Friday, August 31, 2018

It's Friday. And our President is still Making America Great

I don't really have much to say today. I haven't been following the news too close. Frankly, I got really tired of hearing about John McCain and that's all they seem to want to talk about. I think the whole story got a little more coverage than it warranted. He died. He was a soldier. He served his county. Then he became a Senator. Then he was an attention hog and served his own drive to be famous. In the end, he put his desire for revenge against everybody he perceived as opposed to him ahead of his country. He actually made a list ahead of time of people who wouldn't be allowed to watch him get dirt thrown in his face. A sad end to a man who could have done much more for his country.

But anyway, it's Friday. Friday doesn't mean much to me these days, not like it used to. Takes some getting used to.

I really haven't been watching the news and keeping track of politics. Other stuff to do. But I know our President is doing what he promised. The economy is growing like it never has. Jobs, wages up, new investments. Businesses prospering. The GDP on a tear. The market going nuts. And what do the democrat/communists want to do in response? Make it all stop. Raise taxes. Give away more money. Let in every illegal alien that wants in. Let criminals out of jail. Hound and harass our President to stop him from doing his job. Pretty typical of the democrat/communist party. Apparently they think that's the strategy to win the mid terms. I guess we'll see.

They believe there are more freeloader mooches out there who will vote to keep the gravy train running than people like us who like seeing this country finally getting back on track. I guess we'll know in a couple of months. I'm thinking people are seeing the effects of what our President has done, and they like it. More money in their pocket. More job security. Unemployed friends and relatives going back to work. Hard to imagine people voting to stop all that. Except the growing communist population in this country, of course.

I don't have much to say today. Up early, going to head out for our usual day hitting sales to stock up our booths. That's my job now, I guess. It's fun so it's not really work. Sure better than dragging into the government job sitting at a cubicle all day doing the bidding of people whose job it is to spend every penny of the taxpayers money they can get their hands on. Way better than that.

So happy Friday. Don't let the bastards get you down.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

This retirement gig is harder than I thought.

I've been retired for almost a month now. I waited years for this and now it's here. And it's not quite what I expected, I have to say. There are some things I didn't think about.

For instance. It's Labor Day weekend coming up, right? Well, I don't get the day off. All the rest of you get a day off. But me and Sarge don't ever get a day off anymore. Kind of a ripoff if you ask me.

And I thought I'd be sleeping in every day. For all those years when the alarm clock went off I cussed it and said "someday I won't have to listen to that terrible sound. I can sleep all I want". So what do I do? I get up at 5:00 or sometimes even earlier. Nothing to do. I just don't feel like sleeping now that I can. That's pretty confusing.

And I'm eating breakfast. I'm not just grabbing a couple hard boiled eggs and gobbling them down. I'm fixing breakfast. That just takes a lot of work. Cooking eggs, sausage. Making coffee in my French Press everyday instead of having my coffee maker set with the timer to have it ready to grab and go. It's exhausting sometimes, but it's what us retired folks do I guess.

And this business of not planning things. I always had to plan things to work around my schedule. Now I just do things when I want. No hurry. No rushing to get things done because there's only so much time. That's just hard to get used to. I'm pretty impatient by nature and that's a hard thing to overcome. No more need for being impatient because I have all the time in the world. It's hard to adjust to.

And going places during the day when everybody else is working. That's just weird. Where the hell is everybody? Oh right. They're at work.

And the damn TV. I'm hooked on Netflix now. I hardly ever watched it before. Now I am binge watching all these dumb Netflix series. I never had two or three hours to waste watching TV. Now I don't even feel guilty. And that's just not right.

We're going to California for my Grandson's fourth birthday next week. We're staying almost two weeks. We've never stayed more than 4 or 5 days. I don't know what to think about that. Don't have to get back to work. Don't have to worry about what will be waiting for me when I get back to work. Sure, that sounds great, but it's not as easy to adjust to as you might think.

And then there's the reality that my working friends hate me now. Sure they all say "congratulations" and all that. But in their little hearts they hate me. I know.

So this whole thing isn't as easy as it sounds. You can feel sorry for me, it's OK. I'm struggling through it. It's hard, but I think I'll survive it.

