Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Social Justice Warrior Reality Winner Meets Reality...

According to some of the things I've been reading this morning there are now some 4 million people out there with top security clearances who have access to some of the nation's most closely guarded classified information.


That's part of the problem Trump's facing today.

Add that to today's lawless, anything goes as long as it hurts the Trump administration mentality and you have chaos.

By now I'm sure you're all aware of the arrest of Social Justice Warrior, 25-year-old Reality Winner for stealing classified government information and passing it along to a far-left media outlet "The Intercept."

She was an employee of an intelligence contractor.

She had the highest of security clearances.

She had access to anything she wanted.

And according to her social media accounts she was a self admitted Trump Hater.

According to the charges against her she (the little bitch) downloaded a classified document, printed it off on a government printer, removed the printed document from the building, then mailed it to the media.

The printing it off is what did her in.

Like all SWJ's she was convinced she was just a little bit smarter than the average person but she (the little bitch) wasn't smart enough to realize that by using the the very document she printed off they were able to identify the exact printer she used.

In a matter of minutes they were able to determine everyone that had used it on the day in question.


Now her mom's crying foul.

My little baby'd never do something like that.

She's a great person.

She served in the military with distinction.

She loves puppies.

Blah, blah, blah.

"I fear they're going to make an example out of her."

Sorry mom, I feel for you and all, but that's exactly what needs to happen.

It's the only way to get the message out there that if you leak classified information your ass is going to prison for a very long time...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Firing squad.

    Just saying....

  2. Nunya sad just what I would say, being from the old school, prison is to good for her, She was trying to take down our duly elect President.

  3. Here's what I said about this on the last blog:

    Still Safe at HomeJune 6, 2017 at 11:32 AM

    So they caught a leaker. A employee of a Federal contractor leaking top secret documents to the media. Well, well. I say throw this seditious bitch in Gitmo. In the general population. Since she hates America so much she would endanger our national security to try to bring down our elected government, she should enjoy the company of other people who feel the same way. She should enjoy that very much.

    This person needs to pay heavily. Like the farmer shooting a coyote and throwing the carcass on the fence as a warning to the other coyotes we need to make a very public example of this girl. So her fellow seditious traitors know what will happen to them.

    Heartless? Yup. So is leaking top secret documents to the press hoping to weaken and destroy your elected government.

    The radical left system corrupted this girl's mind, turning her against her country. Now she just sacrificed her freedom and her life for that cause. Let's see if it was worth it. And let's let others know there is a price for sedition.

  4. And as far as her mother goes, sorry mom. You raised up a traitor to her country, she did something in an attempt to overthrow her government. I'm sure you love her but you did something wrong raising her or she wouldn't be a seditious left wing radical attempting to overthrow her government.

    I'm sure Benedict Arnold's mom loved him. And John Wilkes Booth's mom. And Lee Harvey Oswald's mom.

    So send her cookies while she's in prison. But don't whine to the rest of us about her unfair treatment. Because whatever happens to her most of us won't think it was enough.

  5. Well...she is charged with the same thing Clinton she'll probably walk. Cause, y'know, may not have been "intent".


  6. No doubt this is heart breaking for the parents - as far as Reality Winner.... she needs to be made accountable for her actions.

    Now what to do with Texas Representative Al Green....he's drafting up the articles to impeach President Trump.

    President Trump will come out on top.

  7. This thing is just getting started but just you watch the lying Trump hating media turn her into a victim in no time.

    She'll be the victim of bigoted, women hating racists.

    I guarantee it...

  8. As far as the impeachment bullshit goes

    Tens of millions of us need to make sure the RNC understands that if the republicans even entertain the idea they'll have blown the entire republican party to hell and back for decades to come...

  9. You're right on that Kevin. I've been writing Senators Roberts & Moran and Rep. Jenkins (to make a long story short) urging them to stand up for President Trump. So far, the only reply I have not received is from Sen. Moran. All I got out of him is his news letters. I'm going to keep writing letters to them -

    I thought that the libs lost it when Al Gore lost..... that doesn't hold a stick to how the libs are witch hunting after Hillary lost.

  10. Send her to the "farm", you know, the one near Quantico Virginia. Have her have a cup of coffee with a couple agents. Pour half the contents of an aquarium over her face with a nice soft pillow case wrapped around it.
    We should treat her nice, and find out exactly everything she has run her mouth about. Confirm it by harvesting all her personal data.
    Then, put her in a plywood cell at gitmo with the rest of seditious and anti-American scum.
    Document it all. Give her the spectacle she so badly wants. Let her parents watch.
    As nice as all the nefarious and trouble makers of the left should be treated.
    And certainly don't change any protocol because she's a woman. Hammer believes in equal protection. We wouldn't want anything implemented differently, because she deserves the justice any man would receive.

