Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Final Stretch...

Quote of the day:
"According to the most recent aggerate poll numbers from the New York Times, Hillary Clinton is beating Trump by 6 points: 46.1 percent to 40 percent. GOP voters who've managed to remain disturbingly sanguine about Trump's campaign for almost a years and a half, apparently have a few moral and intellectual scruples left intact."
Matt Johnson  10/22/16

A poll conducted by the New York Times?

The largest liberal rag in the business?

Are you serious?

Of course you are.

I guess when the realization that things are falling apart and there's nothing you can do to stop it finally slaps you upside your head you grab onto whatever sliver of hope you can find.

Guys, we're living 1980 all over again.

This exact same week 36 years ago liberal reporters and talking heads we're saying the same thing about Ronald Reagan.

They claimed he was a womanizer.

He's an actor, they cried.

He's not qualified, they whined.

Might as well not even have an election.

According to the polls Jimmy Carter had it all sewn up.

The Gallup poll the so-called political experts were touting at the time had Jimmy Carter at 47% and Reagan 39%.

Remember how that turned out?

Of course you do.

Reagan turned the electoral map on it's head and ended up with 489 electoral votes to Carter's 49.

What we had at the time was the weakest president America had ever had until Barack Hussein Obama came along and the American people were sick of it.

High unemployment and a weak economy was the best Americans could expect.

For the first time ever Iran was bitch slapping an American president making us all look like fools.

The liberal dominated media hated him.

The GOP establishment hated him even more.

It was the exact same scenario we find ourselves facing today.

The difference today is that you can add a level of criminal activity and corruption like we've never seen before to the mix.

One poll after another indicate that American's are overwhelmingly against the direction the current administration is taking us.

In the meantime with 16 days to go until the election Hillary is taking her much needed naps while Donald Trump out there taking his message of hope directly to the American people and bypassing the media all together.

Remain calm.

Stay focused.

Ignore the desperate and increasingly irrelevant liberal media.

And welcome to the Revolution...


Kevin McGinty


  1. Revolution interesting, I was talking to a retired LEO today at church. I should say semi retired, still doing stuff for KBI. He was telling me about a conversation he had this last week with an active military person with 4 tours in his belt. The active military person said there has been a lot of training for civil unrest. Made me wonder if stuff I read in the past about training with other countries for possible martial law isn't true. I have considered it just internet BS, but now there may be a bit of truth? I guess even most lies usually have a little truth in them to make it seem true.

  2. Is this a New Blog? If not I am lost. :):)

  3. I only bought that up because it was hinted they are worried about reaction to elections.

  4. Well Divemaster if they steal this thing and Trump can prove it was stolen they probably should be worried...

  5. There's a reason they want to disarm us. And shut up our voices like they did on the urinal. And why hillary and the godless left wants citizens united overturned to control political speech. And why everything they don't like is called hate speech, and they pass laws against hate speech. And why the corrupt DOJ and FBI doesn't prosecute criminal acts by leftists. And why obama has let more felons out of prison than any president in history. And why armed mobs are rioting unchecked. And why the godless left has declared war on law enforcement and shackled them. And why obama has gutted out military and turned it from the greatest fighting machine on earth into a godless left social experiment filled with sex perverts.

    They are preparing for when we say enough is enough and we reclaim our country.

  6. And that my friends, is where Donald Trump comes is...

  7. What did you think Jade Helm was, divemaster? A chance for people to trade recipes?
    They have been training for some time now.
    So have many of us. And those who haven't? You should.

    But the "planned" show isnt here yet; they simply aren't ready yet.
    But rigged elections or unnecessary urban escalated rioting could bring it to a head real fast.
    But they aren't ready. And they know it.

    Anyways, the one TV show I watch to escape everything for an hour is on tonight. I still love what some signs in California have stated.
    "Neegan wants half your shit.
    Clinton wants all of it."
    For those who watch TWD, enjoy the friggin premiere! I will.

