Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Alger Hiss would have been a happy man these days, and a loyal democrat

Who was Alger Hiss you might ask. Glad you asked. Alger Hiss was a Communist in America in the 1930s, a supporter of Stalin's Communist party. He was a apparachik for the party, working in the United States Government. He was involved in the founding of the United Nation. He worked in the United States State Department. He was also an active member of the Communist party and working on their behalf to cause the destruction of the American government. He was outed by Whittaker Chambers in 1948, who was also an undercover Communist who walked away from the party and devoted himself to helping America rid themselves of this scourge. Alger Hiss was convicted of perjury and served three and a half years in prison.

He would be a happy man in today's America, because the Communist party is no longer working undercover through it's network of spys, but openly through the democrat party, with the assistance of possibly millions of newly created apparachiks who support the cause. Hell, they almost ran a Communist for President. A man who openly admits it, and has a long history with ties to Communism and Soviet Russia. If hillary and her cohorts hadn't stolen the primary from him he would have been the candidate. It's the only thing she ever did to help her country, and she only did that out of self serving greed. And I know, you will say, but Safe, he was a democratic socialist. Great, he invented a new name for the same thing. No difference. He is a commie.

And what is the Apparachik word you throw around so much, Safe? Well, another good question. Apparachik evolves from the word Apparatus. The Communist party called their operation to infiltrate our government an Apparatus, and the workers involved Apparachiks. So when I use that word you know what it means.

And the interesting thing is the Communists from that era, the 1930s and on used many of the same tactics they still use today. When caught or confronted, they along with their media cohorts launch into a campaign of spreading the narrative that only crazy paranoid conspiracy nuts see Communists everywhere. Why, that's just crazy they say. They do the exact same thing today. But it's the same people, or their ideological descendants anyway.

Tailgunner Joe McCarthy and the House on UnAmerican Activities Committee, called HUAC sought to expose these people and drive them out of our government and our culture. They did succeed in some cases but in the end the Communists sold the narrative they always do. That it was unfair persecution, just plain mean.

There was a movie made a while back about the Hollywood blacklist. It portrayed a bunch of people who were blacklisted. They were sympathetic characters. Family men. Actors. Writers. And Communists. But the sales pitch was how unfairly they were treated when in fact they were dedicated to the destruction of our country.

So this con job still goes on today. And the biggest salesman is the democrat/communist party. Selling the Communist ideology with a new coat of paint. Life is unfair. That guy has more than you. You deserve some of what he has. You deserve to be paid far more than you are worth in the labor market just because you deserve it. The real value of labor isn't as a commodity. You are being exploited. Workers of the world unite.

So now we have a President who isn't playing the soft tyrannical Communism game. He's promoting America on what always made America great. Work, striving for more. Not hand outs. And the godless left is going nuts. They thought they had control after they elected a Marxist President for two terms. They didn't count on America waking up to their scheme and rejecting it.

So they are insane with rage. They have lost their collective minds. And they are determined to bring back their apparatus through any means necessary. That's how Communists work. Stalin murdered some 35 million or so people to retain his power. Mao some 50 million. You think American Communists are going to let an election stop them?

I do. I think it's over. They haven't figured it out, but it is. And it may come hard to them when they finally do figure it out. But I don't care.

See....we're Making America Great Again!


  1. Always Safe, Always Prepared another fine job of laying it out there SSAH. Trump has these commie Bastard head twisted every way he can.

  2. I'm posting the Captain's comment from the last blog because I'm anxious to find out whether or not Blue has any memorized talking points to refute what was said...

    Kenneth Remfry June 13, 2018 at 6:41 AM

    Trump had to deal with Kim as an equal because the Kim has nukes. If you have nukes THEN you have to be dealt with respectably. I wonder HOW he got those nukes? Remember the "deals" with North Korea back in the 90s "because of a famine?" Slick Willie assuring us that "it was a good deal." WELL DO YOU, BOZ??? (Cue in Boz coming in like Bugs Bunny with "Hello My Baby, Hello My Honey," doing his best song and dance to cover for the Clintstones.) Savy there, "Ian?"

    Republicans cleaning up a Dem mess. You can tell when a Republican has hit a nerve with a Dem by the increase in volume of the caterwauling. Well the straight fact is this: Trump met with a leader that the Dems haven't. One who, unlike Justin Trudeau, has nukes and missiles. Of course, Trump could have stuck his head in the sand (or is that draw a line in the sand) like Obama, or crudely tried to fob them off like der Schlickmeister. Instead he negotiated. Like I said, Kim came off much better than DeNiro did this week.

    But by all means, when what you're doing isn't working, double down. I'll bet you'd have been a hoot as a lab partner in Orgo there, Boz. ("Don't put MORE of that precipitate in the solution, man!")

  3. Socialism did not begin with Marx and Engels. Socialism/communism ideas have been around forever. They may have worked with early prehistoric man and in certain limited instances in modern times. The titular head of my religion is a misguided socialist as were the original Apostles. Greed and/or lust for power always rears it ugly head. The United States is the only nation I am aware of built on an idea. The idea of freedom. We must always be alert for threats to that idea. From within and from without.We could use a Joe McCarthy today.

  4. Ya Blue Bird should be on the government computer anytime now, we will see what he spits out of that commie asshole mouth of his soon.

  5. Tailgunner Joe McCarthy was a hero maligned by the godless left and subjected to a successful smear campaign that tainted his legacy.

    Richard Nixon was a member of HUAC when he was a congressman. Whittaker Chambers remembers him fondly as very astute and perceptive, asking probing questions and truly seeking the truth. He also didn't believe Alger Hiss when he lied about being a Communist.

    Communism started when Cain slew Able out of jealousy because Able's sacrifice to God was accepted and his was rejected. Able did what God asked, Cain did what he wanted. And he killed Able because he succeeded and he himself failed. That was the birth of Communism. It's been pretty much the same ever since.

    Communism is rooted in atheistic belief. They reject God. As does the modern democrat/communist party interestingly enough.

  6. And your comment about rejecting God isn't just hyperbole.

    It's a matter of official policy...

