Thursday, February 23, 2017

Crush the liberal's dreams Friday

It's Friday and not a day too soon. I've about had it with this week, glad to see it come to an end.

So I made a comment last blog about the godless left wanting a civil war and probably being on the wrong side of it.

Seems like it's what they want, but I don't think they are really thinking this one through. See, when obama was the pretend president they always thought the military would back whatever play he made, and I never believed that. I think they would have turned their back on him if he tried some kind of Marxist third world dictatorship kind of crap.

But what we have now is something completely different. Riots, threats, violence and destruction, getting worse every day. And as the violence and riots ramp up, the response will ramp up. This President isn't in this with them like the last one. You're already seeing Police response to some of their crap that you were not seeing previously.

And as the response ramps up, and some heads get knocked either they will run away to their safe spaces or they will step it up. And frankly, they are just stupid enough to step it up.

But they're declaring war on the guy who is the Commander in Chief of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, plus all their reserve units. And he can call out the National Guard. This is not the guy to declare war on.

And then not to mention there are about 300 some million weapons and a few billion rounds of ammunition distributed among all those states in the middle that voted for President Trump. And having seen a few of these arsenals up close and personal, and having seen some of these fellows using said weapons, I would take them very, very seriously. Things could get wet in a hurry.

I'm not advocating for anything. I'm just saying.....

Don't start nuthin, won't be nuthin...

So anyway, it's Friday. Have at it.

Monday, February 20, 2017

So John McCain is mad at President Trump huh?

Well, does anybody care?

McCain is the guy who lost an election he should have won. President Trump is the guy who won the election he should have lost. Check the difference you pathetic old RINO.

But it is funny how now the godless left thinks McCain is the great spokesman for the Republican party, filled with wisdom and they just respect him to no end. But when he ran for president they attacked him like the rabid dogs they are. Just goes to prove, once again, they will do and say anything without regard to truth if it benefits them.

So do you worry about the relentless attacks by the left and their media against our President? The lies, the fake news, the hyperbolic insane rants and raves? I know I ran across something on facebook some leftie posted listing all the brave and virtuous actions they are taking hoping to undermine the President and punish America for voting the wrong way. Marches and hashtags and social media and posting lots of nasty things on the interwebs. You'd think to hear them tell it they were the French Resistance in WWII.

But in the end what does it accomplish? I would say not much. Sure they get all riled up, jumping up and down, arms akimbo, spittle flying from their mouths while they scream and holler. And they line up to pat each other on the back and agree with every word. But outside of their little world, who really cares?

President Trump's popularity is going up every day. Rasmussen has him at 55%. He's getting things done even with the roadblocks the left is throwing up as fast as he knocks them down. He's been more productive in his first 30 days than obama was in eight years, if you measure productivity is actual forward progress for America, which I do.

So they will continue, no doubt. But most of America isn't listening. We're too busy to worry about what a bunch of freeloading welfare collecting underemployed living in their parents basement trolls have to say. They just don't matter.

And as the President gets his agenda in place, rolling back regulations, tax cuts, business friendly laws and economics, and the jobs start happening, and the country starts growing again the noise will fade to a dull roar. As we get this Marxist attempt at healthcare reform rolled back and replaced with something market driven that makes sense for everybody, people will forget all this nonsense.

Already the media's approval rating is somewhere around the same as getting dog shit on your shoe. Maybe a little lower. So nobody trusts them now. So let the heathen rage.

And remember this. When they start up with the popular vote crap, which is pretty much a daily chant with them, look who's living in the White House and flying on Air Force One. And look who's giving speeches at stamp dedication ceremonies. That's what the popular vote is worth.

And one more thing. Odd that all the only speeches Hillary is giving is for stamp dedication ceremonies. What happened to her getting $200K for a half hour speech to some bunch of important people? I guess when you are in the business of selling influence and you run out of inventory you close up shop. But she's the first one they call when they have a stamp that needs dedicating.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Press Conference Friday...

Just in case you missed it yesterday I've posted a video of yesterday's epic press conference in it's entirety.

Yes, it's an hour long but it's worth every minute of it.

In other news the new official face of what's left of today's democrat party, Michael Moore (otherwise known as the blob) has a few demands he wants met right friggin "NOW!"

1. The "blob" demands that President Donald J. Trump steps down "NOW."

2. The "blob" demands that Vice President Mike Pence not be allowed to replace him as the constitution requires in such a case.

3. The "blob" demands that The Supreme Court installs Hillary Clinton as the President of The United States.

4. The "blob" demands that if that can't be accomplished they find a fair and peaceful way to un-do then re-do the election of 2016.

And in even more (good) news, thanks to a package I received yesterday I'll be grilling steaks for dinner tomorrow night.

Thanks for everything, Sarge. You're a good man.

