Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Self-Righteous Hypocrites Strike Again...

Quote of the day:

"Self-Righteousness is a feeling or display of moral superiority derived from a sense that one's beliefs, actions, or affiliations are of greater virtue than those of the average person."


I'm going to post the video of Donald Trump's comments that have turned the entire world upside down.

The comments are foul and the video I'm posting is completely unedited.

You've been warned ahead of time so if you do decide to listen to them it's on you.


I told you they were foul.

But if Trump were one of the leftist elites instead of the Republican nominee for President of The United States this wouldn't even be a story.

In a world where the left and their media lap dogs shove every kind of sexual perversion down our throats their hypocrisy is especially glaring.

Donald Trump didn't say anything that most men haven't said themselves at one time or another and anyone claiming otherwise is probably lying.

Trump says mean and nasty things about a woman 11 years ago and the snowflakes turn into slobbering fools.

But their hero, Bill Clinton rapes at least one woman, sexually assaults multiple others, gets caught then lies about it straight to our faces and those same poor, damaged little snowflakes tell us to mind our own business.


Donald Trump on the other hand took a very different approach.

He owned up to it. Apologized, and promised to be a better man.


According to the outraged snowflakes saying something like this automatically disqualifies Trump for holding public office let alone becoming President of The United States.

It's funny that Bill Clinton won a second term after getting his [filtered word] sucked inside the Oval Office then lying about it while serving his first term.

I'll tell you what, Snowflakes.

As soon as you spend the same amount of time and energy condemning your own side for their sins I'll start worrying about mine.

In the meantime how all you Trump haters just pucker up and kiss my Red White and Blue American Ass!

Either jump aboard the Trump Train or get run over by it.

It makes no difference to me either way.

And The Revolution continues...

Kevin McGinty


  1. I see we got a new thorne in our side over at Cj, he has been protecting his sisters from people like Trump who talks about sex but excuses people like Bill and Hillary that do these things. Complete out of touch assholes.

  2. A regular defender of women, alright.

    Delicate little snowflake anyway...

  3. I understand those sick perverted liberal democrats gobbling this up, but what pisses me off is the republican leadership. They continue to dump Trump at every opportunity. They would rather have Hillary than someone who isn't one of the good old boys/girls.

  4. Republicans in Congress are no better and no different than the lousy liberal democrats. When Trump wins, I hope everyone of those constituents in those states remember what their so called elected republican officials did during this election cycle. Time to vote out all of the many old, and have been there too long Senators and House of Reps that are really out of touch with what is actually going on in this country. If hillary wins, well, this country is toast. After this election, I will be changing my affiliation to independent or unaffiliated. Screw the establishment Republicans

  5. Those people are nothing but RINO'S They only exist for themselves.They could care less about us or Trump. They are scared to death he will win and their little world will come tumbling down on top of them. They are as crooked as Hillary. We can only hope that he wins and he then starts remembering all the ones that didnt stand behind him as well as the ones that did. Even if he doesnt he has a lot of financial pull around. He could very well make some people's lives a little miserable for awhile. LOL As the say Be careful of what you wish for. And Pay backs are still a BITCH

  6. So the same people that are just out of their minds with apoplexy at the very suggestion of sexually offensive language from Mr Trump are the same people who demand.....

    We allow teenage boys to shower with our teenage daughters and shut up about it.

    That we allow sexual perverts to use the same bathroom as our wives and daughters and shut up about it.

    That when two sexual perverts of the same sex decide they want to be married we are to just accept it and shut up about it.

    That when a person is suffering from mental illness that prevents them from being able to discern which sex God made them (which by the way is a fairly easy test done visually) and wants to move freely between sexes we are supposed to shut up about it and celebrate it.

    That when Bill Clinton rapes, assaults and exposes himself to women on a regular basis and then lies about it to congress that's just his personal business and we need to just shut up about it.

    So these same people are fainting from the shock at what Mr Trump says.

    Sorry you bunch of godless hypocrite left wingers. I'll start taking it seriously when you actually do.

    Until then I guess you are the ones who need to shut up about it.

  7. Sarge, just checked email... sorry it took a while for to reply - looks like you found your way onto here unless you meant Cj, I haven't logged onto Cj because I don't want to use my facebook login for that.

    wished I could have helped more.


  8. Safe I had to post that over at the piss paper, tried to give you credit hope I did but us here know it was yours only because it was more than two lines. Lol

  9. AJ4All: It may not be popular here, but Im pissed at Trump. He has an easy layup, and he keeps tripping over his own nuts.

