Thursday, July 6, 2017

The fundamental question of our time: Does the west have the will to survive?

I know by now most of you guys have heard at least parts of President Trump's Poland Speech.

I finally found a fairly short video (about 5 minutes) that touches on the highlights.

Check it out if you get a chance as it's well worth the time it takes to watch it.

I don't know about the rest of you but for me personally, listening to him speak makes me proud to be an American again.

It sure beats the hell out of the way Obama humiliated by bowing down to every tin horn dictator in the world.

God bless President Donald J. Trump.

And God bless The United States of America...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Yes heard lots spent quite a bit of time playing clips of it. Trump did a masterful job and although crowd response was muted by microphones, the Polish people loved it. Talked about the importance of those Constitutional freedoms we all hold dear and that people in other countries want as well.
    Talked about Pope John's speech and that the newly liberated people in Poland wanted know that hit home with them...
    Gotta say, he did America well and I think his upcoming meeting with Vlad may go all right too.

  2. Does the west have the will to survive? I hope so...but it ain't gonna be easy, given all the problems and too damned many self-serving politicians, people wanting everything handed to them from the taxpayers' pockets etc.

  3. Yes. Now I definitely have hope. Checked out zero hedge just now and report on the FNN, citing the federalist website, reddit etc...that network's ratings have plummeted to around 6% during their primetime. Lower than "decades-old reruns of Yogi Bear..."
    Yogi wins!!!

  4. Gee...I was hoping to read what the Urinal had to say about Trump's speech.

    Nuthin'. Absolutely nuthin'. I guess it would be too real to run in Fake News, and the editors haven't had time to compile all the nasty stuff other outlets have said and written, to present as their own?

    Yeah. That's it.

    Of course, if it had been an Obama apology-tour speech, all their panties would be wet as they wrote their glowing accolades to Imam Obama. Especially, the little Johnson.

    Good job, President Trump. And, good job pointing out earlier the question of why did Obama allow any Russian interference if it happened, since he knew about it in August, and said or did nothing. Some commentators say that was detracting from the speech. I say it needs to be mentioned any chance it can, AND investigated!

  5. Not a single word.

    Evidently Trump having a positive impact on the world stage just isn't newsworthy...

  6. As far as CNN's ratings go.

    Yogi Bear did indeed beat them.

    And so did Fox News, MSNBC, USA Network, the History Channel, FX, TLC, Nick at Night, and Investigation Discovery.

    No need to worry sez CNN's very own Don Lemon, "President Trump is The United States biggest purveyor of fake news, CNN is just fine..."

    Sounds a lot like Baghdad Bob to me...

  7. Everything IS fine...if they are bottom-feeders and at the bottom!😂

    As our ol' buddy, MFA,(undoubtedly a CNN supporter) used to say...the sludge-puppies at Communist News Network should 'celebrate' their dishonorable descent to the #1 spot of Fake News!😂

  8. Lol... I was just watching CNN and almost spit my coffee out when I saw they're still using that stupid "Most Trusted Name in the Business " crap...

  9. You sure that didn't read "Most RUSTED"?!😂

  10. Lol... Maybe that was it.

    At least that way it'd make sense...

  11. Hey, I'm still here. On vacation cause my daughter and 3 year old grandson are here so I'm pretty busy with them. I'll try to keep up but I'm having way too much fun.

  12. Why the hell is there no reporting on this?
    Drudge banner "G20 CHAOS" click on it and daily mail headline has Melania and other leaders trappedvin hotel by rioters, extra cops being called in. The president headed to meeting but forced to detour...
    Going back to the report but wanted to get this to you guys. Nothing on fox even
    W. T. F

  13. I was combing through some of the other newspapers' headlines.....these articles you won't see published in the Urinal....

    Washington Times

    “HAMBURG, Germany (AP) — With broad grins and a handshake, President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin warmed up for their historic encounter on Friday under the shadow of U.S. outrage about Russian election-meddling and nagging questions about potential Trump campaign collusion.

    Ahead of a formal, sit-down meeting, Trump and Putin were seen exchanging pleasantries as a leaders’ retreat got under way in Hamburg. As officials gathered around a table, Trump outstretched his hand to Putin and then patted his elbow and both men smiled. A brief video clip shows Trump casually patting Putin on the back as they stand side by side.