  7. And remember when you reject God you lose, and always will.

  8. Evidently, your nemesis Hillary Clinton pissed in your cereal again. But your analysis of the development of nuclear weapons is just wrong, grossly simplistic and glosses over the truth.

    You surmise that Bill Clinton gave North Korea $5 billion and two nuclear reactors in 1994, essentially giving them nukes. The 5 billion figure included the construction cost of the reactors and 400 million in heavy fuel oil to NK between 95 and 03 ( note, into the Bush administration ).
    Clinton did negotiate a deal in 1994 to provide two nuclear reactors and provide heavy fuel oil to North Korea in exchange for the country giving up its nuclear weapons program.
    That's about where the truth of this meme stops. The energy aid costs didn’t approach anywhere near $5 billion, and the reactors were never built. North Korea had continued to enrich uranium on its own, leading the Bush administration to end the deal. The agreement, while a failure, didn’t give North Korea nuclear weapons. Experts said the agreement actually slowed North Korea down. Which experts ?
    Read Richard Nephew, researcher at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy. Follow up with Joshua Pollack, senior research associate at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Monterey California.

    Savy there big guy ?? I know your background ( at any serious level ) likely included the rigors of history, political science, English History, the law, rhetoric, polemics etc. But regarding the development of nuclear technology you’re simply wrong.

    Then this bizarre truism : “If you have nukes THEN you have to be dealt with respectably”. Is that right ? Is that what happened ? NK has nukes yes. We have lots more. But the consensus even by the most conservative pundits ( no, not the batshit crazy ones with a 12th grade education like Rush Limbaugh ) are looking at Trump’s performance in Singapore in horror.

  9. Consider the comments of former CIA Director John Brennan. Regarding the cessation of joint war games with the S. Korean military Brennan said the following :

    "Our military exercises with South Korea are not just designed to send a signal to North Korea, but also to make sure that in the event of some more Chinese adventurism in the area that the interoperability that U.S. forces need with South Korean forces, Japanese and others is going to be there," Brennan said.”

    And what are republican strategists saying ? Well, nothing much good. Rick Wilson said it was absurd for Trump to tout a joint statement signed by the United States and North Korea that didn't mention any way to verify that North Korea is dismantling its nuclear weapons program.
    "Russia, Iran, Syria, and other bad actors want to thank you, Mr. President," he writes. "You sent the clearest of signals that sanctions regimes, inspections, and verified denuclearization are no longer relevant in our brave new era of nationalist populist strongmen and Michael Bay knockoff videos."

    If all that’s not bad enough check the foreign press. You’d think Israel.. yes ISRAEL would give it’s shill in the U.S. some slack did nothing of the sort. How nice that you think ‘talking’ is better than not talking. Ha’Aretz – June 13, 2018 concludes otherwise. Your assertion is acknowledged in the first sentence. Then your argument falls apart.
    “But the understandable wish to see conflicts solved through negotiations and the recognition that the importance of summits often lies in the very fact that they occurred - never mind the media’s natural inclination to unrealistically inflate the import of events - cannot hide the fact that the big winner in Singapore wasn’t the leader of the world’s strongest democracy but a murderous dictator from one of the most oppressive countries on earth. Kim was given legitimacy, respect, accolades and hugs from the president of the United States without giving up anything tangible in return. Moreover, he is now in possession of a written commitment from the United States to maintain his terrible tyranny as well as a later announcement by Trump that his country would suspend its joint military exercises with South Korea, which Trump described, just like Pyongyang, as “provocative.”

    So what is the bottom line Howdy ?? Trump appears to be dismantling our security arrangement in Europe, and now East Asia. Let’s call the last 70 years Pax America for the hell of it. If this clown continues, not only will we lose the trust of our allies, we will have lost the respect of the world. And worst of all, the world will have lost the stability that the U.S. and its allies have enjoyed since the end of the Second World War. capisce?

    And would you suggest your friends refrain from “ Ah don’t like you commie fascist libtard piece of dog crap” etc. I’m no longer the only one who reads this, and this sort of crap hardly helps an already battered image of Kansas.

  10. John Brennan? They guy that admitted voting for the Communist Party candidate for President in 1976? That John Brennan?

    The rabid President Trump hating hyper partisan operative of the democrat/communist party?

    That the guy you're citing as some kind of source for anything other than communist anti-America propaganda?

    You're just a special kind of stupid, aren't you?

    And frankly I could care less what you think of my blog, and what your friends think is of infinitesimally smaller ranking on the give a shit scale.

    You got something to say to me, say it rummy. Don't talk to the good Captain and imagine somehow that will get communicated to me. This is my blog. I'll write whatever the hell I want. You don't like it, feel free to not read it. Got it?

  11. And if you imagine you and your friends don't like Kansas, try to imagine how little Kansas likes you and your friends.

  12. Again you're saying that Trump did the wrong thing without the slightest whiff of what could be done differently. If Kim doesn't deliver, then the exercises can start again. My stepson understood the concept, so it shouldn't be such a jump for you. None of the prior methods of engagement worked for jack. Besides, if the Chosen One had done this meeting, you'd have been praising it up and down; leading me to believe that your disapproval is mostly partisan polly-ticks.

    Tell me again why we have to do all the heavy lifting for the EU and South Korea? South Korea has exponentially more potential than the North. The EU has a huge economy and could have military might to match. But if they'd rather give their budget over to those cuddly refugees, who am I to judge, right?

    Get serious. Calling us a "piggy bank" or an "ATM" is a bit of hyperbole there, but the fundamental truth remains. You Dems like "diversity" so damned much, fine, we can have a diverse world powerwise, too. Isn't like Kim's going after Kansas or Riga anytime in the near future.

    And you still haven't shown me how any of the methods of treating North Korea in the past (except perhaps, Truman's) has worked at all. I don't care what a tyrant he is in Korea - anymore than I cared about what Saddam Hussein did in Iraq. Nations get the governments they can tolerate. Barring a new Third Reich or USSR coming on out there, time for us to mind our own bees-wax.

    Lastly concerning my education, you should have already surmised that I took Orgo (2 semesters). Since that's the big pre-med weed out, you can assume that I have some scientific knowledge. Don't try to bluff me, Boswell Boy.

