Monday, July 31, 2017

Nikki Haley rejects more U.N. sessions on North Korea: "The time for talks is over."

Good morning boys and girls.

With all the crap going on in the world today it's hard to zero in on one topic to talk about so I thought I'd just throw a few headlines out there and let you guys do what you do best.

Here goes.











And perhaps the most telling.


And in the meantime, what do the democrats and what passes for today's mainstream media focus on?

You know.

What a mess.

If it comes to all out war I wonder whose side these bastards will be on.

Just kidding.

We already know the answer to that question...

Kevin McGinty


  1. And the dems keep bringing up nonsensical issues. I have tried to discuss current events with some of my dem friends and it is fruitless. They have no clue as to what is going on in the world. All they want to talk about is Russia and the election. It gets old really fast. Or how all republicans want the poor people to die because Trump wants to do away with Obamacare. Geezzzzzzzz.

    Y'all have a good week and try to stay cool.

  2. Good morning world back in a few to read this blog.

  3. Yep....their entire world is "IMPEACH TRUMP!"

    They'd have thrills running down their legs if one of our cities got nuked...just so they could blame it on Trump.

    That's just the kind of cold-blooded heartless bastards liberals are.

  4. Yes this world is in a mess that is a true and so is this country, way the hell to liberal to survive, It is time to adapt, improvise, and over come these bastards.

  5. Headline from the Wall Street Journal:

    U.S. Companies Post Profit Growth Not Seen in Six Years

    GDP growth higher than it's been since the recession.

    Millions of jobs promised by companies anticipating a job growth friendly administration.

    And what do the liberals do? Do they help getting tax cuts in place? Do they help dealing with the job killing obamacare? Do they do anything that will help the working man?

    Hell no. It's Russia Russia Russia 24/7. Stand in the way. Block everything. Kill jobs. These people would burn this country to the ground to get power back. Even though the American people clearly have sent them a message that we no longer want their brand of nonsense they peddled for so long. Still the continue.

    My three year old Grandson has been known to cry when he couldn't have something he really wanted. He cries for about a minute then moves on. And it's over with. He obviously has more maturity than the entire democrat party and all it's radical godless left wing apparachiks.

  6. And then I hear Barbara Lee, left wing nutjob from California calling General John Kelly an "Extremist". Four star General. Lifetime of service to his country. He's an extremist because as head of Homeland Security he enforced the law. That's what passes for extremism to these crazy people.

    And she says the President is "Militarizing" the White House. Because he's promoted to his Chief of Staff a man who served with honor and distinction, who devoted his life to serving his country, who earned the rank of four star General he's militarizing the White House.

    These people should be ashamed of the way they have treated our finest, those who serve and have served this country in the military. Bunch of traitorous seditious enemies of America is what they are. And they show it a little more every day. Hopefully as they get more desperate when every attempt at a coup of our government fails they will get more outrageous.

    Look for them to lose more seats in the mid terms. Now if we can just get some Republicans elected who aren't just a few shades off from the democrats we may have a chance at Making America Great Again.

    1. Safe I agree with everything you said these liberals have zero honor.

    2. Barbara Lee is someone who almost makes Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters sound cogent.

      The government needs more, not less, military influence.

      And I don't even know if "honor" is in the lefty lexicon.

  7. "PCR: The New Russian Sanctions Bill....."
    A piece by Paul Craig Roberts referencing the false narrative of Russian hacking; excerpt...

    "That congress uses a blatantly transparent lie to justify its violation of international law and intentionally worsens US relations with both Russia and the EU proves how determined Washington is to intensify conflict with Russia."

    A must-read, imho, especially with the world as it is.
    Eisenhower's warning comes to mind.

  8. News Nugget: Scaramucci, is out of his job!!

  9. Folks - this is one of the damned Republicans who needs to switch his political party affiliation from Republican to Democrat....

    About face: Leftists who once despised McCain cheer him as hero for vote to preserve Obamacare
    Arizona Republican’s vote against ‘skinny repeal’ wins kudos from progressives, Hollywood

    1. Come on Rikki; if McCain, Murkowski, Collins, Paul etc leave the party you'll get Majority Leader Schumer. And then he'll do some damage.

      People don't all vote lock-step in Congress, nor should they. It isn't the House of Commons. So you may hate the votes on ACA, but how about those votes on Gorsuch?

