Friday, August 10, 2018

So what happened to that blue wave?

I thought we were supposed to see everything going democrat/communist during these elections. Blue wave or something. Why, America hates President Donald Trump we hear, at least from the democrat/communist operatives passing themselves off as news media.

All the experts said it. All the democrats said it. All the polls said it. And it didn't happen. Again.

Seems like these people just keep running the same plays from the same playbook. If we tell them what we want to happen, then that's what they'll do. That's how it's always been. Until now. anyway.

There's a new Sheriff in town. And he's upset the apple cart. 

I think the democrat/communists are going to be in for a big shock in the midterms. Apparently the whole raise everybody's taxes and give a bunch of stuff away to the lazy non productive sponges feeding at the government trough isn't selling. And apparently American's still aren't ready to open the borders and invite the flotsam and jetsam of the world to come on in uninvited and live off our taxpayer dollars.

Seems like the "workers of the world unite" Marxism isn't selling quite as well as our elitists would have us believe. What a surprise.

Being told we're greedy heartless bastards for wanting to keep what we worked so hard to earn instead of handing it over to drug addicts, illegal aliens, reckless breeders and lazy millennials who think we owe them a living isn't selling as well as our democrat/communist friends would have us believe.

So yeah, I know. Some races were close. Like somebody said, only the democrat/communist lose a race then try to claim they won because it was close.

Losing is losing. And they are losing. Apparently America hasn't bought the commie ideology you're selling. At least enough of us to keep you seditious destructive people out of our government.

So anyway, it's Friday. Here's a little Crowder for you singing a favorite of old Safe at Home. Enjoy your weekend. For us retired people, everyday is a weekend.


  1. Much as I hate to own up to Davids (she is from Cornell Law), the Indian lesbian beat the brakes off that Socialist who brought in Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez (who is turning out to not be the hot-shot the media thought she was).

    The combined Republican vote for all Kansas offices was far above the combined Democratic vote. Yes, Kansas is a Republican state. But the Dems lost some self-control, turning down Josh Svaty (who would have been a sure-fire winner in November) for Kelly (definitely not a sure thing). Then again, Dems always have had a problem with self-discipline.

    There's little question that the race for the House will be close. Parties in power usually lose seats in the off-year races and a record number of Republican-held seats are open this year, with the incumbents retiring. But the other factors - the economy and peace - are favoring Republicans.

    I don't see the Dems recapturing the Senate, so Supreme Court nominations seem safe.

  2. I just think it is only fair that the Democrats gets a participation award a nice big pile of 💩. Coming in second doesn't count for 💩.

  3. Supreme Court nominees are safe. Trump's also safe from impeachment if the dims do manage to take the house.

    They can introduce articles of impeachment till the cows come home but unless they control two thirds of the senate they're just pissing in the wind...

  4. Yes, Kevin, but the House is still the utmost urgency. I am more nervous by Pelosi and her gang controlling committees and oversight. I just don't even want their precious impeachment articles even voted on. These people will tear at the fabric of society for any pretext.

  5. I tend to agree with you Ken, on Svaty. Although he's a Dem, I think if people knew him better, or knew of him, he could have won the Dem nomination and possibly beat out either Kobach or Colyer. I lived in Ellsworth for several years, went to church with his family and other members of his family. He still does not advocate much of what I believe, but he could have had a good share of the farm population vote, if he was better known.
    Considering the "Blue Wave", I think it may be more of a piss stream. I think the RINO's have pissed many of the Trump supporters off, but then again, most of them seem to be retiring or getting out because they saw what was coming. Hopefully the ones coming on board in the party to run for their spots will be more Trump friendly. Name recognition seems to be the key in any race. Policies be damned, but I know their name and if they are an R or a D!


    "Commentary: Believe it or not, the GOP could keep the House"
    By/ Michael Graham/ CBS News/ August 10, 2018, 6:00 AM
    posted today...

    Talking about the "blue wave".... this commentary on CBS News' website had in it this tweet from President Trump.... I really like how he wrote it.


    Donald J. Trump
    ✔ @realDonaldTrump

    The Republicans have now won 8 out of 9 House Seats, yet if you listen to the Fake News Media you would think we are being clobbered. Why can’t they play it straight, so unfair to the Republican Party and in particular, your favorite President!

    10:14 AM - Aug 8, 2018


    60K people are talking about this

  7. Hey Blue.... you got any croakings of crapola regarding the fake blue wave???!!!!

    I didn't think so.... carry on!