    Video of the brief exchange was posted to Facebook by the German Cabinet. It was the first known in-person interaction between the two men, who have spoken by telephone since Trump was inaugurated in January.

    The two leaders planned later Friday to hold longer talks on Syria and other issues on the sidelines of the Group of 20summit of industrialized and developing nations. The White House said it has scheduled 35 minutes for the meeting.

    “Much to discuss,” Trump tweeted in advance of the encounter.”

    Miami Herald

    “Amid pleas from Democrats urging Florida to reject President Donald Trump’s administration to provide voter data, Florida’s election chief announced Thursday that he will comply with the data request — but only partially.”

    “We are glad to continuing following Florida’s public records law by providing the requested information to you that is publicly available. Although most of the information you’ve requested is available to the public in Florida, we cannot fully comply with your entire request,” he wrote. “Driver’s license information and Social Security numbers are not, and cannot be provided under section 97.0585, Florida statutes.”

    (Rikki side note on ‘Open Records’ requests….. some things by law have to be ‘redacted’….. Kansas has something similar to Florida on this).

    Denver Post

    (Rikki side note: nothing political about this article…’s just an article you’ll probably not hear of anywhere else)

    These Coloradans say Earth is flat. And gravity’s a hoax. Now, they’re being persecuted.

    The Flat Earth movement is growing in Colorado, thanks to technology and skepticism about science

    “They call themselves Flat Earthers. Because they believe Earth — the blue, majestic, spinning orb of life — is as flat as a table.”

    Las Cruces Sun-News

    (Rikki side note: If I were Merkel, I would be publicly expressing my distaste of these protests….it’s pretty bad when our First Lady cannot attend something in fear of her safety because of the damned protests)

    “HAMBURG, Germany — First lady Melania Trump was forced to cancel her participation in a climate event because of protests at the G-20 summit Friday, the White House said.

    Her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, told USA TODAY that Hamburg police were unable to clear the streets enough for Mrs. Trump's delegation to head to the event.”

    "She was supposed to participate in the spousal program and was very much looking forward to it," she said.”

    1. Hey Rikki,
      Those flat earth folks in colorado must be smokin some good synthetic hooch to actually believe that. What the hell do they think makes them fall off their skate boards and scrape their knees and elbows?

  14. If you use search term "hamburg riots" and click on the link for those reporters are giving live updates on the situation over there.
    Would seem our own lame media is downplaying it. Our first lady and other dignitaries are unable to leave their hotel because of rioting. Pray they and the president are able to get out of there safely when this is done.

  15. I did see about a 1 1/2 minute blurb about it on the CBS Morning News. If you get up at 0430 you can catch it. Of course, if it's only on a small report at 0435, you can probably consider it safely spiked.

    But that's more than it seems to be getting on other sources.

    Of course our media, to say nothing of the opposition party, hate the two men (meeting today) who seem determined to do something about the decline of the west. Remember, Putin was doing this when we had the Boy Wonder as President.

    We need to begin getting serious, start protecting middle eastern Christians (even if that means getting behind people like Assad and Hezbollah), look to our own interests and quit letting P.C. sensibilities determine our actions.

  16. The polish reaction needs more attention, but as I said in the last blog I'm dreaming if I were to expect it.

    Hellburg is a mess, but I'm extremely confident the president and the entire entourage will attend and exit safely.
    I'm willing to bet plenty of firepower on board.
    If something was to happen, and Germany get upset at the actions, what loss would there really be?
    It may be in poor taste for me to say it, but let the commie bastards be reminded of what we did to Dresden and how we can get our point across....

    1. Screw Merkel. If the german people are stupid enough to re-elect her this fall, then they get what they deserve.
      Ditto Macron...another pos. France will reap those rewards...

  17. Definitely, Captain. I cringe at the thought of working with terrorists and Assad is a thug. Our government made a big mistake imho decades back when it started getting mired in these foreign entanglements and " making the world safe for democracy." But that discussion. Is for another day...
    As to Vlad, my opinion of him rose when I found out that he kicked that accursed Soros out of his country and banned him. Whatever else Putin might be, he did that and over here, Soros remains adored by progressives especially on the left. Bothers me a great deal too that Kushner borrowed all that money from him.