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  14. Blue Jay are you tired of getting your ass kicked or do you just enjoy the feeling dickhead.

  15. The stupidity flows freely through these Trump haters.

    He's conceding too much....


    He's conceded nothing.

    We've been holding these war games for decades now and what exactly do they accomplish?

    They burn through hundreds of millions of dollars and that's about it.

    The sanctions are still in place.

    The military response remains in place.

    What's changed then?

    Rocket Man is no longer threatening the launch nuclear missiles at Japan, Guam, or any number of American cities.

    Our hostages have been released.

    North Korea has shut down a nuclear site.

    And they've just finished their first ever one on one meeting with an American president.

    You haters need to let it go.

    You're making yourselves look stupid...

    1. maybe the anti Trump people want war, maybe they want poverty, maybe they want unemployment - who knows what goes on inside their mentally constipated brains...

    2. Rikki, Bill Maher, one of the most honest Dems, flat out endorsed a recession, purely to get Trump out. No matter what it does to the average Joe. And I'll bet Boz couldn't agree with him more.

  16. Hey Boz, is the above getting through? You just got the fundamentals of the situation in blank verse. Perhaps you'd impress your friends there if you communicated any of those fundamental truths to them.

    But again, feel perfectly free to let your inner selves have voice. It worked so well for "Raging Bullshit" DeNiro. But diplomatic success bolstered by a strong economy strengthens the Republican hand in November. And if the Dems keep acting like a bunch of angry ninnies you could lose your big chance at off year gains.

  17. Sounds like Ian and the idiot dems along with the counterproductive repubs who may as well be dems....maybe they want the course of failures to continue.... they definitely don't want progress.

  18. Well Rikki, in these people's world the ends always justify the means regardless of who gets hurt...

  19. Howdy, you make some good points. To an extent I agree with you on the EU and our Asian allies. In fact, I recall waaay back before I got married on vacation with friends, one of whom was on staff at the Japanese Consulate in KC ( Yes there really is one... at least in the 90's ). He was reading a Japanese ( Georgetown grad, Thunderbird MBA, then Waseda in Tokyo - fluent Japanese ) book that was getting a lot of attention - "A Japan That Can Say No" if I recall correctly. The author argued that Japan had matured and it was time to tell the USA - thanks but we'll go it alone. I asked me friend, why the hell is that a problem. I'm sick of paying their way. He responded, 'who would you rather have calling the shots?" We dropped it. But if we have enjoyed the era I labeled Pax Americana, it was because we did not go it alone. That other members of NATO and our other allies are not paying their own way ( some are, some aren't ) is a separate issue. Frankly, I don't want to worry about the Chinese being in the sort of position we are now. As the world's leading power, all things considered we've been fairly benign. I don't trust the Europeans to run things after the last century - it was a bloody disaster.

    It appears that Trump has showed and even given up far too many cards while getting nothing in return. This appears to be the consensus among not just dems, moderates.... conservatives are going ballistic.

    I have way too much to do... but I actually like civil exchanges of ideas. As for DeNiro, I care about him about as much as I care about Ted Nugent. As for November, I disagree. I think the R party has become the Trump party, and the election of a neo-Nazi Corey Stewart is not a good sign for repubs. But Trump is happy.

    The bottom line is that it was feared by pundits across the political spectrum that what has happened fulfills their worst nightmares. Trump wanting to go one on one attempting to resolve incredibly difficult issues - it feeds his ego. And the signing the 'agreement' or whatever it was only documents that concern.

    I do have a couple of connections to staffers in the White House .... just friends I've known over the years. One was recently at a reception in the Diplomatic Reception Rooms at State Department. He knows John Kelly, and asked how things are going - Kelly told him "I have the most miserable job in the world and I hate it". Not a big surprise. But he made it clear he wouldn't be around much longer. You're putting a positive spin on the Trump in Singapore visit - I don't think Kelly would. And when Ha'Aretz which sucks up to America more than the Washington Times, naw.... this was a mistake. And I will turn your question around - had it been Obama who had visited Singapore, and said ' what the hey, we don't need all those troops on the Korean Peninsula ... and the war games are.. um, provocative. " I suspect you'd rip yourself a new one. One last thing.. Trump has done nothing expect cause the deficit to explode. This will eventually catch up to us. Sorry, but a few months after Obama was elected the economy began to recover and continued to until Trump took over. Trump and the economy are on borrowed time. And the Fed just bumped up the interest rate.

  20. You want to talk ego? Take a long hard look at Obama Ian. And also you'll see Obama's corruption. Obama screwed America while he was in office and you think he did a stand up job?! You're more demented than I realized. Hillary would have caved and ruined what Obama left behind. Obama catered to America's enemies, illegal aliens, etc.

    I am so grateful that Donald Trump is America's President - he'll be soaring into a second term so get used to it.

  21. Furthermore, with all the crapola you spew, I have no doubt that that nonsense that you have White House connections is nothing more than just another load of crap! Wow, you suffer delusions of grandeur for sure.

  22. Besides, if it is truth (which is highly doubtful), if you did have White House connections, you could be under the scope as a traitorous leaker! You might want to keep the eyes in the back of your head open for under cover law agents watching you!

  23. No, had Obama done the Singapore summit I would have been for it. I give credit where it's due. You can ask Kevin, I used to bug the hell out of people giving Obama (and Bush) the benefit of the doubt. As I've said numerous times before, I'm a Republican, but my primary loyalty is to the state, however governed. We have to see, as I said above, all of this, by both sides, is revocable. But talking is better than shooting, all things being equal. I'm proud of what has been done. Some right-wing neocon "pundit" can go stick his own hind end on the DMZ for awhile and see if their opinion changes. For myself, I'm willing to wait and see.

    Look, I don't think the President has the most pleasing personality. Probably hell to work for. But again, I'm looking for results. The economy goes up, it goes down. But right now it's up.

    Japan has every right to tell us "no" when we deserve it. And we have to give such as Japan, Israel and Saudi diplomatic support against the adversaries they're up against. But if American servicemen are going to be called upon to make China dismantle some islands they built, the answer is going to be "no." If it's a problem, it's one for Vietnam and the Philippines. And they've done nothing for us to make me want to face off with the Chinese. See what we (and the EU) caused by inducing the Ukrainians to throw off an elected government? Like I said, mind our own bees wax for a change.

