Friday, August 11, 2017

It's getting crazy out there

The war drums are beating. The crazy Norks are nuke ready thanks to Bill Clinton. And they are talking about launching. Bad news.

So our President gives them a clear message. Pull that shit at your own peril. And Mad Dog Mattis echoes his statement. Pretty clear. Zero tolerance.

And what do the godless liberals have to say about it? In their ongoing raging hatred for our President they are of course calling his actions everything they always call his actions. Even the brain tumor addled John McCain suddenly opposes standing up to the crazies.

obama, who dropped more bombs than Johnson was at war his entire two terms. Clinton bombed Serbia like it was Viet Nam. And not a peep. But suddenly it's time to negotiate. With crazy people who are beyond negotiation.

I swear, these people will sacrifice anything to overturn our election. They would let fat boy and the Norks fire off nukes and kill millions if they thought they could get political leverage from it. These people are traitorous seditious enemies of America. And I'm talking about the godless left. Not the Norks. We know where they stand. It's the enemy within that worries me more.

So it's Friday. Thank God for small favors.

Here's a little of the great Bill Monroe, the father of Bluegrass for you on a Friday.


  1. "Traitorous seditious enemies of America."

    That's exactly what they are...

  2. If that crazy little bastard manages to blow up our territory...Auntie Maxine will be screeding "He failed to protect us...IMPEACH!"

    Same thing if we stop the turd. "Warmonger...IMPEACH!"

    Same thing if he brings world peace, cures cancer, and feeds the world. "IMPEACH!"


  3. "Military solutions are now fully in place,locked and loaded,should North Korea act unwisely. Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path!"~Donald Trump

    Just saw the tweet on CBS news that President Trump posted about an hour ago.

    Folks, this is where you don't "flinch" - you stay the course and either N. Korea will back down or they will be seriously regretting their actions.

  4. I'm starting to understand how my parents must have felt during the Cuban missile crisis.

    Shit or get off the pot.

    This waiting for something to happen is killing me...

  5. Yup I was old enough to remember that "deja vu all over again", to quote Yogi Berra.
    China in a skirmish with India now too. Heard that one late last night.
    As though the world is saying " come on out and play"!

  6. I share your concerns - I'm so grateful that we have Donald Trump because if we had Hillary in office - we wouldn't be prepared like we are under Trump.

    Also, I feel that Kim Jong Un doesn't have his eyes solely on America - he is going to want more..... a druggie will find a way to get a fix unless they're stopped.

  7. Google: being exposed as portal for the Ministry of Information...hearing this one on Beck this morning.
    That engineer they canned for giving his opinion has helped to open that can of worms.

    This is exactly why books matter.

  8. Speaking of coming out to play.

    How long do you suppose it'll take for Iran to launch an all out attack on our ships in the gulf once fighting breaks out with North Korea?

    I'd say within an hour or less...

  9. The great thing about America is we can fight two wars at the same time. And with General Mad Dog Mattis in charge I'd say the odds favor us even more.

    Don't think of Iraq and Afganistan, think of when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor thinking we were too distracted by the war in Europe to fight two fronts. Surprise! They ended up literally toast.

    The biggest impediment America faces in this situation is the godless seditious traitorous democrat party undermining our President in time of crisis.

    Don't remember the Republicans trying to undermine JFK during the Cuban missile crisis. But then, they aren't traitorous commies who hate America.

  10. Your third paragraph said it all, Safe.

    Following Pearl Harbor and during the Cuban missile crisis America came together.

    WW11 was a national undertaking and the greatest generation rose to the occasion.

    Today we need safe spaces and friggin teddy bears.

    More and more so-called young men think they're women.

    And about half of the relative normal one's are addicted to drugs.

    Not good...

  11. The north korea official news site is a strange phenomenon indeed. It is "". If you decide to check it out, make sure the is part of its web address...anything else is fake.
    Choreographed propaganda...sanitized, as it were. And they do a lot of dinners, visits etc with Iran primarily and a few other regimes.
    And of course the literal worshipping of Dear Leader is incorporated into everything, even "dancing parties" to celebrate missile tests.
    And the year is keeping with the day Kim Il Sung was "born"...
    Kim Jong Un, we know, was brought down to rule by doves...from heaven...and Juche is their version of the Word, given to them by Sung; grandson Un is their Jesus. Literally.
    They've been living in this matrix for 106 years now...
    Bizarre as hell to us but not to them.