I am opening a booth at the Owls Nest in September. I think I'll call it Pops Tool Crib. It going to be tools tools tools. And other man stuff. There's a market for it. My wife discovered I own three of every tool known to man and decided I could pare down some. I don't see the problem with that. Doesn't everybody own at least two miter saws? And three paint and finishing sprayers?

So stop by the old Owls Nest on Topeka Blvd and buy my stuff so I can go buy more. I've got lots of time now to shop for more tools. So help a brother out, OK?

See you later. Going to garage sales now. Another thing you can't do when you work. And that might have been for the best.

Monday, August 27, 2018

No news Monday.

I know there's plenty of news out there. I'm just getting a little tired of it all. Just taking a day off from the constant barrage of godless leftist attacks.

Let's talk about something else. How about music? I know most of the readers of America's Blog are music lovers. So, what do you listen to your music on?

I know Rikki said she still has a turntable. Sarge has a reel to reel. Old school style. Great ways to listen.

Myself, I finally put together a stereo. I'm a big estate sale guy, go to all of them. It's our business so it's kind of my job. But I also get stuff for me. I found a great speaker system. Old eighties stuff. Real high end in it's day, along with a Pioneer amp/receiver that has a ton of power. This stuff was expensive in it's day, now you can buy it pretty cheap. Picked up a turntable and I'm in business. I can listen to all those LPs I have stored away. And I'm picking up more vinyl at sales.

I like listening to music on vinyl. Maybe it's just reliving my youth. Maybe the sound is actually better. I don't know. It just feels good.

And yes, I still have music on my iPhone. I'm not a Luddite all of a sudden. And I have CDs. But playing vinyl just feels good to me. And listening on nice speakers with a powerhouse amp driving them definitely sounds better than any of the bluetooth little highly engineered speakers I have.

Vinyl is coming back, but fewer people like the old stereo equipment so it's affordable. But it's not digital or bluetooth compatible or whatever. And I'm fine with that.

I saw a reel to reel at a sale the other day and I almost bought it but you can't buy reel tapes anymore like you could. But that's a pretty purist way to listen as well.

So anybody else? Any thoughts before we dive back into all the terrible stuff going on? I know we'll be back to politics before the days over but I thought I'd just take a little one blog break just for me at least.

As always, we're not a blog that forces anybody to stay on any topic. We're a conservative blog which means we let anybody have their say, unlike the other side who gives you two choices, agree or shut up. So have at it friends.

Happy Monday. Feels like Saturday to me!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Beef and Boodle Friday...

Sorry Rose, I just couldn't help myself.

Anyone interested in taking a break from politics?

I know I am.

I came across a story on Facebook the other day that just cracked me up.

The article never does get around to naming the man involved so I've decided to name him "Tom."

I'm not going to go on and on about it other than to say this husband and wife deserved each other.

"A 52-year old man in Salina, Kansas was taken by surprise after a prostitute he hired through a website turned out to be his own wife of the past 19 years.
The man had been using the site for some months to hire prostitutes and meet them for sex at motels in neighboring areas. Last weekend, the man told his wife he was going out drinking with work colleagues, when in reality he was travelling to a motel on the outskirts of town.
Upon checking into the motel the man used his phone to access his regular website used to book prostitutes. According to a statement he made to authorities, he saw the profile of a new “27-year old” woman who caught his attention.
The photo only showed the woman from her neck down, but the man said he liked her body so he sent her a message to see if she was free later that night. She said she was, and they arranged for a liaison at the motel.
Guests in adjoining rooms called the front desk to report a disturbance at around 8 pm after the woman arrived and found that her client was none other than her husband of the last 19 years.
It emerged that the prostitute was actually the man’s 43-year old wife. She was furious to learn her husband had been hiring sex workers, although he was equally angry to learn his wife had been freelancing as a prostitute."
Good grief.
Anyway, you guys enjoy your weekend.
Stay safe and like always be well...
Oh yeah, here's a video I've selected for you viewing pleasure.
Kevin McGinty

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Let the feeding frenzy begin...

Oh, they got him now!

