Sunday, April 23, 2017

Meet Antifa College Professor Eric Clanton...

Before I get started. I'd like to throw out a big thank you to our good friend and fellow patriot, Hammertime for the head's up he sends my way.

Without his help I'd have no idea what 4chan, 8chan or even Antifa even meant.

There's things out there we all need to be aware of and they're not going to go away by sticking our heads in the sand.

There's people out there, some of them play very influential roles in society who are actively working to destroy this country as we know it.

Tonight we're going to focus on a Marxist College Ethics Professor named Eric Clanton.

While this dirtbag isn't busy indoctrinating our kids to hate America he's very active in the violence we've all seen all spreading across the country the last year or so.

And because he's been outed for his role in the recent Berkeley riots he's now facing attempted murder charges.

This brief summary is just the tip of the iceberg as far as these people go but it ought to be enough to get the conversation started.

Wednesday we'll drop in on a close by extremist group's Facebook page and to see what kind of shit they're up to.

Trust me, it's not good...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Listening to Cunningham on the radio and playing around online...took a look at your last blog and Hammer's last post. By the time I got that done I was headed back to his last post and here"s your latest blog that we got all that straight...
    Not at all surprised to see this ugliness rearing its head. Of late, here and there on the national scene there have been rumblings among democrats about how to latch onto so-called "never trumpers" among working class whites and also voters among that same demographic who are disillusioned with him and wish they'd not voted for him.
    Dead giveaway every damned time: when they do "working class, middle class etc. More likely than not the group using the code is progressive and most of the time will be democrat. Rinos, of late, have been using the "middle class" phrase to promote their form of progressivism.
    Back in the 20s until around mid 50s the kkk was very active in ne kansas. Since the kkk is no longer a safe, secure ride for their propaganda ite dems are now doing their thing in trying to unite their blm, antifas etc with disillusioned poor whites...all to the same old ends: overthrow and chaos.
    I am not at all shocked by it and although I don't trust this president I am certainly not gonna fall for this crap.
    Up to us to put the word out there and expose it for what it is.
    People should not be split up into classes, period, even economically. Politicians and pundits do that constantly and do not realize that it's an old marxist wordplay tactic.

    Some of the financially poorest among us are as wealthy spiritually as a Bill Gates; some of the wealthiest are in the depths of poverty spiritually.

    Thanks to Hammertime for exposing this...

    1. Welcome, cats. But no thanks necessary. Everyone contributes around here. And thank goodness Kevin has the platform for us to use!

  2. You are most welcome Kevin, but no thanks needed.

    What's most important, is that you have a piece of garbage professor indoctrinating the youth in socialism and violence. Clanton trying to sneakily commit violence with a bike lock and while using a woman as a shield is evidence of their tactics. Just want any video of it. You'll see.

    Consequently, Clanton's identity was outed due to the diligence of 4chan/8chan computer and internet social media whizzes. He has been fully doxxed(Internet handles exposed and verified as his). He is a college philosophy professor, and often thinks of 'revolution' according to his dating site profile(ha, ha, ha...) Local law enforcement wouldn't of had the due diligence to accomplish this, for reasons I'll demonstrate later. And with the "chans", you are talking about some kids who could locate a flag randomly placed in the US by airplane contrails and the stars in the sky. You cannot hide from them. They are even responsible for turning over Intel to the CA and getting a Syrian ISIS training camp bombed. No bullshit.

    But, it doesn't stop there. Many here watch Tucker Carlson, and he had an interview last week or so involving a Ms. Falarca. She's the head of BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) another communist front organization. She believes we are all fascists(not knowing the definition, obviously...) and only violence perpetrated on us is acceptable. Suppressing our free speech is deemed acceptable. Suppressing any dissenting option is necessary, in fact. I know no one here would ever support that.

    But it gets better. Know what she does for a living? Yep, she's a middle school teacher. Indoctrinating more children.

    Next it goes to the mayor. She has a relationship (plutonic, I beleive) with the mayor of Berkeley. He was responsible for the cops being pulled in and out of demonstrations at specific times to either aid antifa or haggle Trump supporters. Whatever was convenient, until they all pulled out due to lack of specific rules directed by city officials. It's also why local law enforcement would of never outed Clanton. They would of harbored him in this little Marxist community.