  8. Well, folks. Start off Monday with "Idiot-Leftist Letter of the Week" from the Pravda-Urinal. ( far. This one is REALLY stupid...but there are more liberals out there, so who knows?)

    One of the regular leftist moron zombies who writes in to the Pravda-Urinal lays out a "very compelling argument, full of facts and dogged research of the issues", to denigrate Trump, and support the Shrill.

    "Letter: Republicans picked a winner in Trump"

    "To date, Donald Trump has committed so many mistakes and transgressions against other people that they cannot all be listed in a single letter to the editor. However, a very brief search of the internet reveals single words and brief phrases describing Trump."

    "Here is a short list: Vicious, racist, misogynist, malignant, pathetic, vile, despotic, dictatorial, totalitarian, buffoon, nasty, fraud, conman, deplorable, bigot, petty, swindler, sexist, loser, bluster, thin-skinned, egomaniac, cruel, liar, xenophobe, unqualified, egocentric, demagogue, simpleton, dangerous."

    Wow, Baby Hewitt...that is some argument you lay out there! No specifics about ANYTHING...just what YOU have seen OTHER leftist idiots call Trump! I'm IMPRESSED, dude! Have you seen what the Shrill has done, you whining little sock-puppet? How about ISSUES, Hewitt. Know ANYTHING about ISSUES? Asshole.

    By the way, dumbass....ALL those words could MORE-perfectly fit Obama or the Shrill even better than they do Trump! I'm sure a LOT of them could even fit YOU better than the Shrill's Chairman Mao suits fit HER!

    Geez..."what a maroon!!!"

    BTW..."Posts and comments are checked for inappropriate language, but readers might find some comments offensive or inaccurate. If you believe a comment violates our rules, email"

    Hey...why has the Urinal allowed a letter that 100% breaks their arbitrarily-enforced "rules of civility"?

    "contains vulgar, profane, abusive, racist or hateful language or expressions, epithets or slurs, text, photographs or illustrations in poor taste, or attacks of a personal, racial or religious nature."

    "is defamatory, threatening, disparaging, grossly inflammatory, false, misleading, fraudulent, inaccurate, unfair, contains gross exaggeration or unsubstantiated claims, violates the privacy rights of any third party, is unreasonably harmful or offensive to any individual, community, association, group or business."

    "flames" any individual or entity (e.g., sends repeated messages related to another user and/or makes derogatory or offensive comments about another individual)"

    Why? Because...a liberal wrote the "attacks of a personal nature", of "defamatory, disparaging, grossly inflammatory, false, misleading, fraudulent, inaccurate, unfair, contains gross exaggeration or unsubstantiated claims" crap, to "flame" Trump and all of us who don't like the lying, anti-American, anti-Constitutional, witch who is behind the criminal Clinton cartel, and who works with the other treasonous bastards who are trying to destroy Amerca.

    The Urinal "celebrates" that. So, let's hope little baby Hewitt is right:

    "Republicans picked a winner in Trump".

    Would be fun to watch him snivel and cry and kick and scream, as he eats his words (of others...because he is too stupid to think of his own)...if Trump wins.


  9. Well...when I'm wrong, I admit it. That WASN'T the most insane leftist letter of the week! So, to rectify my error, I present THIS moron, as "Co-Idiot-Leftist Letter of the Week"

    "Letter: Carbon fee is needed to help reduce climate change"

    According to 'armchair climatologist' and all-around idiotic, leftist-brainwashed, global-warming alarmist CLARK H. COAN, Lawrence...charging 'fees" will reduce global warming, or me..."CLIMATE CHANGE" is the new terminology now "Coan, the Drone" (get up to speed, fella!)

    Yes...all we have to do to combat the 'sky is falling', because, as expert Coan warns..."we're running out of time!!!!"...we need to cripple the American economy, and force millions more people to pay "necessarily skyrocketing energy costs"...which means even further hardship for the middle class and those below. Food? Or pay the heat and light bills? Medicine? Or pay the energy bills?

