Thursday, October 6, 2016

Free for all Friday

This is going up a little early because I'll be out of pocket on Friday. Having some surgery done and I won't be able to post so I wanted to get it up.

One thing I wanted to mention, I am endorsing Richard Kress for State House Rep district 53.

He's in my district so he has my vote. He's a long time friend and a good man. Working man like us, solid Conservative and a serious Christian as well.

I had a talk with him a couple days ago and he is solid as a rock. He is concerned about the school budgets with the unions running roughshod over the legislature through the courts. And the misrepresentations about the school budgets.

He also gave me a card to remember which Kansas Judges are on the ballot. The way to remember is repeal all except Stegall. The rest are a bunch of liberal judicial advocates. Especially the Supreme Court judges. They're terrible.

So consider voting for my friend Richard Kress. I am, and I hope my friends here will consider him as well.

So have at it folks, it's Friday.


  1. Still can't get up early can ya? heheheheh I was throwing out my good stuff on the other blog, Now I have to work my brain earlier than planned, I will deal with hit, heheheh

    1. Damn SSAH I did even read that before I made the stupid comment, but you know I care a great deal about you, take care will drop you a prayer. Jim

  2. You just take care of yourself, my friend...

  3. Just read Floyd 's posts over on Keri's blogg. He gets it and is right on with his posts. This country is on its last free leg coming in Nov. We are on the eve of destruction my friends

  4. Some thing to think about.
    The youth of the 1960's thought we had a plan, corrupt politicians,wars we shouldn't be in.We knew better,or at least we thought. One of the saddest parts is to realize that the politicians of today have become exactly what we were against with all our hearts and souls.That the people stand idly by today and except whatever the outcome may be, without a whimper.The religion of progressiveism seems to be winning the war of good and evil,with evil telling us they know better for us all, they studied Mao, Stalin, Marx, Engels, Mises,Sartre, and even Alinsky. So now at the end of the first Black Presidency we find out his legacy will be the most corrupt administration in this Century. Now that the FBI and all of the major enforcement agencies of the federal government have been completely neutered by the progressives there's not a chance in Hades that anyone who had any involvement will be brought to justice.

  5. Safe, please take care, and I am sending a prayer for a speedy recovery.

  6. Over at the tired, old, ever-shrinking, dying, leftist-propaganda rag...the Urinal...there's some fella blogging calls himself...what...Ass McComical...or something like that?

    His little tagline is "Indistinguishable from Magic".

    Yup...I'd say the numbnutz has that exactly right!It DOES take "magic" to make bullshit appear from nowhere!

    More like it would be "Indistinguishable from Bullshit"

    How does that guy get away with posting all that unsubstantiated falseness and just plain lies on that site? Well...there's an easy answer. That's exactly the kind of lyin'-leftist, socialist/communist/fascist/racist/sexist/everything-else-ist brainwash-the-masses garbage the Urinal WANTS on there, and he gets a pass. Just like Mr. Friday Afternoon did, for so long. That's exactly why they changed the comments format RIGHT BEFORE THE ELECTION! Right, Buttmunch?

    Speaking of Batshit...wonder what is next on his agenda to destroy, and to make even more people (well...ANYONE who ever interacts or even is exposed to him) hate him?

    That's a sad, pathetic goal in run around getting as many people as possible to completely dislike you by being a lyin'-leftist, socialist/communist/fascist/racist/sexist/everything-else-ist piece of subhuman garbage. But, ol' Bat...despite his complete ignorance and shortcomings in everything else he does...does seem to be a master at that.

    So, tonight, I propose we all raise a glass to poor ol' Buttstache MFA...and toast him to "celebrate" his one and only accomplishment and mission in life!


  7. Nunya I will drink to that. Cheers!

  8. I too, raise a glass and celebrate Bat Shit and Starfish accomplishing what they set out to do; helping take down the urinal blogs so that they now do not even have that as a source of contact with the real world! It must be so depressing for them to wake up each morning, looking into each other's eyes, and saying, "Is that all there is?". Poor guys, or whatever they profess to be today, Our hearts break for you! NOT!

  9. Safe, our prayers are with you.

    Good morning! What a gorgeous day! I love this weather and intend to enjoy every minute of it.

    Speaking of the urinal (so appropriate), remember whenever a left wing bozo would try to do a radio talk show? They were always DOA. Good ol' cj is dying on the vine now. I'm certain they won't publicly admit it. It's so funny to read comments of the angry left. They are trying to outdo each other, which is where their anger is coming from.