  12. In looking at pictures of the dancing parties I couldn't help but wonder if a misstep by one of the dancers would be perceived as an insult to lil Kim...resulting in the dancer being sent to the camps along with his/her current family and the succeeding 3 future generations.

  13. Wow, cats. That sounds an awful lot like today's democrat party...

  14. Yes. Unsettling to look at that website...

  15. But...just as unsettling is a fox news report from 2 days ago that usaf jets had been dispatched from ellsworth afb in south dakota for that guam training exercise, ensuring that they are "ready to fight..."
    Now why in the hell would the pentagon release that info for all to see, hear and read???

    Saw that on today's lame cherry blog, checked it out and my alert radar went into overdrive.
    Just bear in mind that lil Kim has capability to drop one or more of his little mini-warheads anywhere within the lower 48, our intercepts are said to be roughly 60 percent effective and think and research for yourselves before accepting ANYTHING carte blanche.
    Never underestimate your enemies and the war hawks of the deep state mic are still among us.
    Just hearing the strange mumblings from McCain-Graham confirm that...hell bent on syria and Putin but when it comes to lil Kim, McLame takes a different stand???

    Beware and be prepared.
    If I've learned one thing in my 68 years on this planet it's that things are not always what they seem to be.

  16. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm getting the FIRE and FURY knuckle tats first thing tomorrow.

  17. Ever since Ronald Reagan was President the Republicans have fought to advance the missile defense initiative. Back then they called it Star Wars.

    The democrats laughed at it and made fun of it. And they have fought it tooth and nail all these years.

    I guess we know now who saw the future and wanted to position America to defend herself against our enemies and who wanted to leave America defenseless to score political points with their commie base.

    I just hope the democrats don't get a few million people killed with their treasonous actions.

    Almost like they wanted to leave America defenseless, isn't it? This is what obama and company have given us.

  18. And rinos did little to stand up to them but bloviate and participate in show votes on any number of things while doing the cloakroom deal jigs...



    "Guam issues guidelines in case of a nuclear attack"

    If things can't get much spookier.... again, this isn't a time to flinch....
    Hoping that things can be defused and nuclear threat is removed - I have read that there's "back door" diplomatic discussions taking place.

  20. From what I'm seeing on CBSN.... Russia and China are trying to ease tensions on this -

    Frankly, I feel that both Russia and China realize that President Trump is very serious in his "Military solutions are now fully in place,locked and loaded,should North Korea act unwisely. Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path!"

  21. Saw a cool bumper sticker the other day.



  22. It's already Saturday morning in Guam - hoping and praying that the N. Korean lunatic idiot doesn't do anything more stupid than what he's already been doing.


  23. ????
    Have you seen Drudge's banner headline?
    Trump is now talking abiut using a military option in response to the Maduro regime's takeover in Venezuela...

    What the hell is up with THIS crap?
    How many damned wars are we supposed to get involved in here?

  24. What if Russia and China take out fat boy?
    Split the coal mines and oil production?
    China is wanting more all the time and Russia still butt hurt from Ukraine.
    It's most important to them to keep a buffer between their governments and ours, so an under the table deal could be feasible and possible.

    Frankly I'm good with it.

    I don't have the stomach to see another war with shitty ROE and profiteering by Rich assholes. Besides, we have enough problems here, stateside.

    South Korea still remains, the starving Norks could get more than a handful of meat a month, and little fat boy gets silenced. The nuke stuff won't matter, Russia and China are already highly advanced.

    In this scenario, I see a win-win-win...

    Maybe too ambitious?

  25. The Venezuela craziness also just posted on ZH...timestamp just a few moments ago.

    This just ain't rational, this going around talking "military option" every time some other country does something you don't like. I think Maduro is nothing but a butcher too but good heavens, this is getting way out of hand.

  26. I'm a little conflicted on Trump's bluster. They all need to know we ain't kidding, and Trump ain't gonna let them thump his ears and laugh at a weak-kneed spineless toady (like Obama). But, he can't be challenging EVERYONE to a showdown all at once!

    Keep that up, and it each challenge dilutes the power of each of the others. Then, we again won't be taken seriously, and even more of them will start shooting spitwads at us.

    Slow that stuff down. We don't need to try to focus on 10 enemies all at once. Can't be done.

  27. Agreed.

    Not sure if anyone besides me noticed it but Nikki Halley had a definite "ah shit" look on her face when he mentioned the military option for Venezuela...