    Coulter is still trying to speak this upcoming week, and Berkeley is still not allowing it. The school Republicans are going to file a lawsuit, to no avail I'm sure. But it she does speak, look for a much more volatile situation later this week. But it's important for this to take place, for Berkeley is rising again as a communist stronghold. It must crumble, and by the use of their own logic. It's the only way.

    Lastly, Kevin alluded to how me must not stick our heads in the sand. And he is 150% correct. We must be outspoken and resist this movement for the sake of our children. And it isn't just in California, it's here too.

    More on that to come.....

  3. Pam Geller"s website exposes antifa internationally with connections to Merkel's leftists, claiming to be anti-fascist. Bunch of horse excrement, to use Gohmert's phrase...the latest incarnation of Hitler's brownshirts.
    Funding? Soros and his devotees...

    Nothing but the same old bunch of thugs now trying to incorporate poor white people to their cause. Likely plenty of skinheads will fall in with them...

    This is what the beginnings of full blown anarchy looks like.

    Prayers in order and don't let yer friends at work get sucked in.

  4. More books that should be in every household..
    Mein Kampf...the complete volume.
    The Black Book of Communism
    The Qu'ran

    Why, you ask? Knowledge is power. These books teach the crazy ideologies and their methods of indoctrination. This is how Thomas Jefferson gained his wisdom...and if God had a problem with my having these books in my bookcase next to my Bible and the Federalist He'd have burned my house down a long time ago.

    Reading on the blaze site and box pops on my screen saying "copy email address" and a bunch of computer code.

    Gotham shield crap? Hackers?

    Whatever...sleep well, all...purrs.

  6. Do you know what I want to do with Eric's eyebrow ring????

  7. Good job, folks.

    Now, for some "local indoctrination":

    Let's start right off the bat with blaming all of Cuba's problems on the U.S., very first sentence:

    "Three Washburn University political science majors witnessed the effects of U.S. policy firsthand during a nine-day trip to Cuba this month."

    Let's "compare and contrast", shall we?

    "The trip in many ways was a lesson in comparing capitalism and communism. Hagelgantz said no system is perfect. Capitalism is run by money, she said, but Cuba’s population struggles with having simple goods like toilet paper and water. One aspect she appreciated was that women in Cuba are treated equally and expected to go to school and have a professional career."

    Well, now...YEAH! Communism DOES create problems like people strggling because of a lack of bare necessities! Thank God for capitalism, where we DO have that stuff...even the poorest amongst us...EVEN the ones who REFUSE to work! But...hey..."no system is perfect", right?

    OH...and over there..."women in Cuba are treated equally and expected to go to school and have a professional career."

    Yeah...well..I guess...we don't allow that HERE?! So, Cuba is definitely better on that, huh? And, their "professional careers" get them what? They just said everyone is poor! Nationwide abject poverty, anyway, from their "professional career"...and it's ALL the fault of the U.S., and not "communism".

    "Much of Cuban society is constructed around the embargo, Simmons said. People live in poverty, without many modern conveniences and lag behind technologically. But there’s also a sense of solidarity and generosity that grew out of being cut off economically, she said."

    "Borth said the trip was an important reminder of how much U.S. policies effect other countries and its people."

    No, it's an important reminder of how communism affects a country's own people, and how it affects their relationship with "free countries". Put the blame where it belongs!

    Yep...all that "blame America" right there on CJ, brought to us by a "blame America" college course at our very own Washburn University.

    See how this ties in with the topic of today? Despicable, sickening stuff.

  8. The Marxist masks have come completely off...

  9. It is going to be a long hot summer in this country expect many to bite the dust.

  10. Here's a "letter from an average, everyday concerned citizen":

    "Letter: Increase the cigarette tax" by SUE JIRKOVSKY-LANDERS, Tecumseh. she just an "ordinary citizen"?

    Quick search indicates she is affiliated with American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. Not sure why she didn't mention that? Maybe it seems less of a cynical "indoctrination through media" if she hides her bias? Exactly.

    "A $1.50-per-pack tax would cut long-term health costs by $720 million and raise $111 million in annual revenue."

    Where do they pull up these bogus numbers? They have absoluteley NO WAY to know any of that!

    And then, if they do it...then the legislature will stupidly use that "projection" to toss into the magic blender of "projected tax revenues" (which are always wrong) to create a "budget", and justify more foolish, wasteful spending.

