Monday, August 13, 2018

Why do you suppose the democrat/communists do this crazy stuff?

I'm talking about this nonsense like promising free healthcare, free college, guaranteed income, cancelling student loan debt, eliminating ICE, and all the other boloney they are promising. I mean they aren't stupid people. Well, most aren't. Well, some aren't. But the party leadership isn't so stupid as to believe they can actually do any of these commie proposals. They stand the chance of a fart in a hurricane. But promise they do. And the mouth breathing uninformed greedy envious democrat base swallows it whole like a largemouth bass swallowing a big old lure. And you know what that gets that bass. Hooked in the mouth, reeled in and eaten for dinner.

So what makes them promise all this crap they know full well they can't deliver? Power, elections and a trust in the general greed and stupidity of the American people. People have to know it won't happen. If the democrats win the House, Senate and the Presidency they still can't do it. They had all that and didn't do it. It's just not in our nature to go full commie.

But these days it seems like it is selling much better. I suspect it is in part due to the rabid unhealthy unstable hatred of our President and of us, his supporters. I think most of these people have never experienced a loss of a Presidential election that had any consequence. They thought, because their dangerously seditious media friends told them, that they would be in power for decades to come. That the majority of Americans like the idea of free stuff. That there was plenty of money to pay for it all, if only the rich "paid their fair share" which is one of the most dangerous Marxist ideas that these commie bastards have ever sold their fellow Americans.

So if this "give away everything free and make other people pay for it" strategy works so well, how come the Republicans don't do it? Promise more. $20.00 and hour. Free houses. Free cars. 40 acres and a mule. Promise everything and deliver nothing. Why not? The democrat/communists know they can't deliver any of this stuff. It's a game they play. Why don't we play the same game?

Ethics. Honesty. Faith in the American electorate. The constitution of the United States. That's why. We have those principles. We try much harder to deliver on promises made, and not make promises we know at the time we can't deliver. Not everybody, but it's the general guiding principle behind us. The democrat/communists have no such principles. They have none at all.

They continuosly change positions. They advocate for marriage between a man and a woman. Then when the wind shifts they pretend they always supported sexual perversion marriage. They advocate for protecting our borders and no allowing unrestricted illegal aliens in, then when they need to prop up their voting base they advocate for throwing open the gates and letting everybody in. They advocate for being tough on crime, and prosecuting drug dealers. But the wind shifts and now they want to open the prison doors and let them all out.

That's the difference. They have no principles. None. Whatever suits them today and they have total amnesia of everything they ever said or did before that. This isn't the democrat party of old. This isn't JFK and Harry Truman. This is the democrat party of Marx, Stalin and Che. Hell, they go around wearing Che T-shirts and hold him up as some kind of hero when in fact he was a ruthless mass murderer who would have probably had most of them shot by a firing squad.

So that's how I see it. There is a mentally unbalanced hatred for America brewing in this country. It's a dangerous thing to see. And it's driven by the godless left propaganda, lies, corrupt media and fake news. And our President is absolutely correct to call this out. And more Americans are seeing the truth ever day. Hopefully, we can purge our government of these snakes and commies who are seeking to destroy everything we love.

Make America Great Again!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Take a knee my ass...

Here we go again.

Another year another chance for the left-wing, Soros funded, Black Lives Matter, America hating son of a bitches to make asses out of themselves.

I've been a huge NFL fan for as long as I can remember.

Those days are long gone.

This will be the third year in a row that my family and I will easily find other things to do with our time and our money on a Sunday afternoon.

The only reason these bastards are allowed to continue their disrespectful temper tantrum is because the NFL is run by a bunch of gutless cowards.

And don't give me that 1st Amendment bullshit either. This has nothing to do with the 1st amendment.

The 1st Amendment protects you from the government. The NFL is a private employer and just like every employer in America it has every right to set the standards and rules of conduct.


End of story.

And just like every America hating stunt you left-wing bastards pull just creates more Trump supporters.

But you're too stupid to realize it.

Just keep doing what you're doing...

And as a quick side note to those of you who never watch the videos I post:  

I promise you'll love this one...

Kevin McGinty

Friday, August 10, 2018

So what happened to that blue wave?

I thought we were supposed to see everything going democrat/communist during these elections. Blue wave or something. Why, America hates President Donald Trump we hear, at least from the democrat/communist operatives passing themselves off as news media.

All the experts said it. All the democrats said it. All the polls said it. And it didn't happen. Again.

Seems like these people just keep running the same plays from the same playbook. If we tell them what we want to happen, then that's what they'll do. That's how it's always been. Until now. anyway.

There's a new Sheriff in town. And he's upset the apple cart. 

