Sunday, August 6, 2017

One Last, Quick Blog Before Safe Takes Over Tomorrow Morning...

Just for the record, you guys are amazing.

I don't think there's ever a been a blog go by that I haven't learned a thing or two from you.

For instance, take a gander at the video Sarge posted on the last edition on "The Underground Bunker."

Like he said, if you're easily offended by the unvarnished truth I'd suggest not watching it.

However, if you have the guts to hear what the average British citizen really think of the Muslim invasion the leaders of their country has forced down their throats, you might want to check it out.

Sarge, thanks for passing this along...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Just did what others do daily and you are right we all learn something from the Bunker blogs, because there is no leash on us!!

  2. Very smart Brit, he has hit the nail on the head, but is he the average? How are these guys getting voted into positions such a mayor? This is suppose to be a list of Muslims in positions of authority??

  3. Just a guess here but I'd say it's because the poor innocent immigrants are allowed to vote...

  4. Well, hopefully the world will wake up before it's too late. I really blame our schools, they are teaching a snowflake version of history that follows a liberal agenda. It happening from K-12 and colleges.

    1. It starts from the day they enter public schools.

  5. Well worth a listen and thank you Sarge, for finding that. Europens have been soaked in liberal prog ideology for years; most of their leaders have been as well. Their elites have tended to look down their noses at America and now they are reaping what they've sown. Sadly, in horrible ways. Merkel being one of the worst.
    Ask any soldier who has served in the middle east what these islamoterrorists are capable of, if they are even willing to talk of the horrors they have seen. That so many come back from that hellhole all messed up emotionally is no shock.
    I am also deeply concerned about our continued presence in Afghanistan with possible plans afoot to send more soldiers over there...unless something has changed in the past 17 years we've had troops there they are required to "respect the culture" ...a culture in which men routinely rape little boys is common.
    That makes me wonder greatly about why we keep this insanity going instead of just pulling out and bombing the crap out of them if they threaten us.
    Be done with it already!

  6. Last post...
    First post? Oh well. Another one of "those" nights...trouble sleeping so here I sit with the coffee cup.

    Good Morning!!

    1. Good Morning Cats you are not alone :)

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  8. I'm not going to post a new blog today, I'll just let this one ride. Looks like everybody is just getting warmed up so I think I'll leave this one until I think of something to say we haven't already beaten to death.

    1. Sounds like plan my friend, have a great day.

  9. When you continue to lie about a particular issue, you then start believing it yourself until someone calls you on it.

    Subject: : Barack Obama and Iraq

    Barack Obama and Iraq

  10. Bought a book the other day that I've wanted to read for some time: "The Coming Insurrection"...written by "the invisible committee". It is a treatise on France, 2005-2009, its governance, rebellion, riots etc and gives an overview of conditions leading to just that: insurrection against the state.
    Have only just started reading it but the parallels with what we are trying to deal with here literally jump off the page..m
    Not a large book at all, 135 pages but the mindsets portrayed are frightening. Push and prod people around enough get my point.

  11. There was that tidbit in the news a while back about microchipping employees…

    All these employees have to do is just wave their hands over a pad to gain entry into the place they work or purchase vendor machine items, etc. I see a serious problem with this microchipping crap… not trying to sound paranoid y’all but it just totally creeps me out – there’s too many ‘what if’ scenarios that could happen with catastrophic endings.

    Y’all remember ‘The Terminator’ with Arnold in it – right?

    If this isn’t a tad frightening… not that it hasn’t been happening little by little already

    There was that tidbit in the news a while back about microchipping employees…

    “All right, we get it; no job is safe. According to a recent study, 47 percent of American jobs could be lost to automation in the next 20 years.”

    Saw that on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday.

    Technological robotic advances are slowly taking the place of the blue collar workers for some time now. In President Trump’s campaign speeches prior to the National Election, he talked about bringing jobs back and boom all this talk of robotic advances in work places taking the place of human employees… no job will be immune from this robotic technology.

    Isn’t this in a way…… sort of… trying to round about way of fighting President Trump’s campaign promises??

    Can’t help but feel that technological nightmares will come of all of this robotic automation and that it is going to separate the human race by those who can program and create/operate advanced computer functions and those who will be just getting by trying to find work to make ends meet.