    Health care costs from junk food and obesity have far surpassed those from smoking, so maybe they should start in the fat people? Tax the crap out of the craploads of crap being carted out of the stores by the cartloads of all those rotund food stamp recipients, (who always seem to be loading up a nice late-model SUV), perhaps?

    The pure idiocy of wanting to tax something they want people to stop, and then passing those "bogus numbers" to the government to use as 'projected revenue' to factor into their budget is INSANE!

    The idiotic government will USE those numbers, spend foolishly, and then when the "projected revenues" tank...we're right back at it!

    How the hell stupid are those people?!

  11. Maybe we should invite Clanton and Antifa Girl to the Summit?

    We have a gal pal who's not afraid to threaten someone with a bottle, too! HAhahaaaa!

  12. Kevin wish I could help you out over at CJ, but looks like you and Cats are kicking Tommy's ass with out a wine bottle. I would love to put the butt end of a rifle right in that assholes forehead. Those sonsofbitches could piss off stuffed rabbits.

  13. Who knows. May one day create a bogus FB account, and pop back up over there. Maybe even two! One as a ridiculously-ignorant limp-wristed lib (which they are), and one as a conservative black guy!!! Just to screw with those assholes!!!😂

    1. Lol, hell I got so many bogus accounts floating around can't even remember pass words.

  14. So much in the main stream media is "Trump's first 100 Days"..... they're reporting it like a "report card" at a parent teacher conference....

    Well, it's nothing new to see how the main stream media has very a very low rating for President Trump....after all, they had him behind Hillary in the polls....

    What I'd like to see is "the first 100 days" of all Congressional members.....both House and Senate..... after all.....Congress is supposed to working hand in hand with our President..... and there's a lot of Democrat and Republican alike who has not been supportive of President Trump. It would be cool if we could let Congress know how we feel about their progress (or lack there of) of what they're doing these first 100 days. I personally would love to tell Pelosi and Warren to take a long walk off of a short pier. I'd like to tell Bernie to come to grips with the fact the Democratic Party is full of nothing but stage actors and he needs to just "retire".

    I'd also like to see a poll on the main stream media.... I'd tell them that I'm beyond sick and tired of their being biased against President Trump....

  15. The hell of it is...damn few of these politicians in either party haven't paid attention to we the people for some time now.
    And I hate to say this but Trump needs to stop listening to his liberal-minded children and son-in-law. They are all democrats.
    We did not elect the Kushners; he was elected on what he offered the people and on friday he backed away from getting rid of daca...what's next?

    Rinos want cheap labor for their crony corporations and dems want open borders.
    One of the trump boys recently got an ok to bring in foreign workers for their winery.
    Abbas visiting the white house on 3 may.
    To me these are red flags.
    Tax reform? The k street boys are already shooting their bullets at that.
    H R Block and others make a killing off tax returns as do legions of accounting firms who do that for the corporations. IRS workers are a huge part of the public sector.
    Do we seriously believe that the pols will happily get rid of all of that big donor money just to benefit us??
    We must give thought to these things.

    And not go off the deep end and join up with some bunch of crazies because if things continue to worsen a lot of people will go that route. Desperate people do desperate things.
    France now: radical vs goes that country, so watch what plays out there because the french people are so fed up they want somebody who will just make it stop.

  16. On a positive note...I do have will be patriots who will try to rebuild and with God's help we will find each other. Critical now to separate the wheat from the chaff and not get blindsided.

  17. Sorry for being so lax last week. Wife was out of town and I was off work. I was busier than a liberal making up lies, and that's pretty damn busy. So I didn't do much posting last week, but it seemed like the discussions kept going so I guess all was well.

  18. Funny isn't it? These people who claim to be fighting fascists wouldn't know one unless they looked in the mirror. They have no idea what that term means.

    The real fascists here are the ones who demand only one political view is acceptable and it is perfectly OK to use violence to shut down any other view. That pretty much defines fascist in the real world.

    There is a new talking point on the godless left I keep hearing, that "hate speech" isn't covered by the first amendment and isn't considered free speech. By them, anyway?

    Who do these young, empty headed, poorly educated idiots think they are? And how exactly do you define hate speech?

    Are they so intellectually challenged that they don't know enough history to know the very people who wrote the first amendment just finished a revolution against their lawful and sovereign ruler? They rebelled against their government. And they said some pretty nasty stuff about them leading up to it and during the revolution. Hateful, revolutionary stuff. Stuff that incited people to do violence against their government. Stuff that started a war.

