Monday, April 3, 2017

The fuse is lit, just waiting on the big expolosion

So the democrats thought they would sell this big fake news story of the big scary Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. Why, the very thought of any such thing should destabilize the Presidency of Donald Trump, which by the way is defined as destabilizing the government of the United States, which is their real goal. What a terrible thing this would be, if only there was a grain of truth to it.

But the beautiful irony of this whole story now, the thing that happens when criminal enterprises like the democrat party get overconfident and create evidence for something that didn't happen, the truth comes out.

And in this case, the truth that is coming out is that the obama administration, his lackeys, his minions and the party apprarachiks buried deep in the intelligence service committed multiple felonies to try to paint the picture they are trying to sell. It seems they wiretapped, illegally surveilled, released confidential intelligence information with American citizens unmasked and various other sundry and devious crimes in the quest to create this phony firestorm.

And as often happens when dim-witted criminals plan their criminal enterprises, they got caught. The evidence is there, it's being revealed slowly, but it gets a little worse for them each day. You can see what's coming by how many distractions they are throwing up. Trying to create outrage and panic. Pushing this Russian collusion story harder than ever. But like most criminals when they get caught and start lying and blaming everybody under the sun, they just keep digging deeper and deeper.

So the fuse is burning. Something big is coming. And it's going to get real good. And we're going to laugh at their situation which is entirely of their own making.

So do not despair my friends. I know we hear about polls and approval ratings every day now. And I know the fake news media is ignoring this story like it had rabies. But this one is going to be big. Really big. Federal penitentiary big. obama in handcuffs big, hopefully.

And remember all those polls we hear about are the exact same people who said Donald Trump didn't stand even a remote chance of winning the primary. Then when he won the primary they said he didn't stand even a remote chance of winning the Presidency. Then on election night they told us he was losing and it wasn't even close. And who exactly is living in the White House today? ain't hillary clinton. And those idiots who told us over and over there was no mathematical possibility Donald Trump would win were proven to be the idiots we knew they were.

So be patient. Things are about to get really interesting.


  1. Yes indeed they will get interesting.

  2. Just went over and read the comments on Kevin's last blog. Good grief. Those people are just flat out crazy. Are they even capable of thinking this stuff through or do they just repeat everything they are told by their fellow godless left wing agitators. Well, that of course was not a real question because I already know the answer. But those people are a new level of stupid.

  3. I also think this is why Chucky is trying to make such a big deal about opposing Gorsuch...distraction. Not working and a lot of his brethren appear to have just enough sense left to stay silent on it.

  4. Uh...ohhh...
    Sen Charles Grassley, a good guy, is asking Comey for the second time to respond why the fbi was working with Steele (dossier) prior to election...
    If you use his name as search and click on his link you will find long and detailed info about the russian crap.
    His letter to Comey is also posted there...posted 28 march.
    Also Chuck Todd of all people got all over...Chucky...

  5. Hell yes it's about to blow up in their faces.

    And that my friends is exactly why they're so desperately trying to discredit Nunes.

    It's exactly why they're trying to force him to recuse himself from the investigation.

    And it's why the insane leftists are in such a tizzy on my blog over at that other website.

  6. They know this whole thing is about to create a giant shitstorm of epic proportions. And they are trying every desperate hail mary move they can come up with.

    The beauty part? Nothing is working. The only people listening to their crap are their fellow nutjobs who just repeat each others insane ramblings.

    Guess when you think you're setting a trap you better get out of the cage lest you be the one caught in the trap.

    But then, nobody ever said these people were smart. Devious, dishonest, liars, criminals, anti-American haters, communists and radical godless left wing extremists, sure. But not smart. Never smart.

    #Making America Great Again Through Liberal Tears

  7. Dontcha just love it?
    Rush reporting that Maggie Haberman at ny slimy-times knew for the past 2 days about Susan Rice doing the unmasking before saying anything about if that lying biotch knew it then you know damn well that the rest of them did.

    And where is their emperor? Last I heard he was still hiding out in tahiti and doing a little male bonding...minus moochelle and the girls.

  8. My old buddy Maingate qualifies as the perfect example...

    1. Your old buddy Maingate qualifies as a complete perfect Liberal braindead asshole, who doesn't have a lick of common senses, and besides he is a prick. Just saying...

  9. Your old buddy Maingate qualifies for the insane asylum as well.

  10. Can you imagine what it will be like for these idiots when the facts come out and the Justice Department which is no longer a political arm of the godless left starts arresting people for violating federal law, and violating people's civil rights?

