's what 'Excellence in Journalism' is over at the 'award-winning' Urinal. These will just be word gaffes. I won't even point out the many punctuation errors peppered all over.

    The "New city grant program"

    "As the neighborhood band plays patriotic music, neighbors fill the streets around Boswell park, waving American flags as the walk around the neighborhood."

    As 'the walk' around?

    "Last week the city council establish a grant program for neighborhood events and beautification projects..."


    Maybe I will point out sdome egregious punctuation errors:

    "Applications open April 12 and are due by May 19 online or postmarked by May 17 if mailed."

    No commas?

    "The idea was born out the frustration of the rising cost barricades..."

    "Rising cost barricades"?

    How about an "of" in there?

    "On hour of volunteer work equates to $20, Haehn said."

    $20 for ON hour?

    "Unlike funding the city provides to low to moderate income neighborhoods improve associates, these grants are open to all of the city’s more than 90 neighborhood associations and even informal groups."

    Clumsy, clumsy. "..neighborhoods improve associates.."? i may have written "neighborhood improvement associations", but that's just because I got past 5th grade.

    “We want to leave it as open as possible to creative stuff in the neighbor because the real purpose is to do some community building..."

    Creative stuff in the neighbor...?

    "Councilman Brendan Jensen, a former College Hill leader, speared headed the grant program.."


    "Campos, president of NOTOMA, said the neighborhood association has budgeted about $2,000 for movie event this year.."

    $2000 for one "movie event"?

    "Equipment can cost upwards of $1,000, but in some cases the bulk of the expenses goes licensing movies."


    “You’re creating these great, meaningful events for children, but the back side of that is the cost so much for anyone to do,” he said." ...much...yeesh.

    The entire Luke Ranker article is a trainwreck of EXTREMELY poor writing. Any editor that let this kind of a mess be published should be fired. There is so much that is so in-your-face obvious in this unprofessional rookie work, that it should have been sent back to rewrite properly, before embarassing themselves by publishing it.

    Then again, the Urinal is becoming accustomed to embarassing itself.

    And winning worthless awards while doing it.

    1. Must...we done about this...
      I am beginning to wonder if Al not-so-Sharpton is over there running things.
      Even diggerdadoo has better grammar...

  2. Ashhole over there is some kind of clueless idiot!

    "I don't watch NBC networks because of their relationship with Trump..."


    Prime example of being ill-informed! NBC and CNN are competing to the fakest of fake news sites against Trump, and he thinks NBC is colluding with Trump?!

    If stupid was money, Ash would be a trillionaire!😂

  3. Nunya I don't feel so bad now after reading your first comment. Thanks you made my day.

  4. Glad to oblige, Sarge! Unbelievable that inept stuff like that is allowed to be published. That would have been an "F" in any high school class. And, way too much punctuation error in the entire thing to list here!

    THAT is what passes as "journalism", these days? How did Ranker even pass high school?!

    That "race to the bottom" is glaringly obvious.

    "Journalist wanted. If y'all dun got yerself a 6th-grade ed-ji-cashun, aply now at Topeka Capital-Journal."

  5. Nunya that first one went POOF and it took for now. But I bet I become History over it.

  6. And that rag is located in the capital city of our state, no less!

  7. Just a quick glance at headlines on Drudge Report should give you an idea of how close we are to all out war with Russia and North Korea.

    So instead of keeping their audience informed of real, actual events,what do these bastards do?

    They fill them full of bullshit left wing talking points to make them believe it's all part of Putin's plan to make Trump look good.

    And the sad part is that dumb asses like Tom will believe everything they say...

  8. I just don't get it. Putin and Russian "hacked our election" to get Donald Trump elected. We know it's true because we've been told so about a hundred thousand times by the mainstream media who works on behalf of the democrat party.

    So if Russia was so anxious to get Donald Trump elected because....wait.....why exactly?.... they must be wondering right now, what the hell were we thinking?

    And in the face of what just happened the loony brain dead godless left isn't relenting on their whrrgarble about Russia hacking to get Trump elected nonsense they made up.