    Companies? "Hell...we DEFINITELY can't afford to keep running HERE, anymore! Buh-bye! Best of luck in poverty! Blame it on the liberals!"

    "Charge everyone higher energy costs...and it'll ALL BE OK!!! See that rainbow over there? Just keep walking towards the'll find that magical "pot o' gold" of of NO climate change...EVER AGAIN!!!! And, hey...those "climate models" (manipulated to provide desired outcome) say so!" did we end up with so many freakin' MORONS in this country?!

    (Oh...that's right. Our commie-infiltrated 're-education system'...that's how.)

  10. Well, the godless left is certainly unleashing all the forces at their disposal from the father of lies, their leader Satan. They are getting desperate because they know they have a deeply flawed, unpatriotic and dangerous candidate who cannot win on her own merits, but only by dragging down Mr Trump with this kind of hate filled rhetoric, name calling and demagoguery. They are counting on the American people being gullible and easily misled. And while there obviously are many who fit that description as witnessed by the large number of ungodly democrats in America I'm counting them being wrong. That enough Americans have had enough of this destructive godless force wreaking havoc and destruction on this great country and deciding it's time to for a change, and to put the clinton crime cartel out of business.

  11. I am hoping the big one hits hillary this week,hell I don't know how the hell she is still in the running. What a worthless peice of shit she is,.

  12. She is in the running because millions of illegal ballots will be cast for her in November. The voter fraud is rampant and it is nearly impossible to discover in high majority Democratic precincts or parishes.

  13. Las Vegas Review Journal Editorial from 10-22-16

    This is a good read folks - check it out!

  14. If you can't get the link to work, I'll need to post the Las Vegas Review Journal's editorial in pieces because it's too many characters for one post.

  15. Part one of three

    Las Vegas Review-Journal

    These are turbulent times.

    More and more Americans express frustration and disillusionment today with the political institutions that govern the nation. They clamor for an alternative to the incestuous and pernicious atmosphere dominating the capital. They see a vast array of lobbyists, elected officials and entrenched interests manipulating the levers of power for their own enrichment at the expense of ordinary citizens.

    The discontent isn’t confined by ideology or political philosophy. As Donald Trump confounded the pundit class in ignoring convention and protocol on his way to securing the Republican presidential nomination, a long-time socialist generated throngs of enthusiastic supporters on the left and almost derailed the Democratic coronation of Hillary Clinton.

    “Change is in the air,” activist Marianne Williamson wrote, “as old patterns fall away and new energies are emerging.”

    And so it is.

  16. part two of three

    History tells us that agents for reform often generate fear and alarm among those intent on preserving their cushy sinecures. It’s hardly a shock, then, that the 2016 campaign has produced a barrage of unceasing vitriol directed toward Mr. Trump. But let us not be distracted by the social media sideshows and carnival clatter. Substantive issues are in play this November.

    Our allies on the world stage watch nervously as America retreats from its position of strong leadership leaving strife and conflict rushing to fill the void. The past eight years have pushed us $20 trillion into debt, obligations that will burden our children and grandchildren. The nation’s economy sputters under the growing weight of federal edicts and regulations that smother growth and innovation. Obamacare threatens to crash and burn. The middle class struggles. An administration promising hope and unity instead brought division.

    Yet Hillary Clinton promises to lead us down the same path. She’ll cuddle up to the ways and perks of Washington like she would to a cozy old blanket.

    Mr. Trump instead brings a corporate sensibility and a steadfast determination to an ossified Beltway culture. He advocates for lower taxes and a simplified tax code, in contrast to his opponent’s plan to extract another $1 trillion from the private economy in order to enlarge the bureaucracy. Mr. Trump understands and appreciates the conditions that lead to prosperity and job creation and would be a friend to small business and entrepreneurship. Mrs. Clinton has spent most of her adult life on the public payroll.

    Of particular importance is the U.S. Supreme Court. The next president may be charged with filling multiple vacancies, shaping the court’s direction for a generation. Mr. Trump prefers nominees who recognize the Constitution’s checks on federal authority as a bulwark against tyranny. Mrs. Clinton would be a disaster in this regard.

