Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Another day, another debate

So we had the Vice Presidential debate. And the same bunch of lies from the democrat candidate. Same bunch of well polished, tested and memorized talking points. Same big fat nothingburger.

So does this change any minds? Doubt that. Unless some people see how idiotic the democrat candidate is and decide they can't in good conscience vote for that bunch of fools.

All they have are these inane often repeated talking points using lies, distortions and misrepresentations to impune the character of Donald Trump. That's all they ever do. Because that's all they have.

Who wins the policy debate?

The economy. Donald Trump. He has a plan, well proven by history to cause the economy to start growing again. Hillary? Raise taxes, grow the government and give more free stuff to the gibbmedats.

National Security? Donald Trump has a plan to secure our borders, deal with illegal aliens, restore our military and make America the strong world power she once was. Hillary? Open the borders, flood the country with muslims from terrorist nations and illegal aliens and continue the obama policies of surrender, mistakes and allowing Islamic terrorism to thrive and dominate the world.

Abortion? Donald Trump is pro life. Solid on that. Hillary? Abortion should be legal and easily available right up to the delivery room. Change your mind while you're delivering your baby? No problem, we'll just kill it instead. That's what they call women's health issues.

Second Amendment? Donald Trump is pro second amendment. Hillary? Opposes the second amendment and openly advocates for confiscation and disarming law abiding citizens. She would use every power she has to take our guns.

Supreme Court? Donald Trump has provided a list of strong pro constitution appointees to fill the vacancy and the others that may come. Hillary? More liberals like Sotomayor the racist. Pack the court with liberals then ram through every godless liberal dream they have ever imagined.

Integrity? Donald Trump is a man of his word. He has a stellar career as a businessman, having built a personal wealth of some $11 billion dollars. He has created hundreds of thousands of jobs, earned the respect of employees and business partners all over the world. Hillary? She's never worked a day in her life, living instead like a sponge soaking up graft and money from corruption and bribes her whole life.

So I don't see where the godless democrats have any issues at all they can claim as success. So they will continue to pound away with the polished tested and repeated word for word personal attacks. Cause like I always say, if that's all you got, that's what you go with.


  1. If you haven't read all the comments on the last blog you should go back and read them. There's some good ones. I hate for anybody to miss them because I put up a new blog.

  2. And that is exactly all they have.

    Scare tactics.

    Fear mongering.

    Hateful rhetoric.

    Distortions and outright lies.

    And personally, I think America's sick of it...

  3. Just where did Hillary dig up this Kaine guy? What a wussie lapdog! Can anyone imagine him having to take over the Presidency if something happened to Hillary? OMG!

  4. He's just another trained seal. He barks and toots a little horn and she throws him a fish.

    These guys require no cognitive ability whatsoever. In fact that goes for pretty much the entire godless left.

    They just repeat the talking points as assigned. Repeat them word for word. Don't try thinking for yourself. Pantsless Billy Clinton just spoke his own thoughts and he's in a whole heap of trouble for calling obamacare a big fat mess. He strayed from the talking points.

    All they do is repeat the same crap. Kaine's the perfect guy for them. Memorize these phrases and work them in as often as possible. Do not say anything else. Now here's your fish.

  5. Good Grief, Timmy act and sounded like a robot, and he was going to get his prepared talking points in even though it wasn't part of the questions, Lame, lame, lame.

  6. Looks like the urinal is going down the drain pretty fast. Ass Mc Goonal cant even get one of his lib buds to post on his worthless urinal blog. Maybe he should call up his ole bud Battshit and get some pointers. Or he could just pay attention to the other no 1 blog and see how a real professional does it.

  7. Apparently that's just what they wanted. They must have gotten tired of having Kevin's blog getting thousands of hits. Guess they figured they could sell a lot more advertising if they had a few dozen hits per month instead of a few thousand.

    And if you doubt it, this blog which does not do near the traffic the urinal blogs used to do gets hundreds of hits per day most days. Last month we got just under 7,500. So I expect this blog to go up while the urinal goes down.

    Interestingly enough, newspapers are dying fast. They are too biased, too partisan and too dumb to keep up with the changing world of media.

    Peak employment for newspapers was in 1990 when they employed 56,900 journalists collectively. This year the number is 32,900. That's a lot of unemployed newspaper journalists. And the quality of those who remain is pretty poor is the CJ Urinal is any example.