    The days of the FBI and the Justice Department covering up for criminals and letting anybody who is a political crony of obama are long gone. We have a Justice Department again, with the emphasis on Justice.

    I heard obama was looking to buy a place on some island around Fiji. Wonder if he's looked into the extradition treaties yet. He might want to consider that when he runs and hides.

    One thing about it. This will shut these people up once and for all.

  11. I expect Comey will soon be gone too...getting fired might be the least of his worries.

  12. Wonder if Susan Rice is even capable of accidentally uttering a truth, since it seems all she tells is lies? Bring'er in, boys. Put'er through the grinder!!!

  13. What do you wanna bet they'll start pleading the 5th?

  14. This will be another dog and pony show.It will be like Benghazi and the Clinton investigation. Nothing will come down. They all will plead the 5th and the libs will call it a witch hunt. Our government is so corrupt that there is no way any thing will ever be cleaned out. The Libs and the ole Rino's will make sure their little kingdom stays where its at. Any one that gets in the way either comes up living in a box or they just fade out of society and no one ever hears any thing from them again.

  15. As to Rice, as head of her agency she had the right to request unmasking and disseminate the names to the other agencies covering security. 12333 allowed all 16 or 17 agencies to have copies. So a ton of people had this stuff.
    Farkas had a connection with newsweek as well...
    Technically they only unmask if contacts with foreign entities are involved.
    Problem with this entire setup is that there is no oversight...they are simply expected to be ethical and not political
    Well, we see how well that worked with the Obama regime...Rice will likely get off and some flunky will take the fall.

  16. Her newsweek guy is Kurt Eichenwald.

  17. I also think the Schiffhead tried to back Nunes off, smear him ss "not following protocol" or at the least slow him down in order to find out just what he had...give his dem cohorts time to come up with spin.
    Dat wut crapweasels do....

  18. What we know about the proof that Trump colluded with Russia, which is the center of the Demoncrat agenda?

    Nothing? Nada? Lotta accusations out there...but no proof...yet?

    We do know Obama ordered unredacted intelligence to fly all over the world right before he scurried away like the rat he is.

    We do know Flynn was unmasked, illegally. We know Rice lied...again. We have a confession from Farkus about it all.

    We do know they all definitely 100% believed The Bwitch wouldn't lose, and that their illegal activities would never be exposed.

    We know her campaign colluded to sink the Bern.

    EVERYONE knows Obama, himself, is the absolute most criminal president in our history.

    Seems we know a lot about their dirty crap, and nobody has offered up a bit of evidence of definitive Trump/Russia collusion, or even anything that makes sense about how it definitely "hacked the election".

    I know for sure which side NOT to believe.

    I hope they run that entire Obama Train straight off a cliff.

    1. Based on NSA documentation Trump has been under surveillance since Bush (W). They don't have anything, or they would of cashed it in for Hiliery.
      They are just beating a dead horse. Hoping people buy it.

      Biggest problem is Republican fear. They are afraid to stick it to anyone. This "cuckish" behavior is sickening.
      Put these people on the stand and make them swear. The evidence is there, and simply start encarcerating these folks. Then the deep state will fall.

  19. I don't like butterflies.
    Butterflies are creatures often drawn by sidewalk Chalk.
    And washed away by the tears of the virtue signaling weak.
    You should care not for the virtue of your heart when engaging the godless.
    Only that you are fighting evil, and your heart is demonstrated by your fight.

    1. Hammer, when I first saw Kevin's butterfly post in the last blog I was baffled; hence my "whaaa..." reply. Truth is a blogger friend from my laptop days. I did not connect until I read Brock's blog and then it made sense. Weak he is not...and Ive done my own spiritual seeking. Looking within and seeing things about yourself that need fixing is damned hard to do. But denying same is even worse because look around...see all the angry, screwed up people around you. Drugged up, drunked up, in jail...the milder versions rant like ctazies and deny reality for false promise. Who the hell wants to live that way?
      He is talking about a side of himself that he does not like and that's a mark of courage. I caught that butterfly analogy right away...there is a verse in the Tao that talks about the weak and soft overcoming the hard and strong. A true martial arts teacher will teach eastern philosophy along with the self-defense and Sun Tzu was one of history's great warriors. Working to strengthen oneself spiritually may not lead to happiness but it will bring serenity.
      And that, my friend, makes dealing with people such as Digger a hell of a lot easier.
      Please give thought to my post.