  28. Oh, and good morning from beautiful downtown Emporia, Kansas...

  29. Did not have the television on but heard on late report last night that she and Tillerson were working to calm the waters out there.

    For one thing, they don't need that headache; they didn't come on board to clean up Trump's messes.
    For another, HE SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!!
    Gets all upset at others' commentary. Maybe he should consider his own.

  30. Well folks here's another one for the Clinton closet. Get to close and you will commit the only route you have left. Bang

    OFFICIALS: Federal Prosecutor Investigating Fraud in Wasserman Schultz’s District Shot Himself in Head — But No Gun Was Found at the Scene

    A federal prosecutor’s body was discovered on a Hollywood, Florida beach on May 24.

    He was shot in the head.

    Beranton J. Whisenant, Jr.’s body was found in May by a random individual. The police were investigating at the time to determine if Whisenant’s death was a “homicide, suicide, or something else.”

    Whisenant worked for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami in its major crimes unit. He was handling several visa and passport fraud cases in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district.

    Now this…
    Officials say Beranton’s death was a suicide and he shot himself in the head.
    But no gun was ever found.
    The Sun-Sentinel reported:

    Detectives and a medical examiner found Whisenant had shot himself in the head, Hollywood police said.

    Police searched for two blocks north and south of the crime scene but couldn’t find the gun or any other weapon.

    He was assigned to the Miami office of the U.S. Attorney’s Office and been hired as federal prosecutor a few months earlier.

  31. Society is being purposefully conditioned to accept fantasy as reality. This is part of the ongoing liberalization of America.

    There is no such thing as gender, you can be whatever you choose to be. You are not responsible for your choices or actions. Being dependent is freedom. Right and wrong are subjective. Morality is immoral.

    So it follows that suicide by someone else's hand is suicide.

    Insanity runs rampant.

  32. HMMM... well in Arkansas they call this Arkanside.... Why you ask? because its another murder deemed "suicide" by gunshot to the head with no gun found to protect the Clintons. Common sense tells you this was murder. Whats more disturbing to me is that the masses are buying it. I don't know about you but that scares the hell out of me. The fact that the masses are so brainwashed, or stupid, or numb to see whats right in front of them.

  33. let me tell ya folks, the insanity is spreading like the plague. Its only a matter of time before all access to such knowledge as this and others like it will be screened and outlawed like in China.
    We have already seen it from the Urinal

  34. The gun might have fled the scene all by itself. That would explain it to liberals, and they'd believe it.

    After all, "guns" kill's a possibility.

    They need to issue a BOLO for the gun involved...y' question it and find out if it was forced to shoot the guy, or if it decided to do it on its own.

    It'll make a difference in how the killer gun is charged.πŸ˜‚

    1. How much you wanna bet that the gun might eventally turn up in the possession of some thug who just happened to "find it" and said hapless thug finds himself charged with the one crime he didn't commit?

  35. Got one of the liberal union stewards all wound-up yesterday. Discussion was Michael Vick, and union guy says "Hey...leave him alone. He did his time, and he's doing things to repair his reputation!"

    Perfect opening for me to slip in:

    "Yeah! Kinda like Hillary! She wants to repair her image and become a Methodist minister...except I didn't know Methodists had a Satanic branch!"

    Then, I walked away with a grin. Another guy later told me "Thanks a LOT for saying that! I finally had to put on my headphones to drown him out!"

    "Yeah, sorry", I said, "kinda like dropping a nasty ol' fart, and leaving others to deal with it, huh?!"πŸ˜‚

  36. Charlottesville Va this morning:, riots over the decision to remove Robert E Lee...
    Antifa and related groups vs KKK and related groups...
    Personally I think Mr Lee should be left alone...
    But this is like...democrats vs democrats??
    Wonder if the Soros connections are supporting both sides...

  37. Watching with morbid fascination as fox reporters, Vittert being one, are commenting...
    Surprised more white nationalist protesters not present...
    Has there been any looting?

    Is it just me, or are they sounding a tad disappointed that things aren't worse?

  38. it has person dead following a car that at high rate of speed rammed into people.
    Nothing else reported as yet.

  39. Getting ready to watch President Trump's speech re: Charlottesville....

  40. I don't blame President Trump one bit for ignoring reporters questions..... our President's statements in his speech already answered all anyhow. As always, our President gave a very heartfelt and great speech.

  41. Make no mistake, this is a direct result of Obama and his ramping up of racial hatred.
    Younger folks are sick of it.