  24. Ian, so you are married, is he tall and handsome or punky like you?

  25. Wow Butt Doc. You topped yourself again. Hope your "coworkers" catch your blunder as well. ..."Trump has done nothing expect cause the deficit to explode. This will eventually catch up to us. Sorry, but a few months after Obama was elected the economy began to recover and continued to until Trump took over."...

    Since you like to call people out, I'll oblige ya. I'd like a source on that statement.

    And while you are sourcing it, Mr Academia, please include the real number on the deficit before and after your emporer.

    You also might want to go back to your finance classes(I'm sure you took them since you claim to know everything) and report back here on the effects of interest rates so low(other than your emporer hiding the fact of ballooning deficit and the interest it accrues, I might add.)

    Being the academic master that you are, I find it a shame you work for the government. It lands your finger off the pulse of the economics of the country. Ultimately that provides no perspective on reality.

    But then again, you are a batshit crazy government working liberal. Reality needs not apply, right?

  26. Dam it Hammer I was just about to say the same thing... That's what happens when you get old, not fast on the draw anymore, but it is sure nice to see the young take over, makes one feel good that's for sure.😂

  27. It is comforting to know there are people willing to take up the fight once our time has run it's course.

    What's even more comforting is that they're raising their kids to follow in their footsteps.

    I know for a fact that my kids will pick up where we left off...

    1. I know your kids will carry the torch as well as Hammers and others, I know I got a grandson waiting to jump in, when needed I am sure we will be ready for what ever when called upon. The snowflakes will just have to get out of the way.

      “One Flag, One Language, One Nation Under God” Supporter of the NRA. And the Constitution.. plus" Beer! Dilly, Dilly..

  28. Tomorrow's a big day, boys and girls.

    They're supposed to finally the long awaited IG report.

    Obviously I have no idea what's in it but I suspect ol Blue's not gonna like it one little bit...

  29. Good morning room 235, Big day for me today the rental house is getting all new carpet put in, then tidy up the few things left and than on the market it goes. Man I will be glad Cost me about $7,500.00 since the 1st day of this year Hoping to clear about 80 Grand when it sells and that is after Realtor fee.s are taken out.

  30. Good luck selling that house, Sarge.

    It'll be nice not having to worry about it anymore...

  31. Inspector General's Report due to be released at 11:00 this morning.

    Expect heads to start exploding at 11:01...

    1. maybe our resident bull shitter Ian will have a front row seat front and center since he claims to have White House connections....he'll give his own croakings of crapola on this I'm sure.

  32. Exploding heads, that should remind us of the 4th of July, can't hardly wait.🍻

    Always Safe, Always Prepared

  33. quotes of the day!

    Churchill, who after having several gin cocktails, was approached by an old elitist liberal and stated, “ Winston Churchill, you are nothing more that a stuffy old drunk! “ To which Churchill replied, “ madam, you are an ugly old women, and, tomorrow morning, I will be sober!”

  34. Kenneth Remfry, thanks for the response. The ironic thing about the new Japanese confidence is that it was amazingly short lived. Soon after the publication of the book I cited the Japanese economy began to stagnate. It has never fully recovered. And who would think the Japanese would be running a deficit right around 220 % of GDP ? That is well over twice the U.S. figure. I agree with part of your argument - that some of our allies need to start contributing their fair share into our mutual defense. That said, the alliances we have created post WW II have served us well. We should maintain them.

    Hammertime, you wrote "Sorry, but a few months after Obama was elected the economy began to recover and continued to until Trump took over."...
    Since you like to call people out, I'll oblige ya. I'd like a source on that statement." Okay, I can do that. In fact I'll take an excerpt from one of many articles- "

    BY KIMBERLY AMADEO Updated May 23, 2018
    President Barack Obama entered office fighting the 2008 financial crisis. He immediately launched the ambitious Affordable Care Act, despite the backlash. His administration continued battling the Tea Party Republicans after they gained a Congressional majority in the 2010 mid-term elections.

    Despite these challenges, he accomplished many great things. Here are the top eleven in chronological order.

    Find out how they match up to the 2008 "Yes We Can!" campaign promises.

    1. Ended the 2008 Recession
    In February 2009, Congress approved Obama's $787 billion economic stimulus package. It cut taxes, extended unemployment benefits, and funded public works projects. The recession ended in July when GDP growth turned positive. In just seven months, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act pumped $241.9 billion into the economy. That increased growth to a robust 3.9 percent rate by early 2010. By March 30, 2011, almost all ($633.5 billion) of the funds were spent.

    2. Modernized Auto Industry
    Obama bailed out the U.S. auto industry on March 30, 2009. The federal government took over General Motors and Chrysler, saving three million jobs. It forced the companies to become more fuel efficient and therefore more globally competitive.

    3. Received 2009 Nobel Peace Prize
    On October 9, 2009, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.

    The Committee lauded "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." He withdrew troops from Iraq in 2011. He reduced the U.S. nuclear warhead stockpile by 10 percent.

    4. Reformed Health Care
    On March 23, 2010, the Affordable Care Act revolutionized healthcare.

    By 2014, the economy benefited from having 95 percent of the population on health insurance. The greater number of people receiving preventive care reduced the number of expensive visits to emergency rooms. That slows the rise of health care costs for everyone. That's because Medicaid reimburses hospitals for emergency care. Those are the most significant of Obamacare's 10 advantages.

    Why did health care need to be reformed? Rising costs threatened to take over the entire federal budget. It was also the no.1 cause of bankruptcies. In return, Americans received the worst health care in the developed world. It is the only one of 33 developed countries without universal health care.

    President Donald Trump promised to "repeal and replace" Obamacare. As of October 2017, he has failed to pass any legislation. But he is weakening Obamacare even without repeal.

  35. 5. Regulated the Big Banks
    In July 2010, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act improved regulation of eight areas that led to the financial crisis. The Consumer Financial Protection Agency reduced harmful practices of credit cards and mortgages. The Financial Stability Oversight Council regulated hedge funds and banks that became too big to fail.

