Thursday, August 3, 2017

Free For All Friday...

So, our worthless little bottom feeder's all giddy about that piece of shit Muller putting together a Grand Jury.


Let me tell you something, gimme.

You might think this is all fun and games.

You might think it's all one big joke.

Have you even bothered to consider the consequences of successfully taking Trump out?

Do you not understand the implications of overturning the will of the American people?

Do you not understand that there are tens of millions of armed to the teeth, American citizens who will take to the streets and raise more hell than your stupid ass can ever imagine?

You and your America hating buddies have no idea what you're getting yourselves into.

President Trump held a rally in West Virginia earlier tonight. (See video)

It ought to give you a glimpse of how passionately the American people support the president we elected.

I don't give a shit what you think about my president.

And I don't give a shit what you believe about him either.

And frankly I'm becoming bored with your "drivel."

Oh, and hey, you're really gonna hate hearing the name, Senator Kid Rock when the time comes.

You guys get out there and have yourselves a wonderful day...

Kevin McGinty


  1. On legal immigration and the language requirement...either Beck or Limbaugh can't recall which...had this to say: that they can speak english is a good thing..
    Being able to understand the language means not just assimilation and better opportunities for success here. It also means scammer lowlifes won't be able to rip them off. This does happen. Used to hear stories about clerks ripping them off by not giving them correct change on cash purchases, overcharging and crap like that.
    They'd also be bilingual, an added benefit.
    So if I were a JJ type, I would give thought to such things before running my mouth about bigotry or any such thing.
    Back on the long dems didn't want black people to read and write either...people were severely punished and killed for doing so.
    Dems want nothing more than a plantation comprised of free stuff at poverty level in exchange for votes. Rinos into cronyism are little better...they just want cheap labor.
    A good immigration policy benefits everyone and nothing bigoted about it. True lovers of liberty and individual rights understand that.
    Only a bigot would keep people down.

  2. Well, Cats. Which party is most responsible for keeping people down, by destroying jobs a hundred different ways, creating generational welfare, allowing unfettered illegal immigration that denies opportunities to citizens of ALL demographics, and using divisive rhetoric and lies to pit each against all others?

    Clearly, that would be those "compassionate" Democrats.

    Bigots, one and all.

  3. Anyway, the Dems and RINOs really are playing a very dangerous game.

    Dirty trick after dirty trick to try to take out Trump. And, it's not even "sneaky backroom shenanigans" this time.

    It's right in OUR faces, knowing that we know the corruption, lawlessness and outright treason of the Obama/Hillary crime families being ignored, and flat-out corruption and disdain for for the law they are now doing, and total contempt for the American people.

    Looks like it's WAY past time unclog the DC sewer, and flush the entire system. When their shit starts backing up to flood OUR's way past time to hold them ALL accountable for the mess.

    Unlike liberals, at least we can admit that nearly the entire system is clogged up with turds, of all types.

    Liberals just want to keep taking dumps in the backed-up, overflowing toilet.They LIKE wallowing in crap.

    (Gives Minnow more to suck up off the bottom, and spit back out here.)

  4. I'm telling you, the unhinged left is rabid about "impeach Trump," with absolutely no idea what they're talking about. When I and another attorney told the little kiddies at a lefty cafΓ© in Massachusetts that they had to have an actual crime to impeach anybody, they looked at us like we had third eyes. Then when they were asked how they'd like President Pence they just looked like a bunch of calves. Believe me, two questions took all the testosterone out of them (there were a dozen or so of them wanting to know what "we" thought about impeachment, and being demanding about it, too). And these are supposedly college-educated.

    I'm hardly going to man a barricade for Donald Trump, but I might do it for American Republic.

    Everyone needs to, as Sen. Cruz told The Donald in that debate: take a deep breath and count to 10. Things are getting crazier and crazier.

  5. Crazier by the day.

    All I know is that if they do take him out this country will be ripped to shreds.

    You think the hatred and division is bad now?

    You ain't seen nothing yet...

  6. Even a blind man could have seen this shit coming, get prepared is all I can say and I have been saying it for a very long time. Good Grief!

  7. To go from "Russian Collusion", which wasn't, to "Just keep digging until you find ANYTHING"? I guess we'd better start doing that to ALL of them. Of course, they'd all be gone a hell of a lot faster than Trump, I'm sure. They ALL have crap on each other. OK..."game on, you bastards".

  8. Correct Nunya.
    But the problem, as we all know is that you won't dig on the ones you are in bed with.
    They all hate Trump, because he's not a career politician. And that's a problem for them. He's turned the spotlight on the walls of the DC swamp, and made everything come to light.
    The attempts to deligitimze the administration will fail, or the citizens will simply step in...
    Hopefully the midterm is another wake up call for all dems and rhinos.
    It's our only shot peacefully.

