Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Revealing the Antifa Has Begun...

I've been provided with some information I'd like to share with you guys today.

It's long.

And it's going to take a while to cover it all.

And even with that being said, we'll only be scratching the surface.

So I'm asking you to bear with me on this one.

I'm sure it's not necessary to point out that the America we all grew up in is in serious trouble.

But it is.

And we all know it.

Sure, we're probably closer to an all out war with Russia and North Korea than we've been since the Cuban Missile Crisis and Cold War of the 60's and 70's.

But the threat I'm speaking of today comes from within.

Deep within and it's wide spread.

And it comes from radical left-wing domestic terrorist groups, some of which are holdovers from the 60's that have splintered several times over the years and have become even more emboldened after the 8 year reign of the most radical, American-hating, Left-Wing president we've ever had, Barack Hussein Obama.

These left-wing radicals have infiltrated every level of government from the federal judges who are currently blocking every move President Trump makes on down to city mayors.

Take Berkeley Mayor Jessee Arreguin proven ties to the domestic terrorist group known as BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) and one of it's main ringleaders, Middle School Teacher, Yvette Felarca.

They've infiltrated our public education system.

They've completely taken control of college campuses all across the country.

In some cases they've infiltrated our houses of worship.

And they've all but taken over what used to be known as the mainstream media.

The common denominator with all these groups is anarchy and violence.

They claim to be fighting fascism but in any clear thinking person can clearly see they're the one's using fascist tactics.

But you'd never know it if you listen to the way the media describes (or completely ignores) them.

And you'd never know it by listening to their useful idiots pretend nothing's wrong over on that other website either.

The violence these domestic terrorist groups have brought to every Trump campaign event and is now spreading to college campuses all across the country is about to reach a breaking point

So how do we fight it?

We could either take the bait and take up arms against them (which will only play into their hands) or we can expose their true identities.

The one thing most of these America-hating bastards have had going for them is the anonymity large crowds and masks offer them.

Well, that worked up to a point and only for a little while.

Thanks to facial recognition technology, unsecured websites and data bases, and the never-ending efforts of 4chan/8chan/pol online communities those days are a thing of the past.

They've compiled a list of hundreds of names, addresses, and photos of the people who have either taken up arms against America or helped fund the effort.

The list includes college professors, their students, politicians, left-wing millionaire and billionaires, doctors, lawyers, members of the clergy, and so on.

Obviously, the leaders of these domestic terrorist groups have no fear of being recognized.

But for thousands of their useful idiots whose lives could be turned upside down if other family members or maybe even their employers knew the truth about them, well, things might be a little different.

Sucks to be them.

Here's the link.

Keep in mind reading this will be an all day project and that it continues to grow as more information is gathered.

In the meantime I've posted a few random photos just to give you and idea of what you're about to see.

Anyway, I think you get the point.

And if by chance someone who's name or photo showed up in today's edition of "Room 235: The Underground Bunker" sees this and ends up being pissed off, keep in mind it was only posted because it showed up on the list.

I didn't put you there...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Kevin, I am really feeling awful bad the last couple of days, I will read on and of but commenting might not be so much, I want to chec out all you did on this one. Later.

    1. Get well soon Sarge.

      ~hugs, Rikki

    2. Sarge, rest, and hang in there! Purrs...

  2. You just take care of yourself, Sarge.

    Stop by when you can...

  3. Hmmm thats one hell of a web site. I read about a 1/3 of it. No doubt there are some pee d off libtards out there. Wonder if there is any list of people around us? Or any way to search it? This needs to go viral so they can start confronting some of these idiots.

    1. Googled "antifa ks" the other night and several..salina, lindsborg, wichita, kc and someone passed their flyers around topeka awhile back...didnt google other groups but suspect they are around too.

  4. Don't worry Skippey, things are just getting started.

    And hey, on a side note, this year's Summit has been scheduled for Saturday May 27th and we'd love to see you there if you can make it...

  5. Skippey, they are everywhere. And in fact, many will be in KC starting tommorow for the "white privilege" consortium and conference. But as to a formal list of the enemy? Here's what I know:
    Currently, the list is compiled in several categories. It has been archived, and will never be lost. Formal release is being debated, especially in regards to how to release it. Social Media will block it, and most mainstream media will refuse to run it. And let's remember, the tactics used to generate this list are questionable. So going forward, you can never lose sight of the flank. Hope that makes sense.

  6. These people got outed because they support violence. Not because of dissenting opinions. Free speech is paramount, and I think we all agree to that.
    But you threaten?
    Better be ready to pay the piper.
    Or, Pepe! Lol...


  7. Jotted down that site...dont know how much info discoverthenetworks may have but wouldnt hurt to check names on their database either. They update that thing all the time.

  8. Stunning the number of academics on that site and wasnt even on it that long...spreading their infection everywhere.

  9. Now, extrapolate that number across to include those who are ideological and choose not to speak out.
    It's scary how the screwel system works.
    1979 and the DOE, also coincides with the decline of American academic performance globally.

