Monday, November 13, 2017

America, love it or leave it.....

On Sunday my church did a presentation of the colors in the lead up to honoring the veterans. A Marine ROTC color guard was led by a bagpiper playing Amazing Grace. They walked with that pride and distinction that Marines have and presented the colors. Then a great tenor singer led us in the National Anthem.

I guarantee nobody took a knee.

In fact, like me, many were choked up and felt a swelling pride in this country that all patriotic Americans feel when they see the symbol of our great country, and sing that wonderful song.

And the thought crossed my mind that on that same day there would be godless left wing America hating football players using their time in the spotlight to convey their hatred for our country, our veterans and everything the rest of us believe in.

It made me angry to think about these privileged wealthy multi millionaires who have led lives that only the top 1% of America ever sees feeling that much hatred for the country that made it all possible for them.

America is the least oppressive and least racist country in the world. This is the land that has created more wealth, more opportunity than any other country in the world. This country has fought wars and sacrificed millions of men in the cause of protecting freedom from tyranny. The fight for freedom has always been America's fight. We even fought a civil war with ourselves to free the slaves. 700,000 men died in that bloody conflict.

America is the best of the best, and has been since it's birth. We were born out of a war for freedom from tyranny.

But these godless left wing commies would have you believe America is some horrible place. They have invented a different America than the one you and I live in, and they have chosen the symbol of our country to pour out their godless satanic driven hatred on.

Well, they are wrong. They have fabricated this whole mess out of hatred for our President. These people are completely insane with hatred at this point.

When the Kenyan became president, I disagreed with virtually every policy he promoted. I disagreed with his political beliefs, his religious beliefs and pretty much everything he did or said.

But not for one second did I decide I hated America or our flag because he was the president. My love for America is why I fought him the way Americans have fought would be tyrants for 230 years. I voted, I gave money to candidates who opposed him. I went to TEA party rallies. I promoted my views every opportunity I had. Never once did I turn my back on this country for what turned out to be a pretty stupid decision. And one that many Americans regretted as expressed by the democrats losing over 1,200 elections the next eight years including the House, Senate and Presidency.

So when these wealthy privileged probably brain damaged people disrespect our flag, I am just incapable of feeling any empathy for them. None. And seeing that flag yesterday while we sang our National Anthem just drove that home.

And if a bunch of America hating football players want to hate the country that made them wealthy privileged multi millionaires, well I guess they just can. I won't see it because I haven't watched one minute of NFL football this year, and won't. Probably never again. Or they can go try to find some other country that won't "oppress" them. And will pay them millions of dollars to play a children's game on Sunday.

So God bless America, and that star spangled banner that waves over the land of the free and the home of the brave.


  1. You are a Good man Still Safe at Home and I agree with every word you have spoken. God Bless.

  2. Liberty, or administrative tyranny?

    "Pension Ponzi Bailout: Democrats Sponsor US Treasury Bailout Scheme"

    Sen Sherrod Brown and Rep Tim Ryan, both Ohio dems, are co-sponsors of "Multiemployer Loan Program Administration" and would create a new treaaury dept office called the Pension Rehab Administration."

    Yet another step along the path to economic enslavement of the American taxpayers courtesy the ruling elite...and maybe this is why the turtlehead and his coterie don't want to let people claim a deduction for state and local taxes, go to a simple form or get rid of the IRS...
    How much time do we have to get our act together before they start in just handing out weekly reports? "This is what you earned. This is what we've put in your lockbox...please keep this record in a safe place."

    Ponzi story at Zero Hedge.

  3. over the weekend, being at the Overland Station for the Veteran's Day Ceremony there - every time I hear the Armed Forces Medley played and to see the Veterans stand at attention when their military branch song is played is quite moving.

    Thank you for your blog Safe. Hugs.

  4. Just out on the Washington Times website:
    GOP lawmakers tell Sessions to probe Clinton-Comey or resign

    Looks like things are going to get a little more uncomfortable for you know who(s).

  5. The left's hair on fire again after Trump saying he believed Vlad when he said he didn't mess with the election...Rush points out to them that, "after all, didnt Obama tell him to cut it out"...?

    Also Roy Moore...wasn't it Clintons who told us that Monica was "not sex" and that all those bimbos Hillary tried to destroy was "only sex"? And pay no mind to Willie's numerous excursions on the Lolita Express with elites from everywhere including the Weinstein big deal...etc etc...

    The left hates getting those fingers pointing back on them.
    And we wonder how things have gotten so bad with the cultural climate in this country?

  6. Would appear as though the urinal has a sale on toilet wine this morning...

  7. I got forwarded a powerful op/ed piece today that I found apalling.
    I think you folks should read it.

    I choose not to take this "black man's" path.