    And when it was over, and they won their freedom, and they decided to finally create a constitution to govern this new country, they knew that there would be people who would try to suppress speech against the government someday. And the first article of the Bill of Rights described it and sanctified it. And yes, speech you don't like is covered.

    And by the way, the second article they thought of was to protect our right to keep and bear arms. Because they knew someday some tyrannical government would try to take those away.

    These were people who won their freedom from a tyrant be speaking and fighting. And they protected both for all time, or so they thought.

    If Adams and Jefferson were alive today they would be stockpiling AR15s and ammunition for the next revolution. And Sam Adams would be rounding up the Sons of Liberty and knocking these fascists in the head.

    One thing you can be sure of. If those men, or their like were alive today they would be telling these people.....

    This shit will not stand!!!

  19. Daily commenting limit reached
    Come on CJ restore my freedom of speech, you got freedom of the press because of people like me, do the right thing.

    How did I hit my daily limit if I haven't been able to comment for 3 days!! Good Grief. CJ!!

  20. Breakfast for dinner tonight...... homemade sausage gravy n' bikkits....tater tots on the side..... yum yum....

    Sarge not sure what to say about the "other website"....things they do no longer surprise me. ~hugs

  21. Ultra-angry, foul-mouth voice of the Demoncrat party demands that pro-life Dems become pro-abortion...or get out.

    That was so even ticked off Satan's daughter, Pelosi!!😂

    Now, they're even calling their OWN voters deplorable!!!☺😊😀😁😁😂😃😄😅😆

    Keep it up, Tommy Boy!!

    1. Good stuff! Quite the predicament, eh?

  22. Hey Safe, don't worry this shit won't fly. Currently it's in the works for outing every single member of antifa, and the very reason they wear masks.
    Because they are members of media, educators, and multimillion dollar companies. The donors too. It isn't just soros money, so that will be interesting as well. The doxing has begun already. The next day or two should be fun to watch!
    They are being hunted down like the dogs they are!
    And to me, the best part is that now there will be a HD video record going forward. Any shenanigans will be clearly on display, and linked to any identifiable member.

  23. And yes, Based Stickman would be welcomed in the Sons of Liberty if it existed today. And certainly a few others. Lumps have been handed out already, and if seconds are required I'm sure there's plenty to go around!

  24. Soooo...hate speech not covered by 1st amendment...dems demand abortion support or leave...that twit who is now saying she didnt accuse Hannity of sexual harassment after making the innuendo that he did...these fools are in complete meltdown. Hannity has sicced his attorneys on her and not backing down. Debbie Schluesel...been harassing him one way or another since 2002. All the big talkers are in Sean's corner.
    And rinos? Still pissing around in rinoland...Grahamnesty and Mclame dining with the prez tonight and the entire senate is to meet with him tomorrow...closed meeting. Subject said to be the Korea situation and pentagon is asking for 8000 more soldiers to deploy to afghanistan.

    None of this war stuff bodes well.
    And the chicoms...something that crossed my mind today. A year or two ago they were dealing directly with russia and quit using the dollar as reserve currency...they were also buying up all the gold they could get their hands on. If they decide to pull the lever completely on the dollar, we are likely economic toast on the world economic stage.
    LePen if elected will align with russia. That other one, Macron is a globalist and worked for the Rothschild Bank. Macron is a socialist...
    Nothing about that election bodes well for french-american relations...Macron will probably continue flooding his country with refugees and the terrorism will continue to spread.

  25. As to antifa...from the posts here I gather that the truth on that goon squad has spread like wildfire. Good. Damn bunch of pissants dont realize that we've had about enough of this crap.

  26. Sarge they just booted me on page limits too...right after I posted a suggestion that I might start demanding a tax on koolaid...had gone from that to that hospital letter when the sign-in box while it lasted I guess...

    1. You must be a fascist.... Lol
      Too bad.
      But that's how they are. And why hammer doesn't participate.
      Screw a bunch of cucked kitties over at the urinal.
      And I even said it nice...

  27. Interesting take on La pen, cats. I shouldn't be surprised with you anymore.
    The staff keeps you well informed. Give them some extra treats, would ya?
    Hammer says they deserve it.
    Between your staff, and Cap'n never erring ouija board how could we ever go wrong?

