Thursday, October 27, 2016

Free For All Friday...

Running way short on time tonight so I'll keep this short, sweet, and to the point.

Of course we all know and most likely despise Michael Moore.

At least I know I do.

But every once in a while even a left-wing lunatic gets it right.

Take a couple minutes today and watch him as he explains how Trump is going to win this election and how it will go down as the "Biggest Fuck You" ever recorded in human history...


Kevin McGinty


  1. Good Grief new blog and I am going to bed, but I'll be back.

  2. Well anonymous I don't think we will regret anything by voting in Trump, nothing can be as bad as that skank hillary. And you can take that to the bank asshole.

  3. Trump is not playing by the usual rules, he refuses to buckle and play as the good Republican Marquess of Queensberry candidate just so he can end up as road kill under a rancid, corrupt Democratic attack machine. It is funny that so many who stood by him and rooted for him have also gone weak in the last days, just as the battle is engaged. History is full of examples of the flinch, the pause and hesitation, the worry that the risk of total catastrophe is so great that one must wait and pull back. But the reward, in this case, is the saving of our country.

    Trump, for all the bluster and bluff, knows this and can see the path to restoring our Republic. Yes, he has the, dare I say, political vision. But even more critically, he has the boldness to strike when least expected, against all odds in the quest for victory, even if the Lieutenants around him are feeling the jiggle in their spine. Trump will win!

  4. Good morning Sarge.

    Who you talking to anyway?

  5. It's kind of a shame, Batshit.

    Even though I disagree with everything you wrote it was at least interesting and might have been something worth discussing.

    But you've spent so much time being a dick that no one other Sarge and I will ever know what it even was.


  6. Man...I really hate to watch Michael Moore first thing in the morning...or anytime, for that matter. I REALLY hate to agree with him on anything.

    But...darn it...let's hope he's right. This time. Kinda hard to believe he believes what he we're missing he says later, and was cut..."JUST kidding!"

    Anyway, over at the Pravda-Urinal, Cal Thomas has a good read:

    "Another of O’Keefe’s videos is of Robert Creamer, an Alinskyite from Chicago, an experienced community organizer and a man who, according to Breitbart News, visited the White House 340 times and on 42 of those occasions met with President Obama. Creamer admits to being the brains behind hiring and paying for Trump disruptors. He was also sentenced to five months in prison for bank fraud and a tax violation."

    "While in prison, Kurtz writes, Creamer authored a book titled “Stand Up Straight! How Progressives Can Win.” In it, he instructs his fellow lefties on how to handle conservatives: “In general our strategic goal with people who have become conservative activists is not to convert them — that isn’t going to happen. It is to demoralize them — to ‘deactivate’ them. We need to deflate their enthusiasm, to make them lose their ardor and above all their self-confidence … We need to make them feel that they are not mainstream, to make them feel isolated … Then they begin to quarrel among themselves or blame each other for defeat in isolation, and that demoralizes them further.”

    If the DOJ, FBI and other federal agencies weren't so "Obama-corrupt" at this point...Hillary wouldn't even still be in the race. She'd be indicted for so many things that she'd spend the rest of her hateful, worthless, lying corrupt life fighting charge after charge, and in prison...where she belongs.

    Hopefully, Trump wins. Hopefully, he chases the commie rats out of the federal agencies, and starts criminal investigations on all those criminals just ousted, as well as Hillbillary, and all of Obama's henchmen, past and Holder and Lynch and the rest.

    Speaking of Lynch, that would be a thing to consider for most of them.

    Oh...and Kev...thanks for taking out the trash early! Nice to walk into the room when it doesn't reek of the stench of Batshit!

  7. My B.S. meter-spiking suspicions about Loudmouth Commie Tub'o'Lard Moore believing all that may have been right.'s just not "him" to insinuate anything positive about any foe of the left. Second, the video cut was immediate, like there was more there.

    He was still correct in the reasons we will vote for Trump...but then he goes on to spew vitriol and hatred, and says it will be a vote "for our last president" bullshit...if anything reported by Snopes is at all true...which we don't know, either, since Snopes can't be trusted, either.

    Still...a worthy topic. To's my "Biggest F*** You!" to you, you hypocritical 1%er commie piece of crap!

  8. Interestingly enough that's exactly the point Batshit brought up.

    And you're right, Nunya, it is worth talking about.

    Too bad he spends so much time being a dick...

  9. Kevin, I didn't read but a line or two of his shit this morning so you only know what it said I got the smell of it and passed it by.