  18. Hammer - the RAF hit Dresden, not us. The Poles apparently took umbrage at our media's portrayal of them as having "snubbed" the Trumps.

    Oddly enough, Euros who were once Communist are much better at defending Western values than the NATO ones. P.C. hasn't sunk roots there.

    1. It's fact that the RAF did the deed, but I can't agree with all Allies not being involved in decision making.
      Britain wanted blood, and we certainly obliged them and let it happen.
      "We" let the statement be made. That's why not just the brits took flak for it. At least from what I've read.
      Would love to read more on it if you had any particular suggestions....

  19. cleared that crap about snubbing up last night, zero hedge had a piece on it today and all of the people present saw the whole thing up close and live. Lame media is too damned stupid to realize even now that editing a clip does nothing for them except piss people off...


    I'm not a fan of Russia, but I am sincerely hoping that only positive things come out of this recent "cease fire" in Syria.... If President Trump's efforts at the G20 Summit, this will give him a lot better footing for re-election in 2020..... The Obamacrats/Hillarycrats are probably freaking out on this one.

  21. Americans in general and Dems in particular either cheer or remain silent when we encourage (color-coded) revolutions or monkey around with the governments of other nations to achieve "regime change," but howl with indignation when somebody else gives us a taste of our own medicine. Oddly, Trump DOES have the perspective on this. Remember when the press savaged him for telling an interviewer that we aren't perfect in this regard and indeed have a lot of blood on our hands?

    Trump blusters and a lot, but when he hits the nail on the head, he hits the nail on the head.

    Hammer - I often use Dresden, Hamburg (an even bigger firestorm that we DID have a hand in {and oddly, in the same city the meeting is}), Tokyo and Hiroshima to bring home to people that we were capable of projects rivaling in monstrosity anything the Axis or Soviets did. Never let patriotism blind you to reality, folks. Trump is damn right.

  22. Granted Ken, you're right....this is totally different than what President Trump is used to and he has stumbled some- but has also made great strides too.

    In looking at the contrast of Obama's first year and President Trump's first year.... a startling contrast.... Obama never put America first and it showed.

    Obama offended many when he went on his 'apology tour'....something Obama never brought up when he campaigned (to my recollection).

    President Trump has kept campaign promises and had a major victory handed to him by the US Supreme Court.

    The 'apology tour' was a major embarrassment - Now if Obama ever comes to his senses (which I highly doubt), he should apologize for his own arrogance, corruption, and BS.

    If this cease fire in Syria holds and brings about a positive outcome, his re-election in 2020 will be in the bag so to speak.

  23. And that soothing popping sound we'll be hearing will liberal heads exploding like never before...

  24. Suspect they already are...this newly forged alliance between Trump and Putin especially as regards solving the Syria mess will likely upset the Mclame-Grahamnesty duo too.
    I pray the ceasefire holds but remember there are a lot of dirty players in that area and they don't care about killing civilians, American soldiers or Russian soldiers if the agendas are furthered.

  25. Sarge, hoping you're feeling ok, haven't seen you on here today. Hugs.

  26. He was on Facebook earlier today. Other than that I haven't heard from him either...

  27. I'm up at this insane hour on a Saturday.... damned arthritis! If arthritis was a person I'd kick it's butt clear into next year... sore dull joint discomfort....

    Sarge, if you're up reading this, i'm sending more hugs to you and Ghost.

    I know I'm tired at this moment, but just wanted to share a funny.....

    Q: What do you call a cow that goes to church?

    A: A holy cow....

    ha ha ha ha ha ha snicker snicker....

    ok, I'm going to try to get reacquainted with my pillow..... will check back in later this morning..... Hugs, rikki


  28. Sarge, hoping all is well with you! We're holding down the fort over here...

  29. That idiot DiBlahBlah went off to join the rioters in Hamburg, and one day after that cop was assassinated.
    New Yorkers ought to recall that sob but I doubt they will...

  30. Charlie Gard may get his chance...apparently the NIH is allowing another court hearing, his life support isn't being pulled and a fox video from earlier this morning says that Trump will "confront" May about that case.

  31. Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Obama, Clinton. Take those 5 aholes out, and about a dozen more lackeys out, politically...and this country moves forward.

    I can see it now. FAKE NEWS. "OH MY GOD! NUNYA JUST ADVOCATED VIOLENCE against Democrats!"