  10. GWS - (get well soon) Safe - hugs.


  11. Nunya brought up Ass McComical . . .

    I was just over at the urinal and thought I'd take a peek at his blah. I was amazed! There was, count 'em, ONE comment. Wow! In the big league now, baby! Oh, fyi, the comment was left by none other than Ass McComical.

  12. Sarge, I've been wondering about your avatar. Just what are you stirring up?


  13. PK what avatar? Here or on CJ, On cj it is just me, here it is the devil in me.

  14. All is well. Everything came out good. Light duty for a few days so I don't have to do yard work. But I'm back, more or less.

  15. Good to hear safe. Recover up well, buddy. I'll have some IPAs for ya till you get back on your feet.


    This new Trump thing really doesn't bother me. I may not agree with his behavior, but he neither raped any woman or denied his locker room language....
    But the Clintons on the other hand, are responsible for more than just mere words. Billy has taken his women and Shil condoned it and silenced the victims.
    The situations are in no way comparable. Bill Clinton is still rapist.

    Maybe Hillary will relive the old days and dress in black face again...
    Does she not epitomize Dia da Los Muertos????

    Let her eat the business end of Rick's python.... (yes, it's a TWD reference for those that care...)

  16. Safe, If you got a yard work to have done, I could send my yard guy over, Free of course, that way you can pretend to be a Lib, but only for a short time ,Hear Me.

  17. AnonymousOctober
    "your new Punk thing really doesn't bother me," said the anonymous, drooling moron.

    Hey, dickhead, drooling moron? You thought you needed to say that? Just in case you think you can post here like that you are still a prick on the internet? In case somebody, someday, asked whether you were a real Queer another 1,000,000 people who'll vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Are brain dead. Hear Me asshole. Anonymous?

    You prick drooling, moron.

  18. Good Grief you would think that asshole would have learned by now, that the mods here are fair and balanced, and poof you went, paybacks are hell aren't they. Anonymouse? hahahhahhahahahhahahahhahaha

  19. Sarge, I'm good. I'm just on light duty for a few days.

    But I can still take out the trash like I just did. Mr turdpusher troll. Talking trash on Hammer. Man would I love to see him meet Hammer face to face. Bet Hammer wouldn't have to blink an eye and old battshit boy would be a quivering mass of jelly begging him for mercy. And knowing the kind of man Hammer is he would just laugh and pop open a nice IPA and walk away. And buttboy would have to go home and change his panties cause he crapped in them.

    So keep trying troll boy. Permission to post denied.

  20. Glad to hear that SSAH, I rather spend the money on buying you beer anyhow, can't drink grass.I don't know for sure who that asshole troll is, but whatever a punk puke is a punk ,puke. No back bone low life son of a bitch.

  21. Sounds like he is still mad at the urinal for kicking him off. So troll ass go over to the urinal and piss them off. You wont last here.

  22. I bet it wasn't even good was it? These guys don't even have game.
    I love how they embrace me.
    I love to trigger them, and they trigger so easy.

    Like a frog on a bicycle,
    Or a frog on a wall
    Come triggered one,
    Come triggered all...

    Pepe says game on.

  23. It's everywhere. And it won't be stopped. And it's the young, the ones coming up behind you. And yes, I'm sure your children will trigger just as easy El Trollski...

    Now lie in your bed, like a good boy.


    Not sure many here have seen this yet, but it's a must see. Especially at 14 minute mark.
    If there ever was any question about our current dictators view being a globalist view, here it is. The comparisons of race in Kenya being equalized with race in America is disturbing. Here's a man with no sense of country when it comes to America.
    He knows of only rolling blunts and the atrocities of an underdeveloped country applied to the greatness of America.
    So for the last eight years a global perspective eats at the heart of what America truly is, and at no point was it Kenya.
    Just another confused, fatherless, communist, God hating, community dis-organizer.
    Never worked for anything.
    Only works to destroy.

    Thank goodness it's all but over for him.

  25. Watching his ass leave the White House can't come soon enough...

  26. And Safe, It's good to hear you're doing okay.

    But it sounds like a hell of a lot of trouble to go through just to get out of doing a little yard work.

    Good grief...

  27. And to our anonymous troll.


  28. That anonymous should be happy I don't have that nuke button I mean poof button, he wouldn't see the light of day.

  29. Gee guys...I chum the waters each morning to stir up the ugly little trolls...and y'all club'em to death as soon as their pointy little heads pop up! ( soon as they take them outta their own, or someone else's rear end...right Buttstache?)