    Democrats, when busted, tend to rally around theor own and double down even on the worst behavior. Conservatives, who dont worship politicians, tend to call on them to resign. We expect better.

    I have voted for one Democrat my entire life--Walter Mondale. It was 3rd grade and I felt bad everyone else was voting Reagan. I was his only vote.(ironically I lived in MN, which is maybe the only state he won)

    Am I voting for Hillary? No way in hell.

    I just hate the arguments we have for Trump are the same ones the democrats used to circle the wagons on Bill Clinton. We should expect better.

    Just ranting, its too late for another candidate, and maybe Trump can pull a miracle out of the debate, which as weve seen, is a rigged game against him.

    I hope he does.

  10. Silly stupid liberals, stick to your vegetable trees, would ya?

    Where's the outrage when your candidate condones her husband's actions(not words)?

    Where's the outrage when your gov't ignores terror suspects here in the United States and they target the weakest versions of you?

    Where's the outrage at rapings(again, not words) world wide due to infestation of Muslims in Europe?

    Where's the outrage when it comes to sharia law?

    Where's your outrage when illegals rape citizens of our country?

    Where's even your outrage at inner city fatherless democratic voters killing themselves at unprecedented rates? Dindu Economics, is that it?

    I could go on for quite a while. But it's obvious you don't care. You are simply looking for an angle to quell the tide coming for you. Rhino Repubs? You too. It's coming, and you can't stop it. You can divert the conversation all you'd like, and it will not matter in the least bit. You can ignore proven actions by Killary, and act like "chicken little" when it comes to words. It's all for nothing.

    Real problems are on the horizon. The liberal economics are atrocious. War drums are beating, with liberal policies at fault. Immigration surges here in our homeland. Racial aggression has been stirred, and inner city violence rising. And you suggest a felonious lying liberal communist elitist is the answer?

    You are frigging nuts, liberals. I'm glad you are about to be run over by a train...
    All those getting on, get on.
    All those not, better get the hell out of the way.

  11. Damn it hammer I had to post that on CJ forgive me my friend. :)

  12. No need for forgiveness.
    Republish away, my friend.
    When they are triggered send them over here.
    I don't mind sanitizing.
    Everything from ash holes to batshit...

  13. Trumps mopping the floor with hillary right now. Even with the moderators working against him.

  14. I nearly fell out of my chair on the "you'd be in jail" comment.

  15. Two sided politic response by Hillary was weak.
    It was a Lincoln movie?
    And then segue to Putin....
    She's truly cra cra....

  16. Pretty good show by Trump. Had he not brought Flowers, Broadderick, Jones etc he wouldve gotten hammered all night about his comments. Hillary did not want to go there.

  17. I didn't watch the debate, but that gay Cooper couldn't have been friendly. He has had a liberal silver spoon up his ass since he was born. CNN and ABC, that doesn't seem very balanced.

  18. Trump handed Hillary's ass to ger last night...

    1. Strange how the brain works, I didn't even notice the ger in place of her. But then again I don't look for grammar/spelling. Especially with my poor spelling/typing skills.

  19. Damn it...

    Handed it to "HER."

    Stupid smart phone...

  20. In the interests of staying classy one of Clinton's team members Tweeted that Trump should "Go Fuck Himself..."

    Desperation's in the air...

  21. Trump missed an opportunity when the Shrill..well...kinda "apologized" for the emails. (She's just sorry she got caught.) Trump should have asked her if she believed that an "apology" for unlawful, treasonous actions which put our country at risk was good enough to allow her to be considered for president, then shouldn't his apology be accepted, also, get the hell off that diversionary topic that the liberals implanted, and GET TO THE ISSUES?

    Yeah...and Trump was right...despite the Urinal's Bob Beatty WAS '3-to-1" liberal media attack on Trump last night, with them interrupting Trump, and shutting him down, and them having the Shrill's back, for the most part. Who would have expected anything different from that asshole, Cooper?

    When the Shrill spoke of Russia...Trump should have brought up the "Reset" button, which gave Russia even more power than before, during that past 8 years of failed Imam Obama/Shrillary policy.

    Trump did get her a few times, with some good ones. it also seemed that early on, the audience actually hated the Shrill, with that asshole Cooper "shushing" them. He certainly did not want their carefully planned attack on Trump and 100% support of the lying bitch to look like it was backfiring...which it was!

