Friday, March 7, 2014

Open Blog Friday...

Alright guys, it's Friday and you already know what that means.

It means you pick the topic and I keep my mouth shut.

I'll stop in when I can.

Stay safe and be well, my friends...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Dave1001 03/07/14 - 08:23 am

    Obama have you cause enough problems for this Country.

    The State Department has not designated Jamaat ul-Fuqra as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, though it was included in reports about domestic terror groups in the 1990s AND Department of Homeland Security surveillance reports since.

    Yet the State Department's own standards clearly require it to label Jamaat ul-Fuqra as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. The three criteria for FTO designation are that the group must be foreign, it must be engaging in terrorist activity or retain the capability and intent to engage in terrorism, and it must threaten U.S. nationals or national security.

    The newly-released FBI documents eliminate any possible excuse the State Department could present to defend its negligence in designating Muslims of America /Jamaat ul-Fuqra as a FTO. Among the most condemning quotes from FBI files:

    The MOA is now an autonomous organization which possesses an infrastructure capable of planning and mounting terrorist campaigns overseas and within the U.S.

    "The documented propensity for violence by this organization supports the belief the leadership of the MOA extols membership to pursue a policy of jihad or holy war against individuals or groups it considers enemies of Islam, which includes the U.S. Government."

  2. Dave1001 03/07/14 - 08:26 am

    Oh and one more thing Obama

    We have had scores and scores and scores of cases tried in federal court, and right here in Texas we've had seven individuals since 9/11 that have been arrested for attempting to kill large numbers of people, or who have killed large numbers of people like Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan," terror expert Jeffery Addicott at St. Mary's University in San Antonio tells KTRH News.

    "Until authorities get some information that they're planning to engage in violence to carry out their ideas, there is nothing illegal about it," explained Addicott.

    That's because MOA, also known as "Muslims of the Americas" is hiding in a gray area of the law where the foreign group is protected by the U.S. citizenship of its Islamist members – as well as the political correctness muzzle on media and law enforcement! No matter that Clarion Project obtained video footage of MOA female members receiving paramilitary training at its Pennsylvania camp "Islamberg" or that a second tape shows its spokesman seditiously declaring the United States a Muslim majority country!

  3. Dave1001 03/07/14 - 08:29 am

    For those uninformed Libs that don't want Us to have Guns

    A 2007 FBI record states:

    "The documented propensity for violence by this organization supports the belief the leadership of the MOA extols membership to pursue a policy of jihad or holy war against individuals or groups it considers enemies of Islam, which includes the U.S. Government. Members of the MOA are encouraged to travel to Pakistan to receive religious and military/terrorist training from Sheikh Gilani."

    "The MOA is now an autonomous organization which possesses an infrastructure capable of planning and mounting terrorist campaigns overseas and within the U.S." reads the report. There are reportedly 22 such MOA-linked sites in the U.S. serving as communes and jihadi enclaves!

    Make no mistake, while Obama designates Tea Partiers and homeschoolers as potential terrorists, MOA is presently running next to our citizens' own backyards, jihadi bootcamp and brainwashing compounds that are training adherents on terrorism and Islamic guerilla warfare tactics to be perpetrated on America's sovereign territory, including these locations:

    Mahmoudberg –Texas
    Baladullah –California
    Islamville – South Carolina
    Islamberg – New York

    The only way to stop this dangerous infiltration is for Congress to declare MOA a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) so its criminal activities can be ended!

    1. Dave, most of the left wouldn't know how to defend them selves, they think all they have to say is stop it or I will draw a line in the sand.

  4. Interesting posts Dave. I will have to research this tonight if I get time. capoi

  5. capoi don't research it I will give you the link in a little while.


    1. capoi, it is a e-mail from Americans United for Freedom I get their news letters , if you would like to receive it this is the link to go to.


  6. TGIF Y'all!

    Good morning T-Town!

  7. Dave, our justice depratment won't do anything to that orginazation. This is what our POS POTUS wants to happen.

  8. Dave 1001 7 march 2014

    (Receptionist) Hello, Welcome to ObamaGolf. My name is Trina. How can I help you?

    (Customer) Hello, I received an email from Golfsmith stating that my Pro V1 order has been canceled and I should go to your exchange to reorder it. I tried your web site, but it seems like it is not working. So I am calling the 800 number.