    The "Volcker Rule" banned banks from risking losses with their depositors' money. Dodd-Frank clarified which agencies regulated which banks, stopping banks from cherry-picking their regulators.

    Dodd-Frank directed the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. These regulated the riskiest derivatives, like credit default swaps and commodities futures. Dodd-Frank also asked the SEC to recommend how the credit rating agencies, like Moody's and Standard & Poor's, could be improved.

    6. 2010 Tax Cuts
    In December 2010, Obama and Congress agreed upon additional stimulus in the form of an $858 billion tax cut. It had three main components: a $350 billion extension of the Bush tax cuts, a $56 billion extension of unemployment benefits, and a $120 billion reduction in workers' payroll taxes.

    Businesses received $140 billion in tax cuts for capital improvements and $80 billion in research and development tax credits. The estate tax was exempted (up to $5 million), and there were additional credits for college tuition and children.

    6. Eliminated bin Laden Threat and Withdrew Troops from Iraq and Afghanistan Wars
    On May 1, 2011, Navy SEALs attacked the al-Qaida leader's compound in Pakistan and eliminated Osama bin Laden. Later that year, Obama withdrew troops from the Iraq War. Three years later, renewed threats from ISIS meant troops had to return. The Sunni-Shiite split within Islam means there may always be wars in the Middle East.

    In 2014, Obama wound down the war in Afghanistan. Ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan should have reduced annual military spending. At over $800 billion, it was the largest discretionary budget item and one of the leading causes of the budget deficit and national debt. Instead, spending on the War on Terror remained higher than during the Bush administration.

    7. Raised Fuel Efficiency Standards
    On August 28, 2012, the Obama administration announced new fuel efficiency standards. He required cars and light trucks obtain 54.5 MPG by 2025. That would reduce oil consumption by 12 billion barrels, saving drivers $1.7 trillion. It would also reduce the damage of climate change by lowering greenhouse gases.

  36. Good Grief two buckets of shit.

  37. The Trump administration promised to roll back these standards. But California requires zero-emissions vehicles. Twelve other states adopted the mandate. Major automakers must build cars to meet stricter standards in the European Union and Asia.

    8. Won 2012 Presidential Re-election
    On November 6, 2012, Obama won a second term. Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney promised to repeal Obamacare and Dodd-Frank. Voters were not sure about eliminating health benefits and regulations against big banks. Romney failed to capture the country's imagination by not presenting a new vision for economic growth.

    9. Reduced Carbon Emissions
    Obama announced carbon reduction regulations in 2014. He enacted the Clean Power Plan in 2015. It reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 32 percent from 2005 levels by 2030. It did this by setting carbon reduction goals for the nation's power plants. To comply, power plants agreed to create 30 percent more renewable energy generation by 2030. It encourages carbon emissions trading by allowing states that emit less than the carbon cap to trade their surplus to states that emit more than the cap.

    10. Nuclear Agreement With Iran
    On July 14, 2015, Obama brokered a nuclear peace agreement with Iran. That meant Iran could not longer build a nuclear bomb in three months. Instead, it would take at least a year. In return, the United Nations lifted the economic sanctions it imposed in 2010. Trump is weakening the agreement to try and negotiate a better deal for the United States.

    11. World's Largest Trade Agreement
    On October 4, 2015, Obama's team negotiated the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It would have replaced NAFTA as the world's largest free-trade agreement. It would have removed tariffs between the United States and 11 other countries that border the Pacific Ocean. On January 23, 2017, Trump withdrew the United States from the agreement. The other countries are planning to continue the agreement anyway. Japan and the European Union are negotiating their own agreement.

    Obama launched the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the United States and the European Union. His term ended before negotiations could be finalized. It would have been bigger than the TPP. Trump has not moved forward on the TTIP.

  38. Blue Jay did you mention the Obama added 10 trillion to our debt? Or did I miss that part?

  39. 12. International Climate Change Agreement
    On December 12, 2015, Obama and 196 other countries announced the Paris Climate Agreement. Countries agreed to reduce carbon emissions and increase carbon trading. The goal is to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial temperatures. Developed countries will contribute $100 billion a year to assist emerging markets. They bear the brunt of damage from climate change. They face increased typhoons, rising sea levels, and more severe droughts.

    On October 5, 2016, enough countries ratified the agreement that it went into effect. At the 2016 G20 meeting, China and the United States agreed to ratify the agreement. These two countries are the world's largest emitters of greenhouse gases. On June 1, 2017, Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal from the agreement.

    13. Best Job Creator
    Obama is the biggest job-creating president in U.S. history. His policies put 22.309 million people to work from the depths of the recession in January 2010 to the end of his term. That's because unemployment continued to rise even after the recession ended in 2009. It takes a few months of economic growth before businesses are confident enough to begin hiring again.

    Since the beginning of his term, he put 17.267 million people to work. That makes him the second best job-creator, following Bill Clinton. Job gains would have been even better if Congress had approved Obama's proposed Americans Jobs Act. "

    THERE - and the link
    p.s. you know the "butt doc" think is really kind of childish.... but go for it if you think that advances your argument. I prefer to take a more adult approach. In any case, I gave you what you wanted.

    As for the really lame comment sargejr Jim... "Sargejr JimJune 13, 2018 at 4:15 PM
    "Ian, so you are married, is he tall and handsome or punky like you?"

    What... are you 12 or something. Come on man, grow up. And what difference would that make anyway ? Are you part of the Phelps crew ? They did Topeka a lot of good didn't they ?

    Anybody want to try to convince me that Brownback's tea party economy did Kansas any good ? Howdy has argued that if Kansas had an ocean, or mountains, the situation would be lots better. Is that right ? So what's the problem with Alabama, Mississippi, or states with spectacular mountains like Tennessee ? Hey, they have a great ( partly state subsidized ) "Creationworld" or something like that... even has a reproduction of Noah's Arc. And we wonder why red states do so poorly.

    I'm doing rounds today and am off the computer.

  40. Barack Obama’s two terms in office were defined by his efforts to intentionally weaken the United States.

    But there was one betrayal that was unforgiveable on every level.