    Sometimes I wonder if these people are even capable of rational thought. I know the ones that post on the urinal sure aren't, but it doesn't seem like there are any at all. How do these people function in the world? They can't all live in their Mom's basement and eat macaroni and cheese and Doritos and weigh 500 pounds and spend their day peering through coke bottle lens glasses typing this moronic gibberish with Dorito stained fingers, can they? I guess maybe they can. That's pretty disgusting. Wonder exactly what the cumulative amount of taxpayer money these oxygen wasting semi human giant blobs of flesh draw in food stamps and welfare and various other government benefits all the while screaming that us working people need to pay our "fair share" of taxes so they can get more free stuff?

    1. I gotta use that over on CJ SAFE, can't right now taking Grandson to the Doctors, but will later.

    2. Oh hell it is moved safe, I gotter done.

  9. When George Bush turned out to be wrong about WMDs in Iraq, the left said....BUSH LIED PEOPLE DIED....GEORGE BUSH IS A WAR CRIMINAL. And so on to this day.

    When obama and rice turned out to be wrong about Syria still having WMDs what did they say? NOTHING!!!NADA!!!ZIP!!!ZILCH!!!

    The ironic thing is George Bush pointed out there was evidence the WMDs were transported from Iraq to Syria before we invaded.

    You just can't make this stuff up, can you?

  10. Hey Kevin! Diggerdog says he's "getting to you". How about that? He imagines he's "getting to you" because you quoted him. Apparently he hasn't figured out that when you quote a liberal it's because you are laughing at some idiotic thing they said and you want to share with the world how stupid they are.

    Now that's funny. Getting to you indeed. And he thinks he's going to change your mind. Now that's real funny.

    He also thinks he and all the smart people watch everything but FOX news because they are so open minded and want information from a variety of sources. That's about like going to a Black Lies Terrorist group meeting thinking you're going to get a variety of honest well thought out well reasoned opinions about police officers.

    I swear. These people just make it too easy. Fish in a barrel I tell you, fish in a barrel.

  11. Could the tide be turning in regard to the Syrian Government/chemical gas weapons attack on the civilian Syrian people?

    That just a short while ago posted on CBS news weblink.

  12. hee hee.... just thought of a witty ode to the Libs.....

    Ode to Libs:
    You think you're so full of spunk, but all your faulty theories are debunked.

    You thought you slunk but you realized that you flunked.

    Now you are sunk and kerplunked.... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha LOL

    (an explanation of slunk: past participle of slink 'to move quiety/gliding'. spunk: determination)

  13. I wrote that ode to Libs because digger seems to be so stuck on debunk..... even though he's way off the mark. lol

  14. More award winning writing in the homicide victim story.

    " not not being investigated as..."


  15. Diggerdog has slid into complete breakdown I think. Just read his last post and it is complete gibberish. Makes no sense whatsoever. Lack of any coherence and losing the ability to communicate with the fellow members of your species is not a good sign. When you just repeat meaningless nonsensical things apparently in some language only you understand some psychiatric help may be called for.

    I suspect he may soon be out on Kansas Avenue grabbing his crotch while holding a lamp. Or maybe he already is. That's possible.

    1. Digger is now nothing but a fart in the wind.

    2. UFO.....unidentified farting object.... (lol)

  16. Looks like ole Tommie Digger is firing blanks. And he has hit a dry hole with all of his baloney. He seems to have a dry socket. maybe its just all in his head?

  17. Came indoors from yard work for a short coffee break....and found loonies on the loose on the urinal version of this blog so decided something must be done!
    Thanks again Nunya! I posted the specifics of that Observer article a few minutes ago.
    Maybe they'll get so bent they will head to tahiti or wherever the hell he's hiding...or maybe not...
    Sick of the bullcrap.

    1. Kinda wonder how they'd feel about my Ode to Libs.... lol those loons over's gotten to the point you can't help but laugh at the crapola they're posting.

      Ode to Libs:
      You think you're so full of spunk, but all your faulty theories are debunked.

      You thought you slunk but you realized that you flunked.