I think the democrat/communists are going to be in for a big shock in the midterms. Apparently the whole raise everybody's taxes and give a bunch of stuff away to the lazy non productive sponges feeding at the government trough isn't selling. And apparently American's still aren't ready to open the borders and invite the flotsam and jetsam of the world to come on in uninvited and live off our taxpayer dollars.

Seems like the "workers of the world unite" Marxism isn't selling quite as well as our elitists would have us believe. What a surprise.

Being told we're greedy heartless bastards for wanting to keep what we worked so hard to earn instead of handing it over to drug addicts, illegal aliens, reckless breeders and lazy millennials who think we owe them a living isn't selling as well as our democrat/communist friends would have us believe.

So yeah, I know. Some races were close. Like somebody said, only the democrat/communist lose a race then try to claim they won because it was close.

Losing is losing. And they are losing. Apparently America hasn't bought the commie ideology you're selling. At least enough of us to keep you seditious destructive people out of our government.

So anyway, it's Friday. Here's a little Crowder for you singing a favorite of old Safe at Home. Enjoy your weekend. For us retired people, everyday is a weekend.

Monday, August 6, 2018

So do you feel sorry for the lying fake news people?

Because I sure as hell don't.

They're crying like a bunch of commie babies because our President is calling them out as the lying democrat godless left wing commies they are. For two years now they've carried the water for the commie left. They've repeated the narratives. Fascist. Nazi. Racist. Homophobe. Russia Russia Russia. If you think of them as democrat party operatives with a byline you won't be wrong.

For the last two years they have repeated every name our President was called by the commie left. And they've done their fair share of name calling themselves. The Twitter universe is filled with operatives from the lying news media posting the most obscene and vile things about out President.

They tried to sway an election instead of just reporting on it.

They have done the bidding of the godless commie left for years.

And this has led to a division of this country not seen since 1860. They have ratcheted up the hatred and violence by feeding the narratives. They have been a dangerous and seditious force in this country for years. And they continue unabated.

But when they get called out by the Leader of the Free World, our President Donald Trump, suddenly that's just too much. Over the top. It's dangerous. "People won't like us" they cry. It's not fair! He's truthfully pointing out all our dirty deeds and people will figure out we're communist pieces of shit dedicated to the destruction of America. And that's just not right they screech.

Well, tough shit. It's time somebody wasn't afraid of these people. And we elected just the guy, did't we? And this is exactly why we elected this guy, isn't it?

Personally, I have no sympathy for these people. I hope it gets much worse on them. I hope they get booed and catcalled everywhere they go. I hope they live in fear somebody will go too far, just like all the people who support Donald Trump do. I hope they finally wake up and realize they are just reaping the whirlwind.

On a side note, this is my first blog in retirement. First Monday to not have the alarm go off and trudge in to a miserable job wasting the taxpayer's money. So far, so good. And no Sarge, I didn't just get up. I'm getting up earlier than when I worked, just because I can.

So we'll see how it goes from here.

And Kevin, enjoy Colorado. That is one beautiful place to be. Just stay away from all the godless commies that live there. There are about as many per capita as California. And watch out for the potheads. They're everywhere.

Have a cup of coffee and look at those beautiful mountains and think about us back here in Topeka suffering from 104 degree temps today. Bet it's not that hot where you are.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Amazing American Friday...

I've noticed a few stories popping up about that imaginary blue wave coming.


Don't believe a single thing these left-wing bastards tell you.

Keep in mind the one's selling that blue wave are the exact same people who told us Hillary had a 98% of beating Trump in 2016.

They're the exact same people out there siding with illegals over the American people day in and day out.

They're the same people threatening to impeach Trump on a daily basis.

They're the same people not only threatening to abolish ICE but now they're threatening to prosecute them.

They're the same people who told us 2.5% GDP was the new normal and we'd just have to get used to it.

They're the same people who told us America doesn't build things anymore.


They're the same people who appear on CNN and accuse President Trump of treason.

They're the same people who appear on MSNBC and attack all of us.

They're the same people who constantly attack President Trump and the 63,000,000 of us who voted for him.

They've called us every name in the book.

Leveled every disgusting accusation against us they can think of.

And now because Trump is calling them out on their lies they're crying like the little bitches they are.

Case in point:

Screw you, Jim Acosta.

Maybe if you'd stop being such a little bitch you'd get some of that respect you somehow think you deserve.

Trump's approval rating has risen to a record 50%

His rallies continue to draw tens of thousands of supporters.

Make no mistake, we're winning.

And if anyone tells you different they're lying.

Oh, and Blue, you can take your imaginary blue wave and shove it up your ass.

Stay safe and be well, my friends...

Kevin McGinty

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wednesday's this and that...

Sorry guys, I got called into work and this was the best I could do under the circumstances.

Maybe a few of those America hating NFL players could learn a thing or two from this kid.

Kevin McGinty