Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Well, the swamp is filled with swamp creatures

The swamp is doing it's job. I heard this morning that 73% of people say they don't trust what they hear from this white house. Now I know, these are the same polls that told us Donald Trump couldn't win the primary and then couldn't win the election so I take it for what it's worth.

But the fact is the nonstop barrage of lies and excrement from the godless left is doing it's job. It's keeping our President from doing what we elected him to do. And that's bad.

When the TEA party rose up the swamp crushed it after a few years. And that's what got them Donald Trump. We the people elected him. And for good reason. And they are scared.

They seem to think if they can crush him, then we will give up and slink away into the night. Wrong.

Donald Trump isn't our last chance. He's their last chance. We have spoken. Things have to change. If they are able to overturn a fair and lawful election and overturn the will of the people using a bunch of democrat hack lawyers what comes next will not be pretty.

This President was elected by the people. Simple as that. Accept it, or don't. Frankly, I don't care. But that's the way it is. And the people aren't going to sit by and let their vote be nullified by an out of control left wing media and a corrupt and godless democrat party aided by a bunch of equally corrupt and godless Republicans.

If they drive Donald Trump out of office what comes next will be bad. Bad for them. Really bad. I don't know what it will look like, but it will be ugly. Trust me on this friends. Really ugly.

And I just heard today that the city of Chicago via the mayor Rahm "the ballerina" Emmanual is suing the Federal Government for enforcing immigration laws.

Now let that soak in for a minute. They claim that enforcing the immigration laws is "unconstitutional".

The last time this happened was when the Federal government passed laws affecting slavery, and the democrats considered the nullified because they didn't like them. That led to secession and a civil war. This is insane.

But this is what we are up against. And I don't doubt these seditious bastards will find some obama appointed federal judge who will rule against the rule of law and side with the anarchists. Seems to happen pretty regularly.

 fear for our country. I fear for what will follow if they are successful at this rebellion against us. In the end, it will all be bad. The Civil War ended slavery but 700,000 men died to settle it. Quite a price.

And this one won't be much better I fear.

Make America Great Again.

"It's a Republic Madam, if you can keep it." Benjamin Franklin


  1. Right safe it is ugly about as ugly as Maxine Waters and that is ugly. Good grief.

  2. I'm hearing stories about going after Comey, lynch, and Hillary.

    The republicans could start turning this thing around if they want to.

    All it'll take is the guts to do it...

  3. Never looked at it that way before.

    Best response I saw in regard to the negative feedback about transgenders being banned again from the military...

    Nobody has a right to serve in the Military. Nobody.

    What makes people think the Military is an equal opportunity employer? Very far from it.

    The Military uses prejudice regularly and consistently to deny citizens from joining for being too old or too young, too fat or too skinny, too tall or too short.

    Citizens are denied for having flat feet, or for missing or additional fingers. Poor eyesight will disqualify you, as well as bad teeth. Malnourished? Drug addiction? Bad back? Criminal history? Low IQ? Anxiety? Phobias? Hearing damage? Six arms? Hear voices in your head? Self-identify as a Unicorn? Need a special access ramp for your wheelchair? Can't run the required course in the required time? Can't do the required number of pushups?

    Not really a "morning person" and refuse to get out of bed before noon? All can be reasons for denial.

    The Military has one job. War. Anything else is a distraction and a liability.

    Did someone just scream "That isn't Fair"? War is VERY unfair, there are no exceptions made for being special or challenged or socially wonderful. YOU change yourself to meet Military standards. Not the other way around. I say again: You don't change the Military... you must change yourself.

    The Military doesn't need to accommodate anyone with special issues. The Military needs to Win Wars.

    If any of your personal issues are a liability that detract from readiness or lethality... Thank you for applying and good luck in future endeavors. Who's next in line?

  4. Of course if your goal is to weaken and disrupt the finest military on the face of the earth, if your goal is to destroy moral and distract the military from their primary duty, if your goal is to weaken America's defenses and leave us vulnerable to attack from the growing muslim extremist jihad, then you would do exactly what obama and the godless America hating democrats and leftists have done. Exactly.

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  6. Tranny's in the military?

    If someone thinks they are, or want to be, another gender than the one God created, according to their scientifically-proven DNA...then that person obviously has severe emotional/ psychological/mental issues.

    Nobody can say I ain't what I am, and be emotionally and psychologically fit to serve. How difficult is that to comprehend? And, people think it's a good idea to just toss them into a system designed to put your will to the test, and heap even more mind-funk onto them...to break them down to build them back up?

    Does anyone really want someone so conflicted about themselves and reality to have their sons' or daughter' backs in super-stressful situations?

    This is a bad idea from the start. Besides...though taxpayers support reconstructive surgery from injuries, taxpayers should not pay for cosmetic face-lifts, boob jobs...or, especially, sex-change surgery.

    Those funds are for the wounded, and to keep them healthy. Period.

  7. I just heard a court ruled against Obama EPA ruling that the government can't tell the people what they can or can not use in their Air conditioner. Still checking on it to be sure it is a fact.