    I'm curious how all this ‘robotic automation’ will play into the 2020 National Election…

    Looking at the upcoming 2020 National Election so far this is the list of hopefuls that has surfaced or rather… “individuals who have publicly expressed interest” in the 2020 National Election. Some of the candidates will shock you that they’re running – and some won’t surprise you at all.,_2020

    Joe Biden, Lincoln Chafee, Stephen Colbert, Mark Cuban, John Hickenlooper, Eric Holder, Dwayne Johnson, Terry McAuliffe, Martin O’Malley, and Adam Schiff.

    One of these I totally cannot stand…Stephen Colbert.

    One of these I had to make sure I was typing his name correctly…Hickenlooper.

    We will probably see this list change several times over the next 4 years – I would be totally surprised if Hillary decides to run again – after her two bids for the White House ended in complete and total ‘crash and burn’ failure.

  12. Guess I'm needing more coffee.... I found myself repeating myself in a few places in my post above....

  13. My, my, my..
    Section 2634, US code: "certificate of divestiture to avoid conflict of interest..."
    What's that?
    Just a very obscure part of the tax code that explains why so many bankers, ceo's and well-heeled others accept jobs in public service...
    We all know and understand the conflict-of-interest thing, right?
    And we generally agree with it, right?

    Well, guess what? If an individual accepts a public sector job, elected or appointed(doesn't matter), they must file that certificate and sell their companies...and...
    As long as that filing is timely...
    They are exempt from having to pay any capital gains tax on the money received from that sale.
    In many cases that's a hell of a lot of money....
    Just look at all these wall street types, corporatists and big money fatcats (Rove is one) in both parties who have avoided billions of tax revenue legally over the years ob account of section 2634...

    Po' folks pays fees an taxes...
    Rich folks an welfare cheats gits free stuff an' mo' money!!!

  14. And we're supposed to believe these frauds when they bloviate about wanting to do their part in helping the country...

    Like hell they are.
    Think they're serious about any sort of tax reform? Think again.
    They need replacement dollars for all the dollars they get out of paying or give away...
    And continue the charade by cheering on and on about new jobs, low unemployment etc...
    While still using that phony formula from the labor stats bureau that has, for years now, ignored the U6.
    You know. That's the actual number.
    The one fed to us every month is the one that no longer factors in the 95 million no longer counted because they gave up looking for work and no longer draw unemployment.
    I suspect many of them make up that fo9d stamp count, many others now live with family and still others are dead or homeless and living in the missions and streets of America...

  15. Caroline Heldman
    on Saturday
    ** Long Post, TW for Sexual Harassment**
    Fox News just suspended Eric Bolling pending allegations that he sent photos of his genitalia to female colleagues. My only surprise is that it took this long for people to come forward about Bolling's behavior, which has been wildly inappropriate for years.
    I did hundreds of appearances on Fox and Fox Business from 2008 - 2011, and had multiple experiences with Bolling that caused grave concern to my friends and family.

    I’m a bit skeptical for more than just one reason.

    For one, why did she wait nearly a decade to report the alleged harassment from the man? Could it be a politically-motivated “take down”? While Fox is still investigating the claims, Heldman makes no effort to hide her role as a far-left activist.

  16. In just the past year or so we’ve seen the departure of Megyn Kelly, Greta Van Susteren, Bob Beckel, Bill O’Reilly, a suspension of Charles Payne, the departure and death of Roger Ailes, and even a cancellation of the popular late-night show “Red Eye.”

    In what’s being described as a witch hunt, whoever is pulling the strings at Fox has set their eyes on their latest target: Eric Bolling. He’s been suspended due to accusations that he sent lewd photos to multiple female colleagues in the past, but we don’t know who any of those alleged victims even are. The dates of the allegedly offending messages were over a decade ago. Bolling’s attorney, Michael J. Bowe, told NPR that “The anonymous, uncorroborated claims are untrue and terribly unfair. We intend to fully cooperate with the investigation so that it can be concluded and Eric can return to work as quickly as possible.”