    When the witch said something about Moochelle saying "if they go go high"...I about threw up! NOBODY has EVER gone lower than the Obamas...well...except for the Clintons!

    Shrill kept talking about "divisiveness"...and it's the liberals DOING IT ALL!!! The Obamas and the rest have made that their central strategy!

    I LOVED it when Trump said if he is elected, he'll appoint a special prosecutor to dig into the Shrill's deep, dark secrets of the emails, and more. THAT is reason enough to vote for him, for me! She DOES need to be in jail!

    When asked to say something nice about the other, the Shrill could not think of anything...except he's got a nice family!

    When asked about Supreme Court appointees, she said NOTHING about the Constitution, but went off on a list of leftist, socialist social policies that have NOTHING to do with the Constitution, while Trump said exactly what it SHOULD be..."they should adhere to the Constitution". They are SUPPOSED to adhere to the Constitution...PERIOD! NOT write laws!

    You know what I would say to Anderson Cooper for his (not unexpected) crap? See Kev's post, right above. oh...and ditto, Bob Beatty.


  22. And then, there's this from the socialist Pravda-Urinal, still blasting the small business exemptions:

    "However, many small business owners came to the Statehouse last spring to say the exemption isn’t fair. They said, in effect, “Thanks for letting us keep all that money in our pockets, but we don’t plan to hire or expand.”

    Y'know...those who object? They can send the money in. They can pay what they think is "fair". Why don't they do it

    Because they're hypocrites...that's why.

    Once again, I have to explain this very simple bit of mathematical logic to morons who have no clue:

    Businesses don't "pay taxes". Period. The customers pay those taxes. Period. It's built into the price, as a cost of doing business. Raise taxes, raise prices and be less competitive. Or, scale back on employee benefits. Or, downsize workforce. Or, close up shop, and move to where the high taxes and massive over-regulation don't kill the they've BEEN doing!

    Morons. Just what you'd expect from a liberal propaganda rag, like the Pravda-Urinal.

  23. Well...then there's THIS hit-piece over the Pravda-Urinal, wriiten by tow obviously hateful, spiteful, far-left liberal females (aren't they all...liberals?):

    The urinal is a disgusting cesspool of anti-American, anti-Constitutional, hateful, divisive lies, misinformation, and didinformation. I hope that rag chokes to death on its own vomit that it spews daily.


    1. Nunya, all of your comments about the Urinal are spot on.

      I wish there was an alternative for Topeka news. I haven't renewed in 6 months, and it's worth it to be entirely void of the daily attacks on our Governor and conservatism in general.

      Roger Ramjet

  24. Pardon the spelling errors...slightly injured hand, fingers missing the target, occasionally.

    OH...and...ladies and gents. My lady-friend was FUMING last night at the Shrill! "She's a LYING BITCH!!!!" "I hope she swallows that damned fly, and CHOKES on it!!!" "I'd like to smack that smug smirk off her face with a 2x4!!!"

    It was entertaining! I like this girl! She knows The Truth!

  25. Nunya I have decided to leave your comments right here today, LOL

  26. And a fly lands on clinton during the debate.

    That joke just kind of tells itself, doesn't it? Nuff said...

  27. Flies always finds a pile of shit. She couldn't swing at it because if she hit her face it would crack to pieces with all that clay they have on her face..

  28. I watched the post-debate commentary on TV. Sean Hannity is the only one on our side. Megyn Kelly now is a 100% waste of space, and even Neil Cavuto of Fox Business news was a pissant.
    For the interviewees, Rudy Giuliani and Nigel Farage were fantastic. Newt Gingrich was OK.
    A special note: if you can find the post-debate interview of Kathleen Willey (by a Fox lady with first name Kennedy) in "the scrum room", she was amazing and powerful, stating why millennial females need to know about and learn what Bill and Hillary Clinton did to women in the 80's and 90's. President Trump should give her a "Women's Rights" position - or something like that - in his administration.

    Roger Ramjet

  29. Rush Limbaugh hasn't been so good these last 3 to 4 months, but during last week he hit upon a new theme that resonated with me 100%...
    In the past, he coined "The Mainstream Media" and "The Drive-by Media". Last week, he took it one step further and argued that the media is now an arm of "the State" and "the Elite", Pravda-style. Simply, the media gets its orders from the Obama regime and/or the Clinton Campaign, and they do their job to disseminate those talking points and to protect and preserve the State and the Elite.

    He is using his new term "the state-run media". I like it.