  8. Heads up...north korea further along than "most people think"...DIA report...have mini nuclear device to fit inside warhead.
    First heard this on Beck's 4pm program and Brett Baier is updating now with same info.
    Please get informed and ready for God knows what...
    I pray for a peaceful tesolution.

  9. Trumps on top of it cats, he isn't holding anything back, some strong threats. Be Prepared.

    1. http://eheadlines.com/breaking-president-trump-threatens-north-korea-with-fire-and-the-fury-like-the-world-has-never-seen-video/

  10. Read this: Child miners aged four living a hell on Earth so YOU can drive an electric car: Awful human cost in squalid Congo cobalt mine that Michael Gove didn’t consider in his ‘clean’ energy crusade.

    I've never been a big fan of battery cars. Primarily due to their size, their limited range and the cost to replaced the battery package after 5 to 8 years. Now, here is another reason to NOT purchase a full or partially assisted battery automobile. Apparently, one of the main "ingredients " to built the batteries for these cars is COBALT, which is unfortunately mined in Africa by children as young as 4 years old. Slave labor, just so environmentalists and other tree huggers can say they're making a positive impact on our environment . Well, there you have it. Let's use African slave labor (children) to foster an ideology not well thought out!

    1. Horrific story. Nobody will convince me that these nut jobs with their cult insanity and gaia worship give a tinker's damn about a human life.

  11. On Levin just now: reuters reporting that lil Kim thinking about attacking Guam "with missiles..."

  12. I'm just a commoner, but the threat of attacking Guam seems telling.

    If you are a big boy,and got big boy toys wouldn't you want to make a bigger .

    My take is the Intel comes from possible deep state members trying to escalate the president and the country into thinking micro nukes possible to be placed on ICBM exist are in fat boy's pocket. All in attempts to be preemptive, and look bad.

    Let's remember that just months ago he tested nukes,and weeks later possibly made a working ICBM...

    I'm not sure about this one at all.

    Guam? He'd go after California if he really wanted to escalate...

    I think he's bluffing. And the left is trying to provoke this administration.

    1. Right, if you are going to lose your Country might as well go for the big fish like California, either way he is a goner.

    2. I really don't want to give the wrong impression, though.
      I'm not a pussy liberal, that wouldn't see a ligitimate threw or try to ignore it.
      After all, eight years of pandering and diplomacy got us to this.
      I just wonder how devious the left could be here.
      They would do anything to take back over the controls.
      Even sacrifice citizens and American soil.

      This is lose-lose situation. I would just like all sides examined.
      US getting nuked is bad. Nuking or killing millions of already starved brainwashed citizens is even worse.

      Devgru just needs to be given a target, and he needs to be taken out with little noise.

    3. Ya those are good points, but that hasn't stopped wars for generations, something is missing in the human brain, that is why I would like to see more former Military personnel run for office. Not that that would cure it but might help. Most that make war never even see it.

    4. Couldn't agree more, Sarge...in today's world even a small nuckear blast could do lots of damage. That bastard also has and would not hesitate to use biochem weapons. An attack would also send stock markets and world banks into a tailspin...in WWIi we were still on the gold standard. Much different now.

  13. For full text of nk, guam and us reports and messaging on this go to zero hedge...
    We also have that thaad missile system there and nk daid guam because we've been doing drills in area and "making the peoples of dpnk nervous..."
    Also recall years ago when Clinton mafiosi sold our tech secrets to iran who sold them to the chicoms who likely shared with nk...no shock that.

  14. Remember how we got here. Bill Clinton made a deal with the Norks so they wouldn't make nukes. That was the last time a godless democrat made a nuke deal.

    In ten or twenty years we'll be going through the same machinations with Iran from obamas nuke deal.

    I'm starting to think these democrats don't make very good deals. Or else they don't like America very much.

    Glad we got a President now who literally wrote the book on making deals.

  15. Not sure why this leftist skank thinks she should call her blog "Right Turn", except that liberals always lie and obfuscate:


    No, Rube...NORTH KOREA has Americans nervous about North Korea, thanks to Clinton/Obama/Dems.

    Undoubtedly, some of that American taxpayer money that Imam Obama treasonously sent to Iran has filtered into Fatboy's hands in some form to speed up the process.

    "However, what the public sees from North Korea is uninterrupted progress on nukes (with no assurance that sanctions will influence its behavior), and from the administration, not deft international diplomacy, but over-the-top and potentially dangerous rhetoric."

    "Deft international diplomacy"?! You CAN'T be "diplomatic" with that lunatic...you lunatic! Since when has North Korea ever NOT just laughed it off, flipped the bird at us, and just kept on doing what they want to do?!

    "The North Korea problem has vexed multiple presidents."

    And, it has been worsened by a couple...namely Clinton and Obama.

    "In the past, Americans at least had the comfort of knowing that their own side in the conflict was measured, serious and in control. They should be excused for concluding that this is no longer the case."

    Yeah, you dimwit. "Measured, serious and in control"...of allowing...even likely helping...things to get to this point.