  10. Finally reached my destination a little while ago and flipped on the TV while as I unpacked my stuff.

    It automatically tuned into C Span and the democrats are giving their version of Trump's first 100 days.

    It's one attack after another.

    Even after all this time with zero evidence every single one of them still cling to the Trump/Russia collusion myth.

    These people are financed by the same people who are financing most of this Antifa bullshit.

    They speak glowingly of building on the unrest around the country.

    These people are enemies of the sate and they must be treated as such...

  11. Wholeheartedly agree.
    Fuck em. Tell them to keep calm, and blame Russia.
    Watch the economy soar.
    They'll figure it out, when they start feeling America becoming great again.

    And even then they can go fuck themselves.

    They are at the end of the rope. And doing it to themselves. And awful things happen at the end of the rope...

  12. What with all the stink now getting revealed about that iran deal and their beloved emperor...theyd best just shut the hell up. Crap weather tomorrow and I need to delve more into that. And remind them that it was obama who sank the shillary and not any Trump-russia collusion.

  13. How come nobody remembers this?

    Faux Russia bullshit nowadays, and here's a plastic bitch trying to fratenize with a known combatant who probably had chemical weapons and harbors terroists(granted, he does seem to leave Christians alone to a point...)

    It's all bullshit. We must use it against them. Never forget.

    Later folks, try to check in by Friday. But America requires some production, and produce I will.

    You are welcome.

    Peace and chicken grease. (Kevin loves that one....)
    Catch ya on the flip, peeps.
    Peace out.


  14. Listening to Michael Berry on the radio between the serious political stuff he is as always funnier than hell...

  15. Nobodys talking about that classified meeting today; rumors floating that house meeting scheduled for this evening also no clues ...
    But hawaii said to be on alert and zero hedge is reporting that Israel bombed damascus airport but not yet confirmed shock that; Israel notoriously mum about lots of what they do. Times of Israel vague and jpost offline. Didja know that Israel was hit a few days ago by a sizable cyber attack?
    Big media hopelessly agenda driven in this country. Todays was "the tax plan."
    The minders are too quiet...

  16. Urinal "editorial" making the case for 'judicial branch raise'.

    The 'judicial branch' keeps digging us in deeper and deeper with all these cases against the taxpayers, forcing more money to be wasted on bogus 'school funding' crap, among other things.

    Sorry 'judicial employees'...the 'judges' are giving away all your raises by colluding with teacher unions, who are funded by taxpayer dollars to turn around and sue the taxpayers.

    Can't afford to give raises to you.

  17. We need to figure out a way to completely defund colleges until the radical, seditious, anti-American Edufa is shaken out.

    That includes ANY federal money to students. Let'em get "loans" (that many don't pay back) through other sources.

    No federal scholarships, or grants for research. Just stop, starting with a one-year halt.

    And DEFINITELY...not one penny to non-citizens.


  18. They'd just go running to one of their favorite leftist federal judge and it'd be blocked before you could blink your eyes.

    Story, I think on Drudge about the federal judge that just blocked Trump's sanctuary city funding raising $200,000 four Obama.

    This shit's gotta stop...

  19. Maybe they should craft a law that says a federal judge on a circuit court has only x number of overturns,lifetime, by the U.S. Supreme Court, and then he/she is booted?

    Additionally, if an entire Circuit Court (say...the 9th) has more than x number...ALL its judges are booted, and it's broken up!

  20. I still say half a TRILLION dollars held in college endowments.

    Time to have them walk the walk. "Redistribute" the wealth among them all, and use that for their "free tuition". Every student who attended would then be required to pay a percentage of their paycheck after college (graduate, or not...they went) to the "Fairness in Tuition Account" (FITA) up to a certain, say...100% of the tuition they used, over time.

    That would be FAIR! THAT way, the people who benefit can benefit others! PLUS...those evil, wealthy, greedy 1%er schools who hoard the most endowment money will be BROUGHT DOWN to size, to make it fairer!!!

    And everything will be sunshine, unicorns and lollipops!

    The liberals should LOVE this socialist idea!!!😂

  21. You know, it's amazing how things have changed. I remember taking an economics course at WU back around 1980. The teacher was an economist for the State of Kansas and was a traditional Keynesian economics guy. He taught that as the basic theory of economics. The whole bathtub full of water model.

    This of course was when Ronald Reagan and supply side economics theory was being developed.

    He was an actual teacher, not a left wing propagandist like we see today, so he explained in depth how supply side economics would work, and how it differed from the traditional Keynesian theory. He didn't spin it, he didn't moralize about it. He didn't call it "trickle down economics" like the idiot left did. He just explained how it would work.

    When asked what he thought, if he thought it would work, he only said it was an interesting idea and only time would tell. No opinion, no brainwashing attempt. I'm sure he had doubts, most Keynesian people did. But he didn't attempt to persuade us of anything. Only taught us. Showed us both sides and left us to make up our own minds.

    And by the way, history proved supply side to be one of the greatest economic successes ever seen. Despite the outright lies the godless left and Alan Lunn tell regularly, it proved to be a brilliant move.