With yesterday's conviction of Paul Manafort and Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen the left-wing loons are once again all giddy about the prospects of finally taking down the President of The United States.

Impeach him, they're screeching!

We got him now, hang him, they're demanding!

Evidently, they're all overlooking the fact that the tax laws Paul Manafort was convicted for violating had absolutely nothing to do with Trump let alone the bullshit Russia investigation.

But hey, he was connected to Trump 10 or 12 years after the fact and that's good enough for them.

Hang him!

And as far as anything Trump's former lawyer goes, well, screw him. 

First off, by secretly recording private and confidential conversations with his client he's already proven he's a piece of shit. So there's that.

Secondly, because he's facing prison time and Mueller holds all the cards he's suddenly more than willing to make any claim he's told to make.

So go ahead, you pieces of shit.

Start your impeachment proceedings.

Do it!

We'll see how far it gets you.

In the meantime President Trump will go about the business of looking out for and defending the American people.

You deranged haters can just keep on attacking our president all you want.

Go ahead and defend illegals wanted for murder over the safety of the American people.

Go ahead and side with former Nazi guards over the American people.

You bitched and cried over families being separated at the border yet you ignore the latest illegal who permanently separated a young girl in Iowa from her family by brutally murdering her and hiding her body in a corn field.

Just always remember one thing.

There's a civil war going on in this country.

It's getting worse by the day.

And you started it.

You impeach our president and you'll create a divide in this country that'll never be put back together.

To borrow a phrase from Anonymous.

We are legion.

We do not forget.

We do not forgive.

Expect us.

The only difference is that we're not anonymous.

We're tens of millions strong.

We're straight up in your face.

And we're defying your every move.

How you proceed from here is up to you.

Your move.

I suggest you choose wisely...

Kevin McGinty

Sunday, August 19, 2018

A little of this and some more of that...

Here we go again boys and girls.

I've had two weeks to get my thoughts in order.

Two weeks!

And now that it's go time I'm coming up empty.

So, I'm going to use a few photos and a video to tell the story that for some reason I'm unable to come up with the words for.



Any questions?

Kevin McGinty

Friday, August 17, 2018

Just how deep does this commie apparatus run, anyway?

So by now we've all seen the godless commies defending John Brennan. Our President rightfully, using his executive power, took Brennan's top secret clearance away. Brennan is a known communist supporter, self admitted. He was appointed to head the CIA by our last President, a known Marxist. Brennan is now a pundit for a TV network, one that is known to hate America and our President with a deep and irrational hatred never seen in this country until the President was elected.

Brennan played a part in creating a fake scandal to try to derail candidate Trump, and to try to overturn the election. He leaked information. He disseminated fake information. He fed information to his handlers and to sources inside the communist apparatus. All fake. All intended to destroy our President.

Maybe to the mind of the godless left that's all just great and justified and they're all proud of him. But in our America sedition doesn't get rewarded with access to top secret classified information.

The left is trying every angle they can invent to leverage this situation for some kind of phony political advantage. "Free speech" they shout. Trump is suppressing Brennan's free speech. Bullshit. That's so stupid it doesn't even need to be explained how stupid it is. "Dictator" they screech. Bullshit. If our President was trying to be a dictator these seditious commie bastards would have know long before now.

No, what we have is a rebellion against the Union. This is the second time the democrat/communists have tried this. The first time ended in a civil war. This time they are using their media accomplices and depending on the general ignorance of the American people to buy their lies. And it's not working. They are getting more desperate by the day.

Brennan was just a commie plant in the government who got exposed. And just like when they got caught in years past, they are wrapping him in the flag trying to sell him as some kind of super patriot above reproach. But what he is, is just another seditious commie trying to undermine our government and create chaos.

This whole episode is just a glaring example of what these people are up to. And America is seeing it.

This whole bunch should have lost their security clearances. And been fired. And been prosecuted for treason. And be in Leavenworth.

We're winning my friends. Our President is draining the swamp, as promised. And the left is getting more and more desperate.

Our friend Sarge said it on the last blog. When they lose the midterms, when we gain House and Senate seats look for all hell to break loose. If you think it's bad now, just wait. You won't believe how far these traitorous commies will go. But we have a President who is dismantling their operation a little at a time. And the American people are seeing them for who and what they are. And we are gaining a little every day.