  10. Nunya Poof goes your first one, but landed safely on OBF. :):)

  11. Well, what's in the news this fine morning. Let's take a look, shall we?

    Oh, here's a good one. obama released another hundred felony drug dealers from prison. 42 of them were serving life sentences for dealing drugs combined with federal gun violations. So I guess that makes them gun toting drug dealers. Just who we need back on the street. He doesn't think you and I should be allowed to have weapons, but gun toting drug dealers? Well, those are his peeps so he gives them a get out of jail free card. By the way, this Marxist America hating criminal loving pseudo president has released more criminals, drug dealing gun toting felons than the last 11 presidents combined. Does that tell you anything?

    So what else? Any good news? How about this? The Bundys and the Oregon Militia who the criminals in the federal government railroaded just got acquitted. That must make the godless lefties furious. Their heads are exploding on that one. Justice actually got done one time. So since they were indeed not committing any crimes, as decided by a jury of their peers that kind of throws a new light on the murder of one of the members by a corrupt federal agent, right? But then, we all know white lives don't matter.

    The polls are shifting folks. Trump is gaining and crooked hillary is falling. America is speaking and telling the godless left to go away. Your damage is done. Time to drain the swamp.

    Vote Trump! End the criminal occupation of the white house by thugs and anti American hate filled godless left wing radicals.

  12. POOF!! There goes Safe comment. :)

  13. Remember when America decided to let Cuban refugees enter our country? And Castro threw open the prisons so thousands of Cuban criminals flooded Miami? How'd that work out?

    Any similarities here? obama throws open the prisons to flood the streets with violent gun toting drug dealers, and at the same time doing everything he can to restrict our ability to protect ourselves.

    Just uncanny sometimes how this works. Almost like he doesn't like us very much and wants to punish us for being America.

  14. My wife must be a lot different than a lot of other wives.

    Just heard a radio commercial touting that special piece of jewelry she's had her eyes on.

    We were out at Academy last weekend and she showed me the hand gun she wants for Christmas...

  15. Here's some more good news. A business sticking to their principles. Lifeway, a Christian book and media store pulled author Jen Hatmaker’s books from its shelves when she expressed that gay marriage is acceptable to God and can be considered "holy". While she is certainly entitled to her opinion, I'm glad a Christian business is holding to it's doctrinal beliefs and not selling books by heretics.

    Already the radical sexual perversion militia is gearing up the hate campaign against them so I hope they hold fast.

    Think I'll go buy something from them this weekend just to show my support for them sticking to their faith.

  16. Here's another one. American Express backed out of a $4 million dollar sponsorship commitment for the tour of raging anti semitic and Israel hating Roger Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd. Waters at a recent concert went on a hate filled rant against Israel and Donald Trump. He is very active in a movement to get artists to boycott Israel, which is not going very well by the way. So another company took the high road and rejected the godless left wing agenda.

    Perhaps he should talk to Nazi sympathizer and financial backer of hillary clinton, George Soros. He has demonstrated his hatred for his religion of birth by assisting the Nazis in persecuting the Jews in the run up to WWII. He has lots of money he likes to throw at godless radical left wing hate groups so he would probably fill the gap.

  17. I think I'm posting on the urinal more than when I was posting on there.

    They must have shut off that word detector that hunted out words that offended buttstash because you aren't editing anything and they stay up there. I'm sure he's already sent a hundred emails to all his butt buddies there but so far everything seems to stay.

    Interesting. Maybe it has to do with all the trolls having fake facebook accounts to post so they can't complain about anything.

  18. I can tell it is an election year, FB "friends" unfriend me at a furious pace on even numbered years. And it is truly interesting to see what stays and goes on cj now.

    I lost a comment earlier this week when all I did was say that not a single representative republic in history ever stayed a representative republic but all fell into totalitarian empires. And also not a single one ever returned to a representative government without armed conflict.

  19. From the Drudge headlines:


    Sure, there's no voter fraud at all. That's just racist to even suggest there is.

    This thing is rigged. The people who say it isn't and that it's dangerous rhetoric to say it is are obviously on the side of the ungodly democrat party who is all in the tank for vote fraud.

    Trump is right. This thing is so rigged it's ridiculous.

