Monday, March 17, 2014

Keep 'em Coming Lucinda... The Gullible Masses Need You Now More Than Ever...

Believe it or not, Lucinda, I'm glad to see you're firing on all cylinders again and putting out one leftist blog after another.

And it's good to see your minions lapping up every canned left-wing talking point you put out there.

According to what you're telling your loyal followers republicans hate women, children, blacks, Hispanics, gays, the environment and just about everything else.

Of course spewing nonsense based on nothing what so ever is just one of the many attack strategies people employ once they realize things are crumbling down around their heads.

My advise to my conservative friends would be to ignore all of it.

All it is is a bunch of useless noise designed to put us on defense when the political winds are clearly at our backs.

The democrats have abused the power the American people trusted them with six years ago with their non-stop lying, cheating, stealing, spying, double-dealing and never ending corruption that it'll take years for them to recover.

The economy is in the tank.

Tens of millions of people are still out of work.

More people than ever before depend on government hand outs just to survive.

This administration's foreign policy is nothing short of disgraceful.

Instead of the World Wide respect we were promised we've become a laughing stock of the world.

And Obamacare is an anchor around the neck of every democrat out there today.

Face it, Dems.

You had your chance.

You blew it.

Lucinda, you asked the other day whether or not the Tea Party was going to be the death of the Republican Party.

That, my friend, I can't answer.

What I do know is that come November The Tea Party is going to be the death of the socialists who've taken over the once proud and honorable Democrat Party when we strenghen our hold on the House and seize control of your beloved Senate.

In the meantime keep your blogs coming.


Your followers need something to keep their minds off the mind blowing disappointment coming their way...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Oh yes I remember Lucy well Knows everything Lived every place anyone has, But to me just another one that needs a good boot in the ass. Well Now what?

  2. This election year I will not allow myself to be distracted by her.

    i am 20 tons of snow on her flat roof.

  3. lately ol' loopy has been cranking out blogs as though she's trying desperately to have some sort of credibility...or something. that snide arrogance of hers is getting worse. only Alan and maybe digger seem to show up over there these fact a number of the progressives are not around much on the cj of late; tonight being an exception, I guess, as I had to log off in order not to get booted at some of the drivel being displayed. they are all becoming a desperate lot.

  4. and then Hopefully she won't be here in 2016
    when I will be 40 tons of snow,,,
    on her flat HOUSE!

  5. weasel seems ok...I may or may not agree with him but as long as he can debate respectfully, that's cool. the captain and I don't always agree either but his posts are always informative and never boring or hateful.

  6. well, dang, Vent! who are we cats gonna bat at if she's gone?? for the longest time she irritated the hell out of me and I ignored her blogs but then I got to where I could post some informational, sourced post that I know would bug her...even though she claims not to read what people post and rarely responds, honestly I think she does...her blogs are more frequent lately and a lot of us good guys n gals have been posting there lately as well. a revealing parallel, maybe?

  7. I disagree Kevin, NLL has never hit on all cylinders. She has been one board short of a stack since forever. CAPOI

  8. Well I will stick with she is a Liberal Idiot, and always has been, the only thing good that came from me getting booted is it stopped me from going on her Blog and letting her have it with both barrels. Just saying...... And where the hell is the Beer around here.?

  9. Heb 10:25: Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.



  10. Dave1001 03/18/14 - 09:03

    I still haven't found this Doctor has anyone?

    In obamas mind he's not lying. In 2009 he is telling people who's doctor 's name is "Period" they can keep their doctor and health plan. And everyone one else will have to change

  11. Dave1001 03/18/14 - 08:57

    I wonder if any Libs or Socialist Care? Be prepared to see more
    of this.

    The fascist gay lobby and its liberal protectors are constantly decrying the evil bigotry of Christianity while never speaking against the actual evil actions committed by Islam against the gay community. Another example has recently taken place, but again, because it doesn’t fit their liberal anti-Christian narrative, the left is silent… but conservatives are not.

    An evil Muslim man has likely murdered his daughter for the crime of homosexuality. His daughter was a lesbian, and her lifestyle had dishonored his family. Police believe that 46-year-old James Larry Cosby murdered his daughter Britney and her girlfriend Crystal Jackson, both 24 years old, before dumping their bodies like garbage.

    What would drive a man to kill his own child? The Sheriff would not guess about a motive, but a spokesman for the family, Quannel X, says that he found writings about homosexuality in Cosby's Koran. "In Islam homosexuality is forbidden. It is forbidden. I learned today that Larry was a practicing Muslim," said Quanell X.

    In direct contrast to the vile acts of the Muslim man stand the actions of the family of the other murdered girl, Crystal Jackson. Ms. Jackson’s father is a Christian minister, and he and his family have already voiced their forgiveness of their daughter’s killer.

    Crystal Jackson's family tells Fox 26 they forgive whoever killed their daughter and addressed the possibility that she was murdered because of who she loved. "I did not agree with her sexual orientation either, but I would not kill my daughter and Britany and then take them to Galveston and hide it. I love all my children the same," said Reverend Ivan Jackson, Crystal's father.

    Unsurprisingly, the hypocritical murderer, James Larry Cosby, is hardly the best example of a pure follower of any religion. He has a long criminal record, littered with exploits -- convictions for sexual assault, assault, drugs and weapons – and yet he did not feel the need to have himself killed for his “sins.”

