Thursday, July 6, 2017

The meme wars have begun and CNN has no one to blame but themselves...

"CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change."

You guys have all heard the story about CNN tracking down the poor schmuck who created the goofy internet GIF that Trump re-tweeted,

In their world everything else ceased to exist.

Mocking our fake, lying asses will not be tolerated!.

With a gleam in their eye they breathlessly reported they'd found the guy and as long as he kept his promise not to do it again, his identity would remain secret.

Well, that was yesterday before the whole thing blew up in their faces.

This is today.

As of this morning there have been literally hundreds if not thousands of internet GIFS mocking those arrogant bastards.

Some of them are just goofy and some of them are downright hilarious.

But they all serve a purpose.

And combined together they serve an even greater purpose.

Evidently the American people don't take too kindly to multi-dollar so-called news organizations blackmailing people.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

I could keep posting videos all day long, yes, there are literally that many to choose from.

The point is CNN started something they can't possibly handle and may not even survive.

I suspect they'll do what they can to change the subject.

And I also suspect there'll soon be a few changes in management positions.


Kevin McGinty


  1. NunyaJuly 6, 2017 at 4:29 AM

    Testing 1,2,3....


  2. NunyaJuly 6, 2017 at 4:49 AM

    Really starting to hate "technology". Finally, my stupid phone lets me back in!

    And "machines", too! Like...vehicles!

    Something as simple as a couple screwed-up exhaust manifold studs? $800 to repair?! 😠

    Well...that's the low estimate, anyway. Until, with my luck... "Well, we had to (do whatever) also, and that added $290 to your bill!"

    Ran into a Patriot compatriot down at the muffler shop yesterday. I think you all may know him. He used to host the most-successful blog over at the Pravda-Urinal, until they decided to go full-on Commie-Propaganda/silence-the-opposition Fake News route.

    Anyway...access back, now, on here, on phone. (Was doing a bunch of shit to try to get that shitty Facebook to try to work properly. None of it fixed it, but it screwed up a few other things. I think that scrawny socialist, Zuck, probably has a way of screwing with people who post conservative stuff...just to piss us off!)


  3. NunyaJuly 6, 2017 at 5:20 AM

    Urinal staff has thrill running down their legs about this:

    "Lawyer group files federal complaint against Kobach"

    "The complaint by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law claims Kobach violated the Hatch Act by promoting his work as vice chair of President Donald Trump’s election integrity commission in appearances and on websites related to his gubernatorial campaign."

    "The Hatch Act prohibits government employees from using their positions to influence elections."

    First of all, does any politician currently employed, and campaigning, ever list or mention anything in their "resume" to campaign on? Pretty sure they ALL do!

    Secondly, "prohibits government employees from using their positions to influence elections"?

    I guess we should charge nearly everyone in Congress, and Vice Presidents, and Presidents, with violating "the Hatch Act", if they say anything in support of a candidate, OR in opposition of a candidate? Any member of Congress who spoke supporting Hillary should be charged. They are CLEARLY "using their positions to influence elections"! Go get'em! Get'em ALL!!!

    Finally, those things they say Kobach mentions are absolutely hated by the left. He is out there drumming-up his own opposition issues. Why would they even want him to stop?! How STUPID are they?!

    Oh...and let's hope that absolutely no person employed by the government chimes in on THIS issue, or on Kobach's all. You know what that would be?

    It would be "using their positions to influence elections". Which is violation of the Hatch Act.

    Go ahead, you lib morons. Open up that can, and let's shake it out!

  4. NunyaJuly 6, 2017 at 5:54 AM

    "Shawnee County considering raises for 12 department heads Thursday"

    Sure doesn't look like most of them are hurting in the "pay area". By all means...let's hit up the hard-working, already-struggling private-sector taxpayers for even more.

    I can anyone be expected to live on ONLY $70,000-$100,000+/yr (plus taxpayer-supported benefits)?!

  5. Sargejr JimJuly 6, 2017 at 6:14 AM

    I wonder if they are on food stamps?

  6. Golly...I'm either always late to the party...or early!πŸ˜‚

    CNN has been digging their own hole, deeper and deeper, for awhile.

    It seems liberals just have this innate ability to puff out their puny chests, get all "bravado", and do stupid crap that totally backfires on them!πŸ˜‚

    We've known forever that their idiotic policies never work. They try to "fix something", and they end up creating an exponentially-multiplying, rapidly-increasing number of even worse problems in the process.

    It is rarely possible to have even one brain cell of "common sense", and also be a liberal.

    Or, if one does have any intelligence, and they are a liberal...the only other alternative besides pure stupidity is that they are pure evil.

    One or the other. There is no third option.

    I hope CNN goes down in flames. Followed by the rest of them. Including the withering little local Commie rag.

    America will be much better off without their Fake News lies and leftist propaganda. πŸ˜‰

  7. Good Grief they are trying to blackmail the kid? CNN is a nothing burger and will fold for the lack of cheese.

  8. I watched a little bit of CNN this morning.

    The talking heads seemed a little subdued.

    It's almost like something's changed.

    Weird, huh?

    1. It is weird that you watched CNN..Lol I know you watch than you report I understand. :)

  9. Well I got to see the eye doctor today at 9, haven't had them checked since 1993 I think. Maybe I will see things clearer soon, Good Grief I hope I like what I see. :)

  10. 1973?

    Good grief, Sarge.

    Sounds like you get your eyes checked about as regular as you change your oil...

