Sunday, August 13, 2017

So, you bastards wanted a race war? Hang on to your asses... You got it...

Well, I had this rant all worked out in my head this morning.

I had my notes ready.

I had my facts all in a row.

I had the photos I planned on using saved.

And just before I sat down I went out back to drink one last cup of coffee and have a quick smoke.

As usual I had my phone with me and started scrolling through Facebook when I came across this guy's video.

I realized he had touched on almost every point I had planned on making.

Only he did it better than I ever could.

So instead of me babbling on I'll just turn it over to a fellow patriot and let him explain it in his own (colorful) words.

These bastards have spent the last 8 years doing everything they could to start a race war.

Well, they got it.

And from my perspective, yesterday, with only one person killed, they got off lucky.

I'm afraid it's only going to get worse from here...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Well I think he pretty well summed it up. Not much else to add.

  2. I certainly cannot add to that either...
    Because HE'S RIGHT.

  3. I can't add nothing to that either, like Skippey and Cats....this guy nailed it on the head.

  4. The guy IS right.

    But one thing I know Kevin, after reading late into the night, is that many are digging in.
    We are going to find out what kind of stomach these shit hole stand for nothings on the left have.
    My side has legs. My side has been shit on for far to long now.
    I beleive time and time again more and more will stand up in the face of this fascist agenda whore mob.

    Patriots care not for racially motivated violence.
    Instead, steadfast resistance, voting, pressure induced policy change, and education of our children will win the day.

    Will there be head knocking and battle rattle?
    You bet.
    But it won't be tarnished with false bravado from racial motivation.

    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

    And I'm good with it.

    Game on.

  5. Heather Heyer...horrific way to die. But so far, lame media is apparently holding back on her.
    Said to be a paralegal and there to support the anti-kkk etc supremacists. Also a Bernie supporter.
    This posted at the daily mail this morning.
    That city did an awful job, dealing with this and again, I would not be at all shocked to find out that the takeover of that rally was planned and orchestrated by evildoers with an agenda. Clueless young people, including some with psychological problems (unconfirmed but driver said to have them) get sucked into this radical crap and one way or another they can end up paying with their lives.
    3 dead (including those 2 leos), scores injured and 1 in jail.

  6. Has any one heard any more about the driver? Ive read several stories but no one has yet made it ofical as to who,what he is or was.

    1. Kid from an awful background. Mom's a paraplegic, and dad died when he was a baby from a drunk driver.
      Possible short military service, and trust fund baby. Not hue though.
      Displayed some anti social and mean behavior.
      And unfortunately may have been a channer....
      Lost soul, wrong causes, caught in the wash.

    2. Name James Alex Fields, age 20 from Maumee OH...reports I've heard say he had some sort of psychological problems.

  7. My heart goes out to the Leo's.
    But the rally didn't directly cause their death. Lumping it into the toll is ludacris....

    Heyer on the the other hand, should be shown the same sympathy for the death and injuries to the protesters in Berkeley handed out by antifa. I'm sure the left was outraged then.
    Oh, that's right. They weren't.

    But if I'm told to feel sorry or be considered cold?
    Cold I am.

    I've seen and felt to much these last eight years.

    Besides, mom always told me to walk on the left side of the street or right side of the street. Never the middle.
    The road wasn't blocked, and if you are dumb enough to not consider that, well I guess you are a paralegal. Aren't ya?

    After Texas highway situation, you'd think standard operation of staying out of a nonblocked roadway would be written into antifa's manifesto.
    They'll learn sooner or later.

    Then again maybe not.

    No sympathy for the enemy.
    She wasn't there to hold hands and sing kumbaya.
    I won't pretend.
    America shouldn't either....

  8. As to those leos, they had been patrolling and circling above that rally area all day according to a report I heard late last night on fox...maybe they weren't right in the middle of it but as far as I'm concerned, it's a connection. That town had all hands on deck yesterday.

  9. And no, I don't have sympathy for the enemy but I do have compassion for lives wasted, lost and gone before they really had a chance to see the light.

    I believe that, if we lose compassion then we are no better than those who would seek our destruction.

  10. His message was on point, wish he could say it without so many fucks. Too many fucks to re-post on my FB page where grandchildren and great grand children get too much of that already. You should be able to get the same point and keep the moral high ground. The root of all our problems is morality!