    More than the hypocrisy of the evil Muslim father – I wonder about the hypocrisy of the left. Here are two young homosexuals murdered for nothing more than their feelings for each other, and yet we hear nothing from the gay lobby about the horrors of hate crimes against gays.

    Why? Because it doesn’t fit the narrative of conservative animosity towards homosexuals. They argue that we conservatives (especially Christian conservatives) hate homosexuals to the point of advocating violence and repression against them.

  12. Dave, Now you are talking my language, I would rather Kiss Pelosi Ass , spit, spit, spit, than be around a Muslim. Trust me I don't care how nice they are around you, if they still have that garbage book in their homes, when the time comes when they have to decide on a real American and another Muslim they will kill us in a heartbeat. Keep plenty of pork around you. Stay Prepared my man, bad things are just around the corner. Oh one other thing do not count on any Liberal being around to fight with you/us, you will find them assholes whining in the closet. Just Saying....

  13. Joey59 03/18/14 - 11:45 am

    Well nice to see the Bunker is holding up well.Hope everyone is well, Sarge Stan glad to see you are alive and well.

  14. Russia Laughs at Obama’s Sanctions

    Posted on March 18, 2014 This most likely the first time I don't mind our so called president being laughed at, well maybe Billy got a few laugh's from them also.

    It is comedy hour on the world stage as Russia enjoys our joke of a President.
    Check it out:

    Russia’s deputy prime minister laughed off President Obama’s sanction against him today asking “Comrade @BarackObama” if “some prankster” came up with the list.

    The Obama administration hit 11 Russian and Ukrainian officials with sanctions today as punishment for Russia’s support of Crimea’s referendum. Among them: aides to President Vladimir Putin, a top government official, senior lawmakers, Crimean officials, the ousted president of Ukraine, and a Ukrainian politician and businessman allegedly tied to violence against protesters in Kiev.

    It remains to be seen whether the sanctions will dissuade Russia from annexing Crimea, but one an early clue that they will not be effective came just hours later when President Putin signed a decree recognizing Crimea as an independent state, perhaps an early step towards annexation.

    U.S. official have warned of additional sanctions for Russian action, hoping it will deter Russia from any further aggression towards Ukraine, but it didn’t appear to upset the often outspoke Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.


  15. re islamists on gays...I don't get that one either..these libs never, EVER, go near that one and I don't understand why, unless it is because they cannot come up with any talking point to try to deflect it. or they just use the gay agenda for vote-pandering and pushing their utopian idealogy, as they do women, black people and Hispanics here illegally. I may have even pointed that out once or twice in an old post but never a response. having had censor problems with the cj in the past over the islamist thing, I've gotten very careful with it. they say little or nothing about Russia's stand on gays as well...

  16. speaking of the cj....the censors are at it again. ran into that on Kevin's blog...I left a subtle comment and warning and logged off...maybe, when that nonsense starts, if we just log off, they'll get the hint...but that's a very big maybe.

  17. and the Russian news guy who put out the commentary about turning America into a pile of radioactive ash...apparently that particular broadcaster is one of Putin's top mouthpieces...and this is old KGB stuff about how to let America know that he has become the big dog on the world stage now...

  18. and something I heard on Beck this morning..back in 2008, Russia tried to collapse the dollar, in league with China...said verified with Hank Paulsen of the BBC...and we are in much worse shape economically today than then. also talked about on Beck: that old Kerry quote about Ghengis Khan etc. during the viet nam war...that was disinformation fed to this idiot by the KGB at the time. and he has never admitted that he was had...instead, he kept getting elected senator and is now secretary of state...and has not a clue that he is nothing but a dilettante and a laughingstock...apparently this comes from the book "disinformation" if I heard Beck right...gotta get a copy of that...

  19. catsncats. I also logged off cj this morning I got a abuse warning for name calling, I know I called no one a name, I only talked to Alan Lunn and DC I think, maybe a comment to St Jacques but didn't call them any name. so I logged out for a few days maybe.


    1. believe one or more of their monitors may be looking for any supposed hint of a reason for booting another of us...even if they have to really spin it. somebody seems definitely up to something over there again...

  20. I got one or more for calling people names. Seems you can not refer to someone using a name of another poster. So if you called him DC that was more than likely it. I called several people on multiple times by what I thought was their old name before they got booted . Also any reference to towelheads of Trolls will get you a personal message from the God of moderators Sperm Smith. But that looney toon Lucy and her little band of Trolls just is amazing. Its just had to imagine that there really are people like that. They are running scared now. That may be why she is posting so much now. The Libtards know they are in trouble and they use their talking points to take the heat off of them. I really enjoyed the post that one of my old buddies here posted to them. R G Char is one that I signed up to post after I got booted. He likes to hit and run. Says that you have to treat them like they treat us. It really makes them angry when you use their own tactics back at them.

  21. Dave1001

    Sara, that must have been it, that is the only thing i can remember I did Call him DC, Well that CJ is just getting to be a bit much, for some of us.

  22. Yup Sara has it right they must have a book of words that can't be used no matter how polite one might use them. I hope some day everyone of Kevin's regulars come over here and let them over there fall apart or just eat each other. Oh and Sara you got Beer??

  23. Arrogant little son of a bitch is what I'd like to call him...

    Oh, and I just posted a new blog.

    Well, sort of.

    You'll see what I mean...

  24. like the title of your site kev

  25. Thanks Weasel.

    I thought it fit pretty well...