So let's just keep it up.

Make America Great Again.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

So what's up with this FBI seditionist getting all this money donated to him anyway?

You really have to wonder, don't you? I know everybody is noticing the left is funneling money to Peter Strzok through a Gofund me page, which is the new source used to funnel dirty money instead of using money launderers like the old days.

But it's more than that. It's a message. The left is pretty unified these days in their devotion to the destruction of our governmental system. They will never stop, communists never sleep. So what's up with all the money?

Couple things. And it's a pattern with these people. First, it's a reward for a job well done. He saved crooked hillary from a well deserved prison term for violating multiple federal laws. He corrupted the FBI investigation and created a new phony one to attack President Trump and Candidate Trump in hopes of either swinging the election and then derailing his agenda after he won. So there's that. Money to send him a message, "we appreciate your work, so here's our thanks".

Second though, and probably the more important is the message to other seditionists hiding in the shadows. "Here's how we take care of our friends". The communists have a long history of that. Paying cold hard cash for secret information. For actions to disrupt the government. For spying inside the government. They have always had a large network, and apparatus to seek government positions and work to destroy from within. This is a message to those workers. If you get caught, you have the full weight and finances of the commie left waiting to leap into action to save you.

So those other commie seditionists out there are emboldened a little more. And the rest of us are discouraged a little more. That's the whole point.

Why did the Kenyan launch the IRS attacks on the TEA party? And spy on journalists? And do all kinds of mischief to disrupt conservatives? A message. Sure, he cause trouble for a few groups and individuals. but more than that he sent a message. Act against me, and pay a price. IRS audits. EPA attacks. DOJ raids. Be aware you companies out there like Gibson guitars. Donate to Republicans and see raids by armed SWAT teams breaking down your doors. Donate to my people and get away with the same offense without any notice.

So this has been a pattern for the former regime. And there's a name for it. When the government demands loyalty. When the government attempts to control the media through fear and intimidation. When the government punishes it's enemies, and rewards it's friends as the Kenyan so famously put it.

It's called fascism. That's what fascism is you commie liberal bastards. Not advocates of small government. Not advocates of lower taxes and economic growth. Not anybody who disagrees with you on anything. That's just your overwhelming lack of education showing when you label us and our President fascists. That's just your ignorance. In fact if you want a good look at a fascist look in the mirror. That's exactly what you are. And that's exactly what obama was. There's even a name for what obama did. It's called soft tyranny. It's tyranny that it's followers don't even know is tyranny.

So let's keep fighting these commies. And don't be discouraged because a bunch of commies like the Nazi sympathizer George Soros funnels a bunch of money to his lackeys doing his dirty work. We have truth, and the American ideals on our side. And those have won battle after battle over the last 230 years. And will always win in the end.

Make America Great Again!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Why do you suppose the democrat/communists do this crazy stuff?

I'm talking about this nonsense like promising free healthcare, free college, guaranteed income, cancelling student loan debt, eliminating ICE, and all the other boloney they are promising. I mean they aren't stupid people. Well, most aren't. Well, some aren't. But the party leadership isn't so stupid as to believe they can actually do any of these commie proposals. They stand the chance of a fart in a hurricane. But promise they do. And the mouth breathing uninformed greedy envious democrat base swallows it whole like a largemouth bass swallowing a big old lure. And you know what that gets that bass. Hooked in the mouth, reeled in and eaten for dinner.

So what makes them promise all this crap they know full well they can't deliver? Power, elections and a trust in the general greed and stupidity of the American people. People have to know it won't happen. If the democrats win the House, Senate and the Presidency they still can't do it. They had all that and didn't do it. It's just not in our nature to go full commie.

But these days it seems like it is selling much better. I suspect it is in part due to the rabid unhealthy unstable hatred of our President and of us, his supporters. I think most of these people have never experienced a loss of a Presidential election that had any consequence. They thought, because their dangerously seditious media friends told them, that they would be in power for decades to come. That the majority of Americans like the idea of free stuff. That there was plenty of money to pay for it all, if only the rich "paid their fair share" which is one of the most dangerous Marxist ideas that these commie bastards have ever sold their fellow Americans.