  20. SSAH free speech is always number one and you will have it as long as I am there, I didn't put in 22 years in the service to have a bunch of commie liberals take it away while they have been sitting on their asses ripping off this country off, not on my watch. I am so happy to see more of the young joining us, Like hammer for one, I am sure his young ones will follow in his foot steps same with most of our families, I know my grandson is into our cause, I think the boy talks more about Hammer then me! Well understandable Hammer bribed him showing him how to shoot the AR 15, Hell I didn't have a chance over that. Lol

  21. Trouble in Utopiaville...

    The FBI just announced it is reopening the investigation into Hillary's illegal email server...

  22. I revise that Safe he didn't bribe my grandson, I should have said be he took an interest in him.

  23. You think this time it will go anywhere? Maybe Comey realized his error and knew he sold his soul to the devil (literally).

    Sometimes people realize they made a mistake and try to rectify it. People with integrity anyway. Not godless left wing democrats. Comey had a reputation and he threw it away. Maybe he figured out that a man's name is all he has in the end, and he's trying to salvage the damage done.

    I fear it's too little too late at this point. But we shall see.

  24. I'm glad Comey is going after her again..... I hope they get a cell together and be each others' hell mates!

    1. Meant to say I hope Hillary gets indicted, Bill along with her - I hope they get a cell together and be each others' hell mates!


    Trump's reply to the FBI reopening the Hillary Clinton email case....


    Here comes the water Witch Hillary!

  27. With the news of a new investigation on Hillary's heels, maybe it will help persuade some undecideds to vote for Trump.

  28. Well Texas Rose looks Like all the demoRats are looking at weiners now, Good Grief. Preverts!!

  29. Still have to wait and see if the little Dutch boy's finger will hold in the dam for the Democraps.
    The levee appears to become to porous for her.
    Standing on higher ground, I will only smile when Killary is washed away in the criminal deluge. Riding the political carcus of Huma is just another perfect and fitting conclusion, too.
    Other DNC heads could roll as well.
    Off with their heads!

  30. Washtington Times current online poll: "Will the FBI find evidence to prosecute Hillary Clinton?"

    as of 3:59 p.m. 69% yes / 25% no

  31. Too bad local media doesn't have a poll like this...

  32. Yup, I guess Comey decided to take his balls back and actually use them!

    On another note, It always made me wonder who these pollsters are calling. Random my ass! They poll people that will give them the answers they want.

    Keep your self defense apparatus handy from now until after the election. Don't be a victim. Burning down a few neighborhoods in a couple of big cities because obama said to, and blowing up a GOP campaign headquarters will pale in comparison to what will happen if Trump wins.

    I'm going to take some time and enjoy a real American tradition before this coming election. Going on a hunting trip. You people stay safe and be sure to vote.

  33. EFH, don't use up all your Ammo, Hear Me! But have a good time and be safe.

    1. Sarge, I think you know me by now to know I will never run out of ammo :))

  34. I'm trying to decide if this is real and will have the repercussions it should or if this is some kind of trap cooked up by these evil godless democrats. I'm not going to relax until I see how this plays out.

  35. Yhea I dont believe it. Smoke screen They are already saying that no C has been found. Just looks like he is trying to get his ass cleaned up. Even if they find something the DOJ wont act and it will be after the election and you all know that they wont touch her unless Trump wins. That witch just smells like left over puke. Just wonder how her little weiner honey will go. She will get thrown under the bus if it comes down to it. But then the itch will come riding in to save the day. Its all a big smoke and mirrors. But WHO it is about may be the big $64,000 question before its all over. Keep your powder dry and your musket loaded. May be a long winter

    1. Maybe this will be the opening for Obamma to step in and cancel the election as the FBI investigation will not be over until after the election. And what about all the people who have already voted? They may want to change their vote because of the new info coming out.

    2. Those people that voted early and voted for clinton would never change their vote for nothing. That diabolical bitch could be offing someone in their family and they would still vote for her. I just hope they can find some connection to soros and bury that evil SOB under some rock and never let him out from under it.

  36. Anyone remember this showing the thieving Clintons.

    Hillary Clinton and her husband left the White House in early 2001. They would very quickly be accused of taking a large amount of White House furniture and government property valued at almost two-hundred thousand dollars. After receiving significant public scrutiny for this odd behavior, most of the materials in question were eventually returned.

  37. I can understand the thoughts of an Obama ruse, concerning the new investigation of hillary. I really do.

    But, this time the information wasn't going to be dropped by wiki. It was found by the special agents investigating Weiner. My thinking is, I would rather trust a field guy and not the higher ups or those affiliated in the Obama infested DOJ Brown shirts.