    1. Yup...the Captain doesnt post that often but he can read the tea leaves for sure.

    2. Hey, Hey, Hey!!! I said cheer for LePen. I never predicted that she would win. THAT would be wishful thinking. As far as posting at the outhouse goes, I do it once in a while, but points get discussed far better here.

      Hamertime, would it surprise you to know that the Remfry's went on a Herp Hunt for the Kansas Herpetological Society over the weekend. It was educational. For instance, I never knew black widows made webs under rocks. We caught a bunch of snakes and some collared lizards.

      Ominous things are happening RE: the Korean peninsula. Since I don't have the information, though, I'll shut my trap for awhile.

    3. No, I'm not surprised. You seem like you could be outdoorsy at times. Chasing critters can be fun, something that my kids are once getting me back to. Loved it as a kid, but work makes a man boring, ya know. Too busy.
      Hope ya had fun!

      And yes, Korea is an ominous situation so to speak.

  28. Of course...of I don't I risk their ire and get aromatic calling cards next to the box instead of in it...and the guilty party will sit there watching for my reaction!!!
    Gotta love em...
    And pissantifa made conservative review, Levin's site. Article by Chris Pandolfo over there...
    Kansas sadly is littered with these cruds.

  29. 26 april will be a very strange day...all the senators plus Tillerson set to meet with the president on that date. Thought tomorrow but I was wrong on date. It is wednesday.
    Having such a meeting is something they don't normally do and it is closed.
    Lil Kim said to be possibly planning another nuke test tomorrow. Reported in Time.
    Heard this on tonight's ground zero radio show tonight..Ping calls Trump today and our lame media reports that he asked for restraint in dealing with norks but Clyde Lewis got hold of a report from chinese news agency that translated as Ping saying he would "cooperate" in dealing with lil Kim.
    Gotham Shield simulated terror attack set to take place over nj tomorrow and over dc on wed.
    All of this at once is just too bizarre and I dont recall anything like this happening before. Something may be going down and posting this to just let everyone know what's up...
    Maybe nothing will happen but I am sitting here feeling like I'm listening for war zone news again but my son is retired from that now...

  30. Clyde also reported that all the joint chiefs will be at that meeting and all senators are expected to be there.

  31. This reminds me of a text I received from my oldest son the other day.

    He said, "am I the only one who gets nervous when all the sudden the radio turns to static?"

  32. Oh and a good morning to all the bunker people.

  33. Good morning right back at ya, Sarge...

    1. I think we are about the last of the early birds.

  34. Masters might be onto a little sumptin', over "there", about using libs tactics against them.

    "Pass laws that make it illegal to deny scholarships, government contracts, membership, participation, etc. on the basis of gender if a person states that at that moment they are a qualifying gender. Ban all gender segregated sports since gender is fluid and thus prohibiting someone of the "not right gender" is discriminatory."

    He just didn't take it far enough. I propose people start "self-identifying" as anything else to qualify for public AND private grants for ANYTHING (school, housing, businesses, etc.), and scholarships, etc.

    Application for NAACP college scholarship...and they find out you're white. "Well...I "self-identify" as black....and that's all that counts, right. even had a leader do the same thing! It's discriminatory if you don't accept me, and I will sue for that!"

    Guy applies for "anything female" scholarship to college. "Well, I "self-identify, this week, as female! You HAVE to accept my application, and if a biological female gets it over me...I WILL SUE for discrimination!"

    "I "self-identify" as a Native American, today, and would like one of those grants. If I don't get one, I must assume discrimination, and will sue! I just want the SAME ADVANTAGES as Lizzie Warren!"

    Can you imagine if THOUSANDS of people did this for each grant or scholarship that is "______-based", and they didn't give anything to even one of the "self-identifiers"?

    What's more, they should be forced to be sure to give a certain percentage to "self-identifiers" to meet their "quotas", shouldn't they?

    And, I mean for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that is "minority-demographics-based"...EXCEPT on "religion". Hobby Lobby partially settled that one...properly!

    If all that was done, then all of those would become COMPLETELY worthless in their original intent!

    "Fight fire with fire!"


    In the quest for "inclusion" and "tolerance"..."IT'S ONLY FAAA-HA-HAAAIR!!!!!!"

    Today, I "self-identify" as a "deplorable, credulous dolt"...and I'm damned proud of it!!!!

  35. Was watching Carlson last night, and had to turn off that channel.

    He had the goofiest, butt-ugliest guy EVER, playing "dress-up-in-Mommy's-clothes" that I have EVER SEEN!!!