So if this "give away everything free and make other people pay for it" strategy works so well, how come the Republicans don't do it? Promise more. $20.00 and hour. Free houses. Free cars. 40 acres and a mule. Promise everything and deliver nothing. Why not? The democrat/communists know they can't deliver any of this stuff. It's a game they play. Why don't we play the same game?

Ethics. Honesty. Faith in the American electorate. The constitution of the United States. That's why. We have those principles. We try much harder to deliver on promises made, and not make promises we know at the time we can't deliver. Not everybody, but it's the general guiding principle behind us. The democrat/communists have no such principles. They have none at all.

They continuosly change positions. They advocate for marriage between a man and a woman. Then when the wind shifts they pretend they always supported sexual perversion marriage. They advocate for protecting our borders and no allowing unrestricted illegal aliens in, then when they need to prop up their voting base they advocate for throwing open the gates and letting everybody in. They advocate for being tough on crime, and prosecuting drug dealers. But the wind shifts and now they want to open the prison doors and let them all out.

That's the difference. They have no principles. None. Whatever suits them today and they have total amnesia of everything they ever said or did before that. This isn't the democrat party of old. This isn't JFK and Harry Truman. This is the democrat party of Marx, Stalin and Che. Hell, they go around wearing Che T-shirts and hold him up as some kind of hero when in fact he was a ruthless mass murderer who would have probably had most of them shot by a firing squad.

So that's how I see it. There is a mentally unbalanced hatred for America brewing in this country. It's a dangerous thing to see. And it's driven by the godless left propaganda, lies, corrupt media and fake news. And our President is absolutely correct to call this out. And more Americans are seeing the truth ever day. Hopefully, we can purge our government of these snakes and commies who are seeking to destroy everything we love.

Make America Great Again!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Take a knee my ass...

Here we go again.

Another year another chance for the left-wing, Soros funded, Black Lives Matter, America hating son of a bitches to make asses out of themselves.

I've been a huge NFL fan for as long as I can remember.

Those days are long gone.

This will be the third year in a row that my family and I will easily find other things to do with our time and our money on a Sunday afternoon.

The only reason these bastards are allowed to continue their disrespectful temper tantrum is because the NFL is run by a bunch of gutless cowards.

And don't give me that 1st Amendment bullshit either. This has nothing to do with the 1st amendment.

The 1st Amendment protects you from the government. The NFL is a private employer and just like every employer in America it has every right to set the standards and rules of conduct.


End of story.

And just like every America hating stunt you left-wing bastards pull just creates more Trump supporters.

But you're too stupid to realize it.

Just keep doing what you're doing...

And as a quick side note to those of you who never watch the videos I post:  

I promise you'll love this one...

Kevin McGinty

Friday, August 10, 2018

So what happened to that blue wave?

I thought we were supposed to see everything going democrat/communist during these elections. Blue wave or something. Why, America hates President Donald Trump we hear, at least from the democrat/communist operatives passing themselves off as news media.

All the experts said it. All the democrats said it. All the polls said it. And it didn't happen. Again.

Seems like these people just keep running the same plays from the same playbook. If we tell them what we want to happen, then that's what they'll do. That's how it's always been. Until now. anyway.

There's a new Sheriff in town. And he's upset the apple cart. 

I think the democrat/communists are going to be in for a big shock in the midterms. Apparently the whole raise everybody's taxes and give a bunch of stuff away to the lazy non productive sponges feeding at the government trough isn't selling. And apparently American's still aren't ready to open the borders and invite the flotsam and jetsam of the world to come on in uninvited and live off our taxpayer dollars.

Seems like the "workers of the world unite" Marxism isn't selling quite as well as our elitists would have us believe. What a surprise.

Being told we're greedy heartless bastards for wanting to keep what we worked so hard to earn instead of handing it over to drug addicts, illegal aliens, reckless breeders and lazy millennials who think we owe them a living isn't selling as well as our democrat/communist friends would have us believe.