    I grew up on the east side of topeka, from places I find scary today. I was lucky enough to have an outlet that led me to outdoor experiences and other skills (hunting, fishing, etc...)that many turned their back on. And yes, I faced ridicule for it.

    So today, I am a father. Everyday, having to teach my own boys about "life's lessons". I choose not to impress upon them the negative impacts "blacks" have left on me. The crime, drugs, violence, etc... According to the writer, I should hold grievances towards an entire race of people. Because I too, want the best for my kids.

    Never in my life would I think I would read a complete and total race reversal ideal, completely supported by a major newspaper.
    This man is the "complete" example as to what is wrong with race in America.

    I refuse to let racism, nor any president determine how I impact the people around me. And let me tell ya, Obama could certainly make me question some things if I were to use this writer's distorted logic. Especially when it came to other black Americans or black Kenyans for that matter.

    My children know the value of another person's heart, intentions, and most importantly their actions. That's what a father is supposed to teach. Not a distrust or hate toward others based on a president.

    This type of thinking is what created Nazis.
    And it's despicable to think someone out there is teaching their children racial distrust.
    And that's coming from me, who has all the same reasons to detest blacks from my own experiences, not a president.

    A certain percentage of humans are garbage. It has nothing to do with skin color. I learned that and I don't have a PhD.
    My kids will be taught that.
    Not what some schmuck at the NYT believes.
    My kids won't hate, his will.
    I'm white, and he's black.
    MLK would be proud.....

  8. Hammer, I'm much older than you, raised among Jim Crow racism in a so-called God-loving environment. And ran into trouble by daring to question how, if He says we're all equal in His eyes then why do you (family) tell me blacks must "know their place", "should not try to act white (uppity) " and all the rest of it? I will leave off the ugly epithets I heard all the time...and my questioning got me labeled and threatened with being disowned if I dared think of dating or marrying anyone not "white and right." When I left home I vowed not to fall prey to that blind hatred with my own kids and I didn't. Even to telling some of my relatives to leave my home if I heard them talking that crap around my boys. My kids got it at times; it does exist and I've had my share of it from blacks some point we all have if we're honest. But I stand firm in refusing to see color and my children the same, regardless what people may say to them. It's a God thing; He does not make inferior people based on race. If people want to race-bait and trash their lives in other ways, laying blame, etc then I want no part of it and I tell them so if they get all up in my face with their hate.
    As MLK said so well, it is character, not color.

  9. And yes, I read that editorial. That writer is clueless, doesn't realize that he's planting bad seeds in his kids' minds and it's not gonna help a damn thing in matters of race...mistrust is fear. Not a good thing for a child to get brainwashed like that...imho.

  10. Most excellent thoughts Safe.

    The thing is, they're never going to let up.

    And neither can we.

    It's that simple...

  11. The establishment republicans have taken their masks off.

    Just look at what they're trying to do to Judge Roy Moore in Alabama.

    This simply cannot stand...

  12. We might as well shut the Government down, if we allow what is happening to Moore, that only means they have a new way of shutting the people up. out with the Race card and in with the Sex card. True or not they will use that card.

  13. Welcome to the New Amerika. Guilty, until proven innocent.

    He may well be guilty...but we, or they, have absolutely no idea.

    And to think Google, Facebook, Twitter and all those are gathering and storing everything we do, and are worming their way into government (and vice-versa), soon...they'll have some kind of dirt to manipulate and twist out of context to take down ANYBODY of whom disagrees with their globalist-commie ideology.

  14. The new godless democrat justice system.

    Guilty until proven innocent, if you are Donald Trump, or Roy Moore. Must be destroyed at any cost.

    Innocent even after proven guilty, if you are hillary or bill Clinton, or teddy kennedy, or eric holder, or barak hussein Obama.

    When you hate God and all he stands for, and you serve Satan and his dominion, you lack any moral center. Truth is a fluid ever evolving thing, always adjustable to the situation. There is no guilt for anything because you have no moral guidelines. Anything goes if it advances your cause.

    That's who these people are. It's like fighting shadows. Now you see them, now you don't.

  15. Clueless...totally and utterly clueless. Beck just held up a jacket covered with slogans, symbols etc based on antifa crap that sells for 400 bucks at Barneys in NYC. Slogan on back of coller: NWO...


  16. The Republicans calling on Roy Moore to withdraw are traitors to their country. That is not how the American justice system works.

    I don't know if he did these things or not. None of us do. There are too many discrepancies in these accusations to now create some doubt, unless you are needing them to force a candidate out of a race so the other party wins by default.

    I am very suspicious of the accusers. The presence of Gloria Alred alone causes me grave doubt.