    Maybe, instead of Trump warning them to back off and making sure they know he means it...trump should just send candy and flowers, with a note saying "I'm so sorry. Please, may we talk?"

    Or, even better? How about a pallet loaded with a billion or so taxpayer dollars, and a nice little note saying "Dear Kimmy, as a gesture of our goodwill, we present this money to you in the hopes that you will end your nuclear annhilation ambitions, and feed your people using this money, instead. Your friend, The United States".

    Obama apparently thought that would work with Iran...so it MUST be a FLAWLESS idea!

    Sheesh....how do idiots like the Rube ever get published? She must be in some kind of "diversity and equality" hiring program that needed to fill a slot with someone who is a female, AND a moron?

  16. Well, now...never one to miss an opportunity to get her name in the local propaganda rag:


    "Topeka City Councilwoman Sylvia Ortiz told fellow council members she saw a “terrible scene” when a fight broke out between teenagers during a National Night Out event Sunday at southeast Topeka’s Betty Phillips Park."

    "The incident helps illustrate why this city needs to invest more in its youngsters, Ortiz said at Tuesday evening’s council meeting."

    Well, of course...what she means by "invest more in its youngsters" is undoubtedly....MORE TAXPAYER DOLLARS!!!

    As if throwing more of OUR heard-earned money down the toilet is going to undo the cradle-to-forever brainwashing they get from peers, mainstream media, leftist politicians, Hollywood, the music industry and the liberal schools that WE are paying for to instill all that is disrespectful, selfish, divisive and hateful into their mushy little brains.

    "More MONEY!!! That's all we need! More MONEY!!!"

    No, Ortiz. Try "more values". "More integrity". "More respect for others". "Less blame and divisiveness". "Better parenting". "Honest schooling that teaches them HOW to think, instead of just WHAT to think".

    "Mo' money" ain't gonna do THOSE things, and THOSE things are what they need "more investment" in.

    Why do liberals always ignore the actual problems, and just demand "MORE MONEY!"?

    1. Because they are a herd of assholes.

  17. This talk of N. Korea's threat on Guam is dominating the news - there's folks in Congress who say that President Trump isn't helping the situation with his rhetoric.....

    My 2 cents worth (if it actually even means anything)....

    1. Folks in Congress..... instead of saying what you are about President Trump - instead why don't you schedule a meeting with him - put all your concerns out on the table and discuss them.

    2. Folks in Congress (namely Feinstein and McCain)your lack of support for President Trump is not what should be happening currently - what you should be doing is trying to show a united front behind our Commander in Chief like Lindsay Graham is.

    3. That insane idiot N. Korean leader ....the one with the horrible hair cut has actually threatened a US Territory..... this madman wants war - and he won't stop until he is stopped.... what makes this situation dangerous is this idiot has attained knowledge to create a devastating weapon and people could actually be killed by these weapons.

    4. President Trump has tried to open dialogue with N. Korea, he has gone through the proper channels in trying to remedy the situation through the U.N. finally the other day the U.N. slapped more sanctions on N. Korea. I don't want to see war break out - no one does - but when some snot nosed insane idiot threatens America - America needs to act swiftly.

    Like I already said above.....that's just my 2 cents worth if my 2 cents worth.

  18. Just a continuation of the godless left war on America and President Trump. It wouldn't have mattered how he responded. They would have reacted the exact same way. The goal is to discredit and weaken him, and win the approval of their base, the godless left.

    If he had not responded they would have screeched. When he does no matter what he says, they screech.

    These people would sacrifice American lives in their insane quest to overturn a lawful election. They are seeing the Russia fabrication isn't going to do it, and in fact is starting to expose their high crimes so onward to the next thing.

    Personally, I am glad we have a President who takes bold action instead of hiding under the bed and letting our enemies laugh at us and grow more aggressive toward us every day. We no longer have a godless left wing America hating coward for a President and his fellow godless left wing cowards hate it.

    Screw em. Every one of em. Maybe time to think about a new sedition act. Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War to lock up those who would act this way. They claim they love Lincoln. Give it a shot. Slap a few of them in Gitmo or a Supermax somewhere. Bet the rest would shut up really fast.

  19. No good options here.

    Do nothing and hope for the best and lose an American city and millions of Americans.


    Launch a conventional military strike and millions of people die.


    Launch some kind of limited nuclear strike. China and Russia responds in kind.

    We all die.

    Not good...

    1. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/graham-says-trump-would-go-to-war-to-stop-north-korea/

      "Graham said Mr. Trump's warning was also message to China.

      "China should have two options: deal with the nut job in your back yard or realize there will be a war in your backyard," Graham said."

      No one of "sound mind" wants war..... but if that is the only option left to stop a madman.....

  20. What really pisses me off about some of the idiots in Congress is that they're going to the media with their typical crap on President Trump - that in itself should be stopped..... the media is lapping up all it can on the dysfunctional relationship between Congress and President Trump.

    There should be more guidelines to stop Congress from going to the media especially on this latest development out of N. Korea.