    And the last person you would ever expect just called out Obama for his act of treason.

    Donald Trump made withdrawing from Barack Obama’s Iran deal a centerpiece of his campaign.

    Trump labeled the deal as the “worst in history” because Obama funneled palates full of cash to Iran which allowed them to acquire a nuclear weapon once the agreement’s sunset clause kicked in.

    When Trump withdrew from the deal in May, Trump supporters cheered that the days of appeasing terrorist regimes was over.

    Meanwhile, members of the “resistance” and the media whined in protest that Trump was undoing Obama’s “legacy” and putting the world at risk of war.

    But as it turns out, Trump had some backup from unexpected sources.

    James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence under Barack Obama, wrote in his book, “Facts and Fears: Hard Truths from a Life in Intelligence,” that Obama gave up too much in the Iran deal.

    Clapper wrote:


  41. Hey SargeJr Jim... is it possible for you to try to say something... anything without using filthy language ? Is your vocabulary that limited ??

    1. No I love pissing in your beer asshole Got it Good.


  42. Barack Obama’s two terms in office were defined by his efforts to intentionally weaken the United States."

    But there was one betrayal that was unforgiveable on every level.

    And the last person you would ever expect just called out Obama for his act of treason.

    Donald Trump made withdrawing from Barack Obama’s Iran deal a centerpiece of his campaign."

    This is nothing but verbal masturbation. Cite sources. And Trump's pledge to withdrawal from the Iran deal made nobody but Israel happy. Perhaps in making that pledge we can better understand why Trump lost by 3 million votes. NOW.. GOT TO GO.

  43. You didn't miss it Sarge.

    He doesn't want to talk about that.

    He also won't mention the undisputed fact that during Obama's 8 year reign of leftist terror his beloved democrat party lost 1,100 seats nationwide.

    Blue obviously loves the guy but the American people not so much...

  44. His vocabulary isn't that limited. He just states the truth and what is in plain sight. As he sees in you what every one else see's. A blow heart piece of shit, loud mouth, worthless, stupid piece of SHIT. If you had any guts you would know him from meeting up at a summit. But you being the gutless m f ing worthless piece of shit you don't know one person here. So why don't you take your M F ing kiss ass and go screw yourself. You shouldn't have any trouble doing that as we all know what you are.

  45. Boz, you do better making your own arguments, not copying and pasting. I read through the opinion columns at several times a week and can get those arguments at any time. Personally concocted ones work better for me.

    And you didn't really go through many real accomplishments. Most were macro trends that would have been accomplished had anyone been Pres. I don't deny that Pres Obama had accomplishments. He certainly had shortcomings, too.

    These blogs aren't a research paper. I have a pretty good idea how to check any facts I question. I don't need cites (and you'll notice I very rarely give them, either).

    Nevertheless, Boz, you STILL haven't made a real defense that the Singapore summit was a bad thing. There is the fact that all of these things are revocable, but that's almost always the case. And no matter what anyone thinks of "rogue regimes" or "dictators," once a nation has nukes, they must be respected from that point forward. Dealing with objective reality, not make-believe, is the entire point of international relations.

  46. Oh and more...

    While Clapper goes on to say he thinks the deal was the right thing to do, his reservations prove that Trump’s objections to the deal were shared across the political spectrum.

    Clapper’s criticism is stunning because he has been a staunch Obama loyalist and critic of Donald Trump.

    But the Iran deal was such a disaster of epic proportions that even one of Obama’s key advisors was forced to admit Obama gave away the store.

    Obama was desperate for a deal with Iran so he could claim a “legacy” achievement before he left office.

    That anxiety about how the history books would perceive his Presidency led Obama to enter into one of the most disastrous agreements in American history.

    But Obama’s deal – which benefited the Iranians at the expense of American national security – led many Americans to be receptive of Trump’s message of putting America First.

    Americans were thrilled when Trump followed through on his promise because it represented a new day in American leadership.

    Blue, do you agree with Clapper that Obama gave up too much in the Iran deal?

  47. Well, that was a load of horseshit. So faux doc, you ever have an original thought or do you just copy and paste everything? There's no shortage of godless left wing commie propaganda sites out there to get that horse manure from. And they're all filled with lies, distortions and misinformation. That's their purpose, to spread misinformation.

    Just like the communist party apparatus in America has always done. Spread misinformation and lies to people that don't know any better.

    You're just carrying on the work of those Apparachiks before you.

    Personally, I would delete everything you post because it's lie filled communist agitprop meant to spread disinformation. But I'm leaving it up for now.

    But you attack my friend Sarge one more time and you're gone. Sarge can say anything he wants here, unlike you who are on a very short leash. And I may just get in a bad mood and delete your bullshit anyway. We'll see.

  48. Blue just remember what Churchill said.

    Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is equal sharing of misery.

    Matter of fact My Friend SSAH has said about the same thing for many months. Blue you really should pull your head out of your ass...

  49. Ian needs to be booted. He's just playing games here - contributing nothing of value. All he knows is how to insult and spread croakings of crapola.

  50. Replies
    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. I don't know what way to vote ya or nay, because I do love pissing in his beer... I will think on it a little while.

  52. Sorry guys but I gotta go against the grain here.

    It's not that I like guy.

    Actually, I can't stand his ass.

    But we either stand and support our freedom of speech or we don't.

    I do and that means I have to be willing to listen to things I don't like or agree with.

    Besides there's nothing I enjoy more than watching our resident butt doctor make an ass out of himself.

    But that's just me and I'll go along with however you guys vote...

  53. Well, since it's your blog that kind of settles it.

    I said I'd go either way here. Guess that makes sense.

  54. Good my bladder was getting full, where is his beer. HHH

  55. Actually Safe, it's not my blog till next week.

    This is your week. Your rules. And whatever you decide to do is fine with me...

  56. Well that sounds good, you both adapt, improvise and will over come. Kevin you keep Blues raggedy ass around And SSAH kicks the asshole off, sounds like a plan...