      Now you are sunk and kerplunked.... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha LOL

    2. Lets hope...
      Went over to a Caseys in my area for mower gas and noticed a few copies of that paper on their paper rack...little dinky thing these days. Slightly bigger in length than a menards flyer but just a few pages. Sad sad sad.
      Their owners must just keep them around for tax writeoff reasons.

    3. Wonder how old digger would feel if we told him there's an opening at the circus.... he could qualify as a jester.

    4. Rikki! Dont insult jesters!!! ;)) but it would be funny...mayhap he missed his true calling.

    5. snicker snicker (hee hee)

  18. More than likely the only thing he'd qualify for is a dumbass.

    And I'm pretty sure he still doesn't have a clue about why I quoted him...

    1. reeses pieces reeses pieces....I ran out of snickers (lol)

  19. Based on all that babble that he thinks is rational discussion...yah...clueless...

  20. In national review today...a column by Victor Davis Hanson worth taking a look at..

  21. But, but, that's not what CNN said...
    And MSNBC, they got facts too!
    And mother Jones says we are racists for even having "tomahawks"....

    Fucking loons.
    But hey, easy prey when SHTF.
    All I got to say about that....

  22. I did get on CJ for a bit today, that Tom and Ash are real example of an overloaded septic tank. Someone needs to call A1 septic pumper truck and get that crap out of their heads.

  23. Ray Beers writes a relatively sensible outline of what our immigration policies should be, over there.

    Which means the liberals will go full-hate on him.

  24. "Letter: We should resist privatization of mental health care in Kansas" from Allison Farres.

    Here's a prime example what's wrong with our society. People like this:

    "However, what privatization really means is that the government is taking a step back from its responsibility to certain groups of citizens."

    I've read the U.S. and Kansas Constitutions, I saw nowhere in either where it's "the responsibility" of government to be everybody's everything. These people throw "government's reesponsibility" around like it's supposed to tend to our every need...big and small...all our life.

    "Privatization often creates a government that operates like a deadbeat parent, believing his or her monthly child support payment is the same as taking care of his/her child."

    WHAT?! This woman thinks the government is OUR PARENT?!!!

    Allison Farres, let me make this clear:

    THE government is NOT our parents, we are NOT its children, AND the ONLY things of which they are responsible is ENSURING OUR FREEDOM to to strive for "Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of Happiness", and to defend us from invasion and erosion of our country, and our Constitution. PERIOD!

    Everything else is just an add-on. Infrastructure, health services, welfare, food stamps....zillions of things.

    NONE of that of which the government is ACTUALLY responsible, but which people have somewhat agreed to tolerate, a highway system. Have a National Parks service. Help people through rough times (not to turn them into generational freeloaders).

    People need to start learning what the hell our government is ACTUALLY responsible for, realize how generous (and often, stupid and wasteful) it/we HAVE been, realize how out of control its gotten, and QUIT claiming the freakin' government is responsible for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!

    This is Allison Farres "pet government project" that SHE wants fully-funded.

    EVERYBODY has one.

    We have no money for ALL of them. Been paying attention, Allison?

    Like that meme I saw...a two-parter. Pic one was "Who wants change?!", and all hands go up. Pic two was "Who wants TO change?", and no hands go up.

    "The government is responsible....for ME...and everything I WANT!"

    Idiots. How did we get to where SO many people lost their self-respect, and sense of personal responsibility?

    Oh, yeah...leftist brainwashing in schools, and mainstream media.

  25. Replies
    1. Kevin I see they deleted almost all my post over on your other blog. but most all were read by a few before they got to them. Hey I go by the Book by the BOOM!

  26. Lol... I noticed that this morning.

    Here's what cracks me up about the whole thing.

    Even after all this time, Batshit still hasn't gotten the message that nobody cares.

    Flag away, Buttboy...

  27. Is buttstash flagging everybody again? Well, he is a godless left wing radical and they are a godless left wing radical newspaper, although calling them a newspaper is a pretty far stretch of that word.

