Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Hitschmann Intersection

I remember seeing a Pepsi guy take this curve too fast. Way back in the day, Pop trucks had those open bays. Remember that? Everything was in wooden cases and glass bottles. Anyway, I guess the ol' Pepsi guy decided not to shut his bay doors probably to save a little time on the route. Bad idea! He had wooden cases and broken pop bottles strung everywhere.
Hitschmann is just around this curve and straight ahead about three miles.


  1. I bet if you look closely around that turn, you'll probably still find pieces of those bottles.

    Back during the '51 flood there were 14 more houses near our farm. The flood wiped them out - but even today we still find old spoons, bottles, buttons, and other pieces of interesting things.

    Thomas Lessman

  2. You know, there probably is.
    Good to hear from you Thomas...