    If this happens, if Roy Moore is force to withdraw, or loses this race because of cowardly Repubicans withdrawing support, then the godless left has just been handed a Senate seat and a path to victory on every race in the future.

    All they have to do is find people to make unprovable accusations from 30, 40 years ago and they win.

    Funny isn't it, that when credible accusers came forward against pantless bill clinton the same people went to work to defend him and attack his accusers. A whole political machine was created to destroy his accusers. Run by his wife, hillary clinton. But suddenly it's all changed.

    These people are evil liars. When they speak, they speak their fathers native language, lies. Their father being Satan. That's what Jesus warned us about anyway.

  17. And keep in mind that if the godless democrats and RINOs succeed in beating Roy Moore down with this tactic, it will only get worse. History shows every time the left invents a new tactic it escalates and grows and gets more odious as time goes on. Today it's unproven accusations of sexual misconduct from forty years ago. In a year it will be even worse. Go back fifty, sixty years.

    These things grow like cancer and then consume even the people who created them.

    Read the book 1984. It's a guidebook for the godless left. Groupthink. Thought crimes. Newspeak. It's happening every day now. It's real.

  18. Jeff Sessions in response to dem badgering about whether or not a president can legally pardon people (Manafort, Trump jr, Papadapoulos etc) prior to any charges being filed...
    Sessions tried to tactfully point out that he'd have to do a little research on that. Finally when able to answer after more badgering, he said this:
    "An attorney general should not give legal opinions flying from the seat of his pants."
    The chair then banged the gavel...

  19. The badgering continues...frustrated dems trying their damndest to make him look like a Clintonesque lapdog and it's not working.
    Trying desperately with the russian bullcrap.

  20. SSAH, I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Very well written. Thank you!

  21. Gohmert interviewed on fox just now...had info on a document sealed and signed off on by Rosenstein and Mueller. Intent was to seal any info on that uranium deal in order to withhold it from any investigation...this just broke so forgive my awkward wording. Gist of it indicates coverup if I heard Gohmert correctly. Said both need to be removed from investigation.

  22. Well like Trump said Its a SWAMP The whole bunch needs to be looked at. The libs are trying to cover up for the Clintons and Obamma and the Rino's are trying to cover their own ass's And the poor ole citizen is looking for cheaper prices on Vaseline

  23. BREAKING: Five Dead After Elementary School Shooting in Northern California, Today

    1. Sorry...

  24. Gohmert just now introduced a copy of that request to seal those records signed by Rosenstein and entered into record. When asked by Gohmert if he was aware of that doc when he recused himself Sessions said "No."

  25. I love Louie Gohmert. He just introduced a list of democrats who had meetings with Russian ambassadors including McKaskill who had previously denied such but evidence surfaced that she had in fact invited one to her home for dinner...
    Too, too funny.

  26. DOJ also advocating for investigating planned partshood's parts business and Clintons and uranium deal. Sessions very aware of all evidence and wants to open investigations.

    1. Cats do you know who has the power to seal records?

  27. Sarge that was fun..;) at the fed level this record sealing falls under civil administrative law. Known as ALJs or Article 1 judges referencing the Constitution. All fed agencies have such, and they generally enjoy absolute immunity on decisions they make and record sealing would be one. If the agency can convince them of a need to seal, they can. Given the cronyism rampant within the state dept I would bet they had a judge in their little coterie of cronies...appointed, not elected. Lots of room for corruption, given their immunity from liability. But...Gohmert was able to get that order to seal which tells me that the attorneys requesting it could be held to account.
    As to the ALJ info, if the Captain comes to the bunker and corrects. Anything here I will defer to him...I'm just an old lady who loves looking stuff up lol.

    Surprised fox is saying very little about that doc tonight...glad I listened to the hearing though.

    1. There was no doubt in my mine that was exactly what you would do. Thanks You had the fun and I learned something I really didn't know, I know that is hard to be-leave. Lol

    2. 😄 I learned too...had heard of such judges but had never really thought about their role or how they fit in.

  28. And who shows up on faux now? That worthless rino sellout, the doughboy Rove. Wish they'd roll his butt outta town for good. Cant stand that pos.

  29. Didja know that since 1997 Congress has had this secret stash of taxpayers' money , used to settle cases of sexual harassment brought by staffers employed by our esteemed senators and reps? Payouts to date are around 15.4 million...this revealed on Ingraham tonight. Grassley helped set this thing up, supposedly with good intent, but it has turned into another abuse. Reforms are being called for and one such is to stop taking advantage of taxpayers and force the perverts to pay out of their own damned pockets. Was also reported that rules connected with this thing tend to shame those who report abuse. Forced counseling, keep quiet, non-disclosure agreements...where have we heard that before?
    Disgusting and downright shameful. Both parties' politicians have had claims filed on them.
    I think the guilty parties need to be exposed. Will they be? I wouldn't hold my breath...