    So you know why they do his bidding. They are peas in a pod. That's why he lives there and is too cowardly to show his face over here, where the moderators aren't his "special friends" like the ones on the urinal. Over here things run a little differently. We are the last bastion of free speech. He and his fellow butt buddies have tried to shut us down, but they failed. Over here people can say what they want how they want. And the day that stops, you've heard the last of old Still Safe at Home.

    But there's a reason those cowardly back biting whimpering dogs from the godless left won't try their crap over here. The need a "safe space" where they can excrete that horse manure without reproach. Over here they might actually get another opinion, and fascist totalitarians hate that.

  28. And as for Nunya's spot on observations, I agree. One of the greatest lies the left tells is that it is the government's job to provide stuff for people.

    Here's what James Madison said about that. And he did after all write the Constitution of the United States.

    "If Congress can employ money indefinitely to the general welfare,
    and are the sole and supreme judges of the general welfare,
    they may take the care of religion into their own hands;
    they may appoint teachers in every State, county and parish
    and pay them out of their public treasury;
    they may take into their own hands the education of children,
    establishing in like manner schools throughout the Union;
    they may assume the provision of the poor;
    they may undertake the regulation of all roads other than post-roads;
    in short, every thing, from the highest object of state legislation
    down to the most minute object of police,
    would be thrown under the power of Congress.... Were the power
    of Congress to be established in the latitude contended for,
    it would subvert the very foundations, and transmute the very nature
    of the limited Government established by the people of America."

    I believe he saw the future and knew what was coming. We are living in a post constitutional society.

  29. Another great Madison quote, when in 1794 Congress appropriated $15,000 for relief of French refugees...

    “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.”

    1. Lookie there Safe both went POOF over to cj. Lol

  30. ICE just announced 367 arrests in one day of illegal immigrants. Remember when the godless left said we couldn't possibly deport 11 million illegals and it was crazy to even think about it?

    Well, we won't deport 11 million, but we're getting rid of a bunch. And the border crossings are down significantly. They know getting caught won't get them a ride to a shelter and welfare for life. It get's them hauled out of the country.

    Good work Mr President.

    #Making America Great Again By Making Liberals Cry

    #We Measure Our Progress By Counting Tears From Liberals

  31. With all the comments deleted over on the urinal it looks like Dick Digger is the only one commenting.

    But that's the way that godless left wing phony former newspaper, now another wing of the democrat party wants it.

    That's the way all fascist totalitarians want it. Their side only heard from.

  32. They're too cowardly and afraid to come over here to comment - because they know full well they'll get the truth over here as opposed to the faulty sources they eat, breathe, and spew.

    Go figure.

  33. Tillerson in russia today but Putin has said no to any meetings. Likely the lower level power brokers over there will host the meetings...this bears close watching and remember that nothing happens over there unless Putin approves.
    North korea remains belligerent and china is said to be amassing some 150,000 troops along the korean border.
    If ever it was time to stand on our principles and know what and why we believe as Americans it is now.

  34. On the ag report on 580 early this morning it was reported that Ping and Trump had agreed to restore American beef imports to china...
    But don't hold your breath...they have promised that before but never followed through on it.

  35. One president who understood what the limits and responsibilities of federal government spending was, under the Constitution, was Andrew Jackson. Look up his policy...which is the correct policy.

    1. Yes it fact one of his campaign speeches was about getting rid of that 2nd Bank of the US. Which he did. Then the panic of 1837 and a 5-year depression but from that came the gold standard etc and economic prosperity. Until Wilson came along and in 1913 here came the fed reserve bank, paper money, income taxes and all the rest of it.
      Secrecy, corruption...Jackson was controversial in many respects but on that he was right.
      As to agriculture, how many people realize that all of these government feeding programs have their home in that particular fed agency? Last time I checked only about 20% of the ag dept duties actually deal with farm and ranch issues. The rest is big govt food programs.

      "I was aware that the Bank question would be disapproved by all the sordid and interested who prized self-interest more than the perpetuity of our liberty, and the blessings of a free, republican government...I foresaw the powerful effect, produced by this moneyed aristocracy, upon the purity of elections, and of legislation; that it was daily gaining strength, and by its secret operations was adding to it...I have brought it before the people and I have confidence that they will do their duty."