    1. Not even sure this situation will make it that far...I didn't even touch on the coverups of the financial sector with the feelgood bankster crowd and all of that.
      Looking under the rug and reading some of the stuff on zero hedge about the financial sector and its underpinnings will scare you.

  9. I really have to wonder how many computers the Awans got into, really, during the years they were hanging around. No telling how much dirt they got and how many they got it on...can anybody think of another reason they and big media are staying on the down-low the way they are? Yet making all kinds of noise about Trump...
    As if they are trying like all hell to divert our attention even if it means being blatantly open about what they're up to.
    Another oddity: they keep moving the hot spots around...Syria, now the norks, after a few days one dies down and another one pops up. Of late it's been adding troops to Afghanistan.
    There are a lot of things just not quite right.

  10. You want a civil war? This is how you get a civil war.

    You let one democrat hack lawyer in collusion with a bunch of swamp dwelling congress critters overturn the will of the American People and you are opening a Pandora's box of misery.

    The American people elected President Donald Trump. And we believed, maybe for the last time that our electoral process as established by our founders and enshrined in our rule of law in the Constitution was how this country elected it's Presidents.

    Now we are seeing what happens when the coastal elites don't get what they want. And this is ugly. This is third world stuff, done democrat elite style.

    This is America folks. This isn't how we do things. At least it didn't used to be.

    What will all this lead to? Maybe nothing. Maybe the destruction of our country. When you take away the ability to self govern from Americans bad things can happen. We aren't a people who roll over and let you kick the shit out of us. That's not in our DNA.

    This doesn't end well. The democrats won't stop until they get the power back. And the Republicans we have are just about as bad.

    This just makes me think even harder about our discussion on a third party. The American party. I don't know what the answer is but it's sure as hell not with aligning with the Republicans. They're no help.

    Like Hammer says. They all hate President Trump because he's not one of them. But I think the godless democrats will do this to every Republican President from here on. If they win this they will never stop.

    Time to fight back. I'll let you decide what that means.

    1. Could be wrong but doesn't the GOP have full control of Congress along with Administration of trump?

  11. Best to John McCain in his fight against cancer.

    1. If he was under real Obama Care he would be dead by now.

    2. Um, we are still under the ACA and he is still kickin'.

    3. "We" are but you can bet "HE" Isn't Pay attention jj.

    4. You sure? I thought they made a rule that Congress was covered thru ACA.

  12. Could be wrong but don't think Kid Rock has filed official papers to run for Senate. Heard he had new album out though.

    1. Maybe and maybe not but he is kicking ass in the polls.

    2. Must be an pretty good album.

  13. Breaking News: Sean Spicer has turned down offer to appear on next season of "Dancing With The Stars."

  14. At the website, I found something I was looking for: Dietrich Bonhoeffer's essay "On Stupidity". It is part of a collection he wrote while in prison in Hitler's Germany called "Letters and Papers from Prison"... It's a short essay but as applicable today as when he wrote it...

    I doubt his philosophies and writings are given much if any notice in colleges today but they should be.

  15. By now it's apparent that majorities in Congress consider ObamaCare too precious to repeal and replace.

    So why does Congress itself remain immune from the law it passed under ignominious circumstances, and insists on sustaining?

    If Congress demands that other Americans endure ObamaCare and its provisions, under what concept of fairness can it conspicuously receive a "get out of jail free" exemption for its own members and employees?

    The story behind the exemption offers a classic tale of Washington, D.C., duplicity, and its outrageousness speaks not only to the sheer cynicism that continues to pervade American political culture, but also the fundamental deficiency of ObamaCare itself.

    Prior to ObamaCare, Congress and its employees enjoyed Federal Employees Health Benefits Program coverage, which covers eight million other federal government employees and retirees. Among the notable benefits of that coverage, the government contributed taxpayer dollars to subsidize up to 75% of their costs.

    1. State governments are no better...and constantly demanding more this, more that. And working people are forced to fork it over when they propose bills for same and get them passed.
      Putting a stop to that crap needs to be a part of the Article 5 agenda.
      Maybe we wiuld get people who really give a damn about the direction of the country instead of themselves.
      It's become nothing more than a lavish welfare system for bureaucrats.

  16. JJ if you can't make yourself useful and write something worthwhile, then get lost.
    Your antics remind me of how irritating boys in junior high can be at times...