    1. And they should RESIGN Also. Bunch of two faced pricks.

  30. If they settled, they know who the scumbags are. Get the records, redact the victims' names and staff positions, expose the perps...and send them a bill for the amount paid out in their case. Get our $15 million+ back. OUR $15 million+.

    1. Lets get this can of worms open, I for one am not Happy paying for a Private Government sex club.

      Come On Mr President lets drain this swamp!!

  31. Safe write up something good on this Sex club Congress has and I will post it on face book, if you got time. Sarge.

  32. "How Congress Plays By Different Rules on Harassment and Sexual Misconduct"...wapo, 26 oct 2017

    Several sites have this stositesIf Laura Ingraham has a facebook it may be there as well.

    1. I would like to see all their special perk's, this sex fund has to go!

  33. Oops...not enough coffee..."stositif" is my version of "kovfefe"
    Should be "story".

  34. well so much for buying Papa John's pizzas.....

    Back on November 1, the Washington Times published:
    "Papa John’s blames pizza sales slump on NFL protests"

    Now Papa John's is apologizing!

    "Papa John’s apologizes for criticizing NFL anthem protests"

    Hasta La Vista Papa John' longer a patron of your product!

    1. Sounds fair to me Rikki, damn I am saving lots of money on these's protest.

  35. The best kind of pizza... homemade

    that way you can put on what you want

    me, I like supreme.... sausage, pepperoni, sliced mushrooms, sliced black olives, diced bell peppers (red, yellow, and green), diced red onion, lots of the shredded mozerrella..... baked on a regular crust....

  36. I have developed this awful habit of stopping at the Burlingame Casey's for a slice of their pizza on my way home from errands in the city...usually always fresh and consistently good. Love that melted mozzarella!

  37. (giggles)

    My hubby says the same thing about the Casey's on E. 6th street & Rice Road

    1. I like the ones in Concordia and Blue Rapids. And Concordia has full time pizza kitchen and sandwich shop.

  38. Only place I eat pizza out is LaRocca's. Best in town in my opinion.

    Otherwise we may get a Papa Murphys and take it home and bake it. Hardly ever eat pizza though so it doesn't really count.

    Sure seems like businesses are getting hammered for standing up for America. Shame to see them back down and surrender to the commies.

    1. At your suggestion, Safe, I did get LaRocca's. Excellent pizza, but from my location it's actually less of a pain to go to Manhattan than those far west side places. The pizza was certainly up there with Glory Days. And since I found out Glory Days makes not so good pizza for the schoolkids, I'd have to say LaRocca's makes consistently great pizza.

  39. Reported via Rush...prior to 1992 Judge Moore was a democrat. Also reported at the Hill...personally my jury is still out on this. I just fount that little factoid quite interesting.

    1. Cats, I also think Moore probably did something untoward back then. My problem with him revolves around his primacy of "biblical law" or rather, his interpretation of same over the Constitution. I may not care for how some of the latter gets interpreted by higher courts, but that is the LAW. If an officer of the court cannot carry that oath out, then he/she should resign.

      This was why I was for Sen. Strange for re-election. Even if he probably is a little too fond of McConnell's and Trump's backsides. Other than that predilection, what was the problem with Strange's voting record? The problem with Moore's behavior is that wack-doodles do wack-doodle things. The press, naturally, held off until Moore cannot be replaced on the ballot (although they could say they're following Kansas' example of 3 years ago and change candidates, anyway).

      If the Republicans lose the seat, their margin in the Senate will be halved. That is nothing compared to what losing the House next year would entail. Impeachment articles are a foregone conclusion then. Those of you who think regular Republicans are the enemy should ponder some ramifications a little more thoroughly.

      When both Trump and Moore were allegedly misbehaving, they were Dems. Correlation or Causation? You pick.

    2. Still watching this one play out...I was a Mo Brooks fan in that race.
      As to midterms 2018, the whole sorry bunch might be shown the exits. If commentary on major websites is any indicator there are a lot of pissed off voters out there.

    3. You have to read the lefty sites, too. I'm too lazy and prone to gagging to do so myself, but that's why I've got a lot of FaceBook friends (from college days and contractor days) who do so and I get the drift of things from their conversations.

      Historically, the party holding the presidency takes a beating during the off year elections. There isn't that much of a margin for error here - if the historical norm holds, the Dems get the House. And that's without figuring in Trump's popularity as under 40%. Yes, he could change the paradigm, but that is looking less and less likely.

      Historical predilections are important. Remember on cj when I was telling people the Harridan was running against a strong headwind? That election was the Republicans to lose. The last times a party won the White House 3 times in a row are 1988 and 1940. They had failed to do so in 2008, 2000, 1974, 1968 and 1960. Those are daunting odds. So are the ones the GOP is facing in a year.