  57. I do notice our pageviews increase dramatically when there's opposition here. Hell, if Boz could get his co-workers to actually write something instead of lurking and skulking, we could really get things going. You guys might have noticed my "thing" is getting into it with Dems. Now I usually keep it cool, no sense in turning others off, but I do enjoy a verbal scrap.

    That being said, this IS a conservative site, so personal insults to the regulars are not appreciated. Well, we should probably do less insults, too. I know I'm one of the offenders, but I rarely cuss, right?

    Anyway, we all have access to the internet and can look things up, so if there's a need to cut and paste, let's keep it down to a dull roar, okay? No need for a 4 part treatise. I'd rather hear why people do or don't approve of a president in their own words.

    1. You keep it Cool Ken, I will do the insults, I will only give back what I had to take over the last few years. No nice guy in me to those low life sons of bitches left in me.

  58. Here's what I just saw on the CBS news website:

    "The long-awaited Department of Justice Inspector General report on the handling of the Clinton email investigation by the Justice Department and FBI is expected to be released Thursday at approximately 2 p.m."

    Now if they mean 2:00 p.m.(EDT), then in about 10 minutes (CDT) we'll see the internet light up with this anticipated report.

  59. Here's my take on the foul language Blue's suddenly so worried about.

    I'll be the first to admit I'm guilty of it.

    But now that it's become perfectly acceptable for the left to call the president's daughter a C###t or to open the Tony Awards with some washed up celebrity yelling F##k Trump and receiving a standing ovation because of it, pretty much anything goes.

    It's a little ironic for our internet doctor who just a few days ago went on about Melania Trump the way he did and now he's worried about foul language?

    Screw you Doc.

    See, I cleaned it up...

  60. But I didn't clean it up Blue... Fuck you punk!!

  61. Leave em up. It's always good for people to see just how deep the ignorance runs on the godless commie left.

    I think the majority of readers of this blog (the only ones I care about anyway) understand the situation these days. The enemy lives among us, and has access to spread their hate filled lies through many means. They control virtually the entire media system. Facebook, Twitter and the others are controlled by raging leftists and censor conservatives at will while letting the godless left do whatever they want and spread whatever hate speech they choose.

    We all know when we see the faux butt doc posting his usual copy and paste godless left wing tripe what it is, and where it comes from. It's the same thing these people have been doing for almost a hundred years now. They haven't changed, they do the same things they always did just using newer media forms.

    It's interesting. When confronted with evidence there were communists throughtout the government and actually working for his cabinet, FDR laughed and told the State Dept officials presenting the evidence to "go jump in the lake". Truman refused to consider the possibility that there were communists in the government as well. It was when the House Committee on Unamerican Activities began to unravel just how deep the network ran, and Tailgunner Joe began to expose them that any progress was made. But then the deep state, and yes they were around in the fifties, shut it down.

    This is no joke, this is no crazy conspiracy. This is reality folks. The democrat party is going to run on implementing communism under a different name this year. And they will make more progress than they ever have. Because we have allowed these people unfettered access to our media and our information systems.

    Just a fair warning. When fascism comes to America, it will look like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

  62. A good portion of the current rage of the Dems is that control of the media has served them well over the years. Always been something they could count on in a pinch. It was effective, too.

    They have been so obvious recently, with regard to Donald Trump, that no one is paying attention anymore. They've completely lost their audience. Suffice it to say, this enrages the Dems, but they don't realize that the only way to regain their influence would be to at least pretend to be objective. They literally have lost their self-control. Just look at them. What a spectacle. Samantha Bee, Raging Bullshit, Kathy G., Colbert and others in a seeming contest to see who can act like the biggest demented doofus in public.

    As John Lennon said: Strange days indeed.

  63. Well, if you must.....Ian, with all his demented ramblings, is a brainless fool. He must really enjoy being the butt of jokes.

  64. Okay, I am completing dictations after a day of rounds at several locations. After days like this the stress can fall off the radar screen, or I see enough improvement in patients that makes the job worth it. The MSC is not always an easy place to be.

    But I see that Ken Remfry has made some comments -

    If I am in a hurry, I have no problem cutting and pasting something that I've at least skimmed through. Even if I'm making my own point, I nearly always cite a source that supports my contention. Anything else is about as significant as a fart in a dust storm. Obama being accused of being a "godless, commie, Kenyan, Moooozlim, American Hatin'Nazi probably doesn't carry much weight... but it sure as hell would if someone cited a scholar at say, the Hoover Institute saying just that would. Fat chance.

    Ken writes "Hell, if Boz could get his co-workers to actually write something instead of lurking and skulking, we could really get things going." I guarantee first off, NOBODY is lurking and skulking. I work with people who are fully aware who the CIC is and behave accordingly - but when they read the comments here ?? "Butt Doctor " Or this gem
    " But I didn't clean it up Blue... Fuck you punk!! " The general verdict is if these bozos were all in the same room, it would look like a scene out of Robin Williams "Awakenings". I've been asked .. "Is there an epidemic of encephalitis out there ?? " What can I say? Skulking ? No, they are laughing their asses off. Yup, this cite has become the butt of jokes.

    You really think they want to get involved with this crowd ? I tell them I first made comments after making several visits home when one of my parents was ill, and noted that it seemed the town I grew up in was turning into Detroit on a small scale. Then when visiting relatives in Wichita one trip I realized it was the whole state. But those postings were in the CJ. There were other posters in KM's blog who realized that something had to change.

    John Boehner recently commented that the republican party is dead, and we are left with some sort of "Trumpism" or something. Democrats have "lost their self-control" ! YIKES ! HIDE THE FRIGGEN SILVER !! Come on, cut the crap.

  65. Blue; remember A good speech should be like a womans's skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest. W Churchill

    So shorten you gibber up Blue and just maybe we would read some of them asshole.

    1. I had to learn to read fast. Real fast. And I type fast too. Perhaps somebody at the home, or wherever you hang out could help you. Look, you toss words like 'asshole' out, and I'll show you just as much respect as you do me. Deal ??

  66. Come on, cut the crap.

    Let's tune in to Alex Jones , the geniuses on Fox and Friends, Limbaugh, Hannity with his 12th grade edumacation, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly literally screaming at George Will - a stuffed shirt if there ever was one, but still once widely respected among republican bigwigs. He like many others, has left the party. And you point to someone like Samantha Bee ?? Laughing my tail off at that one.