      One thing that really bothered me about Trump and his wealth was the fact thst he took full advantage of bankruptcy laws not once but on 4 different occasions in order to get out from under debt in his businesses...debt his decisions created.

    2. Oops...forgot the quote...he said those things at a campaign speech in 1832

    3. He did some other laudable stuff, too. Like vetoing a bill establishing Thanksgiving as a holiday on Establishment Clause grounds (did you know Christmas wasn't a holiday then?). That takes guts, vetoing a day off for people. Far more guts than many show now. Also telling his then-vice-president, John Calhoun, that he'd hang him if South Carolina tried to secede.

    4. I really wish schools would make a serious effort to teach the unvarnished history of this country, both the good and bad decisions they made.It's not just names and dates.
      As to the donkey logo the dems use, funny story about Jackson on that too...campaign opponents called him a "dumb donkey" what does Jackson do? Turn it into the party symbol. I also don't think he would have much use for what his party has turned into today.

  36. You wonder what's wrong with America these days? Here's where you start looking.

    Students at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh are trying to stop the University from letting Chik-fil-A open a restaurant on campus. Because five years ago the founder told an interviewer from a Baptist magazine he believed in the biblical truth of marriage being between a man and a woman.

    So now the precious little campus garbage baby snowflakes are afraid if they open a chicken sandwich shop it will endanger their "safe space".

    That's what's wrong with America. That we allow these people to consume educational resources that could be used to actually educate young skulls full of mush instead of giving these idiots a mouthpiece. And the fact that they are even allowed to perpetrate this nonsense on the rest of our society.

    This is hate speech. They hate someone because he is a Christian. They want to punish him, destroy his business and make him suffer for his religious beliefs.

    And they want to use the government subsidized school to do it. In other words they want to institute their religious beliefs as the state standards for religious beliefs.

    Could I just quote the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States here?

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

    Nuff said. Fascists and Totalitarians the whole bunch of them.

  37. I hear you on that one Safe.....

    I was browsing other newspapers.....came across this article from the Washington Times....

    What is with these idiots and their fascination with “the Hillary”? Can’t help but feel that since she lost the race, she’s flat broke and desperate… and how many other descriptive words you want to use here to describe Hillary.

  38. These idiots are turning Hillary into a worship idol..... kind of like they did Obama.....

    Well, they need to read the 1st Commandment.... reassess their priorities..... and wake up!!

  39. Shrill Hillary knocked Mother Theresa, Ghandi and a few billion more-deserving regular, honest human beings down to become "Champion Of The Century"? 😂

    Are you sure it didn't say "Chump Of The Century"? (Of course, that would be a tight race for top spot with (name the Godless liberal).

  40. The shillary is their role model...blaming anything and anyone for her election loss...
    Wouldnt be at all surprised if some liberal snowflake college decides to put up a statue on its campus to honor her one of these days...

  41. Yeah...saw the wench still blaming it on her gender just the other day. Apparently, she's so stupid and out-of-touch that she STILL hasn't figured out that the reason she lost is because everyone thinks she's an annoying, deplorable human being...mainly because she was doing WHAT SHE'S STILL DOING!!!😂

  42. ...and wearing black leather, no thing we know she will be sporting tie dye, bell bottoms and carrying a peace sign...

  43. She's so out of touch with reality that she seems to have forgotten how she cheated her way onto the Democratic Presidential ticket....and that she lied to Congress about those ding dang emails.....and that she insulted all of us "deplorables"..... and how she didn't care if she lost Florida in regard to Electoral Votes.... and all the other stuff she has gotten away with.... well Hillary lost a lot (more than just the election)..... she must have lost a lot of financial backing to where she had to pull herself together and get back out and give speeches for cash.

    One word about Madam Hillary......


  44. Heard somewhere yesterday that she is doing another book...still out there grubbing money and no doubt some publisher will take her up on it. If they want to waste their money on the likes of her, they can; theirs to lose.
    I really wish all the Clintons would just go quietly away and disappear.