    Fuhhh-REEEEK SHOW!!!! YIKES!!!

  36. And, they kept mispronouncing the guy's name! It's "Bruce"...but they kept calling him..."Kayland", or "Catlick"...or something?! WUT UP WIT' DAT?!

    (Wonder if he "self-identifies" as "a sick, twisted idiot"?)

  37. Lol I started to watch it I lasted about 45 sec, Good Grief.

  38. Apparently, colleges nationwide are handing out "Sick, Twisted Idiot"
    scholarships like Ken Kesey handed out acid in the 60's!

    Apparently, most of the colleges' faculties these days were all-in on the Merry Pranksters' rigorous "testing".

  39. See how I brought all that around to weave into the liberals' "basket of insanity" that this main topic is about?!😂

  40. Oh.. my bad. I called Jenner a "he".

    Angry, screeching, ugly liberal (like Shrillary, Maxipad Waters, Whatsername-Schultz, or the newest shrieking bitch...Tom Perez):

    "WHY do you F****** HATERS keep calling Ms. Jenner "HE"?!!!!😠"

    WELL...let's make it simple. Do a DNA test on him...and we should all agree to call the person by the gender the DNA proves. Fair enough? I wouldn't wanna be a "science denier"....right? 😂

  41. Nunya and Sarge, you two are a pair to draw to this morning....;))

    1. Well Cats you know SSAH and Nunya and I were booted from CJ 3 days ago and are pissed off.

    2. Knew you were but missed out on Safe and Nunya getting the boot too.
      Dang! Gettin lonely over there...

    3. Well it was only me but I posted Nunya's and Safe's writings over there, I was their ghost writer you might say.

  42. I saw Bruce last night, just like you guys I turned the channel after about 15 seconds.

    Apparently because he also "identifies" as a conservative we are all supposed to think he's just one of us. From the couple minutes I heard he sounds like just another sexual pervert complaining about people not liking sexual perverts. Just because you support tax reductions on the top marginal rates doesn't make you a conservative. If you promote self mutilation due to mental illness, and call it a "community" you ain't no conservative.

    Rumor has it he had the surgery to disfigure himself due to his mental illness. Well, you can cut off whatever you want. He's still Bruce, and he's still a man. If he got hit by a truck and they had a big pile of goo to figure out who he was, the DNA test would say he is a male. That's a fact of life. No mutilation changes that.

  43. I didnt even try to watch that nonsense last night...listened to the royals lose and then tuned in the ground zero show...
    Jenner is literally a freak show and I just cant deal. A walking talking poster creature warning to stay far away from all things Kardashian and it doesnt even know it.

  44. Headline from Drudge this morning:

    WIKIPEDIA founder to fight 'fake news'...

    Now that's funny, I don't care who you are. Hate to break the news to Wikipedia, who apparently wins the award for lack of self awareness, but....

    Wikipedi IS fake news!!!!!!

  45. Its all just toooooo much!!!!!!!

  46. Beck is talking about antifa this morning.

  47. That link that Henry Brown posted is very interesting. Hope more of these people get put out. If only the police would do their job and go after these low lifes.

    1. Have seen some online reports that the police were told to stand down by the berkeley mayor..
      Who is also a member of antifa...

    2. actually a member of BAMN which is Yvonne Felarca's group. And yes they are antifa sympathizers.
      BAMN = by any means necessary
      In my eyes, similar to another radical ideology.
      Any guesses?
      I'm sure you already know...

  48. This could bury Obama and his seditious gang:

    ...or...just search "Politico Obama Iran"

    It's bad. Chargeable bad.

  49. Wall? What wall? Oh. That wall. Uh...well...uh...maybe we'll get to that this fall...

    More than one article posted at Conservative Review about this. Not quite final yet but looks like the dems once again played the shutdown scare tactic again and are getting away with it.

  50. I read the 'other blog' over at the 'other website'.... "Forget the Wall".... gotta love 'em for their stupidity.... McKenna "You got one part right. Forget the wall. Needn't have gone any further. Why would you choose to punish the children when none of this is their choice? "

    1. if the immigration laws were enforced there wouldn't even be need for discussion and / action about illegal immigration....

    2. if the illegal immigrants have children....these children are used as "anchor babies" by the illegal immigrants so they can continue loafing free benefits so that they can continue being "undocumented".....