    I am surprised there wasn't some shootings, media won't talk about all the patriots armed who kept their cool. Media won't talk about it takes two to start this kind of crap, won't talk about the actions of the anti protesters snowflakes- no just calling folks that want to preserve history evil! I don't post much, but you have seen that I believe we are heading for civil/race war and it is being driven/encourage by groups like BLM, left wingnuts, and many politicians that have some serious issues that I just can't pinpoint. Then on top of that you have Iran, Russia, North Korea, China, Middle East...............

    I think keeping a low profile and staying off the attention of government spying is a good idea, they keep track of everything and can pull up everything ever said. Before things got to civil way or a race war, I think government would be out rounding people up, using the military?? Those folks may never be seen again? At some point in time the LEO and military would collapse and divide, but they would inflict a lot of damage on the good Americans first. I hope I am wrong on this, but I don't have much faith in our system, it has turned to be untrustworthy. Sad I remember when we looked up to our leaders, even the ones we didn't vote for.

  11. The guy in the video claimed the unhinged driver was Antifa. Hadn't heard that, but mainstream media lightning-quick to claim he represents "the right".

    Yeah, the video guy definitely called it like it is. Now, it would be good if that exact message was cleaned-up, and presented a lot more...eloquently (😉) conservatives?

  12. Yeah...can't find any other references of the nutcase driver being Antifa, running down other Antifas. I'm sure I heard the video guy say that...but may be wrong.

    Odd thing is that no one would have been hurt, most likely, if the trouble-making leftist counter-protesters had just let it go, and not showed up.

    Obama and his mob sure did a bang-up job of fundamentally screwing up America.

  13. I heard that antifa driver blurb too but only who knows. So much misinformation out there sometimes when this stuff happens.
    Goes to show, too, the utter shamelessness of democrat progs

  14. Some more ramblings from myself. Probably a little all over the place. Apologies before hand.....

    He's not antifa.

    If he was, his FB would look like a carefully deceitful planned ruse.
    Those people ain't that smart.
    He's a wannabe channer.
    Lacked the cleverness to be impactful and contributing.

    Even a piece of dung radical Muslim can get behind the wheel...

    Military service and MKultra discussions? Maybe another time....

    The biggest win, and I've addressed it and so has Dive, is that a massive amount of firearms were present and nothing happened. That's fantastic.
    Cooler heads did prevail.

    What was sloppy (and directly intentional) was the local authorities handling of this event.
    Streets weren't closed, and separation didn't take place. They obviously didn't learn from the night before.

    This was a scheduled event.
    No barricades, and time slots dam near overlapped.

    Why, you ask?

    Because they want these confrontations.

    It's obvious since the president has taken office, the deep state resistance is holding fast.
    They want conflict, and a scenario in which they can lay blame.
    They made the powder keg, and wish to use it to their advantage.

    Head knocking and battle rattle are necessary, but only in self defense.

    Berkeley was the beginning, and now Charlottesville is just another chapter.

    These outrageous leftists must be opposed. And they will be. Been far too long and too much slack given in their leash. Check must now be given.

    I have read many speak of compassion. Yes I will agree. God's law.
    Just don't forget these people use compassion and conscience against you.

    Be admirable, and do nothing you wouldn't be able to stand before God and own. But be resolute to the fact things must change. It won't be easy, nor pretty.
    That fact must also be accepted.

    We certainly ain't making no omelet.

    And I would only ask that perfectly good examples of American muscle, like the dodge challenger be left out of it.
    We have no need for assault cars...

    Rambling over.
    Later folks.

  15. Hammer your paragraphs on compassion etc are where I'm at...would appear we just have different ways of explaining ourselves. I would definitely hurt anyone, male or female, who would come after me and my loved ones or try to break into my home. But it would be difficult if I killed the person in the process. And it bothers me no end to see all of these young people duped into this anarchic behavior by people who just use them as tools. Where are their parents and what were they taught at home? Serious problems in American culture these days.

    1. And yes...please leave those beautiful classic cars out of it...

  16. There's no doubt the left will try to get as much traction out of this as they can.

    The media, that piece of crap governor, democrats and republicans alike are out there condemning the KKK, White Supremacy, Alt-Right, republicans, and white people in general.

    They showed up for one reason and one reason only, they claim.

    They showed up to terrorize this glorious and peaceful nation!


    It's funny how once again the Antifa thugs don't even get a mention.

    I absolutely believe some of them showed up to cause trouble.

    But a lot of them showed up to because they're sick and tired of watching they Southern heritage being destroyed.