  8. The "Blue Wave" could merely amount to ol' Blue waving at us.

    They'll gain some House seats, but I don't know about any waves. Parties out of power almost always gain in midterms. Just as long as they don't get a majority.

    At least Boz comes around once in awhile. Minnow has a few times, too, giving us some of his philosophy of the bait-bucket. I think Hand Job finally got the message to stay out.

  9. too bad Batty (LnCollier) is too scared to show up....after all he doesn't have Auntie Em's skirt to hide behind.


    Looks like KS Demoncrats are shaking in their boots - they want Greg Orman to not be on the November ballot....because they're afraid that he'll take votes away from Laura Kelly!

    All I can say is that they best have some concrete proof of what they're accusing Greg Orman with.... The Demoncrats aren't known to be good losers....

  11. Greg Orman causes issues for both sides. His earlier congressional run showed me that.

    But I'm pretty sure he'll steal more Kelly votes than Colyer votes, and not by as wide a margin, more Kelly than Kobach votes.

    I can see it being an issue for the left. Knowing that makes it just fine with me having a three candidate ballot.

    As far as a blue wave? Hardly.
    Look at the little lady from New York. Free stuff doesn't necessarily mean election's in the bag.

    Blue fizzle...

  12. I agree with you Hammer re: Orman. This is the first time I've seen the Demoncrats trying to kick someone off the ballot here in Kansas. They sound pretty desparate to the point of being paranoid.....they must not have too much faith in Laura Kelly to stand on her own.

  13. Before we start celebrating, let’s consider a few peaky facts. The GOP margin in the Senate has now been whittled down to a single seat, with Democrat Doug Jones’s win in an Alabama special election over a candidate Trump endorsed

    Balderson in Ohio, 12 District, currently leads by 1,564 votes, with 3,435 provisional ballots to be counted. Yes, you read that right. This is a statistical dead heat. And it ain’t over yet. That's concerning enough for Republicans. But the trend line of the race should be even more of a worry for GOPers. A month ago, in this same poll, Balderson led O'Connor by 10 points. That suggests momentum is on the Democratic side. Bigly. It even looks worse when you consider the 12th District voted 53% Trump, 42% Clinton. This puts the Republicans in triage territory. They may just pull this off….. but the writing is on the wall.

    The GOP margin in the Senate has now been whittled down to a single seat, with Democrat Doug Jones’s win in an Alabama special election over a candidate Trump endorsed. You just might lose the Senate too.

    Kansans have evidently taken to smoking more wacky weed ( hey it’s better than meth I suppose ), and it looks like they just might elect Krazy Kris Kobach. He’s is poorly thought of enough in Kansas, AND across the country that Laura Kelly just might have a chance.

    In any case, posters here seem to be missing the point. We’re looking at special elections. That means what we are seeing is a poll of sorts, giving us an idea of what is going on in certain (limited) parts of the country. Here is the bad news for republicans- In each of the following elections in 2018, this is the percentage of votes that moved to the Democrats (no, they’re not ‘demoncrats’ or some other sophomoric epithet, we’re not children.. well okay SSAH appears to be going through his second childhood so he gets a bit of a pass) Pennsylvania 18th District + 22 points, Arizona 8th District +20 points, Texas 27th District +5 points, and now…. Ohio 12th District + 13 points. That’s a lot of movement away from repubs to dems however you want to slice it up.

    There’s plenty more bad news if you want… Washington 3rd District, supposed to be solidly republican – total votes 50.3% Democratic.

    But why the angst with Republicans ? Well let’s have a look see at what Cadet Bone Spurs has brought us :

  14.  ‘Trade wars are good’. No, they’re not. Even the Wall Street Journal editorial board called it the biggest policy blunder of the presidency. That nice can of beer is gonna hit you harder in the pocket book and that’s not a good thing. I like beer, but not out of can. And Dotard has no intention of slowing down. Kansas will pay a price for this. There are cattle, grains and even little piggies in places like Argentina.

     The deficit. Yay tax cut !! No, not really. Nothing is free, and that includes this idiotic tax cut. We are looking at an annual deficit of 2.4 trillion.. yes TRILLION by 2028. That is not sustainable. And mere peasants like us will see it phased out before we know it. Didn’t Kansas go through this before.