    (Receptionist) Yes, I am sorry about the web site. It should be fixed by the end of 2014. But I can help you.

    (Customer) Thanks, I ordered some Pro V1 balls.

    (Receptionist) Sir, Pro V1's do not meet our minimum standards, I will be happy to provide you with a choice of Pinnacle, TopFlite, or Callaway Blue.

    (Customer) But I have played Pro V1 for years.

    (Receptionist) The government has determined that Pro V1s are no longer acceptable, so we have instructed Titleist to stop making them. TopFlites are better, sir, I am sure you will love them.

    (Customer) But I like the Pro V1. Why are TopFlites better?

    (Receptionist) That is all spelled out in the 2700 page "Affordable Golf Ball Act" passed by Congress.

    (Customer) Well, how much are these TopFlites?

    (Receptionist) It depends sir, do you want our Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum package?

    (Customer) What's the difference?

  9. Dave - Very interesting post. The sad part is they are probably getting free phones, EBT cards, housing and medical care.. But that is okay. Obama has that "red pen thing" so we are all safe. I am sure he will just draw a line jn the dirt and tell them not to cross it and they will listen and obey him. The biggest terrorist threat is in the White House.

  10. Part # 2

    (Customer) The Silver package may be okay; how much is it?

    (Receptionist) It depends, sir; what is your monthly income?

    (Customer) What does that have to do with anything?

    (Receptionist) I need that to determine your government Golf Ball subsidy; then I can determine how much your out-of-pocket cost will be. But if your income is below the poverty level, you might qualify for a subsidy. In that case, I can refer you to our BallAid department.

    (Customer) BallAid?

    (Receptionist) Yes, golf balls are a right, everyone has a right to golf balls. So, if you can't afford them, then the government will supply them free of charge.

    (Customer) Who said they were a right?

    (Receptionist) Congress passed it, the President signed it and the Supreme Court found it Constitutional.

    (Customer) Whoa.....I don't remember seeing anything in the Constitution regarding golf balls as a right.

    (Receptionist) There's no explicit mention of golf balls in the Constitution, but President Obama is a former constitutional scholar and he believes it would have been included if the Constitutional had not been drafted by a bunch of slave-owning white men. The Democrats in the Congress and the Supreme Court agree with the President that golf balls are now a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

    (Customer) I don't believe this...

    (Receptionist) It's the law of the land sir. Now, we anticipated most people would go for the Silver Package, so what is you monthly income sir?

    (Customer) Forget it, I think I will forgo the balls this year.

    (Receptionist) In that case, sir, I will still need your monthly income.

    (Customer) Why?

    (Receptionist) To determine what your 'non-participation' cost would be.

    (Customer) WHAT? You can't charge me for NOT buying golf balls.

    (Receptionist) It's the law of the land, sir, approved by the Supreme Court. It's $49.50 or 1% of your monthly income.....

    (Customer)(interrupting) This is ridiculous, I'll pay the $49.50.

    (Receptionist) Sir, it is the $49.50 or 1% of your monthly income, whichever is greater.

    (Customer) ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What a ripoff!!

  11. Part #3

    (Receptionist) Actually sir, it is a good deal. Next year it will be 2%.

    (Customer) Look, I'm going to call my Congressman to find out what's going on here. This is ridiculous. I'm not going to pay it.

    (Receptionist) Sorry to hear that sir, that's why I had the NSA track this call and obtain the make and model of the cell phone you are using.

    (Customer) Why does the NSA need to know what kind of CELL PHONE I AM USING?

    (Receptionist) So they get your GPS coordinates, sir

    (Door Bell rings followed immediately by a loud knock on the door)

    (Receptionist) That would be the IRS, sir. Thanks for calling ObamaGolf, have a nice day...and God Bless the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.


    1. Now those three posts were funny! Nothing like a set of gold balls!!!

  12. Dave,

    That was great! Thanks for sharing.


  13. Don't worry,, the Rich have plenty of money,,
    they'll pay for everything!

    It's what they live for.!

  14. I wonder what it costs us taxpayers for one round of golf for the prez. It has to require quite a few SS agents to secure several hundred acres of an 18 hole course I would think. Maybe he should stick to Goofey Golf courses instead.