    I don't give a damned if some of the folks in Congress don't like President Trump but they best get their heads dislodged out of their butts and start showing a united backing of President Trump.

    Times like these and the challenges that are ahead.... kind of like 'playing chicken'.....it's best not to flinch during times like these.

  21. Agreed.

    Especially so with McCain.

    There's never been a war he didn't want.

    He's wanted a war with Russia for months now.

    And now all the sudden when things get real he's all about calm.

    Friggin hypocrite...

    1. Washington Times published this editorial a little while ago.... good read...I sincerely hope that all of Congress especially Feinstein and McCain make the time to read this editorial.

      "Trump’s ‘fury and fire’ sure beats Obama’s butt-kissing" by Washington Time staff writer Cheryl K. Chumley


      President Donald Trump, as the media’s been steadily reporting for hours now, has vowed to respond to North Korea’s ongoing threats against the United States with “fire and fury.”

      The timid have gasped. But the truth is: North Korea deserves this response. The regime brought it on itself. And without a doubt, Trump’s hardline approach and don’t-mess-with-America rhetoric beats the eight years of apology, diplomacy and wait-and-see butt-kissing that was part and parcel of the Barack Obama playbook for foreign affairs.

      Trump said this: “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

      He then added this: “As I said, they will be met with fire and fury and frankly, power, the likes of which this world has never seen before.”

      North Korea, which has been sending various messages of aggression America’s way — not just recently, but for years, in prior administrations — weighed in after Trump’s comment by announcing, via a statement from its army to state-run news, that it’s evaluating plans to attack Guam, home of America’s Andersen Air Force Base.

      Not to be outdone — or bullied — Trump took to Twitter and shot back yet another sharp retort.

      “My first order as president was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal,” he wrote, in a thinly veiled reminder of America’s superpower status. “It is now far stronger and more powerful than ever before.”

      Trump also tweeted that he hoped “we will never have to use this power, but there will never be a time that we are not the most powerful nation in the world!”

      What a blessing to have a president who’s not afraid to meet fire with bigger fire.

      If this were a Hillary Clinton White House, no doubt America would be cowering in a Security Council corner, huddling heads to come up with the next best strongly worded statement to issue in the adoring press.

      And we already know by experience — the chosen path of a Clinton presidency would’ve been the same one walked by Obama.

      “Patient Diplomacy and a Reluctance to Act: Obama’s Mark on Foreign Policy,” ran an NPR headline in September 2016 — as if that’s a good thing.

      As if that’s a strategy that puts America in a position of power on the world stage. Subtitle it: How Obama’s Foreign Policy Belittled America and Bolstered Radicalism and Jihad.

      Heck, the Heritage Foundation even kept a running list of Obama’s many, many occasions of putting down America. It’s called, “Barack Obama’s Top 10 Apologies: How the President Has Humiliated a Superpower.” And that list came in June of 2009 — back when Obama was just getting started.

      By 2016, we were getting headlines like this, from Cal Thomas — “The ‘apology tour’ comes full circle: In Cuba, Obama once again sides with oppressors against America.”

      So note to Trump language police: Quit whining.

      When a playground bully steals your lunch money, you don’t ask nicely for it back. You punch him in the gut and grab it from his pocket. Problem solved.

      When a North Korea bully threatens to sic his military on U.S. properties, you don’t scurry to the United Nations for consolation and sympathy and expressions of outrage. You threaten back — ten-fold.

      That’s the language of bullies. That’s what you do. It may not be pretty — it may not be comforting to the squeamish and unschooled. But it doesn’t change the fact that when bullies threaten, when bullies intimidate, you meet like with like and put the ball in their court to stand down — or not.

  22. Replies
    1. Hopefully to a conservative company, that allows freedom of speech.

    2. Hoping the new owners bring back public commenting..... and not through facebook!

  23. Good.

    Hopefully the new owners will fire assholes like Matt "The Johnson..."

  24. I reckon Morris has had enough of Little Matty, the Johnson destroying their circulation and web traffic, eh?

    Hopefully, if he leaves, I'd be glad to hold the door for him, and give him the one-finger salute on the way out.😂

  25. MFA and gang should feel proud of their part in this, also. The bar owner finally sold.😂

  26. Some new conglomerate must have needed a big money loser for tax deductions. There is no other reason to buy a newspaper. And that one in particular hasn't made money in years.

  27. Well, well...that's interesting. Guess I'll play online a little and see if I can find out who bought the urinal.

    As to north korea, I'm glad Tillerson is in the driver's seat...the man is a statesman and strikes me as the cooler head in the room.
    Also heard a fascinating interview on Beck today with Michael Malice, writer, who penned "Dear Reader", the unauthorized biography of Kim...he uses "unauthorized" because of course he didn't get any interviews with him. Just did exhaustive research into that country, its leaders, ideology and people.
    Do you know that lil Kim's weekly address to his concentration camps is? Tells them they will be the first to die if war breaks out...on his orders and by his henchmen. That is but one of his control mechanisms.
    His people are absolutely clueless about life outside that closed country...they must repent weekly of any mistakes they've made. Each is spied upon by another. There are no trials; they just get hauled off via a knock on the door in the middle of the night. 3 generations of their family get imprisoned for life.
    This has been their lives now for 70 years...can we as Americans conceive of such a thing and what that would do to your mind? Yet they are said to be happy...but then I've long believed that an ability to laugh in a miserable situation can be an effective survival tool.
    I hope to read Malice's book because I get the sense that there are things in it that we can learn from and give thought to.
    Such as 25 million unarmed clueless men, women and children being blown to kingdom come along with Seoul, possibly Japan (lil kim hates them) and one or more large cities in this country.
    I pray China is getting the hint.