    Roger Ramjet

  30. I've said this before and it's nothing new....

    Hillary should have been immediately disqualified after the fraudulent DNC nomination.... Hillary should also have been disqualified for lying on camera to Congress over the email crapola..... Hillary should have been disqualified being she was under investigation regarding the email crapola.....

    In short - Hillary has absolutely no business running for President - her lying crooked record speaks for itself and all of her supporters are brainwashed and need to seriously wake up!!!

    1. Clinton should have her security clearance revoked and never again be allowed to view classified information - just like every other person who has mishandled classified information (also, intent is irrelevant). How can she be President if she can't access classified info?

      Roger Ramjet

  31. If I remember right, there's a couple of birthdays going on these days.
    Happy birthday to them!!!

  32. And about a year since cats was around.
    Best wishes to her, with us or not...

  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. Sorry Battshit but your comment has been deemed weak and stupid beyond belief.

    I can't believe how hard it is to find a decent trained monkey nowadays...

  35. Another hit-piece from the Pravda-Urinal:

    Expect at LEAST one per day, all this month, from that ever-shrinking, anti-American, anti-Constitutional, socialist/communist/fascist, everything-else-ist leftist propaganda tabloid.

    Nothing...zilch, nada, zero...about "the shadow" of the lying, treasonous, woman-attacking, rapist-defending, husband-is-a-proven-serial-sexual-predator-flying-to-Pedophile-Island, murderous crime syndicate of the Shrill maybe affecting Democrats.

    Why? Because the Pravda-Urinal wholly-endorses the Clintons, and ALL their unholy nefarious actions. In fact, to leftists...the more Satanic THEIR candidate, the more desireable. And, the Shrill is only one level away from being Satan, herself. May be, she's planning to have ol' Satan "commit an impossible suicide", hissownself, so the power-hungry bitch can claim top-spot to assume total control of all that is against God. She's certainly qualified for THAT position! Truths about the dark, un-Godly deeds of the Evil Shrill, from the Pravda-Urinal. Just as they were unwilling to run Truths about Imam Obama.

    I hope those who are behind these Satanic actions at the Pravda-Urinal either willingly and sincerely repent for their dastardly sins...or get used to the idea of an eternity in Hell.

    Batshit can give them pointers on how to prepare for the latter, as he has been preparing all his pathetic, hateful, racist, mysoginistic, useless life, obviously.

    Oh...and about those "trained monkeys", Kev? Schools have been dumbing-down kids for decades to turn them into mindless libtards with no cognitive thinking ability. Impossible to train them to anything else, except to be anti-everything-good, pro-evil, selfish, weak, whiny, greedy gibmedats.

    Just like Buttstache and our little yappin' Yuppy-Guppy friend.

  36. Is buttboy back here violating our terms of service? Sorry buttboy. This ain't the CJ urinal where you and your godless left wing friends call the shots.

    This is America's blog II. This is where patriotic, law abiding, freedom loving Americans call the shots. And there's no place for your kind among decent people like the ones who visit here.

    Go back over to the Pravda-Urinal. That's a good place for your kind. Oh wait. That's right. They kicked your ass off there didn't they? And after all that last man standing talk and all your buddies still booted you off. Must be pretty bad when even your fellow godless left wing radicals won't have you.

    I'd feel sorry for you but you deserve everything that happens to you.

  37. And on to real business.

    These worthless phony RINO Republicans who are now whining and pontificating about something Donald Trump said eleven years ago need to be expunged from the Republican party. Politely asked to pack their bags and get out of town, figuratively speaking.

    These phony Republicans might as well be working the phone banks for hillary and appearing in campaign ads. Hell, they already are in campaign ads. These people are going to do everything they can to elect hillary because they are closer to her in their principles than they are Donald Trump. They want the status quo to continue because they all got rich just like hillary did and they don't want to kill the golden goose. And they are afraid Donald Trump will upset the apple cart.

    These people would sacrifice as many as three Supreme Court picks. They would open our borders. They would sell our trade policies to the Chinese. They would destroy American sovereignty and independence. They would allow hillary to bankrupt our country buying votes from the gibmedats. They would allow hillary to destroy our gun rights and disarm America. They would allow our law enforcement officers to continue to be moving targets for domestic terrorist racists. They would put a lying, corrupt, evil woman in the highest office of the land before they would support Donald Trump.