    This will get worse before it gets better.

    I dislike violence as much as you folks here.
    But I would be a fool and a liar if I didn't say "I understand why"...
    Saddens my heart to see the methods, for sure.

    And let's remember these people aren't empowered by the president, they have been empowered by the ridiculous behavior of the previous administration.

    Better pray for all, that's my final thought...


    "Trump condemns hatred "on many sides" in Charlottesville white nationalist protest"

  43. I just got home and getting caught up with everything I've missed out on.

    I'll hold my thoughts until I can learn more about it.

    And trust me, I have plenty to say about it...

  44. Why should we be surprised, they are ripping apart the history of this country by removing the memorials and flags- they are not racist memorials or flags! They are our history and if you know history you will find that the Demons are the ones who wanted to keep slavery!

    Black people gather all the time and no counter protests! Then you have miss black America, the black network, black colleges....... Then obama caused problems yelling racist and put his foot in mouth every time!

    Now the mayor singer is blaming Trump- what a trouble maker he is! All he does is add fuel to fire!

  45. The libs will have Trump blamed for all of this. They are already saying he is in this and he will never be able to do enough to make these racist haters happy.

  46. Can you believe this Ellison?

    Rep. Keith Ellison says Kim Jong Un 'acting more responsible' than Trump. After that he started backtracking and said Trump is incredibly irresponsible, and he's putting us in a situation where you could have an accidental launch.

    Now myself, I do think if I was in Trump's position, I would be saying very little. There would be lots said behind closed doors and a plan ready for immediate execution for every situation we could think might happen.

    I would not say Jong is responsible.

  47. Obama's legacy. "Destroying 50 years of racial progress."

    Wonder if that was one of the "Dreams of His Father"?😑

    I see the Urinal went out of their way to dig up an old photo of Confederate flags/w KKK on them to proudly push. What...they couldn't find a clear enough pic from today to incite things through their propaganda?

    Oh...and are just as guilty of stirring all this kind of crap up as anyone there. Proud of yourselves?

    Of course you are. 😠

  48. Am disgusted. With fox..all about condemning white supremacists,nazis, kkk and Duke. As they should...but nary a word about the antifa, blm (saw one of those signs early on in a reel) and who knows who on the other side.
    I expected that bullcrap from McAuliffe and was not disappointed...and he started up with that "nation of immigrants" litany the leftist progs love so much.
    But then, he's been a Clintonista from way back and I would not be one bit shocked to find out that he may have assisted Soros in the planning stages of this.

  49. Yep...all that anger that Trump said that ALL racism and violence is wrong, from ANYONE.

    I suppose he may also have wanted to wait until a few more facts were in, like who actually struck first?

    Of course, if it's Antifa fascists or BLM racists causing violence and tearing shit up...Obama and the left defends THEM, and still blames anyone a millimeter right of the farthest left.

    I don't like outright racists like KKK or "White Nationalists" claiming to be aligned with Republicans or conservatives. The crap Obama and his racist buddies spewed for 8 years, and is still being spewed...was bound to cause this kind of thing.

    Imam Obama did keep one promise. He "fundamentally changed America"...for the worse. Much worse.

    For ALL Americans.

    Actually...for the entire world.

  50. Speaking of planning....

    I thought it was odd how two networks that I watched he'd said there wasn't a license plate. Which was simply false. 8chan already had the guy identified by that tag, and even slowed the video to get a cameo pic while in the car.
    The question is why the fakeness?
    And zero hedge really blew it today by posting a meme as a driver pic, which was Sam Hyde behind the wheel. Parroting right off of 4/8 Chan, and got caught.
    Little lesson in who's got the news, and who doesn't.
    I trust them goys over at the chans. It's where the alt-right was born, and is being carried out. And today in Charlottesville wasn't a true representation of it. No matter what fox, MSNBC, or even zero hedge has to say about.
    As far as a political movement, nothing has come close in fifty years to what's happening.
    The weaponry is technology and social media.
    To prove it, just look at Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and there false pretentiousness and fakeness, and scurrying about to bury or label anything associated.
    To no avail, I might add.

    They fear them.
    And they grow....

    Praise kek.


    1. Yup saw that on zh...and right away several posters called them on it...that's why it pays to double check. Even the better sites should never be taken as gospel these days.