    1. Cats to him he thinks he is worthwhile, that what you see is the real him.

    2. I think I will take your advice cats. Not much happenin'over here but the usual.

  17. Remember, fishbait boy is a little slow on the uptake. Most of what he says demonstrates he isn't actually paying any attention to anything we say here, he's just trolling.

    After all, he is a godless left wing commie so that alone proves he isn't very smart.

    But, he gives us something to laugh at. Stupid is always funny as Ron White got rich explaining to America.

    1. Lol...Carlin did an admirable job as well.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I won't consider jj in their class at all.


    This is from a few months ago. I suppose Trump could have changed things for the Congress snowflakes.

    1. Here is the article.

      As members of Congress debate the future of the health law and its implications for consumers, how are they personally affected by the outcome? And how will the law that phases out the popular Medigap Plan F – popular supplemental Medicare insurance — affect beneficiaries? We've got answers to these and other recent questions from readers.

      What type of insurance do our elected representatives in Washington, D.C., have? Is it true that they're insured on the ACA exchanges now and that any repeal and replacement will affect them too?

      Under the Affordable Care Act, members of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Senate and their office staffs who want employer coverage generally have to buy it on the health insurance exchange. Before the ACA passed in 2010, they were eligible to be covered under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. (People working for congressional committees who are not on a member's office staff may still be covered under FEHBP.)

      The members of Congress and their staffs choose from among 57 gold plans from four insurers sold on the DC Health Link's small business marketplace this year.


    3. Why, JJ, you earned yourself some purrs! You actually posted something worth reading...

      (Dat meens are stafs iz prowd o ya!)

  20. Minnow, I've been wanting to know this for over 8 months now. No Dem will answer for me. Perhaps you really do have some guts, so here goes and be honest: how did you feel election night? When did you realize things were taking an ominous turn? How did you feel when they showed all those bummed out people in the Javits Center?

    1. I felt alright, didn't really care about Javits peeps. I knew Trump would shoot himself in the foot within 6 months or so, of being sworn in.

    2. Later y'all, been fun, like old times.

    3. Trump isn't going anywhere jj, so you are wrong again, par for the course...

  21. It goes one of two ways. Either President Trump survives this relentless attack from the deep state swamp people or he doesn't.

    If he does and it exposes the godless left as the pack of lying dogs they are, they will go down hard next election cycle and President Trump will be a two term President followed by two terms of President Pence.

    Or this just continues and continues until the country explodes. I don't know how it will happen, but I suspect something like this. President Trump knows his base and when it gets really ugly he'll fall back on having rallies. Hundreds of thousands will turn out like they always have. The godless left will counter attack, throwing things and trying to pick fights. And they will at some point pick the wrong fight and things will get wet fast. That will change things overnight.

    Hoping for the first scenario but the second won't surprise me. I'm fine with either one honestly.

  22. Hey fishbait. Why don't you quit telling us you're leaving and actually leave?

  23. "Of Gopher Wood"...
    Is the title of a blog posted at the Lame Cherry blig spot this morning.
    A spiritual thing to give thought to is that appearance of the double rainbow over the white house yesterday.
    The writer posts a few thoughts on it then puts up Genesis 9...that being God's covenant with Noah, that He will not destroy the earth with water ever again.
    However, says the writer, He says nothing about fire in that chapter.
    Followed by a verse from Revelation 16;9...

    And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give Him glory."

  24. Time to get stuff done, errands run...Royals won last night btw and made a few awesome plays.


  25. Where Does Maxine Get Her Money? Democrat Leader’s Tax Filings Raise Big Questions? Check it out jj.

  26. You are correct, shit will hit the fan and the evils liberals will not like the results.

    Speaking of evil liberals- Amazon! I may cancel my membership, they are selling rolls of toilet paper printed with tweets from President Trump. If you have Amazon, call, write those jackasses!

    1. Nope, nor will I...Bezos owns it and also the wapo...screw him.

  27. BREAKING EMAILS: Lynch Colluded With WaPo & NYTimes To Bury Tarmac Meeting Story – COMEY LIED

  28. Lollolol...
    Drudge headline: Auntie Macine thinks Putin is vp and wants him impeached along with Trump...

    Also Drudge: link to a story in the Pilot, a Virginia newspaper, about a man suing the RNC to get his dpnation back...accusing them of fraud because they didn't get obamacare repealed as promised...that one is currently his banner...

    Pinch me if I'm dreaming but I just had the strangest sense of a GoofyHorse galloping around in the heavens...

    1. Typos...oh is good as I can still recognize them.

    2. I would pinch you cats but I don't want to mess up your nice dream.

    3. sounds like a beautiful dream cats... (hugs).