    OK...let's see what the leftist propaganda rag is brainwashing people with today...'s a letter:
    "Trump has plenty of history being racist"

    So far, so bad...

    OH...big BOLD headline!!!

    "Trump's campaign reeling after crude comments on women aired"

    ...oh, and a tiny little line under that "Pssst...don't tell anyone...but "Clinton also dealing with blowback over WikiLeaks post". And, then...a line or two that doesn't condemns the treasonous acts of the Shrill, but is mentioned only to bring Trump back into it, in a negative way.

    Two hits to left field, for the Urinal. And the left's useful-idiot crowd goes wild!

    Let's see...what else...

    "World finance officials reject anti-trade attacks"

    Right on cue, an Obama-Clinton-Satanic "One World Government" endorsement, playing right into the Shrill's hands, and against Trump.

    Bases loaded. we go...just in time for the election...a rosy outlook for jobs! "SEE! We TOLD YOU Obama's policies work!!!" Yeah...right.

    From that"fabrication", this:

    "In September, manufacturers shed jobs for a second month, cutting 13,000. Factories have struggled as businesses have reduced their spending on machinery and other equipment. That’s provided fodder for Trump, who has focused his economic proposals on restoring manufacturing jobs."

    "Yet many high-paying services jobs, in sectors such as consulting, accounting and management, grew rapidly last month."

    Hey...economic morons! Yes...YOU, liberals! We can't just have "service" jobs! We have to MAKE STUFF, idiots! We can't just sell "services" to each other! So, it's a lie that the job outlook is rosy!


    What's THIS?! They actually posted THIS?

    "Capital-Journal editors have bias against Trump"

    Well..I guess they can throw a crumb out long as it's just an "opinion" (though, in this case, the opinion is spot-on), in a letter...and they can distance themselves from it. "SEE?! We TOLD you we are FA-HA-haaaair!!"


  30. OH...and Safe...glad to hear everything is fine!

  31. Nunya I posted that on OBF, with some minor changes, but the info is intact.

  32. Good Morning Y'all (smiles) Round of Coffee for everyone.... hee hee

    Wild Mountain Blueberry (snicker snicker)

    Sorry Kevin.... couldn't resist (lol)

  33. Hey all, Andjustice4All, I saw the sad state of the CJ...I made a Facebook acct to post, but my posts dont go. Apparently Im not real enough, unlike AshMcGs fake hipster pic...his wifes page has her kissing a fat bald white guy?

    I swear AshMcG said he was black in comments before.

  34. He is justice, in his heart...

    Good to hear from ya bro!

  35. If liberals suddenly couldn't lie you'd never hear from one of them again.

    Jesus described them as speaking their native language when they lie. True dat.

  36. Thanks Hammer, good seein everybody in here. Did Pike switch over to the bunker?

    CJ just ruined their site. At least it was fun to post there, even with the trolls.

  37. Crap, I knew them jackwads would come up with something to slam trump, now all the good old boys are wanting Trump to bail, freaking Republicans haven't learned anything. Hillary can lie, get Americans killed, support people that rape 12 year old girl and laugh, take money from terrorist and the perverted liberals will make her president to do even worse. Bill hangs around with perverts, and flies off to some private island to do weird shit. They overlook everything Hillary does and zero in on a locker room type bullshit session 11 years ago. And that turd Ryan and others are just as bad as Clintons, they are all self serving, bottom line there is a group of D's and R's that don't want any outsider in there and run this country and have run things for decades.

  38. My head is about to explode on this crap, mexicans want street signs in spanish, damn they need to go back from where they came or be Americans.

  39. New sneak peak released on YouTube of TWD. No spoilers, but gets you drooling and ready for the premiere...

    I'm ready, how about you guys?

  40. Well, It's been a while. Got back from a little vacation to find out a few things had been taken out by a lightening strike. New Transformer and hardware up on the pole, internet satellite needed a new transmitter and motem, and my wireless router went poof too. Still have some GFCI outlets that need to be replaced as well. Just got internet fixed late Friday and that's when I found out the router was bad. Took me a little while to get the router and get it set up and working again.

    Hope you heal up well SSAH, I hope everyone has a good Sunday. Looks like it's going to shape up to be a nice Fall day.