    A lot of them probably showed up because they're sick and tired of being attacked, ridiculed, marginalized, discriminated against, looked down upon, and hated simply because of the color of white skin.

    And a lot of them wanted to show the world that "White Lives Matter" as well.

    And I agree with Hammer that the way this unfolded and went down is pretty much what they were looking for.

    Just another way to attack President Trump.

    And I also agree with cats here.

    Most of these idiots are being used but they're too stupid to realize it.

    Yes, this time they held their fire.

    But all it'll take is one hot-head.

    Or one Antifa plant and all bets are off...

  17. Agreed - protection of family and home always - also agreed...leave vehicles out of the destructive acts -

    We each have different ways of explaining our feelings on things but there is a connection that we here all share with one another that makes us all on the same page of things.

    P.S. Family isn't just blood are also the people who are there for each other.

  18. Kevin, have you heard anything from Sarge lately?

    1. No I haven't. I'll probably give him a call later tonight to see how he's doing...

  19. Ohhhhh somethin's stinkin"...smellin' real bad. Did a little research into hizzoner Michael Signer, the good mayor of Charlottesville.
    Dem prog attorney, worked awhile for the Center for American Progress.
    He is a Podesta crony and was part of Obama's transition team. Among other connections, he was a member of McAuliffe's finance committee for his gubernatorial campaign. Princeton, Berkeley alma maters....
    No wonder this is bugging the hell out of me...
    Unconfirmed: reports of antifa having no permit to be there but allowed in anyhow. Also that they had soda cans filled with cement...(soda can info courtesy a tweet from reporter reprinted on ZH).
    NBC news report that charlottesville police were told to stand down.

    They wanted chaos to happen and set it up for just that. Imho.
    McAuliffe's facial expressions and body language yesterday were slimy and gave me the damn wonder.

  20. Remember DeRay Mckesson? Leader in the BLM and seen around their riots and marching?
    Well, guess what he's doing these days? In june 2016 he was appointed baltimore city schools interim chief human capital officer (translation: chief personnel officer in their HR dept).

    This info from caller to the Bill Cunningham show...I confirmed it online.

    Ain't that some s**t?

  21. See how they get to start brainwashing kids? Via schools and community organizing activities etc courtesy a lot of .orgs...
    Stay the hell away from those .orgs especially if they want donations. Likely they are democrat liberal prog coffers for indoctrination promotion projects of some sort.

  22. This whole thing stinks, cats.

    And thank you so much for the information you put out there.

    You always give us something more to think about...

  23. woke up earlier than normal.... so Good Morning y'all. thought it was later than what it actually is.....I might get some more zzzzz's.


    couldn't get back to sleep, so I loaded up the dish washer and it's running.... reading up on CBS news online.... there's been threats made on Senator Marco Rubio a Venezualen plot.... hoping this doesn't come true.....

  25. Ya know how some folks say that the full moon brings out the crazies? Ya don't suppose that this lunar eclipse is bringing out the crazies in mega force?

    What can I say... I'm up when I should be asleep - not operating on all engines but here on the computer. Haven't had any coffee yet might just go ahead and say I'm up and get my wits about me gathered and start the day.

  26. My goodness.... it is very quiet in here today.

    I'm glad Jeff Sessions came to the defense of President Trump over the Charlottesville thing.... I'm surprised McCain isn't front page with his usual negative junk....

    Was skimming through the Washington Times and saw this.... those damned pesky emails just won't leave Hillary alone.... (lol).

    "More classified documents that the former secretary of state improperly handled keep coming to light."

    this time I hope they indict her and those connected with it.

  27. Wow some of you sure get up early, I need my 6 - 8 hours sleep.

  28. lol.... I think Kevin gets up early and Sarge too.

    Me....ain't got a logical explanation about me.... (giggles).

  29. ya know.... Scaramucci is making headlines again.... says Bannon is to blame for President Trump's response to Charlottesville....

    I thought that when someone gets their ass canned they lose all access to where they worked.... why then is Scaramucci making this kind of headline??


  31. That assclown may be gone from the white house but he can still run his mouth and make his gums flap...
    Guess his ego is making him think that people give a hoot about his opinions and apparently Crapweasel Broadcast Service does...


      connection between Scaramucci and Pelosi???? these two pairing up makes me nautious (as a figure of speech).

    2. Blecchh!!
      Maybe he just wants a good deal on wine...

    3. Riki yew mades staf barfs a hareball! Finest most drlectabel witefishes fer Rikki! An purrs to!

    4. thanks Cats (hugs)

      kind of unusually quiet here at the Bunker today.