    Protections enshrined in no fewer than five amendments in the Bill of Rights could be eliminated or diminished under a progressive high court. Mrs. Clinton has already expressed support for empowering censors to regulate political speech — and even ban movies and books — by rewriting the First Amendment under the guise of campaign finance reform. Count on this to be a litmus test for her high-court nominees.

  17. part three of three

    Expect the Second Amendment to fare no better. The individual right to bear arms would be a likely casualty of a Clinton presidency. In addition, it’s not hard to envision a liberal court further eroding the Fifth Amendment’s restrictions on government confiscation of private property and simply pulling the plug on the Ninth and 10th amendments, which have long been on life support.

    Make no mistake, a Hillary Clinton administration would indulge the worst instincts of the authoritarian left and continue to swell the bloated regulatory state while running the nation deeper into the red in pursuit of “free” college and health care.

    Yes, Mr. Trump’s impulsiveness and overheated rhetoric alienate many voters. He has trouble dealing with critics and would be wise to discover the power of humility.

    But neither candidate will ever be called to the dais to accept an award for moral probity and character. And we are already distressingly familiar with the Clinton way, which involves turning public service into an orgy of influence peddling and entitlement designed to line their own pockets — precisely what a disgruntled electorate now rises up to protest.

    Mr. Trump represents neither the danger his critics claim nor the magic elixir many of his supporters crave. But he promises to be a source of disruption and discomfort to the privileged, back-scratching political elites for whom the nation’s strength and solvency have become subservient to power’s pursuit and preservation.

    Donald Trump for president.

  18. What's really cool about this editorial out of Las Vegas, NV is that they're weren't afraid to go up against the main stream media. We need more newspapers to do this...

  19. Thank you for sharing Rikki, excellent read.

  20. you're welcome Ray (smiles).

  21. Yea, I would consider the new yorker a bunch of lies.
    That is for sure.
    I'm sure the admin will dump the link soon eneough....

  22. This is a no fly zone for trolls. If it flies it dies just like when I go bird hunting.

  23. True dat. When the birds hear I'm in their neighborhood hunting they just surrender. They know they have a better chance than when I'm out in the field. True story!

  24. Kala Allen Hisel Elaine Irene Shea

    Trump has been in the public purview for decades. Where were these women during this time who now accuse him of sexual assault? Why did these women appear several weeks prior to the presidential election? Where is the evidence these women bring forth to the credibility of their claims?

    Sexual assault is a very serious crime. It is a despicable act. The Department of Justice defines sexual assault as, "any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. Falling under the definition of sexual assault are sexual activities as forced sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape."

    To date, the women who have stated Trump sexually assaulted them have not provided evidence that has proven their accusations, rather, their accusations have largely been debunked. Some have even had family members and friends come forth to invalidate their accusations. Others have had the very witnesses they provided for validation of their claims negate their charges. Several accusers have stated the contact with Trump to have been 'kisses' and have stated they 'walked away' as they did not want to be kissed;
    10 hours ago
    Kala Allen Hisel
    Kala Allen Hisel Elaine Irene Shea

    Trump has been in the public purview for decades. Where were these women during this time who now accuse him of sexual assault? Why did these women appear several weeks prior to the presidential election? Where is the evidence these women bring forth to the credibility of their claims?

    Sexual assault is a very serious crime. It is a despicable act. The Department of Justice defines sexual assault as, "any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. Falling under the definition of sexual assault are sexual activities as forced sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape."

    To date, the women who have stated Trump sexually assaulted them have not provided evidence that has proven their accusations, rather, their accusations have largely been debunked. Some have even had family members and friends come forth to invalidate their accusations.

    Others have had the very witnesses they provided for validation of their claims negate their charges. Several accusers have stated the contact with Trump to have been 'kisses' and have stated they 'walked away' as they did not want to be kissed; they have not stated he continued to pursue, they have stated they said 'no' and walked away.