  20. True there is a lot out there, but I don't believe there will be anything but a lot of smoke and mirrors. Lots of committees, investigations, taking 5th and nothing will happen to anyone. These people are peas in the same pod, they don't live in the reality we have to live in. I would not be surprised to see martial law or civil war before bringing down one of the good old boys. Things have changed since Nixon, politicians are more evil than ever and the good of country is not a priority.

    I tell you that the big problem has been the poison of indifference, that is bring the country down. That and then there is the sin of tolerance. People will say to me sin of tolerance, that is an oxymoron. No, Jesus did not tolerate sin, woman at the well, women the men wanted to stone. No He loved the sinner, but hated the sin and told them straight up- stop sinning it is not acceptable.

  21. As to Rice, as head of her agency she had the right to request unmasking and disseminate the names to the other agencies covering security. 12333 allowed all 16 or 17 agencies to have copies. So a ton of people had this stuff.
    Farkas had a connection with newsweek as well...
    Technically they only unmask if contacts with foreign entities are involved.
    Problem with this entire setup is that there is no oversight...they are simply expected to be ethical and not political
    Well, we see how well that worked with the Obama regime...Rice will likely get off and some flunky will take the fall.

  22. Divemaster I have to agree on the martial law business. I fear it may very well come. The left is pouring millions into their agitating and grooming their zombie bots to "resist" and nobody will be doing away with the surveillance state any time soon. Like it or not, it's here and it's called "homeland security". They've been at it for years; spying on Americans while letting the borders be overrun with illegals and terrorists.
    Yet we are supposed to be worried about russians. Give me a break.
    Speaking of russians...years back I read or heard somewhere about russians and how they behaved under the brutality of past dictators. People no different than you or me, families who had the misfortune to have been born there instead of here. Many of them managed to survive by keeping quiet with heads down, working and trying to get by and raise their kids. What else could they do? No 2nd amendment rights over there...
    And what will we do here if martial law is forced on us? I certainly wont be going into town to fight zombies in the streets but I will be here at home, and God help any fool who tries to invade my home and take what little I have.
    Not pleasant thoughts...keep the pantry stocked and the powder dry.

  23. Where does it stop? When does it stop? That is the questions I have. I dont think it will stop. It cant. Those people that are forcing there will upon us wont stop until they take us all down. And they dont care how they do it. It is going to keep going on and on. There is no stopping them. You say they can be stopped but look at how far they have come and no one has put them in there place yet. It will be a big show with all kinds of talk. And like they say talk is cheap. There is no way those people will let there world go down. Look around as to how far they have gotten already. Spying on citizens is just the beginning. Nothing will stop these people. And the Rino's are just as guilty as they are in on it and just sit on there hands and make a show. And people think the Russians are are biggest threat. They have said for years that they would take us down from within. It will come to a boil and its not going to be pretty. Just look at what has come and what will come. There will be blood in the streets before anything is ever settled. The dark forces will show them selves and as we try to take it back maybe just maybe God will step in. But as they say we better keep our powder dry cause its coming and its real. Its damn real. Just look around. We are on the brink of destruction.

  24. I don't get it! What, exactly, are the "investigations into Russia's involvement in the 2016 elections...." supposed to turn up? What was Russia supposed to have done that influenced our elections (elections is defined as the act of voting)? We're all aware that the Democratic Party's computer was compromised by a group that appears to be Russian. But that was not the election, that was the campaign.

    We repeatedly hear about the Russians, Trump, election, investigation from the media and politicians. No one however, goes any further than to link the four words. Is there anything to it and, if so, what is it? What is supposed to have happened?

    This is what I ask my dem friends and they just give me the deer in the headlight look. Not one person has given me an answer but they all spew the same narrative that Trump and the Russians are somehow involved in throwing the election.

    The Susan Rice unmasking of Trump associates in intelligence reports makes Nixon look like the poor sap who only forgot to return an overdue library book. I hope the lid gets blown off of this scandal.

    So much for Obama saying there has not been one scandal in all of the eight years that he served as POTUS. Poor Susan. Obama won't be there to back her up like he did when she lied about the Benghazi murders.

  25. Divemaster, Cats and Skippy, I read your comments and it made me realize that the only powder I was worried about this week was trying to keep my slow release fertilizer dry. That and getting a pedicure before I show my toes this weekend. I need to have pretty painted toes, just in case I get thrown in jail for fighting off the zombies. All kidding aside, it is getting dangerous out there, sharing life with the kooks made me decide not to attend the women's college basketball final game. They played the game here in Dallas, but I didn't feel like fighting a crowd.