  8. It is fun to watch all the new mods come on the urinal and kiss up to Battshit and his closet buddies. Then like magic POOF they are gone no longer to be found in the closet. Any one seen that last guy Gin? Poof out on the unemployment line. But the best days are to come when we see Sperm and Auntie Em go out like a Ks tornado. Just hope some one has a hold of that door. Sue wouldn't want the door to get hurt with them leaving.

  9. I give them hell once and a while.

  10. Ah, the silver tongued Bud Fuller.

    Welcome to the Bunker...

  11. Sure is nice to have a place we can kick back and relax.

    So what was with Kaine last night? The guy was weird. He didn't go off topic, he never seemed to understand what the topic was. Last time I saw anyone act like Kaine did, it was someone under the influence of an illegal substance. Couldn't agree more . . . wouldn't want that to be in line for president.

    Pence was awesome. I'd vote for him for president.

  12. Good evening, PK.

    Yeah, Little Timmy did seem a bit confused.

    He was more worried about working in every memorized talking point he'd been issued than he was actually debating the issues.

    You know, kinda like his boss does...

  13. Great job safe. As well written as any of your stuff.

    Kaine seemed very much like a jerk, and I hope Trump takes a few talking points from Pence. I enjoy how he didn't really take the bait, even with all the rude interruptions.

    The second amendment and the Supreme Court appointees are extremely important in my eyes. I know you touched on it, but I would just like to emphasize that those are the one and two concerns I have. Immigration, budget and trade next.
    Also, I would like to make clear the fact that even when Trump takes over that the revolution isn't complete. It's just a first step to making America great again. The battle must continue being waged in the face of the liberals that wish to change her for the worse.
    Let's not let our guard down, and keep pressure while they are on the run.

    Trump 2016!

    Have a great night bunker peeps.


    Not sure how to read this one. Could be propaganda, or could be pure stupidity.
    Much like a silly clown chasing with a knife.
    Can't remember, but someone once said something about bringing a knife to a gun fight...

    Second amendment could prove very useful, if you ask me.
    But then again, maybe that's just the swastika tats, mullet, and skoal talking...

  15. Can you imagine Hillary having a spasm and Kaine yelling and screaming he's in charge? That's a nightmare?😱

  16. You seem to have a mental disorder, better look into it, Anoymous

  17. Her Bizitchiness's substantial lead?

    And that my friends, is what happens to a person's mind when you spend too much time hiding in the shadows.

    What a dope...

  18. Good morning back at you Kevin, have a good and safe day.

  19. Kreepy Kaine, the Kreepy Klown...ALMOST as creepy as Batshit..but not quite. That IS the first thing I thought of..." THAT guy is SERIOUSLY creepy!" Probably why he's a liberal. That, and he's just plain rude, hateful, demented and ignorant...all of which add up to "liberal". Just like Batshit.

  20. Actually, Kaine would outdo Jack Nicholson and Cesar Romero as the Joker in Batman....and they wouldn't even need makeup!

  21. Nunya, Kaine reminds me of that guy that was on the Carol Burnett show with Tim Conway.

  22. We'll even give Batshit an important role in the movie. The Joker (Kaine) manages to feed Batman some kind of concoction that makes Batman's droppings exponentially grow and keep self-replicating. The Joker's (Kaine's) plan is to compltely clog up the entire sewer system of Gotham City with Batshit, to destroy it all. (Just like Batshit did to a piddly little dying midwestern leftist propaganda rag.)

    It's PERFECT casting, I tell ya! Batman...Kaine the Joker...and together they destroy things!!!!

  23. Harvey Korman, Sarge? Yeah...maybe...except Korman was actually funny and likeable...not (~~~shudder~~~)"Kreepy", like Kaine.

  24. It is pitch black out and a school bus just picked up kids in this area, Good Grief they must have to get up at 5;30 to catch the bus at 6;30.Know wonder they don't learn jack, their brain won't wake up untill 9; am

  25. Well then, it seems we have been blessed by an appearance of the resident Gibsmedat dindu that once went by a handle of Starman.
    Alas, I will only refer to him as ginsmedatMF.
    Seems fitting and accurate.
    And yes, a creepy clown in our midst.
    How bizarre, how bizarre....

  26. Well, it appears we are being visited by a couple of turdpushers now, AKA trolls. One of them does indeed smell like baitfish boy, and the other one like battshit boy. Both follow known patterns, stupid comments that make little sense, never contributing anything to the conversation, only trying to troll the blog.

    I'm going to go ahead and leave them up for now. I think people enjoy seeing the stupidity of the godless left exhibited for all to see. And those morons do a fine job of it. Plus unlike the godless urinal people can respond in kind without fear of being deleted.