  32. Heard on Rush, confirmed online...
    Berkeley spent $9000 to build an escape hatch for its chancellor in case riots get out of control...
    Now who would riot at Berkeley? Don't rioters know that all is butterflies and unicorns on that campus?
    Surely we jest, ladies and gentlemen.

    Note to Kevin: in addition to a goodly number of articles on this topic, there are a ton of youtube vids associated with it. Haven't yet checked 'em out myself but likely there are some nuggets among them..

  33. just when I thought things were going to start calming down on N. Korea.... the words are flying again -

    I'm with Kevin on this one.... shit or get off the pot!

    N. Korea best weigh all it's options and the consequences thereto before they reach the point of no return.

  34. Heard from sarge via PM. Wanted everyone to know he's still kicking. Just a little tied up, and I'm sure he'll have the details soon enough.
    Best wishes to sarge!

  35. Thanks Hammer (hugs)..... hugs to Sarge & Ghost....

  36. Thanks Hammer! Was checking for signs of him today and happy to know you're ok, Sarge!

  37. Now for more stuff...beware this Jason Kessler character leading "unite the right"...he is an agent provocateur. Formerly an occupy guy. Heard this on Savage and of course I looked him up....several prominent websites are reporting this.
    5regardless of who did what in Charlottesville, there are players on all sides whose main purpose is to disrupt and create riot and chaos.

    Soros tacticians I am sure, and noteworthy that the very left wing ACLU defended their right to have that permit in defense of " free speech".

  38. Yard mowed I can be lazy tonight and hope to not fall asleep during tonight's royals game later.

  39. Drudge banner full of statue destruction headlines around the country...

  40. Richmond.

    Next chapter.

    Protest and march applications have been filed.

    Denial is a denial of first amendment rights.

    I'm curious as to how it plays out.
    I don't care what point of view someone may have, with proper permits and procedure they should be allowed to march.

    The left is painting themselves into a corner.
    And cornered animals can bite, true. But they are also easier to trap...

    The battle will continue.

    The Denver march last night by the alt-right is another un-talked abut event. The March took place after they condemned the Charlottesville death.
    Movement is gaining....

    Also glad to see some leos step up and admit poor planning of the Charlottesville event. It's never good to lose leos, And better planning can help with manpower and coordination to mitigate risk for these upholders of the law.

    Again, rambling over....

  41. No problem with any protests either, as long as they remain peaceful...sadly that hasn't been the case lately.

  42. Got an email from Sarge last night and like Hammer already pointed out, he's been busy.

    Said he's been off the computer but has still managed to keep up with enough news to know the world's still screwed up...

  43. "Identity politics" causes ALL of this crap. President Trump's first statement after the incident was the proper one. Condemning hate and violence from MANY sides. That is "inclusive" of ALL people who do those things, instead of "divisive" by only targeting those of whom the left hates.


    We've had an exponential growth of "identity politics hate, violence and destruction" since Obama was installed.

    Obama had harsher words for victims and "the right" than he did the leftist Antifa and BLM, etc., "TERRORISTS".

    The actions of that psycho running over people should well be condemned by all...and IS by all, except a small fringe of ultra-racist haters.

    It likely wouldn't have happened at all, anyway, if the left hadn't bussed in paid troublemakers.

    "Identity politics" is 100% to blame for ALL the violence and destruction happening. 100%

    And, it is the central tenet of the Democrat party, and mainstream media, universities, Hollywood, etc.

    All this blood is on THEIR hands.


  44. How bout it, gimme?

    You gonna own up to the hatred and violence you are your buddies have caused?

    Yeah, I didn't think so...

  45. Saw footage of those little turd knockers pulling down a statue. The imagine they see themselves as some kind of heroic figures instead of the fascist little commies they are.

    ISIS destroys historical monuments when they take over an area, same as these people.

    Stalin erased the memory of Trotsky, even removing him from photographs. Just like these people.

    They should have been thrown in cuffs and charged with every crime they committed. But no, that's sadly not where America is these days.

    Funny watching them though. After the statue fell, a guy who appeared to be a ring leader in the crime syndicate walks up to the statue and gives it the finger. Then another one of the idiots runs up and kicks it. And they all follow like the sheep they are and they all run up and yell at the statue and kick it.

