Friday, April 7, 2017

No more president red line

I guess we know President Donald Trump will take action. Not stand around apologizing and whining. Tomahawks away boys.

Was it the right thing to do? I don't know. I'm going with supporting this President. I guess we will see.

Interesting some of the responses. Fairly mild for the most part from the godless democrats. That will change, it always does. Once the mob gets whipped into a frenzy anything goes.

Tim "Candy" Kaine says it was unconstitutional and he should have gone to congress. Right! By the time he got anything though the democrat stonewalling it would be a waste of time, not to mention we have muslims in congress and planted all through the government who would have tipped Syria off anyway. But the funny part is I don't remember him or any of these hypocritical democrats saying a word when obama bombed Libya. Or when Clinton launched cruise missiles without congress. Not a peep from the anti-American seditious commies. Pure partisan left win apparachiks. Resistance they call it. Sedition I call it.

So I guess the world is on notice now. Don't start nuthin, won't be nuthin. Otherwise you start something, look to the skies. The fire will reign down.

So it's bluegrass Friday. Here's something from Hot Rize from 1984, featuring the great banjo player Pete (Dr Banjo) Wernick and the late great guitar player Charles Sawtell.


  1. Guess if the Russkies "hacked the election" like the democrats imagine to help Donald Trump win and hillary lose they must be wondering right now "what the hell were we thinking?"

  2. Well Trump had to change obamas diaper. Obama although did get us where he wanted us, in a big frigging mess. The world will understand the party of pushing America around is over. The ass kickers and name takers are coming in.

  3. Well now, how about them apples?,

    From the Washington Free Beacon today:

    "Fact-checking website PolitiFact on Wednesday retracted a 2014 article that found it "Mostly True" the Obama administration helped broker a deal that successfully removed "100 percent" of chemical weapons from Syria.

    "We struck a deal where we got 100 percent of the chemical weapons out," then-Secretary of State John Kerry said on NBC's "Meet the Press" in July 2014. Kerry was referring to a deal the U.S. and Russia struck in September 2013 in which the Russians agreed to help confiscate and then destroy Syria's entire chemical weapons stockpile."

    Here's what congenital liar Susan Rice said last January:

    "We were able to find a solution that didn't necessitate the use of force that actually removed the chemical weapons that were known from Syria, in a way that the use of force would never have accomplished. Our aim in contemplating the use of force following the use of chemical weapons in August of 2013 was not to intervene in the civil war, not to become involved in the combat between Assad and the opposition, but to deal with the threat of chemical weapons by virtue of the diplomacy that we did with Russia and with the Security Council. We were able to get the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile."

    How long will it be until we have the same conversations about Iranian Nukes?

  4. Pelosi, Kaine, and the other anti Trump folks.... time is of the essence and they must rally behind President Trump on this in support.

    Just think.... if something had been done to stop Hitler before the genocide of Jewish people took place..... Assad is no different - he needs to be stopped before his destruction reaches larger scale catastrophic proportions!

    President Trump was right in what he did - and I'm glad he's the kind of President who doesn't pussy foot around like Obama did.

    1. Sad to say, they wont...dems are the party who never lets a crisis go to waste. They'll politicise as usual with talking points.

    2. those idiots need an attitude adjustment up the back side of their heads and a swift kick in their ass...

    3. With the hoofs of that donkey of theirs...

  5. Here's something for Ash over at the other site..... it's folks like you and your kind in Washington that create a road block when there needs to be none in place....times such as these there needs to be a unified backing for our Commander in Chief - Donald Trump is what Barrack Obama never was......Donald Trump is the caliber of man who has spine in his back, guts in his belly, and the courage to take action where it needs to be taken..... Obama, and those like him in Washington are too damned concerned about their image than taking care of what needs to be taken care of. Assad is a monster - used poisonous gas to murder and maim innocent people of all ages.....being that you condemn President Trump for the missile attack.....leaves all of us to know that you must be in support of Assad's criminal attack on the Syrian people.