    The point is, their claims have not been substantiated. Their claims lack credibility especially when considering the actions and behaviors of those within the Democratic campaign and the pattern of their underhanded and unethical agendas as proven via the leaked emails.

    As a woman and as a social worker, there is nothing more appalling than anyone sexually assaulting another. Period. I have had unwanted sexual advances, I have experienced sexual assault. As a social worker, I have worked with victims of sexual assault, providing counseling, accompanying them to court, holding their hands during the KBI SAFE exam.

    While all sexual assault allegations should be seriously addressed, it is also true that there will be those allegations that simply are untrue for a variety of reasons. It is also true that the majority of such allegations are legitimate and must be aggressively investigated and judicially resolved.

    Every allegation should be taken seriously and every allegation should be proven. And, no false allegation should be allowed to destroy anyone.
    9 hours ago

  25. Good morning right back at ya, Sarge...

  26. Why have women "appeared" now? Money? Favors? Usual liberal hateful dirty tricks and lies? Who knows? They surely got put up to it by "the champion of women", that lying, treasonous, criminal bitch, Hillary....whose ONLY qualifications that she has really run on is "I'm a woman! (Screeeech) I DESERVE to be president...(cackle, cackle, cackle!)" (

    If I was a woman, I'd take that as a great insult. She is putting ALL women into the same "divisive" category as the first place...and in doing so equating them to herself as being a pathological liar, a treasonous mean, nasty witch, and a criminal who has continually considered herself above the law. Hillary does NOT represent ALL WOMEN!(of course...she DOES represent those liberal wenches who are equally as nasty, dishonest, anti-American and hateful...Madcow, Wasserman-Schultz, Warren, Bader-Ginsburg, etc.)

    Why now? Easy. No time to disprove. Put the lies out there, do the damage, and worry about fallout later...AFTER the election. When, as Obama has done, you "hope" to have the DOJ and other agencies colluding to undermine our representative republic (NOT "our democracy"!), and ignore or flat-out flaunt that you will refuse to follow the Constitution or obey existing laws, which is treasonous, in itself.

    It's already been proven on video, and through emails, that the bitch is in over her head with corruption, tampering and illegal ties to illegal monies and groups and "dirty tricks". The witch has stated that she'll do ANYTHING to win this election...and that is likely the ONE thing she has ever been truthful about!

    "Why now" is to give the the leftist "Official Democrat" media something to pound Trump with to divert attention from Hillary's criminalities. As we all know, media large and small (including our local turncoat, shrinking, communist/socialist/fascist leftist-propaganda rag) will print anything not proven, and quell the voices of reason and truth, to achieve their goals.

    NONE of those women have brought forth any proof, or corraborating witnesses. To Hillary (who is behind this), and her cohorts in crime in DC and the media..>AND gullible "useful idiot" liberals..."GUILTY until proven innocent!"

    "By any means possible".

    "Why now"? That's why now.

  27. If it walks like a liberal duck, and talks like a liberal duck, and attends Trump rallies to attempt to incite violence like a liberal's a Hillary-instructed liberal duck.

    Just another little illegal thing she's been caught being illegally involved was referred to on video.

    Lucky for her, the treasonous Lynch Mob installed by Obama still runs the DOJ illegally and unconstitutionally, so no worries there. The IRS? No prob. Any other department or agency? Not under Obama, will anyone hold Crooked Hillary accountable.

    Not under this most-corrupt EVER administration. (Which...if Hillary is elected, will fall to SECOND most-corrupt EVER!)

  28. HIllary says Trump is unfit for office for rude remarks about women made decades ago. Her husband is a rapist and serial sexual predator. She defended him and attacked the women who accused him.

    Hillary says Trump is unfit for office because his business lost a billion dollars one year. Hillary lost four American lives in Benghazi, sacrificed for political reasons to hide the lie that they had terrorists on the run.

    Hillary says Trump is unfit to be president because of his "divisive rhetoric". Hillary calls half of Americans "deplorable, unredeemable, racist, homophobes".