    A freaking metal statue of a guy long dead. And they are kicking it. Is there a better example of just how idiotic these people are? Kicking a metal statue. I hope there were some broken toes at least. Like a bunch of lemmings following whoever they perceive as the leader.

    Sad to see our once proud and powerful country reduced to this kind of nonsense. I can only imagine what my father would think if he were alive. Fought in WWII. Combat injuries that laid him in a VA hospital for months. Spent his life working hard, providing for his family. I think he would be sad that this is what he fought for. I think every soldier that has served this country has to be a little sad that these people are riding on their sacrifice to do this kind of seditionist destructive America hating stuff.

    Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. And we are seeing history repeat itself. Anarchy, sedition, separation from the Union the rest of us formed, demanding America follow their particular sick demented ideology instead of what we have agreed to as a people. Attempting to overturn our lawful election.

    And the irony is all this anger directed at the Confederacy, who did the same thing 150 years ago and led us to the Civil War. And they are too stupid and uneducated to understand the parallels in history.

    Sad, just sad. This is what 50 years of liberals running our education system has wrought. Hitler knew how this worked. And these people learned from him.

    1. From what I read the local police, just stood there and watch them destroy the statue? If true, that is just wrong! No wonder these turds do this crap, nothing happens to them and they get no blame, just like Smellary.

  46. Communists on the extreme left...
    Nazis on the extreme right...
    Both are all about controlling the rest of us with the long arm and battering ram of big government.
    Is Mitch McConnell any different than Chuck Schumer in that regard?
    Is Paul Ryan any different from Nancy Pelosi?

    Both sides may use different ways of expressing themselves, but they are nothing more than subspecies of the same animal.

    The rest of us? Well, we're damn sick and tired of both sides.

    Tyranny, or liberty?

    Collectivism, or individualism?

    One nation under God, or one nation under a bayonet?

  47. Lil Kim blinked...for today at least. Says he won't go after Guam. At least not right now.
    Sanctions still in place and heard on Beck that they are running outof food...massive crop failure over there.

    Let's hope that God is telling him "Kim, you ain't God; I am."

  48. Oh this is a beauty....

    "Feds demand records of everyone who visited anti-Trump protest website, DisruptJ20"

    Folks there needs to be a lot more of this - I'm beyond sick and tired of the anti Trump folks and the libtards!

  49. I am hoping they go after their bag men and women as well...Soros, Clintons, Obamas and any other progs who may have given big money and training. As far as I'm concerned, they are breaking laws as to fomenting riots etc
    Until the indictments and actual prosecutions in courtrooms start taking place, I'm not placing much faith in anything.
    If they just take out the little guys and let the big kahunas go, nothing will change.

  50. Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC vandalized!!!!!! WTH!!!!!

  51. Also, glad that President Trump is calling it for what it is in regard to Charlottesville!

    Watch the speech.

  52. Yes. Michael Savage just played the video of Trump calling out both of whom had no permit (antifa). Press went nutz...and he did not mince words with them either.
    Also: drudge headlines...among the many, there is one link in which a group of mostly black people in the dallas area who want the statues protected. Why? They don't want history obliterated.

    Can we hear an Amen?
    Amen. Truth is out there.

  53. can't help but feel the vandalism on the Lincoln Memorial has a connection to Charlottesville....


    CBS has the entire speech of President Trump blaming both sides of the violence.

  55. Amen!

    The president ain't taking no crap from stupid reporters.

    And now the term alt-left has been established. Mantra?

    As to the alt-right?
    One radical won't dilute the potency of the alt-right.
    To tell me I'm racist for being a nationalist and conservative is no different than saying all Muslims are terrorists.
    And how many times have we heard that said to defend radical Islam?

    You will also notice we won't cover our faces. We own it. Nothing to hide.
    Because we aren't out to hurt people with urine and gopher gas.

    But make no mistake, we will defend our rights and use the constitution to exercise our passion to make it known.
    Not with bats and m-80's...

    America first.

    1. Oh and to clarify.....

      The alt-left was created by obama/soros/nwo/2030 group.

      The alt-right was created because of Rhinos and the failure of the GOP to do its job. It's stronger and more fluid than the t-party was. And it runs strong with the youth of this country.

      Later folks.

  56. Personally I like the term "patriot"...a patriot can be anyone who loves liberty and freedom as defined by God and the Constitution, regardless of any political persuasion.
    Those who make it their business to trash either will have no friend in me.