    4. I can't disagree, fact I am thinking that by 2020 the entire face of both major parties may have changed. Right now the dems are following the socialist mantra more and more and repubs are floundering around in a Rovian tank full of swamp water. Some are retiring at the end of their terms. Changes definitely in the air...I read some leftist ctap but like you I cant stomach much of it. There are a few I will listen to, but damn few.

  40. Well keep your eye on Joe Biden, there is plenty out there that would make Moore look like a Saint, be prepared he would never run for president.

  41. Chelsea & Bill Clinton were in a mall when she was little
    BILL, being a country boy, had never seen an elevator & was amazed
    While watching, an old ugly lady got on & disappeared
    When the doors opened a 25 year old blond came out

    Bill said, "Quick Chelsea, go get your Mother"

  42. Now for some 3-card monte lessons rino style..ciurtesy Rush:
    They want to repeal the obamacare mandate as part of their so-called tax plan...ok...
    But last month Trump stopped the subsidies funded by we the taxpayers but left the mandate...hmmm...
    So now we have something called the Alexander-Murray proposal positioned alongside the tax plan...what's that?

    That, my fella murricans, puts those taxpayer funded payouts back in for the insurance companies...
    But no mandate...
    All still subject to revision.

    Saw a picture of Paulie and the Turtlehead on the Blaze site this morning...No wonder Paulie looked as though he'd been on a drunk last night and the Turtle looked as though he'd messed in his Depends.

  43. Former Vice President Joe Biden is so infamous for being a creep that there are multiple youtube compilations of his rather “awkward” moments while on camera. These videos sport titles such as “Creepy Joe Biden’s Greatest Hits”.

    When it comes to having the appropriate credibility to make these accusations I would put Joe Biden in the same category as Harvey Weinstein, right alongside Bill Clinton.

    Now a former Secret Service agent for Biden has come forward to claim that they often had to protect women from Biden.


    "Liberals finally hold Bill Clinton accountable for sexual misconduct"

    just saw this on the Washington Times website....

    Too bad they didn't vote to have Bill Clinton removed from office after he was impeached.

  45. Hello my fellow Bunker friends looks like another pretty day out there today. My Cat just had to come in and wake me so I can watch her eat, Good Grief. Same thing every day.


  46. Subject: Choosing a Wife...

    A man wanted to get married. He was having trouble choosing among three likely candidates. He gives each woman a present of $5,000 and watches to see what they do with the money.

    The first does a total makeover. She goes to a fancy beauty salon, gets her hair done, new makeup; buys several new outfits and dresses up very nicely for the man. She tells him that she has done this to be more attractive for him because she loves him so much.

    The man was impressed.

    The second goes shopping to buy the man gifts. She gets him a new set of golf clubs, some new gizmos for his computer, and some expensive clothes. As she presents these gifts, she tells him that she has spent all the money on him because she loves him so much..

    Again, the man is impressed.

    The third invests the money in the stock market She earns several times the $5,000. She gives him back his $5,000 and reinvests the remainder in a joint account. She tells him that she wants to save for their future because she loves him so much.

    Obviously, the man was impressed.

    The man thought for a long time about what each woman had done with the money he'd given her.

    Then he married the one with the biggest Boobs.

    Men are like that, you know.

    And on another note.

    There is more money being spent on breast implants and Viagra today than on Alzheimer's research. This means that by 2040, there should be a large elderly population with perky boobs and huge erections and absolutely no recollection of what to do with them. Just Saying...


  47. Let’s take a brief trip down Memory Lane.

    Bill Clinton viciously raped and bloodied Juanita Broaddrick, a volunteer on his campaign, in his hotel room as she tried desperately to fight him off.

    He sent Arkansas state troopers to fetch state employee Paula Jones to his hotel room, where he dropped his pants, pulled out his penis, and tried to make her fellate him.

    Under crushing debt with a suicidal husband, a desperate and destitute Kathleen Willey went to the Clinton White House to beg President Bill Clinton for a job. Willey has testified under oath that Clinton pulled her to him tightly, kissed her on her mouth, groped her breasts, rubbed his erect penis on her, and forced her hand to his crotch.

    This is the same Bill Clinton who had a years-long adulterous affair with porn model and nightclub singer Jennifer Flowers.

    And of course Clinton had repeated rounds of adulterous sex in the Oval Office with young intern Monica Lewinski: a girl who was half his age and under his immediate supervision and employ.

    What did Democrats say when all this immorality, this perversion, this chronic sexual predatory behavior was brought to light?

    “It just goes to show you what you get when you drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park.” That’s what his chief political strategist, James Carville said — as though that could explain away DNA on a certain blue dress.