     Immigration. Contrary to what little Donnie Two Scoops thinks, immigrants commit less crime and start more businesses than native – born immigrants. But there’s more to that story than just that – I get the impression there are some… um, older folks posting here. You like that Socialism Security don’t you ? Ooops !! I mean Social Security. We need younger workers to continue paying payroll taxes which support it. Same for Medicare. Both by the way, are programs that are as socialist in nature as any. You want to give them up ??

     Health Care – Well Cadet Bone Spurs didn’t get rid of the ACA. He may think he did, but he thinks a lot of crazy shit. But who knows – let’s say he does. So, 5 years ago you presented with a nasty tumor and got bad news. But those oncologists worked their magic and it looked like a full recovery. But your abdomen hurts for some reason, and you’re tired. No, really tired. Uh oh…. Your cancer spread. But thanks to Cadet Bone Spurs, the ACA got the ax !! YAY ! So, you get the Dx. Stage 2 pancreatitis. There is a chance… that treatment may work, or lengthen your life. But because you now present with a pre-existing condition, you are effectively self-insured. Good luck with that. Your treatment will cost hundreds of thousands. But no doubt, all of you have been contemplating the glorious demise of the ACA, so … well, you’ll die with a smile on your face.

     Those pesky Russkies. To say there were extensive contacts between Russia and Trump is a laughable understatement. But I’m going to let Mueller speak on this one because frankly, the information that has been leaked ( most likely by White House staffers who seem to have notoriously short stints ) is so massive that I’m not going to take the time.

     Foreign policy in general. Korea was good news ? Really ? Rocket man got the photo op he wanted, and now according to the Defense Dept. he is back working on to ICBMs at Sanumdong, just like he was before the summit. Dotard got played for a fool. But that’s not really that difficult is it ? Yes, it’s nice to talk. But I don’t give a shit how brilliant someone thinks they are, ( and frankly nobody I know thinks Trump has two IQ’s to rub together ) summits are something that require massive preparation. Like more than a year of intensive negotiations on issues, requirements, etc. Trump got nothing of any significance. Kim got to stand on stage with the president of the U.S., make him look like a fool, and got to look like a real hero back home. Not good.

  15. >>> General observations. Dr. Remfry notes “ These people will tear at the fabric of society for any pretext”. Can we discount such garbage as so much hyperbole, or just verbal masturbation ? I live 5 blocks from a place where Neo-Nazis will be carrying out another demonstration. Will we see another fatality? Will we see another “crying Nazi” ? “Pleeeeeease don’t arrest me.. .I didn’t mean it.. waaaaa … “. Trump is a bully, and like most bullies I strongly suspect he’s a coward as well. But Trump since day one has pushed xenophobia, homophobia, and against the disabled, the press, OH and prisoners of war like McCain. Now that was rich. Our little draft dodger makes fun of someone who “gets caught.. .I like people who don’t get caught”. I won’t follow up on that… if I did anything I would grab a trash can and throw up. The man is a pig.

    So go on supporting Trump. Frankly from what I’ve seen, he will likely resign. He’s not having any fun ( although he has logged in so many more days of playing golf than Obama you’d wonder what the hell else he does. Oh, he watches Fox ( brilliant commentators… ), and CNN maybe. Hope he’s not getting taped talking about payoffs for hookers. He’s such < sniff… I get so emotional here… > a man of God. I just think he reads God’s mind. < snif >. No doubt future generations in T Town will thank you for taking them on a such a ride through Brownbeckistan, and now Trumpistan. OH, but Dr. Remfry tells us .. “ yeah, well Blue.. Topeka voted DEMOCRAT … so yeah dude.. there’s that… ". Yeah, WHO CARES. Kansas keeps voting in republicans at the STATE LEVEL where it counts.

    SO, over and out. Had time to share my always humble thoughts. Not going sailing till tomorrow. Then back Sunday for the Neo-Nazi rally or as they call it “ The First Hail Trump Our Leader Party Day “. Or as some call it... "Partei Tag" I will be with the opposition. Let’s hope they don’t “ tear at the fabric” of anything. Fat chance.

  16. Hell did it take you 3 days to copy and paste all that bullshit Ian, come back when all the numbers are in. No preaching when you are still sucking hind tit.

  17. Well, there’s your daily dose of godless left wing talking points copy and pasted directly from the politburo.

    They issue them and the apparatchiks repeat them.