    2. No Ken, with all due respect....

      In a blog in the not so distant past I stated that I am not a fan of McCain - I spoke out against whoever it was who wished McCain dead - that was wrong of whoever in Washington said that.....though I sincerely feel badly that he has brain cancer and he's got a tough road ahead battling it or succumbing to it - he's been no friend to President Trump -

      McCain from the get go has been vocal about his not going to work with President Trump....

      From USA Today:

      "John McCain is making it very clear that he isn’t just going to go along with everything President Trump proposes, despite the fact they are both Republicans."

      Though the bulk of that USA today article is about voter fraud - that one statement above says it all.

      McCain also stated that he was disappointed that President Trump fired James Comey. James Comey would be lucky if nothing comes out of all the mess that he created leaking those memos that he (not President Trump) wrote.

      McCain has been against President Trump at almost every thing - working against him on not just the repeal and replacing Obamacare.

      He's made his mind up a long time ago that he wasn't going to work with President Trump - regardless that they're both Republicans.....

      Personally - John McCain is one of the obstructionists in Washington - he's part of the "swamp".


    geemanee he didn't last long..... but he was a bit too radical and unprofessional with his comments.

    1. Sarge - this is a shocker - well sort of.

  11. New chief of staff have something to do with that...I wonder?!

    1. I am just going to sit back and have a beer when I can sneak one and wait for a few days, because it all could change by then.

    2. You said it J! People do tend to come and go quickly here. Hope it looks more like a real administration soon and less like the Ted Mack Amateur Hour.

      For the record, I liked Shawn Spicer and I like Sessions far more than I thought I would. The A.G. is a top-notch legal mind. Others in the administration would do well to profit by his example.

      That Nikki Haley is sure a pistol, isn't she?

    3. Ken we are on the same sheet of music on your comment.

  12. Well, that didn't take long. I wonder what really happened to Anthony. It's like a revolving door. Make me think of that song "Another One Bites The Dust".

  13. Wow, this would be entertaining, but actually is a mess and appears the Rs can't get past their egos? I don't know what will happen in 2018, promises aren't being kept, Trump on defense even within own party! A real cluster, they have their chance, they are in control, but too many wimps!

    1. Only been 7 months hang in there all will be just fine.

  14. Word along the underground pipes is that Kelly didn't like him...

    1. Cats I am going to wait until it comes threw the above ground pipes.

  15. I'm pretty sure the good General is a no bullshit guy, and may be good guy to start yanking the noxious weeds from the cracks in the White House.

    Also, anxiously waiting for the hell-fire that we all hope will ignite with Poodlehead and fanning out to dozens and dozens of those lawless liberal criminals. 😉

  16. Well Sarge, it's above ground.

    General Kelly asked trump to let him go this morning.


    1. There we go, we are back out of the bunker sorta.

  17. Subject: When you leave the hen house gate open, don't cry after the fox has ta ken the chickens....

    Excellent exposé ... know I've brought it numerous times before, but this is exactly what is explained in depth in the excellent book Londonistan, by British journalist Melanie Phillips, written 10 years ago!!! Highly recommended reading, now more than ever, to say the least!

    When you leave the hen house gate open, don't cry after the fox has taken the chickens....

    This generation of Brits evidently never heard of Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement strategy with Hitler and its consequences!!

    How the British have passively succumbed to the Muslim invasion:

    Mayor of London ... MUSLIM
    Mayor of Birmingham ... MUSLIM
    Mayor of Leeds ... MUSLIM
    Mayor of Blackburn ... MUSLIM
    Mayor of Sheffield ... MUSLIM
    Mayor of Oxford ... MUSLIM
    Mayor of Luton ... MUSLIM
    Mayor of Oldham ... MUSLIM
    Mayor of Rochdale ... MUSLIM

    Over 3,000 Muslim Mosques
    Over 130 Muslim Sharia Courts
    Over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils
    Muslims-Only No-Go Areas Across The UK
    Muslim Women ... 78% don't work and are on FREE benefits/housing
    Muslim Men ... 63% don't work and are on FREE benefits/housing
    Muslim Families ... 6-8 children planning to go on FREE benefits/housing
    ... and now all UK schools are ONLY serving HALAL MEAT!

    This was achieved by just 4 million Muslims out of the 66 million population!

    1. It isn't just the UK, either.
      Dearborn Michigan?

      Snopes tried to get cute and refute the fact that Muslim men can't claim multiple wives on welfare.
      But they can,counting them as extended family plus the children.

    2. Yes, and another large enclave of somali muslims in minneapolis. Most dont want to assimilate.

    3. Why did we save their worthless asses from the Germans, they learned -NOTHING!

  18. This is a little deep for me, but some of you will be able to adapt the concept and achieve your own inner peace...

    The path to inner peace begins with 4 words...