    But my original point was you don't see many teachers like that today. And that's why we have things like this seditious anarchist communist "antifa" bunch today. Taught one point of view by communist indoctrination centers which used to be universities.

    I agree with those who say defund the universities. Take every federal penny out. Education was always meant to be a function handled at the state level. Let these universities run on tuition alone. Burn up these hundred million dollar endowments. Run like a business. Student loans? Make the university provide them and if the deadbeat doesn't pay it back, they do. Get the government and taxpayer money out of the university system.

    If people who pursue higher education pay for it and sacrifice to get it I believe they will take it a lot more seriously. And universities won't have the opportunity to be breeding grounds for these unholy anti-American commie brat garbage baby snowflakes who are a cancer on America.

  22. The city of Portland cancelled their annual Rose Parade because the communist alt left hate groups threatened violence against the parade due to the Republicans having a float in the parade.

    People keep warning the godless left they don't want to open that box, and keep not listening.

    This will not end well. This cannot end well. If you are going to declare violent war, don't do it against the people with all the guns. Just a suggestion lefties. You do what you want. But there will come a reckoning for this behavior and you won't like it.

  23. 100 million dollar endowments? Many of the top schools are in the BILLIONS! Look'em up! Why do they need taxpayer money at all?!!😠

  24. At zerohedge...massive power, internet, phone outage in major cities across canada. Cause unknown and estimate on restore also also has map of outages.

  25. Shaw telecom there...huge footprint.

    Also demonstrations in berkeley although Coulter cancelled her speech...violence concerns.

  26. Good grief, Up for a little while reading, I am so far out of the loop. and you guys and gals are so far ahead of me on all this stuff, but I see you all are not about to take any shit from anyone, they say I am getting better, but they should have asked me about that. Go get them, hope to get up more tomorrow. Oh and thanks all of you.

  27. Nothing to thank us for, Sarge.

    Take care of yourself and get rested.

    We have a Summit to get ready for and I can't pull it off without you.

    HEAR ME!!!

    1. Kevin, I will be there as planned and Zach will be my right hand man, we have everything ready to go,I am sure I should be my OLD self in a few days or with in a week. This Idle shit is killing me. Oh that reminds me if you don't have all your pigeon 12 ga ammo yet pick me up a box would ya, I will take care of it out there, just encase I don't get to the store.

  28. A teaspoon of gun powder in 6 oz. of whiskey, with a 3-beer chaser.. 3 times a day, Sarge. That'll get ya goin'!

    Some clueless, no-name, inconsequential liberal "pop-culture writer" twit over there trying to instruct everyone to just ignore Coulter, in her hate-filled Profa Mediafa piece.

    Screw your "self-imposed period of silence about Ann Coulter being good for libs and conservatives, alike" you ignorant little tw*t!! It's GOOD she and others are exposing the deep-seated FASCISM brainwashing college kids these days. And way past time Americans start doing something about it!

    Time you get that stupid smirk wiped off your face...and time for everyone to ignore cretin.

  29. " her (the writer's) hate-filled Profa Mediafa piece..."

    Not Coulter's. Just to be clear.

  30. Thanks Kevin, and cats I love those Purrs & prayers, I am doing okay seems like all my parts seem to becoming back to normal my kidneys are working pretty good now, I was a bit worried about that I remember what our old friend Vent had to deal with. When they malfunction other things don't go well either. NEWS Nugget! I just read where Jess Water stepped in it on Fox and may be fired. for a sexist joke about Trumps Daughter. Good Grief Fox News is turning to shit.

  31. Was no 'sexist joke'. But, the left could take "Good morning", and turn it into something lewd to attack the right.

    Someone needs to compile truly outrageous crap they say...but nowhere to get it seen, except social media and YouTube (if THEY don't censor it!)

    This shit has to stop!

  32. Hey Sarge...Sorry to hear that you are under the weather! Hang in there Buddy! Been so pissed off lately, watching all of the shit going on being reported by Fox, haven't even been able to concentrate on putting together sentences that make sense, in order to state my opinions! Totally disgusting, the the current attacks of Conservative opinion and news people that they are now targeting to get the Pro-American message off of the TV screens and radio. O'Reilly, Coulter, Hannity, now Watters! It goes on and on, with no end in sight, and the Republican "Leadership" is showing no courage to fight any of it! Fox is apparently being taken over by the younger generation of ownership, with a less than positive view of Conservative politics and they will eventually get rid of all of the voices of reason that are currently left at Fox. When they are gone, then who do we have left? I just really don't get it! How in the hell do these people think that ruining this country would even benefit them? How is that an advantage to anyone who lives here? How can putting all of that power in the hands of a few get even these greedy and conceited individuals what they want? How can they think that their children are going to benefit by all of this? Nothing, any more makes any sense to me on what they are doing to all of us, including themselves! See....I'm rambling and almost incoherent when it comes to this crap! Makes me just want to throw up!

  33. Good Grief Gary of course you are right, but don't throw up, I did enough of that this week for us both. The GOP have me pissed off to the max, spineless bastard.

  34. New blog finally up and running...

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