  11. Replies
    1. Good Grief I am really starting to like that guy Hammer. and a good morning to you all, my good news today is our storm shelter will be put in place today.

  12. If this was'd have really been glad that was in! That damn monster came right over around the area!

    I'd say the only thing scarier, uglier and windier than that, these days, is Maxine Waters! She's an F10,000!😂

  13.'s the day we SHOULD be "reality winners" in the world finding out that all that Trump/Russia crap is all lies, deflections and an attempt to obstruct, and even subvert, our President and our country. It SHOULD prove what a bunch of liars and traitors the Dems, the media and Hollywood hypocrites are.

    But, I'm sure the Godless left will find some way to still make nothing out of nothing, just to try to stop anything good for the country from happening.

    I believe even the most CLUELESS liberal voters know this is all bullshit.

    But...that's also what they want.

    Because, they are bullshit losers, themselves.

  14. A lot of them do know it's all bullshit but unfortunately there are millions of them who believe with all their Godless little hearts everything the Trump hating media tells them.

    Does the name Tom Digger ring a bell?

  15. The godless left knows as well as we do that this whole Russia Russia Russia shitstorm is as fake as global warming. It's a total creation by the left to undermine and they hope overturn the will of the people of the United States. They can't take the fact that America has repudiated their policies and their ideas. Since 2010 they have lost over 1,100 seats across Federal and State elections. They lost the House, the Senate and lastly the Presidency. America has said enough of that crap. But they will not accept that. Communists never accept defeat. They just keep going, like cancer.

    They know this is all a fabrication, but as long as they control the media in this country they can keep this bullshit alive. The point isn't to actually find some kind of truth, it is to smear, libel, slander, attack and plant seeds of doubt. To keep this President off balance, busy answering a steady stream of phony attacks, law suits and over the top rulings by obama appointed hyper partisan federal judges, doing things that should get them removed from office.

    This has always been the reason for all this crap. And when the Russia phony scandal gets settled they already have two or three more ready to go. It will never stop. Never.

    These people used to be a political party, the democrats held different basic beliefs than I do, but they were patriotic people who loved their country. JFK and Truman for example. That is not what we have today. We now have a party that has been completely taken over by pseudo Marxist, Trotskyites, Socialists and communists of various forms. They are dedicated to the destruction of our country. They have succeeded in other countries in the past and they believe if they persist they will succeed here.

    What happens today is just another act in the play they are putting on. It's not a quest for answers or truth. It's just another opportunity to keep the narrative alive. That's all they want.


  16. In listening to the bits and pieces of the Comey testimony, I'm hearing him say a lot "I could be wrong....but" just how much of this junk is all 'interpretation'? There's a distinct difference between 'interpretation' and 'fact'....

    I still feel that President Trump is going to prevail.

  17. I also see where Reality Winner was officially indicted..... now there needs to be a conviction there.

  18. Did y'all catch the little 'blip' where Comey admitted the New York Times published Fake News?

  19. All they're doing is asking the exact same questions they've asked him every time he's testified.

    Like Safe already said, this isn't about looking for answers it's all about keeping the narrative going...

  20. yeppers. just wanting to keep the 'speculation' well fed.

  21. This statement from Comey should put him (Comey) in the same boat as Reality Winner being that Comey showed information to an outside source.

    "Fired FBI Director James B. Comey orchestrated the leak of details of his memos of his conversations with President Trump, he testified to Congress on Thursday, saying he was hoping it would spur the Justice Department to announce an independent prosecutor to probe the Trump operation.
    Mr. Comey said he used a law professor friend at Columbia University as a go-between to share information with reporters, though he didn’t name the professor. He said he wanted to get information out after Mr. Trump took to Twitter to dispute that he had asked the FBI to let former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn off the hook.
    “I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel,” Mr. Comey testified."

  22. "Mr. Comey said he felt so disturbed by his interactions with Mr. Trump that he took notes of their conversations, fearing the president would “lie” about them later. He said he wrote memos in unclassified form so they could be discussed publicly."

    If I may ask..... who in Washington determines if something is "classified" or "unclassified"?? Seems to me that it shouldn't have been Comey's call to classify or unclassify his conversations with President Trump.

  23. Oh, forgot to add, this quote is also from the Washington Times

  24. Gives you a pretty good idea how deep the Swamp really is...

  25. Currently listening to McCain.... got a descriptive word for McCain...he's like a bull dog who has his chops chomped pretty firm on Comey....

  26. So much for all the talk I've been hearing about how this was going to lead to impeachment. Hell, one of the nutjobs said it would "invalidate the election".