    3. I've had it with how illegal immigrants come sneak over, get free benefits and a free education while American tax paying citizens have to scrape out a living, etc., etc., etc., etc.

    and getting onto dimple dummy Bartimus.... "Apparently you want more of the under-educated so they will vote for people like Trump. That's one way to ensure our democracy collapses faster. "

    1. the under educated folks are those who blindly supported Hillary Clinton while turning blind eyes to her lies and corruption....

    2. President Trump is the caliber of man who has the guts in his belly and spine in his back to stand up for what is right.... unlike Obama and Clinton.... after all, they don't want to pick their own "tomatoes" so they encourage illegal immigration to "pick their tomatoes" for them.....

    The Democrats of today who want to protect the illegal immigrants are no better than the Democrats of the past who owned slaves and wanted to protect their right to keep quickly how some of these idiots have forgotten how the "Democrats" were the reason for slavery in the South - they wanted to secede from the Union so they could keep their slaves..... heaven's to betsy...if they had no slaves then who would work the fields, clean the houses, etc...?

  51. From the free beacon..

    Pelosi took 10k in campaign donation from one James Larkin, co- owner of backpage, site charged with running ads promoting underage prostitution...

    Likely another symptom of damage done to yer brains by the combining of botox and wine...

  52. Oh here's a beauty..... Obama to give speech for a fee of $400,000.00...... how quaint...(sarcasm intended). Guess he didn't learn anything from his failure of an underling (i.e. Hillary).

  53. Here’s a stark contrast between the Trump Administration and the Obama Administration……and I sincerely hope this goes viral!

    From the Washington Times posted today:
    DHS to open office for victims of crimes by illegal immigrants
    By Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 25, 2017
    Homeland Security on Wednesday will officially open its office to assist victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants, making good on a promise President Trump made during the campaign.
    Mr. Trump has identified victims of illegal immigrant crime as a forgotten population in the immigration debate and has given parents whose children were killed by illegal immigrants an unprecedented platform to make their case for stiffer enforcement.
    Democrats counter with exampled of high-performing illegal immigrants, and say creating a special office could give Americans an inflated sense of the criminal threat from illegal immigrants.
    The new office is dubbed Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement or VOICE.
    “It really is to give a voice to victims of crimes committed by those who are in the country illegally,” said Homeland Security spokesman David Lapan.
    The Obama administration had resisted such an office for victims. Instead, it created a new position that advocated for illegal immigrants within the administration.

    Folks, the difference here is where the focus is…. President Trump has never wavered on putting Americans first. Obama cannot say that and neither can his minions (i.e. Hillary Clinton, Pelosi, etc., etc., etc.).

    The dingaling Democrats are trying their level best to mislead people when they say that this would give Americans an inflated sense of criminal threat from illegal immigrants. Hockey Puck!.

  54. I can agree but only to a point...seeming to back away from the wall and then I hear on Levin just now that the turtlehead McConnell apparently asked Chuckie to go talk to Trump and get him to get off the wall idea...????
    Who the hell does this country belong to anyhow? These jokers get paid out of our pockets! Their damned office furniture belongs to us!
    Yah I'm pissed off. Sick of their games and their bullshit because they're destroying our country to their own ends.
    And what or who in the hell is stopping Trump from telling the bastards to get the hell out of their deal-making cloakrooms and do what we ELECTED THEM TO DO!!!!

  55. Rikki and everyone please dont think I am angry at any of you. I'm not. Am just fed up to my eyeballs with all of the political bullshit being played with yet again.
    Damned swamp dwellers best be glad I'm here instead of in the senate or house chamber right now because I would likely get hauled out and arrested for going off on them in verbal assault.

    And be an internet sensation for a day or kids would love that...not...

  56. The Republicans SHOULD just tell the Dems to go sit in the back of the bus, and STFU.

    For an audio link to Levin's 15 minute explanation of Imam Obama's treasonous actions in the Iran nuke can listen on Soundcloud, or just click "listen in browser". And those damned Dems are STILL whining about unproven and unlikely Trump/Russia collusion? How about Obama/Iran/Islamic Terrorist collusion?!

  57. 'tis (long day!)

  58. Hard to believe Obama could make $400,000 for running his lying mouth, after being an utter failure, and people listening to his arrogant BS for 8 long years. 😨

    1. Emperor got what he wanted...lavish lifestyle and protection funded by us for the rest of his pathetic life...he should be in jail for what he and his merry band did to this country.