    And all because of something he said eleven years ago to a tabloid reporter. Not because of anything he did. Something he said. So they would prefer someone who actually committed federal crimes. Who lied to congress. Who destroyed records that were under subpoena. Who has accepted bribes to sell favors by our government. All because of something Donald Trump said.

    Nobody has come forward and said he ever did any of those things. Not one. In fact, there are many women who have worked for him and been associated with him in some capacity who have come forward to say that is not who he is. But you don't hear that, do you?

    You sure don't see the democrats breaking rank here. Not a single democrat has voiced anything about any of hillary's crimes and the corrupt system that is allowing it. Not a single one. Zero. Zilch. Not ONE!!! That's because they want to win.

    I suspect these RINO Republicans want to lose. They would rather have five minutes to pontificate in front of a TV camera than win this election, despite the consequences.

    These people disgust me. The full force of the new Republican party should fall on them and they should forced to join the party they are actually supporting. Not a dime of Republican party money to support their campaigns. Not a minute of support from the party. Nothing.

    Sorry for the mini blog, but I had to get that off my chest.

  38. Sorry SSAH, that comment was stolen and posted on CJ, that's the way it goes sometimes. My Friend.

  39. Man, my comments keep appearing on the urinal long after they booted me off. That's sure odd, isn't it?

    I don't think that's what they had in mind. But then they didn't count on people who would adapt, improvise and overcome.

  40. Buttheads like Ryan would rather have one of the good old boys/girls in than Smellary. They are doing the most the can to get her in and still appear as Repubs. There could be a time coming when there is another revolution and this kind of scum will get their due.

  41. I heard on Fox that they believe Trump might win and it scares the crap out of turds like Ryan.

  42. Bud, I think Trump will win by a landslide, I have zero faith in the polls. Speaking for Kevin and others welcome aboard.

  43. I, too, feel that Trump is going to win..... and I think that's why the opposition aired that disgusting video from 11 years ago... in the end, it's the people (not the elected officials) that determine the outcome of an election.

    Hillary has no business running with how horribly corrupt she is.

    Trump ain't no saint - and he's up against incredible odds - but he's the better choice by far over Hillary.

  44. Oh this is sweet.... giggles..... from the LA Times just this morning. News flash! Doug Band, friend of Bill (FOB).... calls Chelsea a spoiled brat!... and there's more than that.... more damning info on Hillary!

  45. Interesting that NBC had that tape for the past 11 years and never considered it an issue when they were paying Donald Trump a million bucks an episode for the Apprentice.

    Guess when he got in the way of their godless leftist agenda and the anointed candidate suddenly it mattered.

    Democrat operatives with a byline, that's all they are.

  46. GOOD Grief Another one of your comments pop up on cj. SSAH

  47. I'd like to see the lefties defend this (and this is recent crapola regarding Hillary):

    1) Fact: The DNC deliberately, knowingly cheated Bernie Sanders to ensure a Clinton nomination.

    2) Fact: The DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned in disgrace after the fraudulent nomination of Hillary.

    3) Fact: Hillary immediately hired Debbie Wasserman Schultz to work on her staff.

    4) Fact: Hillary at first denied any classified emails were on her personal server - and this was caught on camera!

    5) Fact: It was proven that Hillary lied about the damned emails placing America at risk!!

    With all this..... how in the hell can the lefties support Hillary? It's been proven time and time again that she is a professional liar - she cannot be trusted - she would be an incredibly worse mistake than Obama!

  48. Any of you lefties want to come out of the shadows and attempt to defend this crooked witch?!

  49. Didn't think so.... you lefties didn't have much to contribute before Cj changed their format on public comments either.

  50. Rikki, they all moved back in the closet, and are singing home sweet home.

  51. Story today from the AP:

    "Federal prosecutors say they will file criminal contempt-of-court charges against Sheriff Joe Arpaio for disobeying orders to stop his immigration patrols."

    The United States Government is suing law enforcement agencies for enforcing the law they refuse to enforce.

    Sheriff Joe is doing patrols to stop illegal aliens. Federal law breakers. Crossing the border from Mexico illegally. And they are claiming he is "profiling" because he is primarily acting against Latinos. And it is Latinos who are committing the crimes in virtually every case.

    Arizona is a crime infested, drug ridden center of criminal activity primarily centered around the drug cartels who are using illegal aliens to smuggle drugs into the country. The crime in Sheriff Joe's jurisdiction is out of control. He is doing what a good law enforcement official should do.

    And the obama regime is charging him with a crime. For stopping crime.