  29. Well, I depart for a little while.... go out and about.... and when I come back I see the new blog - great blog - Kevin and Safe always put out great blogs. Plus I really enjoy visiting with my Rm 235 Family.

    See where the plague of the earth decided to be full of himself.... really that's all he'll be since he doesn't strive to be anything higher.

    It doesn't surprise me that this impromptu meeting on the tarmac is resurfacing like yesterday's regurgitation of indigestion - but then to anything the Dems do is nothing but regurgitated indigestion.... just like the poorly scripted soap opera out of Washington..... "as the stomach turns"....

    Well the Dems may have to adopt a new slogan.... "we lied now karma is biting us in the butt for it"...

  30. Levin talking about that tarmac story too...
    Now: from the how-to-dig-a-deeper hole dept...the washerwoman is currently the top story again on the daily caller...
    Now she says that lost/found computer is Imran's, not hers! Also: Awans ripped off other muslims with their scheming and they all had the habit of taking long vacations yet still got payroll checks...courtesy taxpayers of course. This skank also says she's not been available of late because she's bren "on vacation"...

    Like hell, bitch.
    Yes. I said it.

    1. You nailed er again Cats, you are on a roll. Lol

  31. At zero hedge: "Kunstler Warns Russiatosis...will blow up in America's Face..."
    James Howard Kunstler writes a thoufht-provoking article about the sanctions issue; among the many topics he writes to bolster his argument, he says that the hidden aim of this lies with tha American gas industry wishing to push liquified gas sales overseas. That would cause prices to go up here on gas used for heat, and sanctions would have little effect really, because we don't do much trade with them anyhow. He suspects Trump grudgingly signed that bill because had he vetoed, it would be overridden.
    Even more telling is the last paragraph:
    "All of this psychotic political behavior screams for the rise of a new party, or more than one new party, composed of men and women who have not lost their minds. I'm sure they're out there. Plenty of traces on the internet attest to the existence of a higher and better political consciousness in this country. It just hasn't found a way to congeal. Yet."

    Worth a read...

  32. Hey kids, just had some interesting conversations over some beers tonight.
    Turns out my suspicions are correct.
    There are many creative people out there when it comes to technology.
    And currently a convention in Vegas...

    Anyhoo, what would your guess be as to what kids run as a spoof on their IP when out and about cavorting around?

    Yep, it seems it's awful trendy to run a Russian IP.
    Jeez, these kids these days are so silly. Aren't they?

    Now, the NSA can't deny it. They already know, but because of spoofs they have to run a covert operation to catch individuals, like they did in Vegas.
    But the media doesn't understand. They're too stupid. And that includes media interests on the right as well.

    Moral of the story is this....
    The election was never hacked. But the dems were. By Americans, and silly enough, by kids!

    Those kiddos are so funny. But let's be honest, guys like Podesta make it easy. Right?

    More of this to come, and maybe you understand or maybe you don't.

    Maxine Waters just looks cleaner and cleaner everyday, huh...
    California should be proud.
    With her tax claims and all...

    Reclaiming my time...
    Reclaiming my time...
    Reclaiming my time...

    Peace and chicken grease, folks.
    Catch ya on the flip!

    1. Hammer I can totally believe have been techies in their own right for quite awhile now and my younger son figured out how to troubleshoot a computer years ago but had never taken a class in that stuff...
      That they would try to hack comes as no shock whatever lol.

      Who knew...a bunch of nerdy 15 year-olds playing around in the family room got the goods on a bunch of sleazeball politicians...I love that.

  33. Well good morning to everyone that maybe up, but I expect none to be up because you are all normal.

  34. Been up since 1:30.

    You saying I'm not normal?

  35. Auntie Maxine should be in a padded cell. Next to Botox Pelosi. Across from Shrillary. Who's next to Poodlehead Schultz. Hell...those lib women (and I use tge term "women" loosely) could overflow an entire psych ward!

    Could you imagine the screeching and cackling in THAT place. Sign on the entry door:

    "WARNING!!! Noise cancelling headphones MUST be worn at ALL TIMES!"

    The disastrous effects of NOT wearing them, and hearing that amount of concentrated, amplified (without amplification) insanity is certain brain damage to the ward worker. πŸ˜‚

  36. Good Morning Sarge (smiles). looks like rain currently near Manhattan currently - hubby got the lawn mowed yesterday just in time. Guess I'm not in the 'normal' category either.... I'm up and it's not even sunrise yet. Got up with hubby, he has to clock in at 5 am at the store.

    I've been practicing already on my guitar this morning, hymns.