    Not My Fucking Problem

  19. Given the brits of late...why would we consider them allies?!

  20. The only allies America has are the steadfast conservatives on her own soil that resist the NWO, globalist elite, prog agenda.


    1. Keyword: steadfast. We know who we are and what we believe in...only advisor we need is the word of God, in the Bible.

  21. All good things come to a end sooner or later, And it is time now for me, good night see ya's in the morning. And I hope President Trump keeps on kicking ass and taking names.

  22. Nervous breakdown?

    You talking about the nervous breakdown you and your left-wing, Satan worshiping pals have been having ever since the American people rejected your beloved Hillary Clinton?

  23. Good morning people! What Kevin the Lib's are still hiding in their safe spaces crying. Good Grief..

  24. I can't find my voting place. Shawnee County website, Topeka website, election websites....can't find anything.

    Maybe they are trying to suppress the vote? Sarge, do you know where your voting place is? I just want to definitely vote AGAINST at least two people.

    1. Not really but think it is at the world church if I had to guess @ 470 & Gage Oh and what would we be voting on do you know?

  25. Wonder if it's that same church where other elections are? Be nice if they would provide that info, somewhere.

    Probably won't matter, because the one I don't want will probably get it just because of low turnout and name-recognition and those with that agenda turning up...but gotta do it, anyway.

    Of course, can't find it at the Urinal. They won't even list any party affiliation.

    We know who THEY want, and it's not surprising that they would try to play a part in skewing this little election, also.

    That's what commies do.

  26. Topeka mayor. Not much print about it, because we already know who they want, and why would the media risk exposing any real info?

    Not that the mayor does much of anything, but still.


    When and "where"? Today, OK. Ok...then WHERE?

    I'll assume you are right.

  28. Oldie be a goodie!


    Almost brings a tear to the eye
    This is so beautifully written - something for all you romantics...

    An elderly couple had just learned how to send text messages on their new mobile phones.
    The wife was a romantic type and a retired English Teacher of the Classics.
    The husband, a retired Marine Corps Sgt. Major, was more of a no-nonsense guy.

    One afternoon the wife went out to meet a friend for coffee.
    She decided to send her husband a romantic text message and she wrote:

    "If you are sleeping, send me your dreams
    If you are laughing, send me your smile
    If you are eating, send me a bite.
    If you are drinking, send me a sip.
    If you are crying, send me your tears.
    I love you."

    The husband texted back to her:

    "On the toilet.
    Please advise."

  29. Headlines...
    On the daily caller:
    "Kushner's Team wanted to leak Donald Trump Jr's emails that were eventually leaked..." the identity of this leaker remains a mystery.

    At zero hedge:
    "You know what you did": Scaramucci punked by email spoofer pretending to be Priebus"...the spoofer appears to be a growing problem in the swamplands of DC...

    "Cause what you say is what you say say what you say how you say it whenever you ssyin' it"

    Popcorn time...cinnamon flavor please.

  30. Doctor Leeds was one of those that died in the plane crash last night.

    Rest in peace Doctor Leeds, you helped me a great deal thank you, prayers for you and your family, and to your West Point son I salute him.

    1. Saw that too...really a tragedy.

    2. I wondered what the dozen or so sirens going off on eastbound vehicles on Sardou was about last night. Strange thing was, there was apparently no fire. I'll bet they weren't buckled in. Plane crashes usually involve fatalities. Sad thing.

  31. My, my...tangled webs woven...
    Courtesy the gateway pundit: One Steven Wasserman, brother of Debbie, is in charge of the Imran Awan investigation...I came across that nugget in a commenter post at zero hedge on a related story. So...did a bit of scratching in the internet litter box and found it.

    No damned wonder lame media is saying almost nothing about this.

    Gotta pop more popcorn...

  32. It would be so sweet if Funky Poodle got a good come-uppance.

    1. If they can get that skank, she will sing on plenty of others . I am willing to bet on it.

  33. If they can get her is the question...with her brother running the investigation in that swamp?
    Trust nobody.
    All others pay cash.

  34. Sure is curious how all these "investigations" are filled with conflict-of-interest allies of the criminal Dems, and the Republicans just keep bending over for them, huh? Should be no reason for Wasserman to "recuse himself". Shouldn't have been involved, at all...and should be tossed out, turn over everything...and muzzled...unless officials ask him to bark.