    1. word to the wise...don't stop enjoying life and going someplace fun. Just be aware and pay close attention to surroundings in crowded places.
      But I get how you feel...I had similar thoughts when my family and I toured the sights at crown center last fall

  26. Good to hear from you, Rose.

    And you're right. Thing's really are getting that crazy.

    And it's not something that just happened either...

  27. Oh yeah, greetings from beautiful downtown Garnett Kansas...

  28. I was told to google this:

    72 types of americans

    Comes up with interesting results.

    1. Goes back a the early days and formation of the tea party movement about a year or so after the emperor was installed...

  29. Yep, Dive. Looks like everyone BUT potential terrorists of the left, huh?

  30. I listen sometimes to these godless left wing talking heads on the talk shows and it's always the exact same thing. Bullet points, talking points and the same exact positions on every issue. How do these people all get the same message and stay on the exact same points? They never waver, and they all use the exact same tactics.

    When the get confronted or asked a question that challenges their assertions, they just repeat another talking point. Never defend a position, never provide evidence or facts. Repeat the lie and repeat the lie and repeat the lie.

    They sound like a bunch of trained seals. Barking and clapping and honking horns for an occasional fish thrown to them. But mindless, trained idiots.

    These are the people the old school commies called "Useful Idiots". People who will contribute to their own destruction, doing the work of the party apparachiks apparently completely unaware they are leading their country and themselves to it's doom. They seem to believe they will be spared if they have demonstrated enough loyalty to the tyranny. They won't. They will suffer as much as the rest. Ask the people in Venezuela if they still think electing a Socialist (Communist) President was such a bright idea. Michal Moore thought it was wonderful, but he has plenty of double cheeseburgers and Twinkies to eat (obviously). The people of Venezuela, not so much. Useful idiots. Useful to the commies, idiots for being so. Bernie the commie Sanders and his lapdog supporters....perfect example.

  31. The dems are going to filibuster Gorsuch. And now they're repeating the shared talking point that it's not political, but because he wouldn't answer questions about how he would rule on cases.

    So they are actually taking the position that he would be a bad Supreme Court Justice because he says he will follow the law and the constitution, as is the constitutionally defined duty of the Supreme Court instead of ruling based on public sentiment or political ideology.

    This is what is left of what used to be the democrat party. This is pathetic.

  32. I haven't posted for a while and most of what I'm thinking has already been said, but what I see is a ruse that has been elaborately constructed by the Obama regime to cover up the surveillance of the Trump campaign and building up the Russia/Trump connection story to use to fall- back on if they were caught. The excuse of "incidental surveillance" in tracking the Russians gave them the alibi if they were caught in the act. Will the ones who created this scheme ever be found and prosecuted? Probably not, and if they need to, will, although well deserved on both of their parts, throw Susan Rice and Farkas under the bus to save their own ass (Obama & Hilderbeast)! As has been quoted often, "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to decieve".

  33. I take just as much issue with the turtleheads, mclames ryans etc AND all their cronies in both the elite private and public sectors...they've put on an act of their own in order to cover their butts.
    And one red flag for me, well, the economy. Sure there are jobs returning to some extent but when they offer up those monthly job stats from the cbo they are using the same old phony formula snd not the U6 stats that show the complete picture. Why? Anyone else notice this?
    It's the little oddities that keep showing up...they generally end up as hindsight. 20/20.

  34. As a side note on the Susan Rice story and the Main Stream Media. Looked for this story on Yahoo, which, of course is now owned by ABC. The story was buried in the Finance section of Yahoo. As one commentor noted,
    "Amazed that ABCfakeNEWS is even reporting this. Susan Rice is married to Ian Cameron a senior exec at ABCfakeNEWS".

  35. Lololol...I didnt know that either but am not at all shocked...those 3 major lame networks shuffle marriages and political connections like a casino dealer at a craps table.
    As to fox they straddle the fence between rino, fake conservative and on the fringes the freedom caucus (somewhat grudgingly)...depending on who is commenting. What they report is somewhat reliable but I have long found that adding my own research to what they say tends to give the complete story.
    Retirees like me have time for such...all these network heads know this.
    As to npr well we've known for decades how bert, ernie and big bird play.

    1. Clarification...retirees have time...younger families out working to keep their loved ones cared for dont have much time...
      And couch drones only fly when the govt recharges the ebt card.

  36. saw this on CBS....

    CBS confirms what Obama Security Advisor Susan Rice did in regard to the tapping of Trump and his team. We all know that Susan Rice is only a pawn, there's others whose names will surface more than likely. I certainly hope that Bill & Hillary's names and key Democrats too surface in this wiretapping thing liars (i.e. the Democrats/Libtardians)never seem to realize....they have woven such a web of lies but one thing remains constant......truth always finds a way to come to light.