    The always ill-informed Joy Behar (Queen of the Airheads on TV’s reality comedy show, “The View”) called Clinton’s victims “tramps” on live television.

  48. Part two of memory Lane!

    These pale in comparison to the opinion piece that “feminist” Gloria Steinem published in the New York Times. Steinem strongly urged all feminists to discount the allegations against Clinton and support him anyway, arguing that Clinton’s pattern of sexual assault wasn’t really all that bad: “Mr. Clinton seems to have made a clumsy sexual pass, then accepted rejection.” That was her feminist take on Clinton’s sexual assault of Ms. Willey. Unbelievable.

    Steinem argued that Bill Clinton’s support for liberals and his willingness to stand by feminists’ political causes even as he raped them made voting for him the right thing to do. Otherwise, she said, “we will disqualify energy and talent the country needs.”

    Even after Bill Clinton was disbarred as an attorney for having lied about his sexual predation under oath, most Democrats stood by him, uttering three short words: “It’s only sex.”

    Today the Left sings a different song, and RINO losers like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and John McCain are singing it with them.

    Today they say that a West Point graduate, a Vietnam veteran, a distinguished jurist, and a faithful husband of 33 years must abandon his candidacy for the United States Senate because the unfailingly liberal Washington Post claims that 40 years ago Moore liked to date younger women.

    So it’s okay for Bill Clinton to be a serial rapist because he votes the right way, and because otherwise “we will disqualify energy and talent the country needs.”

    But somehow Roy Moore must withdraw his candidacy because of very suspiciously timed, unsupported allegations that his taste ran toward younger women 40 years ago before he was married?

  49. We-e-ll, James, there IS the historical fact that "RINO losers" McConnell and McCain voted to remove Clinton from office. So it's sort of hard for me to see how they're somehow hypocritical. Seems like they're consistent to me.

    As I said supra, I don't really care what Moore did 40 years ago. I don't know how distinguished a jurist he is when he doesn't recognize the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. Here's the fundamental, at least to me: he's going to lose a seat we should never have had in jeopardy. He may be about to join Todd Akin, Christine O'Donnell and Richard Mourdock in the gallery of would-be GOP Senators done in by wacky behavior. (In fairness, Moore and O'Donnell were trapped by past behavior - the other two ran terrible campaigns, replete with their theories on rape and reproduction.)

    Of course, in Alabama you have to play the hand you're dealt and so you now pretty much have to hold your nose and vote for him anyway. Should never have happened.

    1. I am so glad to live in KS, and the bottom line is our Government is totally fucked up, We ether have one Constitution for all and all laws are for all people, we can't survive on two sets of laws. And when I vote for a conservative I expect that person to be one.

    2. Biden...ugh. Too many pervs in public office. Last night Laura Ingraham also called for that list of congressional sex fund payouts to be released.
      For we, the people it 's way past time to vet candidates as fully as we can prior to voting and stop placing priorities on empty promises, good speechifying and political party bagmen pushing them onto us.

  50. I always wonder how much effect Pantsless Bill Clinton had on today's epidemic of sexual crimes.

    Had Billy been brought to justice, and removed from office would that have sent a different signal to the rich and powerful? That they were not above justice?

    But instead, the democrat machine geared up and attacked the women who accused him, created a myth of a "vast right wing conspiracy" and did what the Clinton crime syndicate always does. Evade the law.

    So by getting away with it, the message was imbedded in our society that if you are wealthy, connected, important or most important a liberal you were free to abuse women.

    That's what happens when crime goes unpunished, especially a high profile one like Clinton's. It becomes acceptable.

    I would even go further to say it started before that. When Ted Kennedy murdered Mary Jo Kopechne by leaving her to drown in his Oldsmobile after he drunkenly drove off a bridge, swam to safety then walked home, changed his clothes and called his lawyer.

    That may be where Billy learned it. After all, the murderer ted kennedy went on to become the "liberal lion of the Senate" and was held in the highest esteem by the democrat party, despite having gotten away with murder.

    Side note: No Child Left Behind was ted Kennedy's bill. His idea. George Bush stupidly supported it in a show of partisanship. Then when it turned out to be a debacle, like most all liberal ideas, they blamed Bush. To this day they blame it on Bush. Which shows why you never support liberal ideas. They will fail and you will get the blame.

  51. And unfortunately the Captain is correct. We are going to lose the Alabama Senate seat and we should own it. It's a needless loss.

    I like Roy Moore. But I have a gut feeling the DC insiders, and President Trump knew there was dirt to be found here, and tried to save the seat.