  51. Something else to chew on.

    Since the local authorities thought it was such a bright idea to overlap these scheduled protests, and allow the counterprotest to approach the protest, I'm amazed at the nationalists responsibility and behavior.
    Those people were armed to the teeth. And the militia that was there to protect the protestors? They were in it to win it.
    How many negligent discharges did you hear about? How many people arrested on firearms charges?
    While being provoked, and shit being thrown at them everyone kept their cool. I'm happy they did. Made me feel good as a second amendment guy.
    And other than a random guy losing his cool and getting behind the wheel, I still feel the aggressor is the left. Nobody can tell me differently

  52. Don't know where you are at sarge, but hope all is well. Hope to hear from you soon here in the bunker.

  53. Here's some related history for you. Robert E. Lee never owned a slave. He was not a supporter of secession. He only joined the fight because the Union invaded his home state, Virginia.

    Ulysses S Grant on the other hand did own slaves. He kept them during the war to serve as his wife's help.

    And this whole thing is about ignorant people with no knowledge of history wanting to remove a statue of Robert E Lee.

    Just like all fascists they rewrite history to support he narrative.

    Skippy said it. When people accept enough lies as truth they lose all reason.

    I encourage everyone to read the book 1984. It was written as a warning but the left has adoptive it as a blueprint.

  54. Orwell's 1984, Animal Farm, and Huxley's Brave New World ought to be required reading by our kids.

  55. All the news including Fox, blames the "White Supremacist". Now from the video, it clear both sides are at blame. Why are they not calling out the anti protesters who were just as violent? All Fox, Trump and every politician calls only the whites! Then no ones mentions that the so called white supremacist has tons of weapons- not one fired a shot! This was even as they were attacked with chemicals and clubs.

    Then when BLM protest, burn down neighborhoods, well not much said except we need to help them feel better.

    Then who authorized these two groups to protest at the same day and same place? Or were they suppose to be separated? I am sick of whites being berated for standing up and saying we have the same rights as everyone else.

  56. James Alex Fields from Maumee Ohio, age 20...arrested so far. Apparently more arrests are being made but almost nothing being said.
    Am hoping Clyde Lewis at ground zero talks about this on monday night...he digs out the truth and is not afraid to say so.

  57. "Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled, either by a power within them, or by a power without them; either by the word of God, or by the strong arm of man; either by the Bible, or by the bayonet."
    --quote by Rep. Robert Charles Winthrop in late 1800s.
    I found it in a commenter post online, regarding today's events in Charlottsville

  58. Let's see....We have North Korea warning "If the Trump administration does not want the American empire to meet its tragic doom in its tenure, they had better talk and act properly," North Korea said in a statement distributed through state-run media.
    They want him to "talk and act properly"? Yet Kim talks about turning us into jelly! Whatever! He had better "talk and act properly" sounds like a phrase out of the Liberal Left's handbook, while they bash and spew hate and discontent!
    Then today, both the Liberals and some of the Republicans basically condemning Trump because he did not speak out specifically about condemning the "White Nationalists"! Not having all of the facts, why should he make statements condemning one side of the violence. What is it? They want him to do the same stupid stuff Obama did, by stating his opinions immediately on several different incidents, and making a fool of himself, because he did not have the fact?
    Many of Fox's weekend people are just as bad as the other idiot media, making stupid statements, going over the same shit over and over again, and talking Trump down every chance they get! I get so fed up with all of this Bull Shit!

  59. Good Morning everyone.

    Sarge, hoping all is well with you and Ghost - hoping to see you posting on here soon.

    When hubby left this morning to go to work, stepping outside it's a crisp cool morning.

    Will check back in later today. Y'all have a good morning.

    P.S. Kevin..... (smiles) mentioned I splurged and did get me more Wild Mountain Blueberry coffee.... (giggles). Getting ready to have a 2nd mugs worth.

  60. I see Little Matty, the Johnson, is over there crapping all over the place again. Today's verbal diarrhea is a particularly long episode, rambling on incessantly about a new word to which he has recently been exposed..."illiberal".

    Of course, he excretes here, there and everywhere about Trump's "illiberalism" while blasting Trump in every paragraph.

    I am proud to say that I am now 100% (and getting more so) "illiberal", and it's because of far-left, shit-spewing, anti-Constitutional, anti-American hatemongers like...Little Matty, the Johnson.

    The punk talks about comparing Trump to Hitler, and Putin, etc.

    Hey, Matty. Are you aware of what's happening in Charlottesville, you dumbass? What's happening is ALL because of propagandists like YOU, and your actions of censorship at the Urinal are more in line with brutal dictatorship than anything Trump has done.