So yeah, I know. Some races were close. Like somebody said, only the democrat/communist lose a race then try to claim they won because it was close.

Losing is losing. And they are losing. Apparently America hasn't bought the commie ideology you're selling. At least enough of us to keep you seditious destructive people out of our government.

So anyway, it's Friday. Here's a little Crowder for you singing a favorite of old Safe at Home. Enjoy your weekend. For us retired people, everyday is a weekend.

Monday, August 6, 2018

So do you feel sorry for the lying fake news people?

Because I sure as hell don't.

They're crying like a bunch of commie babies because our President is calling them out as the lying democrat godless left wing commies they are. For two years now they've carried the water for the commie left. They've repeated the narratives. Fascist. Nazi. Racist. Homophobe. Russia Russia Russia. If you think of them as democrat party operatives with a byline you won't be wrong.

For the last two years they have repeated every name our President was called by the commie left. And they've done their fair share of name calling themselves. The Twitter universe is filled with operatives from the lying news media posting the most obscene and vile things about out President.

They tried to sway an election instead of just reporting on it.

They have done the bidding of the godless commie left for years.

And this has led to a division of this country not seen since 1860. They have ratcheted up the hatred and violence by feeding the narratives. They have been a dangerous and seditious force in this country for years. And they continue unabated.

But when they get called out by the Leader of the Free World, our President Donald Trump, suddenly that's just too much. Over the top. It's dangerous. "People won't like us" they cry. It's not fair! He's truthfully pointing out all our dirty deeds and people will figure out we're communist pieces of shit dedicated to the destruction of America. And that's just not right they screech.

Well, tough shit. It's time somebody wasn't afraid of these people. And we elected just the guy, did't we? And this is exactly why we elected this guy, isn't it?

Personally, I have no sympathy for these people. I hope it gets much worse on them. I hope they get booed and catcalled everywhere they go. I hope they live in fear somebody will go too far, just like all the people who support Donald Trump do. I hope they finally wake up and realize they are just reaping the whirlwind.

On a side note, this is my first blog in retirement. First Monday to not have the alarm go off and trudge in to a miserable job wasting the taxpayer's money. So far, so good. And no Sarge, I didn't just get up. I'm getting up earlier than when I worked, just because I can.

So we'll see how it goes from here.

And Kevin, enjoy Colorado. That is one beautiful place to be. Just stay away from all the godless commies that live there. There are about as many per capita as California. And watch out for the potheads. They're everywhere.

Have a cup of coffee and look at those beautiful mountains and think about us back here in Topeka suffering from 104 degree temps today. Bet it's not that hot where you are.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Amazing American Friday...

I've noticed a few stories popping up about that imaginary blue wave coming.


Don't believe a single thing these left-wing bastards tell you.

Keep in mind the one's selling that blue wave are the exact same people who told us Hillary had a 98% of beating Trump in 2016.

They're the exact same people out there siding with illegals over the American people day in and day out.

They're the same people threatening to impeach Trump on a daily basis.

They're the same people not only threatening to abolish ICE but now they're threatening to prosecute them.

They're the same people who told us 2.5% GDP was the new normal and we'd just have to get used to it.

They're the same people who told us America doesn't build things anymore.


They're the same people who appear on CNN and accuse President Trump of treason.

They're the same people who appear on MSNBC and attack all of us.

They're the same people who constantly attack President Trump and the 63,000,000 of us who voted for him.

They've called us every name in the book.

Leveled every disgusting accusation against us they can think of.

And now because Trump is calling them out on their lies they're crying like the little bitches they are.

Case in point:

Screw you, Jim Acosta.

Maybe if you'd stop being such a little bitch you'd get some of that respect you somehow think you deserve.

Trump's approval rating has risen to a record 50%

His rallies continue to draw tens of thousands of supporters.

Make no mistake, we're winning.

And if anyone tells you different they're lying.

Oh, and Blue, you can take your imaginary blue wave and shove it up your ass.

Stay safe and be well, my friends...

Kevin McGinty

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wednesday's this and that...

Sorry guys, I got called into work and this was the best I could do under the circumstances.

Maybe a few of those America hating NFL players could learn a thing or two from this kid.

Kevin McGinty