    Whatever. Cut off the head of the monster (politically), and the monster will die.

    Now is the time. (And I don't care how much that pimply-faced Zuck screws with my FB account to annoy me...I'll keep doing things that piss him and his limp-wristed socialist anti-American buddies off. Until he suspends my 1st Amendment Rights, of CNN. Then?

    I guarantee you that I will go ZZ Top on them. (Which I am really close to doing, now).

    "I'm bad, bad bad, bad, bad...I'm nationwide!"

    Quit blaming me. Quit punishing me. Quit expecting me to bow down, like Imam Obama to radical Islamic Saudi leaders.

    "Don't Tread On Me".

    Back off.

    Anyone agree?😉

  32. But then again keeping those bastards around just might be the best thing we could hope for.

    Think about it.

    As long as Maxine Waters keeps running her hate filled rants going the better.

    And Nancy Pelosi's incoherent ramblings are hard to beat.

    CNN is being exposed as the liars they are.

    Podestta's ties to Russia are finally being questioned.

    Lynch is in trouble.

    On the world stage Trump is making it cool to be an American again.

    His numbers are rising.

    I say let those communist bastards push their hatred and destruction and wallow in their own shit.

    The American people are watching...

  33. Americans United for Life and Cardinal Carlo Cabbarra (Italy) now fighting for Charlie...

  34. This will make Hammer laugh...Shia Laboeuf got busted in Savannah, Ga for drunk in was $7000.

    What a guy.

  35. worried about you Sarge....hoping all is well. hugs.

    1. All is well just taking a break. been real busy the last few days and a few more coming up, Zach and I are doing plenty of homestead work, Tree people are coming this morning to pick up the Big stuff from the tree they took down yesterday, and Monday or Tuesday have a guy coming over to give me a estimate on building a new deck out off my workshop. But all is well the heat is a killer though. Hugs back.

  36. And just like that things are as they should be...

  37. Any one going to the gun show?

    1. Zach and I was going but the tree people showed up so we will wait for the next one,

  38. Sarge about time ya put yer 2 cents in here!
    And all beware this water with a little lemon juice is a great refresher especially when outdoors.

  39. Also good report over on zero hedge about Putin and Trump...Vlad sez: the Trump on tv is much different than the one in person...
    Very promising that both men seem to respect one another as leaders and are willing to try to work together in order to avoid a world war.

  40. Have to give credit , too, to Trump for basically telling the g20 to get lost as far as signing that accursed Paris accord...

  41. Cats time all this stuff I am hiring people to do, that may be all I have left is two cents.

  42. Since yesterday drudge has had two headlines at the top of his from the NY Slimes about a sunday alarm bell and one under the pic of Don Jr about "dirty tricks"...

    Both are about the same subject: Russian collusion, GPS Fusion, that dossier and the Grassley investigation.

    The slimes version is longer than need be, meandering and wordy as hell...rather akin to reading one of Blue's rants at the urinal.
    The other is the teport from Circa News and Sara Carter and is shorter, much easier to read and concise in its reporting.
    Upshot: seems our good friends the dems colluded with this Russian lawyer to set up the Trump family and campaign to take a fall for "collusion" over a rule of law that Putin hates, and said to be why Russia won't allow Americans to adopt Russian kids. This attorney, Netelskaya, was used by Fusion, etc to meet with Don Jr in order to persuade Trump to get that rule (Majitsky ) changed...
    Murky as hell; most plots are. But the upshot is that they failed, meeting at Trump tower barely lasted 20 minutes and absolutely nothing came of it...speculation is that the missing server contains info on that setup.
    The lame cherry also wrote on this today; so far as anybody knows, Putin didn't know about it either.
    Could have much to do with why both these men had that private meeting yesterday, and why the prez has seemingly accepted Vlad's answer on "collusion"...
    And what Drudge pulled is masterful. Two stories same topic but one is a rambling mess, worse than a blackberry patch.

  43. Clarifications: aka not enough coffee this morning...
    The Russian lawyer is "Veselnitskaya"...she was denied a visa but was able to get here for that meeting via "parole entry" ; she was representing a client Preveznon, also tied into all this.
    The Magnitsky Act punishes Russia for human rights violations one being the death of that lawyer awhile back...
    On drudge: Circa just posted update to this story...
    (Note to self: drink more coffee)

  44. And...who got her visa denial paroled???

  45. Should be easy enough to find out.

    And then we can have a conversation about actual collusion...