    Spectacle ? Yeah, like Richard Spencer at the Reagan Building with his neo-Nazi group leading the chants of " HAIL MY PEOPLE !! HAIL TRUMP !! But it's those wacky LIBS that are creating the spectacle ??

    Let me tell you what my colleagues, virtually all of the highly educated, and yeah, in uniform conclude : Kansas has lost its mind, and if the posters here are indicative of what's going on there they want nothing to do with it.

    So I take it you prefer the blathering of Steve Dooshy over Rachel Maddow ? A woman with an Oxford Ph.D. ?? Really ? He reminds me of a nasty little dog that jumps on somebody's shoe and starts humping. Not that different from the EXTREMELY black Armstrong Williams.. remember his interview with Strom Thurman during which he looked at him like one of the kids convinced they were looking at the BVM at Fatima " Aaah jess luv yew .. you are maah hero, America has never produced a greater man than yew..." gaze gaze gaze. Turn head and toss your cookies. In that case Williams was more like the shoe and Thurman the dog. No big secret, well known around this town that our uber right wing shill is a pathetic closeted gay guy.

    So, now we watch the circus that is the Trump administration. Which ring will he be in today ? I'd really like to see Kansas turn things around. This cite is good for a mental health break in the midst of a high stress environment. But it might just be a lot better if people actually discussed what could make T Town a better place. A medium town with 30 murders is truly on a death spiral. By the way, you want to see a joke ? You want to see who people are REALLY laughing at ?? This says it all.Jon Steward and the little dweeb Tucker Carlson being eaten alive. You folks think WE'RE being laughed at ? Nope... sorry. Check it out.

    1. What part of shorting it up didn't you understand asshole?

  67. Dedicated to our bestest communist friend who copies and pastes the weakest shit imaginable, and refuses to reply to the real "bones" of an argument.

    The most complete demonstration of "sharing is caring". Ain't that right, comrade?

    Those bread lines were as fake as the negative coverage of our former emporer. Weren't they?

    And a second term!

  68. Blue, remember One man with conviction will overwhelm a hundred who only have opinions.

  69. Blue, Blue, Blue. You need to get outside your Washington bubble every once in a while.

    You go on about us hicks in Kansas as if we're some kind of firing minority group.

    The thing your arrogance won't allow you to even consider is that there are tens of millions of people just like us from one end of the country to the other.

    Sure, right now you and your kind control the east and west coast but that's about it.

    Don't believe me?

    Just take a quick look at how the electoral map looked on the morning after last year's election.

    America's back baby.

    You can either join us or we'll just roll right over your ass.

    Either way's fine with me...

  70. Fringe...

    Stupid smart phone anyway...

    1. Damn I missed that or I would have jumped in your shit.

  71. The latest left wing battle cry of "They're separating families at the border" cracks me up.

    Don't want your family separated?

    Don't try to sneak into our country illegally.

    Problem solved.

    You're welcome...

  72. Good morning Kevin. And that sounds logical to me, Oh and they seem to think they have a right to sneak in our country. Good Grief!

  73. An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.

  74. Then there's the long awaited IG report.

    568 pages of the same shit we've known all along.

    What a waste of time and money...

  75. I was very disappointed in the IG report. Is there a chance for a rebuttal? Or at least a chance to see the original version before RD got his hands on it. I read the report and there are some contradictions that need to be addressed. Who would be responsible for challenging the report?

  76. I meant Rod Rosenstein instead of RD. There has to be some charges brought forth somehow. Half the recommendations they say they need to work on are very simple tasks and rules that should have been followed all along. At the very leasr they should be charged a fair market amount and have it included on their taxes. ?

  77. Always Safe, Always Prepared...

    All of us age and certain things are to be expected as we start adding more years onto our life. Preppers can take steps now to understand and plan for these situations so that either for ourselves or loved ones we can be better able to deal with the effects of growing old without the safety nets we have now.

    I think the most important thing we can do regardless of our age is to get into the best physical shape possible. Health will pay benefits that cannot be measured in dollars and simply being able to walk for some distances could be the difference between life and death.

  78. Sorry Rose, but that report will stand as is.

    That's what happens when the government investigates itself.

    Just like everything else it'll all be swept under the rug.

    Move along peasants nothing to see here...

  79. Well if no one goes to jail, Trump may have to step in and at least fire some of them, take the bad apples away from the good ones for pete's sake's.

  80. I can almost guarantee no one will go to jump.

    I suspect there will be a couple of low level firings just for show.

    End result?

    The deep state wins again...

  81. Our Government is lased with crooks, the winner is whom ever is better at being a crook, we did see that in the Clinton's.

  82. Seriously, did any of you expect any earth-shaking results from this investigation? This country is so polarized I guarantee you something like the Watergate investigations could never happen again (at least for the foreseeable future). Republicans won't put the Harridan or her enablers in jail because the next time the Dems win Republicans would be entering the hoosegow. It's less backscratching than MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction).

    The President probably will fire some malefactors, but that hardly makes it any different than another day at the Trump Administration.

    And it's maddening for sure. It's one thing when the civil service protects deadwood. It's quite another when it protects malfeasance.

    But I don't want Captain Howdy to turn into Captain Obvious.

    Kevin has the solution to those heart-rending families at the border. Personally, I'd prefer Trump to be more like Viktor Orban (hear that, Boz) in how to deal with illegals. First into a camp, then out.

    And while we're on the subject of our opponent from College Hill - who the hell is Steve Dooshy? I've never heard of him and I'm far from a political ignoramus. But indeed, Maddow is controversial. She's the most adept at being a lefty broadcast personality, but as I've said before, that's winning a beauty contest in a leper colony.

    So again, who the hell is Steve Dooshy?

    1. Just a News Caster for fox, if we are talking about the same person, spelling maybe throwing me off though.

  83. Thanks Jim. And I just noticed that I didn't identify Orban, although I think most of you know who I'm talking about. He's the Prime Minister of Hungary. He also told the EU and Angie Baby to take a flying leap and returned all "refugees" back to the Serb border.