    Hillary says Trump is unfit to be president because she falsely claims he supported the Iraq war while a private citizen, not in any government position where his decision would have had any impact whatsoever. Hillary voted for the Iraq war, along with over half of democrats in congress. She later changed her mind when it became a political battering ram to be used against George Bush. When General Petraaeus developed the surge strategy which ended up winning the war, she voted against that, along with insulting the General while addressing him before congress.

    That's just a short list. I could go on all day, and probably will post more as this goes on.

    We have a choice. A man who while flawed loves his country and wants change from the way business is done in Washington DC. We have a chance to say no to the Clinton crime cartel and not hand over the treasury of the United States for them to loot and steal from.

    If we lose this election we lose our country as we know it. That's just the hard truth. And I remain convinced there are far more Americans who know that truth than who vote to keep the free stuff coming. I may be wrong, and if I am America is lost forever anyway.

    But I still hold these truths to be self evident. That we were all endowed by our creator with certain rights and we need to fight to keep them. America has thrown off the shackles of tyranny before. If we have to do it again, we will. But let's do it at the ballot box so we don't have to do it the other way.

  29. Nuya, sorry I feel like a thief in the night, those two comments end up on CJ, with very little editing I might add, only for myself preservation.

  30. Yours went also SSAH. along with Nunya's,

  31. Well, I was starting to feel left out there.

  32. Never feel that way my friend, yup both say what I feel and you both write it down much better than I.

  33. Kaine has 30 people attend his rally in Florida.

    Trump has 20,000 and they lined up 12 hours early to get in.

    I think these polls are rigged just like Trump says. I think America is on to this scheme set up by the godless left. I think the truth will be known on November 8.

    And what do you want to bet hillary refuses to concede and files suit to overturn the election? She won't be able to believe with all the crooked voting they set up, all the illegal aliens they had voting, all the disruptions they created and all the rigging they did they still lost.

    Look for some desperate shenanigans by obama as well. Like having his corrupt DOJ get involved. Or something even worse. Nothing will surprise me at this point. These people are the worst bunch of organized criminals passing as a political party in the history of this country.

    These criminals will try to burn the country down before they surrender to the will of the American people.

  34. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  35. Looks like the usual trolls are all back at the urinal. Funny, I guess CJ wasn't all that interested in having "civil" discussions after all. Could it be that all they really wanted to do was shut up patriot voices before the elections? All that talk about verification and having a facebook account was just nonsense as we all knew it was.

    You can spot the trolls easily, can't you? They can have a fake facebook account but they can't hide their black evil godless hearts and the way they communicate their message. They always sound the same, because they are not the brightest bunch around so they are unable to be even a little creative. But then, we know they aren't too bright or they wouldn't be godless liberals, right?

  36. Exactly.

    Batshit is back running his mouth and Maingate is slobbering all over himself like he always does...

  37. And we got a piece of excrement trolling us here. I guess as long as he's wasting his time posting here he's not out at the playground staring at little boys so we can consider it a community service keeping him busy.

  38. Batshit and maingate. If you put those two together they wouldn't add up to a half wit.

  39. And I plan on being in there fat faces daily, nothing is going unanswered. pricks everyone of them, Be Prepared trolls. I am back Hear me! And so is Unitedwestand, along with Iwillnevergiveup, not leaving out Middleoftheroad. hahahhahhahahhahahha

  40. Hahahahahhahah You got nothing do you you lonely asshole hahahhahahaha beat your ass everytime, puke. hahahhaha right anonymous.

  41. Okay here is the link to Trump's rally on now, Thousands are there!!! See it folks.

  42. Good grief that CJ is dead, dead, if it wasn't for me ripping a few guys here there would be nothing over there.

  43. They're all away in their safe spaces..

  44. Maybe there's a baseball game on. I don't those guys are giving America the finger like the NFL is now.

    Seems like I heard there was an important game on.

  45. The NFL giving America the finger.

    Perfect lead up to tomorrow's blog.

    Thanks Safe...