    Any more questions as to why we need to elect Donald Trump over the fascist hillary clinton? Remember, thanks to Wiki we now know she wants open borders. She wants criminals to come and go into our country without even a question.

    No more borders, no more language, no more culture = no more country.

    This is a war for the soul of our country folks. And all anybody is talking about is Donald Trump talking some trash. Anybody else find that pretty strange that the only thing you hear in the medial is that? Meanwhile the obama regime is prosecuting Sheriff Joe for doing what his constituents are begging him to do. Stop criminals.

  52. Trump needs to announce he's done talking about this tape rubbish. No more questions. If asked, no comment.

    He needs to pound long and hard on the real issues. The economy. Illegal aliens. Law enforcement under attack. National security. Don't talk about anything else. Forget Bill Clinton the rapist. Forget the emails. The issues are important enough if he talks non stop about them people will start listening.

    The only reason this other crap has legs is he allows it. Every minute he spends defending or discussing this meaningless nonsense is less time Americans spend hearing and thinking about what these Marxist America hating godless commies have done to our country.

    Spend the next month talking non stop about it. Beat hillary over the head with it. Ignore the distractions. They are winning by causing everybody to talk and think about meaningless crap and ignore the incredible amount of harm this Marxist regime is doing.

    He needs to focus. Every word he says needs to be about the issues. What he will do, and what hillary won't do. And what obama has done. Every word. Every ad. Every press conference. Every rally. And if asked about this other crap, ignore it and talk about the issues. Pretend they didn't even ask the question.

    Take control of this now, before it's too late. If it isn't already.

  53. Well I can see my writings are improving. LOL

  54. Sarge, you provoked one of the godless lefties into responding with a stupid typical godless left wing response.

    So, mission accomplished!

  55. Guess this idiot doesn't know that's the opinion page. In his little pea brain he thinks we imagine that Donald Trump is reading that worthless rag of a newspaper looking for advice.

    Apparently he doesn't understand what people do on opinion pages. Hint: They express their opinion.

    Typical mindless godless left wing minion incapable of thinking for themselves. If they don't have a left wing talking point to repeat, they just say even more stupid things.

  56. I know this is yesterday's news, but still relevant.

    Here are some excerpts from the article to the link above:

    "The Clinton campaign allowed political calculations to infuse many of its biggest decisions, according to emails leaked Monday that show her planning her Wall Street reform stance to satisfy liberals, plotting to use Keystone pipeline politics to distract from her secret email server and debating how much outrage to show at congressional hearings on Benghazi."

    "The emails show a calculating candidate who seldom took a stand on a controversial issue without first considering the effect on her White House bid. The leak comes on the heels of another set of Podesta emails that showed Mrs. Clinton admitted to holding “a public and a private” position on big issues such as banking reform. That turns out to have been true for Keystone as well. The Clinton campaign plotted how to quietly leak that she was opposed to the pipeline, even as she publicly kept neutral."

    "“We are trying to find a good way to leak her opposition to the pipeline without her having to actually say it and give up her principled stand about not second-guessing the President in public,” her speechwriter, Dan Schwerin, said in one message to top campaign officials."

    Looks like the Clinton Camp is trying to figure out which lie to release to the public.

  57. Pepe comes for you El Trollski...

    The fervor of bullshit being spewed by the media right now is telling. The machine is ramped up.
    Better pull out all the stops.
    Don't want to hear any excuses on Victory Wednesday as to why you lost.

    Ahhhhh, the day when your legacy less fuhrer knows his replacement, and your communist black hearted rape condoning witch loses in spite of the MSM propaganda.
    How American the air will be that day.
    And what a breath of fresh air it will be!

    El Trollski will get to breathe it in too.
    I wouldn't want you to miss it for the world...

  58. Curious, was this the Hillary that was speaking to private investors or to the public? Because your satire has more truth if spoken in private.
    The true "re-education" needs to fit squarely on any hillary supporter out there. They are the buffoons. The folks fooled by back room deals, and deceitful lying. It's proven, and yet they refuse to acknowledge. Hillary sheeples.
    It won't be re-education that fixes things. It will be medicine. And remember El Trollski, good medicine usually tastes very bad. But you will get it down in due time.
    Open wide, and hold your nose because here it comes...

  59. Part 1:

    “10,000 people who tried to register,” Ahrens said. “That’s amazing — that there are that many people who started the process and didn’t complete it because it’s too much. It’s an unnecessary requirement (proof of citizenship) to register.”