  57. Decided to take a chance and listen to faux for a short segment on Palin talking about abortions in Iceland as some sick cure-all for Down syndrome children and a short segment here and there on statue eradication, I was disappounted. Mostly beltway elites taking various pot shots at the president for his words today.
    When Trump is right he's right and I will say so. That beltway bunch is as clueless as ever about what matters to the majority of Americans.

  58. Russia, Nazis, white supremacy oh my.

    1. And your point is?
      Look up Bonhoeffer's essay "On Stupidity" and get back to me once you've read it.

  59. Well they got one of them. Just hope they throw her and her likes in jail and throw the book at them.
    A college student was arrested Tuesday for toppling a nearly century-old statue of a Confederate soldier Monday in North Carolina in front of a cheering crowd.

    1. Good
      Heard earlier that the cops had video of that.

  60. Lol... Don't hold your breath waiting for him, cats...

  61. Rush brought up a good point today.

    Let's say the left successfully removes every confederate statute from the south. They get every highway and building named after a confederate soldier changed something they approve of.

    How's that going to improve their lives?

  62. I hope those idiots who were kicking that one statue have some sore toes tomorrow...saw that and all I could do was shake my head at how damned stupid they looked. I mean, what the hell did they think it would do? Suddenly come to life, jump to its feet and hit them???

  63. Local "Insane Irony" of the day:

    "Capital-Journal publisher Zach Ahrens named honoree for the ‘20 Under Forty’ award"

    They give out awards for destroying a newspaper?! Who knew?!

    That's quite an honor! (A dubious honor, but an honor.)

    “In addition to her support, I’m blessed to work alongside a talented team at The Capital-Journal that knows what needs to be done and does so with excellence."

    Well...they ARE doing an EXCELLENT job of nuking that commie-propagandist little rag!

    "The honor is based on leadership and contributions to the community."

    Leadership? Leading what? Contributing to the censorship of citizens' voices? Driving down readership? Pissing people off? Well...there ya go!

    BTW, why are they celebrating with a bigoted, divisive, exclusionary, award?

    "There are very few requirements to be a honoree — they must be 18 and no older than 40 at the time of the banquet to be held Nov. 16, and they must be making a significant impact in the community in those leadership capacities they described to us, Aldridge said."

    AGE DISCRIMINATION! AGEISM! They hate older people!!! This is AGEIST, and should NOT be tolerated in a "socially just" society! We DEMAND that "20 Under 40" be inclusive of ALL ages! "It's just not FA-HA-HAAAaaair"!!!!

    WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS BLATANT DISCRIMINATION!!! It is "identity politics" run amok!

    And, THEY should be ashamed of themselves! ;^)

    (I love pointing out all the pure hypocrisies those idiots do.)

  64. Y'know...I was joking around, but the more I think of it...

    I'm not sure I like the idea of them insisting that nobody over the age of 40 is worthy of consideration. What is this?

    The next step in the fascist-liberal Democrat agenda of "if you are over a certain age, you no longer are considered worthy of contributing to society, so should just hurry up and die"?

    I do, in fact, find "20 Under Forty" an extremely offensive "award".

    Who the hell do they think they are minimizing and discriminating against those over 40?!

  65. I'm glad President Trump expanded on his first statement, yesterday, pointed out and condemned ALL the jackass troublemakers in Charlottesville.

    His first statement was extremely proper, given that they didn't have all the info they needed, yet. He could have done like Obama, who stuck his foot in his mouth time and time again to jump the gun with ignorant statements and conclusions...all of which turned out to be bullshit.

    It is exactly correct to call out ALL the troublemakers in Charlottesville.

    Which, being correct, the left and mainstream media "HATE" it!

    Because...y'know...that's what they are.


  66. Just waiting for one of those idiots tearing down a monument (like that moron who climbed up to put a rope around it) to win a "Darwin Award".

  67. Nice guy...gotta be a Democrat, to be a Lawrence mayor, I would guess? (Couldn't confirm affiliation through searches, but his policies are decidedly liberal).

    Not enough to steal from taxpayers, to give to those who refuse to work. Noooo. Take it a step further, and even steal the food right out the mouths of the people you are doing everything you can to keep down, keep subservient and poor!

    He should catch the eye of the DNC. He may have a bright future in the dark, criminal underworld of the sleazy Democrat party! (After he gets out of the slammer!)

  68. The latest edition of this little blog of our has been posted...

  69. Why do these antifa scum wear bandnas on their faces what have they got to hide from friends and reletives why are they so afraid to show their ugly mugs in public?