    Matty, the Johnson, and his ilk are exactly what's causing chaos in Charlottesville.

    Hope to see his ass gone, soon.

  61. Actually, in the spirit of inventing word contractions (in the case of liberals, squeezing two words together to mean something completely opposite of what it "Antifa", since the group of idiots using that term are decidedly "pro-fascist"), I will instead define "illiberal" as a contraction of two words that means just what it sounds like..."ill liberal".

    Of course, it's a redundant new meaning if the word "illiberal", since one of the main qualifications of liberalism is being "ill", especially mentally, emotionally or other forms of psychological illnesses.

    But, least it SOUNDS like just what it IS, when we assign to liberals.

    QUITE obviously, "Auntie Maxine" is an "illiberal". Hillary is an "illiberal". Little Matty, the Johnson, is right up there at the top of the heap, in the depths of dishonesty and hatred of my new "contraction of the words ill and liberal" definition.

    So, knowing what the illiberals (ill liberals) mean when they call anyone "illiberal", that is actually of the highest form of compliment to anyone accused by them of being "illiberal", and should be proudly EMBRACED.

    Though it's triple-redundancy to call someone like Schumer "illiberal" (we already know Schumer is mentally-ill, liberals are ill, so in that case we have two other words synonymous with "ill") it might be fun to try to completely confuse their usage of the word.

    Of course, not having any REAL journalistic talent, and quite clearly...not even any capacity to generate thoughts of his own (we all know he probably saw that word first a couple weeks ago, and I made fun of it then), Little Matty, the Johnson, can stick his "illiberal" up his arse. (At least it would shut him up for a little while, until he regurgitates something else of someone else's thoughts, and splatters it ALL back out). πŸ˜‚

  62. Well, the Urinal's far-left commie bias is already rearing its ugly head on Colyer:

    "Editorial: Will Colyer really be different?"

    "Bob Beatty is a political scientist at Washburn University, and he says Colyer is trying to assert his independence: “He’s arguing he’s not going to be an extension of the Brownback administration.” But as the longest-serving lieutenant governor in Kansas history, that’s exactly what he has been since January 2011. House Minority Leader Jim Ward, D-Wichita, mocked Colyer for this conspicuous contradiction: “I laughed out loud when I saw his email, ‘a new day in Kansas.’ Because Jeff Colyer trying to run away from Sam Brownback is ridiculous. That would be like trying to run away from himself.”

    "Kansas Democratic Party Chairman John Gibson made the same point: “If there’s one thing that unites all Kansans, it’s that there’s no appetite for a third Brownback term. Voters aren’t going to entrust the job of rebuilding the state to the very same person who has spent the past seven years tearing it down.”

    "This is the perception Colyer is up against. Right now, Kansans have no reason to believe that they’ll be heralding a “new day” under his governorship."

    Ummm...lemme see. They cite Bob Beatty, a Washburn commie. House Minority Leader Jim Ward, Democrat. Kansas Democratic Party Chairman John Gibson.

    Lemme see...ummm...nope. OH...the Urinal "Editorial Board" (Head Propagandists) obviously cite THEMSELVES, as they wrote this tripe. (probably with much input from the worst of the worst, Little Matty, the Johnson).

    But...nope. No other "objective voices", or any Republicans, or anyone else. Just far-left lunatics.

    So, absolutely ZERO journalistic-integrity, as in even a TINY attempt to get the views of someone they know they might not agree with.

    Still, they can definitively claim this:

    "This is the perception Colyer is up against. Right now, Kansans have no reason to believe that they’ll be heralding a “new day” under his governorship."

    Well, as long as the Urinal (and other mainstream media) leftist-propaganda machines keep sending out nothing BUT anti-Colyer crap, and will, without a doubt, prop up a Democrat challenger..."most" Kansans will have a hard time digging through the lies and propaganda to have a "reason to believe that they’ll be heralding a “new day” under his governorship."

    THIS is the pure CRAP that is assaulting our representative republic, and threatening our nation.

    It needs to be completely exposed, and fought against.

    I hope the Urinal suffers a massive hemorrhage of low-life, no-talents under the new owners.

    But, not gonna hold my breath. They may get even worse. (As if that's possible!)

  63. Kevin, I sent you an email.

  64. Sarge, hoping you are doing ok!

  65. I concur with both of you.πŸ˜•

  66. me also, I hope Sarge read my good morning greeting.