  11. Ok Cats and Hammer Give me some links to these places.

  12. Use search term'll get several links including for their videos...they're rather geeky and some strange stuff shows up but freedom matters. for the zh site...a regular blog with older people based on their comment posts and the Tylers do a lot of well-sourced writing on the issues of the day.
    Neither of these sites have any use for pc so don't be shocked at what you may find...


    8 chan

    4 chan

    Both these links are to politically incorrect. There are several pages and categories to view.
    Many interesting things.
    Many things you may not want to see.

    Also, you may find Google won't reference these places. They are banned.

    It truly is the birthplace of the meme. And weaponized autism(and that is not a slight to the relevance condition, it's just a term. So take it with a grain of salt.)

    No blame goes to hammer if you are offended, please.... Lol


    1. Hammer, am able to get them with chrome and thanks for the 8chan. Gotta check them out too.

  14. I'm offended that you think anyone here is snowflaky enough to be offended, Hammer!!

    Wow...wait. I just said I'm offended! OH NOOOO! I hope I'm not turning into a crybaby liberal!!!!πŸ˜‚

    1. You better not be...there are calling cards available for that. Fresh batches being minted...


    Suspicious truck prompts bomb squad response at Hanscom Air Force base....

    glad that this was stopped before it went onto the Air Force Base.... developing story.

  16. Truck declared safe, though some pallets have been removed for further testing....

    The news article said the base is returning to normal operations.

  17. Getting crazier by the day. Trump in germany today; report is that Merkel made it a point to hold g20 in Hamburg to make it easier for protesters to get close...but this is MORE FAKE NOOZE FROM...GUESS...yup, the Crapweasel Narrative flunkie named Nick Robertson. Rush reporting that just now.

    1. There are protesters but the Merkel part is the fake stuff.

  18. Update on Charlie Gard...he's still on life support for a few more days;,parents now have well over a million dollars for his treatment and May now said to be "leaving the door open", whatever that means. Parents still fighting the court and their so-called health care system for custody of their son and to get him to the US. two hospitals now offering to try to treat him. Also two other kids have survived following experimental treatments. Disease is " mitochondrial depletion syndrome" and is extremely rare. One survivor was diagnosed at two months and is now a healthy 6 year old...Beck spent an hour on this story on his morning radio show. Although hope is extremely thin, that child deserves a chance. Story is everywhere online now.

  19. I can't wait till Fox get rid of Shep Smith, he gets more liberal all the time.

    1. I feel the same way. I won't watch Fox if he is on spewing his trash.

  20. Related, also courtesy Beck...
    Baby Knauer, aka "case k" and "baby Kretschmar"...
    This child was a 5 month old born blind, missing a leg and part of an arm, in 1939 Germany. The truth of what happened to this baby was finally unearthed in 2003, uncovered in Stasi archives. The parents, for whatever reason, wanted rid of him. In his Nuremberg testimony, Hitler's personal doctor had this to say: "the father of a deformed child wrote to the Fuhrer with a request to be allowed to take the life of this child or this creature. Hitler asked me to take care of this case. The child had been born blind, seemed to be idiotic and a leg and parts of the arm were missing."
    About a month later, a decree from Hitler's interior ministry ordered the "mercy killing" of disabled children. What followed was the systematic euthanizing of nearly 300,000 disabled people--deemed to have "no quality of life"--they were taken to hospitals, 6 were involved, and drugged, gassed or starved to death. Names were changed on paperwork and the excuse given to families was that "something happened".
    And this horror was what ushered in Hitler's quest to develop a master race.
    Records at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute indicate that Dr. Mengele's last scriot was for a "large quantity of luminal"..dosage would put them to sleep and death was result after 3-5 days.
    Article "Named: the baby boy who was Nazi's first euthanasia victim" by Irene Zoech, Berlin and can be found at
    That's yer average socialized health care. The government literally controls all.

    1. Oops..."scriot" should read "script"

  21. And that is the reason to keep your powder Dry Cats.

  22. "Welcome to Hell" reads the drudge headline...protesters, armed and masked ( most are) arriving in Hamburg and rioting. Some 100,000 from across the eurozone, protesting Trump. Anarchists. Pure hell.
    Merkel and the eurozone brought this on themselves.

  23. She probably helped organize it...

    1. There won't be any Germany down the road, just in name only, you have no country with open borders don't let anyone fool ya.

  24. Gotta wonder why they put up with Merkel. She seems to be 100% idiot.

    Good thing I'm not in charge. Those water cannons would just be a warning...and I'd have'em blasting full-force, up close and personal!! "SURE...Y'ALL CAN STAY! AS LONG AS YOU DON'T MIND THE SPRAY!!"πŸ˜‚

    Idiots. I'd bet if you asked 100 of those morons what they are protesting, you'd get at least 100 different answers.

  25. Before I forget which is easy me to do lately, Where is SSAH?

  26. Not sure but I do remember him saying something about you pissing him off the other day...

    1. What??? That didn't happen... I hope. Good Grief if I did I am Sorry SSAH.

  27. Lol....

    Dam sarge. What did you do this time?

  28. Hammer, Hell if I know what ever it might be it is because I am old, hell even that is getting old. Maybe time to just retire.

  29. By the way, I bet it would of been neat to see MSM actually broadcast the footage of the trump chants in the streets pf Poland when he visited. They were brought on by the anti radical Muslim speech. Really would of done some folks stateside to see and hear a truthful message.

    I know,I me a dreamer.
    But not the illegal dreamer, so you can save the

    Instead we get to see hellburg Germany.
    And more black masked violent miscreants....

  30. Ah, more of that left-wing violence that doesn't exist...

  31. Think I will stick with the old for awhile. :):)

  32. Come on Sarge, you gotta keep up...