    Is Roy Moore innocent. Maybe. It's impossible to know. But the democrats have figured out how to fight this dirty fight. The Kenyan won his congressional seats the same way. Dirty politics. They beat Herman Cain the same way. They tried to beat Donald Trump the same way. It works.

    So do we stand on principle and fight a losing fight? Or do we keep the slim margin in the Senate? Tough call.

    We are at the disadvantage because we don't fight that way. We don't invent scandals. We don't hire bimbos to come forward with stories that can't be proven or disproven. We still believe in the American Electoral process. And we think the real scandals should be enough. But apparently in todays internet driven, 30 second attention span world filled with voters who are uneducated, indoctrinated, brain washed and generally to lazy to research any idea before making a decision, that's how it works. Sad.

  52. Agree, Safe. The whole "is" thing was a big part of the Clinton business. Lewinsky was a naive young girl and they pretty much destroyed her and made her a laughingstock.

  53. You know it is bad when the President can't take a drink of water if he so desires to. Media having a fit over it.

  54. In the original Constitution, senators were chosen for the fed level by the various state legislatures. Progressives were successful in changing that to what we have today. Sometimes I think the old way was kept things at the state level and people had opportunity at more of a local level to advocate their state reps for a suitable candidate.
    Now...political campaigns are huge money and their cronies swoop down on these states with their in Alabama. This election is up to Alabamians to decide who they send and what to do about Moore.
    Not the RNC or their senatorial committee, McConnell etc.

  55. So Al Franken Dem is in the hot seat for attempting to grope a gals Boobs while she slept on a plane they both were traveling on, of course he said it was a Joke, The picture shows that he wanted too..

    1. He's pond scum for sure. But any one want to bet on what happens/ No doubt he will be held up as just a joker. Whats good for us isnt good enough for them. Well we all know how it will come out. Like to see all those names made public and forced to pay back the money used to but their accusers off or settle out of court. Clinton and the libs started this type of behavior and it has spread to every inch of this country.

    2. Well well well, what have we here?

      It appears that a prominent Democrat – emphasis on Democrat – has been accused of groping a female without her consent.

      Senator Al Franken has been accused of harassing a member of the USO Tour group. Her harrowing account of Franken’s perverted behavior was shared on 790 KABC. It has to be read to be believed.

  56. Cats, the founders vision of the country was that it was a United States, the federal government was run by the several states.

    The state legislature choosing the federal Senator was intentional. That would keep the Senators from each state beholden to their state and always keeping the state run government effective.

    The advocates of big government destroyed that idea with the election of Senators who served the federal government at the cost of putting federal power over the states power.

    That's why every state has two Senators. So each state has an equal voice in the federal government. Or did, until they took it away.

  57. Probably not get that amendment undone though...the more I think about it, the more I'm thinking it should be undone. Return to the original intent of the Founders.

  58. Al Franken...eeeyyyyeeetttcchhh!! That guy has always creeped me out. Cant imagine being in a room with him and not having to barf.

  59. Too, too funny...back in the long long ago, when the dems were aiding and abetting the Clinton Crime Commission, betcha they had no idea of this boomerang...
    My, my...what's a democrat to do?

    And...repubs had best not be getting all smug and pun intended...

    Because, if the Weinstein Effect continues and especially if the powers that be expose that sex slush fund's details to the public (our money funded the settlements)...
    Right now only the shadow knows whose names are on that list but that could change at the drop of a dime.

  60. Well the House passed the tax bill, Now it is up to you guessed it the Senate.

  61. Those bastards would rather set this country on fire than work with Trump...

  62. Kevin, that's why we need Republicans in the Senate. I know you'd rather have Moore, but do you really think such as Jones are better than Strange? And sure, as I already said, I realize Strange loved to kiss McConnell's & Trump's backsides. That notwithstanding, he's better than ANY Dem right now with the possible (and only possible) exception of Manchin.

  63. Ken there isn't many in the Senate any better than a Dem, they are Joined front to Back. Just Saying..

  64. I was thinking more along the lines of McCain, Corker and the rest of the Never Trump faction...

  65. And it's very possible we'll lose the Senate.

    But I'm not so sure it'll make any difference anyway.

    At least it'd make sense.

    We'd have the insane democrats blocking everything that comes along instead of a bunch of gutless republicans...

  66. "The Pedophile Conspiracy Against Judge Roy Moore" is the title of a Lame Cherry blog, dealing with Bev Nelson and that quote of hers about Moore locking the car door so she couldnt get out...
    Bull fricking crap. That allegedly happened in the 70s, right? When both trucks and cars had those old button locks that you had to push down if you were sitting inside the car...and merely lift or pull on the inside door handle to pop the lock to...UNLOCK!!!