  17. I rip this comment off someone who, I for get.

    Of course it’s a setup. The left knows good and well that the one thing that conservatives are against is immorality! So, the one thing they are going to blame on any target that is a male is sexual harassment. It;s a broad tag and sends upright moral conservatives into a frenzy. Truth is that is the one thing throughout the ages that the Devil targets to bring us down, our main weakness. I can’t believe for a minute that Eric Bolling would ever do such a thing! He is a very decent and moral man, his character reflects so much more than Anthony Weiner, the Democrat who DID send lewd pics to women, and by the way, the FBI has those pics. Where is the proof? We must pray and never stop praying for our Christian Leaders. Ask God to shield them from these false allegations. No weapon formed against me shall stand. The Truth is always revealed. Besides how on earth can the Left wing Liberals act so hypocritically righteous when they stand for killing the unborn with abortion, dressing up and parading around town like a females genitals and the list goes on and on. It’s a smear campaign and if we don’t stop it they will use “Sexual Harassment” to bring down every righteous man there is. However, if any one truly is guilty of such stupidity that will be revealed!!!

  18. Add in the fact that most attorneys advise their clients to "just settle..make it go away, it'll cost less blah blah blah..." so what happens? The Bollings generally lose their jobs, never get their day in court to fight their accuser and what the attorneys involved don't get in huge fees goes to the accuser.
    An effective racket for the minders on the left and most ordinary people just go about their business and pay it no mind ...if they even know about it.

  19. Remember, he was very outspoken and critical of both obamacare and the replacements offered up by the congressional cronies. Heard him rail on that myself.
    The controllers in charge of our lives don't like that, you see.

  20. Well if this ain’t an “O Shit” moment for Loretta Lynch....

    Her email alias is Elizabeth Carlisle…. “Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s work alias — “Elizabeth Carlisle” — was confirmed Monday as a result of multiple Freedom of Information Act requests and persistent citizens.” “Other well-known Obama administration officials to use aliases include:
    • Former Attorney General Eric Holder: “Lew Alcindor.”
    • Former IRS official Lois Lerner: “Toby Miles.”
    • Environmental Protection Agency official Lisa Jackson: “Richard Windsor.””

    Read the article… I’ll bet there will be more damning information to come eventually.

  21. How totally not cool.... using the former name (Lew Alcindor)of Kareem Abdul Jabbar (NBA Basketball Great).... really could Eric Holder get in trouble for using Kareem's former name legally?? And the Obama Administration said they were transparent.... just another lie surfacing proving that Obama and his administration are corrupt liars.

  22. What? The fake social profile kings have a problem with a fake email profile. Oh, the hypocrisy. HHH

    1. Hey, fool, we ain't government hack
      Get over yourself. Anonymous.

  23. Funny comment from an anonymous chickenshit troll.

  24. Nothing new under the sun...they've long been known for that. The shillary used a pseudonym when she emailed her daughter on Benghazi night to tell her that it was not due to any video...their excuse is "for security reasons"...

  25. Obama and company were the shiftiest crookedest deceptive illegal operating bunch of organized criminals to ever occupy the White House.

    They made Nixon look like a Boy Scout by comparison.

    If there were any journalists left in America these crooks would be exposed and if the Republicans weren't a bunch of cowards they'd all be in prison.

  26. Given Congress and the political/cultural/economical climate in this country today, would we have the fortitude to go to war today if we find ourselves under attack?
    Not to mention the sad state of our depleted military these days...

    1. Mark Levin is asking that question on his program today; weneed to give serious thought to that.

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  28. Obama and his administration = the worst corruption in US History!

  29. Had to "edit" my post....

    Did y'all catch the part of the article where the FBI that was at the tarmac meeting between Lynch and Clinton that they told the people there No photos. No pictures. No cellphones,’”
    If it were just a little innocent chit chat about family, why then all the hush hush???

    We all know that there was a helluva lot more than just family chit chat....

    This is one story I'd love to see end with the Obama Administration and the Clintons indicted and imprisoned

  30. Not only is this an "O Shit" moment for Lynch, it is also one for Comey..... at that time he was in charge of the FBI and being in charge he was responsible for the conduct of the people beneath him, even the ones at the tarmac that day of the meeting that I strongly feel that was not 'coincidental' but 'well planned'....

    If Comey thinks he is out of the woods....he's got another realization coming....

  31. and I'll add..... it ain't a good day for the libtards either... because little by little the truth is coming out and proving more and more that the Obama Administration, the Clintons, Lynch, Comey and the Democratic National Committee are all corrupt, all liars, and they all need to indicted and locked up!

  32. I now respectfully yeild the conversation over to the rest of y'all....

    TGHAPOTUS (translation: Thank God Hillary Ain't President of the United States)!!!!!