  28. Gatehouse Media...owns a ton of smaller local and regional papers around the country; in just skimming around, I found an article written on them in politico feb 2016 in which the integrity of their las vegas paper was called into question over reporting and monitoring local judges and hijinks involving casinos or some such. But then that's Harry Reid country so who knows?
    Be interesting to see how this plays. Sale to finalize in oct.

  29. Did the justice department (justice is a joke) ever go after lying hillary like this? Oh no smellary just didn't mean to! http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/08/09/fbi-raids-former-trump-campaign-chairs-home-seizes-notes-documents-washington-post-reports.html

  30. Gatehouse Media employee reviews:


    Perfect fit for those commies working there. 😂

  31. Info Note: A new solicitation from the U.S. Army for the Interim Combat Service Rifle is bound to give all those guys something to talk about for a while.

    The Army has identified a potential gap in the capability of ground forces and infantry to penetrate body armor using existing ammunition. To address this operational need, the Army is looking for an Interim Combat Service Rifle (ICSR) that is capable of defeating emerging threats. The Government has a requirement to acquire a commercial 7.62mm ICSR to field with the M80A1 Enhanced Performance Round (EPR) to engage and defeat protected and unprotected threats. The ultimate objective of the program is to acquire and field a 7.62mm ICSR that will increase Soldier lethality.

    The Government intends to award a maximum of eight (8) Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs), procuring seven (7) weapons from each Offeror for test and evaluation purposes. The Government reserves the right to award less than eight (8) OTAs or to make no OTA awards. Offerors may submit more than one (1) proposal, however, each proposal must be separate and distinct from one another. Each proposal shall include a bid sample, proposal and system safety assessment report. Once the test and evaluation is concluded, the Government may award a single follow-on Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) based contract for the production of up to 50,000 weapons. This estimate is subject to change.
    The primary concern appears to be enemy troops wearing body armor similar in ballistic properties to that worn by U.S. troops.

    Requirements for the rifle over and above the need for being chambered in 7.62 NATO include being capable of accepting a suppressor, select fire capable, accurate out to 600 meters, folding iron sites, and the means to mount accessories such as a laser and weapon-mounted night vision.

    The 7.62 fans shouldn’t get too excited, however. The solicitation states that this contract is for “up to 50,000 weapons.”


    1. thank you for the info Sarge.

    2. Believe the 7.62x39 is AK47 ammo if memory serves...they should have that, given what they are up against in combat...

  32. Just now saw this on CBS news – they published this at 1:53 pm Eastern Daylight Time

    “Mattis to North Korea: Stand down or risk end of regime”


  33. We have heard talk for past several presidents, talk is as cheap as sanctions. When presidents talk, they need to follow through and North Korea seems to be very problematic. If I were in charge, there would be no talk only silence while in the background the problem would be solved with no bragging or news release.

  34. Trump and the few loyal people he has should be doing a whole lot of things as quietly as possible.

  35. I don't know if you all know about ch 105 on TV I am watching WWW2 in color. It called AHC ch. Just a bit of info for those History buffs like me. Real film all of it. Not for a weak kneed Liberal.

  36. WTF...draining the swamp by adding to it???
    Listening to Levin and he just informed we, the people that Trump is endorsing Luther Strange, swamp crony of the turtlehead in his race in Kentucky.
    Also has let it be known that he is also going to endorse Orrin Hatch, longtime swamp dweller, should he run again...
    So much for swamp draining. And of course both Hatch and Strange are members in good standing of the Rove cabal.
    Strange is running against Mo Brooks.

  37. I have about a dozen WWII documentaries on my Netflix list. Figure to save them up for a marathon while recuping from surgery next month. Watched a few more already. Interesting stuff.

    1. Well they will keep your mind off of any pain you might have, good luck, my best to ya my friend. I am not having surgery, but feel like I am living day by day.

    2. Hey Nunya, best of luck on your recovery.
      I highly recommend all the apocalypse series on Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Mussolini.
      And if you haven't seen the apocalypse WW1 with the color footage, you want to see it, too. It's amazing stuff. And for a history piece it's hard to beat.

    3. hoping your recuperation goes well and quick. hugs.

  38. Just to add to what sarge posted earlier...

    The 7.62 round that is being referred to is not 7.62x39 (AK-47).
    It's 7.62x51 (.308).
    And not 7.62x54 dragonov...