  45. Headlines over at CJ:

    "Gov. Brownback escapes perch as least-popular governor in new poll"

    "Republicans survive election scare as Ron Estes narrowly wins Kansas seat"

    "Kansas outcome a warning to GOP as Georgia contest nears"

    CJ should run a video with them cheerleading and sneering and screaming and having snowflake-moments when they publish these headlines, meant to...not inform...but, to manipulate the reader with suggestive, leftist partisan writing.

    (Made it "poofable"...)

  46. An apology long over due to our First Lady! Happy for Melania Trump!

    1. Good. As skeptical as I am of Trump, she is a treasure.

    2. "As part of the settlement, the Mail published an apology, saying “we accept that these allegations about Mrs. Trump are not true and we retract and withdraw them.” "

  47. This is an impacting win beyond definition not only for our First Lady, but also important because for several months now President Trump has been pointing out how dishonest the media truly is.....

    This is another "Trump Was Right" thing. The libtardians I'll bet they're red faced on this one.

    1. Now if the rest of the media would follow suit and stop the bogus crapola.....


    Boodis Freakin’ Jeest! I saw a headline on Fox and thought I’d see if it was true…. Went to the Fresno Bee (newspaper for Fresno, California) and sure ‘nuf….. A college professor at Fresno State tweeted “Trump must hang”….. he’s since apologized but da’am…. Hoping that something more than just an ‘apology’ is in store for this professor…. For pete’s sake, he’s an educator….. just what the hell is wrong with some people?!

    1. What I meant to say is that I hope the professor offers up more than just an apology..... sorry y'all, this one has me rattled a tad.

  49. From another article at the Fresno Bee....

    article titled: "Fresno State vows to cooperate in any federal investigation of professor’s Trump tweets"

    Here's the tweet that the professor had:

    "Lars Maischak, a history professor, made national headlines after he tweeted that “to save American democracy, Trump must hang. The sooner and the higher, the better.”

    1. Gooooood greeeeeff!!!
      Loons and moonbats on the left coast! That should be investigated as the threat that it is to the president. Much as I loathed Obama I would never had said something like that. At the very least he should be made to step down from his professorship and not be allowed anywhere near students in a classroom again. This is disturbing and Rikki I understand why you are rattled by it...

    2. thanks cats - I loathed Obama too....hell I even loathe Hillary....but I'd never fly off the handle and say something stupid as "hang 'em"....

  50. This is not the publicity a college or business should ever want....

  51. From the article where the college vows to cooperate in any federal investigation:

    Lars Maischak said in his explanation:"With 28 followers on Twitter at the time, I never expected them to be read by anyone but a close circle of acquaintances who would know to place them in their context."

    Well idiot....when you put something out on the live online whatever form you's gonna get read !

    1. correction.... from the 'Fresno State professor apologizes for ‘Trump must hang’ tweet' article...not the other article.

      like I said this has me upset....

    2. I dont care about his damned apology. These fools seem to think they can get away with saying anything if they just apologize...he can take his so-called apology and shove it up his you-know-what as far as I am concerned.
      Sick of these people.

    3. me too cats.... these loons need to come to the realization that Donald Trump is our President and get on with their sorry lives!!!!

  52. And if he is that damned clueless--he and his educated elite liberal smarter-than-the-rest-of-us professorship---he best stay the hell off social media!
    Screw him and his twitter tweet.

  53. Should have read this blog before finishing up the remains of my yard work...would have finished in record time.

  54. Moon is full too...and moonbats taking full advantage of it.

  55. Now...the reason I checked in was GOOD NEWS...just heard report that Trump is not moving any troops into syria; we do have soldiers already there but no plans for more...and Putin decided to go ahead and meet with Tillerson.
    Looks as though cooler heads are prevailing on that at least.
    Dont know about lil Kim however...

  56. That is good news cats.... lil Kim on the other hand....he's a different sort of nut case....

  57. Just now...Tillerson sound bite...2 hrs talks and they are agreeing to "work on solutions"...neither wants all-out war and looking at reconnecting that communication line they had...

  58. New blog finally up and running...