  15. Dave, thanks for that link on the terrorist activity going on here...recall hearing from my younger son years ago that, when he was still living in the state of Washington, people were also coming in from the Canadian border in that area...troopers who would catch them were being told to let them go...expect that continues as well. the rugged north country up there is no deterrent to such people, who have lived all their lives in harsh conditions. sheeple don't get it though...
    as to camps themselves, we are left with no choice but to be aware of where these are located in order to protect ourselves.
    let the sheeple among us whine to the govt to protect them, "do something!!!" ain't gonna happen because his obamaness could care less. they don't get that either.

    may those big green tractors continue to be a common sight out here in the sticks...something so uniquely American about them. as long as those tractors are around, I somehow feel a bit more hopeful about things in general.

  16. and for laughs...loopy outdid herself today on that "young republicans" blog of hers today. great for rolling-eyes exercises fer yer eyeballs...

  17. Saw that, cats. Just another one of her hate filled rants.

    And you just watch.

    In her next one she'll tell us how much of a moderate she is...

  18. On another note Syrian Assad sent Putin a letter of strong support today.

    They're both laughing straight in Obama's face and making fools out of all of us...

    1. Laughing has nothing to do with it. And I don't feel the fool. They have obama bent over and, Pardon my french here cause i've had a few tonight but they are throwing the meat to the ole POS POTUS while they have him bent over!! Kev, I'll understand the POOF button after this comment, Cause it's FRIDAY NIGHT!!!! This is probably why I got booted from the liberal pisser of a rag CJ!!! Just remember I practice shooting my guns when I can see double, so I can hit many targets on a night like this!!! Makes me wonder though, is this what the libocraps worry about?? I hope so because if the NSA is listening they can KMA!!! Oh by the way like S/S said one time, I pulled the 4X4 up in the yard and have my bible by my side, did bring down the flag at dusk and remembered the fallen and said a prayer to boot. To quote sarjer/stan "BE PREPARED". This situation with Russia is slowly goin to get worse. Oh yeah, "A COUNTRY BOY WILL SURVIVE"!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Papadew that is a good question, now I wonder what the cost is for that idiot to play golf!


  20. Yeah I Left a BabyRuth bar in Lucy's pool.

    And I Hate the new Giant sized headline photos on Cj.

  21. The Young Wife

    A Muslim wife complains to her husband that all the romance had gone out of their marriage.

    "Remember when you used to carry me up to bed?" she asked.

    Yeah," he replied,

    "But Be Fair, You Were Only Eleven At The Time!!


  22. One Muslim women says to another muslim women, Your husband sure seem happier lately, the other women says yup I got him a goat.


    1. Poor Goat!!!! You couldn't even turn that goat into a good pot of Chili after that abuse!!!

  23. Hmmmm Cj must be reading the comments here,..
    They took the Giand Head line Photos Down.
    Gonna tell them joke to the ol' lady sarge,,
    she'll like that first one.

    1. I hope yer right Vent. If CJ is watching, this is for sherman smith and tomari quinn. You're a piece of no good censoring liberal crap, and you can take your on-line liberal piece of crap rag of a news outlet and shove it!! I will never do any business of any kind with the CJ and you can take that to the bank!! Craigslist for me to do any business I need to do in North East Kansas. Have done a lot of business $$$$ in the past with CJ but never again!!!!

    2. That goes double for me. Hey SHERM the and your really STUPID, IGNORANT, bunch of TROLLS see this? This isn't a Bud for you, but its for you anyway. I will not ever buy a paper or have any business with CJ. I will not even let anyone bring the paper into the bar. And I tell everyone that asks just what I think of CJ and their little bunch of TROLLS.

  24. Mmm Supposed to say GIANT not GIAND!

    anyway while at home depot at the plumbing department,
    i saw a cross shaped pipe connector and Got a wonderful, Awful Idea to drive the Atheist's
    residing in my neighborhood outta the skull's and sick to their stomachs.
    i purchased that connector along with a 10 ft 11/2 length of PVC pipe
    made an 8 ft cross and outlined it with white rope light!.
    I will display this cross prominently in the Tree of Chains Christmas tree spot beginning the First week of April through Easter.
    It will cut the night like a dagger when the Athiest's round the corner from my house.

  25. Oops!!! Better go! Having too much fun. Be well and be safe my on-line friends!!