    Many should be familiar with the bronze and tungsten bullets already being manufactured and being used. They will penetrate. Already have them for 5.56/.223, unavailable to civilians as far as I know. This has been ongoing for some time.
    It also should be noted that this rides a line and gray area with Geneva.
    Many people I talk to fear that this is being prepped for US civilians, where Geneva doesn't apply.
    Similar to the hollow points the government has purchased that cannot be used in a theatre of war.

    Also, not sure this round would ever be standard issue. This changes logistics and factors such as weight. That's the whole reason we moved away from 30 caliber ball in the first place. You limit how much a man can carry.
    Anyone whose lugged around an AR-10 in place of an AR-15 or M-4 understands. Mil specs won't allow the ultralight AR-10. What they would be carrying would be slightly less weight than a Garand.
    That would suck. Your talking 5 pounds plus the weight difference in ammo from 22 to 30. Not ideal for the grunt or 0300 that has to hump the front line or walk patrols.

    And let's also remember Russia is phasing out 7.62 for 5.45 for the same reasons...

    1. Yes your right on thaat. You know I know about AR10. With even 20rds and a scope it is like carrying around a old battle rifle. I use mine when hog hunting. [ As Sara would say that's four legged hogs boy] Dont see them really going down that road either. They would be better of coming up with a shorter round. There are some AR 30 caliber rounds out there now that with a little bit of work could be put to good use. They are several wildcat rounds that could be made to work. The old 7.62x 51 308 is just to long and would be too heavy to lug around several hundred rounds like you say.

    2. Remember the 6.5 or 6.8 SPC?
      Just never took off.
      The army had to try and see what they can do, I'm sure. But I'm not a service guy.
      But we are also talking about generals that decided to switch to the striker fired Sig 320 for side arm based on money.
      And Chinese fatigues, based on money.
      So a standard 308 round, at three times the cost? Not likely.

      458 Socom could be an option, and some of the teams use it.
      It's the 50AE necked down.

      But since I'm rambling I'll go further.

      Penetration is more likely from speed than mass. Common knowledge, so Skippey you may be on to something. A wildcat 30 or that 25/45 round might be a better option. Or a rebirth of the UK 303?
      Secret Service carries the 5.7, and it defeats class one and two BA. So could that be improved upon?

      I'm no military serviceman, but I still say 308 ain't really the way to go.
      Curious as to why this position is being taken, and if it's an Obama holdover that is deciding.

      That would be telling...

  39. Some of the shit you guys know amazes me...

    1. Ya weird right amazes me also, so I say it is just , men and women team work.

  40. winding down the evening, combing through the comments and topics discussed today - thankful for all of you -

  41. Nunya prayers for you and speedy recovery!
    If you enjoy really good novels, Brad Thor anything are real page turners.

  42. Hammer appreciate the update...last time I fired an AK was early nineties. Fun to shoot but not all that accurate after firing for very long at distance. Close range though, they will do major damage and not that heavy.

  43. Good morning folks.

    Hammer makes my head spin with all that weaponry knowledge. Glad he's on OUR side!! LOL!

    Thanks. Surgery not until about 1 month from now. Wish it was sooner to get it over with, but that's what we can look forward to if they don't (and it appears the liars won't) nuke Obamacare. Longer and longer wait times, and I think it's starting already. Set it up in mid-June. June, July, August, September...ahhh...only 4 months! Nothing MAJOR, (and not going to publicize what it is), but will just say I have to take it easy and no heavy lifting. Did it when I was tearing down that rotting in-ground deck earlier this spring. (Maybe they have a bunch of elective, taxpayer-funded, non-medically-necessary gender reassignment surgeries booked up in O.R. until then, and the rest of us with injuries just have to wait? Y'know...like what they want to do in the military?)

    ANYWAY!!! Noticed something over at the "scurvy infested and tossed overboard, and thrown an anchor" Urinal. Every employee review on that linked site indicates the new company is a real shithole to work for. Appropriate for Matty, the Johnson...but I predict his demise by December. Maybe we should start a "Dead Pool" of sorts, to guess the dates of the demise of key staff, and the print version itself? A buck a name, and $5 for when news'paper' is no more, and they just turn into another left-wing Fake News local version of something like the Huff'n'Puff Post?

    Oh...back to what I noticed. Next post.

  44. First thing I noticed was this completely "WTF?!" headline:

    "Editorial: Catching up with our economy"
    "Kansans CAN is an ambitious and promising education plan, but we’re awaiting the data"

    I...uh..."catching up with the economy"? An editorial about the economy? No? Not all, really?

    It's all about an "experiment to restructure schooling"?

    Oh...well, then. It's about time! It NEEDS restructured, because it's FAILING! let's see what they have to see.


    "...seven school districts have been selected as demonstration sites for the Kansans CAN School Redesign project — an effort to restructure K-12 education around five outcomes “identified as defining a successful Kansas high school graduate.” The redesign will be launched at these districts in the 2018-2019 school year."

    WELLLLL...THAT sounds promising! That's what we NEED! Wonder what are those "five outcomes"? Let's read some more...