  35. Well if we want this country back we will have to do it like other countries do and take it back, going by the book isn't working we need to go by the Boom!!!

    1. Better just to have a beer and switch the TV off Fox knotheads, champ.

  36. W
    Kushner tells a group of white house interns at a "private meeting" that Trump campaign was "too incompetent" to collude with Russians???
    Report from Foreign Policy mag and at zero hedge.

    Who the hell needs enemies with family in-laws like Jared Kushner???

    1. Everyone sitting in an jail cell could say the same damn thing there, cats.

    2. To damn incompetent for their own good, they are. HHH

  37. Uh oh, the Seth Rich wet dream fantasy Fox and POTUS concocted in going to bite the ultra extreme's ass. Trump panicked about Russia? Reminds me of the Johnny Cougar lyric, you know, "when the walls come tumbling down."

  38. Yahhh...them crawdads got ahold of ya, huh, fishbait?
    That fox got reeled in by that story is likely due to democrats' hijinks...
    And have ya looked at what the washerwoman's been up to? Paying Awans taxpayer 💰 money...some of which was yours if you a workin' man?

  39. Speaking of walls coming down....

    Well, I feel good about my odds when they do.
    Folks in section Eight?
    Not so much.

    The resistance through this Russia thing have been effective. I will admit that. But it's propaganda and delusion, for it is simply not based on facts. And it will fade in time.
    Like a doo rag in the South Central sun wit some soul global.

    Now, with facts, just about every DNC head has dirt on their hands. From pedophilia rings to Pakistani monet transfers, you name it. Hillary and emails/server, to the transfer of uranium stock.

    But none of you cocksucking liberals seem to care, JJ.

    From Huma and her sick husband to the chair of your party. From Mr. Password to the children he's responsible for sodomizing.

    How do you feel about your odds, JJ?
    All bantor aside, how do you feel?

    Do you think you and your kind can band together like you raid a liquor store or a corner gas station?

    Do you think you can band together like you do at rallies wearing masks and throwing fireworks into a crowd of legally armed citizens?

    Do you think you can band together like you do on the streets of Chicago on the weekend?

    Ya'll can't work jobs, and think you are some kind of resistance.
    Ya'll can't live with out government checks, and hold your closed fist in the air.
    He'll, ya'll can't the even get your shit together on LeBron or Curry...

    And you think it's funny with "walls coming down"...

    So as we approach the aniversary of Michael Brown and his sobriety, think long and hard about the position you are in.
    You have no leverage, no group, no rallying point, and no plan. You have no culture, no goal, and certainly no "eye on a prize"...

    So who are the walls really coming down on?

    It ain't me brother.
    You ain't nothing but a (faux)superpredator.

    Even your precious Hillary said so....

  40. Serious question, you in all honesty give a damn about ethics in government? Do you understand the concept of natural rights and why we have a Constitution based on same?
    Do you understand that we as citizens are free to exercise our rights as defined in the Bill of Rights with no fear of being imprisoned or beheaded for doing so?
    Lastly, did government exist before man, or vice versa? Be careful how you answer that because you may have to think about it.
    And when or if any walls come down, who will you be relying on?

  41. One last comment, fishbait...if all you're capable of doing is flopping yourself out of yer bucket and flopping around on the sand every so often over here, then you're good for nothing more than entertainment...something you ain't that good at.

  42. Bunch of bullshit especially from Hamper. Your boy called the WH a dump. Does that make ya feel good and patriotic? Geez.

  43. On another note: looked at some websites this evening...more bullshit...
    Fake news, news that probably is fake, rinos working with dem progs to save obamacare...what the hell anyhow? They have their taxpayer funded insurance and even if Trump does cut them off from it they've all got plenty of money to afford their own anyway. See zerohedge for that little cabal...
    Screw the lot of them. I have had it.

    Suggest that we do what we can to get out of any debt we may have, stock up on extra stuff, keep in close touch with loved ones and get prepared for damn near anything if we haven't already.
    Only thing now that I care about is keeping tabs on what these bastards are up to, and that's it. Period. Because whatever they might pull may very well affect me and mine and forewarned is forearmed.