    I mean, I know there are a few liberals who are stupid enough to believe the talking points they excrete, ass mcassigal and tom digger to name a few, but I think the whole point of this exercise for the godless left is to smear and libel our President.

    Like I always say, if that's all you got....that's what you go with. And believe me, that's all they got to say the least.

  27. Comey needs to be indicted for leaking material - The investigative panel needs to issue a public apology to President Trump - and they need to re-open the Clinton investigation.

  28. President Trump asking Jim Comey, an employee who reports to him if he could clear up this cloud of nonsense so they could get on with the business of America is OBSTRUCTION!!!! according to the godless left.

    Lying to congress, keeping an illegal server filled with top secret documents and lying about it, wiping out 30,000 emails that had been subpoenaed using military grade software to destroy them, smashing phones with a hammer, that's nothing. Nothing to see here, move along.

    The people demanding an investigation into President Trump are the same people demanding the investigation into hillary be stopped immediately.

  29. Ah, but the Dems were so insistent that Comey testify and now he makes clear that Bill's meeting with the AG on the tarmac prompted him to go public about Hillary's treachery. With the Clintstones, all you've got to do is a tiny bit of digging and you discover a bunch of buried catshit. Their entire history is really one big box of kitty litter. These are the people the Dem rank (pun intended) and file adore. I thought perhaps the Obamas would take their attention away, but just like a blizzard of flies around that catshit, they are enamored of them and cannot bear to leave.

    You know, if you get whupped by political neophytes twice in a row, you think people would figure out that elective polly-ticks ain't for you.

  30. Oh to be a fly on the wall of the domain of the Libs as they have a major melt down of the revelation about Comey discrediting the New York Times and admitting they published fake news.....

    "Mr. Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that when the Times story appeared on Feb. 14, telling a story of numerous contacts between Donald Trump people and Russian intelligence, he knew it was not true. He first double checked with the intelligence community and then alerted both Republican and Democrat senators not to believe the Times."


    This is the link to the Fake News article that Comey discredited...

    Also, I just watched President Trump's attorney as he spoke... It should be unanimous that President Trump is now vindicated and that Comey should be indicted / convicted and sent to prison.

  32. Hey y’all, I this on the opinion page of the Washington Times:
    James Comey outs New York Times for fake news
    by Cheryl K. Chumley

    “James Comey, testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, slid in a short and simple statement that was level in tone but nonetheless shocking in content.

    He called a widely cited story from The New York Times that painted President Donald Trump in a negative light as fake news — without actually calling it fake news.

    Poor Democrats.

    Now they have to chalk up another failure in their widely loved, widely used campaign aimed at showing Trump’s team colluded with Russia to steal the election. A few more failures like that and Democrats will soon have to admit — gasp — Trump actually and legally won the White House.”

    And the end of the opinion has this:
    “So let’s recap.

    The New York Times put out a story more than suggesting intel and law enforcement officials supposedly knew Trump-tied associates had engaged in repeated conversations with Russians.

    The New York Times also suggested intel and law enforcement officials were concerned about these supposed conversations because Trump just seemed too dang friendly with the Russian president.

    The New York Times story was widely used by the left to press forward the mantra Trump stole the election from Clinton, largely by colluding with Russia.

    But those particular points of The New York Times story are false. Fabrications. Fake news.

    Talk about a travesty of truth. This is why the media has such low rankings with the American people. The mainstream media is all too willing to use whatever means at its disposal, even lies and false narratives, to take down Trump — to further its cries for impeachment and new leadership — all because of a snit fit their heir apparent candidate, Clinton, didn’t actually win the White House.”

  33. Washington Times Poll: Do you trust Trump or Comey? I voted Trump.

    So far as of this time (1:57pm) Trump has 67% of the poll vote to Comey's 27%.

  34. Here's hoping this totally destroys Comey, Obama, Hillary, all the fake news, and Hollywood.

    But...too many idiots in this country won't let that happen.

  35. I gotta say something so I don't have to scroll so long. :)

  36. Boy...what I have seen and heard...Comey was TRYING to wiggle out of shit, and TRYING to say "I took it as a directive"...but he knew he couldn't specifically say that, because then he would come under fire for not doing something at that time...which would have been illegal in his capacity. Then, he admits he "leaked", but it wasn't chargeable information, basically? If he REALLY believed it...why didn't he just say it, himself, instead of "leaking". stupid is he that he thinks info from only him and Trump there...who the hell else "knew what was (allegedly) said?!😂

  37. Okay who is up this morning? And a Good Morning yo you.

  38. Up but not too happy about it...

  39. And now for the good news...

    Friday's blog is up and running...

    1. Damn today is Friday. I will go there. Have a good safe day Kevin.