    1. Poof it is over at the OBF at the other site Rikkt, only removed Ash name.

  6. Being reported now: putin sent warship to area where our two destroyers are...signaling airspace protection and warning to Trump. this chess game what happens next? It's Trump's move now.
    Assad was said to be ready for the negotiation table just prior to our air strike...
    So what happens?
    Reconsider that disastrous arab spring debacle, aided by Mclame and Graham, in tandem with Samantha Powers and co.
    This is like deja vu all over again.
    Rebel forces are made up of al-nusra and hezbollah terror groups. We've been supporting them with training...
    Assad may have gassed his people but may not have. Islamist infiltrator could have done it. They are masters at lying to infidels and are a death cult. All about the return of that 12th imam of theirs.
    We've been taken in before by black ops...I pray to God it's not happening again and I am praying for our troops and our president.
    If Trump did indeed get played here, he definitely needs our prayers.

  7. If I sound like a conspiracy theorist then so be it...things are not always what they seem and this world is in a very dangerous place right now, as is our own country.

  8. 6 april 1917: president Woodrow Wilson and congress declare war on germany. Ww1.

  9. About Safe's story of Obama cabal claims of 100% removal. We take their word, that they took Russia's word, and we believe them...when we know FOR A FACT that Obama was "colluding with Russia"...from that comment that got caught. Why did Obama keep moving his red line, and never did anything? Was it a long game that got interrupted by Trump's election, so they decided to lay it on Trump, now? Why now, in the middle of all this Trump/Russia non-collusion, and Obama gangland illegality that is getting peeled back? Why do I keep mentioning Obama, when he's out of office?

    Because the setup for ALL this was done when he WAS in office...and, frankly...I doubt he'd hesitate to be somehow involved in genocide.

    How could all this thread together? I dunno.

    Just have this "sense" of it.

    1. Poof, I liked it so it needed moving.

  10. For an easily readable synopsis on who is aligned/opposed to who in syria, the bbc just published a list today plus their alliances.
    To call this a quagmire is an understatement.

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  12. Wondering why top-level low-life Dems are agreeing that bombing that air base was a good thing?

    They have been 100% opposed to every single thing Trump does.

    Is it to smother the fire of the fact that they all swore 100% of chemical weapons were out of there...but weren't?

    Do they know something even deeper that they hope doesn't get exposed if they start pouring gas on that fire?

    We know for certain it wasn't for humanitarian reasons. They are devoid of humanity.

    "Oh, crap. Trump just bombed that Syrian air base! Don't make any waves about this, because you all know what can be found if they start digging around in Russia/Obama collusion. All OUR necks will be on the block! Just agree it was a good thing, and back away slowly. Just give Trump this one win, or we could ALL be nuked!!"

  13. Cal Thomas article at the Urinal.

    I cannot stand Dr. Phil, who for the most part, is a beady-eyed, bloviating know-it-all windbag, with a REEEEAaaly annOOOying draaaaawl. (Thank another annoying windbag, Oprah, for foisting that guy upon us! WHY do people put so much stock in their psychobabble bullshit, I wonder?)

    ANYWAY...I could give credit, this one time, for Cal's article today...but for a couple little things. Let's see what Dr. Phil has to say (much less annoying reading than listening to him):

    McGraw offered this advice to Congress: “Stop fighting with and trying to trip up the other side. Start doing only those things that help people. Stop the games, the obstruction, the chest pounding and the ‘my party is better than your party’ stuff. Stop treating voters like idiots and start doing your job: Working for us. From our point of view, there is only one side.”

    What's he mean by "Start doing only those things that help people"? If he means getting out of the freaking way so we can all move forward, then good. Helping people learn to "help themselves", a "hand up", instead of 'handout"? I doubt that. Does he mean the liberal version of "help" (hold your hand, we'll GIVE you things, you need take no personal responsibility, etc.)?

    "Working for us. From our point of view, there is only one side.”

    Well, apparently Dr. Phil isn't quite as observant as he wants us to believe. Who, exactly...Dr. "us" and "our", and describe exactly that "one side".

    Does he mean "all American citizens"? That would be most excellent, if he does. Or, does he mean...the left-leaning? The right?

    Lastly, why have Dr. Phil and Cal Thomas waited until only NOW to offer all this 'sage advice"? OH...NOW we should start discussing "cooperation", "moderation", "bipartisanship"?

    Where the hell were you this past eight years when Obama and the Dems went full-throttle non-partisan, obfuscation, obstructionist, divisiveness...the Dems spewing out hate and vitriol like the vipers they are, backing domestic-terrorist groups, disrespecting citizens and especially cops, etc.

    What, Dr. Phil?