    Been also working some more Christmas songs, preparing for my grandson's 1st Christmas. Been working on Up On The Rooftop.... it's a fun to play. Jingle Bells is easier to sing than to play but with a little practice...and a lot of will.... I'll master than one too. I've got some of the religious Christmas songs mastered fairly well - O Holy Night, Do You Hear What I Hear, What Child is This, Silent Night, God Rest Ye Gentlemen, Good King Wenceslas, Away In A Manger, O Little Town of Bethlehem... among others. Hubby says is sounds like Christmas year-round over here... (smiles). But you gotta keep on top of things with guitar or any musical instrument for that matter.

    You be sure to give Ghost a hug for me. hugs to you also. Hoping to meet her sometime.

  37. G'morning Kevin and Nunya.... hee hee.... you popped in while I was typing away.

  38. well, since hubby is off to work, I'm going to get some more zzzz's.

    y'all have a good morning, I'll visit later on.


  39. I see Little Matty, the Johnson, has rendered yet ANOTHER total bogus hit piece about Trump, this time using "Scaramooch, Scaramooch...will you do the fandango" as his justification to tie the Mooch's vulgarities to the Johnson's interpretations of his long list of Trump "misdeeds", with some of them just blatant unproven allegations and lies. Of course, nobody expects that prick to be honest in his writing, since EVERYONE knows he's no "journalist", but only a petulant child with a low IQ, a nasty vindictive temperament, and prone to throw his little hissy-fits into public. (He emulates his hero, Imam Obama.)

    "Yes, it's disturbing when he slanders journalists..."

    No, it's not. The "truth" cannot be slander. Besides, Little Matty, just like you, ALL those other far-left radical operatives in mainstream media who have no ethics or "journalistic integrity" gave up the right to be called "journalists". You are all left-wing political hacks, and no more important than any other person "stating an opinion, to steer a narrative". You are all "commentators", at best, but more like bottom-feeding bloggers peddling fake news.

    "...peddles insane conspiracy theories...was flabbergasting when he lied about being "wiretapped" by his predecessor..."

    WHAT?! You fuckin' IDIOT! He and his team WAS spied on, and people were unmasked! IT WAS ADMITTED, AND THE PROOF IS THERE! And, the ONLY "insane conspiracy theories" are coming from the left! "Russia...collusion".

    The ONLY "collusion" and Russia involvement happened BY THE DEMS, WITH OBAMA AT THE HELM!

    "It was appalling ...transgenders barred from...military".

    No..."Americans" were "applauding". Parents don't want their sons and daughters having to rely on mentally- and emotionally-unstable people who can't even accept THE FACTS of their DNA to help keep their children as protected as possible during fighting. THIS IS NO GAME! These are NOT lab rats, to run crazy social experiments on!

    Besides, OUR tax money is MUCH better used on REAL surgeries to piece together the injured. Shouldn't diminish those funds for "elective, voluntary, unnecessary cosmetic surgery". THAT is "appalling"!

    Screw Matt, the Johnson.

  40. Nunya - whatever is wrong with little Matty Johnson is no little thing.

    Don't ya just hate it when you want to get some more zzzz's and you mind says....yeah right..... ok, went surfing the net for a little while. AFR (American Family Radio) website - a Christian website. They have a petition asking for people to sign...

    "Sign the petition and tell President Trump: Thank you for going against the political establishment and the progressive agenda."

    I signed it. Currently there's 45,328 people who have signed this.

  41. If anyone is interested, KBUZ 90.3 FM here in Topeka is affiliated with AFR. One of my favorite people to listen to is Dr. David Jeremiah - I enjoy listening to his sermons.

  42. Just sitting here have a bowl of vegie soup from Campbell, vegie are mostly raw, the food chain sucks now days unless you make your own, Good Grief.

    1. Yup after a few spoonful I took it and flushed the rest. Gees..

  43. sometimes I like having cream of tomato soup - they've got these neat little gizmos to where you can put your soup in a microwavable mug and micro zap it....

  44. Here's a real jump starter... crank up the speakers y'all.... I just love Gene Krupa's drums in this...


  45. Well this storm is right over us orange and red. Keep your eyes on it.

  46. yep - looking pretty dark out there. be careful and safe everyone.

  47. Rain rain rain out here. Glad I spent yesterday doing errands...I can stay home today and out of the weather.

    1. Ya Cats I got my stash of beer also. :):)

  48. Good Morning Cats - I think lots of folks were busy yesterday - but later today hubby n me have to get groceries... ya know what happens when folks like me get rained on..... we dissolve... (giggles)

    1. Just beware those orange cones! They are constantly moving!!!

  49. Is it just me or does anyone else notice that most of the rhetoric and claptrap passing for "news" these days centers around the potential outcome of the next election?
    Turned fox on as I go about my chores around here and that thought came to mind...
    Screw that! I want to hear real news and in-depth reports on the serious stuff! Give the damned campaign crap a rest already!