    Now with a field agent gleaning this info off a phone during the investigation, wouldn't one think that if an attempt to suppress evidence was made a leak could take place? I do. After reading the documented discontent agents have with the administration and Comey, they have to somewhat bring this thing into the light.

    So I think there is somewhat a ruse involved, only in the sense of it being damage control.
    But the only thing to wonder is if it's too little too late. I don't think it matters, because Killary has lost. And when she loses she will be pardoned by the fuhrer. So I'm sure jail won't be an option.

    But, let's keep in mind that because of this, Trumps mock prosecutorial proceedings involving his foundation will come out very quickly. I beleive that's what will be used to bury this. And again, that fake crap will be too little to late.

    Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the President of the United States .
    President Donald Trump!


  38. Well they will have a tough time blaming the Russians for this.

    Yes, if Hillary was even close to being charged that evil terrorist obama would give her a pardon. As I remember Ford gave Nixon a pardon prior to chargers so that the country would not have to go through a trial of Nixon. You know this whole Clinton thing is much worse than Watergate! And look at the country, many just don't care about the abuse.

    Then I think perhaps this latest announcement is a game to make it look like FBI is being fair, maybe taking off some of the heat from congress. However I don't believe congress is or ever will really do anything, those committees just blow smoke and that seems to satisfy most people, they suck all that smoke up.

    If you objectively examine the history of Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband, a pattern will quickly emerge. You will find a pattern of deep-seeded corruption, lies, and intentional deception. Most importantly, you will discover the process of Bill and Hillary Clinton repeatedly using their political influence to allow for millions of dollars to flow through their fingers via quid pro quo arrangements and third-party payers. The Clintons have a rich history of repeated political conflicts of interest and plausible deniability. Both Hillary Clinton and her husband have found a way to enrich themselves to a combined net worth of at least one-hundred million dollars while claiming a lifelong commitment to public service.

  39. Okay who is on guard duty this morning?

  40. Don't you Remember. NO YOU DON'T

    For those of you who are too young --- not history but facts --- check it out ---

    Conveniently Forgotten Facts.

    Back in 1969, a group of Black Panthers decided
    that a fellow black panther named Alex Rackley,
    needed to die.
    Rackley was suspected of disloyalty.

    Rackley was first tied to a chair.
    Once safely immobilized, his friends
    tortured him for hours by, among other things,
    pouring boiling water on him.

    When they got tired of torturing Rackley,
    Black Panther member, Warren Kimbro
    took Rackley outside and put a bullet in his head.
    Rackley's body was later found floating in a river
    about 25 miles north of New Haven, Connecticut.

    Perhaps at this point you're curious
    as to what happened to these Black Panthers.?
    In 1977, that's only eight years later,
    only one of the killers was still in jail.

    The shooter, Warren Kimbro, managed to
    get a scholarship to Harvard and
    became good friends with Al Gore.
    He later became an assistant dean at an
    Eastern Connecticut State College.

    Isn't that something.!

    As a '60s radical, you can pump a bullet into
    someone's head and a few years later, in the same
    state, you can become an assistant college dean.!

    Only in America.!

    Erica Huggins was the woman who
    served the Panthers by boiling the water
    for Mr. Rackley's torture.
    Some years later, Ms. Huggins was elected
    to a California School Board.

    How in the world do you think
    these killers got off so easily.?

    Maybe it was in some part due to the efforts of two
    people who came to the defense of the Panthers.

    These two people actually went so far as to
    shut down Yale University with demonstrations
    in defense of the accused Black Panthers
    during their trial.

    One of these people was
    Bill Lan Lee. Mr. Lee, or Mr. Lan Lee,
    as the case may be, isn't a college dean.
    He isn't a member of a California School Board.
    He is now head of the United States
    Justice Department's Civil Rights Division,
    appointed by Bill Clinton.

    O.K., so who was the other Panther defender.?
    Is this other notable Panther defender
    now a school board member.?
    Is this other Panther apologist
    now an assistant college dean.?
    No, neither.!

    The other Panther defender was, like Lee,
    a radical law student at Yale University at the time.
    She is now known as
    The "smartest woman in the world."
    She is the former
    Democratic senator from the State of New York----
    our former First Lady,
    and the former Secretary of State,
    the incredible Hillary Rodham Clinton

    And now, as Paul Harvey said;
    "You know the rest of the story".

    And if you have any doubts as to the validity
    of this information,
    click this link to see the truth:

  41. No wonder I am tired I never copied and pasted something that long before. Good Grief I better go back to bed, later!!!