  59. Damn right it's infuriating, Nunya...just read it. So why is the Trump state dept letting McGurk sit there doing his thing? Piece talks about 3 batches of docs and deals and a second batch of 14 being attached to that 2015 Iran bill called Corker-Cardin? Corker is that rino sellout senator Bob Corker. Betcha his constituents dont know about this. Am going to make a point of checking that site daily...cant trust the fox rahrah crowd much any more but Levin won't be muzzled period.

    And by all means support Ted Cruz' idea to use old Guzman's confiscated drug money to build that wall! The feds got enough to build a dozen of them.

  60. Shocked the hell out of me hearing his remarks of how the left needs to listen to dissenting opinion a little more in his little chat in Chicago. Just caught me off guard...

    Also of note, antifa being instructed to back down in Berkeley according to posts on reddit and other shit hole sites.
    Seems they are assuming defeat? Told to ignore Coulter peaceably and silent protest(which is certainly their right, IMHO..) And currently changing tactics...
    Interesting development, and I guess we will have to wait and see.
    I'm sure it had nothing to do with the doxxing that took place today. 🤔
    Pretty hard to explain to your boss that you are a violent terroristic commie, isn't it?

    Curious to see how the white privilege conference at the Marriott in KC goes. Where I've visited tells me it's being infiltrated, and I certainly hope so. And if you look it up, there banner is stolen from the national autism logo. These people can't even be creative, and have no idea how ironic they are bing perceived...

    Good night folks.
    God bless Ya'll.
    And look forward to Kevin's next work, cause I'm sure it's a doozy...


    1. Edit:
      First paragraph in reference to obummers speech in Chicago... Sorry about being vague.

  61. I am officially ordering a name change from "Antifa" (since it isn't) to "Profa" (since that's exactly what it is).

    Furthermore, in keeping in the spirit of making up stupid new names, the leftist media (with CERTAINLY Includes the Urinal) is now referred to as "Mediafa", the media faction of "Profa".

    Lastly, all of "our employees" (they forget that) in public office who are working against this country (Dems, Rinos, judges) and engage in the same lying tactics...can be referred to as the "Politifa" faction of "Profa".


  62. YIKES!!! Some scary critter over at the Urinal spewing vomit about "Exclusionists increase support for immigration"!😨

    AGAIN...this wench uses bogus polling to bolster their flawed argument. I am quite sure that "NBC" poll didn't use the term "illegal immigrant" when polling about immigration, in the first place.

    "In other words, amnesty has never been more popular".....?!!!!!😠

    "Perhaps Donald Trump shouldn't have made opposition to illegal immigrant the cornerstone of his campaign"...?!!!😂

    HEY!!! Quit being an urban rube, Rubin! Who got elected BECAUSE he did that?!😂

    Yeesh. Talk about "Fake News"! (And CJ proudly prints that tripe!)

  63. Hmmm...VERY difficult to actually find that NBC/WSJ poll/survey referenced to see exactly how they framed the propaganda to elicit the responses they were looking for to use in their "Fake News" biased stories.

    In fact...I see references to it all over in the "Fake News" Mediafa...but can't find the actual "carefully-constructed questions" that they concocted to twist things.

    Wonder why that is?

    (No...not really. We know why.)

    It's "PROFA" and its "FA" subsidiaries doing what they destroy Liberty, the Constitution, and America.

  64. Hammer, I suspect you are on to something. All these people from the lefty radical pro fascist groups have suddenly become acutely aware that the opposition knows who they are, and has the ability to expose them in a heartbeat.

    These fascists have been able to hide behind masks and police protection all this time, promoting violence, inciting riots (federal offense)all the while living as government workers, teachers, professors and other jobs where their employers and the taxpayers would not be so happy with their seditious anti-American behavior.

    It will be interesting to see if they back off this nonsense now that they have skin in the game. Easy to hide behind a mask and throw rocks.

    I've said all along the only reason this crap continues is a lack of incoming fire. Maybe the return fire just isn't going to be what I imagined it would.

  65. Yup sounds like it to me too...the 60s bunch did their riot bullcrap before they went to college and put on suits and ties in order to infiltrate and indoctrinate. Now it looks like they take off their suits and put on masks when they decide to go riot and beat on people.
    Alinski revised...

  66. Speaking of all that...

    New blog up and running...