    1. That one of the reasons I don't turn it on much.

  50. Sargy, your Fox News boy Eric (idiot) Bolling got suspended by pulling a Wiener, a real bone headed move. HHH

    1. Eric who? Good Grief not my problem anyhow. But I guess it makes you giggly.

  51. Well Milt-breath, IF Bolling did what he is accused of, he's an idiot, and deserves what he gets.

    IF! You don't know. I don't know. The brainwashed socialist-leftist Murdoch punks have a hard-on for conservatives at the network their Daddy built (and which they, as "entitled 1%ers who inherited their wealth and power"...and you backwards hypocritical liberals should hate)...and are out to bend over every conservative on their Daddy's payroll.

    Not too hard to imagine big $$$ being paid to make claims. And, as liberals don't believe in the Constitution, the law, or "innocent until proven guilty"...who knows?

    Of course the commie press is going to convict him. That's what they do. (While exonorating ACTUAL PROVEN crimes from the left.)

    Maybe it is true? I don't know. You don't know.

    One thing I DO know?

    We have enough honesty and integrity to say that if it IS true, then he deserves to get ousted.

    You liberals would never admit that about your own lowlife, deplorable piece-of-crap people, or criminal politicians.

    That's because they are just like you.

  52. So, the young Murdoch's took the dick pics and used his social media accounts to send them to his co-workers? That sounds a little far fetched, even for Fox.

    1. JJ You Liberals sure have a hard time waiting for the legal system to play out.

  53. Maybe you can corroborate that it's Bolling's pecker, Milt-breath? I'm sure you remember each one. Are you unplugged enough to not realize that teen hackers paid by big $$$ could have hacked his account, and sent ANY ol' pic?

    Or, are you just a blithering idiot?

    Never mind. We know the answer.πŸ˜‚

  54. Do you have dick picks hackers can get, Puny? Who takes dick pics for their family photo album? I don't understand. Must be an GOP thingy.

  55. I mean, even Tony Wiener didn't try to say his dick pics were for personal enjoyment.

  56. The only "Dick pics" that I would ever post is if I had a pic of your pathetic face, which of course...I don't have...and don't want.

    Well...that's not entirely true. I HAVE linked/forwarded the face of the most gnarly,disgusting dick in Topeka...but he posted it, himself, online.

  57. Which Bback pic was it, Puny?

  58. So, JJ. I am offering a one-post truce. A challenge. Sincerely. I have one question, and I would like an honest answer.

    Name one Democrat that you know is a criminal, a deplorable human being, and belongs either in jail, in an insane asylum..or at LEAST...out of office.

    (I'll give you a day or two to run down the extensive list). πŸ˜‚

  59. Why you trying to change the subject from the boner dick pic move of Fox News Eric Bolling?

  60. Pay attention, Milty. Swimming around in circles in that tiny little fishbowl of yours? Never getting to experience "reality"? Must maddening. (Which is obvious).

  61. + you just know Kid Rock has to have an terabyte or five of dick pics for personal enjoyment on his hard drives.

  62. The boner dick pic move of Bolling did relieve pressure on Fox for the bogus Seth Rich murder scandal they concockted outa thin air.

  63. Seth Rich was murdered by hillary cronies. I have no doubt. The clinton crime syndicate has murdered more people than Ted Bundy.

    You cross them and you'll get Vince Fostered. Commit suicide by shooting yourself in the head three times.

  64. Well geez, leave it JJ to defend Carlos danger and his debauchery. Because they "weren't for personal enjoyment"...
    No he was sending them to a teenage girl, so I suppose it wasnt personal enjoyment at all....
    Definitely a Democrat thingy...???

    Anyhow, looks like we have a second personality that existed over at cj that seems a little to risquΓ© and deviant.
    Maybe JJ should ask ol Battleshit how his situation turned out?

    I'll leave that to him, because I sure don't see him around anymore.

  65. On a positive note, I hope the minnow and his fam participated in the national night out on crime.
    Lord knows it would be good to see them land on the good side of statistics for a change...
    Good to see the community reach out to their family.
    Break the cycle and all...
    Best wishes!

  66. It's good that "America's President", Donald Trump, is taking his first vacation. After being pummeled with Fake News, mercilessly by Dems, media and moronic brainwashed know-nothing college students and "professors", he needs a break.

    Besides, it gives security forces 17 days to eradicate the bugs and rats infesting the White House...the vermin which is threatening to destroy America by destroying OUR house of representation.