    I also enjoy having complete control over their postings. They post at my pleasure, and only if I allow them to. Or Kevin, of course. Unlike the CJ Urinal where they had fellow travelers in the form of godless left wing moderators they enjoy no such support here.

    So as long as they obey our terms of service I'll let them stay. That's just me, of course. Kevin may feel differently about it and make them disappear. I only speak for me.

    But I will warn them. Kevin and I have a pretty low tolerance for trolls so they are on a short leash. Behave yourselves and entertain us like the trained monkeys you are or you will disappear in the click of a mouse.

  27. How about that Bernie Sanders "Democratic Socialism" so many democrats think is just the greatest? Here's a story from Instapundit about Venezuela.

    "It was just a scraped knee. So 3-year-old Ashley Pacheco’s parents did what parents do: They gave her a hug, cleaned the wound twice with rubbing alcohol and thought no more of it.

    Two weeks later, the little girl writhed screaming in a hospital bed. Her breathing came in ragged gasps as she begged passing patients for a sip of water.

    Her mother stayed day and night in the trauma unit. She kept Ashley on an empty stomach in case she might cut in front of hundreds of other patients for emergency surgery in one of the hospital’s few functioning operating rooms.

    Her father scoured Caracas for scarce antibiotics to fight the infection spreading through his daughter’s body.

    They had no idea how much worse it was going to get."

    Venezuelans chose a crooked political system cooked up the the 19th Century, and now they’re enjoying 19th Century medicine.

    This is the "democratic socialism" the democrat party is selling. And that so many ignorant democrats voted for by voting for the commie Bernie Sanders. But for a bunch of crooked shenanigans by the DNC Bernie would be the candidate right now instead of hillary.

    Remember, the democrats were so proud of Venezuela when the elected Hugo Chavez and his "democrat socialism" agenda. Sean Penn went down there and rubbed shoulders with him. Obama shook his hand. They thought it was wonderful. Until they ran out of other people's money. Then what happened is what always happens. Misery.

    And it's exactly what the democrats dream of for America.

  28. Had a great youth group last night. Went out and everyone got to shoot at least 10 rounds from a .380, 9mm, or a .45 handgun. Then everyone got to shoot a ten round clip from a M-1, SKS, or a couple of different AR platforms. Then we had a delicious dinner of Grilled chicken strips, sweet corn and mac and cheese with homemade cake and cookies. Since there was no school we followed the meal with a video from David Woods on the 20 lies in an ABC 20/20 special on Islam, the dialogue that followed wash quite spirited. Going to have a nice group of orthodox Christian truth knowing kids leaving rural Kansas here over the next several years. And did I mention that our youth group has; 11 Lutherans, 3 Methodists, 3 Catholics, 1 Mormon(she really is a Lutheran just doesn't know it), and 4 United Church of Christ kiddos. Nice to see unity in Christ.

  29. Good Grief Ray, you had a summit without us??? All that shooting and eating is what we do at Truckhenge, we do bypass on movies. Sounded like a great time for those young people. I am taking out my SKS next year to see if I remember how to use it, been a long time. You did good!

  30. Ray, you are truly doing God's work out there. Raising them up in the admonition of the Lord.

    That's a youth group after my own heart, even if there aren't any Baptists there!

  31. FWIW & Just my 2 cents There is not one person that post on here with a name that is not known by at least one other poster.
    So if they cant at least post with their name then they are just trolls and need to be dealt with as such. All that gets done is that the troll gets his or her BS out. Make them come on board or go off the board.

  32. Skippey, I agree why give the son of a bitches a form, to drop their shit on, they are assholes.

  33. Anon....That must be you "Jimmy the Asshole" or is it the Starfish who's mouth is right up next to his asshole?? Bat's basement must really be starting to smell with the both of you down there, doing whatever and stinking it up!!

  34. Sorry trolls. But when you turdpushers start insulting a man of God, that just does it. You violated the terms of service.

    You had your chance. I was allowing you to post on my blog, but that's it. No more posts. Immediate deletion from now on.

    This is officially a no troll zone, not even trained monkey trolls.

  35. Sorry everybody. I forgot who I was dealing with. I forgot these are subhuman trolls not worthy to be in the midst of decent people. It won't happen again. If they post and it isn't deleted it's just because we haven't seen it yet.

  36. No excuses, don't let it happen again, lol hey you can't watch it 24-7, beside it gives us a little time to vent on those pricks.

  37. Damn it.

    And I had such high hopes for him, too.

    Said no one ever...