    OK...mm-hmmm...yep....Mercury 7 astronauts honored...ok...OH! here they are!


    "These are the five outcomes emphasized by Kansans CAN: Social-emotional growth, kindergarten readiness, Individual Plan of Study, high school graduation rates and postsecondary completion/attendance. By making education more individualized and oriented around practical outcomes, KSDE is working to ensure that Kansas high school graduates will be ready for today’s economic realities. One of the most vital elements of the redesign project will be the process of connecting students with local businesses and organizations that can give them opportunities to work on real-world projects. This is a critical part of developing individual plans of study that will encourage students to pursue specific career goals."

    "Social-emotional growth" is FIRST?! As in..."early-indoctrination"? That's how I read it.

    "Kindergarten readiness"? How will they do that? WELL...they wanna get their greedy little hands on your kids as SOON as POSSIBLE! ALL of them! Maybe a new system, eventually, called "EAB" (Enrolled At Birth), and the children will stay in the hospital ward until a certain age, to...y'know...be "properly cared for, and exposed to the "proper" stimuli? Of course, parents can visit anytime they wish...during visiting hours. Yes...let's get them as early as possible! OK...that may be a bit over-the-top. (For now, anyway).

    "Individual Plan of Study"? Hmmm....that sounds very...progressive. Takes the guesswork out of what those kids will do in their occupations. No more stress, no more "curiosity" and being exposed to something they may decide is more interesting. The SCHOOLS will "personally guide" them. "VE vill deciiiide...vot YOUR child VILL doooo...ven zay graduate...OUR academy! Ve haf set UP..."indeVIDUAL cooourses...for each vun of zem! Leetel Gunther ees showing GREAT PROgress in our "PROgram", und he VILL be a "euthanAAAsia specialist!"

    "By making education more individualized and oriented around practical outcomes, KSDE is working to ensure that Kansas high school graduates will be ready for today’s economic realities."

    OH...THERE's the 'economic' thingy! (Practical outcomes? Who, exactly, determines WHAT is "practical for "whom"?)

    You think I was kidding 3rd paragraph up? Then what does THIS mean?

    "This is a critical part of developing individual plans of study that will encourage students to pursue specific career goals."

    Does anyone else see the big red flag in THAT statement?! "Individual plans"..."encourage students" (push them) to "specific career goals" (the SCHOOLS decide!)

    This is scary stuff!

  45. Oh...the link:


    I can see it now. Milt-Breath writing something like:

    "Hey, Nunabrains! You've been watching too many sci-fi, apocalyptic conspiracy movies!"

    Really? That article, as written, doesn't even NEED to be "read between the lines". It lays it our pretty clearly.

    THEY want to completely control cradle-to-forever learning (indoctination) and "placement" of kids to where THEY think the kids should be.

    This statement says it all:

    "This is a critical part of developing individual plans of study that will encourage students to pursue specific career goals."

    Where is the students' interests and dreams considered ANYWHERE in this article? The parents aren't mentioned AT ALL! Not ONE MENTION of "parents" in there. But...we have this little revealing nugget:

    "The Kansans CAN vision is an attempt to prepare our students for this more competitive, skill-based economy."

    Well...look who just claimed everyones' kids! The kids are "THEIRS"! They didn't write "The Kansans CAN vision is an attempt to prepare YOUR CHILDREN for this more competitive, skill-based economy."

    There's a reason they wrote it the way they did.

    Scary stuff, indeed. And, should be looked into.

  46. The masks have come completely off...

  47. I find it odd that the left has more bad to say about Trump, and barely anything about that little insane fatboy in North Korea who is flat-out telling us he plans to nuke us.

    Well...maybe not "odd", actually. Just their normal self-destructive America-hating stuff, I guess.

    Just kind of odd that they would tolerate a million Americans nuked, rather than agree with ANYTHING Trump has to do.

    It's like...they just have no compassion, at all.

    Liberals. 😒

    1. It's also odd how none of them want to talk about how we've arrived at this point.

      Bill Clinton promised us he had it under control.

      Bush 2 assured us North Korea was keeping their end of the bargain.

      Obama babbled on about how the world was now a safer place.

      North Korea was flipping us off and building their nuclear bombs with impunity the whole time.

      But it's Trump's fault...

    2. Keeping it real, Kevin, it's worse than that. Remember when N. Korea was starving during the Clinton Administration and we came to the rescue with food aid in return for their non-nuclear pledge? And Bill and Madeline and their menagerie of toads said that it was a real good deal?

      "Good deal" indeed.

      Iran allows inspectors, North Korea never does. WTH did people think was going on?

    3. I'd forgotten about that.

      As far as what people think goes.

      They think exactly what they're told to think from the Trump hating media...

  48. Educators:

    "No Child Left Behind" was a flop."

    "Well...what we REALLY need is "No Child Left With Their Mind" to get control of this!"😠

  49. And just as frightening is that a lot of parents will willingly and trustingly turn their children over to the new system...