    Maybe Milt can amuse himself by trying to send some microscopic pics of himself, in the meantime...being the perv obsessed with that kind if thing that he has proven himself to be. πŸ˜‚

  67. Neutral on Bolling...if he did it then yes, he'll get what he deserves...if not, he's yet another target of smears likely engineered by the Murdoch boys and their wives.
    Noteworthy: could be some rino involvement too...back in march he did an op-ed on Paulie Ryan, darling of the turtlehead and I once heard him chastise the rinos bluntly over that debacle they called the obamadontcare replacement bill...
    If the deep state doesn't arkancide people who won't toe that line, they do smear campaigns...
    And fishbait makes an assclown out of himself on the blog again...

    Get a clue, JJ...otherwise some of us may wonder if you have a fetish about dick pics.

  68. Top o' the mornin' to ya, Sarge!

    GimmegimmeJJJimmy...see what our friend, Cats, did there?

    "...if he did it then yes, he'll get what he deserves."

    See how easy it is to admit that IF someone on your own side is a slimeball, then they deserve to be called on it?

    You see us doing that all the time, to Republicans. Why can't liberals do the same to other liberals? Is it because you all take great pride in being dishonest detestable people, and desire that in your 'leaders'?

    Pretty sure it's a mental deficiency, some kind of terrible "disorder". The Dems blatantly lie right to your faces, do things to make things worse for YOU, and you clueless idiots applaud them!

    I'd suggest trying to look at things more honestly and objectively, but it's clear that you haven't the capacity to do so.

    Gotta kinda suck being of one mind, and that mind is not yours at all.

  69. Kudos to Dorothy Dolsky for her "Mixed Review" letter to the editors (I mean..."chief propagandists")over at the Pravda-Urinal.

    Y'all think WE are the only ones noticing that Little Matty, the Johnson, is nuking that publication?

    "Finally, I do agree with a recent letter writer that the newspaper has become very left-leaning in the past few years, especially the opinions of Matt Johnson. I wish he would follow his best writing advice that he provided in the July 30 issue: “Never talk down to your audience — they’ll know exactly what you’re doing, and they won’t thank you for it.”

    BRAVO, Ms. Dolsky! Center of the bullseye there!

    She is also keenly aware of the scam we are being subjected to with "school funding".

    "Walt Chappell’s article supporting the view that the request for more funding for education should be denied by the Supreme Court gave evidence that supports that view: “Since 1998 the amount of local, state and federal tax dollars spent by Kansas school districts has doubled from $3 billion per year to $6.4 billion per year in 2015 to teach the same number of kids…but the achievement gap is as wide as ever.” I hope the Supreme Court takes note of that and returns the power of the purse to the Legislature where it belongs."

    ExACTLY! The courts have NO business determining fiscal policy! The Kansas Constitution grants that power ONLY to the Legislature. Way past time that nonsense is stopped.

  70. Hmmm..."Momentum 2022"? Interesting goals listed:

    Five Goal Areas of Momentum 2022

    1. Develop homegrown talent.

    2. Create vibrant and attractive places.

    3. Grow a diverse economy.

    4. Promote a positive image.

    5. Collaborate for a strong community.

    Seven work groups supporting Momentum 2022 work

    1. Talent development

    2. Quality of place

    3. Downtown and NOTO

    4. Entrepreneurship

    5. Economic development

    6. Marketing

    7. Community engagement, pride and service

    Seems to be a couple things missing?

    I SUPPOSE #3 in the first list, and MAYBE #4 and #5 in the second list can be loosely-interpreted as "jobs creation", but nothing about the elephant in the room that blocks that.

    "Entrepreneurship" is a good thing. Small buinesses, ran well, can add a lot. But, they normally don't hire a lot of people for medium-to-higher-paying jobs, with benefits.

    Larger, more-established companies do that. And, elsewhere, they talk of "restaurant growth", which is all well and good, also. this town could use more DIFFERENT restaurants, other than the bland chains, or too-many Asian/Mexican/burger/pizza joints. But, they also don't generate higher-paying jobs.

    We need more manufacturing and central distribution. We are in a perfect place to ship things manufactured here east, west, north and south, which saves time and money over shipping from, say, North Carolina to Oregon.

    So, how do we get THOSE jobs, plus all the smaller jobs? "Tax policy" and "regulations".

    By incentivizing through tax policy, we could create MANY more jobs, and higher-paying jobs, which will create more tax revenue just from a lot more people working, and a lot more working higher-paying jobs. Those higher-paying jobs will create more "income tax" revenue, AND ancilliary taxes, such as sales and property taxes. Get enough of that, and they can stop raising taxes to cover their out-of-control spending and waste, fraud and abuse. Get a handle on those last three, also, and we may even get to where we can start really lowering taxes, which, of course, will make it more desireable to move and work here.