    Kind of like having a subscription to the Daily Worker right here on America’s blog, isn’t it? Except today’s commies weave a little more complex lies than their predecessors.

    Keep jabbering away there faux Internet doc. We need some humor injected every now and then and that bullshit is equal parts hilarious and scary. Scary that anybody actually believes that propaganda or thinks anybody here would. Humorous for the same reasons oddly enough.

  18. Ian, your hate and losing all the time is showing Bigly, Trump has beat you down . HHH

  19. typical croakings of crapola Blue... total BS, but true to your form....i.e. you're one BS'n anger hate filled demoNcrat!!!!

  20. Lol... I see ol Blue is still relying on the same experts that promised him Hillary was gonna be president...

    1. The asshole is still looking for a recount...

  21. Same as always. "I hate Trump. Now here's a bunch of fellow Trump haters who I'll list as evidence I'm right. Of course we're all lying, but there's several of us so you have to listen."

    Same shit, different day.

    But But But…the polls!! What about those polls? They're always right, right?

  22. But he does cite a lot of sites he sighted, doesn't he?

  23. Replies
    1. Absolutely, he can't write original stuff, so he resorts to the crutch of clip and paste.... typical of the demoNcrats....they like to repeat the same old fake mumbo jumbo.

  24. Hey guys don't forget our Hillary loving friend who flat out said she was the smartest woman on earth remember that? I do MAINGATE? What happen? I think Maingate bought a Pig farm and put her out there to fade away with him. HHH.

  25. Oh and I think Mr Happy and St Jacques lost their dreams for speaking so much Bullshit, Mr Happy is now Mr sadly and St Jacques is just a asshole.

    1. LOL I always wondered what ever happened to all those phony balony's. But really I hope that are in their rightful place. They do deserve it. And its so nice and peaceful over here except when ole Dimm Witt In D C comes by. But then again he doesn't even know how to put any common sense up on here. Just his all worn out talking points. Guess that's about all the libs have now days. Just BS after BS.

    2. Hey can you say BS on this site,? Hell I was kicked off CJ, one of my 15 times for using that. Oh how times have changed.

    3. Yes BS is considered politically correct here. Just remember Towel Head is racist for Libs to say but you can also say that here. The only words that I can think of that might be banned would have to be from a Dimm Witt from DC.

  26. Did I ever tell you all that sometimes you just can't beat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a ice cold glass of milk? Sorry if I didn't. :)

  27. Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, is planning to do her part to oppose the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

    On Saturday, Clinton is headlining the "Rise Up For Roe" event organized by pro-abortion groups to rally opposition to Kavanaugh, the Washington Examiner reported. The Manhattan event will kick off a tour centering on defending the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, which in 1973 found a constitutional right to abortion in some cases.

    "See our uncensored, no-holds-barred live show," the tour’s website says.

    Planned Parenthood Action Fund, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and the Demand Justice Initiative are organizing the tour, which also has stops in Boston, Portland, Washington, D.C., Austin, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, and Des Moines. Clinton and her mother, who in 2016 lost her second bid to be elected president, are vocal supporters of abortion.

    Good luck idiot. I hope it is better then you not being aborted.

  28. I hope all the lib lovers donate all their money to them. maybe ole Dimm Witt In DC will give some of his. He likes to talk the talk .Bet he has some excuse The Dimm Witt Libs are on a dead end street for them. It just keeps getting redder by the day.

  29. You up Kevin? I would think you must be getting those Hash browns, eggs and bacon, ready to throw on the grill.🐖

  30. 23 shot in Chicago this weekend. What was the over/under this week?

    I expect to see the black lives terrorists to show up to protest any minute.

    And how many NFL player seditionists took a knee in protest of America over this?

    Guess all that outrage only gets directed toward the people trying to stop it, not the ones causing it.

    1. Yup and the weekend isn't even over yet, stay tuned bound to have 8 to 10 more. Good Grief.

  31. My good news of the day is the house I just put on the market has a SOLD SIGN on it. Yes!!! Less than a week. 😂

  32. Well done my friend!

    Now take a well deserved break...

    Hear me!!!

    1. I hear you loud and clear, that house came close to killing me. Hey Hope you and the family are having fun.

  33. We had a great time.

    But like everything else in life good times only last so long.

    We got home about midnight last night. I've spent most of the day today unpacking and putting things away.

    And now, I'm loaded back up and heading out to southeast Kansas for a week...

    Oh yeah, I just posted a new blog...