  33. At zero hedge: "Sessions Humiliates Rahm: 'No Amount of Federal Funds Will Help a City That Refuses To Help Its Own Residents'"
    Jeff Sessions ripped into that assclown of a Chitown mayor following his filing suit against the DOJ in order to get that federal grant money yet remain a sanctuary city. The AG told him bluntly to comply with immigration law or else forget about getting any money. Among other things he pointed out a murder rate that has skyrocketed out of control.

    Worth noting, too, for any liberal progs lurking about, that your godfather will spend at least or more than the 3.2 million grant in legal fees in order to try to maintain his unconstitutional stand against the law while continuing to put Chicago citizens in danger. That city is overrun with gangs, drugs and criminality in general and its citizens have no real means of protection with this political goombah thug running things.
    While living, I might add, under around-the-clock armed protection for himself and his family.

    1. Rahm Emmanuel isn't a goombah. I'll give you a hint: he gives me the heebie-jeebies.

    2. Ghoul? Considering his brother is Ezekiel, doctor of obamacare...I can see that.

  34. I say withhold EVERY PENNY POSSIBLE to sanctuary cities. Also, withdraw any federal law enforcement, and refuse to respond to any crime. No infrastructure funding. No grants of ANY kind, to ANY entity in those cities. Then, let's figure out a way to pull school funding, and any federal welfare-type funding. If they want to blatantly refuse to follow federal law, then they can just damn well not get any federal tax dollars...even if we have to change things to make that happen.
    Screw those criminal mayors and city leaders. You're on your own.

  35. Yegads...just what we need. A "progressive-leftist" brainwashed schoolboy who thinks he knows everything, and wants to be governor.

  36. Just make sure to install bullet-proof windows. Oh...and don't bother painting it nicely. It'll get painted soon enough. Good lighting and security cameras should be mandated. Will make it easier to identify the shooters.

    An "education desert", they say? Could be more of a "morals, respect and personal responsibility desert", maybe?

    Here comes the opposing platitudes:

    "I think it's addressing equity, economic equity..." Well, there ya go. There's the keyword.

    "We've talked about that rising tide that raises all ships....This is what we're doing in terms of that tide. If you can elevate areas of the community, it brings everyone up to that level."

    Not really. When you steal money forcefully through taxation from some to give to others...that isn't a "rising tide". Not when you're just bringing others down. There's your "equity".

    OK..."we" are building that "education oasis"? That's fine. But the FIRST thing those kids need to learn is REAL history (like the ugly "hidden past" of the extensive involvement of blacks involved in trading and owning slaves...including Anthony Johnson's lawsuit that effectively ushered in "legalized slave ownership...oh, yeah...and how white Europeans also suffered "indentured servitude (basically..slavery), REAL civics, like the Founding Documents, etc.

    Also, they need to be hammered with the idea of "personal responsibility, individual achievement, respect for all others", etc.

    Not going to be easy driving all that hate and violence and bad culture out of them, since liberals, Hollywood, the music industry and mainstream media has so thoroughly poisoned their young minds with their immorality, hatred and violent propaganda.

    Maybe THAT'S what they should start with? Otherwise, no amount of ABC123...and no amount of $$$ dumped into it, will make them successful contributing members of society.

    But...that's just common sense.

    Which means, with the liberals in won't happen.

  37. After hearing about some new shopping development being planned for the 29th and fairlawn area I started thinking about older versions of such shopping meccas...they all seem to have a few common themes nowadays.
    They start out all bright, shiny and exciting. Usually located in nice neighborhoods they are advertised as "convenient". Area realtors promote them as enticement...close to shopping and schools, you know.
    For a time, all is smooth sailing and people in the area are proud of their new stores and shops. But over time they all end up the same...vacant, rundown, parking lots overgrown with grass and litter everywhere; cpncrete wastelands. The surrounding neighborhoods follow suit. Once well kept, they fall into disrepair...people move, kids leave, slumlords buy them up for a song. Eventually the taxpayers will get stuck with cleaning it up courtesy orders from some courtroom and increased taxes.
    Or it just sits in westridge or white lakes...rundown monuments to consumerism.
    Add in the mess downtown.
    Why, really, can't we find a way to maintain what's there and keep using it instead of just letting things rot away over time?

  38. Safe has a new blog up and running.