You guys have yourselves a good day...

Kevin McGinty

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

She punked them all in their own house...

When it comes to the blog I write on that other website I often joke about operating behind enemy lines.

But what I do over there doesn't hold a candle to what this lady did the other night during the Grammy's awards.

In what's becoming an all too common evening of self-serving Hollywood elites coming together to publicly trash America and President Trump, singer Joy Villa showed up in her "Make America Great Again" gown and rocked their cocaine filled souls to the core.

The outrage by the left-wing haters was swift and all consuming.

They took to Twitter to trash her.

The spittle was flying as they pounded on their phones and keyboards.

They made their usual death threats.

They promised her career over.

How dare she!

But the American people (the real Americans) had other ideas.

Within hours of her stunning appearance the mostly unknown Joy Villa and her music shot from the bottom of the pack to the top of the charts.

Her album titled "I make Static" had been ranked #543,202 place on Amazon shot up to the #3 slot.

In fact the top three selling albums in Amazons "Movers and Shakers" category all belong to Joy Villa.

This is just another example of how fed up the American people have become with these anti-American pieces of shit.

They don't speak for us.

And the more they run their mouths and show their asses the more America wins.

Today I celebrate singer and fellow patriot Joy Villa for her part in # Making America Great Again...

Kevin McGinty

Monday, February 13, 2017

Oroville Dam Collapse...

I had a whole different blog planned for this morning but before I got started I noticed our good friend and fellow patriot, Hammertime brought up the Oroville dam in California late last night.

I remember back in 93 when we were facing pretty much the same thing with the Tuttle Creek dam in Manhattan.

I couldn't help but worry about the thousands of people directly in the path of destruction if that dam had failed.

At the time my wife and I lived in the Oakland area and the Kansas River had reached the breaking point.

I still remember standing on the dike that protects the entire area from the Kansas River.

You could actually feel the vibration as the deadly waters churned.

If that dike had failed it would have instantly destroyed everything in it's path.

My neighbors on both sides moved most of their things to storage units and stayed with relatives till the water had gone back down.

And it's what prompted us to buy a house on higher ground.

California Governor Jerry Brown has sent the National Guard to evacuate 130,000 people from the area and has asked the Trump administration for help.

He's asked that Trump declare the area a Federal Disaster.

As much as I despise Jerry Brown and the crap coming out of California these days, I hope Trump answers his call for help.

Kevin McGinty

Friday, February 10, 2017

No big surprise, the liberals did what liberals do

The ninth liberal court put America's safety and national security at risk to score political points and send President Trump some imaginary message. That's what they do. I've said before they would burn this country to the ground rather than relinquish the power the American people have taken away from them for abusing it these many years.

So all the gloating and strutting around and peacocking from the godless left reminds me of the old CJ Urinal blog days. Back when buttstash boy used to spend his life policing Kevin's blog and squealing to his liberal moderator friends over the use of some word, or phrase. And he got words banned. And he got people booted off. And then he would gloat and brag. And my take was always the same. A godless liberal got a godless liberal newspaper to side with him against patriotic Americans. That's not too difficult a thing to do. Where's buttstash boy today? And is Kevin's blog still up and running and still poking the liberals in the eye on a regular basis? Hell yes it is! These things work out over time. The wheels of justice grind slow, but they grind exceedingly fine.

So the left got the left wing appeals court to uphold an illegal and unconstitutional stay. Big deal. This is going to happen. A LOT! Expect to see more of it. It will take several years for President Trump to get appointees on the courts. It took obama years to pack it with his minions. The qualification to be an obama judge was to promise to uphold the godless left agenda whether the ruling was right, wrong, legal or illegal, constitutional or unconstitutional. Stay in lockstep, or I should say goosestep, and always be a loyal little apparatchik.

And don't be surprised if the Supreme Court doesn't provide any relief. Expect a 4-4 ruling at best which does nothing.

But look at the big picture. Delta announces a huge expansion. Intel building a multi billion dollar factory in the U.S. Businesses promising growth and expansion right and left. Economic expansion. The Dow over 20,000 and holding there and growing still.

We are seeing the results of replacing a Marxist anti-Capitalist president with one who loves America and wants her to grow and prosper. Just wait until tax reform hits. We will be seeing 4% growth by the third quarter is what I predict.

And when the jobs start coming back, and wages start going up, and people have a little more money in their pockets and see the prosperity returning everything will change, believe me. The left will continue to try to block it, they will continue to riot and scream and destroy America and people will continue to wonder what the hell these people are doing. It's happening now.

So don't let this one ruling harsh your mellow. There's great stuff coming. Reagan years stuff. Jobs. Growth. New business. Regulations rolled back. Energy growth. Law and order returns. Education reform. Tax cuts. Keep your eye on the prize folks. It's getting better every day.