  50. The real reason the left hates the No Child Left Behind act is because when it turned out to be a really stupid idea they decided collectively (as all their decisions are) to blame it on Bush.

    In fact, it was not Bush's idea. It was a long time dream of the murderous Teddy Kennedy. It was his bill. Bush, out of a misguided sense of partisanship supported it.

    When it turned out to be another left wing big government failure they turned it into Bush's idea.

    Just shows there is no end to the lies these people will tell to destroy America.

    When Ted Kennedy wasn't murdering young interns and drunkenly groping waitresses he was thinking this kind crap up.

  51. Just came from that urinal...the Mcgonigal brand of asshat has once more demonstrated what a glaring example of indoctrination masquerading as education he is...
    On that insufferable Rubin editorial for anyone interested...
    Also notable: their big feature today is one by Cass Sunstein, husband of Samantha Power. Both are members in good standing of the Clintonistas and Obamanation.
    Even more laughable is that he is opining on pardons, Madison and the Constitution.
    You know...that document they've spent decades trying to destroy by claiming it lives...yah that guy.
    When both major parties start trotting out their pet chameleons, it signals that they are in trouble.

  52. It is clear that public education has been structured by the leftest to accomplish their social agenda, NEA is a Trojan Horse!

    Thus NEA is teaching your children what should be taught and demonstrated in the home, they are molding their moral values, giving away free food to make them dependent, leaving out important history....... This has been planned decades ago. There plan is to socialize and transform your children into creatures of the state!

    1. Bingo! And they said agenda 21 didn't exist...apparently it doesn't because in typical leftist prog evolvement operations it is now Agenda 2030...I think.
      With these cultists one never really knows...

  53. While culturally appropriating a spanish omelet for lunch, I was listening to Limbaugh and he asked the question: who gave the nuke secrets to the Russians?
    Why, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, American citizens and members of the communist party!
    What happened to them?
    Death by electrocution 19 June 1953 for espionage and treason. Their ring of co-conspirators went to jail.
    Alan Dershowitz claimed they were "guilty--but framed". Rather analogous to depending on what the meaning of "is" is, I guess.
    In 1995, the classified info on the full extent of their activities and the soviet cables involved were declassified (VENONA).
    Many books, plays etc were written about these two and their son Robert Meeropol even set up a nonprofit in their dubious honor: the Rosenberg Fund for Children. Available to support children of "targeted leftist activists"...

  54. And if you all get a chance, the Daily Caller is a must- read today...
    Articles include:
    Pro-abortion lib nailed to the wall by her own response to the question of morality...she says yes because killing the fetus is "taking away a future..."

    Benghazi heating up...fed judge orders Judicial Watch request for info from the killary, huma and the rest be turned over...

    Dems just want the washerwoman to go away...

    The Trump vs Turtlehead Feud...

    Among other worthy topics.

  55. and just when you think you've seen all the insanity the Democrats have been dishing out over Hillary's loss..... in the Washington Examiner today published at 4:10 pm Eastern Daylight Time....


    "Hillary Clinton's pastor compared her election loss to Jesus' death and resurrection"

    News flash for that pastor.... uh.... Hillary ain't Jesus and it is blasphemy to compare a corrupt evil lying witch to Jesus Christ, Son of God!

    Hillary is not the "Savior"...

    This really pissed me off when I saw this article and skimmed through the contents of the article.

  56. Gooood griiieeefffff!!!
    That is a new low, but then the Bible warns of such blasphemies...

  57. Ben Shapiro is absolutely on fire!!!!!
    Sitting in for Levin...

  58. Over at Cj, the story about the 13 year old girl is disturbing.

    Not sure how a 19 year old boy who impregnates a 13 year old girl isn't dead or in jail....

    Maybe it's just me...

  59. These days...well...makes me wonder about parenting with teens.
    They screw up their lives before they even have a chance at living them. Plus the culture nowadays.

  60. From the "what are they up to now" dept:

    "Black Sky Hazards: Feds to wargame widespread power outages and cascading infrastructure failures"...
    Brought to you by FEMA and the Dept of Energy and occuring sometime shortly after the eclipse...couldn't find specific date.

    Story posted at 3:35 pm 10 aug 2017 at zero hedge...codename earthex 2017.

  61. Woke up this morning to find out we're not at war.

    So far so good...

  62. I think that EarthEx thing is like a War Game, where they run simulations to try to predict possible outcomes. I don't think the power and water and communications and everything are actually just going to black out.

    Of course, just as all other "statistical data" and/or "predictive modelling" (such as in "climate change") it is completely impossible to consider every possible outcome, as one minor overlooked variation or event can reverberate out, and completely change every other thing they thought they considered. (Just like in "climate change").

    But...I suppose considering everything they can presently think of is better than ignoring it altogether.

    Just so they are aware that there will ALWAYS be something that changes all their preconceptions, and renders their "settled science" completely null and void. (Just like with "climate change".)😂

  63. Oh...and after they run all these simulations, and the computers declare there is actually no "winning", the computer will stop, and in its computer-voice will ask:

    "How about a nice game of chess?"😂