  46. can bet that the talkers on radio will be all over this. At least I hope so...
    These idiot democrats remind me of 3 Stooges movies when I was a kid (no offense to Stooges...)

  47. Tentacles:
    Podesta of course...
    The washerwoman and her Awan brothers...
    Andrew McCabe...
    Donna Brazile...

    Dead people....


  48. And all it will take to blow this thing sky high is for the republicans to grow some balls...

  49. We can only hope...I don't put much stock at all in that bunch of Rovians lined up behind Paulie and the Turtlehead but the few who are truly conservative are continuing to hold their ground.

  50. "Exposed: Bussed-In Baltimore Protesters Promote Violent Revolution in America"

    Co-authored by Taylor Larson, StockBoard Asset, Derp McDergal, and Carlisle du Rozel via

    Posted on zero hedge, complete with exposes how they set these things up, people they dupe etc. Soros' Open Society foundation by far the biggest organizer of these groups. These tools are not just antifa types...they look like your average walmart shoppers and include women and children.

    This is the kind of crap that must be exposed at every opportunity if we are to have any hope of saving our western way of life.

  51. Democrats re-invent with a dumb new slogan Democrats re-invent with a dumb new slogan »
    Democratic leaders are evidently figuring out that criticizing President Donald Trump's tweets and fantasizing about Russian secret agents camped out in the Lincoln Bedroom aren't helping them regain power in Washington. But having already exhausted efforts to win elections with the help of the bathroom-choice bloc, the party must now attempt to focus on actual political issues. They say they'll offer voters a "Better Deal" on things like infrastructure and the economy. Idiots!

  52. Modern progressives are just as evil in their bloodlust against the South as were William Tecumseh Sherman and Philip Sheridan. Today’s leftists may not yet be waging the shock-and-awe total warfare that the Union generals inflicted upon Southern civilians (whites and blacks alike) and their dwellings, businesses, churches, infrastructure, and food supply, but their aim is still the same: to have the Southern tradition and her people “annihilated and destroyed.”

    “The government of the U.S. has any and all rights which they choose to enforce in war – to take their lives, their homes, their land, their everything,” Sherman wrote in 1864. “War is simply power unrestrained by the Constitution or compact … to the petulant and persistent secessionists, why, death is mercy, and the quicker he or she is disposed of the better.”

    So far, progressives aren’t marching to the sea, raping and burning whole cities, but they are vandalizing, spreading Confederaphobia, and encouraging a kill-whitey message. These hubristic pillagers have been taught that Southerners aren’t a self-determined people with a unique identity and culture. They see Dixie as a scourge and the purging of it as their self-righteous calling. They’re godless puritans to the core.

  53. Good Morning (yes I've had some coffee already) lol

    I had a burst of energy for this beautiful Monday morning - just got done making homemade sausage gravy to go with the pillsbury bikkits.... I'll probably run out of steam by lunch time though -

  54. Well I am frying two lbs of bacon for Zach B's this week and next is the Potatoes O'Brian. and now am back at it he does't want them to crisp.

  55. nothing like good smellin' breakfast in the early morning is there Sarge? Zach is lucky to have a cool grandpa like you.

    Here's a funny from when my sons were little munchkins.... the older son talked kind of dutchy, before he could master phonetic sounds for words, his word for breakfast was bookfest....

  56. I remember you telling me that story, cute. Potatoes almost done, than scramble about ten eggs and onions and finished. And the onions are the ones he planted this year first time he grew anything and his peppers are looking good. He has already gotten the first tomato normal Carol gets the 1st one but she let him have it. What a sport!

  57. saw this on facebook earlier this morning - our President trying to help a Marine who was guarding Marine One Helicopter....the strong wind blew the Marine's hat off. Our President Trump did something that I never thought a President would do..... stop, pick up the hat and try to put the hat on the Marine - but wind blew it off again - what a wonderful genuine gesture of our President to stop what he was doing and care enough to help the Marine, who standing at attention could not pick up his own hat.

  58. 10 to one, the Libtards won't talk about this