    I haven't paid too much attention to the cj urinal. It's pathetic and all they tried to do was silence the conservative voices because of their own biases. Trying to get more liberal idiots to post blogs that get no comments. It's hard to comment on crap that is too unbelievable.
    Ass Mcomical....Nunya that was hilarious

    I don't care what Trump said, and honestly I haven't seen or heard it. I did hear that he had the integrity to admit what he did and F'ed up. That right there shows me the difference between Trump and hillary. hillary is a liar and her and her husband are, and have done far worse things than Trump. Time for a quiet revolution at the ballot box and get rid of the embedded globalist politicians including so called conservative in name only republicans. The way I see it is, these globalists politicians want to give all control of the US and its resources over to the UN to do with as they please. They can Kiss My ASS!!!!

  41. Hey All!- Man, the Sunday morning talk shows should be a real hoot this morning, with all of them falling all over themselves, blasting what Trump said 11 years ago, in a locker room, in a private conversation,(I guess their is no such thing as a private conversation anymore!) Now, they really think they have a legitimate reason to not back him, although this is what they have been waiting for, for a long time! It just shows, where the Rinos really put the health and well being of the country, when it comes to a choice between it and their comfortable and powerful lifestyle, on the taxpayer and citizen's dime! But we have known that for a long time now!
    Well, they think they really have him this time! What a bunch of total crap from these corrupted assholes! Between the Dumbass Libs and the Dumbass Rinos, both total and unethical hypocrites of the highest degree, this country has totally gone to hell in a hand basket!
    Funny isn't it, how Trump's spoken words are so much more damaging to him that Bill and Hillary Clinton's ACTUAL actions! I guess it is OK to rape and degrade women as long as you don't talk about it to someone outside of your own house! I guess it is OK to have a "public" opinion about issues that will get you votes, but at the same time, have a "private" opinion that is 180 degrees from your "public" opinion, to say what you really believe, to the Money people! Wouldn't want to frighten the "little" people with what you really believe, would you? After all, they are paying your bills for your lifestyle, aren't they!

  42. Just my two cents worth - what the video revealed was really bad.....but.... Donald Trump did the responsible thing, he owned up to it, admitted it was bad, and apologized and said he's not that person anymore. 

    Now in light of Hillary - (and retrospect in light of Bill).....  they both have repeatedly lied to all of America for years and it has been on camera.  Hillary placed our nation at risk with the email saga while she was Secretary of State, and how she won the DNC nomination should not have been allowed. 

    She should have been disqualified being that the truth about the Democratic National Committee admitted that they shafted Bernie Sanders.  

    I agree that Donald Trump has lived a worldly life, but is now a new Christian (long before this bad video aired). I'm still voting for Trump. The new reason I'm voting for Trump is that he faced the bad video head on, admitted that it was bad, and he apologized for it.

    That to me says more about his character as it is today, than all the repeated lies and roll off the Clinton's forked tongues.

    That's my deplorable opinion and I'm sticking to it....

    Besides, November is get rid of rodents month..... we need to show the head rodent and her minions where to get off... (i.e. Hillary and her minions).

  43. Rikki, I found it in one of my old emails, all is okay. Back in business. Hugs.
    Damn I lost all my History on both Browsers, Not a clue on what happen puter was froze up restarted everything gone, EFH that is a bummer when your stuff gets hit by lightning, Happened to me twice in the last 8 years, Glad I had good insurance. And welcome back! Good morning everyone!!

  44. wished there was an "edit" button.....

    the "That to me says more about his character as it is today, than all the repeated lies and roll of Clinton's forked tongues".... should have read:

    ".......than all the repeated lies that roll of Clinton's forked tongues."

  45. Hi Everyone (smiles) I ain't gonna say what's in my coffee mug, you already know what I've got.


  46. Kevin has a new blog up on CJ, think I will check it out.

  47. Ash is Alan Lunn's spawn

  48. Andj4all: Alan is more of a Doonsbury liberal, the smug commentator sitting over a cup of coffee who genuinely believes compassion(and tax dollars) is always the solution to problems.

    Ash is more James Carville, Not only wrong, but LOUD and wrong.

  49. I just could resist posting this on Kevin's blog on cj. It must be the devil in me.

    But that does remind me to clean my airtight wood burning stove, I have ash pan to collect the ashes but about 9 years ago I had a hole drilled through the pan down through the floor to a big pan on rollers hold about a seasons worth of ashes, I call it the ash-hole, but I better get with it, weather is getting cooler fast.