    You just NOW noticed? only noticed because you've been "Hollywood Hypocritized", the Dems lost all power, and now y'all are pleading "cooperation" to get conservatives fooled into still moving left in the "spirit of bipartisanship", like they've done for nearly a century.

    Nope. Already way too far left. Time to drag it WAY back right, to get more towards 'center'....where it belongs.

    So easy to see through their bullshit.

  14. Too funny! Asshat is over on Masters' little blog, and has already indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced Trump to impeachment and jail for the Syria strike!

    Guess we should take his word for it, huh?

    He's a real Constitutional scholar...that one! Hahahaaaaa!

    Is nice that our resident devilish pot-stirrer tried to set him straight...right Sarge? (Asshat may have read it...but it got lost in that vast empty space up there, most likely. Can't hurt to try, though!)

    Now, then...I don't think it was a "bad thing" to do that strike. I still have this nagging thing that doesn't let me take them for their word that they know for a fact exactly who did the gassing, and why.

    Whoever DID do it DEFINITELY needs to be taken down. Proven, no doubt...wouldn't bother me to put them into a room and expose them them to the same thing, but at a slower pace. Just enough to have it take a few days in agony before they expire.

    Intercom: "How y'all doin' in there? How do YOU like it...huh?"

    During all this, "Another One Bites The Dust" could be played continuously, loudly, looped over and over and over for days (kinda like Batshit's blog entries!)

  15. Kinda like Batshit's blog entries...but still...nothing could be more annoying than THAT!

  16. Two articles worth checking out:
    Free beacon 2-15-17: "Iran warns Trump...." this pertains to that nuclear deal launched by the emperor..
    It's still around although not talked about much these days..
    The guardian 12-12-17: "Iran-Turkey secret talks revealed..."
    John Mclame was hanging around over there right around the same time.

    1. Guardian iran-syria search also leads to an article and a map...Irans plans running a highway from north of mosul all the way to aleppo...syria...also bombed not long ado. Date on this is 8 oct 2017.

  17. Any one up for the gun show Sunday?

  18. I guess I useless here, too. I just gave you people where to start, and follow it through...and you are all too involved in the latest "propaganda"...from both sides. HINT: Start with Obama's "accidental"...ACTUAL collusion with the Kremlin, caught live....and piece it together. Ain't got time, nor lay it ALL out.
    I figured you would all put a few pieces now.

    FOLLOW it!

    It's right in front of our facesm

  19. Nunya thank you!!! So much for democrats with that Trump collusion nonsense. This puts all that crap to rest. They keep blaming the current prez with no proof nor will they find damn dumb theyd never find it...after your last post I started with search terms and hit pay dirt. Without yer slapping us with words I never would have thought to look in that direction.
    But I got a lot of yard work done today and royals winning.
    Actually the truth on that is funnier than hell...
    What I found is in the observer 11-26-16 article by John Scbindler...because he "didnt want to upset the russians..."

  20. It just doesnt get any

  21. Now if Im still on the wrong track at least I had a good laugh at that donkey's patoot obama.

  22. I am so busy with taxes and other major problems, I haven't had time think about anything, so I go with By the Book by the Boom, besides that my eye sight is taking a dive bigly.

  23. That's not good, Sarge...gotta look after body parts more and more as we get older and creakier...raking out flower beds today means I will be stiff and sore in the morning.

  24. I know Cats, I got to go in very soon to get Rid of these CAT_ER_RATS. Or this will be my last summer driving.

  25. Do it asap! The way they do that nowadays makes me wish I had the damn things! A one day procedure and you probably wont even need glasses or at the least a weak prescription for them. Technology has come a long ways on that.

  26. As for that urinal their censors are at it again...pulled one of my posts. 2nd one rwas still there after edited and shortened. Reply to digger da doo...

  27. Urinal wins worthless awards. Yippie.

    Forgets to mention "Best self-inflicted destruction of blogs".

    "Best self-inflicted decline in readership".

    "Best source of liberal ideology".

    "Best fake news source".

  28. How did Matt, the Johnson, win an award for his reprehensible bile? Was he the only candidate?

  29. I keep hoping it will get rescued by someone who does real journalism with integrity...more and more, it looks like high school journalism by snowflakes.

  30. Just heard a report on fox about one of our destroyers now being moved into waters strategic to lil kim...
    Now what? Would that Ping take care of his out-of-control stepchild.

  31. Scary and uncertain times ahead...