  44. Your boy t-Rump made the Boy Scouts apologize for him 2 times now. Geez.

    1. And your pitiful reply shows just how shallow you really must be, JJ.

  45. As far as "feeling good and patriotic"...that ain't me, pal...I'm patriotic to the Constitution as written, based on the laws of God, not what these politicians of both major parties and their deep state handlers have done to it. And for what? Control. Greed. Lust to maintain power and selling their souls to do so. Not sure most of them had a soul to begin with.
    Every damn stat they use is fake. Recovery? Bullshit. Stock market? Propped up by wall street frauds, money printing and hedge fund derivitives built on paper stilts. Creative accounting tricks.
    It ain't gonna last and sure as hell isn't the country I was taught it was supposed to be.
    My only interest now is to keep watch as much as I can as to what kind of crap is coming our way next and that's it.
    Faith in God and country? No. Faith in God? Yes, and may He have mercy on those who have damb near destroyed America because I would not, believe me.

  46. I guess I crashed to early last night, I missed the punk asshole stopping by, but like always Cats and Hammer took care of the garbage.
    I will only add that everyone needs to be prepared, stock up on every thing. Make sure you know how to adapt improvise and you will over come, those that prepare will survive. Just Saying...

  47. Wonder if there will be a connection between Mueller and Awan? How could Mueller not know about the traitor Awan, unless Mueller is himself a traitor?

  48. Looks like a strong possibility that we are going to get an "identity politics" community-organizer activist mayor, soon.

    Look how well that turned out, nationally. 😕

  49. Looks like little JJ Minnow trying to amuse himself (herself...itself?) while anxiously waiting to be one of the first (and only) in line to be one of the 2000 morons in the U.S. to buy the next dismal-flop of a book from the co-head of the Clinton criminal enterprise.

    "What Happened"? Intelligent Americans know what happened.

    Little JJ's just gonna have to read Clinton's tripe to get his (hers, its?) talking points of The Shrill's extensive list of excuses blaming everything and everyone EXCEPT the real problem...which is "Hillary" happened!😂

  50. That clown yanked the wrong chains last night. For all I care, he can eat the pages of that damn book. Probably all he does with books anyway, given that vacancy sign plastered on his forehead.

  51. Well, little fishbait boy always contributes something, doesn't he? Ever look at the bottom of a fishtank and see all those black specks floating around settling on the bottom? That's fish shit. And that's exactly what fishbait boy contributes. And worth just a little less.

  52. I think it may be time to think about a third party. This may finally be the time. Nothing says President Trump can't create a third party right now. The American Party. Announce he is no longer a Republican since they are working against him, at least some of them. And probably more than we think behind the scenes. And the democrat party has gone full on communist now, anti American attempting to overthrow our election. So what's left? Third party.

    Create the party and tell those Republicans who really do want to Make America Great Again they can switch. Let the rest wallow in the swamp they love so much. Crust McCain can be their leader.

    I think the time is right. I think Americans are sick of both parties. And they might just be on board for flushing that toilet that is Washington and getting rid of the turds that are stinking it up.

    Maybe more on this later. Just a seed of an idea right now.

    Anybody think it might be time? Seems like right before an election is a really bad time. But if the President and a bunch of patriotic Republicans do it now, might just work.

    It will drive a bunch of godless left wing democrats and the godless democrat controlled media crazy. So it's worth that at least.

    1. Safe if he wanted to start a 3rd party he needs to start now, I think this would be the time to do it, and the name you stated American Party sounds good.

  53. It's now or never. The democrats are poisoning the uneducated voters and the gimmedats who want a bunch of free stuff. The rest of America has only the Republicans to turn to and the polls show they are pretty fed up with both for different reasons.

    I think if they had a choice they might just take it. They are looking for someone to believe in.

    We have a President who has our back and has both parties trying to destroy him to protect themselves at the expense of our country.

    If we don't do something drastic the godless democrats will win this war. The lies and slander and endless fake news and made up allegations are wearing the American people down. There is a fire hose of bullshit spraying our country.

    They learned their lesson from their commie and socialist teachers. Spread enough propaganda, make enough crap up and maybe there are just enough useful idiots to hand you the reigns of power.

    That's how Hitler did it. And these people are already demonstrating fascism at it's finest.

    It may be time for something extreme to counter this all out attack on our country.

  54. If you split the GOP, you're going to be putting the Democrats in the saddle for the next 20 years. That's an expensive price to pay for whatever it is you're going to get out of it.

    Trump has your back. Until he doesn't. Check it out with Scaramucci, Flynn, Spicer, Priebus and Sessions. We're faced with an egomaniac with a thin skin who thinks loyalty only runs one way. Not an ideal start for a third party.

  55. Ken I don't think it will split the GOP I think it may bring most of the Gop over and a big amount of dem's plus those that may have given up on voting period. This country has many piss off people from all walks of life, but if anyone could do it it would be Trump.