    1. She is one evil woman! Not much else one can say. What gets me is she is always found to be involved in all this evil crap but never gets convicted of anything. Time to throw some water on her and melt this bitch.

  42. Well, I'm out. You folks enjoy this nice weather and have a good weekend. I'll check in when I get back.

  43. Be well EFH.

    And I'd love hear Trumps crowds chanting "Melt the Bitch" from here on out.

    Heads would literally explode...

  44. I heard on the radio that the Secret Service guys assigned to Hillary have code named her airplane Broomstick 1.

  45. Papadew, how the hell are you? Been awhile. I hope you and yours are all well, hope to see get out to Kevin's next summit, you will not regret it, Stay well my friend, oh and we are still kicking MWN ass, Haahhah

  46. Does that guy over on the urinal really believe any one reads or even cares about his worthless blog. Tommy Wyher Guess CJ is hard up for some space filler. Dirty job but they got him and ole battshit

  47. Trump live in Golden CO.

  48. Like the Tommys blogs are the worse. Even Ker's blogs were more interesting. Think he is Bat Boy

  49. Agree Marsh. Tommy twinkletoes is obviously buttstash. Bunch of worthless nonsense copied from somewhere else on the net. He just does it to push Kevin's blog off the page.

  50. All the democrats and others that plan on voting for Hillary should be ashamed of themselves.

  51. The godless liberals sure are quiet suddenly. I think they just saw the plug pulled and the swamp is draining.

  52. They're having trouble coming to grips with the fact that America is about to kick their asses to the curb.

    Like Michael Moore said, "This is going to be the biggest FUCK YOU in human history" and yes, it's going to feel good...

  53. Every one has been telling these Libtards that she is some one who Cant Understand Normal Thinking We tried trump told them CROOKED Hillary and what did they do? Made fools out of themselves. Proof is in the fact that the big Libs are POOF No where to be found. No Jackoff, No Gimnie jimmie,No Yewllow Piss, Even Battshit,is MIA Not a one on CJ POOF GOES THE MONKEY

  54. One thing about the clintons still true today. There's always a wiener behind their troubles.

  55. Good morning bunker people, looks like this fine weather is going to hold for another week.

  56. Good morning. Let's get right to business. I will keep what follows 'clean', for no editing, in case it gets 'poofed' to the Pravda-Urinal.

    The people at CJ are in full-defense mode about their obvious left-leaning bias against conservatives. Apparently, they have been getting pummeled with objections and angry letters and emails, apparently during the past year...probably since the "Great December Conservative-Purge", March "April Fools" resulting from ridiculous "PC" nonsense perpetuated by a hate-filled liberal troublemaker, and ESPECIALLY since their clearly-obvious ploy to try to silence conservative voices in the "Community Blogs" just a few weeks before the election. Who do they think they are kidding?!

    First one:

    "Editorial: Maintaining political diversity on this page
    Why words like "conservative" and "liberal" are far too simplistic"

    "We’ve received a number of distressed phone calls and emails from readers lamenting our “partisanship” or “bias” in recent months."

    Then, they go on and on trying to convince people they aren't biased.

    "...many of the accusations about our perceived ideological “shift” are based on misconceptions about the syndicated columnists we publish."

    Then, they list all the columnists (liberal and conservative), and try to deflect blame (yes...there's that phrase "deflect blame"...a liberal trademark) away from their obvious and proven actions, and try to convine people that it's ONLY because some of the more rightwing columnists, like George Will, are ALSO writing negative things about Trump.

    "Hey! It's not's EVERYONE ELSE!"

    How's this for an OBVIOUS leftwing jab about one of the most-conservative columnists there:

    "But we’re running the same columnists you’ve been reading and enjoying for a long time — -George Will, Michael Gerson, Kathleen Parker, Steve and Cokie Roberts, David Ignatius, and yes, Cal Thomas."

    What's THAT mean? "And, yes...even that rightwing LUNATIC, Cal Thomas! He-he-heee!"? Is that the intended perception from that snarky comment? Obviously, it is. They just can't help themselves, and they think people are too stupid to pick up on that tripe.

    "OH! We didn't mean it THAT way!" (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Yes, you did. You saved the most-conservative for last, and tried to subliminally disparage him. You could have just added "and Cal Thomas". But, that wouldn't have the intended effect, would it, from a leftist-attack perspective?

    Second one:

    "Matt Johnson: Trump has hollowed out this election", is the headline, with THIS really odd sub-headline:

    "There's no reason to spend as much time attacking Clinton"

    Well! Of COURSE NOT! Especially not, if you are the tank for her, 100%!