    Gotta start clear-cutting all that unconstitutional regulatory paperwork, also, with all their business-killing punitive over-regulation.

    SOME regulations are good, and likely necessary. But, EVERYONE knows there are way too many stupid ones.

    Since businesses don't REALLY pay taxes, anyway (they just build into the price, which hurts them and the consumer), reasonable tax incentives for businesses is the FIRST thing they need to do, to even HOPE to have any of those other things happen.

    But, browsing through all that propaganda over there...nobody is mentioning any of this.

    Wonder why?

  71. Oh...and BTW, creating a lot more jobs, and many higher-paying ones, will also lessen the need of taxpayer dollars to support so many people.

    When we get as many as possible working, and paying taxes themselves, that's actually a "raise in tax revenue" in two ways. They are contributing, AND not drawing out.

    Get enough out of the greedy, selfish liberal "GimmeGimme" system, and we can start downsizing government, itself. Which is ALSO a "raise in tax revenue", from not having to spend as much for people to shuffle our tax diollars to other people.

    It would all be a "Win-win....WIN" situation!

    (Except, some people won't like having to give up their "free stuff" and actually having to WORK for what they want, and wrongly think they are "entitled to". Right, JJGimmeGimmeMinnowJimmy?)

  72. Republican Heads Will Roll

    What is more likely is that a lot of Republican heads will roll in 2018. They'll be replaced by BETTER Republicans. Or maybe some Independents OR new Third Party candidates. (I can dream, can't I?)

    We need to start in Alaska and Maine. What are you people thinking up there? Cold getting to you? Seven Republicans voted for the exact same "Straight Repeal" Bill when they knew there was no chance it would become law, then voted against it when there was. Look ‘em up. One of them might be your representative. They all have their excuses, none of which count for squat.

    So, how about that "Health Care Crisis?" Well, get ready for things to get worse… much worse. Health Care costs are going nowhere but up. As are "private" Health Care Insurance premiums.

    Recently I saw a story about two people who jumped off a bridge, leaving their children behind. All because they could not afford "ObamaCare." People with that mindset are soon going to have to take a number.
    From News4Patroits

  73. Insurance Companies Will Bail

    Insurance Companies have already been bailing on the ObamaCare Exchanges like rich people on the Titanic. Now they're going to start bailing on the individual insurance market altogether. Why? Because their profits are at too great of a risk.

    Government promises to reimburse their losses from providing new coverage for people who are already sick are looking pretty shaky. President Trump, thinking he is helping, is going to do everything he can to make sure ObamaCare implodes sooner rather than later. Then he can Tweet, "I told you so."

    Your taxes are going to go up to pay for the Democrats' FREE STUFF. And don't hold your breath that "Tax Reform" will even things out. I'm betting the Republicans will botch that, too.

    I am put in mind of those wagons rolling into the Roman Coliseum loaded with bread, which flunkies throw into the crowd before the Bloodsport commences. We all know what happened to the Roman Empire. Are we there yet? My God, I hope not!

    Maybe Jeff Sessions will stick a drainpipe in the Swamp. But only WE can drain the parasites and gators out of Congress. We need a bunch of Trey Gowdies! To your survival.

  74. Sorry that last one was also from News4Patroits

  75. It's ironically stupid that millions of people who back Obamacare, which puts a hurt on insurance companies, also have pensions, 401k or other retirement accounts that may include those very same insurance companies that are relied upon to generate earnings for those funds.

    Liberals are just unable to connect the dots, and are always doing stupid things, to their own detriment. It's all based on "emotion", and the brainwashing they get, instead of logic and reason.

    In other words...they are self-mutilating complete idiots!πŸ˜‰

  76. Hey, I know Sarge had some tree work done. Anyone else? Did you get several quotes? Did they do a good job? Were they a reasonably-priced professional outfit, who knew how to trim properly?
    Just looking for possible recommendations. πŸ˜‰

    1. Nunya : All Services tree removal their ad is in the capital journal But here it is 925-6155 or 267-4459 Ins, and bonded, and are very professional now I paid about a $1000 per tree but my trees were large and very close to house that included stump removal and they haul off all stuff and clean up like you didn't know they were there, and they do just trimming also. His name is Paul.

    2. P.S. He has very good High dollar equipment and shed's right there.

  77. Thanks Sarge. Got the numbers, will check them out. I have one that DEFINITELY needs checked out...and hate to do it, but maybe taken down. And a couple others that may just need trimmed, for now. Looks like interesting new blog up! πŸ˜‚