    Bill of Rights, Amendment 14, Section 1:
    "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

    All persons BORN OR NATURALIZED are citizens. Nobody else. You need to PROVE you are here legally. It's that simple. Illegal immigrants who break our laws to enter are not afforded all the Constitutional rights that are reserved for citizens, or legal residents. Period.

    AMENDMENT XV, Section 1:
    "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude--"

    The right of CITIZENS. Period.

    "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex."

    The right of CITIZENS. Period.

    AMENDMENT XXIV, Section 1:
    "The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax."

    The right of CITIZENS. Period. Obtaining proof of citizenship is NOT a "poll tax", or any other "tax". It is necessary documentation to vote AS ONLY CITIZENS ARE ALLOWED, and as a means of documented identification absolutely required for many, many other public and private transactions.

    AMENDMENT XXVI, Section 1:
    "The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age."

    The right of CITIZENS. Period.

    Nothing in the Constitution or Bill of Rights grants authority to the federal government to bypass the REQUIREMENT of citizenship to vote. In fact, all things written about voting SPECIFICALLY refer to only "citizens' rights". Period.

  60. Part 2:
    In fact, those in federal government who ignore our laws, and even try to prosecute states or persons (Sheriff Joe Arpaio) could be considered as committing treasonous acts, according to the Constitution.

    The Constitution, Article 1, Section 8:
    (The Congress shall have Power) "To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;"

    They have done so, and those laws are being ignored, or flat-out broken.

    Also, "To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;"
    Millions of people flooding over our border is definitely "an invasion", and their goals of not assimilating, but to change us, is definitely "an insurrection". As is flooding us intentionally with Muslims, many who have vowed to destroy us. The federal government's involvement is "treasonous".

    Article 1, Section 10:
    "No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay."

    This part..." or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay." That absolutely gives states like Texas and Arizona, and any other, the authority they need to use their own laws and military force to repel the undisputed "invasion".

    Article 3, Section 3:
    "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court."

    "...or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort." Ignoring our current laws, promoting sanctuary cities, and intentionally BRINGING high-risk people in, IS "adhering to their (our) Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort". Which is simply..."treason". Period.

    Article 4, Section 4:
    "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence."

    Shall "PROTECT THEM" against "invasion", AND against "domestic violence". The fedearl government HELPING hordes of people to come in, unvetted, and allowing them to flood in over the border...many intent on creating 'domestic violence" "treasonous". period.

  61. Feel free to use these Constitutional points referring to "immigration", "voting rights","states' rights", "citizens' rights", "federal government duties and responsibilities", "treason" and "invasions and insurrections"...all laid out for anyone to consider. I think I've covered all the ones in there, and connected them all.

  62. Yup been saying that all this country has to do is follow the Constitution and many, many mess could be cleared up. Just enforce the laws we have.

    1. Nunya I will steal that when Kevin puts up his next blog, I won't put it on the current one, looks like it is dying out.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Nunya is in fine form this morning. Good reading before walking into the belly of the beast, at an undisclosed location. Wish me luck...

  65. I suspect a new blog will be upcoming shortly, and this will fade away...but these points may be a good starting point for a new blog about all that?

  66. What do you think, guys?

    You guys all know and understand out terms of service.

    I'll leave it up to you whether our anonymous troll's comments stays up or gets deleted along with all the others...

  67. Love that Poof sound, thanks Kevin. Nothing like clean air.

  68. Lol... And it wasn't even me this time.

    Looks like my partner is up and at it this morning.

    Sorry troll.

    Said no one ever...

  69. Sorry Kevin. I was up early and saw that excrement posted so I just made it go away.

    Trolls are pretty worthless in general, and that particular one is more worthless than most.

    That was a clear violation of our terms of service. We've made that pretty clear. Unlike the CJ Urinal, we are fair and balanced and enforce our terms of service very evenly, with no favoritism of any kind. The trolls are used to the urinal being godless left wingers like themselves so they could get away with anything but not around here.

    You come in our house and you play by our rules. Amiright?

    Plus I love having control over those worthless POS trolls. They post at my pleasure and frankly, they don't please me. So poof they go. Which is appropriate for a bunch of poofs, if you catch my drift.

  70. Well you know SSAH gave the idot two strikes already, and the fool couldn't even foul tip one.:)

  71. And I tried that leaving his crap up there for everyone to laugh at last time he showed up. And as he always does, he just got nastier and more insulting so I decided that ride was over.