    Plus she has the white female version of Al Sharpton (Allred) as her attorney...
    Two different quotes attributed to Nelson; one says car, one says truck...the blog shows what looks like an El Camino...
    And another blog on same site analyzes the yearbook signatures.

    But it's those door locks on cars of that era...
    All Nelson had to do was pull on the door handle to free herself.

    I'm leaving this to Alabama voters but seeing that column made me happy to be old with a somewhat decent bit of memory remaining...

    1. In the blog: quotes are in blue to link to supporting docs...

  67. Am still in the Brooks camp but he's not been mentioned in all of no traction, I think, because he couldn't beat the McConnell bag men backing Luther or, more to the point, was not going to kiss the Turtlehead's azz.

    1. Cats good points on those door locks in the 70"s plus the seats are wider back than, push and out the door she could go.

  68. Public Notice I am sure many out here know someone that works at Payless, today many lost their jobs today, the family member of mine did not , but told us that was the hardest thing to watch he had a box ready because no one had a advance notice, Our heart here go out to them and pray they are all okay. I haven't seen my Son tear up in years. Telling us about seeing it happening and thinking he might be next..

  69. Well the are already giving Franken a pass. Even the Repb.'s are letting him off. He made two attempts at a apology and the lady accepted them. So she accepted the apology and its not the same as ole Roy in Al. Here they have a picture and proof of him from real life women and ole Roy has no proof so he must be held to a different standard. So some one tell me why I just dont get all this. Not saying Ole Roy isn't guilty but why does the Libtard Franken get a pass when they have him admitting it and proof. Looks like the Rino's are really showing the bias. It would really be great if he could show that its all a sham and kick those rino's butts but doesnt look like even if he didnt do anything its going to help him out. Being stabbed from the front and the rear is hard to overcome.



    Oh...yeah. OK.

    Seriously, that low-life, unfunny, twisted bastard S.O.B. really should be tarred and feathered, then run out on a rail. And, THAT'S just for being himself! For the disrespectful, PROVEN actions, he deserves much worse.

  71. Sarge, sorry to hear about payless and your son's situation. Layoffs stink any time but especially this time of year. Am praying for them...been down that layoff road and it stinks.

  72. Another woman comes out against Franken...and any rinos covering for him only makes me wonder what they might hope stays hidden...

    1. Thanks Cats, my son was sad and hurt to see people he works with walked out the doors.

      And I bet there are a bunch of Congress people shitting their pants right now.

  73. Good Morning Folks. Well I am going to read the damn paper and see who molested whom last night, Good Grief.

  74. Better pour a big cup of coffee for the task.

    It's liable to be a pretty long list...

  75. Good Morning,

    Early this morning when hubby got up to get ready for work, I caught some of the news. I have to commend Senator Orrin Hatch on how he shut down Senator Brown during the GOP tax reform debate.

    Here's the link and article:

    Shouting match erupts in Senate over GOP tax plan

    A shouting match erupted in the Senate Finance hearing over the Republican tax overhaul, with Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown and Utah Republican Orrin Hatch arguing Thursday night over who benefits from the GOP plan.

    At the heart of the argument is new analysis by congressional number crunchers that finds this plan cuts taxes at first but by 2027 actually raises taxes for anyone making less than $75,000.

    "When the Republicans are in power, the first thing they want to do is give tax cuts to the rich. That's just what's -- it's in their DNA," Brown said.

    Brown's attack on the new Republican tax plan got under the skin of chairman Hatch.

    "I've been here working my whole stinking career for people who don't have a chance. And I really resent anybody saying that I'm just doing this for the rich. Give me a break," Hatch said. "I think you guys overplay that all the time and it gets old. And frankly you ought to quit it."

    "Mr. Chairman, the public believes it," Brown said.
    "I'm not through. I get kind of sick and tired of it," Hatch said.
    The heated exchange came after Republicans successfully voted to move the bill to the Senate floor. Hatch took Brown's charges personally.

    "What you said was not right! That's all I'm saying," Hatch said. "Now I come from the lower middle class originally. We didn't have anything. So don't spew that stuff on me. I get a little tired of that crap! … I like you personally very much. But I'm telling you this bullcrap that you guys throw out here really gets old after a while. And then to do it right at the end of this is just not right."

    Democrats say Republicans are rushing the bill through Congress. They're also upset that the plan eliminates Obamacare's individual mandate, cuts the corporate tax rate to 20 percent, and eliminates Americans' ability to deduct state and local taxes.

    House Republicans passed their version of a $1.5 trillion tax bill Thursday, and Senate Republicans are hoping to hold a vote on Hatch's plan after Thanksgiving. They insist these tax hikes won't actually happen because Congress will simply renew some of the plans temporary tax provisions.

  76. New blog up. Pretty pathetic excuse of a blog, but there it is. That's all I got today, so I went with it.