  37. Listening to Chris Plante on 710 am today...he made mention of Petraeus and the exposure of his email. Happened around the time he was being considered as potential vp nominee by Trump campaign. We now know that the Obama regime has been at this crap for awhile now...wanna bet that they exposed that? Even more insidious: that Pam Geller bombing in dallas...with the emperor and his iranian shadow woman in the white house...
    Think they would not resort to such heinous acts? I don't.

    Benghazi and fast/furious just to name two.

  38. At the Urinal:

    "Michael Gerson: How Trump can get his groove back"

    Seems this Gerson person thinks he knows how Trump can get back on track. First, he calls him a failure...which is what they do, according "The Rules". Then, he proposes radical leftist ideology that Trump should move towards, in the spirit of bi-partisanship, or some such nonsense. As usual, wrong again.

    Listen to this nonsense:

    "Total control is intoxicating. The winners feel like they have a mandate, even a mission. But the losers know, if they maintain partisan discipline and prevent achievements of the other side, they have a chance of winning it all back. This leads to a cycle of hubris and obstructionism."

    "How can this cycle be broken? There is only one way. Someone must do genuine outreach, involving the credible promise of compromise, from a position of strength. It is the winners who must act first, taking the risk of offering a hand that may be slapped away. Then it is the losers who have the responsibility to reward good faith."

    He just described Obama's 8 years of hubris, obstructionism and non-compromise, which Gerson was a cheerleader. that the Dems took a beating, it should be THE WINNERS who 'reach out'? Poppycock, Gerson!

    "And at least one culture-war issue belongs on the list: religious liberty." "The Obama administration had required the Little Sisters of the Poor to provide insurance coverage for sterilizations and the emergency contraceptive Plan B. Religious conservatives expected the Hillary Clinton administration to require the distribution of condoms at Mass (I exaggerate, but only a little)."

    Here it comes:

    "(Legislative compromise) would need to allow institutions motivated by a religious mission — including religious schools and charities — to maintain their identity. Religious liberty involves not just the freedom of individual belief, but the freedom to create institutions that reflect a shared belief."

    "...any realistic agreement would also need to include broad anti-discrimination protections in employment and services — including for gay people — outside of the strong carve-out for religious nonprofits. Religious conservatives would need to accept sexual orientation as a protected group in economic interactions."

    "This is consistent with what Jonathan Rauch calls “the obvious compromise: protections for gay people plus exemptions for religious objectors.” In practice, this would allow religious people to organize colleges, hospitals and charities according to their beliefs. But the cake baker would need to bake for everyone. The florist would need to sell to everyone."

    No, Gerson. The cake baker and florist do NOT need to be required to compromise their religious beliefs. The other side needs to grow the fuck up, and find someone who is willing to do the job, and quit being puny-ass, whining haters.

    Got it? No "compromise"...designed to keep us moving further left. They can compromise, or do without. That is their Constitutional "right". It's not their "right" to trample our rights.

    Got it?

  39. "Immigration arrests at Mexican border continue to plummet"

    AP and the feckless Urinal's way of saying "SEE! We don't NEED the wall!"

    Yeah. Sure. Whatever you wanna believe. Meanwhile, the work that needs done to secure our borders, protect our nation (including you clueless liberals), and at least have a chance of restoring some economic sanity...well...that should be continued with the wall.

    You can thank us later.

    Or not.

    We don't really expect it, and don't give a shit what you think.

  40. "Removed GoFundMe not for Jacob C. Ewing’s legal defense, mother says"

    Well, then...what the hell WAS it for?! Just thought you needed an extra $5000 for...whatever? What, your son's name was in the paper as a suspect in a crime, and you figured you could just cash in on it...but "not for his legal defense"?

    It's costing the family money to mount a defense? So, your bank account is taking a hit. You just want to replenish that...but it's "not for his legal defense"?

    And, "it's none of anybody's business what it's for?"

    It's the business of the people you are mooching money from! What the hell?! You think you're the government? Just demand money, and be unaccountable for how it's spent?!

    What the hell is wrong with you..."Mom"?!

    Furthermore, IF the kid was beyond-any-doubt proven inncoent in all this hrroendous crap (which everyone doubts), THEN maybe you could plead? Not before! "This wrongful lawsuit has cost us our life savings, and blah, blah, blah...won't you please donate something to aid us?" (Nah...not me, but sure others might.)

    Cripes. People are really, REALLY stupid, these days...huh?!