    Me and Sarge agree. Dump the son of a bitch.

  72. And by the way. I hope everyone reads Nunya's comments. That stuff is gold. That's why I'm on there while I eat breakfast. I want to see what he has to say.

  73. Ya SSAH, I love ripping your's and nunys comments off to post on CJ, you both say what I think but never can put it in words like you two. So damn it I will share it with the few CJ readers out there.

  74. Ass McComical has a new blog up flat out claiming Donald Trump is working for Russia. I tried reading it but it is so disjointed and poorly written I just couldn't get through it.

    But this guy is quite a piece of work, isn't he? As soon as the godless democrat party announces its latest talking point for the minons to start repeating, he follows like the trained barking seal he is.

    I mean, are these people even capable of independent thought? Of having an idea of their own that wasn't handed to them by the party apprachiks? These people are living out the novel 1984. Whatever the government tells them must be true, even if it conflicts with what they told them yesterday.

    We are at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

    It's frightening that somewhere around half of Americans actually believe this crap excreted out by this criminal organization that passes itself off as a political party.

    I'm sure these were the same people who thought Bonnie and Clyde were modern day folk heroes worthy of sainthood instead of the cold blooded killers and thieves they were.

  75. SSAH I also tried reading it, I wanted to just post fuck you ash-hole, but improvised a said nothing he isn't worth seeing my pretty face.

  76. So when asked to comment about the latest email releases from Wiki that confirm the DOJ fed information to the clinton campaign about the investigation into her federal crimes, white house chief liar Josh Earnest said this:

    He was not “going to comment directly on the stolen emails of a private citizen”

    Let that soak in a minute. These are the same people, hillary in particular who actually brought up the alleged Trump tax returns stolen by the New York Times.

    So they won't comment on emails stolen from clinton,cause it just wouldn't be right, but they'll use alleged tax returns stolen from Trump in a debate.

    Has there ever been a more hypocritical, corrupt and immoral group of people than this pathetic criminal enterprise that passes itself off as a political party called the democrat party?

  77. I don't have a poof button here but I have a button the poofs comments over to CJ, Good grief.

  78. I don't see how anyone could vote for Smellary, but I am afraid she will win and we are going to sink down into a worse pit of shit than we can now visualize. I blame much of it on Ryan, Bush family, McCain, Cruz, Kasich, Rubio and others that are career politicians no better than clintons.

    I also believe God has been removed from so many places that He will let us continue the slide. Remember it rains on the wicked and the good, so we will have to suffer for a little while. But in the end we will be victorious.

    Perhaps there will have to be a civil war or some kind of revolution? That wouldn't be pretty, but history has shown a cycle of events like this occurring. Wonder how all the liberal butt plungers, thieving, lying, illegals, ........... would like that turn of events, maybe that is why they want everyone's guns?

    Hope I am wrong, wife says I am a pessimist, but that has kept me on the alert and saved my butt a few times.

  79. Then I forgot to add that all the piss ant judges that override laws and let any jerk that wants to vote, they know they will all vote for evil smellary.

  80. Nunya your early post this morning popped up on kevin's new blog on CJ, Imagine that.!!

  81. You nailed it about the judges, Bud.

    And if that bitch Hillary wins this thing we'll lose the last sliver of hope we still have, The Supreme Court.

    And if that happens it's over...

  82. I know some of you have been in prayer about this election.... now more than ever we need to continue prayer -

  83. Crap! I forgot about the supreme court, now I am going to have to get into the beer.

  84. I am counting the days when the Obama filth will be removed from our White House. If the hill wins this election and moves her filth into our White House we may never be able to remove the filthy mess. Ther js a reason that fly landed kn her face.

    And that comment by "the hill" about moochel stating "when they go low", sounds like words spoken from Bill.

  85. This isn't surprising and makes my blood boil, seems most of the FBI agents and attorneys on the case unanimously believed the Democratic presidential nominee should have been charged.

    “No trial level attorney agreed, no agent working the case agreed, with the decision not to prosecute -- it was a top-down decision,” said the source, whose identity and role in the case has been verified by

    A high-ranking FBI official told Fox News that while it might not have been a unanimous decision, “It was unanimous that we all wanted her [Clinton’s] security clearance yanked.”

  86. Well good morning, I see the dem's are bringing out their destruction team, some girls from 30 years ago that said Trump kissed them, I bet they are very well paid.God how can these people live with themselves. The Hillary people are so worried they are digging in the trash for anything they can use to bring Trump down.