    "Any time I write about Trump, my inbox swells with incensed accusations of partisan hackery — as if some kind of instinctive, straight-ticket reverence for the Democratic Party is the operative factor in my criticism. Then I’m accused of “ignoring” all of Clinton’s mistakes and, of course, denying her sinister catalog of “crimes.”

    That's because, Matt...IT'S TRUE!!! That ENTIRE ARTICLE was attacking trump, and defending Hillary! DUH! No leftist hypocrisy there, at all, huh?!

    Next up, one of CJ's cozy leftist bedfellows, of whom they can rely on consistently to "steer surveys the proper way...against conservatives".

  57. CJ's favorite "survey source":

    "Kansas poll exposes preference for raising state taxes on wealthy, big business, Majorities in Kansas favor repeal of income tax exemption and support expansion of Medicaid"

    "The survey released days before the Nov. 8 election by the nonpartisan Docking Institute of Public Affairs showed two-thirds preferred escalating taxes on large corporations and top-income individuals to address the state’s budget shortfalls."

    In fact, nearly ALL of the "numbers" seem surprising for Kansas. Why?

    Who IS this "nonpartisan Docking Institute of Public Affairs", anyway? Let's research.

    Who heads it up? A college Sociology professor, of COURSE! No reason at ALL to suspect a college professor of having any kind of bias, huh?

    Gary Brinker, Sociology Professor, Fort Hays State University

    How Brinker rates with his students:

    5.0 Overall Quality
    2.0 Level of Difficulty
    "....his exams are EASY if you pay attention to his slides. If you miss an exam, you can make it up for full credit over Finals week."

    4.0 Overall Quality
    2.0 Level of Difficulty
    "Every week there was a quiz, but they weren't tough to do. And exams weren't too hard as long as you knew most of the material."

    5.0 Overall Quality
    1.0 Level of Difficulty
    "Brinker makes the class almost impossible to fail if you put some effort into it. He does weekly 10 point quizzes that are easy to ace. Show up to class because he does give points."

    5.0 Overall Quality
    1.0 Level of Difficulty
    "I had him for intro to sociology and it was pretty easy." "...if you show up to class and study the notes there is no way you can fail."

    Certainly doesn't sound like his classes are at all "challenging" to our delicate, young snowflakes, does it? Show up, take notes, regurgitate his propaganda. "I got an "A"! It was EASY!"

    No reason to doubt his "surveys", right?

    About the validity and methodology of Docking Institute of Public Affairs 'surveys' in general:


    "All of the data above speaks to how different the sample was than the general population of Kansas, but what are the takeaways from that?"

    "The significant differences in population versus sample demographics undermine the 3.9% margin of error, making it unknown, and potentially much larger. More concerning, is that the direction of the issues, make it appear that the survey was biased in a way that favored democrats."

    "Significant differences in sample versus population measured values can be indications of other underlying problems with the sample in unmeasured values. We know that the sample was more female, affluent, left-leaning than the population, could that mean that our sample was biased in a way that made it more urban? Unknowable with available data, but certainly problematic."

    "The researchers released the paper, with the metrics outside of margin of error, and didn't talk about it. This is the most troubling part, because in research there are many times that statistical issues like this crop up, but they can be otherwise tested away or quantified in their impact to the margin of error."

    Well, at least we now know why CJ loves to run HIS "surveys", don't we? Those "surveys" fall right into line with CJ's CLEARLY-obvious left-leaning bias.

    Finally, look up Gary Brinker, and you'll find tons of stuff, and even video from Fort Hays State public television, where he tackles "the topics of the day", and nearly always comes out way left in his conclusions.

  58. You don't want to miss out on this deal!

  59. Nunya, POOF AND POOF!! Now I hope I survive. Lol.

  60. CNN is actually hitting Hillary's spokesman hard on the new investigation. Libs are turning on Hillary.

  61. The Libs should have listened to us and they would have been spared the embarrassment. If Hillary would get elected we would have to listen to her fighting the mess she caused for four years. Good Grief the thought of that!!

  62. Trump on live rally now.

  63. Better site for Trump they show the crowd.

    1. Sorry here it is

  64. Better site for Trump they show the crowd. NV And this site is good for the next two Rallies today.

  65. Trump Rally coming up in Greeley Co.

  66. Whats funny is Hillary could be taken out of this race because of A Wiener or E Wiener Good Grief.